Election 2020: What the TV Ads Blanketing Iowa Tell Us About the Race


Democrats argue that president trump abused his power and should be removed from office. They spend a long time going through previous cases and talk about it. This is when the abuse of power has been considered teachable and our weekly election twenty twenty series continues with at TV ads. Blanketing Iowa ahead of next. Next week's caucuses over five hundred ads a day that are going out into Cedar rapids in Des Moines and Davenport. Less the number of confirmed corona virus cases CZYZ continues to grow. This is what's news from the Wall Street Journal on Kim Gittleson. Let's get started now out before we take a closer look at the hundreds of Democratic presidential. TV ADS airing in Iowa. And what they tell us about the twenty twenty race. Here's what you missed Chinese unease officials. Now say that more than eight hundred people have corona virus and that at least twenty five people have died. Tens of millions of people in central China remain on on lockdown and Disney is temporarily closing. Its Shanghai Park. Were reporting that several drug companies are now rushing to develop vaccines for the virus but that testing in humans won't happen for at least several months. The personal computer isn't dead at least if Intel's results are anything to go by the chipmaker said fourth-quarter earnings benefited from an increase in PC shipments as well as demand for data center chips it also gave an upbeat forecast for the rest of the year. Sherston Intel rose around six percent in after hours trading. Thirty one point five million dollars. That's how much J. P.. Morgan CEO Jamie diamond took home. Last year primarily an stock awards. It's a boost from two thousand eighteen when he was the highest paid big bank boss in the United States. It's a crown. He's likely to keep though. Most big banks have yet to disclose their executive pay. Diamond has run J. P. Morgan since two thousand five Now our main story. It's Friday which means it's time for our weekly look at not twenty twenty presidential race today we're going to take you to Iowa where residents are being bombarded with ads from Democratic hopefuls according to Cantor C. Mag the capital Des Moines has been blanketed with five hundred ads a day on cable satellite and broadcast. TV Are Charlie. Turner has been finding out more from political reporter. The Chad Day who yes has been watching all of those odds so we don't have to Chad. The Iowa caucuses are a little more than a week away and that means a barrage barrage of TV campaign ads. How much money have the candidates spent on TV advertising in Iowa? Well so far. We've crossed the 60-million-mark And it's continuing continuing to climb. I wouldn't I wouldn't surprise me if we were to see possibly even eighty million By next week or you know as we near that Iowa caucuses starting. What's it's been the tenor of the ADS? The candidates of butted heads and debates and social media face to face. Have they used the airwaves to attack each other. You No we haven't seen that spill over into the TV advertising instead. They've really stayed away from attacking each other. We haven't found any evidence that there's even mentioned Another candidate You know no in their ads. And that's when we talked to people that watch advertising in Iowa they say it's not surprising because of the way the caucuses operate You know anytime that you were to attack a candidate You know that one of your rivals you are also possibly You know attacking their supporters. Who with the way the caucus work If you may be trying to woo ooh those supporters later on if their chosen candidate doesn't get meet a certain threshold And so You know they don't see much of an upside in trying to do negative advertising at this point and rather are sticking to bio ads things that are talking up their credentials Their ability to be president trump And really focusing on the policy. We'll give some examples. You know Candidates issues a couple of ads. Stick out one is Joe Biden is using an ad to not only attack president trump on You know trying to tear down obamacare but also tout his own credentials on healthcare. After having passed the law with with President Obama from the moment he took office Donald. Well trump is tried to destroy obamacare. No one is more determined to protect congealed by we're also seeing You know with Bernie Sanders There's a particularly particularly striking ad where it starts out with people around a gravestone. There are people dying in America because they cannot afford the outrageous cost of prescription drugs. In this country. We have government. You know what they're doing with these ads is they're trying to extrapolate and build off the policies that they're talking about on the campaign trail Wall not engaging with each other You know the the closest we see you know. There's a couple ads where they'll say like other candidates may say but they never mentioned the other candidates name or or contrast a a particular policy. Well you just mentioned Joe Biden Touting obamacare and that would seem to be an implicit dig sense sense Other candidates touted Medicare for all right so One thing it is notable in our our data that we've seen is that A lot of the candidates are talking talking about healthcare They're talking about it in different ways as you mentioned you know. Joe Biden is talking Yup obamacare and trying to build off that we are seeing Bernie Sanders talk a lot about Medicare for all in and his policies proposals for health care reform. One thing that we're not seeing though is Elizabeth Warren mentioned that instead You know we have not seen in a single ad where she's talking about healthcare instead she's focusing on a message of Washington is corrupt and trying to talk about how she would come in and Clean House when we have a government that works for the rich and the powerful and leaves everyone else behind its corruption pure and simple. You know. It's interesting to see kind of this. These dynamics six of what the candidates are talking about and also what they're not talking about in the the ads that they are you know basically trying to use their closing argument before the Iowa caucuses. Well another candidate candidate Chad. That's polled well in Iowa is Pete Buddha judge. What's been the tenor of his ads? Most of the people to judge ads have featured him You know clips of speeches that he's given that are either talking about returning helping people who've lost their jobs in manufacturing as I traveled through Iowa all these communities to remind me of my own hometown town a city that had an amazing industrial heyday but then corporations greed and recklessness brought it to. It's knees you see kind of the differences France's in the different ads where His feature a lot of of him speaking in front of people talking to voters whereas in other candidates ads. You're seeing more of either either You know kind of the Voice of God narrator or the candidates addressing the camera directly and then talking about their policies. What about Amy Klobuchar Chemical? Shari's talking talking about her ability to be able to win In a in red areas she really doubts her ability to win in Minnesota and win counties. That voted for trump but then voted for her and talking about her ability to be able to have some crossover appeal When it comes to moderate voters will TV ads like these help swing the race race? Are they likely to have a big influence on. How I owens vote you know the thing about TV advertising in politics particularly right now is that you have to do some and You know do you get your name out there But it's probably not going to be something that you know unless there's some blockbuster add that also that would probably break into the news. You the you know conversation They're probably not going to sway the race. it's more about it particularly in Iowa it's about facetime Being out on the campaign trail talking to voters Iowans are very very particular About making sure the candidates Show their face And that they they see them and hear them and get to know them. If you have subjects or angles that you're curious about regarding the twenty twenty race you can email us at what's news all one word wsj.com or tweet us at. WSJ PODCASTS podcasts. You can find all of our election. Twenty twenty coverage up on WSJ DOT COM on to markets. Have you ever heard of Rhodium. It's a precious metal that strips pollutants out of exhaust fumes that makes it a key component donut for car manufacturers who need to hit stricter emissions targets in Europe and Asia. That's one reason why it's price has surged by sixty five percent in in this year alone making it. The world's priciest precious metal are resident. Rhodium expert Joe. Wallace has more while as you say. Rhodium is really key. Ingredient combining factors as they try to meet emission restrictions particularly in China and the European Union. Because it's using catalytic converters which convert toxic is it gases but she wouldn't want to breathe in like monoxide into nitrogen water and at the same time it's demand is really rising supplies radium quite tight. There's not much which go round rounded precious metals a rare matchel minus certainly wants to raise output because they mind Rhodium as a byproduct of palladium and platinum and platinum price. In in particular quite weeks they don't want to flood the platinum market with with more metal. So what happens from here. I mean most traders. Don't think can keep on rising at this pace because it's going up so fast they do think writing prices will remain pretty high because these types our mission signed is a hates estate which means demands really gonNA remain pretty strong from from the car industry. And here's what else were paying attention to today. Democrats will have a third and final day to present their case for impeaching president trump to the senate. Yesterday they argued that the president abused his office. And and that even though that isn't a criminal offense. It's an impeachable one our political reporter Andy. Dornan has more on what to expect. Today they are expected to do really against the details of the second article of impeachment which focuses on of Congress president trump the trump administration generally did not comply. Hi with Subpoenas the house issued a throughout the fall for documents and Witness testimony relating to their investigation into President Trump's request for investigations from Ukraine men. So they're expected to somewhat similarly go through kind of the legal thinking behind the article of impeachment and why why they think that Congress needs to the constitution have the ability to receive documentation and witness testimony from the executive branch and then also get into some of the factual the actual facts the substance of the of what of what they said peachable. President trump has repeatedly denied wrongdoing in. His legal team will begin their defense on Saturday. We'll have all the latest for you and our afternoon edition also in Washington today. President Trump plans to address an annual rally of antiabortion demonstrators. It would be the first in person appearance by a sitting president at the march for life in its forty seven year history. History finally good evening. I'm Jim Lara. Jim Lehrer of the PBS. CBS News Hour died at the age of eighty five yesterday a frequent moderator of presidential debates. He was known for his fair minded and in-depth approach to journalism He served as an inspiration for many aspiring broadcasters yours truly included so I want to leave you with some of his rules for good journalism. Do nothing I cannot defend cover right and present every story with the care I would want it. The story about me assume there is at least one other side. I'd or version to every story assume the viewer is smart and is carrying and as good a person as I am assume the same about all people on whom I report and the last one and finally I am not in the entertainment business. That's what's news from the Wall Street Journal. Thanks for listening and have a great weekend.

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