Changing the "Hair-attive" Around Britney Spears Shaving Her Head with Dunzo!'s Troy McEady


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I know kirby feels the same learn more about intensify concentrate and see some before and after his beheading to stray becton dot com email subscribers. Get fifteen percent off their first quarter britney being a blonde popstar that flips airman was like her identity and to shave off her head was like such a symbolic message to the world of like. I am not in this moment. Would you have to understand. Is that i am not britney spears not i'm kirby and i'm sarah welcome to los angeles. Every week. we break down the most important beauty news and launches interview. Your favorite beauty experts influencers and celebrity guests and review our favorite beauty products of the moment as your beauty editor. Bff's from the beautiful and great city of los angeles. Glam julia knows we. Will you stay awhile. Happy tuesday clam jelena's it's just kirby here today. I am so excited. This episode is my magnum opus. It's well it's actually the guests magnum opus. But it's my passion. We'll put it that way for the second pod swap of the month. We're collaborating with the pop culture. Podcast dunzo hosted by choi nikki. Denzo revisits celebrity relationships. You thought you knew everything about a true pop. Culture historian with a memory like a steel trap. Troy discusses those pop culture moments of yesteryear that live rent free in your head from album reviews too deep dives on your favorite celebrity romances. Or show mance if he will. Troy is a respected voice in the industry. You're gonna fall in love with him just like we did. If you aren't already in love with him already. I am interviewing choi today because we are both passionate about a very special. Someone one britney jean spears from can't wow louisiana. If you know anything about me y'all know that brittany is my queen. I will always defend her. I will never disparage her. And i only want her to be happy. And healthy and troy feels the same way We both grew up admiring and loving her. And this isn't actually the first time that i've interviewed choi last year i included him in a piece. I was writing that. You'll hear more about momentarily during the combo about the conversation around brittany. Shaving her head. I think it's a worthy and nuanced conversation and we thought that it would be a really great topic for today's podcast. This isn't going to be like britney spears's ticks tips and tricks it's not. That's not this. It's not going to be very beauty focused episode. I liked to compare this episode to our episode with amanda mantell on the linguistics of beauty. And this is going to discuss beauty in a different light. We will be discussing elements and britney's looks throughout her career. But it's not going to be super tip and trick based it's gonna be very much a conversation about what was happening at the time. She did shave her head what. Her hair changes signify to her fan. Base you know how the media portrayed her so really. It's going to be a discussion of beauty on those terms. We think whether or not you're a die. Hard britney fan. You're going to enjoy this episode and maybe you'll even learn a little bit about what's happening in her life. At the moment you know where her conservatorship stands stuff like that. So that's our episode. Then i am appearing on dunzo this week to break down an album review of blackout. Which roy track by track. I'm so honored because troy's album reviews our next level and i'm actually shocked that he hasn't done blackout before because this album of britney's is largely regarded as her best album. So you can head over to dunzo. Subscribe to the podcast and listen to us. Break breakdown each track and what we think And and maybe learn a little bit more about that album now. This is a pro brittany episode. You have been warned our aid. We won't be taking eddie negatively about brittany on this podcast in the world in my life. We don't need any of that There are some sensitive topics covered lake mental health. So i just to put that out there so that when you hear it you're anticipating it and you're aware but here we go. Let's have some fun. Sarah and i will be back on friday. Continuing our sustainability series. See then troy. I am seeing your beautiful face for the first time. This is so exciting to me. I'm fan girling a little bit of like honestly sold. I like i can't smiley. This is so excited me too. So i mentioned this in the intro but troy hi matt last year and it was because i was assigned to write a piece about britney and her shaved head the way that brittany was covered especially when she shaved her head was horrendous. We all know this at the time and this piece was supposed to kind of change. Everybody's perspective on that moment and what that actually meant for her in the long run and then of course freebritney was going on. It's still going on. But i feel like it started to gain a lot of momentum and troy. You know with anything that you may say. I write about britney it would be obsolete like two weeks later because so many more developments happen. So that's why that peace has not seen the light of day yet but i was like you know what i think. This is actually a really great topic for glossy angeles and dunzo. And i'm just really really honored to have you because you need your own. tv show. I want you to be on like vh one like pop culture historian like how can we make this happen. The fact that i met through britney is just so perfect of makes me feel very warm and save and swaddled honestly. I'm excited about this. This is a big deal for where honored to have you so first of all. I would be remiss not to ask what did you think of. Framing britney spears. The way that i've been describing it is using the term effective. I thought it was effective. It did what it was supposed to do which was get everybody on the same page. It was eye opening for everyone for me. It was i opening. Because i didn't know how many people didn't know anything. I really didn't really really have been living in this. Like very created bubble. Honestly everybody knows his stuff. Everybody knows she went through. You know everybody knows about her head. Shaving thing and about her being you know medicated. Melissa i really thought the world new so to find out that a huge part of the world's uneven remember this she shaved her head or that we tormented her. I was just like okay. The statement was supposed to do. Yeah and you know. I thought the documentary did a great job like you said. It was effective in informing the younger generation. I think a lot of people especially kids teenagers. Maybe early twenties like they weren't obviously allied like they were. Maybe just being born when this was happening with britney maybe they were like i don't know six they were too young. They couldn't comprehend exactly what was going on with her. They just knew that she was like this pop star. It's britney bitch workbench. They knew of her connex schoolgirl outfit. But that's the extent of it. And i think when it comes to britney there are so many conspiracy theories that are thrown around and tiktok has been like a huge source of a lot of different conspiracy theories like turned out to kind of in some instances be on track which i think is super interesting but i was also super surprised. Troy lake that was all that consumed my life at that time. It was insane and i was scared. I kept thinking. Maybe we're gonna wake up because you have to recall everyone like this was two thousand seven two thousand eight. When this media firestorm had started and she was partying and pres- hilton was really popular as a girl going to school in texas. I was on the superficial and perez hilton every single day. Getting my fix of celebrity news. I so desperately wanted to move to la to like be a part of that bubble ray and the superficial was just funny. Perez was evil in so many ways but he was delivering news. That like we weren't getting from anywhere else right so at that time. So many people were overdosing so many people were passing away. And i legitimately thought we were gonna wake up one day and like have this horrible news about bernie. I hate to even speak that. That's really how i felt at the time. No i think that that speaks to how so many people feel honestly. I know i woke up every day. And that was like before teams the alerts and i'm going to z and find. The britney died sarcastically But like she kind of did fuck and kill bowl. Her way through two thousand seven like their appeals falling all around her every single day and she just so happened to somehow make owl alive and i think a lot of people felt like that's just sort of what happens to celebrities like they die when they get to this point and a lot of people think had come to terms with the fact that she could always so alarmed by how sort of lax people were bound at. Rose like do you care if she dies like she really couldn't and she's really young and she is case. I love that you brought up like people just thought. That's what happens in celebrity culture because even writing the piece about brittany shaving her head. These notes didn't come from my amazing editor. The note that was given to me was about how i was talking about how. She was scrutinized so heavily in two thousand seven. Two thousand eight and like what led to that moment. I mean jessica. Simpson was not getting the same type of attention. Neither was christina aguilera and i love them dearly and i was obsessed with them as well. It was britney lindsay paris like it was the trifecta and those women really went through it and it was alarming to me honestly reading dot note from somebody who had like lived through it. Seeing the firestorm had seen britney go through all this particularly was like well. She didn't go through anything worse than any other celebrity. Like it just comes with the territory. And that's when i was like whoa okay. People really don't get it and i feel like you and i probably experienced this a lot in our personal lives. I had friends. Text me after watching the documentary going. Hey i'm sorry that i ever made fun of you for carrying about brittany. See i think that People not knowing about it almost please into how just sort of pushed aside. She's always been like the fact that this person could have made one of if not the biggest celebrity public breakdown that we've ever seen in the history of hollywood and she's so sort of cast aside that people don't even know or have never even taken more than a couple minutes really. Think about the magnitude of it. Even if you don't like oops. I did it again or whatever if you don't think she's a real artist she's still a twenty four twenty five year old girl with new babies who is being just Attacked violently all the time and it even beyond not being pregnant woman. Who's being swerved off the road like just on a surface level as a human being. This is wrong. It sounds like i'm joking. But i'm not. I always used the elephant man. You can only describe it is like it's elephant man fame. It's a different kind of fame. It's like that. Michael jackson fame. That's like you can't go back like you can never go back. You've crossed aligned where people don't even use human. I interviewed another entertainment producer for that peace and he described it to being like marilyn monroe. Usually if you see a celebrity in la you might kind of gawk and get excited. But when it comes to britney. I mean she could not go anywhere. She could not leave her house. And i talk a lot about this on my instagram stories. Just like shouting into the void. Essentially that you know brittany obviously is at home a lot. Now and there are reasons behind that but even if she becomes fully free of her conservatorship. I don't think her life is going to change that much. Because i think she just wants to be like a dance teacher for little kids living her best life in hidden hills. She doesn't want people gawking at her. Every move following her taking photos and videos of her every single step whether she shopping or grocery shopping are getting starbucks or going to target. I think she really wishes she could have her privacy back. And it's just because of who she is in that. Like michael jackson princess diana marilyn monroe type fame. She's number going to have a private life ever again. You're right look. She wants to be. The mom goes to soccer games. Igloo full caprice on really. That's her dream you know. It's like yes she will ever have that which is really sad and i also think there's a huge part of her that wants to because she is so creative and misses all she's ever known there has to be a big part of her. That wants to do music but just like on her terms like she just wants from once in her entire life to be able to release an album completely on her own terms and there may not be any like you know bullying pin style dancers or choreography or whatever. It may be her sitting on a stool strumming a guitar. We don't know. I think she wants her ray of light moment which deserved yeah. It reminds me a lot of not bring up. Justin timberlake but man of the woods. Everyone was like. Where's the banger from this album. You know like this doesn't sound like anything from future sex love. Sounds and i'm like guess what justin timberlake doesn't have to make music. That's commercially viable anymore. Let him make his man of the woods album and make them use a key. Wants to make like we may never hear like a legit banger from justin timberlake ever again and he probably doesn't care he's like i'm making music that i wanna make you know britney. She doesn't have to make a banger lake. She didn't even have to make a club hit. She doesn't have to make anything. she literally can. Just make music that she wants like she has out of thorny now but because of all the restraints put on her. I don't know if that's ever something we'll ever see again. I'm working on a original dolphin for the podcast. I'm really really excited about actually. By the time this comes out everybody will have heard the first part of some really really excited about that and just learning about the waste she had to white knuckle it just to the nail her ways through even just releasing us song that they didn't necessarily like i mean trulia some mission impossible level like falling through the ceiling. Kind of stuff. You know what. I mean like just to release a song that they they didn't care for it's crazy. That was the one where she called the radio station right or like went into the radio station. Everyone has to go. Listen to that episode of dunzo. Because i'm sure it's going to be incredible for everybody not familiar. Choi what is going on with the conservatorship like where does that stand as of today as of right now she's still very much locked into it. She has no control over her finances. Which is something that. I definitely wanted to bring up because i see a lot of people mentioned the way. She looks in her clothes and stuff. And it's like britney is not the pop star. She was in two thousand whatever she could just go shop and spend thousands of dollars on clothes everything out of her control so yes. She's like wearing kohl's khaki shorts every day. She gets like a thousand dollars allowance. She's no control over her money in. Who would be doing her hair at her house. I mean she's like very on our level right now as far as like the pandemic and just being locked away. She's very locked into her data so very much involved. It kills me because what she wants that. Conservatorship is so simple like. She just wants her. Dad's not be involved in it. And she just wants lou taylor to no longer be involved and she doesn't even mind being one. It's like that part of it. She can't get out of and it's just so sad britney especially in her conservatorship. She's not like. Hey y'all i really wanna pay my electric bill this month. She's so rich she will never have to worry about paying bills or making sure that things are taking care of financial. You know what i mean like. That's not what she's asking for. And i think like at the root of at people oftentimes when they see her instagram. They're like is she well enough to be able to handle her own finances and like that's not even what she's asking for like that's not even close to what she's asking for she doesn't want to have to put in her pin number and go onto la dwp and pay her waterville like. That's not what she's looking for you know. And she doesn't want a suitcase full of money to gallivant around with and the back of live era convertible or something. That's what people think is like she wants to go on shopping. Sprees or like you're able to spend money is freely as she wants. And it's like. I think she wants to be an adult. Like i think she just wants. Adult human rights is more so it is. It's her fortune. She's been working since he was five. Why do you think the topic of the conservatorship has come to ahead over the past two or three years okay. So my theory amac is that when people were first introduced the conservatorship and i'm gonna include myself in this that when it first happened first year of it i didn't but that word was. I'd never heard the word conservative shed. It's a word that is now soul tied to this situation and now we it's a shorthand and we all know but none of us knew what it was to be a conservative. A that worked to the favor of everybody involved hugely you know because it really looked like her dad and her team was lake especially her dad was coming in to rescue her. You know he gave up everything to make her responsibility in. I don't know it was like this. Fairytale story at the time. And i think for a really long time they were able to sort of play it that way publicly like this isn't her best interest so do everything she did in two thousand seven again for dad isn't there and it's only recently that people have realized that it's actually just like a slavery contract and that she's been fighting to get out of it for so many years and it now it feels like everybody kind of has an understanding that it's evil whereas before we thought it was like some savior thing an i admittedly did think it was a savior thing just like you. I didn't know. I thought that maybe she needed it for reasons that weren't revealed to us at the time. I think there's a lot going on. Obviously that we still don't know about because things. Just don't make sense and i've talked about this before but if something doesn't make sense because a crucial piece of information is missing so when not piece revealed it's like oh okay. This is why. I felt like i was being gasoline or i felt like i had no idea what was going on but i admittedly got like. She's been at this long. maybe she needs it. I don't know and really the conversation around it is. What kind of is because if she's incapable of doing very basic things. Why is she parading around on a stage in vegas for a month straight. It doesn't compute and it feels like when britney wants to do something you can tell because she gets excited about it and she seems to put all of her effort into it and you know. This woman doesn't half ass anything you know. That's who she is mentally. I am really glad that this conversation is going. And i think it's the power of social media. We've been able to kind of put out there that she needs help. Okay so we have to talk about instagram. Do you worry about britney like when you see what she posts on instagram. Do you worry about her. And she sending messages or do you think she's just coping the best way she can. God okay i think that it lies off may be perfectly somewhere in the middle if that for the most not answer answer evert but you know what i mean. It's somewhere in between where it's like. I do of course i worry and i think anybody looking at her instagram worries. You know because she feels so far removed from who we know is britney spears and that's the thing that i think is the most for me troubling because i feel like i've always adam straight you get the late. You always been able to understand her. There's a shorthand because it just lives in you. You know you get her. And when i started not getting her anymore like that was really alarming for me like this is the first time in twenty years. I really feel like. I don't understand her. So that was pretty where it freaks me out. But i also think people stand how weird and just random. She is like she's coping and she's bored like this girl is board. She's been in quarantine for thirteen years. Look at us. We've been doing this for a year. We're losing our minds. She's on this thirteen times. I just think she's bored exactly. And it all comes back to what i said earlier. Her lifestyle. I don't think that if she does become free of her dad and lou taylor. I don't think that her lifestyle is going to see. I mean she'll have opportunities probably to get more allowance. Or you know whatever travel more. Go shopping but i don't think that she's just going to be gallivanting around that. La like you know sitting on the back of a car waving at the gays in west. Hollywood during pride like. We're never going to see that. We're never seen that. She wants to live private life. And i think it all goes back to like because so many people want a piece of her shoes. Like i just wanna stay in my giant home and make videos that. Make me feel good and try on clothes and talk about projects and colors and all that stuff. I'm sure you get so many messages from people saying decode this. What does this mean what is she saying. One of my friends is an astrologer be. I love astrology and she gave me a really interesting perspective because britney has an aquarius moon. Apparently when you have an aquarius moon you have a really unique sense of humor. And you like to send a message. And britney's always been about sending messages through her music videos and so be thinks that you know. We're all looking at these messages. Trying to decode them thinking she's sending us a message like sos help alerts like get me out of here. But really she sending a message to her team and the people involved in her day to day life which when she put it that way that clicked for me. Because that's the only thing that makes sense me when i think britney britney is incredibly clever. She's really funny. She has a really goofy personality. She has a problem. She's going to let you know it but it's not going to be blatant so i thought that was a unique perspective and it kind of made sense to me. It kind of makes me like breathe a sigh of relief almost a little bit at this point. We all know what's going on. There's me for her to be sitting us messages in. This is the other thing that i think about that. I'm sure you think about all the time where i'm like. There is no debating this now. We don't need to be you know what is this. It doesn't even matter. It doesn't matter like the situation is fought the decoding doesn't even really matter to me because what she wants in. This situation is so simple and we all know what it is so it's like who knows what a red refrigerator mid on her instagram. At this point. I don't know you don't immune but like i almost don't even care i don't care either i'm like. Maybe she wants a new refrigerator and she's telling her team like yo. Come fix the fridge. 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Let's talk about her shaving her head so at that point in time i personally think that her shaving her head is what shapes the narrative around the conservatorship and that she was quote unquote crazy. I think it was basically evidence of sorts to get her into the situation. She's in so what was happening in pop culture world at this point so at that particular point we were at a wave of like you said earlier in the brittany the lindsay the paris the trifecta and then all of the other side characters the misha's the nicole's and all the other people we hit hit the plateau. I think of that every single day news cycle several times per day. I read this once. And it was alarming. It's never left my mind. That during that time britney herself made up. I think it was thirty. Five percent of the news including politics in terms of like donald trump like what we consume donald trump in the past four years. That was brady. It was world dominating all day not just like you heard a new story a day. It was like several crazy new stories per hour all day and it felt like the shaving of the head moment was like almost like a pimple being big bursts or something it was like poppy as it. It was like this thing that had really gotten so big that finally exploded and then we were on the other end of it where it was just completely out of control where before it fell out of control but now it was like the wheels are fucking office thing. Who knows what's going to happen. No this is where it kinda like. Tiktok comes into play. People have claimed that like they saw her the next day or worked with her on a project or whatever and that she made some comments about her shaved head what was she feeling. And why did she do it. Well okay so people have. Their theories are a lot of people that believe that it was drug test related. There are the people who believe that it was so that they couldn't take a hair follicle for For the custody stuff in court and that was a theory that had a long shelf life. I think other a lot of people that still believe that people who believed that she like she said in for the record that she just wanted to be free in that she was having a moment of. I want to shed myself. Whatever is going on right now. And i mean i think that that also definitely played a big part of it. We know britney associates role in cell. She's so sort of like oprah spiritual in that way so that definitely feels like something that she would have been feeling. I've always subscribed to the theory that it was just the ultimate rebellion like. It was the ultimate number one peak. I mean her hair was so tied to who she was as a pop star. Britney being a blonde popstar that flips around was like her identity and to shave her head was like such a symbolic message to the world. Of like i m not in this moment would you have to understand. I am britney spears inc a not to do something really drastic to help people get it like undone right now. You know i agree. I mean every post was basically saying that it was because she needed to take a drug test to be able to get custody of her kids and like that was the entire motivation behind it. I think that this was actually again a message to her team. I also think it was a message of the paparazzi and the media at large. I think somewhere inside. She said maybe. If i get rid of my hair i won't be this sex symbol or i won't be this perfect barbie person that people are constantly trying to photograph the around get to it will give them a reason to not wanna photograph me anymore in. Maybe even her team like i don't have hair now. We can't be doing music videos. I'm not going to go onto our like. It's time to live my life on my own terms when i talked to a lot of people who are britney historians and. They know a lot about her. They're like yeah. It was like punk rock shit. It was full on rebellion middle finger in the air i'm done. Fu know obviously it backfired because everybody wanted more photos of her and more videos of her. I think it did. Its job in terms of like her team because they probably were like. What are we gonna do this. Ruin this plan and not plan in this photo. Shoot in this music video. That was february. Two thousand seven then blackout came out two thousand seven october k. And you know they bumped it up because there was leaks happening in all that stuff so in my mind. I'm thinking ok. If she's been recording this album you know blackout. Getting things going getting ready to release an album later in the year. There's obviously gonna try to be a tour tied to this. The machine is thinking about the cash. So they're thinking photo shoots for promo material magazine shoots obviously the tour like the big one. So many people wanted a piece of the pie. You know so to speak and relied on her for money. That i think it really was just her way being like. I don't wanna have any person depending on me for anything anymore. Honestly don't think any of this would have happened. Had they let her release original doll. I don't think people think about how tied that is to how angry she was that she'd written all this music. Basically her version of stripped it was very raw very vulnerable. She had songs that were about just in about her dad and about addiction in it was a really trauma based album that she had a lot of emotional tie to enough that she put her neck on the line by late going out in releasing demos to the world and stuff like it was a big deal for her and for them to to scrap it and say no like you have to release a more commercially viable album. That people can bob their heads to. I think that that was a real big blake. I'm done. I'm really really done like i'm over it and like i'm not a kid now. You know like i'm a grown up woman and i have children in like i've been married. Why are all these other people allowed to do whatever they any. Don't britney was always somebody that compared herself. She was always holding up mirrored to the public insane. Like you guys. Let the celebrity do us. Why can't i do it. These other people are in my position. There launched do whatever they want when she told matt lauer. Kate hudson can go out with her kids. Whoever you know gwen stafani goes to the playground with their kids and stuff and like there's a level of respect given whatever on that she's never had that opportunity i think it was a real dislike. Don i'm not gonna go fucking tour this album that you guys eat now. I like to bring up this situation. Just because of the way she was treated in the media and called crazy. And and i put crazy in quotes right. It really did kind of shape a narrative that she was not of sound mind. I think she was a woman at her breaking point and nobody not one single person was on her side. There was not one person that was willing to take a step back and say okay. This is wrong the way she's being covered. This is wrong way that she's being treated like let's just take a moment. Let her breath. She had nobody. And i think it's really unfair that she was treated instill treated in that way to be completely honest. I think you bring up a really really important. Point that people sort of gloss over all the time that she didn't have a single person of power who had her best interests. When i did my christina series one of the things that i learned about her that i found so fascinating was that her producer. The producer was also the head of her label so she had this direct really intensely close relationship with this guy who was extremely powerful like could walk into a room with pink and maya and michigan located and say she's taking christina aching the festival goal. I run the label so she wanted a month off or three months off. I wanted to take five years in between albums. Or you know stopped touring or whatever. She could do anything she wanted. So it's wild to see how that also played out over time the comparison you know because he didn't have a single person like that in her in her life. I mean not even family which is horrible if you go back and you read the news coverage of that moment do you think it was covered in correctly. I think it ties to what you said. I think that she was taken to a breaking point. As any human being would be As a result she broke down. I think the brady would have gone her entire life. Maybe having some mental health of the she needs work through of us. It may have been a little heightened because of the weirdness of her life and being a performer. Since he was born in stuff but i do think that she could have gone through and how to completely normal. It's not like that. Here of her life was meant to be that always. We did that to her. That in happened to her because her wires were crossed. You know what i mean. She was taken to an extreme breaking point the fact that she survived it is insane. You know people talk about how she's like weird and stuff. Now it's like are you kidding. Fucking kidding me you think. She's a little weird. Yeah okay so a little bit of a lighter subject. We're going to talk about moving through britney's hair style changes. What do you think britney says when she changes her hair color or like there any specific moments in time that you think of like oh. She was saying this because her hair. Was this shorter this long. I definitely think of some times in life where her hair was direct message. It was a direct response to something. And i used to be able to ensure that you have this exact same thing where it's like. I feel like i used to be able to trace. How happy or not happy. She was based on her hair color in it used to be that when britney's hair was black it was like fucking watch out if her hair is pitch black. It's like all gloves are off. You know and blonde blowout. Brittany was like happy. Britney that's how you know that's how it used to be. I definitely remember times. Where she you know there was sort of in between like i remember when she cut her hair and a lob and lake she rarely had this like very experimental haircut where it was like a lobby in front was a little longer it was brown it was like during the release of indus own which is of course it was. Her fans have been able to trace. It's going on here for sure. Okay i've said this before in the podcast. But she's super funny and clever people. Don't give her credit. I think that they just think of her as this little baby fawn. That needs help. You know she's not strong. Cuddle and coddle. Her and very very headstrong stubborn has an incredible work ethic. But she's also really funny. If you go through britney videos brittany cannon over the time there are moments where i laugh out loud legitimately because of her delivery and she so quick you don't even realize that she's being funny until after afterwards was like. Oh gosh that was good. That was good. You know the video where. She's wearing a pink wig. She's chewing gum and she's getting interviewed by someone about pepsi. The someone is like okay. Do you even drink pepsi. And she's like yeah like she's like so over this interview. Do you know who was interviewing her. I know exactly what. You're talking about tucker. Carlson was the one interviewing her and it made me die in like levitated into the heavens because she was so over this guy's bullshit and that's why she was responding in the way that she was to him and i'm like see this woman knows what she's doing she's not like vacant. Is there a post that she's put up recently in the past few years. Whatever that you think is just so funny and really showcases who she is actually off the one that she posted after the documentary came out where she said like the moment. We've all been waiting for you. Donate because she knew that was waiting for them and say something. I thought that was really funny. And you're right. I think that people forget because we've had this sort of new version of brittany in our lives for so long. It's been like ten years. The first fifteen years of her career relied heavily. Almost the biggest pillar of britney's career was her personality. That was the thing that was the thing that other managers and producers were putting the girls in like media training. They basically being taught to try and be charming. The way britney spears was charming and nobody could repackage it correctly. 'cause it was just who she was. She's fucking hysterical. I agree that posts said make me laugh out loud. The moment we've all been waiting for. She's great okay. So now we've hit the speed round of this interview. What's your favorite britney. Look i don't know if. I have one specifically but i will say that my favor brittany moment is early. Two thousands low rise denim crop like just classic. Britney running errands with a coffee crazy sometimes. Superstore crop top. But you can tell. She cut herself moment. An just a good pair of denim in like a colt. That's fur-lined yes. Yes yes yes. Which britney song stuck in your head the most. There's a song in the brittany album Painting i just really love that song so much. It's like always brought me so much. Joy always makes me smile and it's always had all the time it feels very roller rink. Disco in my opinion. Like i wanna be like moving my arm up and down skating right. Which tour has been your favorite. I'll even how to think about it. Dream a dream. It is britney a career peak. It's just peaked. Britney it's like the britney image in brittany brandon that point was so intact and it was so powerful and strong broke a guinness record. And it's creatively just so just on another level so good. Anybody seen the gym within a dream tour. I advise you to watch it. It's magical one thing that i think is missing from tours now. Theatricality lady gaga gives it to us in abundance for her tours. And so does taylor swift. Frankly but i think that gaga and taylor swift they took notes from brittany and maybe even in sync when it came to tours because there's entertainment value there and one thing that i loved about. You know the dream within a dream tour. You weren't just going in like seeing britney dance around on a stage and then that was it like there was a narrative and she spoke to the audience even though you were in a stadium or staples center you felt like she was talking to you. It didn't feel so big. it felt really intimate to. She did that really well. And so did in sync. My mom took me to every in concert. I went to and she walked away having just as much fun as i did even though she definitely wasn't the target demo so i've been tourist recently and have seen of the pop axe these days doing their shows like all the kids are going nuts. But i'm like this is so boring. I could be listening to the album at home. There's no additional element that gets you excited. If you're going to shell out money to go to tour. I want more than just a track by track performance of your album. Give me a little bit something different. And it's like you have to be in a certain age demographic to understand this but like our pop cox from when we were under the britney's the instincts eventually boys they all graduated directly from the school of like michael jackson. Madonna prince rate like they were the direct response to that. So there's so much of that of all of those elements especially michael's the actress. It's a stage production that that's a play. That just so happens to be a tour. You know what i mean. It just hits different. They do now feel very big in. Whatever i think miley did that. Well with the bengals were. Oh yeah yes i mean. Her godmother is dolly parton so she obviously understands that the deeply this way actually be a little controversial for britney fans listening. But i know that she's was sam obviously wink but if you could pair her with anyone who would you pair her with. Oh gosh i actually like. I would honestly pair her with somebody just completely not like totally removed. But somebody not famous. And i know she kind of dede's just like basic normal guys but i need somebody like Removed just enough like somebody. Who does something creative felix. She doesn't date creative artsy. Fartsy if you will guys she needs to be with a guy who want to go to the beach with her in paint and you know loves music and likes google image are cespedes artsy guy like somebody who's just weird artistic. Oh my god. I am dying. Google image arts. Stop it right now. I agree with you. I really liked her with jason. Because i felt like he got the industry enough. He obviously wasn't trying to be famous but he understood like what she was going through in terms of like him having his own clients the business side of those things. And i kind of want that for her yelling. Maybe he has like a studio in his house where they can paint together. Just picture her having late mates were. They're eating weird food and painting. And like i don't know i just i want that for her with is going on so long but remember what she talked about astrology and she was like so. I'm reading a book. And it's called the book of astrology. And one thing that i love about like i really love aquarius. I'm a secretary. And i like to be free but i love aquarius. So of course. My head goes to justin timberlake's aquarian may all right. But we're like not shipping. Not but she didn't mention sam's sign you remember. It's like he's like a pisces. Cheat it even mention his socks two more questions. What do you think her next move should be. Let's say that everything goes great. She's free living her best life. What would you like to see from her next. I would love to see her. Do something so left field. I mean like. I would like to see her go in a direction. That is just blows people's line like almost a taylor. Releasing folklore just weird random. I would love to see her play piano. I would like to see her just mean in doing whatever it is the she wants to do and just really like deep introspective lyrics and like just artistry like. I would like to see her. Just be the weird artists that she's always wanted to be okay and the last question. Is this gloss angeles so you have moved troy to la you are a major movie star and your headlining a film. Who is your co star. It would probably be so favorite. Scientologists is juliette lewis. So you're doing a movie with julia. Louis maybe maybe we're doing like a ninety s moment. Like i love julia. Louis have always loved her. I'm a real nineties. Julia louis had big time. That is such a great answer. I don't think anybody else will ever say that. So you nailed it way to go troy. You're incredible thank you so much for coming on gloss angeles. Where can everybody finds you and your podcast. thank you for. This was so much fun literally. This is what i dreamt to twenty times more. Just say you know. my podcast is called. Dunzo spelled d. u. nco and there's an exclamation point which helps you find it on google And it's on itunes and stitcher and all the things and you can find me everywhere on the internet at troy. Mckie t. r. a. y. m. c. a. d. y. Some we're going to link dunzo choice socials on our website so be sure to visit that and then go over to his feed on dunzo and listen to us break down the most iconic britney album blackout. So that's happening. You all know where to find us. Los angeles pod on instagram and twitter. Find us on facebook in join our facebook group and we will talk to you on friday.

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