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Full Show (Super Bowl LIV recap: Chiefs win, blaming Kyle Shanahan, Grading Jimmy G, Patrick Mahomes)


Hi everyone and welcome to first thing. I'm to side Chris. Katie that my friends is the happiest human on earth this morning. The Rope border hundred thousand Kansas City and feeling exact same thing I'm feeling what up everybody and possibly as much we heard about it all morning. Long the wait is over for you. You UH spe- on top of the world you must just feel tremendous the you know the top four greatest moments of my life. I got three kids. Those those three. I should probably slide a wedding there but I don't know when I have. My friends is in my circle. Call me to ask how happy you're going to be you know that it's GonNa be a great morning for Nick We. This is not the morning to talk about where you're super bowl ring and I know exactly what it feels like. Are you going to try to get a super bowl ring to from Chhaya soon on the bandwagon all year old in me was just say. Oh my goodness good morning of I love it all right. She we dive. You got three hours to make you feel really good. It has been a long time coming but last night against the San. Dan Cisco Forty niners the Kansas City chiefs to just enough to be crowned Super Bowl Champs. Patrick mahomes finished with two hundred eighty six yards. Two passing scene touchdowns and a rushing touchdown on route to a super bowl. And the ask for Andy Reid. It took his two hundred twenty second career win to finally line Lee win the big one to finally hoist that Lombardi trophy. She's take down the niners thirty one to twenty. We have a ton to unpack this morning first things first though nick. Run through the gamut of your emotions. Now you mentioned we have three hours to break down the game and here in a couple of minutes. Can't deal get US kicked off in that regard. I can't this moment. I can't start breaking down the game because I you're right. I'm this this is why we deal with as sports fans the years of heartbreak and we invest and we watch shows like this and we pay for season tickets and we block out one of our to weaken days twenty times a year just for football is because this may be one day it pays off APP. Listen I'm thirty five years old for I. I kind of remember Steve Burgers the chiefs quarterback. But I really remember Joe Joe Montana and our member Joe Montana taking the chiefs the AFC championship game. When I was a little boy and thinking okay this is being achieved fans going to be like and between Montana and mahomes there was bono was back? There was Trent Green. who was good? There was Damon who was not tyler. thigpen who was an abomination there was matt castles frustrating frustrating. There's Alex Smith who I liked but couldn't get you there. You had Marty Schottenheimer you'd Gunther Cunningham you dick for meal who had great moments Herm Edwards. Who are like you have Todd Haley? Who has friends with with you? Have Romeo Cornell who's a nice man but that's about it and then you had Andy Reid after post-montana you at a game at home when you were thirteen eighteen and three and you lost by three when you missed three field goals including one at the gun. You add a game in the fourth quarter when you had the lead after thirteen eighteen three and John elway led the broncos on a fourth quarter comeback yet. The no game people know what that is the Andrew Luck Twenty eight point comeback game the game against the steelers were. We scored scored two touchdowns they scored zero. And we lost the Marcus Mariota Touchdown Pass to Himself Game Ford Game. And now you've got the Patrick Leaping mahomes this game because he wasn't great until he absolutely had to be and finally after chiefs team that for twenty five years had great defense is led by Derrick Thomas and Neil Smith Dale Carter but no offenses and great offenses led by Raynham priest. Holmes and hall of Fame Offensive Lineman but no defenses fences. Now you've got the greatest offense and the greatest quarterback in the world with a defense that has an uncanny ability to make really really big plays in the most critical moments and that my friends that my fellow Kansas City and is why for the first time in a half century. We're we're the champions of the world and I am over the Moon Right now Chris canty and now Gina I. I don't know if that was any analysis whatsoever but that's how I feel. You know just just to peel back the curtain a little bit Chris. Kenny walked into our morning meeting with the Super Bowl Ring. Having won a super bowl looked at nick and said congratulations. That's all right so Chris. Can you break it down a little bit. How did the Kansas City chiefs in fact when this game team didn't flinch and we talked about how the Kansas City head had had double digit deficits and each of the playoff games today played coming into the Super Bowl and they were able to overcome them now? Typically we see them do that with hugh second quarters. They waited until the last possible opportunity to turn it on and Jenner to me. What happened was pat? mahomes being great that do right. They're showing why he was the MVP leave from a year ago showing how he's improved and terms of his football knowledge and then being able to execute in the critical moments of the game. I mean shaking off the interception Eddie. Through in in the third quarter and the one at the beginning of the fourth quarter and into lead your team on three consecutive touchdown drives be able to convert that third and fifteen to tyreek hill which was a huge play and play it again. The biggest play of the game and come into the game. I thought we would see more. Plays like that from Pat Mahomes because of the forty niners in their scheme playing playing that zone coverage but that front for the forty niners was relentless in getting after Padma homes and I thought they had them rattled for the first three quarters. But this guy took over He had a way of being able to slow down the game. In that moment and ended up leading those touchdown drives and to me that has to be the story today. Canny and to your point the through grew fifty two minutes of action. It was one of the worst games. Patrick loans has played as a pro. Yes he met. Tim Healy the worst playoff without. He's was enormous marginal worst playoff game and we were lineup. All thirty six games he had played. It would have been with eight minutes. Left around thirty fifth fifth. Maybe thirty fourth. The colts game comes to mind from earlier this year but he was injured in that game. The broncos game where the left handed pass last year but he threw left handed pass. I WANNA come back like he was. It's not only that he wasn't hitting any big shots the passes he was completing. Felt like we're a little off target guys. Who would have had rained Iran Iran or getting there? The first interception Heathrow through was a mistake he never makes just didn't see a guy and the second interception I know people say candy was all tyree hands but that was a bad thrilled by Patriot was behind him and he had an in breaking out. You can't do that. You miss over the middle of the field. Bad things can happen but he was able to shake that off. He didn't let that take away from his confidence and he had the ability to be able to make the throws when he had to that throaty. May Sammy Watkins was a dime. When he'd be Richard Sherman in one no one coverage but to me the story about that is that pass rush from the forty nine losing a little bit of steam late net game you could tell? They looked a little bit of gas. And then Kansas the city through in the wrinkle of going with the no huddle offense and when you get completions and you're able to move chains going no huddle. You don't allow the defense to substitute. Most importantly don't allow allow Kansas City. You don't allow the forty niners to get fresh pass rushes in there and pat. Holmes took advantage of that so I think it's something to be said for team. That's this resilient. It didn't didn't play well. The first three quarters of the game and then found a way at the end to win that championship caliber football. And that's why they're taking the Lombardi trophy bad to Kansas. We have plenty money time to talk about what happened as from the forty niners perspective. But do you think that those first three quarters from the moment was a little too big for him that the nerves needed we settle down or was it what the forty niners were showing all the above. I think the moment we have seen in all of Patrick's playoff games. He gets off to a relatively slow. Start all five and what now with that slow start sometimes just a series or two. Sometimes it's a quarter in the Patriot. ABC Championship game was full. Half but those slow starts don't come with major major process errors like the interceptions. I do think the passwords was getting them he Nikki bowls of had that Strip sect. I was worried about all the chiefs. Were just Fortuna soon enough to fall on it but for the chiefs. The story of this postseason is down. Twenty four nothing in around to their first playoff game three in ten nothing Tennessee. Twenty two ten to San Francisco with eight minutes left. They finished those three games on combined. One hundred and seven to fourteen runs. How WOW FINISH THEIR FIRST PLAYOFF GAME fifty one second playoff game thirty five to seven and the bleeping super bowl with seven minutes left? twenty-one zip that that is how they did it and the reason those players believed they could do it was because of number fifteen and they deliver the alternate football glory to their beloved head coach. Andy Reid Yup for the chiefs three double digit comeback wins this postseason on route to super bowl. Fifty and route three double digit wins and Kansas City's first super bowl in fifty years. Here is niners head coach. Kyle Shanahan after a very disappointing loss. telefe lawson awesome hurts everybody in a room losing a super bowl You know we had opportunity to win that and we came up short. They had three timeouts. Those tend to ten The last thing we were going to do is allow them to get the ball with three timeouts especially with their quarterback and offense to speed To go in there and score before half a real good Ten attend ten especially with US starting with the ball played out all right that we should have got points but they ended up calling that beyond kittle so took it away Chris canty can you. Can you place blame on cow. Shanahan a no a lot of people will want to blame Kyle Shanahan especially after the collapse that he had and super bowl fifty one whereas the play call of for the Atlanta Falcons and the Patriots go on to make the biggest super bowl comeback in the history of the Super Bowl narrow but in looking at this game you could could clearly see that Kyle Shanahan didn't trust Jimmy Garoppolo that drive right. Before halftime there was an opportunity for him to use one of three timeouts not to let Kansas City. Run time off the clock when they were getting ready to point he elects not to do it. You could see John Lynch in the booth upstairs. Look for candy signal time out in the fact that he didn't didn't get it done. I think that just shows that Kyle Shanahan had no visions of his quarterback trying to lead a scoring drive before that even when they got the ball. He decided that he was going to run. But now they did have an opportunity for play the throat or George Kitto but they ended up being opioid because he extended with his even only happened because the chiefs used a timeout. That happened. Because they're gonNA just run run the clock down and take it into halftime if the chiefs on us a one hundred percent but I think in that moment you saw that Kyle Shanahan clearly doesn't dozen trust Jimmy Garoppolo and I think he's justified just based on the last dry that they had an opportunity to actually get back in the game. I mean you're down for you. Get the ball all back with two forty four you end up getting the ball at midfield with a minute forty nine left and then you have a sequence of plays those incompletions Deebo Samuel. He has the one. That's blocked lockdown at the latest by Chris Jones. Then he gets pressured on a blitz. From Steve SPAG NOLAN ACHIEVES defense throws it up to Emmanuel Sanders and to me. That was the game that that was the role that we're waiting to see Jimmy Garoppolo could make under the rest in the big moment. Scott Him and he's got him wide open. He's got to step on defenders and he misses that throw and in the next play he takes the sack fourth-down which is inexcusable. And then you have a turnover on downs and in Kansas City end up scoring while they're trying to run out the clock but to me. That was the moment that we were waiting on. That was the reason why nick and I've been skeptical of the forty niners. All season. Long re didn't know that in the biggest moments whether or not Jimmy Garoppolo Apollo could deliver and the whole story the entire week leading up to the super bowl was Jimmy. Garoppolo was underrated as a quarterback. He's shown that he can come from behind he got at the highest. QBR In the fourth quarter when trailing all of that stuff is news all relevant because at the biggest stage the game has to offer he could not deliver and so so to your point. Can't he's called Shange. Lame to the niners super bowl loss. Jimmy Garoppolo is more to blame right so Enron. Just like the Falcons game. You can say well if this player picks up a block if Matt Ryan doesn't fumble the ball there's these different things were players could have pulled culture in and out of the fire. They didn't I understand that so he's not fully to blind but there are two moments in this game. That Kyle Shanahan failed his team. One you talked about the end of the first half was a coaching travesty. Because the message it sends to every unit on your team is I. Don't trust you. It's not just a quarterback I if you call timeout with a minute forty left in the first half you'll have timeouts with the ball. If you just don't trust roster quarterback you can run the football you have to timeouts minute. Forty might be able to get in feel go the length of the field running the ball. You run the ball and if the answer is well I don't want to run it because we might then have to punt the ball back to Kansas City. We'll now the signal you're saying is in addition NACHOS and the quarterback. Because I'm not calling time throw it not just in the running game pickup yards. Because I'm not calling out. Let them run it. I also don't trust my defense to hold up if we do if the punt with a minute left with Kansas City having a timeout or two in their pocket to stop him that was indefensible. And I'm glad we got the John Lynch video because now the niners can't run from it. That was coaching malpractice. And there was one moment in the second half that much like despite all the things that happened in the Atlanta Super Bowl. There's one play so you circle and say if you call the right play there you win. After the Julio Jones catch on the sideline Europe a you're inside the twenty new New England twenty-five there's inside of four minutes left its second and eleven. If you just run the football run the football you kick a field goal and you win. The game said he called a pass. Play play into disastrously for the niners in this game it was after the tyreek hill taught four yards away when the chiefs cut it to twenty two seventeen in that situation. It is second five. The niners are up three. They've just gotten five yards on first down. There is around five minutes. It's left and he calls the Jimmy Garoppolo passport and this happens which then leads to a Jimmy. Garoppolo pass play the next down which also goes incomplete as has someone who was rooting incredibly art for the chiefs. I was begging. Call a pass play. You don't continue to run it. You would just gotten five your first down. You have the lead in the fourth quarter and Kyle Shanahan has to own. Is this in Super Bowl history. There's only been one comeback of greater than ten points. He was the offense coordinator for there's been no there's been now four comeback. Tim exactly points. He was the head coach for one of them. So the single biggest super bowl collapse and the next biggest super collapse. He was the play caller for both of them. Can you let me ask you a question. Is there anything to the fact that Shanahan was just crushed for being too aggressive in that super bowl they lost to the patriots way too aggressive. Instead of holding onto that lead that he'd listen to so much of that leading up to this that maybe he flipped the page a little bit and was almost too conservative conservative the endless at the end of the first half saying. I'm not GonNa do what I did that time. I just want to hold on to halftime tied at ten year. Well you have to go out there and win the Super Bowl. You can't try to avoid losing the Super Super Bowl so to me that give up drive at the end of the first half was one of those things that he you look at it and you say that was a waste of possession. I don't know that you can afford to waste possessions in the biggest game because there is no game next week this is it. It's all over with so I mean if you have confidence in your team more importantly if you have confidence in your quarterback I think you're a little bit more aggressive massive but to your point maybe call Shanahan overcorrected. The driver just a little bit. Maybe he has that in the back of his mind and he says you know what I wanna be a little more conservative because I criticized is you're too aggressive in super bowl fifty one but then in the fourth quarter. She made the exact same mistakes he made in Super Bowl. Fifty one they earned thirteen plays in the second half with the lead. They pass them nine of them. You have second and five with the lead. You are six first downs away. That's the math. Six first downs away from being able to take these prior not gonNA six first downs. But you get a touchdown. The game's over. Anyway you get a field goal with you take time off. The clock. Chiefs didn't have to drive the field. You cannot call a pass. Play on on second and five when you've just run for five yards with Jimmy. Garoppolo is your quarterback. You can't do it because those are the things that happens. Like these are the singular Mueller moments. And you do wonder a bit that monkeys now off India reads back right the best offense of mine in football but can't get it on a big game. I I wonder who take that title. The offense of mine in football but game management stuff into games net gets a little tight collar gets a a little tight. It's what it felt like to me yesterday and I wonder what John Lynch is thinking this weekend or this morning. You personally probably feels like got snubbed. The fame and then he's begging his coach call timeout. He doesn't do it they can't hold on what's important four. Cordless Shanahan really doesn't trust quarterback. They got problems because he signed a five year. One hundred thirty thirty seven million dollars contract. He's their guy for a while I will whip the chiefs victory. He comes a forty niners loss. The question going into the game was whether Jimmy Garoppolo could carry San Francisco to a win and the niners quarterback almost did coming up ashort finished twentieth. Thirty one with two hundred nineteen yards one touchdown but with two costly interceptions series Garoppolo after the disappointing loss zone. Real feeling doing something that never fell before. I'm sure none of these guys fell before it's But that you know the one positive you could take these guys care about guys care about each other guys care about this organization a lot of good cam from this year. It's hard to look at it right now and see. That's that good but you know a couple of days down the line you know maybe look back now look back on it a little bit. Are Nick put a great on Jimmy performance since Super Bowl A. D. and it's being generous in college I missed the first week of class and then you skip. The final. Doesn't really matter how you do in the intervening three months. Jimmy started the game terribly. They I drive. They could have gotten seven at Stolz because of failed. Pass fail failures in the passing game. The second drive he throws a horrifying fine. Pick the exact pick we were talking about in all week long all weeks long about why Jimmy G. is good but there's a yeah but with him and then at the end of the football game he was abysmal. After being sensational Middle Section final twelve minutes there was three of eleven thirty six years of the passer rating of three three. He He after the Mahomes pick. They put the ball in his hands on second nine up ten chance to win the Super Bowl incompletion put them all his hands on the next play third third and fourteen after a false start. Maybe someone open downfield. He took off running like like you needed three yards instead of meeting fourteen yards. He got three yards next possession. Second five they put the ball on. His hands batted down third and five ball in his hands. CADLE Open Kennel. Wide Open. Doesn't throw to him now. The chiefs have the ball. Now the chiefs have the lead. Okay Jimmy I in ten forty nine yard line super super bowl in your hands. I pass batted down. Second Pass Damn near picks I mean. Just watch the sequence the situation everyone dreams for down four chance in the superbowl second pass old boy. That's almost pick third-best. Oh we got a guy is GonNa win all at six charge overthrow and fourth down to go and take the SEC. And then that insult injury when the niners had a two percent chance okay get the ball kick a quick field goal on psychics that he throws a picked in the game. It was exactly candy. What you were worried about what happened if if the game is Jimmy Garoppolo hands? What does he do so no he was bad? He was great in the middle but he was bad in the beginning and he was unspeakably unspeakably bad late. Yeah right there with the I give him a deal on his performance. And the only reason it's not an F. is because his team at a double digit lead in the fourth quarter Dina fifteen can stretch when he was playing what he had two opportunities to your point. Nick I mean your your defense gets a turnover for you and you can't do anything with that drive and then after the Kansas City chiefs have their first scoring drive in the fourth quarter. Your team goes three and out to me. If you're a championship level quarterback you're going to have to have some productivity in order to be able to close out the game and and that's the one thing that we've said about this forty niners team once they get the lead and they had the benefit of being able to rely on the run game and then play action then. This team was going to be able ought to be able to finish the drill. And they just couldn't get it done and Jimmy Garoppolo was good and plaques in passing situations but the fact that he couldn't get his offense to be productive in those critical moments in the fourth quarter. I think it's an indictment on him as a player is this who Jimmy Garoppolo. Is this Jimmy Garoppolo. Because you saw we saw what he could do in the middle of the game or is this Jimmy Garoppolo. Maybe again. Those bright lights were really really bright level night of course but we've seen what he can do throughout the season he can make some great throats and listen one throw. That didn't count was probably the best throw the night. The past. Two kittle is great but by the way is coach. Didn't even want him to be in that position. Go trying to run the clock out. It's only the chiefs called time out of us even in that position but we don't we don't know Jimmy. Garoppolo can avoid void the just what was that throat and I know what happened early. But that interception early was huge. It the chiefs plane I. It was closed literally chuck and Duck Right there in Chris. Jones hit him. He just do the ball up and brush bree. Lynn made the play and could've gone six if he has a little allies awareness. I this could have been a pick six the other way but so I understand at one point. It looked like Jimmy. Garoppolo is going to be the super roll. Mvp He was eighteen of twenty one at one point he had gone thirteen to fifteen. But then what were the final. Show the two quarterbacks final twelve minutes after maybe the worst games James GRUND Garoppolo's having maybe the best. Okay I on the right is a super duper star legend. The guy on the left is a guy who who his own coach is like minute. Forty end of the first half and I don't know if I want to put the ball in his hands that's who he is and Niner fans with respect to we were telling you all week and you're throwing all these stupid numbers at all. But what went down seventies the best quarterback in football. Oh the drive right after he throws a picky is better than anyone and God knows. He had a bunch of those opportunities this year after through. Pick nonsense you know guys who haven't and don't and right now. Maybe he will one day right now. Jimmy Garoppolo don't have that stuff. No he doesn't and we said that he was that quarterback you can win with them but every other area of your team has to be above average to excellent and and that's what the forty niners had and I think that's why they had to leave because they were relying on their defense and offense to be a compliment but I said it leading up to the big game at some point. Your a quarterback is going to have to make a throw Jimmy. Garoppolo could not make a throw when he didn't have the benefit of being able to use plaques to manipulate the defense struggled as a quarterback quarterback and we saw it when he was under arrest when he was pressured he was one of nine and he had two interceptions. That's the part of it that tells the story about who he as as a quarterback we saw mahomes under arrest and yes. He made some mistakes but he also had some moments of greatness and none bigger than the opportunity to have the ball down three in the lead. Your team water scoring drive. I in midfield all your time outs. Two minutes to go be a legend and he had a pass down almost through picky over threw touchdown. He took a sack that sorry. Listen man that's how sports work it says e either. Well maybe if they maybe shouldn't have been in that position some better playcalling early. Really he was he had a chance to go be a legend instead he loved the actual legend on the field. Take his for forty niners fans waking up this morning this guy for a while onto the Kansas city chiefs now for the third straight game. Patrick mahomes had to play hero. That is because for the third straight game chiefs had to mount a comeback last night the reigning. MVP and now super bowl. MVP mahomes rallied. Casey from a ten point fourth quarter deficit rattling off twenty one on answer points. The chiefs. Hoist there I Lombardi trophy. Be In fifty years here is number fifteen after another comeback win obviously had a good start to my career. I've been blessed to be in a great organization with a lot of great players around me. Make my job a lot easier but I know is going to take a long long long time of consistency. If I WANNA be where I WANNA be get in the end and I'm lucky enough that a lot of great people around me that I have a chance to go out there. Every single year compete nick. He's right he's lucky he got placed into a great great system with a great coach. Great Weapons and an entire sort of team around him built towards the strengths. That being said he's fantastic. Yeah what is mahomes ability to rally chief say about him not just on the field but getting those guys in the right mindset off as well listen. He's Chris canty he is already already one of the greatest clutch performers in. NFL history. Already we look at Tom. Brady's legendary comebacks Of Active quarterbacks only Brady has trumped in double digit playoff comebacks. He's played for two years two years. He's he's done it. He's already top five all time in double digit playoff comebacks. He He's played five career. Playoff Games. Okay the first one they crushed indie game was never in doubt the second one there down fourteen. Nothing at the half. They're down ten points against New England. Entering the fourth quarter they took took the lead in that fourth quarter defense gave it up. They took the lead again. Stevens gave it up. He drove with him down for a field goal in the final thirty seconds and then doesn't take the field in overtime because of a coin. Flip his third playoff game there on twenty four nothing he enters with a fifty one two seven run his fourth playoff game there down ten nothing. He enters thirty five to seven run and fifth playoff game the Super Bowl. They're down twenty to ten with eight minutes left. He is having the worst game of his career. Sure and he answers within twenty one. Nothing run Kenny. He's at this point a Frankenstein's monster quarterback he's got rodgers arm. He's got elway's toughness in escape ability with Brady's clutch gene check check. Check the best arm. I've ever seen the best sense of the moment I've ever seen in toughness and the most clutch player of ever seen. He's all three of those guys rolled into one. That's how you become a legend. After thirty six career games. This performance study Adna fourth quarter. Shows me that. He's the best quarterback in the national football league and he's arguably the best player in the National Football League. I mean to have three double digit comeback victories and three consecutive postseasons. We've never seen I mean three consecutive postseason games. We've never seen that before in the NFL. So the fact that he's capable table of being able to do that. I think that speaks to his competitive greatness. John Wooden in my opinion. The greatest coach that's ever lived had pyramid of success and at the top of it was competitive of greatness being at your best when your best was required. The chiefs waited till the absolute last moment that they possibly could to mount a comeback. And then that guy out there pat mahomes. You went out there and did it and his teammates believe he could do it because they'd seen him do it before confidence comes from demonstrated performance guys routinely. They've shown that they have the ability to put a big quarters. I mean they've had eight quarters this year where they've had seventeen points or more. The next closest team is the Dallas cowboys with five and in two of those instances came in the playoffs. I mean that just shows how good Pat Mahomes is and how explosive this offense can be in. Which is why nick and I felt really good about the Kansas? The city cheese coming into this season because their offense gave them multiple pathways to be able to win but it all starts and ends with Holmes playing great and he played great yesterday and I. He's twenty four years old he doesn't turn twenty five till September. The fact that you could rattle off everything you just did. At twenty four years of age to have that poise toys. That confidence and clearly that skill set is remarkable. There's two players prior to Mahomes in American team. Sports history that his experience in the pros and and his age have a resume comparable. One is Jim Brown. Jim Brown's first two years in the NFL was instantly the best player in the NFL MVP. MVP made it to a championship camping chip game. They didn't win it but he's running back really blame him. His team didn't want it. The other is Lou Alcindor Kareem abdul-jabbar moment. He walked in leak. He was top three player in the League League by year two. He was the best player in the League. He won a finals. Mvp In an MVP and championship in his first two years now. It's Patrick Mahomes year one. He you quarterbacks one of the five top scoring offenses in the history of football and has one of the five single greatest seasons from quarterback position in the history of football year two as a starter. He executes in his first playoff game. The Fourth Greatest Comeback In playoff history. He executes in his third playoff game. The super bowl the second greatest comeback in super. We'll history and he now has more touchdowns in a single postseason than any player ever with twelve. That's what he's done. He's played thirty. Six Games AH. I'm not saying he's the greatest of all time. What I'm saying is if someone we're going to come that their career would start something awful like this what I'll tell you what he's about to be? The richest of all tall was talking about how they want to get that deal done in the next twelve to fifteen months. I have a hard time to see. Mahomes not being paid what he's worth guarantors and course twenty-fifth gaining of the game last night they celebrated the top one hundred players on the Red Jersey greatest players in NFL history. And right before you tweeted. I said I bet you could see easily. You could see Patrick mahomes out there. You tweeted shame. Couldn't be exactly. The same thing is better. What do you of five years? Two hundred million fully guaranteed signing. Sign up more frightening right here first things I we are now joined this morning former all pro running back Eddie George. Good Morning Eddie. Doing great to have you so much to break down and discuss from the game last night. Why don't we dive there right now? How did the chief speed the forty niners will take you back down to Miami for that? Jimmy Garoppolo Patrick. Mahomes a lot of pressure on those to jump to the fourth quarter chiefs and pretty familiar territory trailing again this time down. Ten Patrick mahomes connecting with tyreek hill for forty four yards on the play. Four plays later looking finding Travis Kelsey. That's one yard touchdown. He's happy mahomes. The homes is happy. Casey pools within three jumped to under four minutes left chiefs driving. Mums this time to Sammy. Watkins for thirty the eight yards and in three plays. After that it's Mahomes Damian. Williams team for the five yard touchdown puts Kansas City up. Twenty four twenty. The forty niners would get one last chance to get back in this Jimmy G. trying to find Emmanuel Sanders deep but he overthrows assume deep next play fourth down. Let's get this Jimmy. G. Would get sacked turnover on downs. Jimmy with just two hundred nineteen yards words on the night to go along with too costly turnovers. And then two plays later. Damian Williams Boston the Game Wide Open here. A thirty eight yard score to help the chiefs win. Thirty one to twenty giving Casey their first super bowl in fifty years anyway expected a close game. We gotTA close game. What do you think the chiefs win win it or did the forty niners lose this one you know? I was on the fence with this one. I think the chiefs one this one. I mean we've seen this from them. All Playoffs offs every game against Houston. The Titans I was at that game actually and to watch how they did it again in the fourth quarter with Patrick mahomes homes on the line not playing great in the first half. 'cause easily imploded because of easy got caught up in the moment and and really been rattled and in in faulted in that moment but he was able to come out and make the necessary please to be the. MVP You find a way to gain when the when the game so the chiefs did it their way as usual walk. WHOA and you mentioned could have imploded? I gotta be honest. I thought he was a little bit. When a guy has never thrown an interception his playoff career and in the super bowl while all trailing throws interception on consecutive drives is? You are a little worried like one of the elements of the super. You always hear about. Is that long halftime. And he he went. I think it was fifty six or forty six minutes in between times touching the ball and the first possession where he touched the ball after halftime through pick and it was a real process air. It's like there's a guy right there in the second one he throws blind in the first one short and then the next drive he throws another pick. I was like man like this is as I'm now going to have to deal with a year of people saying yeah but with Patrick Mahomes and yeah but what about that Super Bowl and then it still wasn't looking great when they got the ball. Allback I down incomplete. There's a false start penalty second now. Incomplete your third and fifteen now third and fifteen downton Seven and a half minutes left and from that moment forward he was perfect. From that moment forward he hits tyree kill on what looked like an eleven step drop. He's just going backwards backwards backwards for tyreek to get open. He that was on third and fifteen on third and ten. When they need a touchdown he hits kiddle end up calling a pass interference penalty the next dry? He has the Sammy Watkins play. We showed you. And then I don't know if you noticed the Damian Williams play that was third and five as well they. If that's incomplete. They have to kick a field goal. You got a field goal and that spot tie the game. He was absolutely perfect after for fifty. Two minutes was the worst game is is remarkable for a guy to be twenty four years old. I Super Bowl and pressure situation to come out and make those plays tremendous and it's re- kill play with that that's it everything. Think of that was their first play over twenty yards entire game with team that's used to scoring at will seventy or throw sixty explosive. Plays a load of feel. That was truly really remarkable by by Patrick Mahomes. So He's definitely one to me the cheese one game too I mean. I don't think that you can lose games like this. I think the other team has to take you have to go out there and make the plays and a lot of people in sports you know. They have to realize that games are going to go back and forth. They're going to be momentum. Swings teams are going to face adversity. We we saw at the chiefs. Had what a ten to three lead and then the forty niners go up and scores seventeen straight points and in achieves have three consecutive touchdown drive so I mean it went back and forth north but at the end of it. You trusted Padma homes. If he had the ball and the opportunity that he was going to be able to go out there and make some plays. And that's exactly what he did. Make the case so for those who say that the forty niners loss absolutely listen. There were the Uber. Tim Point lead in the fourth quarter with the ball. You have a ten point lead in the fourth quarter with the ball when you are theoretically the exact type of team that is built to take advantage of that they were the. Let's full your career for a bit. You guys were in by the way you steaming better quarterback late. Great Steve McNair than Jimmy. Garoppolo you guys couldn't come back if you were trailing but the chiefs are being built to come from behind the niners. Thirteen built that. If we get the lead we're going to choke you to death and you are in that circumstance and and by by the way okay so the first time the lead after the Mahomes pick now for some yearly but we have the ball up ten th that drive ins poorly Soviet chiefs get a touchdown. But now you've got the lead. There's less than six minutes. You're up three. You run the ball on first down and you get five yards and you don't run it again. You have a substantial run the entire rest of the football game Eh. gashing Kansas City defense. They were able to get some runs with the perimeter. Ron's on the outside hitting them in the middle of the power game and to your point. That's forty nine. Football is what you put your foot on their throat. They WANNA crush it and for Jimmy. Jean they didn't protect him enough with the run. They should have continued to run. The football allow him to who rely on the play action game but this was making a lot of decent throws when the play action was effective with the run game but they got forty nine his best shot they were able to defense defense. They were able to get a four man rush to pack. MOJO's really disrupt this flow. Were able to run the football. They were okay on third downs but they didn't finish the job by not running the football effectively enough to to win a game to close the game which is really surprising because in the fourth quarter when you have a double digit lead the game is no longer against the chiefs. These games against the clock. And you gotta try to run the football. And that's the strength of your offense office is strange. Isn't your quarterback dropping back to pass on second insured the Third Short Day you have to be aggressive with your one game and try to pound it in you had success running the football in the first three quarters and you got away from it to me. That didn't make any sense left. The door cracked open for the chief to take advantage of it. But I still say that the forty niners had opportunities and the chief stepped up when they needed to both sides of the ball. Not just offensively league defensively being able to get stops when they needed to. So you got to give credit where credit is due out believe that the chiefs took that game from the forties so quickly and when you put this on call Shanahan was he the one Kyle Shanahan at the end of the first half to travesty. You can't make you. You are showing a lack of faith in every unit on your team your quarterback because you don't want to run a dry. You're running backs because you could just run the ball and got into field. Goal Range Theoretically Andrew Defense because the real reason you don't WanNa even just run the ball and dry to go score. He call your time. I'll give yourself a minute. Forty is well if we have to punt can we stop them and I thought the play. I mentioned daddy after the first down. Run I and five not running the ball again in second and five five and a half minutes left is a killer. But I know to give credit. Can't use it something before the show I would. I think it's worth the audience understanding. You loved the Steve Spagnolo blitz call on third and ten me because it was you said what did you say for the. Somebody's band is going play. If you're going to bleed go get home or they're going to score a tub is going to be a big play and they'll probably lead to them scoring quicker. Which means you would get the ball back with over a minute? Left with not at all with Marie PPAC home so to me it just made sense on third and ten and fourth and ten to send a blitz get after them. See if you can get home and it paid awful because they forced that incompletion on the one where Emmanuel Sanders was wide open. And then you get a sack. Two forced to turnover on downs so to me. That was brilliant. Play calling by Steve. SPAGNUOLA look probably doesn't get enough credit but you help the forty niners twenty points. I mean that's their lowest output during this season so I looked at it from the standpoint that Kansas City Eighty both the coaching and players executing made the necessary calls made the necessary plays in order to win that game and take it from the forty niners. That's why I can't say. What Nick is this? The beginning of a dynasty for the chiefs. It's actually our dynasty. Would start you get close in the year before you show all the makings of a champion. Have a little bad luck. Go against you used used that experience to overcome massive odds against you in each of your three playoff victories and by the way enormous adversely during during the season Patrick mahomes suffered a major knee injury midway through this year. And I'm GonNa do it again like two weeks ago. Shout Out Matt Moore. Who who won that game against the Vikings Without Patrimony playoff team won the game against the broncos of the game? Mahomes went out if he doesn't do that. None of this happens chiefs. Don't get the by. The whole world is different. I listen I thought the sea hawks and started honesty. I was like man. You got a young quarterback. He's got an excellent coach. You got all these players around him and it man Dan with fifty nine minutes and thirty seconds left in their next super bowl look like yeah. Yeah there's GonNa be a Dynasty Daryl student then so sometimes sometimes things look like they're going to be dynastic and they're not but the chiefs Abbas the best player in the League by an enormous margin was twenty four years old. One of the three best coaches in football and tyreek hill is locked up travis. Kelsey is locked up Frank Clark tyrant matthew or locked up my Chris Jones. I don't know of the going to be able to lock Kim Up Sammy. Watkins probably going to be gone. So they'll be changes What the question I would ask is if I were to ask America right now? Set The overarm Patrick mahomes career super wools career at two and a half anyone taking the under. No because on three super bowls if you win them in close succession dynasty I. I mean I think he's GonNa get a handful of rings and the real question is how many it is a big question of how many this is the pack Patrick Mahomes era you Twenty twenty the twenties are his and I'm GONNA say he gets at least four because he is twenty four years old The question is the AB Arabia part of that You know sixty two years old. He talked about the amount of games. He's won well over two hundred twenty two fifteen winning seasons only three losing seasons for Andy Reid fact is now Andy missed all he missed a super bowl ring so does he want to jump in the studio and the life and travel the world or it does he want to continue to build a dynasty. So I'm curious to see if he's going to be married to Andy Reid who the guy is going to be. It's also Steve Magnolia. That defense was made. They won when they had to wasn't dynamic in terms of statistically speaking making stops here and there but these day one when they had to so a lot of things a lot of factors go into a dynasty finest. Would it all starts with Patrick Mahomes. But I'M GONNA say Andy. Reid goes with the ride and they win. At least he wins. At least three. The if you've got a good coach and a good quarterback is is Lee. You're GONNA have a chance to overcome deficiencies so yeah. Even though they're going to have to go out and pay PAT mahomes over thirty five million dollars a year. I mean with a new contract. Extend the that the money is worth it because he makes everybody else around him. Better and your coaches job as a lot easier. I think for the first time in his career Andy Andy. Reid has a quarterback where he can use the entire playbook that has the entire arsenal is available just because of the physical talents with the football. Iq Hugh of your quarterback so to me. Yeah this is. This is an opportunity. The window is wide open for the Kansas City chiefs. And just have a hard time seeing Andy Reid walking away anytime soon soon. Just based on how Special Padma homes I mean look at Bill Belichick exact three super bowl right and Tom. Brady's first four years as a starter not I'm sure he wouldn't say to himself self. Okay now. Is the right time for me to walk away. My coaching career. I didn't see was the right time. Walkway on three super bowls in Tom. Brady's last five years is a starter. Does what I'm saying goes was always fifteen plus years in New England so I could see Andy Reid deciding to stick around for the long haul with with Padma homes and they have a relatively young team. He we love the group of guys that he had to work with. He said so much in the post game press conference so I I just feel like they have an opportunity to keep his push and if they can figure the salary cap out look the core they have tyreek hill moments. Twenty four Tyreek Hill. Christians are twenty-five Frank. Clark is twenty six. There's so much optimism on this team. It's a young team and you Together somehow they couldn't be done and again the tyreek Hill Travis Kelsey Frank Clark Tired Matthew and Patrick Mahomes or one thousand percent on the team next year. They're all locked up no matter the contract they get. They're not moving on from any of those guys. Chris Jones Question Mark Sammy. Watkins could be a cap casualty cruelty and he said he might take all here. He's like I might take a year out of all from football. Your guys point about Andy Reid. It was the I was all three three networks Fox innov- everybody was doing different. Post game shows yesterday. You saw a bunch of guys do same interviews on different places Travis. Guilty on one of the spots. I don't remember which said we got Andy Ring. Now he's married to us for life and his point was we weren't. We don't want Andy to ever go anywhere and and I don't know what any will choose to do is obviously a tragedy and his life obviously is dedicated so much and now. He's done everything but Andy's himself said he's back next season at the very least and you do just wonder this perfect marriage were. The players adore him where he one of the most brilliant offensive minds ever finally as a a quarterback that unlocks everything. He's ever wanted to do. Why would you walk away when it's the best it's ever been well? You never know what guys thinking. I mean you talked about the tragedy in his life. Maybe it's time to see you know what. Let me enjoy the fruits of my labor Maybe see let me go out while the Ireland's hot on top you know you never. We know what he's taking a look at his eighty sixty two. I mean he's he's not as prone chicken he's not necessarily oldest still young man relatively speaking. But you know in the next couple of years he may WanNa run might get close. You might see my. He might get burnt out from you. Never know what he's taken so that's why I say it really depends on the homes and he's married to because the Belichick Brady situation is historic an epic on all levels and S. That's something I don't think we're ever see so. I just don't know in terms of the AIDS Andy Reid lead in the youth of Patrick Mahomes how long that run is going to go. Whether it's four years three years a decade Andy Reid be seventy two twenty forty thirty so at some point. He's going to you know what maybe enough is enough and will Kansas City. Get The guy right guys and so forth to to see them. I'm so that's why you got a heck of a in house candidates Eric B enemy. Yes for some reason. Andy Reid does walk away and and he doesn't. Eric doesn't take a job elsewhere. But to me the the only thing that would make Andy Reid walkaway would be family and health outside of those things I just. I just don't see him walking away from this team because it sounds like he loves those guys it sounds like he has a special relationship winter out. Let's do a twenty twenty four year old Patrick swayze you say that took suitable. MVP last night finished with two hundred. Eighty six pass yards three total touchdowns downs. He did have two interceptions though Chris. canty winner out on the homes deserving to win super bowl. Mvp Out and even though Pat Muhoza spectacular in the fourth quarter. I mean the first three quarters was probably the worst. I've seen him play all year. It was touch and go for a moment there to beginning of the fourth quarter. So I gotta go with Damian Williams over one hundred thirty yards. Yards from scrimmage two touchdowns made the critical plays when they needed them including that conversion on fourth down early in the game on a test drive so Damian Williams to me would would be super bowl. I'm in I mean. Listen with the running actually not. MVP is not about satistics Abbass shining in the biggest moment yes. He faced adversity early. In the game. Could have imploded. Could've walked away from it but he stayed with it down the way to win big throws it's all about leadership defining moments midst inspiring your team and will team the victory so yes he is the MVP. I'm in it ties. It was very very close ties to the person. Nick right bet on item major your financial investment homes when inserted and. Here's the other thing Damien Williams. I don't think really would have been in the discussion. Had He done technically what he was supposed to do which is go down after getting the first down on wanting to be in the thirty eight yard touchdown run. I don't begrudge him at all forgoing forgetting the touchdown but the numbers inflated bid at the end won't made the biggest plays of the game to give them the lead on Patrick mahomes winning all right onto the losing inside many wondered if Jimmy Garoppolo could carry the niners to a win but Jimmy fell just short finishing with two hundred nineteen yards one touchdown to interception so Kenny. Can you winner out on. Garoppolo is the niners franchise quarterback moving forward in two thousand seven and a half million dollars a year. It seems like a bargain in today's as NFL. Now that we're two years removed from when they gave him the contract extension. But yeah in on Jimmy. Garoppolo been your quarterback for the future. I don't want to overreact to what happened yesterday. I mean let's your team was still in the Super Bowl. Your team was three plays in the regular season from being undefeated. So so let's not jump out a window and thought oh baby out the bath. Water which Jimmy G.. Gee I still think he's good enough to win with and based on how good the other areas of your team or how young those players are. I feel like the forty niners. Why I've chances to come in? I'm with you I think he is a franchise. quarterback is talk about experience. This all this postseason and the super bowl provided experience for Jimmy G. and I believe he can develop into an assassin. Remember watching Steve McNair grow into that sable as well not definitely a passer early career but developed leaders career. I think you can be that guy. I know this is surprise the audience. I'm in listen Jimmy. Garoppolo has the talent and the upside of a big time quarterback he he just makes once or twice a game. A play where you're like. What was that but then you remind yourself? He's started less than thirty career games. Nazran started more games. James then Jimmy Garoppolo. So do I think he's a star quarterback. No do I think he's a top five quarterback no but franchise quarterback he's like the twelfth most quarterback in football. I put him right. Great neck and neck with Kirk cousins. So yeah that's a franchise quarterback to me if you have the right pieces around you. You can be good enough to be up ten points in the Super Bowl before you blow it so yeah I'm in all right moving on for the first time leaders little needle was For the first time in four years the Super Bowl did not include one. Tom Brady He. We'll spend his off season deciding his future with recent report saying the Patriots are willing to offer Tom Brady over thirty million dollars to stay in new New England. Canny winner on the Patriots offering rainy over thirty million dollars on it. The Patriots let it be know Robert Kraft the the owner let it be known. He belongs back but those reports also said that Bill Belichick will add the final say. So we'll have to wait and see but I don't think we'll have to wait long. I think this thing will get resolved off in the next couple of weeks and we'll know whether Tom Brady is going to hit the market. or whether he's going to resign in New England but the one thing I will say is the thirty million that the Patriots are GonNa offer them. That's that's not going to be his biggest offer. There's going to be another team to go out more money. Yeah the only question would be. Would Tom Brady WanNa go to those other organizations and I would say doubtful which is what I think you'll be back in New England. I'm out I mean the player in me. I want him to get thirty made. I think he's deserves. He deserves thirty million base off his resume and what he was able to do it with career. But I'm out on. I think that Tom With almost fifty five years old. Still throwing the ball over the yard and you know. Do you want to invest that much money to a guy that you may be able to get maybe two or three more productive years out of and going to maybe Tennessee or Oakland. How's that going to look in terms of overall culture so I'm out on it? Listen I'm out as well. I just flatly. He doesn't he doesn't he's not worth thirty million dollars in a league with its caps two two hundred million not the way he played last year. No reason to believe it will be better and if you're right candy there's GonNa be a team to offer more money than I think. He's going to go to that team because as well Brady wasn't always focused on making the most money. He now clearly is willing to hijack Super Bowl Week on Hulu commercial and promote it the day before the Super Bowl so or two but as for the Super Bowl so yeah on out on being a good move for the Patriots. I'm out on Brady returning to the Patriots. If they're not as high as to offer he'd be getting paid for what he's done not what he's doing the best way now. The chiefs won their first super bowl fifty years yesterday and though Oh Patrick Mahomes won. Mvp Won't let you decide. Chris Kenny the most impressive performance in Super Bowl. Fifty four was blank Damian Williams and no disrespect is super bowl. MVP Veep Pat Mahomes but Damian. We went for over one hundred and thirty yards from scrimmage. He had two touchdowns including the go ahead touchdown catch from Padma homes and in the one that he ran in as they. We're trying to ice the game but the more important to me is twelve of his twenty. One touches went for first downs so the day was a huge part of them putting together scoring going dry. So I gotta go with with the running backs God one. Today's Gay yes. We do need it. The most impressive performance last night was the game within the game. Nick Bosa because Fisher Ohio state. alums yes I'm calling the home card. Here he was like what do you want me to do. Do next spin the bull. How do you want it? I mean this guy was fantastic. Tip Ball there Got The strips. He was phenomenal. I think he might have been the had. They won probably. MVP of the game had they want he might have been but they didn't know who was another comeback. Patrick mahomes through fifty you two minutes. You could argue. It was the worst game. He's played as a pro through the final minute performances anyone's hadn't super bowl history. You do that you get a ring you win you win Super Bowl MVP. That's Patrick. Mahomes Wilson impressive performance to me all right well from the winners the losers Jimmy. Jean 49ers fell one game. Short of winning the franchise's six Lombardi Trophy Candy. The most disappointing performance in Super Bowl. Fifty four was blank Jimmy Garoppolo because all I heard week leading up to this game was Jimmy Garoppolo has the best. Qbr Win trailing in the fourth quarter. He had an opportunity with two forty four left. All his time outs to be able to lead a game winning drive and he couldn't get get it done now. Jimmy G. G. Moments in this game. The second and third quarter looked pretty good. I think at one point in this game he was twelve or fourteen for one hundred and twenty three yards and a touchdown when when using play action passing. But you don't have the luxury of being able to use the playoffs into manipulate the the the coverage and you got a straight drop Akhatova Ball. Jimmy Garoppolo apple just couldn't deliver in those situations and he had a terrible fourth quarter so to me have it has to be Jimmy J. Yeah for me. It's Patrick Mahomes in the first half You know He looked rattled. He was rattled something. I wasn't used to seeing him being in those situations during the ball behind the quarterback in tip balls really off kilter and I didn't. Nobody's going to have the ability to come back like he did last previous two weeks so the first half a pack home was was bad for me and I also took the over in this game. Did Not why I'm upset. There was almost a nice little garbage time. Jimmy G. doesn't throw that pick. I thought they might get a touchdown. Maybe you know feel the push. I'm with you on that one of the few beds I lost I'm Shannon listen. Kyle single biggest single biggest blown lead in super bowl history. You got your fingerprints fingerprints all over that one tied for the second biggest blown lead and super bowl. History you the head coach for that one. The end of the first-half combined with up three five five and a half minutes left second and five through the ball twice really. That's what you have. You make it clear. You don't trust quarterback in the first half even trust them too much late in the game you were in thirteen. second-half plays with the lead through nine of them. Would Jimmy Garoppolo Jacques quarterback. It's not all on Kyle but it ain't great pal. Cows Shanahan Dan. You were the most disappointing performance for me but really I wasn't disappointed at all. I like any real with all your decisions field goal to doldrums doldrums score for the guy with the chiefs twenty to fifty four and KC already favorites to win next year super bowls. Well you can say. They've got a target on their back. Chris Katie the biggest threat to the chiefs. Repeating is blank going with the guy that won the MVP this year and Lamar Jackson the Baltimore Ravens Ed. The most most wins in the regular season this year even though they will want it done in the playoffs. I do believe the Ravens will get over that Hump. Omar Jackson will actually win a playoff game though into Shawn Watson Min- but then I realized Bill O'Brien is still officially the General Mattis all say the Baltimore Ravens Man. One young respect the titans man. I mean really. I'm going to say the biggest twist ascendancy ties the tea that they faced and in Kansas City they have all the elements dare cameras going to sign a huge deal this year hopefully speaking to ability to sign him up the office of lying if some more complementary parts offensively getting deep into been hopefully cornerback free agency but I think John Roberts purpose in and Mike for Perfect marriage to get this team on the right track to have a big twenty twenty just real quick before I answer. Obviously I know this what we have some very young viewers on the show. What seemed did you play for a play for the Houston oilers at first? Then the Tennessee. That says this is big. I'd forgotten for a moment. I think this team they just played the forty forty niners if Jimmy G. takes half a step forward that's the best team in the NFC next year the defense is young contract. You've got the Kyle Shanahan and despite the late game issues. His ability to scheme guys open second and non. They've a great offensive line as you said earlier. Can't he. Three plays plays away you for being undefeated in the regular season. I think it could be a cowboys bills type of situation. Run the Super Bowl back again next year. And you know what happened in the zoo will so yeah I say the forty niners are the biggest threat right now with the hard part out of the way we said the Patriots. My how twenty twenty s are going to be glorious. Don't even think about the Patriot. Nutrients figure the Patriots. Ain't no threat. New England sergeant rare form this morning rare form are the teams can now focus on the some born aspect of Wynia Lombardi trophy. The and that is the Super Bowl parade. which will be held Wednesday in downtown Kansas City? So can't even chief you are most excited to watch at the parade parade for whatever. Reason is plain for me this is Travis Kelsey and I love the Beastie boys referenced in the Post Game Press conference meaning he had to fight right to Lombardy how long will be in rare yellow. You have this parade Tuesday with you when that Travis Kelsey is going to be a rare for feeling I'm good about smoking black and mild with some. Hey listen we're not sure at all see-sawed assess. Yeah that's Kelsey is brought running. Yes so you know he's GonNa come back to fool parade absolutely. I can't wait to watch Travis Kelsey. He's a great answer. I'm GonNa go to the side of the ball Frank Frank Clark Man Frank Clark been calling me bulletin. More material he was. He had an unbelievable quote after the AFC championship game. What does it mean win this for Clark Hung in the Clark the owner of the team? He's going to be totally honest. I didn't really care about winning in for Clark for these guys we did it. He's been on. He's been a great quote. He's been the big edition this off season. Go along with honey. Badger two major defensive additions. I think he will be spectacular to parade that I'm Maryland. My my good friend Quinton who I grew up with. Best Friend's WHO's now the youngest elected mayor of any major city in America. You'll be at the parade moving things around but if you get one of them floats loads I might take my daughter out of school. Go beyond that deal wants a lifetime. This morning it's Wednesday at eleven thirty Central Time Parade raid and rally the line fine. I'll go with you. Don't ask me twice though it's getting embarrassing. Thank you for listening to the first things first. PODCAST remember number. Leave us a review and tell us what you think. Subscribe to the podcast on Apple podcast and catch US on F S. One Monday through Friday. Six Thirty A._M. Easter.

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