Brooks Koepka, Mt Flushmore Of Appetizers, And Deep Dive On Cryptic Zoology


Until as part of my take we have our good friend Brooks kept on the show. Check in with Brooks figure out what's going on with him how he's going to Attack this shortened golf season also tells us an all time story about. Espn the magazine. No his G. Q. Does ESPN magazines Bodies Issue bodies issue when he had to be naked all day Always great to catch up with him. We also have our deep dive with Billy football. Mount Rushmore of appetizers. And who's back the week before we do all of that part I take is brought to you by the cash APP not always the easiest place to send me your friends. It's the safest it is the number one APP for social distancing. Because you don't have to go and hand someone money or be face to face to do your transactions if you want to send money to a family member a friend if you want you send money to a waiter or or your favorite restaurant you can do it so easily with the cash APP. Don't have to leave your couch. Don't have to go anywhere. And that's why the cash APP is the number one social distancing APP rated by me and of course when you download the cash APP and enter the Referral Code Barstool. You'll receive ten dollars for free. You can maybe send that ten dollars like I said to. A bartender that Maybe he's out of work or needs a tip so that they'll be there when you come back when the world goes back to normal and cash apple also send ten dollars to the ASPCA so download the cash APP from the APP store. Play store today with cash APP. Okay let's go whole wasn't a part of my teeth presented by the cash apcoa download right now use Code Barstool you get ten dollars for free ten dollars the ASPCA. Today is Monday April thirteenth. And I don't know we force it back. We five week five a week. Five of no-man's-land. Sports back the start of the first quarter of the second quarter of the NFL season of no-man's-land with no sports. But we did have horses last night. Which I'll tell you right now. I did not watch Did Not tune into that Zach Levine. That's really the only exactly being who competes in every single like off the books contests that the NBA can throw at you. Chris Paul Paul Pierce really no interest in it whatsoever it Yeah I'M NOT GONNA. Watch it either unless Sakhalin wins it all probably raise a banner in the United Center. But it is this weird. We're in the spot. I think it was Friday. Maybe was the official month That we've had no sports like the official mark of like you've now gone one months without any sports and it's weird. How normal. It's starting to feel as much as I miss it. I'm getting scared because it's like day after day. It becomes more normal this weird fucking existence where we wake up and just do the same thing over and over and over. I need something to break it up. Dana White. I need you to get fight. Island going need something even even the MLB throwing out the different divisions that they would use where they're they're saying they're going to do a shortened season and have it be all played in Florida and Arizona. Even that got me excited. I was like Oh this is kind of a cool idea and I'm actually all for this because it's going to be such a weird season any way. They play a shortened season. That why not have just completely random divisions and have beat something totally different where we always look back and we're like. Oh yeah that was the season that The cubs were in the same division as the giants. Or you know whatever whenever they all break down to be. Why not do that? It'll be funded at least watch something totally different right. The only thing that we have pulling his Ford right now as NFL draft. And thank God that that's there because that's at least giving us something to talk by. Feels normal that it's going to happen. The sides that the only other. Nfl News is Mike. Florio getting mad about players breaking social distance in guidelines like he is a one. Man Wrecking crew here. Florio it. This is his time. Knock on everybody. That's practicing so the cowboys are addicted to break in quarantine. The Dallas Cowboys. Got Together. Dak Prescott through to like Dez Bryant. I think Cooper was there a bunch of people and then they had a party down party versus in quarantine party which is kind of a weird thing to do and then if you're going to have a coaching party the rules should be like put your phone in this basket. So that Florio doesn't talk about this all day on Sunday. He was right about that one. I mean having a party for latently saying I don't care I'm rich. Who Cares about all these rules and I think we need what we really need more than anything is we need like a concerted the PSA that gets put out across all messages where it basically is all your favorite football players saying if you don't stay at home and follow these rules. We won't have football because that's that's how the world needs to understand this problem because it would clearly like just saying stay at home for the health of your family members to fuck my family. I don't care about Nanna. Well how about stay at home so that you can watch week six Thursday night football? The Jaguars play the titans. Now you're gonna stay at home forever. That's what I'm saying. I never WANNA leave. I will stay inside all summer for means that we have football in the like but I think that colleges there's just no chance that they're going to give up entire football season. They're going to figure out a way to make their free money like without that free money identity incident. What's the AA even going to do? That might be actually silver lining to this whole thing like we saw the xfl. They had to close their doors over the weekend. A lot of sports businesses are having shut down because they don't have their income he NCWA if they miss a football season they might have to just declare bankruptcy. I don't know can get NC double a. run out of money. I think they have like billions and billions of dollars stashed away. At least I assume at the very least if we take away you know th they lost March madness. They're worried about losing college football. Maybe they'll just come out with another football game right break. Glass in case for urgency will. We need to make money somehow. So fuck it. Let's just turn to. Es Shot by the way The Guy who's totally lost his mind. More than anyone. In the world who is invited to come on and and and rehabilitate the fact that he can't have a coherent thought anymore. Like more than one coherent thought. Twenty four hour span Darren Revell. Who tweeted out the ultimate troll about the xfl only playing twenty games AF lasting thirty four. And then everyone's saying cool tweet dude and He basically was like well. The context is implied. Everyone knows the context. Such a classic rebel like like looking for the negative interaction. And then being like you guys are the stupid ones because clearly everyone knows what I mean. I'm going to ban I'm personally. Banning muting are meeting replies and personally banning Responded to details tweets. Because that's all he has gone right now. Correct to Darren. His personal sport has always been how many replies can get telling me. I'm a NERD To to any given tweet or calling me in Newark reporting to the police so I think the only way to fight. That is just not Peyton. So I'm turning a blind eye to dern and then and then replying to a few select few being like hey. I was nerd in high school. But now I'm rich and I have a family and it looks like the Michael Scott like I wanNA have a family of one hundred kids that way. None of them could ever say no to me and they all have to be my friend. yeah he makes us. He's GonNa make his kids reply to his tweets and we'd all stopped doing it throw. That's been inside your kid too. Because he controls your kids normal did start that up. Rebel going off the deep end big time and you know what the xfl it. It sucks. But I am declaring. Dc Defenders Champions of on behalf. They lost I am the xfl championship for the DC defenders. Guys to the plan. How we wanted to win it but the stats don't lie so first place in the beast toughest division hardest strength of schedule. I'll take it to the vipers. That's fine my peers. Were terrible marked. Routes I mean. They lost the snipers. The chiefs lost a couple of games this year too. Yeah that's true. Did Vipers all right? So let's do who's back. We got we got a good show brooks capital coming up. We have Mount Rushmore. And then we have billy's deep dive. Which what is Billy doing today? Do we know I forgot cryptos all so that should be good one. Let's try and keep it tight and said okay just bigfoot then whatever that means. I don't know what that means but I just I roads lead back to preserve or mode with billy this summer. I have a feeling that he's just trying to weave that into whatever conversation cryptos. Y'All we have a bunch of really good drafts content coming up in the next week and a half stay tuned for the end of the show because guess is doing allow show because I kicked his ass on the Peleton. Yes yes that will be. It'll be great to hear him have to sing Who's backing the week? Hank you start on. His Week is sons. Humans versus UN's hoops. Are you guys tuned in? Probably not because neither did I but there was the NBA they had NBA players. Playing like a to k tournament and the championship was Devon Booker versus the Andrea. And so they might not be the best. Nba Basketball Team but they are definitely the most skilled NBA Two K. Team Devon Booker won the whole thing and centre-back is this well probably they should. They should raise a banner and whatever their arenas called. Because we don't have much else going on there. Is this one of those situations where winning this is kind of. Like telling on yourself that you're really good at a video game. Yeah I mean that's kind of what people will. There's a lot of people making jokes like the fact that it's two sons in the championship doesn't really mean that's not a good thing. I don't think although it could be a good thing because I think weren't the San Antonio Spurs back into awesome it. Tim Duncan and Tony Parker into nobly. There was some words in so boring. That didn't go out at all. They just played video games together. At each other's houses either means that you have an awesome team or that. You probably have the worst thing. Yeah I think those I think those days of video game shaming are over. I think that's the thing of the past and Devin bunkers kind of like the the the perfect like Gen Z. Like NBA Guy. Where kind of makes sense? Yeah I mean. I don't video game shame. Now that I'm back in the video game world and just getting bullied every single night by a bunch of like fourteen year olds on twitch like just men handling I feel like I feel like stepbrothers when they didn't take the long route every single night just didn't realize I had seen people say ethnic chat on the Internet for years and I didn't realize like the context of it is when you're playing twitch and when you do something bad they're just get over flooded with APPs in the chat and it's it's hilarious but it's like when it happens you it's like most embarrassing thing in the world. What does that mean? What's worse interception? If you throw an interception just tha-that thousand play absentee. Hey would you rather hold an effort holding now is like an overall game? F is just like a bad play like they don't let you forget admiral they're gonNA they're gonNA chat till yeah so you mentioned it drowning and fs Who's your who's back my. Who's back of the week? Is Trent Dilfer? He's back in a big way. He he was handling two tagliabue's pro-forma because virtual pro day did you get that jet for. Dilford did not get the jet. He had talked there. He had to hitchhike there in the bed. He just like loaded up in the back of farm trucks to get to Alabama and then he he reported on the roadway by doing a write up the notes APP and said that to a win like forty nine for fifty two and made some of the best. He's ever made a deal. Rancho War ski trick of saying is the best workout ever seen in my entire life. He's got a better arm than Dan Marino etcetera etcetera etcetera. So yeah so. Trent found a way for him to get his name back in the news. So congratulations funny. I love that. I watched some of his pro day and it was weird because it wasn't like the field he was on was was a small training field so they were running plays in all the different directions and I must have watched throw like fifteen bubble screens because that was how much they didn't have enough room. They ran it like the other opposite way. The bubble screens. It was very bizarre. But I guess you gotTa do what you gotTa do right now. Yes so so. Dilfer was in charge of scheduling. And now I'm back wanting to I keep going back and forth like for the Redskins I. I wanted him a couple of weeks ago then. I didn't want them now. I think I want him again. And I saw like some videos of Of of college quarterbacks throwing left handed and they look weird as Shit and. I don't like the way that a lefty looks in College. But take the stripes off a ball left us look sweet again so watching to throw with an NFL ball looks good like the witchcraft is gone or whatever it looks. I think it goes from looking like it spinning clockwise looking like it spinning counterclockwise. Now that it has the stripes off it so. I'm offer onboard the to train. How would your sons of anarchy partner feel about your left handed comments Mellon? He looked great throwing the ball in the NFL. Matt liner was a great. Nfl Player. Look Weird in college so it was so much better and ask take. That's been zone back to the shop did too I? This is the season for. Actually I just do this for my who's back Clicking on the threads of highlights of each you know like the different scouts on twitter. Who like this thread to thread starts here? And then you can click on it and watch basically every throw he made for the entire year. I was watching it and there was one. There was one word at New Mexico state where he threw a ten yard past Jerry. Judy and no joke. Not a single person. Touched Jerry Judy. He went eighty yards to the house and he went through like four people on the defense and that was how much better and faster like they. They are then the New Mexico states of the world. So too is back you can fall in love with to a like. He's electric. Bacne Loas Electra. I bet and like there's something about him that makes you wake up. I did do some research though about lefty quarterbacks in the NFL the last lefty quarterback to throw a touchdown Kellen Moore. So it's we're in a drought right now. We're we're GONNA LEFT-HANDED DESERT GAL. I don't know maybe maybe tool take us out of it or maybe he's Meraj but right now I'm fully back. I'm I'm excited by to my other. Whose BACK IS MY belly button. I did a shirtless periscope yesterday and showed my belly button. And then I. I put it on my instagram Swipe up and then I did the move. Were an hour later. I went back and watched it in gross myself out so much that deleted it off my instagram. Swipe up it was that gross so it was a deep day. It was very back in. It's I don't know what to do. I'm like a porn situation. Like your shame of it. The second like your finisher. Yeah Yeah pretty much. Yeah pretty much I was like. It was an outer out of body experience. Like Oh i. In of course leading off my instagram does nothing. Because there's a video out there like the whole thing that's you know out there so but it was just one of those like ooh this out of my face. Yeah it's pretty much porn like X. Out of it as fast as you can but for my own body hasn't gotten deeper though I don't know I think so. I think probably I think the belly grows deeper gets after baby to that can probably like why definitely sympathy way? Yeah well I also just sitting down more. You've probably been sitting more often. I feel like that does something to the consistency around. Like right that midsection up whereas if you're standing up walking around you're stretching out all the skin around the belly button. It's like a big jelly donut. Yeah yeah that's just quarantine belly. I should put some jelly in there and see how long it will last before. Like before. It disintegrates just gets absorbed by your body. I actually had the idea that earlier today. Our dietitian billy football who later like what. If I started drinking baby formula every single day you think I would lose weight baby formula. No baby food. Yes eating like the creamed peas and like blended carrots and stuff. If you did nothing you ever see that movie forks over knives when that Australian Dude was like I'm GonNa solve cancer by just drinking vegetables all day. Now he he pretty much claims Alex Guerrero every meal yet. He's the Australian. Alex Guerrero Chilean Alex Guerrero. I can laugh at those jokes. Now is a good one so he claims to have solved every single problem with human body and health just by drinking juice for every meal instead of eating things so what you should do is just according to his study if you do nothing but just eat. Pureed vegetables all the time. You can't get fat and you can't get you'll never die because it's just one hundred percent nutrients that your body's getting this is like David Bowie. Did this in the seventies where he just did cocaine and drink milk all the time and be clay seventy pounds. Yeah Keith Richards. He just stayed tweaked out too much. Entire life and just stoned. His faulk does drunk high on Meth grinding. His teeth down but he didn't eat meat. He's still alive right now. It's crazy to think back about like some of those famous rockers. At some point in time there was someone's job in life and probably paid pretty. Well was just make sure that David Bowie drank enough to milk. Two percents milk to stay alive. That was that was an entire job. Same thing with Keith Richards except with Jack Daniels and they probably had people that were just like they would just roll them over on their sides whenever they passed here. Let's just make sure like all right another day at the office. David Bowie just drank his gallon of whole milk. Were done for the day clocking out. Here as he'd like snorts like a kilo of cocaine or another another healthy day in the books for all right. Let's get to our interview. We got We Got Brooks Kapka. Blake Kapka on the show before we do that. Death was coffee does wish. Coffee in the seemingly never-ending lockdown the world is going through. 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We don't even know when that's going to happen now. Actually it's the only sport that is corona virus proof. I was GONNA say we should make an announcement right now. We're going to continue the Blake of the year tournament. We're not gonNA let the virus stop it. It will happen sometime. What mid June is generally. When you take these orange alive June. The Blake of the year competition is on schedule. Yes so we have Blake number two last. Year is Brooks Kafka Brooks. What's up man? What's up guys all good? He I mean pretty good for. I guess is soccer. All Things considered not bad. What what have you been doing? I'm always like I. I would assume that you have to train or you playing. Are you still playing golf no? I'm not playing golf. Got Some time off so um couple golf courses closed down so I figured might as well take the break while you can and Just chill and workout and try to get Coaching bows and I don't know. Try to get that six pack back. Are you going to get to jacked up? Oh No no no I. You still got to have a little bit of Dad bought that I need. Bryce Flynn Distributors Chamblee. You have something to complain about with your body so don't get back into like full on piano mover shutout. Rick Reilly shape. I need like I need something for him to come at you for because you play a little bit better when you get that far. I think. That's that's what we're going for a little bit of Dad Bob but not to data smart. I did see that you were practising left-handed though. What do you think you could shoot left handed I don't know if I broke one hundred. That'd be pretty good. I'd be every pretty satisfied. You're such a different bar barstool. How'd you think the US Open? I can go play. Portnoy luck handed. You're such a Dick to be like One hundred left handed. I guess that'd be cool. How could you hit it left handed? I can hit it hit pretty far. I think I hit it like the driver. I mean obviously I only post the good ones. Because they're not gonNA show the bad ones but I don't know somewhere I mean. I hit like three hundred yards. God Dana's Christ's not fair bike before that or opted. That wasn't really shown didn't go very far. What about when when they do that thing where you take your sandwich and then you just hit it left handed on the course? If you've ever done that yeah I have actually because I've been playing so bad recently. I've had to that a couple more times than I would've liked. What do you mean even playing that? Well I mean it's not search not major season yet. So we're we're just prepping. Are you worrying practicing? Yeah are you worried? Though with the Lay off and the season county like getting compacted here that you're going to have to. You're going to have to win back to back tournaments at some point because there's going to be majors that are like a week or two away from each other. Are you worried at all that? There's it's going to be a little bit more difficult to dominate. Everyone in the big ones. Now I mean it's made as you maybe you'll be up for it. You gotTA figure out a way to get off for it but the practice make sure you're you're getting tuned up for him. That's all you gotta do. So I I've been paying attention to a couple of rounds recently and when you're not shooting well. I'm just like that. Good that's awesome. This is like perfect blake. He's getting to the zone he doesn't need to show up until it's you know into the lights are the brightest. Do you ever actually get pissed off at yourself for putting up a bad score during and non major tournament. Yeah Yeah I do. I actually get really annoyed but I mean it's it's become very frequent lately that it's just You just gotTa let it slide now and you're like all right gotta find something get back into it and I mean I was just finding my rhythm two when they cancelled because the corona finding the rhythm. You're about to go off. I could feel it You know were telling you man. What do you think your g cues shoot? We never even talked to you about that. Do you think he may be a little too pretty boy. I kind of look like mark. Anthony Okay. Yeah the the see onto the see through shirt on the boat. I don't know what that look is. Yeah I mean I gotta be honest. It's not like I'm sitting here. Picking out of my wardrobe. I mean it was definitely like nineties. Miami Mark Anthony. I I feel like they were going for the one of the vote though with like the robe Like the Jack Nicholson was cool. But the other ones A bit questionable. Yeah say the least. Yeah I liked the robe on the golf course look. Have you ever actually played around the golfing rope? at that. Espn body achieve. That was it I mean and then you had to take the robe off but yeah that was about the only time I've been in a row. What was that like? Did you always have to make sure that there wasn't anybody standing in front of that could take a look at you? Know You you bits and pieces or was that privacy situation all about the accurate phony story behind this. We were So we're doing this. Shoot whatever it is is on the golf course. And they didn't close the golf course down in my coaches giving lessons people were playing. I mean you could see and Well they don't tell you. Is that like the makeup artists fans literally like right in front of you like frontal like ten feet away the entire time the entire shoots going on so it's like I don't know it's getting late in the day. We're getting kind of tired. But it's like it's cool down a little bit. It's like sixty degrees and it started to sprinkle getting cold to snack negative recipe all. Yeah I wouldn't complain all day and like I kinda muttered under my breath. I'm like damn cold and The lady hasn't said anything all day. She just blurts out. I can tell that's fucked up. Are you serious issues like no goosebumps? Good that's awesome so mean though that's like that's the one thing that she can't say. No that's funny. I like to send the moment I was like. Oh honestly it made my day. I was like yeah. This is awesome. I also read in that in that same article big house talking about which if you haven't read it go read it. It's it's pretty good and the pictures are are hilarious. And you've golfed with both trump and Obama who's better trump's better better. Yeah would it. He did he take any Gimmes you give. Do you give gimmes to people when you when you golf. Yeah Yeah I mean yeah. You don't WanNa embarrass the guy so you just say yes. Good just close enough. What trump takes thirty foot gimmes? Yeah what's the distance? So when I get like ten feet away. I'm like does that good and I usually Kinda just make everyone like yeah. That's good because what are you going to fight me about it like would you give me that when the president asks you look in the is that good? I mean you really gonNa tell them nope not box. He's like hey good. Do I even have to swing you? Yeah you stripes down the fairway. Every it's amazing. There's so many secret service guys out. Never lose the ball. You can't lose a ball. Yeah that's perfect so I the your brother we. We had an episode in the fall. You text me right. After his name is chase has gotten over the fact that we just roasted him nonstop for like fifteen minutes straight. Yeah yeah he's gotten over. I think yeah. He's finally recovering. He was just over the day just showing And I think he's he's kind of giving you a little bit. What what are. You got absolutely hammered. The name change on all had a for name chase. That was like the first one to give us cigarettes and our moms hated him selling Jetta. Yeah he a Super Nintendo from the Poncho do it again. He always the guy whose whose brother is way more accomplished than him and has a Shitload of money and and championships guy. That said that he could hook you up by installing like your your speaker system and your sub. Woofer at best buy but he fucked up half a car so it only came out the left side. Yeah that's chase making a comeback. He's making a comeback in twenty four. Yeah is he. Is He a Golfer to yeah? Yeah he played Don going nice good man. He's he's making a name for the chasers. Yes we'll become chase fans if he gets you think he's going to get to the To the tour. Yeah Yeah I think so. Speaks played a couple of minutes. He played a couple of this year. That all right and then We're always play one of the tournament's either. It's a team. Event would always play being the king of the chases. It's a pretty low bar to clear but still you could be the best chase ever. Yeah we're rooting for chase. Yeah Yeah you got to got to Brooks I don't know if you've noticed this but I've been just hammering the shit out of us at a similar competition on the Peleton recently. I've been fucking destroy. Well Yeah you don't you have been killing it. You're on what how many days you don't in a row now a bunch. I don't even know I don't even know how many anymore it's just like I eat. I sleep by Peleton. That's it but I saw that so Bubba Watson's got when Justin Thomas has won Rory is really good. Do you have one. I do have one. Yeah I don't use it got one. Do you want to join my gang? Because we're kind of like the bad boys and we'd just go around we smash it up like we don't even fuck with golfers really. Yeah you just Kinda like high five nope no chance yeah exactly like I lived to just mentally dominate bubba Watson. A lot real estate up there. Yeah it's rent-free but we're all. I guess we are. All rent-free now are a lot of us are during corona via landlord. If you have a good landlord yes correct. Yeah it's true. What would hop on with you got to figure out what my name is off with you. Okay it should just be. It should be Blake Kepco. Yeah I well yeah but you gotta put like some South African Bob to it though. No true absolutely true. Have you been playing video games? I feel like you're a video game guy no I did. I never got into video games and never played but I actually got so low of watching the eastport Saturday but like just cringing person sports. And that's what's I think it was on. Espn I don't know what it was but I was watching the two thousand twenty like Madden challenge or something. It's rough it's rough out there. What do you think about? I mean every I kind of have like this every once in a while I go online and look and just see what What's going on are you can gamble on? E. E. Gaming. Now they're still going yes. It's basically horse. Racing is the last frontier like on the weekends. I get excited because horseracing is back. I mean there. It's always running but it's just shit tracks but yeah it's It's crazy to like. Just just flip by those channels and be like oh man that would be cool to to just sit here and watch a game. You know like the good old days. I'll take anything on the Olympic channel on that on the Weird NBC sports channels. Even just give me something yes kind of Nice with the Ocho came back there. Yes so it's good. Yeah what about the idea of having like major golf tournaments but just having drone cameras behind you guys? Do you think that you could actually play a full tournament? Keeping six feet away from everybody. You were talking about this the other week weren't you? Yeah I think it could work. I mean I think yeah you could work. Yeah no fans. I mean you could literally do it down here in Jupiter. Where twenty is or here. Just go play and just Drone Camera Guy. Whatever and you can make it work we need. We need something. We just need something you you actually. You're in on our I. I don't know if we ever said this. But Brooks is one hundred percent in on our handball team so and and you and I actually think you would just as good as anyone else like. We're you know we're talking to quarterbacks the NFL but you played baseball. You are obviously an unbelievable athlete. And it would kind of fuck with the handball community even more for like Oh yeah that Golfer he'll dominate your ass. Yeah it's funny. I remember the first time I've ever watched handball. I had no idea what I was watching. I was in Sweden watching it and that was honestly my first thought. I was like well. How hard can this be and I mean pretty pretty right. I think I mean American. Throw the ball. I mean we got what we do right. We're born the road in but I feel like came. Pardon my take would be pretty solid absolutely over. Yeah Twelve Josh Allen Ahead Danny woodhead lakes all the Blake Tim Howard's or goalkeeper. Yeah it's going to be sick. I mean yeah I don't see yeah. And then we throw you in. They're undefeated and then we throw you in there and they're going to be like wait. A Golfer like yeah. We'll kick your ASS Golfer to. I think you're probably the only golfer who could do it. Undefeated minimum yeah. There's not a lot of guys on tour who feel safe being like. Yeah you're spot on a team but I think you're definitely in that camp. Yeah no I. I would agree with that. There's not many guys out there but Yeah I mean listen. I talk on the side cheering pump. But I can't wait to get in just knocked him? I had some guy from handball. Tweet me yesterday. Very active on. Yes it can be the enforcer you could actually be like like the fighter on our team we. What did he say to you? He was saying something he was talking about. How Golf isn't GonNa Start and that That I was being. He's just being negative and I saw a handball guy and I was. I call here. We go we've got to set this up. We gotta set this up yeah. I'm reading it right now. It's actually a great exchange because Todd Lewis said number three in the world Brooks Kapka on schedule news today. I'm just excited. There's something to look forward to so much uncertainty and finally have to set dates and be able to look forward to something is a positive news. I think golfers and fans are looking for. That's the most like what you said. There is what we all are thinking just the scheduling of things makes me excited makes us excited. And this guy. David Fink says tentative dates are. None of those events will happen this year. Please tell me what is going to be what is going to change. Between now and the summer they're still won't be vaccine the viruses to spread to ten times. What it is now. Forget ABOUT GOLF. And All sports twenty twenty and brooks's replied enough with the negativity. David I like the UN full full name team. Pardon my take your best handball team. Let's go I mean it's simple. It's very simple. It really is I. I like your attitude was like when I saw this game I was like. Oh that's going to be so easy to play and then I learned more about it and watch more and I was like yeah. This is definitely going to be easy to play. I mean literally. I don't even know how many guys how many guys actually play even care in the world. Yeah Yeah we're still taking gold medal. Yeah they're all like we had a handball guy in here earlier. They're all like subsidiaries of soccer teams. Right right I mean we've got football guys basketball guys. I mean handball guys. The Dream Team honestly is what it is. Yeah Yeah Handball. Dream Team Handball Dream Team's GONNA dominate. Everything saw it. So so golf is tentatively going to be back in mid June are you. Do you think it's going to be weird without fans in attendance or do you not even worry about it like it will be weird without a bunch of people. Yelling Blake to you. Oh my God okay. Let me first start off this whole thing by saying. I knew the Blake Effects. It was real but I literally can't take four steps without hearing at least fifty. Blake's I mean it's unbelievable I feel badly. Sometimes I watch people send videos to US and they're like yelling at you. It's like the turn out of Gusta and someone's yelling. Let's go blake and you're so laser focused that you don't look up and I'm like I know I wonder if he secretly hates us on a lap time by county relapse about it but I will say that I feel like the golf community is very not connected with part of my take is every Golfer. I think I've played with her. Like what did they taught what why they keep calling you blake. What's Blake the year? And then I have to go and explain to them exactly what it is like. Listen three blake's object to but it's quite. It's actually hilarious The other blake effect is definitely real. Tiger oh I don't know if he's asked I can't remember but I think we have to get to a major so I feel like but that's when he'd be like really what's I think he has asked it before it. What's his blake of the year stuff? What did we keep calling? You Blake so funny. So so what is going to happen or is this guy. Is this guy big cat. And they came up and then just such a great conversation to have with someone on the course. So what what is GONNA HAPPEN WITH LIKE WITHOUT FANS? Will you notice it at all or is it going to be just kind of business as usual? It's going to be weird. I think like you. We live off the fans and plus every once in while we had some foul balls in the fans. Kinda help you find it through. I mean guys are gonNA lose balls because of that. I mean the energy that the fans bring so that's what we all live for. We all strive for It's going to be so weird. I mean that's what That's what you WANNA play coming down the stretch and have everybody cheering for you. And then imagine this like you sink the Putt on the last hole in. No one's clapping. Yeah you're just there by yourself and you're like yes you and your caddy and just silent. Oh it's just nothing but awkward golf high fives all around the green. Who's get lost a lot of fuel like because if two white guys missing easy high five on each other but crowds go nuts behind it. You don't pay as much attention to it but if there's absolutely no sign whatsoever it's going to magnify that moment a little bit and then you're going take the ball out of the cup and throw it into the stands just going to like hit a tree. Yeah Yeah Yeah you're gonNA throw the ball to also just oh you should just throw his heart as you can just off into the dislike. Yea or Josh Allen Tornado. The stadium. Yeah what about all the guys that like the tiger woods balls when they go out of bounds and they throw them back towards the fairway? That's true that's very true. We should you should tell us you should pay us to like dressing. Cama and just go to every event and we'll just kick your ball out 'cause they probably won't have TV coverage as well as like normal vents. We'll start would just hurt being reporters you guys. You've got to be able to get like a reporter's pass or something right now. That would be Vick. We Clap Clap for you. We just wear Polo shirts that say either security or PG rules official on them and then you wear your tactical glasses look at security guards. Yeah we'll just go around kicking your boss imagine if we reporters and we just followed. You cheered after every shot. The only ones in my own personal reporters. You're like you're like Lebron with with the shop but you're shopped travels with you on the course you should actually get your caddy to to bring like a boombox like caddyshack and pipe in crowd noise after every big shot. That is that's A. That's a solid idea. Could do that with the bag. Yes you can get you to caddyshack. Yeah get you pumped up like get you going. That would be better but at the same time. Do you think it's going to favor some players to not have a gallery there like guys that might not be as clutch normally. I don't know I still think he's GonNa be weird awful without fans I really do. Like how weird is going to be watching on the TV yeah put? It's like the one sport that I feel. I can can can survive it. You know what I mean like of all the sports football be very bizarre to watch without fans but golf. At least the fans are quiet. When you're shooting so it's a little bit different. Yeah Yeah I think I think I. I don't know as a player. It's going to be super weird but I guess watch on. Tv wouldn't be that much different right. I just I don't know I don't know man it's I guess it's the one sport that can really come back kind of a little bit earlier than every other sport because we are outdoors those the good thing and we really don't have to you. Know all touching a ball touching the same. You know clubs your own stuff like that. I mean you really don't have to touch touch anybody out there so we might be. Who knows hopefully come back soon? I need it need it. Were you a little bit upset? That you didn't get asked to participate in the whole tiger woods and Tom Brady against Phil Mickelson. And and Peyton manning thing I never really thought about it but yeah I think like did you watch the first one. I didn't watch about it and there's just not enough like trash talking Agreed like I feel like we need more like gamesmanship and like shit talking and guys ribbon each other. And everybody's just a little bit afraid to do it. I agree so it could be Brooks Kapka and Bill Murray Against John. Daly and also Bill Murray. He plays both teams love. John Daly John. Jd is my Yeah he's the best there. He's ridiculous all right. I got one last question The Ryder Cup. Have they announced the team? Are you on it? I assume you are I think I'm like yeah. I think I should be fog. Goes Yeah he be on. I think you're about to say you're a Cap. I mean if you're GonNa Annoy me captain. Yeah that could've gone. That answer could have gone anywhere so remember when you guys got the shit kicked out of you. In France I was embarrassing. Yeah I do remember that. That's it that's all I know. That's that's yeah I'm a big you guys got. The Shit kicked out of union. When when you win twenty twenty in in Wisconsin and be like yes we won. We won on American soil. I'M A I'm a league I when things are going well and I'm a you guy when things aren't oh absolutely. Yeah absolutely. That's the way the fans gotta go All right we'll be brooks thank you. We appreciate it. Hopefully you're back soon. We'll hopefully we'll see you in New York right. Us Open Yeah. Yeah I'll I'll have stopped studio for For going in we have press with benchpress. Now I D- I know that and I can't wait to out bench guys how much you've mentioned right now. I don't know I don't have any like gym equipment in my house. So it's got like fifteen pound dumbbells. The much is much I've got right now. That's not gonNA cut it. I'm GonNa Bench when you come as if he got hurt. Got Hurt Right for the. Us Open Bench bench more than us. Literally be looking like I'm looking like metcalfe's like like on that all right brooks thanks so much man Stay safe we'll talk to you soon. Boys how going ooh interview with Blake. Kepco is brought to you by Peter. Millar Peter Millar in Barcelona and making epic closed for the last few years we joined forces to make the core polos in the vest and a ton of awesome arsenal Gulf Air. You've probably seen it out there. In one of their must haves is the Peter Millar. Abc Six six five pocket. Pants are you. Are you sick a walking around like a loser? We only four posture pants. Peter Millar has you covered. 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Okay let's get some segments before we do our Mount Rushmore and Billy Football We have first up a sorry. Not Sorry for Mike Gundy so Mike. Gundy had some comments last week about how they need to get the boys back in. They need to get the money running through Oklahoma and then PF. Do you have the quote from Mike? Gundy Sang He also I think what else did he do. Did he also call it the Chinese virus? Well yeah he probably did. But the upshot of his comment was. I'm sorry if you were offended by what I said. It was my intention to make you offended so That I mean that's a classic football coach answer and to be honest. I don't know who expected anything better or expected. Mike Gundy to have a very reasonable take on everything. I don't know what football coaches you would go to Cape. Excuse me Mike Leach. Can you give us your opinion on the krona virus and how it's GonNa Affect The financial situation in Mississippi so yeah gundy basically? Nothing really surprising. Just said I didn't mean to offend anybody Sorry if you were offended I I can't trust this enough like the W- the very last people that you want to comment on. Krono virus or college football coaches. They cannot at any point understand. What's going on to the level like two more than we need to. Just get our boys back because I got a five star recruit. That hasn't had a look at the playbook yet like that's all they're thinking about so if you wanNA quote that will not look good. Just go ask any college football coach in America and they will give you a quote. That will not look good. Yeah I for one was expecting a more measured response from the Guy Lives in stillwater. Oklahoma a nuanced nothing all day accepting about whether or not he could get away with murdering Lincoln Riley. That's GonNa guy I wanted to go to to to get my take on. Unintended offense by the way that's just that's simply a side effect of playing. He gets nothing but big twelve defenses. Yes and I wa- I'm wondering when we'll get the story that Mike Gundy has actually been going out and getting his mullet cut every single week and breaking breaking shelter in place that way. Because you know he's keeping fresh I feel like he's the guy that just has wife. Do it like miss. Sally takes care of the moment every Thursday night once a week. Same time while he's grinding film. All right next up we have sabermetrics. You had this. Yes so Todd Gurley your newest Atlanta Falcon. He wanted to wear number twenty one dion. Sanders told him that he shouldn't wear number twenty one but then he said psych and you could tell he was joking because he didn't end that tweet with Hashtag truth like you normally. That's when you can tell that yawns telling the truth is when he does that so he said he was just joking around about it and Todd. Gurley can go ahead and he can wear twenty one and they asked him like. Why are you going to give up your number so easily dion? He goes number. Didn't make prime prime made the number. So that's your sabermetrics for the week. Even though prime is twenty one not a prime number. Not Well Okay nerd. Had you know that you've been reading? Yeah what are prime numbers again? They aren't divisible by their only divisible by the selves by themselves. And one I think so. Yeah I'm pretty sure that's it as your man Klaus Avenue. Eleven Eleven. Thirteen fourteen Seven nineteen twenty three twenty three. Yep Yep Yep no that one cook and we're cookie nine hundred any nine. None of them were even numbers Regards except to gone. He's crime number. Two can be divided by two Tuesday only even numbered that supreme number two divided by two though a prime number is you can divide it pires only by yourself and another one all right. I'm sticking his magic wizardry stuff. Yeah Number Tam. He should have been to So twenty-one Tigers GonNa wear also tag really got pissed off because I guess it's checks late from the rams clay matthews to really. That was math. That was quote tweeted me to having finally found the words to all right. Let's do our mount. Flush more Mount Rushmore of appetizers I'll start with saying this. One is hard because I love appetizers and it's hard to add ones like it really is and I also want just before we start. Hank you're going to go first but were I assume. We're talking not only like sit down restaurant but also like going to a wedding. Like pass around appetizers and yeah. This is hard. It's very hard but hank you WanNa start sure Kalmari one. That's an awful first choice. Saying Calamar was that what is your choice. What ties IRS right? Oh Yeah Yeah. Kalmar is trash always or is it. I'm always at tables where they just like. Oh we'll just get Kalmar assuming I want Kalmar and I'm just like no come on how you hit it it's like it's just like a fried ring of tastes it falls into the category of if you don't have sauce it's disgusting so like why do you know. There's like a big racket for for fake Calamari. That is just like pigs that they just fry and they served his regular. Calamari is like a whole. Yeah that sounds pretty frightened season. Yeah sounds pretty good actually. Pfc Year. I PICK. It's also weird that there are two types of Calamar would there's like the technical part and then The ring part I like I personally like the ring parts. Better My first choice. Damn this is. This is a very very difficult one. I'm going to go with any sort of beat skewer. Okay do grilled glazed beat on a Kebab or beet salad. Anything beats in it okay. That's a good pick. I still can't believe Hank to Kalmar. I'll do my number. One is probably get contentious but I. I think deviled eggs or gross to eat like an appetizer form. Like if you're at and you eat deviled egg. It's like okay. Have cool egg breath for the rest of the fucking night dude and then I hate I hate the pinwheel sandwiches. I think it's bullshit. I hate always like soggy and kind of Gross. And like you know what? I'm talking about the wraps that they then cut up and they've played on their side so it's like little Turkey and cheese in the in the rap disgusting. Yes that's like a conference like what you have it like a conference one right. That's that's a Gr- you see a pinwheel sandwich you. That's a great way to know that they just cheap out on the entire appetizer. Yeah that's like corporate. That's the corporate special right right and as we don't give a fuck about you. Eat this little gruel. Get-back-to-work YEP that's number one on the most like soggy tomatoes. Yes to just tomato slime everywhere. I actually think that when they make a pinwheel sandwich they only use soggy ingredients. Because it makes no sense that I've ever had a fresh never had a fresh pinwheel sandwich order. Thought you would have gone with sliders beget. I love sliders. I love you. Do you live stream two thousand so last night when they when I when I showed it to everyone in there was one slider that was at forty five. Everyone's like you're cheating and you didn't realize looking at the computer sliders for like an hour to whatever again getting bullied on twitch. There's nothing more to it. Okay my next pick is GONNA be French. Onion dip don't like French. I can eat any other. I can eat any other dip in the world. I love dips French. Onion dip just doesn't do it for me. It in all it does is remind me of what a better dip. I could be having should taste like I dip into it. I'm like I wish this was ranch. Are I wish this was Hamas? I love French Odeon about Franconian. Sup- SUP- guy. French onion soup is very low on my power rankings. For Soup I would say like bottom. Twenty percent of soups. Okay about twenty percent. Thank you to God knows what you're going to pick if you pick Calamar number one. Okay here we go fried pickles. You're doing you're doing. My favorites are pigs in a blanket. Next shrimp cocktail next. Oh my God you're bad. This is literally what I would order. This is sounds like ooh. It will start with Kalmari dual shrimp cocktail. I mean I guess it's probably 'cause I'm with you guys and it's like big cat orders. Appetizer the table and half the time. I'm just like I wouldn't have ordered any of these but right because of four year. Old No pickles. Gross you can't eat hot sauce. You don't like any seafood is screaming from the other room. Terrible takes there are bad. Takes horrible way. We'd Hank what would be number one on your Mount Rushmore appetizers Mozzarella sticks pigs in blanket. Nachos okay should just have Henkel with her off the kids menu to your next Pinot. Well that's not a kids many thing it's just a taste. I have good taste and shrimp. Fried are not part of it. Well do you like do discriminate between phrases same. How Marin Fried pickles with the same thing tomorrow and pickles with the same thing you would never order them if they weren't fried we. Do you get some pickles for for an appetizer. No pickles before. Yeah pickle the pickles or go to order them as an appetizer but he pickles snack all the time right. But this is appetizers. We're talking about here. You guys are getting confused with things like to eat. But we're talking strictly after you would so you would order just a stick of Mozzarella cheese daughter string cheese. I love Mozzarella cheese absolutely destroy. You just order string cheese as an appetizer you. There's other ways they get Mozzarella to say that's what it is. String Cheese Fried. Yeah I love. I love string cheese okay. Pfc Your pick. My next one is going to be salsa with pita when you get the hell out of there. They tried to get too fancy with that sometimes and they serve you these like these fried pita chips instead of tortilla chips. That's I don't think I've ever seen that my life. Yeah terrible terrible. It'll ruin entire APP even if I liked to dip. If it's on a pita chip thank you all right. I'll go with Stuffed Mushrooms stuffed mushrooms. Every time I see stuff mushroom it's kind of the similar is like the pinwheel where it's like. It just doesn't hold up and it passes by and you're like ooh that a meatball. Nope it's stuff mushroom kind of a just a total letdown and then Anything that just like. The lettuce wedged were they. Were they do like a deconstructed salad? That fucking sucks too when they pass around that. That drives me nuts. Where it's like. Here's a lettuce wedge with a Little Ages of Caesar Salad dressing and one single croutons Portion okay okay. From last night I'm GONNA go with dressed up popcorn when they try to a chef's take on on popcorn. I like that. Where are you eating a spicy popcorn? Yeah where they put like a little bit of a meeting at non fast food places sack where they put like yeah they do like Chile dust and maybe like anytime they say like troubled popcorn or some bullshit like that. No thanks Hank. My last one I guess is just GonNa be roasted from my takes. Its sounds great in theory. You love to talk about it. But whenever you order it it's always disappointment the blooming onion. Oh okay this is a long time gone. I swear I'm bad mountain industrial. Think about it you think about it. It never really wide just order onion rings just order onion rings like the balloon and then you dip short never picked merit of eating less than our world. I know percentage of land restaurant but it is one of the top three appetizers in the world. In theory it is in practice. It's not wow. Wow Unbelievable Mount Rushmore. From you by the way you flush more the. You could. It could be confused. Mount Rushmore like if we did a mount rushmore appetizers. I think every single one of yours would have been picked. Yep Not by me. The only one that I wanted was cheese fries because it was soggy. Okay Hank I actually put down. Cheese fries vinnie. Chase take Afterwards where it's like I couldn't in good conscience put it on because I have had your non what you know what you know. Listen to me. Can you listen to me? I've had good. Cheese fries and Putin is delicious but I think the the the the cheese fries are the most volatile appetizer out there in terms of the floor. The floor is so low in the ceiling can be very high. I also only loaded. Nachos what do you think about that? That's also appetizer. I agree with you there. It all depends on how they're constructed if they do it by layers they firstly fries then the cheese and the bacon then another layer fries. She's Bacon then it's good but all too often run into a situation where you eat maybe seven or eight fries from the top and then there's no topics left on the entire thing. Then you overcompensate with ranch dip after that point. Y'All got soggy fries that are just like making this little puddle of oil in the ranch sauce. Hank I'll give you. I'll give you this if you did a mount rushmore and most volatile appetizers cheese fries. Nachos Calamar is on there for me for most volatile appetizers. 'cause there's definitely times when you have Kalmari when it's bad Kalmari. It's the most discussing thing you beat. It's pigs ass thank you Joe Calamari. No because we have good Kalmari. It's it's it's one of the best but when you have good Kalmari never all the time all the time. Yeah Calamar is very rarely screwed up but when it is it's awful. Meatballs can be very volatile. Yes meatballs two boys extremely if you drive meatball and it almost ruins the expectation for the rest of the meal ordered another drink too early at throws off the entire scheduling of your meal or the meatballs Teriyaki sauce. That are just doesn't really fully fit together. Goes Always Kinda disgusting? I agree meatballs or another volatile appetizer when they really pisses me off when they try to incorporate meatballs into a slider. Because you're dealing with a ball of meat It's not gonNA stay between those two bonds. There's a reason. Why you flatten that all out and make it into a hamburger when you put it between bread. Don't try to is literally a square peg round hole situation. What would you guys go be for? Appetizers pigs in the blanket going appetizer now. I like pigs in a blanket but I don't think I would say that's anywhere close to the goat. I would say on judges nachos great great. I think I'll put Caso as my goat. Okay Fair okay. So that was our mount. Flush more of appetizers. Let's get to billy football in our deep dive with Billy football before we do that though. Pfc You've got one more at. Yeah most guys out. 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It's time deep dive with Billy football on Mondays. We have our former intern. Very good friend. Billy football on to do a deep dive into any type of topic. You can tweet him. He will respond. He will also take submissions. And Billy can how long how many times have you respond. If I do the handshake Emoji do you just. Are you obligated to respond to that? I don't know I just. I'm trying to preserve the handshake. Does Dr Saying that we should never shake hands again and defending the handshake. Okay saving it online. Yeah all right so. Today's topic is crypto. Zoology so the floor is yours. Billy so cryptos eulogies study of Cryptos. It's a much debated science. It's actually kind of like the the bad boys of the science community because no one really respects them but a lot of their work is pretty sick. So deep dive on this for the people who wanted a prehistoric creatures Scotland going onto so it was a highly suggested. It was like crypto. Zoology and other weird stuff. That I'm not gonNA stand the gas but so we're going to start with the big one you'll probably know sasquatch. Bigfoot now cryptos urologist. What do you guys know about bigfoot? Now that he definitely exists. Yeah nothing I know that mean when he when big foot's walking in central park and then there's these kids looking at their phone and it's like no wonder we have had no bigfoot sightings in the last twenty years because everyone's got their face in their phone awesome pajamas hot on his trail. I know that I know that he absolutely fucking hates it when kids mess with this beef Jerky so bigfoot arm here all right so turns out. There's a lot of evidence for bigfoot in not from dislike pictures videos but there's actually a giant APE afp Restored Abe gigantic Pickus so gigantic Kisses like actually huge. It was like like it would be about six six to eight foot. Their skeletons are found on these scientists found like one of their molars in a herbal Chinese mezin shop in a like in China and they were selling these giant molars in there. Like that's from primate. That's way bigger than we've ever seen so like these guys were actually super intelligent in like would bury their dead like they were like nine. Foot tall bipedal like primates but it in their more closely related like orangutangs. Anything else so people think that they went across the Siberian analysis of the bearing land. Straight back when like there's the Ice Age in the water was allowed lower in came to North America and that's also how humans got to North America in Like is actually like super sick because like this ape would be like absolutely a description of bigfoot but like I think that they have evolved from them because if they're burying their dead that means that they have ways to cover up their tracks so if they kept going on this they could definitely figure out ways to like totally. Avoid humans at all costs like like bear frigging secret tunnels and stuff like out of the woods. So I'm in and there's this one dude called Francis Ability I'm not questioning your science behind all this but you're saying this like it like it's fact. I just WanNa make sure that this actually happened like these. Things actually do exist right gigantic. Pinta KISS existed. It did I looked it up. It did it was doomed by its own size to big man literally too big to fail but the opposite yet and they used to coexist with like like early humans. Human HOMO ERECTUS. Turns out like they were totally gentle like they weren't violent all but like they were legit like the ultimate near so like giant strong. All Day was vegetation and they just didn't want to be bothered but like our ancestors bothering them like all this sick prehistoric creatures. I've realized which is totally messed up by humans like legit became the Perfect Predator. Because we knew how to throw stuff. Oh like these are like the relatives. Giants technically like if there was another path of human evolution. Like this would be there like you know Lucy which is like Homo careful. Billy Bob just give us the okay. All right across the land bridge on the Bering Strait to North America. And then they just get annoyed. It is messing with Sasquatch so all the all the like humanoid type human not humanoid but all the Although wranglings wind along the lines of evolving into humans started to fuck with sasquatch too much and then sasquatch got like speared to death using superior arm strength and he was still trying to run the ball and the evolution of human offense Kinda took him out using wing T. The air attack was caused as Got It wow. I think it was a quarterback showed up. Everything was fucked the west coast offense though but then but then so then these dudes in this actually picture him like Google Deloitte a got time. So this dude franchise. Geloy was down South America. Use like Bros. it's like it's like went out into the middle of the Amazon or like Venezuela and like like there's twenty start then there's only four left exile got killed by natives in then they encountered these giant apes who also knew how to throw stuff like well and they shot one of them and it actually looks like South American bigfoot. Okay he only question. The first hit I got was delays. Abe was a well played anthropoligical anthropological fraud. That's the haters. Okay all right cool. Say No more billy. What about the fact that they're like all these giant apes across all these different cultures? Like if you go over to Asia they have these legends about the YETI. The abominable snowman is that like a distant cousin of these guys came to America way back in the day. So I'm thinking Gigante Kiss actually this is actually more likely Gigantic piteous range was like southeast. Asia was Asia could easily be in the Himalayas. Like the Yeti could just be like a polar bear gigan- tickets. I'm saying a polar bear mixed with like Kinda of how they the growl are bare except us as with a human no like like haller bears to Grizzlies. Gigantic PITS KISS bigfoot. So you saying also. Do you think that with everybody being locked up like this quarantine situation? Do you think these bizarre animals. That might be scared and hiding out all the time because we've always been looking form you think they'll start to get more brave and start to show themselves a little bit more or they're just like having a party in the woods and they're like show. They're locked up or they did this. Oh I like that. So New York City sewer gators so back in like going to Florida right to vacation land. Don't Florida bought little baby alligators? They all brought him home. They then saw their way too big or the aboard. Were flushed down the toilet. They're all in the New York City sewers eating giant rats. They're actually down there because it's super hot. During the winter it's super cool during the summer and they just don't buy with sunlight down there and John Rats wait so there are gators living in New York City in the sewers. Even sears confirmed yet found who had won a couple okay. They used keeping their bathtubs. Okay is that one convincing again. No that one I like it. I like billy what are these? The gators that pop up through toilet when someone is taking a shit they bite your ball sack. Yup Don't like those hard pass. That's crazy okay. Let's go with Chew Cops? I like those dubber goat suckers I found in Puerto Rico they They were then seen all across southern America. They're seeing they had a three day give three puncture wounds in large livestock. They don't know if it's aliens a certain type of different canine creature but a lot of them look like mangy. Okay wait so I'm starting to understand this so these scientists that that are. What's called Crypto? Zoology so do they get degrees in this and then they just studied the shit that people all think is a fraud. They're basically their their entire expertise is studying myth science that they're the opposite of mythbusters there. The Myth prove verse. And are there like are they well like? Did anyone go to like real schools for this? I just met him on. Read it okay. Makes Sense makes sense? What okay I like. That you've got is locked in this monster. One of them so nasty. So necessarily think is an agent. Clear sore ended another one lake champlain in Vermont New York Orders. Both those states okay. They actually disproved that one. They think it's a bunch of seals in a flock like all jumping out of the water so it looks like a bunch of humps of a sea serpent going through the water. Oh Yeah it's like when When those spiders get together and lock arms and make the giant thing that moves as one. That's what the seals are doing. So wait Nessie. I've always wanted us about Nessie. How can it exist? If it didn't have like a mom and dad messy will think about turtles right a live really long so like this also lives in. The water is a reptile so it probably lives like super long interests okay. So it's parents died. It could've died like four hundred years ago. Analyses just hitting its midlife crisis. Right could be or it could be a sexual in reproduced by itself. Who didn't think about that a sexual reproduction? It's common the animal kingdom really. It was more common in the CRYPTO. Zoology kingdom at feel like they use that as like a trump card to explain everything. Yeah and then in cells. Yeah they know because jobs. No that's what I'm saying. Crypto zoologists as. They just made up a bunch of species like see there are also animals. That don't have sex. It's perfectly normal. I spend all my time looking for these imaginary things. Posting them on Reddit instead of boning exactly because they relate yes anyway just want to join my cult. Yeah Yeah Okay. It's not so this it's going to be sick so I have been like eating Tom of foods recently and I've gotten out of shape because I can't really run like they'd like all the public parks and fields close. I can't really do any sprint sucks. That's not true billy. I saw the people who've been running marathons in their driveways mental and physical test. So so the idea. Is We show like this called. It's called the Berserk blood called so we work out all week and like eat healthy. And then on Friday. We donate blood platelets or blood and then we like just become blood making machines in the and then we come back from the donation. Pledge With the money they give you in you buy alcohol in you can buy less alcohol because levels are lower. So you'd be a C. Gets higher so it's economical. It saves lives that Brazil blood that we're all GONNA get jacked in like shredded sick. I Okay I'm all the way. I'm obviously in on this a couple of questions though so if we work out during the week and we eat healthily. That makes our blood more valuable to donate. Is that true as Ernie size? It back setup. Honestly I think my idea of healthy is not you know it's more of Cryptos? Zoology type science. You know running. I think it works because real science isn't really pulled through right now right. All y'all Shalgham red bull before you go give blood so that when they get the blood they get old like jazzed up and like I like that and then we can eat unhealthy on the weekends. Figura DO KETOSIS AGAINST YOU. WanNa join the INSTAGRAM resercher. Blood called on knocked. There's going to be purely like about saving lives making blood in getting jacks but like UCS. What about chicks? Are we going to get chicks in this goods dude? It's okay billy what we should do an intermittent fasting competition. Like how long can you fast will? What I do is from like I skip breakfast and just drink red bull in milk in at about one prices fuel for yeah crisis you'll switch from chocolate milk to regular because all talk about so. He's out at the supermarket so then at one PM. I go eat my first meal and then like I two meals after that before I go to bed. Okay but what is described? Wait wait I want to back up with billy. Justice grab was just eating breakfast kind of late and then eating lunch and then dinner. I wake up early though. So you do intermittent fasting. Ross so but what do you think like how long do you and I could go if we went heads heads up. Who could who could go the longest? Just drinking all can drink as black coffee and water on the day or just like know. How many days you didn't go like we go head-to-head for like two days adding that you lose mass you gotTa okay. Yeah I know. I'M TRYING TO LOSE MASS. Okay so this is what we do. This is what we do are actually GonNa get we're GONNA get shredded so what we're GONNA do is we're GONNA go back on Ketosis no carbs. No nothing but you can only eat. Preserved like like nonperishable foods like canned chicken. Yeah can't leave from Kansas. So you won't eat as much it's ketosis disgusting Ketosis. Us yourself and bill healthy by removing anything. That tastes good from your house tackling. And you only stock on non perishables because I've been eating them like sort of only bought non-perishables feeding my cell phone. I want fresh food. I'M JIM PRE tired of its kill map tight. Do I mean microwave? Probably destroys the virus right exhibit. Only Mike Shit. That's good what about You mentioned the beserk or blood right. Is there any health benefit to me? Giving my blood you know once or twice a week and then that way. My Body's creating new blood for myself all the time so so like you can only donate. I've looked only donate blood once every two weeks. But you can donate blood platelets once every two days in them. Okay Yeah what about saying we had our giveaway of semen? I'm not sure okay. I haven't looked up yet. All right I like the idea of donating my blood more frequently. Because it's like a car oil change right. Yeah like if my body if I'm walking around with old blood then I'm GonNa Act Sluggish. It's not GONNA be as efficient but if I give my blood the new bloods better. Will I WANNA start giving platelets? Because they can find the antibodies in there. So like like your. Antibodies are fighting virus and other people's bodies. So you like inside of other people fighting the virus I like that you're at warrior. I'm like super strong. Yeah when a fight the war on corona you're just fighting other people's Corona warriors mercenaries share. Antibodies are like mercenaries in other people's thoughts Yak. Yes no pumped up. Is You want to be a fucking corona virus warrior mercenary resercher blood cult member just like audience to grams pictures. You donate blood in what you're doing Like I think you could tell us to go. Preserver because data like all the vikings would eat meat. Like I don't know what else they. Yeah Pussy. Good point cavemen. Were all in Ketosis all the time. Right That Paleo Paleo for life All right billy. What do we have next week? You decided you know. I'm thinking like dinosaurs. I love it. Love it lost twitter saying like got some sick dinosaurs in the back of my head that we can get gone. Alica sicker than T rex. Who we should do. Yeah we should do. You should learn every single dinosaur and we should try to do Maybe you could give us like a Mount Rushmore of dinosaurs. Were already got him. Okay perfect I will build a warning. Don't come in here and tell me that triceratops did not exist. We'll we'll boot you out of the chat for that Itchy. Rex ever meet at triceratops. Yeah Jurassic Park it. Very Billy Dake you so much love you stay safe. We'll see everyone on Wednesday Have everyone stay. Safe will have some draft stuff coming up. We'll see a Wednesday. Let me guess off the Yawn. Bye Listen Don on.

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