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The views information. Is expressed during a broken common podcast or solely those of the individuals involved and do not represent the creator of set podcast that broken calming podcast is not verified for accuracy of any statements contained within the interviews. So don't sue me because I don't have any money Bunko POPs on have much of a value yet enjoyed. Hey y'all this is episode eleven up the broken comic podcast yet get started. Welcome to the broken comic podcast with your host Ronin, pain. Hey y'all that's checking out the broken comic podcast. I am your host Vernon Pain Hobby been man I've been. I've been wearing a face to in New York City and finally back to work, which is cool that do have to say that I've really enjoyed working like everyone else. I'm not working his few moments because it got a few things. I learned how to how to make some extra alcoholic drinks even medicine all mazing alcoholic icees I wouldn't a bit harder to make some fantastic socialist chicken fish I killed a cooking game. One One of the most important thing learn about myself is the reason why broken and I decided to correct this podcast but a year or so ago my mind was removed from the whole concept. And that's because. The hardships of being the comedian really got to me. In the in the ten plus years of doing stand up I felt like I was always looked down. When I first started in Albany I would just. Run and of course I saw when I started to get some some good weight underneath my jokes. At phobic, I was still discouraged from the people. Every every comic needs a good mentor and a chance now remember. There was a group of comics that was chosen by a club owner to. And I was left out. Owner asked him who are shooting I should bring in my name was brought up by multiple people but I was just put to the fuck inside. That same owner I bust. My Ass to win a competition to host for the club in the headliner for neck. Another comic cool was his fucking favorite for whatever God reason was supposed to host our early show and I was supposed to host the late show. I arrive early for the first show because one study, the headliner and the crowd, and the host, which is what you're supposed to do as a comedian at or even just a hosting post to see what's up before you go on and. While I'm while I'm chilling with the comic person. Who was supposed to host for the first show? He's shown the back just eaten. Some travel tom it's about fifteen minutes of the show start and ask him if you talk to the health headliner and feature to get their name and the credit. So so he can say. What he needs to say, bring them up. He didn't even think of that which fucked me because as a host, you are the face of the Shera. Scrambled get the names and when the show starts now, only cup, but he fucked up the features and the. Fame accredits. The Way Staff Learns this tells a club. Arrived them take them off the show or tell him all for fucking up. He has that do take my spot as hosts in the beginning. So he's the first thing that audience is. And then he'd brings me up. And I'm like, that's Kinda. fucked up man. You know. Not only did I bust my ass to try to impress you. But bus master to witness fucking competition and you have someone else come right above the fuck that what kind of should is that All my time up there. All I've tried to do was you show him my chops at sit And that's and that's what you're supposed to do as a comedian if you have the chance to do so. Remember that. There was There was this Boston come. There was this Boston comedy competition of. The idea of each time and each time I did. I got sorta close. That's so the first year I dated. A past the first round fucked up. The second time I did it. I pass a first and second fucked up the next one last time I did I got all rounds I got to the fucking finals and I don't remember exactly believe that I tied for second or third. Parties. The people who came in Third. Other person that came in second and third with and the and the and the other person one. They all guys stage time. For the show was over for future show Yoga's as time and I was still put to the flock inside. You know I houses how is that supposed to make you feel that you bust your ass to get so fucking far, and then when you get the When we get far show someone what you really got. You still give the fuck aside. What the fuck. How am I supposed to like? Almost feel. And I remember. A friend of mine who was like cool whip the cool. The owner who is like always game but by. And the owner Tokyo. Vernon, furnace goodman is he's he's and better. That's what's up. You know and he knows he knows this. and. If you know this, wouldn't you give someone a fucking chance if you haven't give them a chance to whole fucking time when they costly show you how good they are. I would think you would do that. But Now? And the and the same shit happened on the street local level of lead you. Levy comics comics. You know I'm just tired of show myself in getting no respect. And listen. I've had some good show was here and there, and they got a little bit of love shows but after bust my ass in getting nothing. and. When I moved here exceeding is the same thing you know I bust my ass to get auditions. Idea at the the might upset the different and interesting podcast. But my whole idea was to not do should add the street level my idea west against the clubs. That's all I ever wanted to. Supposed to the club got because I know how fucking heart is being street level I don't WanNa be out there fucking bark until one o'clock in the morning i WanNa be bright in the club so I can show the owner in the booker, how game and Give me a chance or become good. Let me develop nuts. Why can I can show you even more that you? That you would invest it. That your investment in me was valid. You know. Why not fucking do that? Remember There was this there was. There was time. When I was broke. So broke. So fucking broken having my you take the train. To Go to comedy club late at night. And you had to be at the comedy club by a third hour too late night spot and was freezing cold. So I walked from a midtown. Manhattan all the way up to the upper east side just to do five minutes at the late night show. To sign up and like I turned away. Broke. Face freezing, my future freezing I'm walking through central park at night where it's fucking dark and anything can happen. And I get that I get I get turned away and. Part of me is just broken. After. Like US my last little bit of mind to give back fucking home. With broken fan like, Hey, I thought. You No. One wants to the no one wants me. The puck. I'm sorry. Then cursing so much like when I? Think about these things I just get so passionate. Remember, there was a comedy club on Long Island that. Recommends, me by friend. And pass you addition play there are a lot. That was spend my own money to have gone to do ten fifteen minutes. Twenty at least two or three nights a week and how to good. was. Finally. Happy to find the place I could develop. And being a place where I was pre. then. Know. After two years out of nowhere. My name was human. Hatton. On even know why there was no explanation. What do wasn't bombing. Of course at bought every comedian does do well more time than I ever fucking bomb but still no fucking love no helping the element and I met of comics open for a follow the comics And make comic to. Go, where adjacent to famous fucking people in your menu fucking good. Multiple fucking times. And even in front of the fucking booker, it's fucking awesome. But still after two years, no fucking explanation of why I'm just not in the fucking running any. I don't fucking understand it. And of course, like you know years later. You know. I. Know. Friends. WHO said like you hate it might be like a little bit of black conspiracy when it comes to comedy which which I don't even know for a fact bus history since we south all the same experiences, he'll what it might be. Even a buddy of mine who recommended does he know why? The fuck out hunting near any? And then I I have gone back. Enough Guy Guest. Spots. But that's not because people remember me from time. I was there because like when I'm there I'm hanging out the comic should in the headliner headliner, there's give me a spot. And when he does I'm not gonNA shoot before out. And all of these things this lead me in the state of mind of just being broken. I don't trust anyone and that trust anyone. I don't trust myself, and that leads to more entertainment depression. Me being broken might be my own focus. Drunken banned all these events. self-doubt is really mentally crippling. But in these times I learned. I forced myself to comedian. The Path in life and I wanted was to be a singer for metal band for women broke up after almost being signed. I didn't know what to. and. Since then it's been, it's just been a bunch of getting so close as success and falling down. About the touch. But I learned that like like I said I. Forced Myself Comedian and that means output time into. I forced myself to think like a comic I. I always had a polling opinions about things and a way to rationalize it in a funny way by myself. But now I can just do that for an audience which is awesome. And Walker in this time of Kobe. I realized that that's how my mind works. I can't I can't turn my brain off when it comes to comedy. And these thoughts that have lead to be told to people. And this is what I realized. I. AM A. Broken yes. Comic. Forced to be in my bones. And that's. and. That's always been. Listening to more and more successful comics on other podcasts and the one thing that I realized that keep saying is they've found their audience. And in that I realized handed Gatsby to comment that everyone hates because there's no jokes nurse end up stories is exactly what I would like to be. I would like to be the person who creates my own audience for my tap comedy and storytelling I've break. I don't. I don't think I'm GonNa be famous comic where comic fucking find the right audience make money doing it i. know that idea comedy bright. I'm happy that run is because. This is a of the human experience learning. And this is what brings me to my next guest Dave, Canyon. Dave. Is a comedian from the Albany new? York. Area. In like two, thousand, two, thousand, nine, when I first started who is an amazingly funny guy. Dave was another one those natural funny currents he didn't have any material when everyone stage with hedonist said, it was always awesome. He was hilarious. Wasn't just that. He was a nice and caring guy he cares about me can about other comments cared about the St. Dave as you a lot in this live and the main thing that they keep saying that he doesn't know anything, but he's willing to learn. In the last few years stave has learned a lot about south to therapy and then the current climate he has done a lot about race in this country. One thing. That's the one theme. That's going on and my interview with Dave. That he's Just, he's the guy that just wants to be appreciated. And just watch friends and that is something I can get behind my interview. I talked to him by his parents racism in America Brooklyn Him during the Navy Guy Comedy. So this is me talking to my good friend Dea Canyon. Once, you live in upstate you know this one upstate long enough when you see deer. It's like they're cockroaches. You're young you're. Like oh Dear it's like like if you're if you're a kid living in Brooklyn for all the alive and you will you see there it's like the most thing ever. because. You don't see wildlife wash libertysafe for like fifteen years like get the fuck out of my way they're like. Oh Yeah. You see, Dago all great lime disease. Example who's at the door the lime disease salesman. Well just killing twenty five cents for the Comic Book and send. I go whatever. So anyway now I'm in my caravan. Hope the sound is good. How do I sound? You sound good yet you sound you sound better than than some of the other phone recordings at that had so yeah, we're yeah. Well good I'm glad we're doing this man on where we got you sound good to so. Listen to your recordings the last couple whatever I listen to every one of your shows. So I just heard the John Tennis one. Yeah. So you pronounce it Taneja Tonight's yeah. All the only didn't hear was the mole one. I can't believe I forgot to do that last night that was on my list of is I wanted to hear the Mo One More Haskins was the last one yeah. Yeah, we have. One of the greatest individuals in the world and I'm not just saying that because what's going on in the world today but Mo- mo- knows how I feel about him because. Mo-? Was Instrumental in Dukes then so you know we'll get we'll get to it. I don't want you to feel left out. Now. I give credit to one black I? I can't just single out. That's like that's like racist biased and unfriendly on grateful where I don't want the ungrateful. That's that's a whole nother movement, the ungrateful. Movement but. You Dave. You know what? What's that? Say You don't want me to cancel you know you. Got Nothing going on. You I'm in the midst of cancelling myself. I've been working on my cast myself fifty six years now. No Mo was instrumental because Mo- created the. Intro the musical intro. For dukes and I gotTa tell you when he gave it to me. I was so surprised because I didn't think Moke do that. Yeah. I didn't know Mo- knew anything about that. Know if I ask them to do it or he ought probably offered to do it. Yeah. 'cause I don't know why I would ask him. I didn't know he knew anything about musical production or recording or whatever and. And this was ten years ago I guess nineteen years ago now and he creates intro and I'm telling you right now and I have said this on my podcast I've said it to other people other comics I said, I can't tell many times I mo haskins credit he created such an intro it was absolutely wwe worthy. Wow. Yeah. I mean I mean you you might not remember but. I don't remember that much but I would go on stage. He was like a now. Here's whatever He. is so funny because I don't remember them. Here's Day what? It's almost the same one. That's. For the PUCK. I stage and I would want a body slam somebody. WWW open mike, you know and. And I wanted to jump off the top rope and I had my leather jacket. 'cause you know you always wore black I always had a leather jacket all the blackjack on I just wanted to I wanted to hells angels on the crowd you know. Jump off the stage door. Marchisio I just wanted to I never felt like my life. So I'm just glad i. get the opportunity I. Don't know if you're recording whatever but you know if MOCHA here this I've said it to him. I've said it to other people August. Easy I'm easy giving credit where credit is due. So Mo Mo is forever has a place in my heart and I know this gets a little money on this I'm a little money on this because I know that you have said to me you're the one that told me about dukes. Oh It was the fucking the the craigslist. I thought it was a woman Cheryl Pierce or something like that. I thought she had told me that. So listen and I'm a man of a certain age and I'm a man of a certain age with an older memory. So things got a little bit foggy but you know if you tell me that you told me about this craigslist and I believe you. 'cause I could us when we had a conversation Why don't you go I thought I had suggested why don't you go talk to the guy and you run the open Mike and you weren't into it for some reason? No. Yeah. I saw and I was like Oh. This'll be cool for Dave to do because like I I don't think that at that time I could have done anything like that because like I wasn't fully developed invested and and then like, and I always looked at you as a guy who was like was like so natural and the way I talked to people that like it was it would be a lot easier for you A. Lot. Easier for you to do that just not not only been people up but the way your personality is on stage it. It of raising you know. More. Yeah. Well, thank you very much there by the way I think now you know you would be great at it. It's definitely a specialty. You're great at what you do stand up. Yeah. Don't talk about it on the show, but you'll graded stand up and I haven't heard the last nine ten interviews say anything about that. I think maybe John said something but you're great stand up you really are and You know. Without, a doubt if I could do anything for you know if I could you waiting view you? I'm no longer in the business. That's why I'm on this show. Comics in the sad part about you doing all these interviews, what's going to come of it? Nobody's in the business anymore to help you. Out Everybody's out but anyway, but you never know but yeah, I would do anything if I could. And you've come a long way, 'cause you grow as a person and a personality. So but hosting is really something that's totally false hosting is completely different like. Once I once I got like the kind of idea that like a one thing and and when I created that show upstate whatever at your house, like that was like my real Kinda Kinda go into a whole thing and I think I think it might have been also the comedy works the up there when. WanNa. Contest it's one of those things but like. Once you recognize what your personality is. You know then then then you can go there and do it. But like I realized that my personality as as a host in as standup are are two different things and so like learning how to have that energy up up front as as a host is is so fucking draining that like I. Do, it's fucking like like by the by the end of the show I feel like I feel like I've I've just done like a torn Iraq like that's. It's a lot. It's a lot. So you know. Even even even if someone kind of Fox up you, you still got like take that and then bring the show back up that with the next person has like you know a good foot in you know it's A. Crazy crazy thing of obese. But now I learned it literally, I'm not the best at hosting right now like I'm not like the best host, but I know how to be a good host where people be like you'll what this this was. This was an awesome show. Yeah. You know it's so funny to say that because I really never felt any of that and I'm not saying that to Brag. But I think it was out of ignorance. It wasn't because I'm so cool. Yes. I'm like I don't know I'm just doing what they're. What am I do I guess I just bring up the next guy in you know and also wow I talk more to do more stand up and I never had any material. So we just talk whatever came out of my head Blah you know. They opened my mouth. I would breathe. It's like that Eddie Murphy movie was that Dave what was that when he's into guys Ed. Oh Yeah and Dave. No. No. No, it's not meet Dave I. Don't. Like Alien? Yeah. I've got name of that movie. Yeah. Well, it's. Murphy. Some of them were forgettable but. He just you know he did some bums but that's okay. Yes. So anyway so it's like. The voices of my head you know there was A. Movie inside out whatever you know. Voices apparently tell me what sailor you just want him saying nothing you're right. It's. Meet Day actually. Dave Ya Ya. Look at you doubting my Eddie Murphy Film. Knowledge I know my Eddie Murph- Eddie. Murphy bums. I never saw it. I never saw it because the reviews bad I never went but and wait a minute wasn't okay. It's not your typical Eddie Murphy movie but like it wasn't a bad movie, you know it was very different for at the time you know. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So anyway, but yeah but it was fun to do and by the way getting paid for it was really great and. I got I got paid a certain amount for a while and then got paid another amount for the last while and I was like I always had money in my pocket. Yeah. I had money and I like I wouldn't leave it in my sock drawer carrying around and they were tired I was walking around with a couple of hundred dollars in my pocket. I was like this is great. You know a truck of a truck driver during the night and I'm also well. I can't say I was a comedian during the day. So I was doing both which was not a great idea, but it was great having that money and by the way I don't know if this is true but I would always tell people it's not that I brag about it but it would come up in conversation I considered myself and I could be wrong. But I considered myself the second highest paid comedian in the Albany capital district area for that entire time. Based on the numbers of what I was getting paid on a Saturday night. which was a little bit more than bill and I don't know what the kids are calling today but I'll call it a bill. Bill. Times that by fifty weeks forget about fifty two times that by fifty weeks you know I don't know what Greg was getting for his shows but nobody else was. That other guy was doing that other show I don't know if anybody was making five thousand dollars a year or you know. Other than me. I don't know I think I think like everyone was pretty much focus on on. Trying, to do comedy and stuff but like. I tip because comedians and never really like really I guess the the young ones anyway I, never really focused on trying to get money for the trying to get the time do whatever. Yeah so So that was it. I was like, wait a minute at some point I think on the second highest paid con I mean it doesn't get you a job I don't go wrong you know. Hey. Jamie Bright. Hey, you know Vernon pay look at look at me on the second. But I, just did the math one day went. I'm sure Greg does a couple of shows a year. So he's got he's got to be making some coin. So whatever that's fine but I bet you, I'm right behind him and by the way I, don't know if I made more than him I don't even know because how many shows did he do and I know how much we charge basically but I dunno, you do the math maybe has to pay the rental on the on the space so it doesn't matter to me but I feel good about that because I'm not a business guy I don't. Even like doing it and when I negotiated by price, I felt weird about it because like is he going to laugh me off the out of the room because he laughs me out then the open Mike is older. Yeah. So by the way, so I had pressure on me right from the get go because when I went in and negotiated this whole thing. I. Wasn't just really for me. I was doing it for all of us because I wanted to have another night and I thought how cool and it was a great room right Dukes was A. Room. If I if I might say, it'd be so bold. It was nicer than the lock you haven't. Nicer than Broadway nicer than everyone I've ever seen. Yeah. I. I didn't see your coffee house but I know that was a nice place but you know this is this is like an evening, nice? Yes. Sexy and by the way back in the day back in the day that was a premier room for did you know the story now? Oh okay. Well, before was de carry want me tell you this. Story before Dukes last laugh before it was duke's this bar just off the New York state thruway was I. could see the through it. Yeah. You've seen. Through. So You could see this Roy. So back in the day before it was called Dukes, it was called something which stone what was the case we've I forget now it doesn't matter. I don't think you could look it up and it would be in the history books who is something with the word stone I think at. That doesn't matter but I used to know it for a long time. The owners of Dukes me into a room in the back they worked me over now they gave me subscription rights. Straightened me out but anyway, but before they worked me over, they showed me some pictures they wanted to straighten out. They said, look at these pictures like a while they had black and white pictures of Don rickles and a whole bunch of other famous performers from back in the day, the fifties, the sixties and all that other stuff. And they would stop at this place before it was called. Dukes it was called the stone something. It was at the crossroads for everybody that's listening dukes is in Glenmont New York Glenmont Dell was we'll Glenmont Glenmont now Glenville. No. Glenmont right I think it is. Yeah. I think. Grandma, which is not too far from del more, but it doesn't matter and definitely not too far from what's on the Albany border right stuffing in the Albany Board. Might, even be or. Might beat Albany County anyway. I ninety runs from Boston all the way out to buffalo right I. Think it probably goes further but I know goes from Boston the Buffalo. The state through I eighty seven goes from yonkers New York City only up to Montreal, and they cross in the middle right in the middle by the way that is why Albany is the New York state capital because they capitals of every state in the. Middle. It's supposed to be like the greatest. Most people is supposed to be the center of every state. So hopefully, we'll be there was a time that there was a time that poughkeepsie was the capital. For Kingston Kingston. Okay Yeah Kingston. Yeah. Boy I'm giving you a history lesson you this is you I'm going to charge you for this. Yeah. Kingston. was the capital to liberty down but anyway so anyway COMEDIANS and performance as they were travelling New York state. This was a nice stop along the way coming down from the north country, the adirondacks coming down from Canada or coming from the West going to the East your to from Boston and Buffalo whatever. So they would stop it was an easy exits right off and you had hotels and whatever. So they would get off and they were performing. They would schedule this as a as a middle show somebody you know whatever on their way get a little. Change before the two and a half hour drive home or the two and a half three hour drive to Boston or the drive to Buffalo Rochester or the drive through Toronto, and that's so much of it was just like really nice. It was a warm room but it was it had listen. You can put over one hundred some odd people in there you know and back in the fifties we were thinner. So you could probably do a hundred and ten people and you can smoke your brains out you know. So it was that was the room it was it was a classic room and he surely all these black and white photos of performance from back in day one of Don rickles and I tried to get him to give me the the picture believe he wasn't letting go of any. But I can't believe that the people who owned this place sold it and and left the pictures behind. Why wouldn't you take the pictures? We take a quick. Jesse you can do whatever the fuck you out with us. Oh, absolutely. Beautiful pictures. And I got really overwhelmed I was like, wow wow I can't believe that this is the room that we're performing. So every every turn there was pressure don't blow the deal. Because actually, I told Greg about it because you look if you suggested to me, I suggest him because he was already doing the lock and he knew how to do it so. Out of respect and then he went and talked to him but but he didn't want to do because he wanted to do shows. They already had his open mic deal. He wanted to do shows. It was going to be a Saturday an ideal. Yeah. So anyway so that didn't work out and then you know the open mic fell in the lap. It was a year and a half almost two years of of work and was pressured and the money I made was absolute. Well, I wouldn't say it was worth but it was. You know, I got I was definitely worth it but I'm saying. I earned it. There's no doubt about between the COMEDIANS and some of the Egos in some of the problems and the stress these guys will put me under by. These guys are only drinking water because we had no money. None of us had money. You know it's an open mic which struggling artists. One of US had a job. Somebody had a job at trader. Joe's yeah. I don't know what you were doing for work at the time I think. Everybody. Had A job at the mall your buddy. What's his name? The PICTURE STORE Whatever all these jobs and somebody who will go to school radio because? I again. I always probably the highest. money-making Guy, I was a truck driver. So I made a lot of money but I was exhausted all the time because I was always working or. Because I had two jobs I would work at this job truck driving then. Price chopper and then I worked at another place which I wasn't supposed to that's illegal but I got away with it and then I, would do comedy and I would coach soccer. Era fucking you. You're like a hard work and dude man, it was a the everything that you did and everything that you did for us is it was just like so much man like. It's it's appreciated because like you Mr needs bucket do that yet. But the fact that you care about the community that much you know I did I took it very seriously because I had some conversations with Gregg before all that and all that time doing Sunday nights at the Lark you know and by the way I I I love the community I love every one of us. Well Pretty Much I. Don't think there's anybody didn't like it was a couple of people that got me nervous and I don't WanNA mention anything off. The Guy. Pulled out the gun. I don't know if you were there that I was. I was in there for that. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. What, what what what what do you mean go out again, I'll give you the initials. Okay. If you WANNA say his name, you say his name KP. Not Very funny did that is His punchline was the. the death of the blue, the blue screen deaths you know who I'm talking about. You. Can't get can I text you? Yeah. Yeah Yeah. Yeah you could actually. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Let me see. Let me see this phone hopefully they'll get disconnected. This is like I'm talking to you. Remember this. Oh you're gonNA. Hear this. You're GonNa see this name, and then this is not fair to your fans. Oh wait a min-. Was He. was a tall glasses glasses long hair yup well yeah. I think so yeah. Yeah Yeah. You see the name I sent you. Yeah. I can't I oh my God i. fucking, Hey. Remember he pulled out I wasn't in it anybody he pulled out a gun was part of his punchline freak people out. Wow. I I. Don't know if I was there for that I I was there like I think I might have been there when when he did like some kind of wrestling thing or whatever he dukes. To the rest thing we got beat up I was like, what are you doing? He attributed to some Andy Kaufman s informants and I'm like you don't really appreciate in. Colorado I appreciate. Funny. If. It was funny I appreciate it but I'm not into this whole thing. Are you really getting beat up or not and the acting was bad anyway but I shouldn't bad mouth but but anyway, I really enjoy the community and. It was great to be. Quote Unquote in show Bizz and yeah and have people. Then we had writing groups and then we would drive I heard. John. Today's talking about driving to New Hampshire yeah, we did the same thing member you every we went to we went to. Connecticut. jokers wild we went to. Connecticut the Alley Yeah. Lennox or Lee. Mass Mass Yeah we went there we went to that place up in New Hampshire where that Guy I. Don't I don't even see his post on facebook anymore I remember his name, but he was Kinda looking talion guy or you might have been an email. You might have a black guy. I think he was down here in Albany, and then he relocated somehow I. I connected with him and we he. Did he ran Simmons. No? No. No. This guy was hosting a Mike and New Hampshire on New Hampshire. He was like a larger guy. He did a little He did a little bit of an impression of Of. Shawshank redemption we goes he say. Andy was my friend Andy we like he did that guy. The narrator, the narrator from. Yeah you know. Yeah. I remember that guy. But it doesn't matter but we. We. Would drive to Cranford New Jersey. For the coffee hallowing or for Robin Robbins? and. I think at night when we would go to Cranford, did we stop at the place in Manhattan with the with the subway tile behind him? We East village? Yeah. It was it was it was a medium Oh yeah. Yeah. We went to East Ville. Well I, think night we just hung out Manhattan. Well No. Because because I think they were having an open mic there. So so we went up and a buddy of mine from Albany that that live that live near city at the time. Yes he came out to hang out with us at the open mic, and then I think I think he might have decided to go on to go on stage to even though he's like now the from comedian at all. But like he does what most people do was like well, I like comedy people doing this Oh. So let me see if I can do this and I was working good. But Yeah Yeah I remember that that was east. Yet East village. Doesn't exist anymore they moved to Brooklyn. Yeah the they moved to the Brooklyn but now but now that spot is now. The Second New York Comedy Club. Now. Oh Wow. Yeah. Wow. Legendary. Like club that all these guys supposedly performed. So we got on stage at East Mel. It's nice to hear. Yeah I, think we did both it was it was it was a late night one and right here man I I i. Remember that to me for me for me that was like at least At least like eighty pounds ago for me. I I love the way you just what I do I measure my life not. Only about one hundred pounds ago. When I was a size thirty eight. Piece actually worked at and it was great. That's that's me too. I have. You know I have post, I have pre and post. So. That was great and I have pictures of you I think and I know I mo.. Standing in front of the subway tile yeah. So, we did a lot of traveling. I, know we did Mike's I. Know we did so many mikes that we must have forgotten some of the Mike's we've got hell yeah hell. Yeah and I remember driving with you. I think and Tony Jackson, and the other guy the Rogers was name Tony. Robbins Oh God. My Chrysler Cirrus didn't go with us that night. I don't know if I did I it was. Go Tony gets the New Hampshire trip me Tony Rogers Tony Jackson I mean you got to huge Tony's. Chrysler CIRRUS. Yes I think she since Howard. Now, Jason Howard and I don't know if there was because I always packed the cars. There was never like an extra see 'cause I I needed all the guests money I could and I remember one of the Tony. Saying. Something about thank God you're driving Dave 'cause we try. They would be nervous because we were. We went into the boonies. Yeah. We went into the New Hampshire boonies at I got a little lost on the way back these some of those roads that you see movies that you know you're lost and you're bound to come up on a restaurant that says whites only you know. They just didn't get the news you know. So it was sues late late in the. I remember coming back who's enrolled in Troy, and drop somebody in I mean everybody was exhausted by the way. If, I remember correctly the I still had to go back to saugerties. I go back to Saugerties and go home I was everyone was like, Oh, I'm just getting out here in Albany I'm I live in colony I live in Rensselaer. I had to go all the way back to zone debts to dude it I mean I'm not bragging I'm just saying. For the comics that are listening wannabe comics and you know you never know someone's going to be listening to this in five years from now. You WanNa you WANNA. Well it's funny. I'm going to say this, but it didn't work for me but you know. You want to do something in the world of comedy you gotTa. Travel I mean you gotta do stuff. You gotta work. You gotTA. Go find stages. Got and I. Remember I told Ethan Allman once you know from alternative sleeping yeah of Ethan Allen thing but I said. I told him I was doing one day. He goes. Why are you doing that I go stage time he goes are you going to get paid no I I just want to go. He's that's crazy. I wouldn't drive that far and getting paid I go well. I'm too early in my career. I'm not that good a and I don't want to build a business. That type of thing I just want to perform and I want to get used to traveling I knew that was part of it. Oh. If I was going to be a road comic and this is a good time to learn. How to drive these distances and It's also networking and S I don't know if you remember this citing Choi All by the way I'm a truck driver I enjoy driving. Yes. Not Anymore like I used to but I a my terms on my terms I enjoyed driving for for for this Warren company I worked for it not so much pain Lisa while I wouldn't do it. But. The thing is to get stage time to drive and. One of the things I remember which was so fascinating I remember talking to somebody about it. It wasn't you I think you might have engaged and it doesn't matter I said. I said. Look at the comics that are the regulars at this might because we were visitors, we always visitors. Yeah. Look at the Congress. Oh, by the way, this was exactly at the time that Michael Jackson was either in court. Or he had just passed I don't remember. But this is when everybody was doing Michael Jackson jokes whatever it was. You know. And it's funny. Every time you go to a different. Mike it was like being in a parallel universe. So you go. Okay. Well, there's they're black comic. There's the comic they're good looking female comic visit your there's there lesbian comic. There's there's the headed kid you know there was like the as the older guy trying to hang on. Let me. You. Always. Take a shot at myself. So you know you would see. Like a whole `nother like we were Albany right and then you go oh, there's all of us here. We are in new haven here we are at East it's just interesting to see the you know the the the multiples of you the. Gang or Not. Even if they? Even. If they didn't look like you and then not in not only if they look like they were doing your jokes because you are not as clever as you. Know Comedian is is as clever as they are like the like. The only thing that said that might be slightly different is is the premise jokes the jokes right? There is still the fuck insane, right? That's it. Yeah it's so great. It's sort of it's humbling a little bit humiliating, but it's helped me going Oh you know what I gotTa do I got to work harder. Work Harder, and you got to somehow get in front of it right and you network, and you got to sell yourself as a personality. You gotta sell yourself as responsible individual as a respectable person that you're going to respect the the show whatever it is the ten minutes you gotta hit the light I mean there's just so many fascinating things. It's not just material. It's so many things and that's why I would drive three hundred miles for ten minutes i. Forgot. I was talking to someone else in this podcast Oh no I think it was like I think I might have been Mike Whatever Mica McLaughlin yeah and I I would I would go on trips with him. I guess sometimes it would be like me a big me, Mo Mike, and like I think I think maybe just carpet whatever we go faceoff. But sometimes, it would just be me and Mike and we go to like an an open mic and like maybe like forty minutes down from Albany just just to go check it out because there weren't places and always both out that no one else did that like. After, like after were gone and some people kind of stopped doing it right hanging out with hanging out with me and Mike. We were so intimate that we wanted to find any state because even if it wasn't about being paid about giving that exposure and time because like because if if he goes somewhere that you don't know any see you and you do good that person might be like well, I'm I'm creating comedy show you guys are good. Do Do you WANNA come on? That's that's that's the idea behind traveling. So far for no pay. Because you want other people to fucking seat yes you know and also also get at the same time. So it as much now that people like didn't want to do that. They got I got very comfortable. In Albany just staying in Albany but like you're seeing the same goddamn people, it's not Helping you none at all. You know now few career now now for networking. Valley. Are you talking about Central Valley was your essentially that note and essentially valley but there was there was some other place that was like like let forty minutes away from from from Albany yeah it was. It was like. You go with that light. We went to Kingston that place where that guy came from entourage. Yes I was there with you. Got One guy I forget his name he flipped out what are the comedian guy? Yeah. Yeah. I. Remember that old guy was who's white and what's the guy's name entourage? Adrian Adrian Air Yeah. He had his sloppy had hair I mean he got mass. Chicks loved it I. Don't know what it was. Yeah He. This guy that was hanging out with US comedian I can't remember his name I don't mean disrespect I really don't remember his name. I had sort of an adversarial relationship with him because he was a little difficult but anyway I'm sure he's a nice guy. I don't I'm sure he's not in the business anymore but I if he goes hey, by the way at that point I had never seen an episode alliance never sort I I had an idea that this guy was never saw an episode and he he elbows means Lakers hey, that's agent ago. And I didn't even know if that was a guy who you're talking to that guy you know he talking about that guy within like okay. You know obviously I. Don't know who who is he? That's the guy from entourage ago. Okay well. You know go suck A. Guys cursing. Suckers, Dick I don't care. And You know. He went over to he started like you think that this guy's out he's trying to be incognito. His hair was a mess. Yes. He had a beard I remember looking I'm like, yeah looked a little. A. Little homeless. But that's okay. 'CAUSE I get it. He's in Kingston I. Don't know why because this from there? Yeah. Yeah. A dive. The Dungeon. Dungeon whatever it was all black was so. Long and. And it was like a premiere open mic like it was the first night of their new. With Mike in which lasted I don't know how long but You know started making an ass out of himself. Hey Man you know I'm I'M GONNA whatever. I'M NOT GONNA bother him I'm going to go up on stage and impress this guy which I don't think happened either. You know. So yeah. How about that? Imagine that? You're open making all over New York state or wherever you live but you're going two hundred miles here. Yeah. How'd you all over? and. Then you're on stage an agent veneer from entourage sees you. Right and his whole show is all about all of those guys supporting each other. Yeah. They're all buddies and he sees you goes you know what? I got an episode coming up and I need a middle-age balding fact you own. Yeah Whatever can you come out your I can come out whatever. You quit your job you get a job. You know whatever you just don't know who's GonNa meet you and I did get I did get offered a slot down when we went to Cranford this guy had a comedy tour whatever he called it the I hate to say it. But back in the day, this is the can years ago he called it the Rodney kings of comedy. That's Touring thing that Rodney King's the comedy I didn't understand what was all about yeah I don't think it was flattering. I'll say but I think it was all white comics but anyway but he asked me I was just give me a call. I'll go I didn't care I mean where was I going to play you know I don't know. Whatever he was a family man I can't imagine. We're GONNA go do some racist. Whenever. Bar New Dry. So. Said Yeah give me a call. He never gave me a call but I know he had this thing called the the Rodney kings of comedy why and he liked he liked my my Brooklyn stick whatever I was doing. You know on stage at this CRANFORD place and You have come to the funny farm with me. I'd I'm not sure if it was with you, I, know I know the funny farm once Okay Yeah that was another Mike by the way that I I hosted for awhile and what's his name I'm to say his name because the last time his name was mentioned on a show he took somebody to court Oh fucking that jackass yeah. I. WanNa say for the record not say his name. That refer to him as an animal that may or may not be donkey. All right. It's your show you take responsibility. But I'm not afraid of me. I don't need to hassle. I'm very tired right now. I don't need a letter in the mail saying you need to appear. But yeah. But he was upset because I was like Yo by the way this also supports what you were saying before when you go somewhere else that you're that you're like you're like a different type of lettuce these guys get. ICEBERG, lettuce. Every Sunday every iceberg iceberg. Calm like, ooh, that's a new green. Who's this then you go up there with your attitude and your sticking to go ooh fresh I like that hey, we got to show we're doing next Thursday you WANNA be on ten minutes his fifteen. Yeah and the only reason why you got it 'cause you're fresh lettuce is yes widow which works. So. This lady that was running remember her name that was running the funny farm out in Amsterdam new new. York. As we used to be a premier club out there. Time. was like everybody went to the funny farm out in in Amsterdam New York and she liked me and she mixed me in into the rotation and then I started hosting and I was featuring I was I know I know I featured. Not, featured middled middle. One night. I hosted a whole bunch of other nights and I was getting paid. I got fed remember getting I got fed there at my Aa. Always get some good food that a nice restaurant and I would drive all we out from where I live to this place. It was ninety was a ninety minute drive. Again I'm a truck driver that's all I do and that will come out and would go back out to Amsterdam and I would just this crowd in absolutely was tough. I, mean you know it's in the boonies. And I? mean. That's like they would they be angry at you is just You know she didn't always packed the house. A little. League they're they're coming out of this away. So you you'd better be as good as a as a thank. You are coming out randomly these fucking town. You always pressure. Always. But as a host at least like you know what all they gotta do is just be mildly amusing and agreeable and I like to be liked that's I know that's a big thing 'cause I. Did seven years of therapy. So I like to be light and That really I take very personally when I do wrong I can fix it. What's matter you know? I'm a little submissive like that but I'd like to be liked so. It was easy for me to be Ho-. How are you? Are you comfortable? I. Mean just really I didn't come out and do stick I would just really talk to people hey, how you doing you know you know Whatever you look. Good you. Just do some still sticking into the how are you? The everybody comfortable. Can I get you anything and then boom? We just did a show and you know. If I had written more material. That would have been better, but it always worked out and nobody ever said, David kind of Kinda came up short tonight. I never heard that not once. Tonight. Came up short you know no, you did a good job hosting it nobody nobody complained and I was very if I could describe myself, I'm doing your show, I'll do your job for you. If I. Give one word to my comedy career. I would say serviceable. Yeah. I was serviceable. Let's IT I. I think and I think that's one of the reasons why I thought that at the time that you would be good for that for that that do escape because because you are, you are who you are Naturally and and it works you know like if. You. Didn't you don't have like. Material, like you just going up there and just saying shit that was like. It was fucking funny like it was. It was you know thyroid issue hands you know. I think that's the thing that gets people into you. Is is the fact that that you dislike that young you'll just talk you know. And I think why you resonate With so many people when you're when you're doing these shows and shit. Thank you. Thank you. Sure and for the record, it only gets you so far what to know. I'm obviously not doing it now said only got me so far and and I do want everybody to know that you actually want me some material to you didn't write it for me. You had it. Then you didn't want to do it. No more than you gave it to me UH shit deal with the belly. You gave me some insight, Mitchell for my belly I think I think I kind of remember something like that. Yeah Yeah you because you had slow losing weight, you didn't need it anymore. It was. A Nice passing the torch in a way these fatty on like okay. Thank you. He lives. That's a yeah I know. I. Know What I guess I did that and then, and then I gave I give Matt Elliott Joke to Oh that I I was doing and like it was I guess it was like going really well I. Guess I kind of stopped I guess he was really into the jokes oh so he was like, Hey, man, can I have that joke? He took it back. Yeah. No keeps a cookie he if he can do the job and I was like, yeah, sure. Take take the bucket joke like. I can I can do more jokes to ship but I remember that I. gave. My Kelly Joe to Oh. There was a guy there was a guy that came to dukes. Log I'm not really sure I don't remember his name. He was really a nice guy hit a great name had a great name. I actually thought he was already somebody when I first saw him. I heard go wait a minute. It's this guy already somebody but he wasn't. But anyway I don't remember his name I just remember being white and tall and he was artsy. And he did a porno joke. It was really really funny. I should do it because it's not mine but he did this porno choke it was so funny. I loved it. I just loved that he wrote his job and then he stopped doing comedy too I mean I. Would Watch facebook and he wasn't before wasn't performing and then I was toying with the idea of coming back or something like that. I was doing one of those one off a bowling alley shows you know. Bobby Madison. I was coming back whatever it was and I call them hey man, you haven't done comedy and I haven't seen you. FACEBOOK message. I really would love that joke if you'd be willing to sell to name your price. And by the way I am thirty, forty, five I wanted this joke I know I could kill it. He was like, Oh, no man. That's mine and I'm like, yeah. But you're not because that's my job. I'm keeping I'm like. Okay. Dude so badly because it was so funny when he before stage, it would kill me because it was just so great I don't want to do it because it is but but it was great. It was just great material. He. Didn't justice and he was so brilliant but. I can't remember the name, but but I wasn't against it. I wanted other comedians to write for me because I was so lazy and so tired. I just wasn't that good of a writer but I never really flex my muscle, which is what comedians need you just need to. You don't think you. You just really need to try. Yes. You need to try and and I didn't tricolours. And by the way, it's not an excuse. I was always exhausted. I mean like I said, I'm driving I'm watching dad being son. Trying to be all old people at the end it. Off You were like you were like a exhausting yourself. So like when you when you doing that there isn't much time a really fucking. Right. For like a minute there there's not much under because like. By the time that you're. Your Day ends you're just like all right fuck it I'm going to bed right now I'm I was have no time to write I was told I would sometimes go to work On a Sunday morning at one o'clock dukes would be over at eleven something right. I traveled to a lot of you already know the location but anyway, I, travel a half hour west to Rotterdam. Park in the parking lot and I would sleep for an hour. Okay. Dispatch it about one o'clock sometimes too in the mornings I get maybe an hour an hour and a half. Yeah. I would dispatch a a tractor trailer loaded with groceries for northern Vermont and or Pennsylvania. Yeah, I would make up the way I. Eighty seven and I would pull over in about an hour an hour fifteen minutes at rest stop and I would sleep for about two hours. And I never got in trouble for as long as I didn't wreck I. was there a companies I would say? What are you doing? We see you on your log, your sleeping for two hours sometimes two and a half hours. I'm like I just came from a comedy show. You mean right. Before you pull a fourteen hour shift of driving a tractor trailer in Vermont in the snow in the isolate all you've got eighty thousand pounds of groceries or whatever in the back and you're you're you're sleeping like an hour and a half well, it is comedy. I'm paying my dues you know and. And I got I I would sleep in that truck and it's not a sleeper. In the front seat. I, put my head down and I wake up my neck would be also I would overeat to because when you're tired you eat I mean that's how I've ballooned up and and Do you remember the parking lot in the lock? Do you remember? Dr So. Yeah you remember. Do you remember what it looked like when it would rain all that? Money and the Denson into the ground. Yeah. Yeah. So Here we are in Albany, which by the way people that don't know Albany is a city. It's not. It's not like where I live with like back road it is a city they know about pavement there is pavement. Yeah. There is blacktop there is you know Ashville, there is. Construction it's a city. It's been there for a long time but for some reason, we're we performed the parking lot was the surface of the moon. Craters everywhere, and it would rain and you have we're GonNa Park. It was hard to park on the street. So you park there and there will be nights where I would. I would go up there and I, you know a sleep in my car in the parking lot and I had a Volkswagen rabbit pickup truck for a while but I had all these other. Crappy cars at Dodge Omni. I had my Chrysler series. I had you know crabby vehicle had Astro van I had all these crappy cars and I would sleep in the parking lot in the log tablet and that what I wake up I'd be parking a puddle because it rained like Oh my God I couldn't move my car because all the good spots already taken. So you know. I did a lot of paying dues. I'm only sharing that with you verse while I want you to have a great show. So I'm opening up to tell you everything I could tell you I'm not holding anything back, which is these are not secrets. But if you listen to the show, you want to be a comedian. You don't WanNa be a broken comic Yeah Yeah Yeah. Things that you have to do and I think the only thing was a couple things. The only thing that kept me one of the things that kept me from really moving on was I was I was burning too many candles too many too many places I was toast. And I wasn't a writer I. Nobody nobody liked me enough to write for me because I was really hoping to make buddies with somebody that would right for me and nobody wanted to write for me and. I asked to reconnaissance wants to write to me because he was a really really good writer. I don't I. Didn't. He was also good performer but I thought his strength was in writing I really thought I could kill his material he wrote only, but we talked about it but it never happened. So I was just too tired and too lazy and that helped me back if I could write and fact Charlie Paul. May he rest in peace talks Paul, had said to me you know kid if you only had an act. If you joke if you only had some jokes, it'd be great. I'm like no but see wasn't there there there. There are people who made like living not writing fucking jobs and and and and just, and just talking like it just ended up being fucking ended up being funny I think I think like everything everything that you did did what you did it. Would have been. You would have excelled more if you weren't. A burn candle at both ends that way that you can. You can hone what what it is that you were doing because. I I. Don't know if you knew exactly what you were doing as far as well. My thing is just just to be up there and talk in like that is my. That's my act you know. But like what things honing. Is You have to have the time to really hone what that is. You know and and if you'll have time to do it, it's easy to understand how like that can kind of fall by the wayside. Yeah, well. You know if I had to do all again I would and if I had to it all again I probably would. Neglect my son a lot more not to. Say Hey listen I know you're GonNa hate me but the money you are gonNa Inherit Ask. When your mom and I get divorced it's going to be so worth it. Well you because I'm going to feel bad. So you'll probably get car and you'll travel with me and you'll you'll get drugs in girls and not just go on stage and you'll be paying. Off You Kyle, do you want big wheeled now? Not Judge Roy. You go in our land again. Later. I mean I know you're only eight but I mean you had to do had to do you know. This is you know how it goes. You know what? That's just how the comedy game goes especially when once you like. How can I have a family and and you're trying to make your China provides for everyone including south. It's it's tough. Man was to you know I just thought about this for the first time I think. I'm just guessing I could be wrong out of all of us. Yeah. I might have been the only one. Who was married and had a legitimate child. I might have been the only one with a mortgage. Well. He got cartoon. That's right he but he didn't host media He he he just really I don't know if he did. Broadway. But you know he did dukes and. I, know he got some gigs but. Yes okay. So there you go at least one other so doing. Cardio to own and I. Think I think that's about it. Yeah. I. Think that might be about it. You know. who was like that yeah okay. so it's not easy. No no, it's. It's I. Applaud you guys for for for doing that shit because like it's it's a lot like I. You know I'm not I don't necessarily having any responsibility as you know like that down here. So it and it's tough to me. So I can understand the how can it be like ten times as tough you know having having a family and having a family working and then try to be trying to be funny that a fuck impression is. Funny because I remember talking to. Jason Howard and maybe even you or some other. Jay. Bryson. I. Listen To me I would quench my physical you're single. Let her getting your head. Just. You cannot be involved in a relationship right now you're on the edge of greatness you're getting you've got work to do this woman here fifty more like them in line. You know look by your t shirt and they'll give you ten dollars and then they'll slip you a key or card. Stopping these relationships that are so destructive, not ready and they'll kill me because you know Massey and Howard. J All these people that were like, what are you doing with this complicated? Relationship Priscilla. I've been thinking about that. You know I've been thinking about that a lot more 'cause, I remember you saying that to me whether people. At, the time like at the time no one was trying to fuck me so i. Really. Wasn't. I've been. Trying to. Do I, WanNa do not that big thing but then like, but like recently been thinking about what you said recently and I was like I. Is. It is better for a comic to to get his success when he single or get success win win. Relationship and I say that because. The person that you wit and relationship and you're doing comedy they have to be completely okay with with like with us the number. That'd be okay with you singing them at least at least. Two hours. Out of the fucking week, because because like if ric thing is to be out every night, you have to have a little bit of time to send this person and and can't be like as much as you do comedy. So like the has to be a short, my time is very hard for someone to be secure in and seeing you for like two to five hours in a whole whole. fucking. Yeah Hey listen we gotta go to the law tonight. We're GONNA do sit there for two hours. Listen to Dick Jokes. Raids not fun. Yeah. It's great. Oh. You're going to hear the some of the worst comedians. And you'll hear wanted to that a good. You hear a couple of other but you know a lot of it's just going to be a night of suck. Yeah. Okay. That sounds great. I love you. How many nights we're GonNa do this Oh we could do it once you do three. And we could try to get your miles and do the same thing that sounds great Chris. Maintaining, maintain relationship and and and being a comedian news desert really go to get. It not it. It really doesn't. Until you've made a quote unquote made it whatever whatever making it's for you that that is the only way because. Everything can work on your schedule. and. The only other thing that works is if the relationship really goes bad when you do bit on it, I, mean you got material to. Then again. That's what every comedian's doing. Oh, I just broke up my girlfriend and how he tells you you heard that. Relationship just woke up on. That's life. So that is. So so. Where are you originally from? Originally. From Crown Heights. Brooklyn New York. Okay. That's where I was born in a hospital in Crown Heights Brooklyn New York. and I lived. For a large part in Brownsville New York up until the age of nine and up until about two weeks after I got my favorite five-speed bicycles stolen. Guys Boulevard will wilding I mean living Goldenrod with do that to you Limbaugh the bike I cried, and then two weeks later we moved to. Brooklyn. And that's where we spent the majority of my life. I guess from nine till eighteen o the next time years were there and then I went to the navy. Travel, the world came back and I met my wife to be and We moved to Queens. Jamaica Hills. Queens. I was neighbors with trump's who lived in Jamaica estates wasn't really neighbors with them but you know I do what I saw the house I knew they used to live and And then the that was a got the navy when I was twenty three and then a couple of years later I think twenty five, I forgot how many years later my wife and I. My wife was still my wife to be because we shacked up for ten years and I was getting the milk for free and. We moved to upstate New York and I've been here for the last twenty seven years. So so What was what was it like growing up in an in crown heights and Brownsville like? What was the? What was the demographics of people? Because because you 'cause your family like you're you're Jewish right? Yes. So so what I'm not very good at it. Because I'm a practicing Jew. Yeah. I stopped practicing. I realize I'm not gonNA just. Like kosher food, I really do and I like. Women. I like because I married a woman that's not exactly Jewish and she's more to the Hispanic slash German. Of things which is fun and and fascinating. I mean, after twenty seven years you know whatever? So neither one of us a young anymore but it's okay. but but yeah. The demographics and Crown Heights Brooklyn was. Wasn't was a majority Jewish or but before the. Cloud now, everywhere I went to listen new. York City is fantastic and beautiful is it was always you turn left using crm Hasidic Jews. Right, you see black people you see Rican you see all you see young I mean not everybody was thrilled to be there with the other people. Yeah I'm not gonNA say Beautiful Utopia. Yeah. No, it was there was a lot of tension. I was born in sixty three. So I went to Crown Heights yeshiva in nineteen, sixty, nine to nineteen seventy. Yes, the first second third grade I went to chronic on Crown Street show that would be a six seven and eight years old right. So so so so this so this is right. So this is right after or before the the integration inside inside Brooklyn 'cause like I remember like you remember. Watching things that just being like it was a very, very white neighborhood but then but then like. In ten years after that some in between that. They're just started to be influx of of of black people inside inside Crown Heights Brownsville. At that time when it's happening people found out and then then started like leaving the fucking area because you totally white flight. Yeah. White flight everywhere. By. Whites winter to Canarsie. They went to which is on the border like the end right by the water. Into a corner like well, this is it. This is as far as away we can get. To this, we're taking a boat nowhere to go and besides Kennedy up what was right there. So it was like. You know one cab ride and boom we're on we're on a jet blue to Florida I mean this is before job before jetblue was around but one Florida which is where a lot of people went they went to Florida. They went to see they went to. Long Island. Long Island. Eventually, much much later, a lot of them went to say that. The the white people to Jews. went to maybe even the Italians I. Don't know they went to Marlborough New Jersey down there. So Yeah. We're very good about leaving we live. We don't like to stick around too long like this is nice for now. Actually especially, one of our real estate friends is going to sell a house to a black person. We all got to go you know everybody flips out. So we I was there for a lot of violence back in the day you know cross burnings and Brutal Year your real estate Yeah. It was a real estate. I can't remember the name of it. It was on Flatlands Avenue in Brooklyn. Looked like a log cabin. This was the real estate office. This was the office it looked like a log cabin and I don't know if it's still there but he used to be on Flatlands Avenue Right now off of Rockaway Parkway. You're from Brooklyn aren't you from? Brooklyn yea. So do you You good with Brooklyn like you know these short of your listeners don't listen to. This anyway. So it was. One of the most interesting buildings because it was the newer, no log cabins at all in Kasey. Brooklyn but this real estate office was. Okay I don't want to stay in that choice, but whatever and. And they sold a home to a black family and that real estate office torched. Yeah and and I think the House that they sold the whatever I think they burned across outside of it and that was nineteen in the nineteen seventies without a doubt I was. Thinking seventy seven I would have been fourteen years so it was around that time. Listen there is a lot of. I gotta be careful. There was a lot of people there ever see the TV show the Sopranos Yeah. Okay well. They started off in Brooklyn and when they got tired of broken, they moved to New Jersey. So this pros, they were sopranos in Brooklyn. You WanNA use the word Mafia used the mafia I'm not saying it. You know somebody saying it but I'm not saying but you could say it there was this element and they were not happy about change. At all and it was by the way didn't like me either you know I was actually getting along with all these guys. Yeah. But. Although I did have one call me not too long ago and really had a heartfelt conversation with this guy. He's very apologetic was so sweet No. He well, it's funny. He he was Jewish guy but he was selling himself. He identified. As an Italian. Hanging out role these other retire. Yea. Dude he came from such a messed up home. Hey. I knew he was a nice guy but I mean I. I try to see the best and everybody believe it or not. It sounds like I. Know that everybody. Everybody was born a little baby. Body was cute. Everybody was colored and then your mom your dad or the first one is up. Yeah. Then you'll have a cousin uncle. You know it's it's a it's a terrible environment and this guy was the product of environment. He ended up with this crowd of these other kids and they just happened to be Italian are they were very violent and again on these homes anyway. But he he got in touch me. About a year or two ago and Man It was it was the most amazing conversation this. You were such a Nice Guy I'm sorry that was mean to you. I'll tell you he just really just let it out man. Wow and we fifty-five at that time fifty four, his only do comedy anyway. But that's what was going on. It was a lot of tension. There's a lot of anger because there was bussing. Yeah and I was one of the kids when I was still living in Brownsville check this out. I'm on this bus like the B forty two whatever I'm on this bus and I'm coming down Flatlands Avenue. I'm getting off this bus on the only one on this process, his loaded with black kids but they're bussing us into build a C. J. D. H.. S Sixty S Unites Sixty. At? East eighty. Sixth Street Tom Getting off the bus and they protesting the MOMS, the Karens or whatever. They say now, all these. White ops up protesting no policy. No, plus don't keep our schools like. Hello. A. Nine, ten I. Didn't know I know. I didn't understand because I didn't. I was like I just wanted to friends. Yeah. Play it just spent three years and you see yeah, posing as a Jew, you know posing A. Didn't have to be Orthodox or scenic. Okay she. You needed to have money and they talk you money. They took your money that's what it was a private school but. It was all based in Judaism but they took your money and Anyway. I also got in touch with a former friend of mine that went to that school turns out she was Italian. And I was like, oh Whatever but but they money because her mother where she lent her parents didn't want them to go to their school. They wanted to go to this school so So you got a private school education but just happened to be based in Judaism anyway. So we get off this bus. Black Kids The New York City bus, you got front and the back of boom. Protesting I don't know what's going on to go to school. My parents said, he dropped me off this bus right? So I was. Very. Familiar. Very early on about you know familiar with racism and. Segregation and familiar with all these things that we're talking about now so much but I was sort of on. That sort of on both sides, but I was A. Kid I was. It was in the middle of everything and it was always on the news it always things on the news and it's just never ends, and then once I fully moved in to. You know you know people talk to you? They say things to you like really. Seem to be very angry. I know that Guy's nice kid you know. But whatever but did it year so did your family move up because of that that the integration? Hey Sandy here and I was thinking about doing a podcast about my favorite movie bill and Ted es where you and I was at work. I should use anger it is freely use free to download and you recorded edit referee phone or computer. The best part is there any will distribute your podcast for you. So you can hear it on spotify apple podcast. Am what platforms sick it has everything that you need to make a podcast at one place. So download the free APP now anger DOT FM against started. See you their yards. We moved out of Linden below thirteen, eighty, one, the number beautiful beautiful building was five. It's called. The butcher's collapsed five-storey like buildings all twenty one stories. We moved out we moved to. Because Brownsville was getting out of control crying was going up. No doubt about it. We had a crime problem a huge cry Pablo yeah but. My parents are death like know you knew that. And My. Their parents of their parents. To Grandma's to GRANDPA's. Both lived Kasey. So they needed a lot of help. My Mom Dad always needed help to death so I couldn't help them because I was always the little kid interpreter and my sister was also an interpreter you know because everything needs to be interpreted and everything needs to be done for them. Then we moved to Karachi and we actually. The the first place we lived was right across the street from my father's mother and father, and then we moved I don't know how many years later to another location we lived upstairs from my mother's mother and father. So that's how that's. That's why we moved. That's part of the reason why I moved to see but I think a big part of the reason was Brownsville was really getting crazy at it wasn't just listen man it just wasn't safe for white people. Yes. W was hey, Dave come on here. Let's play basketball. Nobody that these words have never heard of my life Dave coming on over. Let's play basketball. If. You look at Google maps if you go to thirteen boulevard. In the middle of these five tall twenty, one storey buildings courtyards for the old people sit on these benches at the tables that supposedly supposed to play chess or checkers but nobody ever exchequers. And in the middle of everything. Basketball, courts and just no baseball no soccer knew nothing. Basketball and I would come home from me Sheva five o'clock I get off the bus about four, thirty, five o'clock and these kids were. Plate and I would look like, wow but it was foreign. I never went to the fence to watch I never my parents always come up move along nothing to see here. This is not for you like. These kids who these kids. Move like a crime scene move along nothing to see. They rushed me up the elevator tonight floor and I go watch you know mcgilla Gorilla I. Watch I dream of Jeannie speed racer why watch TV that's more reason why I became a comic and I'm not an athlete because. You know this they rushed me away from these kids and but Yeah. That's that's one of the reasons why we moved out of Brownsville. SARISI. So do you think do you think that one of the reasons why they told you that keep on moving? was because like but was because it was getting so Cranfield, or are you think it was because they didn't want us being around people at all you know. To kind of get like a different you know different friends or or perspective on life. Long. Learning, I know that a lot of people are not going to like to hear me say this, but this is the best I could tell you. My mother and father being deaf had a limited scope of the world. Limited scope they really were focused in on self-preservation struggle to be Jeff. My Mother is survivor. Of World War Two and she didn't go to I. Don't think she was in a concentration camp. But she was in a town where basically. doobie anchor. I think it's called. It was run border of Ukraine and Poland. If you look wikipedia. At that time thousands of Jews they all got exterminated. And she was always on the run the run from the Germans. She lives in she lives in convents. It was a whole thing. She was deaf in Poland in in nineteen she just died she just passed away April she was eighty two. So what's eighty two years ago? Nineteen thirty something nineteen, forty something late thirties forties so she was. So what she goes to be five she she's a girl, she's deaf she's in Paulin. How many? How much social services you think are available to Polish Jews in Poland for Steph girl now she went to school I have a picture. It's like five of the kids in one guy had down syndrome and I don't know about the. WHO's to teacher? What's the qualifications has a little work? Anyway so Whatever I'm pleading a case from my mother I didn't have a great relationship with I'm pleading a case because. She scope was limited her she was basically illiterate whatever she was a good mommy. She Kissed Boo boos and she made good food and she cleaned house and stuff and dad was a worker bee work will be with. And they had friends all the friends with death only death. Friends non deaf. And they had friends that were Hispanic. Greek Hungarian whatever black All over the across the board and you know what? It's a small pool of people even though it's New York. City. It's a small pool of people. It's you know it's a couple of hundred maybe to choose from and these are your friends for life. So. So they my phone was very polite and everything was. Fine with them and their friends you know whatever? But for me? They wanted something that you know all parents want something better for their child, of course. And They would watch the news and this was before closed caption. And the impression was you got white kids Jewish you, WanNa send them to you. And they're going to wear a Yarmulke. 'cause everybody Yarmulke. You'd send the White Kid like me. You said into the school that was right across the street in Rockaway Parkway. He's GonNa get his butt kicked WanNa get killed, and this was the impression that their parents gave to them in other. It's the cycle. What was that? It was to cycle the cycle? Yeah. Like the psycho. Cana kept spinning. But it like they. They weren't learned people like. My son needs diversity. My son already had. They were told basically what to do by their parents? Yeah, and let me tell you something that I. Remember I distinctly remember this. When I went to Crown Heights yeshiva at six years old with my mother. And I think my father sister who kind of raised me like a mother my aunt. And So is my father's sister I follow was always at work the I don't know if he was there but I know my mother was there at my grandmother, my father's mother who was like the matriarch of the family. My mother's mother was a Polish immigrant her education was limited. She was a farmer ended up selling fruits and vegetables on First Avenue I avenue and Fourteenth Street Manhattan Weber's Weber's fruits and vegetables anyway. But my father's mother was more cosmopolitan kind of like. Audrey. Hepburn in a way you know the actual jeopardy I know I'm showing my age anyway. I remember very distinctively. This is the one of two times this happened in my life we sat at the table being interviewed to sign papers into bay the money whatever to for me to go cry it's creates a Sheva although not a religious Jew we didn't wear the garb then go to temple none of that. Sitting at the table and the woman. At the other end that was doing the interviewing and processing the paper Said said to grandma I remember distinctly seeing to my grandmother and I had no idea what was going on. Said you doing the right thing is if you send your your grandson to public school, he's going to be with the animals. Go so this nine, hundred, sixty, nine. Woman behind the desk is referring to the kids at Brownsville is animals. Wow. I of two times this ever happened in my life that I remember. And my grandma was like you know. We want the best for David because he goes to the school. He's GonNa get his butt kicked. Seventy years old six whatever and then my mother felt yeah whatever you say whatever you say. So boom they sent me deceiver and then. There was this impression, but if you look up the wikipedia page Brownsville. Not. Supposed to write because the information isn't exactly true. But if you go to the East New York wikipedia page or you go to Brownsville Hookah quick quicker pdf page where. The. Crime did go up and. Problems massive problems. For so many reasons. Yes. That could have been prevented just like now somebody thinks could have done right but they were done wrong and it's A lot of people's fault. You know a Lotta people are. All part of it and on on all sides. It's wrong. It never should happen, but it did happen and. We had to get out. According to my parents got. So they sent me. And and then for whatever reason I guess we ran out of money. I. Don't know why but we ended up moving to see and I'm sure the image was. Who White People? Because it was ninety nine percent one. Absolutely, what it was is Asians Italians juice pretty much. Not. Even like. Vern I kid you not. Between Foster Avenue where the Brooklyn Terminal Market was and the and the Water Jamaica Bay. And from I don't know Mill Basin Ralph Mu whatever there was a certain area, you were ninety nine percent white I know that for a fact, there was no all the all the black kids in my junior high school were taking the bus city bus they were taking the city bus, not a school bus city bus and and then eventually I went to high school, which at the time was the largest high school I think in all of New York City five, thousand, six, thousand kids in this high school they will. The projects over there on the other side of Ralph Avenue. But there was those borders there were definitive borders and if anybody rented or try to buy, there was going to be a problem the there was a core group of people that were GonNa make sure that sale or that rental didn't go down there because it was fear there was intimidation and all that stuff that was one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, seven recently. These are bad times in new. York City area. Bad Times for the city financial ole SIS corruption and craziness there was no whoa. Kness and square was was a whorehouse. It was Disney. So everything was totally different drugs all that stuff and So Yes. So that lady said I remember distinctly going what I remember, what what an animals like, my buddy, my little Louie Louie and I would ride big wheels together the courtyard. I. Puerto Rico friend you know we will dig wells. What do you mean animals? Who The hell am I? You know you guys are always beating me for being A. which is also by the way a little. Little Westward can't remove door, but it's like you're referring to these people's animals but you're always treated me like I'm on the black sheep of the family you know. But even at six I kind of felt like, Oh, my sister was a good one. I was the bad one but I was always mischief but anyway, but So that's that's the story man they moved into the all white and I did you know I did make friends? I made a lot of friends. But I was I was really out of place because for the first nine years of my life, I was sheltered in my in my room. I just did a podcast about it call them. All I. WanNa do is play something like that was one of my last episodes well. I want to do is play and I just wanted to play with I wanted to play with my cars I wanted to play with my blocks. I, wanted to play with my johnny lightning. My my hot wheels just wanted to play and. I didn't have any prejudices I just wanted friends and then Austin they all were already playing basketball and with a ball stick ball ability, they use it on me with athletics father. The Not do any athletics with key mentioned that while a lot of people can imagine, but me is I really dead nine years nothing. No. Throwing a ball nothing nothing nothing. So by the time I got to cross the I was out of place. Wow. I was totally out of place because I was like. All right. Great. They're all white but. What do I care actually care and? I still don't care, but it doesn't care. Then in the it was it was it was a straight. So by the way, so I'm always on the outs. WHERE DO I fit in? So guess what I did I made friends with everybody. Yeah. I. Was friends with the nerds as friends with the with the only because I really want I wish was the mafia kids. Wasn't friends with that because they want to be friends with anybody. Angry they play with each other and you knew it was always the kids who were across. You're always wearing some sort of cross around the neck. Crosses. What's that little red thing that they wear the Italian red pepper, the red. Devils worn or something I don't know I was across. The Cross. Yes. So they were wearing across like, oh, you guys, are you all to the? The Brat Pack, whatever you're all the rat pack like Y'all got college shirts and you're. Not Wearing. A t-shirt shirt that your grandma got you when she went to on vacation and. You know I had a little. I. Had a shirt. Once said, my name is Dave don't bug me. A picture of a lady bug I would walk around like Kevin Arnold wonder years so anyway, but I made friends with the guys audiovisual words. I was friends I had friends I lived in on a thing called pat get p. a. e. R. D. E. G.. I don't even know what that means, but there were like fourteen Patta gets. Patty get five I, lived in Padua. Five. Kind of friends with the kids are panicking. We did all the sports but I was also Frederick Paddock at seven to eight. I had friends every paddock at East Eighty East Asia. I. J K I had friends everywhere. You know why? Because I just wanted to play I just wanted to play. I just just you know I thought life was going to be like this. Forever. Make as many friends as you catchy always have please go it. So they do I didn't WanNa stay home. I hated being in my house I wanted to be you know with everybody. was definitely not cool. I was just to killing everybody else. And had guy you've got friends that were girls but not like we go hang out and. But. Anyway but So that's part of my hosting thing I president everybody I was friends with everybody in comedy who was very people I didn't like it. If I didn't like him. There was probably a reason because they disrespected me or they disrespected the stage they disrespected the show or I knew they were up to no good. Yeah. There was a couple of community I don't like your attitude. You know what I'm going to be with you. You're not going to do me any good anyway so but But yes that was. Weird. what you said to me. Canberra kind of reminds me also to things as a that way sets me. Kind of reminds me of this others Matt Damon movie called the call suburban. and I don't know if you've ever seen it before but it's a cool movie where like there there is just like this. All Its suburbs is that the suburbs all white, right. So there there is a new family that came in and and that new family is black. Side but the but inside of that someone is like I guess like there is beef between to other people that are there and. Things go on and aside the community. And everyone is looking at the black people. they are thinking that that is people causing associated so they're processing likely. They don't realize that the people who are really fucking their lives up are the white people in that bucket neighborhood you know yeah, it's. It's. It's a crazy thing where like Everyone is so. focused. On the back of moving in that, they can't see what's right and from there is it's it's it's a pretty cool movie. You know I never heard of this movie other Yes poster still supposed to buy rope. Yeah. What are you? Check it out. When you come out two thousand seventeen. Amazing. Amazing I've never heard of this movie. Alright. Suburban Con-. Yeah. We'll check it out and the second thing is I I listen to one of your podcast yesterday go down and what you said it was totally correct is that like you you understand Why. It was kind of so much crime in the area because if you don't give anyone the something to step on, of course is going to be like this backlash where there's so much crime and things happening and people doing things because like you know they're not You're just putting people in a area without. Giving them guidance or help on something years just like here you go go so so so if you give them like you know no education and no funding for anything of course, the outcome is going to be what you see. Absolutely I mean I it was doomed from the start. You know as soon as you know, Brownsville, in East Newark was once all forms. A Brooklyn was. Back in the day. Turn of the century nine, thousand, nine, hundred, not even like eight hundred, thousand, nine hundred got a lot of farming going on then the industrial age came by World War One and all that other stuff but you know the. White Jews were predominantly owning reliving all over in a browser as New York and then. You know for whatever reason because we like to leave we left, but we didn't leave because black people coming left because I don't know where they went and why they went, but they went and then they said, okay, well, he go. So I guess back in the day. They were these real estate offices that were breakdown. 'cause you sold to black support Regan's whatever. But they did they did all that. So bag today things weren't so bad and then but you know there was the. The government was corrupt or they had corrupt people building. The housing which. was. No. Good. In theory a good idea but you gotta take care of the building. You can't just set up a building and walk away he's. Got To provide. The war you know and. Then and the jobs weren't there. I don't know where the jobs went, but the jobs weren't there And then. The city never got right now but. The thing. The thing that you're talking about right now that I've that some people disagree with is is what people call systematic racism like. It system that that That stomach rolled. Controlled and by by these by these people in power ends, people have power are majority white people in power so like when you have happened and people already have these. These preconceived notions or or just or just all out in general of course, did not gonNA fucking help anyone else. So this is the reason why this thing happens and select so but you have all generations. You know of this happening, of course, is going to be Shitty for people who who are not giving the chances to to do anything like you know that that makes sense. But some people like Kinda. They they. They think it's bullshit you know. I believe there's an I. totally. Listen. I'm a High School Graduate College I'm a truck driver. So I I always got to be careful what I say 'cause I always admit if listened to my show enough I always met I don't know anything I really admit that right away I am talking on a foundation of I know nothing. Yeah but I go with my gut I go I go to what I've seen and what I feel and I don't have an agenda. My show I don't lean left I don't. I Walk Forward towards the truth 'cause that's what I want. That's what we need and the truth is I I believe that there is Systemic racism and I also believe that everybody is. Is culpable at you know did you hear the show way rattled off for the mayors of new? York eight, hundred, fifty am. And most of them are Democrats up until Giuliani for the most what Mayor Lindsay was Democrat in for some reason over Republican I don't know what that was all about. The next hot actually the same thing. He Changed Yeah he's changed I thought he was Democrat the whole time. Now he he went from from Republicans and Democrats. All right. Hidden in. Koch and yeah you know so like real and almost borough presidents all those council really since nineteen, fifty, two to you really can't figure out Brooklyn. You really can't understand what's happening here. Show, you know. I think I think a lot of has because it's like I. Think I think the Democrat. The Democratic Party now is very different than it was back then. So so like you know the Democratic Party now are like are so so aware and so woke. have. To fuck that I don't believe I don't believe at that time that that they cared about it like that like now now you see people pushing for Democratic candidates to like really care about the community but like yeah, I don't think at that time as that that they really cared about people in the communities that the the idea was you know get another term and and do the fuck you with it not necessarily care. Going on there unless you're pressure but easily pressured US don't have to give a fuck about you know right Host, when people like? People like say like it was Democrats but like he had like, you have to look at things in in the context of time that it was then and majority Democrats and I include Hillary Clinton. Bill Clinton and everyone's like their majority, white people and those things. So they're going GONNA do whatever is right for their base to get elected again. So so absolutely. So that's like not giving up or like you know drilling a crime bill that that was that proportionally like put black people in jail or a black man specifically in jail it doesn't necessarily mean that because the Democrats do did it because that is what they're appealing. Right right. Yeah, you know it's funny because countries. How? Doing? How am I doing? Well, if you're white person hey. Can you come to my building? Over here we eat. You know we got rats. We got hold the plaster whatever from the ceiling by the way. I have been seeing this. It's amazing to me that I've been seeing this ever since I remem-. Wasn't a time I have to say this right there wasn't a time in my life that I didn't know that the projects were not the place to grow up not the place to live, and of course, they were always dangerous. They were always malfunctioning elevators crime rate drugs. How to explain to me how is it that I've known this I'm a little boy little Kevin Arnold right a little more than two years. I'm just as little boy watching mcgilla gorilla and you know speed race watching TV I, turn on I witness news and there's Roger Grimsby Bill Beutel here now the news crime. Brooklyn Rosen Scam and Della cry cry Ron Johnson I used to love eyewitness news. I fancied see myself one day working for them but it never happened. But you know it's like crime crime crime like I've seen this every day. So what what the F.? Beam Mayor Beame Bear God. Nothing nothing until Giuliani but but you know. I was that was great for Manhattan still wasn't great for Brooklyn, lots of parts broke down there by Brooklyn the whole. Downtown Flatbush That came around pretty. Giuliani did did did what he did but like I if it wasn't for necessarily the benefit of everyone like right. The only benefit that he did was like you know clean up clean up in but but like even even the people went against that because like people were so they were so used to. What Time Square was? That they wanted to keep it in L. A.. So like you know he he ruffled feathers and depending on who you are. You can say that like he did good because Times Square is way different now than it was, you know at least you know at least twenty, five, twenty, five years ago and beyond. So let that's it but also like his his main, his his two claim to fames were were taken down the mafia you know And and he did that and eleven right. But like but the thing the things in between those no one likes him either you know. But but like you know, it's just this is where which hooking thing you know that. People are doing good for a certain thing. But as a as a general for the for the community itself, you know he did good time square because you know he got deals with Disney and whatever they came in. Holy took over the whole area and that really was great for tourism because it's safe to walk. Now, you could get to see a Broadway show like Shrek? Frozen you know you get to do all that. Now by the way, I used to perform at a theater on forty second street between tenth and Eleventh Avenue, and we would walk this theater comedy improvisation. We walk was seventeen. So it's nineteen, thousand, nine, hundred, nineteen, eighty-one we walk the steeler and we walked towards midtown and before we get to the corner. transvestites. And hookers and and Giuliani didn't do good by them because they will have to move. I don't know what all these hookers did for a living after a while I can't. I would I would really I know you try to be serious about New York what I really want to know what happened to these like when they say, Hey, we gotta go live packing up their training suitcases. Hooker Hooker. Hooker clothing. Pets. Nice they hey, hey, how're you doing? Some some. Had to get a real job. Yeah. I. Guess. So I don't know. But that's that's that's the underbelly like another side of the story but. But That building I remember the building on the corner of forty second and tenth before taking that condemned. Now, it's like a huge hotel. So, many of those buildings got condemned. So those people were. Gone where they went but but you know Giuliani and all those mayors didn't do right by them because you know they were ripe for being helped years ago, and by the way I would be my father's car we would drive from Karachi. To lower, east side of Manhattan where my mother's grandparents parents had to Weber's fruits and Vegetables First Avenue Fourteenth Street we go right down was it Rogers Avenue all the way through Williamsburg Williamsburg was disaster for ever really see that I didn't know Oh you know. Because the Williamsburg you know now yeah no, no, no, no no. That was dangerous on Long Island City back in the day dangerous. Oh. It was so many areas that were show so bad. In Brooklyn. Right down. There would be hookers L. on the need to train. It'd be hookers all night long and my parents would drive me back and forth Manhattan whatever and I go. Wow. Look at us, twenty women I was. In the back of my car. My parents were paying attention to each other in the front and I'd be looking at who sat for. Who knows a nice short and this? This is what I was seeing firsthand I was seeing prostitutes. I was seeing pips I was seeing cadillacs I was saying what you would you know what spike Lee would put putting a movie I was seeing it it. It was pretty cool to me. I always loved all those those. Movies. Okay. I get it. I love it. And Pam Grier. I missed that boat longtime. Yeah Pam Grier. She still has a Hottie. But you know what? If If I was taking old back in the day. But why would have one out to her every? Career. I hope I'm not sounding. Creepy. Need. To a man standards no I. Think you are at that was The she didn't movie Richard Pryor cold, greased lightning. And Oh, my God I watched it I love because I'm an auto racing fan. He plays Wendall Scott the first the first NASCAR. Black racecar driver. When that's the movie greased lightning and prior disagreed job. Wow. But. Yeah Yeah. Oh Yeah. You never heard of it grease. Grease lightning listen I love to sit down and watch it with you. We should do that but. Angrier. Just. Such a woman. Such. A woman. Anyway that would be a good reason to be in show business if you could work with her in a movie and she says the standard but anyway but yeah. So I New York and I want to stay what is difficult here. Now, even more because I'm older like, how do you not motivate? How do you not create? I just didn't understand how you can have all those mayors, all those governors, all those presidents, and here we are two thousand and twenty. I haven't been to Brownsville in a long time. So I got to be careful what I say. I don't know what it looks like now I know there's a lot of parts of Brooklyn that are totally reform you. Know Different. I'm so amazed at you didn't know that Williamsburg, what's what's upon a time? A very, very dangerous drug infested crime infested area you know as. All Been Redone, I mean, and and even the part with a Hasidic Jews lived where they still live now. Those those. Of stuff got redone to. Manhattan beach back in the day was all bungalows. Would have you been in Manhattan beach lately I for the first time last week. That's my mother's nursing home was before she died and that was all bungalows and then. I guess it was the Russians came in. Don't man. Yeah. I. Don't know where this money came from way took bungalows live in. I. Used to live part time one of those bungalows 'cause I used to drive a bus for trailways and I had to schedule I stay with my friend and he lives right across the street from Kingsborough, community college and. And he was in his bungalow and then the landlord said, hey we're we're selling and you gotta move. So he moved to California whatever and the bungalows now all the. Muslim whatever a, it's not a mausoleum it's A. Coliseum it's like. Imagine. Dimensions, that got. All these houses are fucking huge and. And they're all around like I'm these these have to be at least like fucking twenty million dollar homes or I would demand. It's crazy crazy millions of dollars crazy crazy crazy now and uh so. It's so far like they come I don't WanNa say how'd you come from Russia? BAUGE and boom. You got money you know. So people tell me hey, dave that money's not exactly a legitimate I don't care. Gear bringing on a plane. And you know the blacks have been here since nineteen fifty year. Still living in squalor arousal I. Don't get it. Yeah, see. That, that's the that's the same way I feel about like like a like a Benson Harrison and and beverage and Doug you're. Like, like all all the houses over there are amazing in the in the neighborhoods. Awesome. But the only reason why that neighborhood is great is not not only because of racism and beginning but like but like the fact that like a lot of that money is kind of dirt money Um. Houses because like it's crazy that that someone has that type of arrangement of money to build a house like that or or like or like maintain it. You know. So all those like. 'cause like you know. A variance bittner. was at the time you know back is like all Italian and mean so you know everything that happened within the years with the titans as far as the mob share on everything that created this fucking community everyone around and like having Nice area you know. And it's not until now where like where you really see what that really did. Right? Exactly. Old Old mom houses. Yeah and it. Shape but I feel I. Feel so terrible about it and it's such A. Such a waste of time and. I don't know I you know this book's about listen I'm not a learned person. I don't do a Lotta reading. Books about what happened. Have you have you read Michelle Alexander's book the New Jim Crow Not yet. I say, I read it but you know I listened to it on. The same thing but. Amazing I got a friend of mine who's very very smart. He's a professor. White Jewish kid grew up with and we had we just had a conversation about today. I know you like that book I didn't like that book as much as you eat like a book I why he goes because there's a lot of things. She says, that are only part of the story. There's still more to that story, but you know she's selling a book and go. Okay. Well, maybe that's true. I bought that Book Hook Line and sinker. I totally by I see I, understand it. You know once you had. Oh, by the way that movie you recommend it Thirteen Yeah Oh my God same thing. The book is the same thing is that movie were different but say Nine thousand nine hundred seventy something three hundred thousand people in prisons in the United, states? And then thirty, four years later, three, million whatever it was. You know that's crazy that you go from three hundred thousand and they were experts supposedly saying that at some point in time, we will no longer need the prison system. Because there were so few people in prison. Yeah. That there was they were moving towards a different way of life that you weren't GonNa need this I remember hearing in the book i WanNa say read in the book but I didn't read it but I heard it on tape so three, hundred that movie that you recommend it thirteen. Three hundred thousand people in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty something, and then now we're at over two million or three million how many people and predominantly. Black population here I mean. I think I think people don't understand like like the big part that the that the government had a that the played in this you know not not just not just after slavery was over and and and they ended up the Jim. Crow is like everything else after that you know because If you. If you if you watch like movies or whatever the fuck are understand like you know there was part of you know. An I take California, for instance, California was like the people that were there. There were there were poor but like still live nicely and and they were they were so gangster but the gangs gangs that were the blessing cribs wasn't with the buzzer trips are now right Bloods and crips were like created as a as a community organization to to to to help the community and also give people who want to help you. Get fuck out to, and of course, you do that by like minded about balance but it wasn't so much directed towards two people tied humidity and and it really wasn't until the government funded drug war that that happened that all these drugs are being put into community where like one person realised. That you can put baking soda and and and cocaine together to make Iraq For that to happen and there's Not Selling this fucking can stop because he know that like you can't. You can't sell this stuff to to why kids because why kids are GonNa be like when you're white like it's A. Certain area people are going to recognize that there's random black kid coming into your fucking they're selling show. So like what you do is that you stay in your own community and start doing this up which is fucked up but whether it was last week, it was at the time and it wasn't until like money really start being made by it that these gangs started having these these these this like inside the community drug and turf war. So because because if you watch all these things like you can, you can fuck and see it and then on top of that the guns that were being brought into the like like there's no way. No know where to get a fucking Uzi From and fucking nineteen ninety nine. Has To be presented took them from someone else. So like. All, all the everything the government had to play an side of it is reason why should happens now which which which is the reason why like what one of the reasons why we're still far behind than than anyone else you know because it had a big role inside of it in the first place. Listen I don't disagree I. Don't know everything is to know this this other thing you were talking about the bloods and crips news to I don't go studying them. I. Know My my life, my area and. You know I see these movies and I go wow, it's. So crazy that this happened but I I want to be perfectly clear. I think the government response by still think people have to be responsible for themselves. People did get out of Brownsville people become successful. Yeah. You're listen you. You're doing pretty good for yourself. I got a buddy of mine that. I grew up with that grew up with we knew each other for about three or four three years is how show high school I spoke to the other day and he grew up a shepherd. New Lots and Linden. Boulevard. Down there. Almost almost on Queens border anyway but he took a forty five minute bus ride to. Central High, school and and he couldn't do extracurricular S. was it wait a minute? How did you do extracurricular goes I had to get on the bus I had to go home. His parents, his father was a copy thing and. I forgot his mom but he had good fairly integral mom and dad, and they wanted him to have a better education. They also black family. All Black did not so my family. You know you could say, Hey, your mom and dad a little racist I think they were being protective of their child. And here it is a black family did not want to send their two sons to the local school because they knew that it was crying and it was dangerous. And that is so they sent them on the bus and said the down the road. Yeah. When things like that happened? It's because like because they are. Kinda Kinda well off to do so and so when you have like a good home structure that me like people, people do still law even even at good home structure but. What? When you really have a good home structure especially as a black person it is. It is a lot easier for the people there to to see success in order to really be successful you cannot really even have to see it and seeing it is from the people that from your parents or. When you see it. You can do like if you had a parent that that that went to college. All. These fucking things you know that eventually you're going to end up doing the same thing because that's what that's what preceded you then s right. So so when you're when you're in communities, where like where you know someone might be might be a drug addict or something like that, and both parents might be drug at as a one might be drug addict. One person is like struggling hard to to make it work. That is the. That's where it falls in where like even if as a person you are you are. You know kind of responsible but like it's kind of hard to be responsible when you worried about everything else. Besides that thing to be successful I totally got it. I got into, you know again it's all a shame and I, you know I've always done the best I can with everybody you know that from your experiences, he listening you and I have hung out, we've hung out you know we've broken bread you know we've and and. You know I love you like a son I love a brother and and. I have. This. Whole thing is this whole thing that's happening makes me feel sick when I talk about it I, hope things change I i. I wish that I took a different career path. And I don't know if I ever wanted to work in government but you know. To help people got bigger truck driver doesn't really do much. It's not exactly why should have ended up but There's no reason for any of that to happen I. There's nothing I can do about except to be the nicest best person I could be. And that's and. They know whatever So so So at what point were at grown up in Brooklyn where where you decided to go to the navy like wh what was the catalyst behind you sign do that What maybe go to the navy yeah. Well, I I walked out of central high school diploma and I was like, Oh my God. I fooled them. They think I'm a graduate. Like, hip they didn't want me to stick around. Yeah. He didn't want me to stick around like all right. You know you can go now like really yeah, you suck. But get out of here you know. Okay and I got a job working for this company delivering. Cigarettes and candy was called Royal Cigar UTICA Avenue I drove a little van I went to all these you know candy stores have been whatever and I had a route delivered you know. Okay now we remember I delivered I delivered cigarettes and candy and a one day I'm going down I don't know somewhere in green point right? Just kind of a tough neighborhood two point. NASA much now, of course, not of course, everything's. Going out with his van in the van with this old guy, we got this van full with by the way stamped cigarettes. Taxes whatever stamped is totally different from unstamped. Anyway, it doesn't matter. I get out of. And I'm just going to say. You Know Joey and Jimmy Soprano meet me and Mike co-pilot. Says listen got their fingers. I'm assuming it's their fingers in their shirt to say, don't say nothing follow us. So we follow them. We get into this like Chevy Impala La drivers and I never saw the van. And we got. We got hijacked. We got we got Jack At. Two I'M GONNA. Say Italian but. They didn't want me to make eye contact but for the short time when they were talking to me and I said, Hey, is that shirt your finger or you upset to see me? I mean is that a finger on your shirt or you? Jackie and. Anyway. So I got Jack All right well, so much for candy and cigarette delivering. I think I. Got I got no possibilities I signed up for the navy. I was totally feuding with my father. We didn't talk for like Oh you live in the same house. My father didn't talk to me for a whole year. We've just would walk by each other not. Gosh we wouldn't whatever. So. I Love You dad so. By the way am I show now I play the voices of Harold. Yeah. Awesome I. I like hearing. The voices of how for the people who listening I play these voicemails that my father leaves because he's death. So he has to call me through an interpreter and it's always. Funny to hear the woman's voice or the old whatever some other person's voice tone my father. So I, call them the voices of Harold little by the way you'll never hear that by the way. This is good. This is a tip for you. We'll give giving give you one day canyons tips for podcasting success, which, of course, I am not achieving but. I love giving stand up comedy of is David J famous no but I got good advice they've had your. It's doing nothing but I got advice. So anytime you do anything that you think you're the only one doing it feel free to brag about it go ahead so. My podcast is the only podcast that's playing a voicemail. From death father via an interpreter I ain't the only podcast in the world that you'll hear that and you won't hear it anywhere. You want here. McMahon. You won't hear Joe. Rogan. You'll want here in any other show on spotify. You'll only hear it on W. Dan. With Dave the voices of Harold and sometimes Sonia I've had a couple of voicemails from Sonia, my Mama. So I'm playing these voice because how did I communicate with my dad? They will call me through this interpreter. You hear these voices and you hear these screwed up messages and it's pay. So anyway I had nothing going on I know skills nothing and. You WANNA by the way before I tell you about the Navy, you want me to tell you but there's other I mean, it's GonNa appropriate for the show I can tell you a little racist story about why I went to. High School. Right here we go and winds up. Okay. So I told you about when we for credits. The lady says to my grandmother, my father's mother the matriarch of the family says good thing that he's coming here because that other schools all animals. Yeah. Okay. So I- flounder I do nothing you know I'm CS DS for the rest of my career whatever and now I'm in junior high school whatever ninth grade and you gotTa pick a high school in Ninth Grade Right. Because you do eleventh and Twelfth Junior, senior softball whatever three years of high school. Some guys icicles a four years. We had a three high school so we're ninth grade. Say Hey guys in the next couple of weeks. You're GonNa talk to you a great adviser and you're going to pick a high school. You know you have choices and I didn't even know that what you have choices really. So you can go to high school performing arts. Right Remember Fain I'm GonNa live forever fame. You can go to high school performing arts. You can go to this one the one of Science High School Science High School what was Nice schools like Oh okay. I didn't know that I thought I just had to go to the road no, you don't have to go to that one. Okay. This is how little I knew about life. So he goes Mike Time by the way I didn't even know I had agreed adviser I didn't know any of this I don't know where my brain was, but I didn't know anything and my parents were absolutely one hundred percent not involved with school. Why would they? They don't know what's GonNa. Okay. So I go down to this. Canyon your neck. So go down to this room and my math teacher is there Mrs Schwartz? I told the story my podcast several times. Not a fan of mine I was not a fan of her she. She was not happy. In her job, she did not like teaching math I. Don't know what personal life was like. I, know she didn't like the color of her hair because she changed it all the time. So she's one of those old ladies that goes to the Beauty Paula, her hair red yellow, whatever you get. So. UPTIGHT, angry not happy her life. That's my assessment. Now is a fifty six year old back. Then I just knew that she hated me and I wasn't crazy about her I was a student. I didn't want to be there and learning in school and whether it'd be outside. Doing that. So she says to me. So Dave. Did. You pick a school? Did you figure high school? I said yes, I did. I picked Grady Vocational Tech, school in Coney Island are you familiar with that burden now? No not at all that's where you go to be an automotive mechanic or bodyman that's where you go technical to grady vocational tech still exists still exists. I was like, this is great. I'm going to go to grady I'm GONNA become a mechanic and I'm gonNA WORK IN NASCAR or I'm going to be or I'm going to drive a truck across the country but I'm Gonna I'm GonNa know how to fix I'm going to be that guy I was had no inclination for the canucks, but I had no fear. No fear mechanics I didn't know anything I never fixed A. Great she looks at me she goes grady. Why Grady I so close to. Fix what I work at NASCAR whatever I wanted to do race cars and I wanted you know she goes Oh, you're not going to greedy. That's where the animals go. I was I was stunned what I mean now I gotta be honest that comment bothers me now more than ever but at the time I was disappointed like. Why am I here you? Just you just. Finally I had a choice. Yeah I needed the crisis cheever I. There's no reason for me. I was a good. We weren't kosher. Lie A big life we use I lived a life. And then now They bust into the neighborhood then they move. I'm always like I don't belong here and now I'm picking a place that I could start fresh tenth grade I'm to learn how to fix a car. Do I want to do this no because. Those were the animals go. Wow. Okay. I go to south sure. She didn't say to me well Dave. I seen in the school place maybe you should go to school high school performing arts. You know you got. To audition. Was No reparation for the. So by the way, that's sort of why identify I gotTa be careful I I don't know if identify but I relate to the situation of young black men and black women and Bradley because nobody was nobody's helping me. My parents could help me nobody helped me I was like. Myself and getting my ass kicked by these kids and I try to be friends with everybody in the world I just wanted to play and. So I walked out of that I guess I'm going to school and that was the Internet. And I couldn't I couldn't go home which again, this is why relate to a lot of people struggling coming out of Brownsville East? New York in all areas of the United States Because nobody to turn to. My Mom and dad did not have my back. So like you might be available you WanNa, go to your your mom your dad. You Might WanNa go to your landlord. You Might WanNa go to your job you might want to go to your governor. Nobody. To turn to nobody gave a crap like well. It's good for the other five thousand kids get enough you like but I wanted to be mechanic, and of course, in my Jewish household my white Jewish household it was like you will be isn't the choices a lawyer doctor. Accountant, and then they threw in computers and they would say it like this vern Dave, you should do computers. Due compute wh what do you do a computer? This is what Grammar Frito. It says she do computers my nephews. My Friends Nephews Charlie. He's doing computers. He's doing very well by the way this commodore days how this way way back. We do computer. When you look at me you see Dr. You. Yell at me. You beat me. You tell me how What a devil my mother would call me the devil she go and finally what she goes you're the devil trump. I mean I was always doing everything. Wrong. How do you see me going to college and becoming this? Of course now I know how hard it is to be a doctor, a lawyer and accountant, and that computers well, I just went to high school wasted three years really, and then joined the navy. This I had nothing going on nothing going on and. By the way the only Jew in the navy. I mean I know that's not true. But we're I worked everywhere I went. The most there was one other. He was not wearing a Jewish star around his neck and he was. And it wasn't like Oh, I heard you were coming. Wasn't welcome. Told you will come. It was like I was there with the with the with the Alabaman's with the Carolinas I was there with. I was there with everybody was a melting pot, and by the way ninety, nine percent of the people that I was in the navy with in almost a four year there, and this is very, very true. This is not even a making this up and everything. I'm telling you is true ninety, nine percent of the guys that I served within the Navy we're not patriotic. No No. Not at all nobody cared we will all just trying to get away from our fathers. We all just trying to get out of small town America or even be we will all. Listen if you if you had anything going on your an officer yeah, you would go to officer training school. We were just kids we had nothing going on the education systems failed. that. All of us. Many of smart kids but not smart enough. Because if you were smart enough, you'd be in college. If you had money, you'd be in college but there was a Nice Little Gi bill but it wasn't really the reason to go to the navy. Yeah but. We all just listen. We all just wanted to get away nobody nobody in the four years. Williams when he does that thing about nails. Can. I caught a little cat will cat Williams? He does his thing about girls black women with their nails, break the nails and they get all upset that they deals and cat he goes never never in the world of them. Hey. Your nails. No we're not having sex. Yes. Great. Line I. Love what he says that I love that word that he says, but anyway I only feel comfortable saying it with you and your show but. Never, never in the four years as a navy say quite I I love fighting for our country nobody said that he would say, when do we get Outta here I'm GonNa, go drink I want wins my liberty Wednesday going to ring the bell and four thirty. We would have liberty off the boat. We go down to the Olympic club Google we'll drink get drunk and act the fool and try to find some some we would call them heifers. Some hundred years have some sex. Go back. Go back to the boat get some sleep wake up in the morning and be in time for you know eight o'clock muster and you know do your job is four years of drinking and sex that was my time in the navy. Nobody cared about anything that worked with again just like Dukes just like my high school I was friends with the radio man I was friends with the torpedo man I was friends with the machinists mate I was friends with the sigma and I was a quartermaster, which is navigation. I was friends with officers. Was All these people nobody talked about how great it was to be in the military and fight for our country? We we weren't at war. We weren't at war we were just playing around. At the end of the Cold War we would track Russian subs and I was on a submarine. We would follow Russian subs for days on end never hit the button and could have blown up twenty Russian subs never would follow him for days but. They called them tracking parties anyway but. It was all about getting home. It was the job and so anyway. That was up in the navy. I know you ask that question about thinking about an hour ago I finally. Looked listening but. You know I there's there's always interesting cause I always there's always a thing where you know you're you're older than me but like it came, it came at a time when like you know. The you only have to trace like you said either either to go to to military or or do college but that depending on depending on like if you had the money to do so you know So that was a that was a big thing with it. You know. But like it even gets to me a bit more when you say that like when you say would you say you said that like we didn't. About about you know. Loving. Loving Levin the United States enough to to protect it. You Know No. No there was none of that. Nobody cared it was it was never came up conversations like, Hey, man you got you got that tape. Hey man, you got a cigarette. DRINK YOGA drinking. Hey, did you see that girl I was with the issue was hot? Yeah. She's she's married but whatever I got late last night. It was all about that for four years everybody from eighteen years old and nineteen years old up until thirty five whatever it was. It was all about that and I'm not degrading to me I'm not saying that we did our job and we wore the uniform and we did our job and. If. We weren't at war. War things have changed a little bit. We you. You get tested when you're at war but we never wore. So when I was, there was all about just. Getting, drug get laid in getting out of the service as soon as you could except for the guys that might have liked it and very, very few. Liked it enough to re up I didn't there was no way. I was I was getting out of there. So I was ready to leave after bootcamp everybody should do two months of boot camp. To two months of BOOT camp, you're ready. Oh I get it. I get it. I'm ready to get me job ready to go to school I can do after two months of boot. camp. Vernon you can do anything you want. What? They break you down the first couple of weeks in the last couple of weeks. They bring you right back up and you're you're fighting you're like you're ready you're not going to kill anybody with a bayonet. You're ready to take on the world. I was ready my mom and sister came down graduation. They said, how do you feel like? Oh, I get out of here. So sorry mom I'm sorry ready I'm ready to be a good boy I. Kinda get a job and I gotta get a To do and Too late for that, you know Mr Schwartz took care that a couple years ago. So Yeah. So the Navy I traveled the world it was great but. You know whatever. So so so while you were in the Navy is, is that when you got turned onto to comedy well, I was always you know. Listen I. Love to laugh and. My parents were deaf. So what I would do when they were fall asleep. On the TV, 'cause I couldn't sleep I would be up to three o'clock in the morning. Maybe that's why do good in school but. I was by the way I was old enough to be I was old enough to stay awake late enough to watch the TV shut off. Yeah. But once upon a time, the TV was shut off it'd be do the national anthem and as pattern we. So I would stay up and I would. Watch Carson. I remember the first time I still carson. Point it became a bit of habit. I. Wait for my mom and dad to sleep and I would sneak out and I go watch carson and I would see Milton Berle and Bob Hope and you know Demartin and Don rickles and you know Johnny Carson just trying to cost I wanted to be Johnny. Carson. Well, my whole life I wanted to be Johnny Carson and my whole age they all say that and then later on everybody wants to be able to now know everybody wants to Chapelle zero nobody does anybody WANNA be. Fallon I hope not. Does anybody really wanted to be Kimmel or I don't know back in the day. It was cost. That was I want to be on. Carson I want to be Carson because he had all these friends. Yeah. Every day he had friends he had jazz singers. Writers, Poets Perform Regular people and all these people coming hoot and Holler and a guy would do. So with this great voice in Alabama and everybody was was around him everybody back him it was like, wow, that was their family and I love I romanced all of it so. I would always I was into comedy. Avenue Castillo and not so much the marks brothers not so much laurel and hardy now a lot more not so much buster Keaton and that's so much. Charlie Chaplin Really Avenue Castillo. The movies and then the TV show and also zillow. I. You want to be a monster breath fire by phone. It'd be cool if I could. But yeah so. I wonder do comedy and. I was when I got back. I. Think It was before I. Left Comedy is what I made my open mic debut. I made my open mic debut at a place called pips is sheep's a Brooklyn which is right down the road from Manhattan beach. Well, yeah. Right across the water from Manhattan. Beach Anyway is pips and that's what this. was when I was a high school senior I think it was I was dared a friend of mine dared me to do it, and that's where dice clay was breaking nineteen eighty-one. He was breaking Joan rivers had broken and. Jackie Mason and I'm not sure how many others but I went to a Wednesday night open mic. And let me tell you something I. Don't remember much of that night but I remember every comedian sucking sucking sucking suck I mean and and the bartender was throwing things at the performer like apor they it was like a weird clubhouse thing going on really any the guy that was running the Mike was the owner's son and the owner has since passed away son I think committed suicide and all this other stuff. But Jarmo Rooney by the way was a friend Joe Journal. Rooney. Even think the name sounds familiar. Yeah he's. He's sort of up here somewhere doing he was I dunno but anyway, he did a show he did radio show that. Pat Lynn. Pat Lynn. Comedian Pat Lynn got a job working on drama Rooney's morning show and picks one, zero, six, point five I think up there in but he was he was doing radio show I, know because. was doing comedy for Comic Syndrome. What's his name? Russ set me up. With a guest spot to promote comic syndrome. So anyway. So you're then he became a cop or something I, don't know but this open mic guy, the owner's son Gamy John Moll Rooney's phone numbers. You should call the sky after I did my my. My Wednesday night opened my debut. and. Then we will. We leaving we stayed the whole night listen two thousand Dick Jokes that it was just horrible horrible night. Nobody made me laugh and then it was embarrassed painful and leaving my The guy says hey. Could you up oh? Okay. I was leaving vern I was walking out done. I dared. I did it. Time to go. And my Buddy Billy Billy Miller was his name billy is crazy crazy kid promoter rambunctious just out of control wired white like really wired up. But he was my friend I like him. You know he's even had good intentions. He had bad childhood bad bad broken home anyway just really just off like so bad for him. We got involved at some crap anyway. So Brooklyn, you gotTa Love It. You can get away with this crappy somehow. Manage life so. Billy says, Oh, you like it he goes. Yeah. He goes the guy goes you wanNA come back ago. When he goes can you come back Sunday for the regular show? Like open up to five minutes. I yeah. Okay. What like why? I? What did I do and billy goes. Because You'RE GONNA, pay you're GONNA pay him. Billy shut up shut up. You pay nobody. I'll give you five dollars for gas. Really. Okay. I'll be what time seven, o'clock whatever. Came in five. Came in Sunday for whatever regular Shaw they add like Ted People for them with my friends. So then I did I did the show Sunday and that was okay. I did whatever I wrote some new stuff whatever. I only had. No minutes I had no. two-minute whatever. That was okay and I just never went back to pips and then I went for the navy. I actually went to community college for a couple of months and then he joined the navy and then I didn't do comedy until I got back and then I did. The only joking was called. No, it's called the Boston Comedy Club and then. It turned into only joking or was called only joking and it turns Bob. Okay, right around the corner from the comedy cellar becomes. The bus. And I already had a connection to Chicago city limits was a comedy improvisational theatre on Forty Second Street between tenth and eleventh where I met recruit. Chrome and he has a documentary long longtime stand up comedian who hosted he's one of the he's one of the original comedy sellers St Right as. He has an open account for life. He goes in their orders food pastes nothing like forever he's he does the classes. So I do recall me as a documentary called a Rick Oh RC Rick and they did a documentary Sarah. Silverman. They all know him and I would go and hang out and watch these open mics and I would say Colin Quinn back in the day and all these other guys. It was it was it was quite an experienced and I decided to try but I was too busy. Really, a fulltime effort because I I was with my wife to be in I had to get a job and my family screwed up my head because they didn't. They never indulge me. They never say, Hey, we you're you're the devil, but you're funny devil and. There was no indulging days. No indulging there is no supporting of any of my dreams none of my dreams mattered they only. Dreams for me which were foolish because I was never gonNA live up to anything they wanted me to be so it was a struggle and. I didn't do anything until I moved to to Albany I mean you know upstate New York and then then. So. So At what time I, what time did you stop before? You came back to Albany like like? Oh. I got out of the navy. In Eighty six, I moved upstate I think the nineteen, ninety, nine, hundred, ninety, two. So it's two, thousand and twenty you know. So I do nothing for I, don't know twenty years and then I hooked up with Gregg Dallas Class. Was the second one I think it was in the second class and Wow I did that. So that was ten years ago whatever when did you get the two thousand? Eleven. I think I think outside doing Kalis I started doing comedy like two hundred, nine So yeah, I I think I met you in that year. All right. So so I was already I don't know how many months before you or how many weeks before you got there you take the class to know I just I just went oh okay. Yes. I took the class and I needed a little spark I took the class and It was great and by the way. Whatever I worked on in the class. Whatever I do any of that by the time I got to this day I just talked about the class is just talked about the funky elevator and the building did it work and it was a heart I just talked about that and I I didn't do any of actually written and it went over. Well, I just made it up made up on the spot, which is in a way very good in a way very bad because when I realized wait a minute what. I don't have to right? Yeah. I can just talk. Well, that could be good in that could be really bad and so that's what I went within the I. Did the next couple of years three years whatever in total between hosting. Working the working area like you did, you know doing the doing the thing. So so in that in that time where you weren't doing it, did you did you have like a like a? Missing at all or were you were you like taking of things that refunding? dammit. I. I have too much responsibility. So I'm not GonNa do this now year I was I met a woman. WHO was. Beautiful beautiful full she is. Hispanic German woman. Yeah. who was a princess Beautiful Black Hair beautiful is. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful, beautiful and. I. WanNa hit it hit but. I I was in love. I, love it. So. And one of the first times I saw her in a social setting was at a Halloween party right off the Doll Parkway in Bay Ridge in some guy's apartment building. Yeah and I knew she was going to be there because we had mutual friends whatever and my best friend at the time. was his girlfriend was best friends with her? That's how. Long story but anyway, it's a very romantic story and. The first time I saw it a social setting was at a Halloween party and she was dressed as a princess and forget about it was just like. Oh my God. She's looking back at me like I'm just a schmuck. Ain't, GONNA hold back. Loser. I had hair I had air I was slim. I wasn't fat. Fifty six yet. I know game no gate. Nothing I. You know. Uncontrollable hot on. You know what? I look at her on my God and. We talked and. Then we dated and I had to I had to prove my worth and it was all about proving my worth. I had I truly get to my dad and I was also hard day because her dad was like, who's this loser which I was I was I just got out in the Navy I had nothing going on and Yeah. So it was all about taking care. I. Just became my father just GonNa take care of this woman I'm gonNA prove to everybody that amateur and I got all these crappy limo driving jobs cab I was just driving whatever could drive or whoever would pay me I'd work all night long all day long it never come home, which is exactly what my father did. All the mistakes he did and I just wanted to make her happy and make her comfortable and everything I ever wanted to do was got. Get it done. devoted. Voted now? Devoted, you just want to make that clear. and. Here we are. That was nineteen. I. Don't remember the Navy Navy. Say I met her in eighty six. Twenty we've been together for thirty four years. Thirty five. Did she know that? Did she know that that you were doing comedy? When you guys met. she. yes. She must have told her everything whatever I I no secret I was like you like me I. Like you. We're GONNA. You'RE GONNA. Let me touch your Bubis I'll tell you everything. A. Confessional. She pulled up a struggle Oh my God Pam who pam. Daughter because I would her. So I had this, I had this Hispanic you know. German I mean she she always makes me because so far this German but I don't see her I see. But. You know the part that you know that dominates the German the part that you know. He's Hispanic. Germs the part of the part that hates me. There's better place like, Hey, I like this guy, he's all right but Yeah man it was like I'm touching bubis so. I'm yours whatever you want me to do I'll do it and 'cause you know I've never had a woman goes. Yeah I'll do. It doesn't happen except for the Philippines. Pay. A lot of. A lot of pesos. So you know. So finally, I'm not paying somebody and they're being agreeable to get naked with me. That's big. So yeah. So I was devoted I I had to make a life I had I had to figure out why was going to do so comedy was waste she went with me a couple of times only joking whatever. We did that a couple of times and you know we we take it a Chicago city limits introduced it my friends from Improv and I tried to do a little bit of this and that do I had to go to work. Well. Who am I talking to? It's expensive then yeah. Even then it was expensive to live, we lived in Queens paying. I don't know eleven hundred dollars a month rent back in the day that we had to get roommates which we hated the whole sharing hated all that and we live my parents were while we had a carpet cleaning business that when we went bankrupt. We didn't file but we we basically went bankrupt I was in debt for years I carry this debt debt debt man thirty, thousand dollars in debt. Wow. From a business that went down the tubes because I'm not a businessman yeah I, had no foundation to run a business no business running a business that's the only business I had was the business but by father I wanted to impress them. So I bought a franchise in I lost all my money, my bar, Mitzvah money, my my bonds from was baby we cashed it everything lashes everything I live in my I lived in my childhood room at seven, sixty, four, eighty, fifth street I don't even know why I'm telling you these addresses. I assume people are going to google it but Google map seven, sixty, four, east eighty, fifth street I lived on the top floor and I lived in my childhood room. For the nine years Well whatever and small and moves me and my and my and my wife, and we had to bring all of our equipment from this carpet cleaning business up the stairs every day two flights because you couldn't leave it out in the van on Flatlands Avenue because it would get broken into and robbed. So we just took A. Bunch of my wife and I. So I ruined his princess. I gave her calluses because I made a clean carpets with me and I was a bad businessmen horrible at it had no business being in business but yeah we worked we were talking man we had nobody helped us with this and my father didn't help nobody was. Yeah whatever. We did this for three four years and then I finally got a job driving a bus. And That was the beginning of the. For me know it's time to go from one seventy, one, hundred, seventy pounds size thirty, four ways to the beautiful round figure. So so. What what spark you to come back to stand up after all that time that you what foolishness. I could give you a really long answer but I feel like everything I've doing is a long answer and I don't even remember what the question was. So I'm going to give you a short very short. Foolishness I saw greg's Ed in one of those continuing education learning addicts whatever learning center, whatever the where those things are as like. Wow. Stand up comedy. God I got nothing going on in my life nothing. Oh. This is pre wait. I I don't remember this is pre having a child. I already had my son. And I don't know what it was. I saw the ad I still remember I don't know if I still have the paper, but you know it's basically Greg holding this microphone and its overhead shot, and he's kind of funny face like and I read the description I went. Oh By the way when I was living in New York. WHO's on I was a comedy club. Do you remember who's on first now? Not That's a comedy club on First Avenue in right around the corner from scores we're dern used to go with the strippers. So who's on first? They had a communist I never went I always wanted one never had the time never had the money. So I always wanted to take a class I always wanted to get back in but you know I I had to suppress everything she let me touch your movies. I. Burn does everybody understand that a woman a beautiful woman who could have done? She could have been with anybody she picked me and I was like, wow, and they really nice movies. Well, they were back then now know things have gone a little bit of. Things have gone south. We've all gone south but anyway so she's GonNa she's never going to get this. You'll never know about this interview I want to Brag about it, but I'm not. GonNa. Say because he knows I'm in the van she she she goes you got to do the one thirty. I did at one thirty. Okay. So how do you go very never showed up? B. N. T. I'll say would be empty. He was late and I said forget it so anyway. So. Yeah so What was it foolishness? I and I did it I did it in like. Now. And then, and now I, gotTa do it I. I did good my debut at the lock I did okay I service the good people like me. I said funny things and everywhere I made I basically roasted school experience I. You know I didn't record it. I never had I didn't have a smartphone until cardinals when I had these. Cameras these huge Olympus. High eight whatever. I was way behind the carbon I never recorded if it's okay, I. Haven't in my head and then everybody else showed up. You know Jamie Bride. You know who's the first your first guest Dan. Dan Dan than Rossi Yeah Rossi everybody to professor. What's his name? The ID, the Adela four or five. All of that and Donald The forest and. She's the house. Men's and. All I mean all of them. I was like. Family man I I mean whenever we didn't Hang I duNno. I wanted to be there. I just wanted to be part of it I don't care. I. Really didn't care how well I did. Hang out with you guys, I wanted to hang out and talk comedy in dissect it and and help each other and I was you know it was taken in to the family is anybody else was and then I made sure i. took everybody by the way one of the reasons why advocate Levy who you know recently passed, right? Go to reason why she came to the lock I reached out to her 'cause I saw her on facebook and I said Hey. I saw you profile because I used to do Budel. I used to she has this whole. Vaudeville past. She has this story I should come up to the mark, but she she was heavy shot a hard time walking or husband was sick but she made an exception she liked me and I. I was convincing her a woman who I knew nothing about. That I could tell by her profile picture, she was crazy and. We conversations. Come to all, but he comes to the LARK and I'm the only Jew. So she said okay. So. Anyway. I didn't say that, but but she came up and. You know I just wanted to be a part of I want to just. Watch those TV shows Dean Martin Peter Lawford Sammy. Davis. All that Flip Wilson all I just wanted to be that I wanted to be in that I didn't have to be the star. I just wanted to be a part of that. And that could be great and that was great for a couple of years we were there and they would have been graded. Some of US went to California created more of that. You know we created we put Albany to Hollywood or whatever but you know it's not that easy. It's very hard and who's doing it now really you're doing it and you know you doing as far as I'm concerned I know I know you have your whole side story, but you're doing great you doing great New York and Jay's doing our thing and I don't know who else is doing what what I think I think are out of everyone that like move moved to New York J. J.. Has Actually doing doing what we also set out to do. Yeah. Yeah. She's worked hard and I respect. Yeah. By the way I mean Everything against her you is what's going for her the novelty. I. Don't know if that's even she doesn't use it as far as I know maybe she does I don't know what you know now she does not you this. Okay. Well, whatever whatever works listen you know if people are into fact is I'm back I'm back. Way What happened Kevin James had an awful. Plane Crash okay. You. Know I'll be the next. Kevin. J I don't care. I'll be the next to veto I. don't care wherever a milk a milk it for all it's worth why not I? What am I going to do? You know I'm going to create something? No, they're going to tell me what they wanted to do and I'll do it so but anyway so. I just wanted to be a part of that. So foolishness again I I try to do short answer I gave you an hour and a half. So foolishness I had no no business doing what I did and I did it anyway and then my wife Said Oh God. Goodbye. You're you're gone and then I started driving all over the northeast for nothing burning gas no money I know my child. had. A coach soccer all this respond grass I. You growing grant and I. Not we'd you know I I'm looking at my lawn right now it's growing and laughing at me as we sitting at lasting grows I wash my. I gotTa Cook Ribs. It takes hours from the my you've never been to my house. I. Don't think I think I went there once but we left like right after for something guy had to get you know. Yeah I know people were talking no. No, but I had a party here. No Ron Simmons was here and his girlfriend and a whole bunch of people came here for you know whatever Barbecue Barbecue thing. I was here for that I am. I WanNa talk to you about something missing but. But books you know very very. If you take some really good books by the way but anyway but. Also for the barbecue. House. where I live so in the woods. and. Yes. So foolishness I know business doing it man and I don't know if I look back and regret it I. Don't know if I'm happy I mean I can't change it I don't think I should have done it I think I. Really should've just taken care of my son should've taken care of my wife and you know and can continue to touch the movies and have a good time for it. It definitely creates a wedge because you've got to be selfish you can't you can't be out. You know with your, you've got to be selfish deduced. You gotta work. That's going to think about it best what the? That's what I'm realizing now and I, think I think that's one of the things that like kind of contributes to be be saying fuck it as like I was never I was never selfish when when it came to the up comedy, I was like well, I I never got the the like the respect from the comedians that I was looking for. So I am going to be the the example and give them spent comedians and and give them the time and let them know what's up you know. And I think and in doing that I kinda put myself to the to the wayside. That is so like when when was starting people got to whatever level of power that they did it never reciprocated for the for the most part and I think that's one of the things I'll be like. Why like why the fuck am I really doing this? If if the if the always of stand up comedy isn't isn't working now in as far as being mayor for each other and help each other out you know and now now I feel that is like you know what? Fuck everyone you know at the same time I had that thing where like I want people to be together and lift each other up. You know what? I can say two things to you. First of all, I don't disagree with anything you're saying I feel for you because you know if I was down in New York with you, you know I would have had your back and you would have been doing a whole bunch of stuff. It makes me think about what you've been through because I know you gotTa Story and I I told the gentleman I I don't I know you're not making anything up I. Know It's real. It's not like you got like racist or racists. It's real. It's there's a problem. There's a problem and and you weren't treated right you weren't because people are too stupid to take the time and breathes breathe Vernon smelled environment. You know you you gotTa distinct style which I didn't realize. Ten years ago you would just getting started but over time you you know the whole milk thing that you do with the white people with brilliant. You've done some great stuff good stuff and your whole demeanor, all that stuff but so. I think that if you. Get back to when things return to normal I don't know when that's going to happen. If you decide to go back and you achieve any success, you're gonNA find yourself in a different category. Yeah I. I think you could be with different people where they go. Oh All right. We're doing this as opposed to now where it's so scratching tell me if I'm right it's a scratching like Oh f Vernon he helped me but today I'm not helping them back. Myself but when you get to a certain level where maybe you're on the road maybe May. Differ level. Maybe you go to California and maybe yeah, you're in a different. Because I never got to that level but I I see all these movies you know and I'm corollas movies, these other comedian movies and these guys work together your they they love each other. They warn each other like man that's that's beautiful Wyndham. You gotta be selfish now and be tough because you know that. You've you've had this experience. You've had this unfortunate negative experiences and I hate to hear you. You're thinking about not doing it because it'd be. It'd be terrible terrible waste of of of everything and I want smack in the face as they snap. Start. Saying sub verdict I sent doesn't say now be David Dick. gave the Dick. Done, it by the way I've said goodbye to some people in my life recently I, call them depleted. podcast there. You'd be surprised their depleted these people who sap your energy, they take your energy because you're so giving and you want to help them which to all the time naturally that even thinking about it, and then you're in the part of the phone call where it's like okay now. So tell me about you. So how can I help? You gotta go like wait a minute I just spoke to you for an hour on the phone I gave you all my energy. And then you leave and then. With the return of my, you gotta give me back that's the friendship and then I had to get rid of people because they were just sapping my energy. I, call them please and. I cannot express to you how much better. My life is now that I don't waste my time encouraging them. Yeah. I don't support that I don't get it their way. But I don't take their calls. I don't click like I don't share because you know what they didn't they want their me and if you're gonNA say that's not really a good basis for a relationship. Now, let me tell you something I'm making the decisions in my life and decisions I'm making is are you with me or against me because if you're not, if you're not with me, you're against me and these guys are not with me there for themselves and I support them I go to this shows I click like I share I spend money I do all this GonNa time to come time to me it's like, yeah well, you know. We're a little busy. You know my mom just show. I gotTa go you know. Like. Wow. All excuses. Isn't it? Oh I didn't know you had a podcast. Are you kidding me? You know so many things I've heard some of the most ridiculous things for. which these people they're selfish. They're selfish and their selfish in the worst way because I think there is a good selfish but there's a bad. selfishly, it gives what you're selfish I'm selfish. Do I am self? Ish hyphenated. I am self ish taking care of myself. So yeah. I like to see you do that I think that eventually. Somebody. Somebody's GonNa see you and go. Oh, now here's a guy that's doing something different. Yeah. That's putting thought. You're putting forty to it. Yeah I think. In. This in this time that that that's been going on, I've been I've been like Kinda. I'VE RIGHT IN DOWN Writing down ideas and I think it's Not, only from like whenever started. But especially now. I kind of realized. Kind of WHO I am and one of those things where everyone is down for a certain even though it might be down with it just to just to give a like a middle opinion on it are. Just and just kind of make fun of it. You know. So like I was I was think every everyone is so. I don't necessarily have joke for yet. But one of my ideas is Is. A. Everyone is very upset about the about the on Jemima Thing A. About her taking. Them taking the fuck in the thing off. The picture label you and and I realize. People feel that way because everyone is very use to. Her over over the years you know. The. They're used to seeing that face and haven't been having that be known that this is where you're getting your breakfast from right yes. Yes. You know and then and then I realized that I. Even though I think they're stupid I understand and the reason why understand is because I feel the same way. When so like in a bunch of Delhi's New York City Right. Like checks yet they're they're some of our own are owned by Asians right now. And now the people who are cooking the food are the Mexicans right. Now, when the Mexicans aren't there it is it is the Asian people who are who are make me my food. And I am completely against the at the owner Asian making my food is I want the Mexican to make my food? I am very used to yes. The Mexican being there and making me feel good. That he based foods so well. And? That's the that's the idea have to like. Kinda Kinda understand what what we're going to. I'm picturing the whole thing you're here and the Asian guys behind the care. Of course, he's GonNa Casual. You looking down the aisle you could see the kitchen the back, and you see those guys they're they're like yeah. So you ride on your bicycle that's the guy that's making you. Right right. It's it's happened happened more than once when when, when, when, when the owner of the places Asian I'm just like in an automatic food and then he comes out to back them just like yo where the focus is. Mexican. Dude and like I'm I'm I'm so close to leaving because. But within like he sees me and I see him fuck I'm here right now I can't move so so i. Still. Watching make my food, which is, which is something like it's not good like the making the food is just that there's no. There's no comfortability and. So so so I get your people are very comfortable in this in this old black lady. Yeah. No. Making it feel good about about about their fucking flap jacks. I understand it. You know and. That's my way of. Putting putting the nonsense into some type, of course. Right, see that's that's great. That's a that's virgin original. I would never think like that. But that's that's fantastic. You know by the way on a serious note, you know who's the most upset about the whole answer my label removal thing. Is. The answer my estate, the people that really against. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Like wait a minute. Yeah that was my. That was my aunt that was so that was our whoever she left the family hierarchy. She worked so hard for. At least a life? Yeah. I read I read the article how they were upset by it but like, but I don't understand why they're. I don't understand why they're upset by it because like one the I posted about this one there was there was no generation of wealth after after she died of there was there was no money passed on from a okay going on and to hooker and to the family try to try to suit get money and and then, and then that gas struck dead. So like so like there's All all the money that company is making over the last couple last couple of years out the last fifty some odd or whatever fucking years it hasn't that money still hasn't been in that family for that time. You know it's interesting. I didn't know that I know what version that kind of speaks to something very interesting. They're holding onto that. Yes. All right, and there's no money. Well these guys down south they're holding onto that confederate flag and they lost yes that's interesting. It's interesting. Why would you hold onto? So I didn't know that about her. So why would you hold on? You lost you lost it. And by the way, somebody wrote the confederacy only really lasted for a couple of years. So it's not like it's been a hundred years. It's like Oh you had a couple of years and you lost you still holding onto the holding onto the whole. Here she is. She got this thing. She I don't know the story but I guess it's kind of fascinating. Maybe you know maybe they'll make a movie out of it. I don't know but it sounds like it could be interesting to know how this all came down. Because why does anybody think that a black woman is out there in Vermont tapping, maple? Trees. Yeah. Does anybody really think that's happening here. No, I don't think it's having I. Don't know why she's on the label I think I'd associated more with the pancake. Yeah. Than I did with the Syrup Yeah. I says the suit she's making me back I. Think she's making me Sir but anyway but. But but I didn't. Listen. Do I really think is tiger make you my frosted flakes no. No care about stuff. I I made this I made this about it because like when I when I like red this is not the first time this has come up like like in thirty years I believe in this came up at least three times about about like the the mind missing and and before that my family you know expressed. Disinterest for that in First Place. So so so this is. Something ongoing in in the black community forever is so like story that the slowly behind it is that like the the these guys you know the guy went to like a minstrel show and and there was a racist term called a Aunt Jemima. He heard it and out. That would be awesome as as thing for this. So so so we had to find this black woman that that he can call aunt Jemima to be the the spokesperson. So like yet they paid her and they went around doing stuff whatever and she is a exclave so like they paid her money but the money. But. But my my thing was like well you people are mad about this but way to find out that that that that count Chocula is only thing because a man. Because Vampire did black face you know. You. You like. Everyone as about the things that they don't know about. So let me let me make fun of something that's completely fucking stupid and I mean. I get in. It makes sense you know everybody is upset about everything that they don't know about. That is prolific. That is the truth. Yes there is. If you don't have knowledge that you have fear the lack of knowledge breeds fear. Yes. Fear breeds anger resentment you know. Content and all of that I, mean, that's the beginning. So many beginnings of so many problems including racism is the lack of knowledge that this person is is whatever yeah where they come from who they are what they do you don't know this story here, and that's a great point is that there's a lot of a lot of wealth and all that there's a lot of lot of substance and all that. So the. PEOPLE UPSET MOST About it so it's You go you. Sounds like you're coming back to stand up I've been I've been thinking about some things I have. Allen Allen Prentice and like right. Come to come to Canada like I'm not sure about like as since Ryan things down that like kind of interesting I don't know like the the the idea is funny I? Don't really have joke for you have like set down like kind of flesh everything out. But like but the premise of it is is pretty solid is figuring out had how to really do this and but in but in in doing this. And I realized something something about myself and I think it might be the thing about you I went coming back to is like no matter how much you leave it It doesn't leave you. Know a here's like. Even. Even if we don't write it down the the the idea still six with you whether whether it be a week a month or a year from now whatever that is the idea though six with U. N. party you. Kinda Kinda wants to tell someone that way you can get it out and actually and absolutely, and I think and I think that's where I am right now was like you know. My my brain doesn't doesn't stop when it comes to thinking thinking about things are just kind of ridiculous and trying to put him in a way that makes sense to me and it can and can't make some other people. So. Like you know am I gonNA continue to stand up probably am I gonNa go far with I don't know I think I think like I love for just kind of coming up with some some random idea Always is going to stick with me and and me wanting to tell people is going to stick with me as well. For, an every great comedian. is every great comedian is not an overnight sensation yeah. There is. Does that one guy? I forget this white kid that was great at the age of fourteen or whatever, and he did it the TV show I hit forty hair I. think he was a Youtube Kid Who Still Young for me? Yes. WHO's doing music? You might know. But he got favors like real quick. Yeah. Slash then I think he really dropped off I don't know his name but everybody was into it for Short TV. That's looks whatever I mean you comedy. Central Movies. I. Think he's But I don't hear from them anymore, but you know. Speaking of black comics you know prior cosby Murphy. Bernie Mac. Yeah Flip. Wilson. Yeah. I mean. These, guys work work. They all have stories I mean drugs and mom and dad and poverty and Bernie Mac performing on trains and you know everybody's got story stories you're living your story. Yeah. I. Think it's great that you take a break. You very fortunate that you don't. You don't have to do it for a living. Yeah. I. Mean You had the job I know it wasn't great. Yeah and now we're GONNA get the whole covert thing screws up every the damn back. Yeah. Stupid back. Guy Dum dum dum dum but anyway but so angry facts sick but. You know. You're living your story and you take a break do storytime thing. That's great. You're comedian. It's what you are. You know you could be a podcast that you could be an actor. You know you. You'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA find you're going to a square somewhere. You'RE GONNA fit into a hall you're GonNa Find Your Niche and they're gonNA find you because you're going to talk about count. Count Chocula you're GONNA talk about you're. Talking about you can talk about the Chinese and the. Owner well, you got these perspectives that are so unique to you and you know. You'RE GONNA, do it and it's going to happen but you gotta just it's so hard I don't want to say the wrong thing to you because I know what you've been through authentic and it's it's it's real. It's real. It happened and it's horrible and I I wish I was your agent. I wish I could say Vernon Baby I got you buddy come on let's get in the car. I was like you're just Carlson. Two guys name whatever you know. So. Kirby enthusiasts. Come to your house you're ready. Yeah okay. Did the thing. All right. We get you back. On the plane. Negotiator get you the gigs and Keep. You Upright but. Somebody's gotTa be there you've earned if nobody's there. You I get it man I, get it. I don't want you to be broken comic I. Think Nobody wants that no no no, no is especially especially when you think gas something that is that is pretty good and I I was listening to like the the Rogan podcast and I think and and and another comic and I think that was great and I think that's where I'm going as well. Is that Is that you you have to find your own audience that kind of fits you so like so even though I may not be like the NBC or club comic I think if I can role in the space where I can get you know people like you know middle aged or like thirty. Thirty somethings something's Long Island or an a small venue that that curates around who I am. I think that's where I might find. Success is kind of cure rating my audience that specifically camera you. Okay. With with what I'm doing right now, which takes a lot of work you're you're fighting a huge battle a huge battle, right? Yeah. Mean you're GONNA you're GonNa have to somehow find a way to extend this podcast you're GonNa have to find a way to do storytime. You'RE GONNA find a way to do stand up. You're going to have to find a way to somehow work instead of New York I. Don't know how you doing now I'm just guessing you're on the streets but if I remember getting the incentive check. I'm like, what does that last you a? Hot You done. You know unless you're going to get a job at that Asian, you get a job at the. Learn how to learn how to make Maple Syrup but you know. It's a lot of work but. If you're GONNA find out. This is your battle. This is test and you love it. Do you love story time? Do you love Stab you love coming up with these You GotTa love the rejection of that. Love it but you got it's the words so brutal. Yeah. But you know when you get to that point where Bernie Mac guy all those guys yet even even white comics comics will have. I remember Colin Quinn you know at the seller. Nine, thousand nine, hundred whatever when I, went there with recruiter. I mean. Even now he's each struggles. Yeah. I mean yeah he does but he's not at the top. Now what I'm saying he's not signed and there's only by the way you know there's only like four five, whatever two or three. The, real comedy business is way down there. You know the Whitney Cummings and even lower. If I don't know the numbers exactly, but my guess is. There's two or three at the top Chapelle. And then. You start working your way down to the Mall Rooney's. Work your way down working out and then next you know you, you're doing fifteen minutes at the seller. Yeah. You know you just doing that all over the city and that's your life, and then you go on the road and maybe you get a TV show maybe you gotTA. A movie it's work it's working you got to commit to it. You know you gotta get yourself in a relationship. I don't know about that. I don't know about that. That's tough because you know you gotta be home, but you can't Bianca's guess what when you're supposed to be. That's when you're supposed to sign up. That's what he's supposed to be in your cab. That's when you're in the train. That's when you're walking down second avenue and you go. Networking your whole life is about. Traction. Traction always about traction. So that relationship is. I don't know I can't imagine how that's GonNa work, but you know this traction but. It's it's I. I don't know what to tell you about. I. You know it's tough and you gotTa love it and you gotta you gotTa WanNa do it and you gotta be committed and you gotta see ten years like you got the same five dollars in your pocket ten years from now that you have. Now maybe you'll find something more substantial than the appointment you had. You had. You had a decent situation there right that. Worked downstairs. Monday too often plenty of time to go where you know you. You lived in Brooklyn Santa Go back maybe you. Live in Manhattan, but you couldn't afford living at unless you unless you lived in a closet which by the way, there's nothing wrong with that. Live in a closet. To. But you know and I I've said this before and I'll say it again in front of your audience. I think of you I, think of why its neck. I'm so glad I remember I always have his name he so unique he's very so different. Yes. So intelligent you know I don't know did he go to college I don't really Thank. You. So. SMART. So unique forget as unique by the way this might not bode well for you but if you love it, then you don't care as brilliant as why it synapses. Where is wide? Sit Back. Or movie movie. Is He what? TV show is he I mean he did that he had a he had a TV show on HBO but but now like last year whatever. But now that canceled like you know he is With the aliens? No no the this on HBO is called. Them. A problem areas with Snack and. It was it was it was the great fucking TV show because like he like he highlighted the some of the problems inside America and so like he like talked to people in New York talk talk to people in different cities and towns whatever and got them the to say what things are in and and how they're fixing it. So like it. Okay. So it went from a school lunch programs to homelessness like it was it was fun fucking TV show but cancelled you know. So that's problem areas HBO. But that sounds like what Kamau bell was doing. Better. Hope better. Okay. Yeah. So by the way again, come out about I mean. We're all these. Eddie Murphy's Chapelle. It's Helps everybody forget about that forget about being at the top forget you forget about it. You could shoot for the stars and landed on the moon but says, are you gonNA shoot for the stars land on the moon and full off and land on a satellite that's out of control you're going to land on a comet like, wow I, wanted to land on the moon I shine for this. This is this forty thousand jobs down here that you can pay bills with those jobs up there. That's. Synapses, and by the way I, think I shared this with you. When I was growing up I was a big fan of Franklin Zhai. Energi. Yeah. Dude if you haven't seen his youtube, you know I mean he's not his youtube, but you've ever see his stand up very seinfeld asks very storytelling very, very unique, different his his style, his jazzy slow storytelling style not joke joke you know. Totally Franklin one of kind. And he did very well and he was in the movie car wash, which was a little bit not not at all Franklin secure whatever. But no TV show no Sitcom. Never started never. Never became Adam. Sandler. Never became Bernie Mac but frankly joy has career. Now he's a musician now he's big time and it's clarinet but I'm telling you back in the day I would watch Mike Douglas and go. Wow. Wow. He's so funny. He's so it's Admiral Joyner who still out there and he opens he opened up for Seinfeld Yeah. What an incredible struggle for full black comic- comics in general it's like you gotta stay yourself. If can you be happy achieving Mariel joyner success granted scranton okay. Well, there you go. Good. You you you definitely have to. See what part of success you want and be okay with that. Yeah. Because you know if if Mariel joyner was not friends with Seinfeld, that's a Lotta work you wanted to gotten done but he's also brilliant onto himself. I mean, it's been a long time since I've seen him. But when I was a kid, he was he was. He was on Douglas all the Mike Douglas like my thing 'cause there was in the afternoon I didn't always stay up for Carson Franklin. They also did that don? Kirchner's rock concert and special. But movies not really not really. TV shows no sitcoms no not really there was no comedy central back then right and so it's it's so damn heart. If I went back to doing standup, you know my sights will by the way I'm like I'm ancient but even if I wasn't h, it'll be like I just want to be respected and I just want to have some regularity of work and I just want to be part of a I want to be part of A. I WanNa have friends I just want to show up at a club. Hey, everybody knows me and likes me I, get along. We have conversations we have food I like everybody loves going to the diner. That's the best what. Did a diner after the show hanging out you and I we went down we. Live. So I love all that you know just hanging out and. To four in the morning and sharing ideas, and that's my those are my people. Those are your people. You know and You know apparently. It hasn't been a hundred percent few but I think the more you stay in the further you go people will go that I. Know that kid he's working hard and. Whatever man? Who is that? One kid he ended up on a donut show with her she's a stand up comic. He was in crashing I don't know his name and. Young Black. Kid Big head of hair for Afro. The crashing with Pete Holmes. He'd be there and then he was in that doughnut. Show with Judd Hirsch and the girl from. Brothers of anarchy. Now, she's on the Connors. Anyway Super donor whatever he was in a TV show it was like two years whatever CBS got. David. Peck Nick Whatever David could check neat whatever his name. Tall Bald headed funny guy. It's always in all these horrible movies. I'm bad with these with these guys, but anyway. He's a stand up and he worked and he got a TV show now he's off the TV show got cancelled. What is he doing I don't know probably out there working but off. Yeah. With no benefits probably does not work at traderjoes maybe I don't know it's so hard. Man Stand up comedy man you know it's not seeing other people's songs well, that'd be great. If you could sing asks Gordon Single and people. This is my rendition. This vernon vein, you can't do vernon paints rendition of Richard Pryor nobody's going to buy into that. I know what? Janine? jemaine Fowler blog yeah. Yeah Okay Yeah whereas I know he's stand up games and crashing I got. I got a I got confused. With him from from the owner of the comic strip, like like he brought me in his office talking to me and and and I'm thinking, oh he he's GonNa put me on. But like he a key thinks that. Remains our fuck where. To as an really. Yeah. Wow. It's fucking crazy. Wow, you liked what? He saw him for a long time in a pass me and. Then, they put me in office and I I thought he. He's about Heyman. We're I think you're cool. Let me see what you got whatever and all of a sudden like he thought I was the different fucking guy. Well, this thing is going to happen now. I can't pretend to be funny jemaine foul talking to so oh no. L.. Crazy? That's so great. You know. Well. That's an amazing story that's a pretty close brush to. Imagine if you pulled it off. Eight o'clock. Okay. All right. Thank. Wow. Wow. Jamaica would have never gotten the message. Call them eight man how can we didn't call me talk about which? I've been great. Oh, Dude. By the way I appreciate your integrity but man to there's I I wouldn't have had the balls to. I I wanted to be able to do that either. I would've felt terrible but somebody else would have done it. Might not do you it on yourself. So, when you told the guy, it wasn't you weren't him, he didn't say, Oh, I, appreciate the honesty give you spot anyway I didn't I didn't tell them because because he was so fucking old by the accused. So old that he wouldn't even register because like 'cause like a like a two days after eating fucking over the fuck I was like it was it was just crazy at the moment man I was like. You know seizures walked out of the. Office with his card but I was like he thinks I'm someone fucking. Great. Yes. So Great. Matter the Black Guy. Solicit, that's that's great. I can't win you know. That's great. That's great. That's a great story a little. Sad. So it was a great store. Called to try to be Jemaine hey man. Don't show. You got to go you know. By the way Judd Hirsch asshole. Anyway. So But All right. So yeah. All right. Verne listen man I didn't say any of that. Because I'm trying to be you know I'm trying to help you do a show but I love you buddy and I I feel for you. You know I got your back as but as I could have sorry I can't help you you know. You bring me to tears sometimes because I I hate what they do. I hate it I hate that they do it to women and I hate it. They do to you and I don't they do it to me so I'm still a little boy and In a man's body and I talked to my wife you all the time and I told a couple of weeks I don't know if he needs a place to stay. But I, you know I'm going to find out what's going on. Up. There but anyway, I don't WanNa, keep it from. But I'm telling you do I I love you I don't want you to stop but you got to do what's right for you. You know it's fight man can fight I want you to fight I don't want you to get hurt. Watch it a fight. Fuck them and. Yet assholes everyone. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA I'm GonNa keep doing me the best I can and and go there. So I I really appreciate your your support David I. Believe it. Because I. Believe it. I don't need to say I don't go. Blowing up anybody else's skirt. Unless you deserve it and I know I saw you I saw you that Chunky kid walking in with a guy named Switzer. Tough Gangsta whatever you would do. I said, I don't know from all the wall but man look how far you've come in look what you did and I know it doesn't feel like doing he did a lot and you write great stuff. Tell me something new with this Asian thing with the with the with the guy in the kitchen if you don't get your Mexican guy. It's great. Do It do it and sell it and Fuck Dab God? So angry. I guess because I don't have a club in Saugerties, I should have a club fogarty's. Put. You up in my condo and you're staying here for the weekend. Do It man? You GotTa host a feature we'll get somebody in here and we'll get you hooked up. But anyway anyway I love. You Buddy. Out thanks man. Hey. y'All. Yeah that's me talking to my Dave can hope you guys really enjoyed the podcast because I really talking to him. Dave is highly intelligent and funny. Do you know and I hope you can see that you know. Very, very insightful and very frightened, very honest about a lot of shit and I learned a lot dave you know. Dave is Dave is a high supportive guy and a highly honest guy, and he tells the he does like it is and I'm happy that I learned a Lotta Shit. Our Brooklyn that I had no idea about you know I didn't get the honey heard those things that were just in documentaries. Movies are thing or things that you read about heartbroken was, but it was awesome for need to. Hear about Brooklyn from the perspective of a guy because you normally hear that so much. You know Kinda pushed right why people are especially at men's like Nazi Shit and get their opinion and. You know I think some of that should probably. We should just. Learn how to listen to the more. To become better people, you know we should just. Stop attacking each other. You know. Realize that there's more things in common than ten things that we have separate, you know and All the things I learned from Dave and thing that they've has has learned for me. It helps you. You push that forward on the people. Learn Shit. So, again I want to say, thank you to to today for podcast, and if you guys like Dave, you can check the about on his podcast call dumbing it down with Dave It's a podcast, just artist thoughts and opinions of Dad. Father truck driver you know and he does it in his. In his Kia I believe. And it's just straight up. It's awesome. It's funny. You know and you'll get to. Listen and learn about Dave to all two hundred plus episodes and I think it's great. So you can check it out at On Talk WW DOT dumbing down with Dave Dot com or you can go on instagram. And facebook had done the Dow Day and check it out there. But I also. Like to say again, thank you guys so much for listening to the Brooklyn College podcast. Whoever did I appreciate especially, eighty-one she slept with the podcast and just kept listening for. Hours and hours. The podcast. WAS ON. I really. I really appreciate it. Hope guys. Have a awesome perspective about about how I felt about this first season of Albany all these people I really love appreciate it at think that they were amazing to their story. You know whether it be medical issues whether it be you comedy beaks whether it be just not anymore. You know whether it be drugs alcohol or whatever things that they get you down at think is a shared story whether you're comic and I think it's great that people get to tell these are these things spot themselves you know and I am really really really Freddie looking forward to season two of new. York City and I've met a lot of comics. Comics in New York City Sam I've seen TV some some have TV credits some been around whatever the fuck is Comics who have shit going on in our brains and some? Have, stopped doing comedy away. Some some people say Greg Somebody we're. Going on mentally that. NEEDS TO BE. figured. Out. And I wanNA talk to them. You know some people have start out doing comedy and when a different way with it you know maybe maybe they became an owner, a club owner maybe came a writer. You know I want to know about this you know this is very interesting. For people to to know. So. I'm looking for season two. So we're going to be off for about a month Can't tell you what day is going to be. It's going to be some timing because maybe maybe mid August. By. I think it's GonNa to be great and. Common. PODCAST is kind. Kind of GonNa, be going in a different direction you know. As as much as I love talking about being broken mentally and you're probably stay on that. I think I'm going to go into a row until a place where we're talking about people. who kind of veered off the first path that they're on onto a different one to to make their lives other people's lives better. You, know. I think that might be good way. Moving forward, we probably would do more things like that, but I will. Most aptly stick to ask. By Venturing out a little bit more. I think it'd be. It'd be great. For the. Here So yes. Again thank you for listening and. I always say. Tone you like coming away, you didn't like just tell me fuck in something see.

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