2: Matt Jones featuring Ben Soffer: Tuesday, January 5th, 2021


Good morning millennials. Welcome back to the morning. Chose happy tuesday. Hope everyone having an amazing day and a bright sunny morning. that's about to get a little bit sunnier. Because i am honored to be sitting next to sad. Obviously that jackie is gone but nonetheless honored to be sitting next to the kito king himself the man the myth my husband ben soffer boy with no job high. Then he's really sad that she's missing. Yes it is. You can speak up a little bit. Don't be shy. Is it really that it's devastating but thankfully we were able to get literally the biggest kito influence are on the planet to fill in for her. So i mean that's pretty incredible. Is that the what my name will be remembered for king. I think it's far more. The biggest blasi. Oh anti blasi. Influence are out there. Well not to be mean. But i will be mean you being the kito king when you've never actually done as it's funny and maybe that's on brand for you. The lies ided kito for like two and a half blissful months. Oh my god. I know i did and it really. It really worked clearly clearly. Yeah we've been amazing. Show thank you for stepping and taking time out of your busy day. I know ben is not really a. I pick the stories. I tried to tailor them to you. Because you don't really know that much. I do know i have a feeling gonna have to explain some stuff to you which is totally fine but ben did watch the brand new season of the bachelor with me last night and honestly he was more captivated than i was like towards the end. It's such a long episode. Towards the end i was really just trailing off on my phone and ben was like oh my god. Is victoria going to get the rose. No no not like that angry about it by the way yeah angry jones can get it well. His name was matt james. Yes we're going to dive into the tv recap segment and i have a bachelor related story since you're now so well-versed in bachelor content and it was actually a great time for you to be on the show because it's the beginning of a new season with a new bachelor who's never been on the air before and we're just really excited you beer anything you want to say to the people before we start talking about things that aren't you know it's great to be here great to be back always love always love coming here and Thank you thank you so much for having me. It's an honor julie semi around the toes. I could be a year. Yeah it could be a long time. And it's rare that i get to do with you. Yeah usually we just do like a patriot episode here and there. Jackie and i usually co-host you're on the road doing crazy thing. Yeah and yes. Just just me and jackie but it's me and you now this year mr moore. How are you doing ben. I have to clear my throat. I'm really sorry. No no ben seriously. I'm dead fucking serious. Do not do that on this podcast. Something got caught. Ben has unbelievably terrible. Sickening disease has to clear his throat. And i'm serious. Then you will. Not ruin the podcast. I'm dead serious. You will listen to me and you need water water to water. Do not do that again. I'm dead serious. Are listening to the podcast. Is only and i take my audio very seriously and i will seriously cut out your throat if you do it again. Okay and then you won't have the clinton the cut. Thirteen problem is one of the throne threats. You the throat clearing problem. If you don't have any more threats okay see we see each other each other right now. I think if that's all you have to say about yourself any projects you unplug. Look working on a lot of crazy stuff. But i'll talk about that when they when they're ready teasing things. When you tease things they end up not happening. And then everybody's like who would have been teasing. I'm yeah wing of doing that. Jackie always like yeah. You just can't do. it can't do it. there's just this is gonna be one hell of a year. we're gonna have a great year. Great agree you know. Just like mr james did when he came on the bachelor. I'd like to say a little prayer for those on the toast. I wish that we all have a twenty twenty one. That is just so fucking banging that we all makes so much money in that. Everybody's families are happy and healthy. That's beautiful bad. I like how you put. Before health of the family we can pay for health. We can't health for pay. Can't pay out so we have a great show for you guys today. Lots of news that needs to be discussed. And we'll see if ben knows who these people are so without further ado. Do you think each time then each time but it is time for the best stories that you need to know before you wake up and take a bite out of your morning toast and while that may be true. i. I've been feeling a little a little ill lately. I don't think it's corona. 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That detroit have found. I don't know if it's one hundred percents. Libya man who that is right now. I think i may have people confused. Okay so olivia munn is the dark haired actress. She dated aaron rodgers. That's how you would know her forever. They dated. i'll show you a picture. I don't know if she's sort of like olivia. Culpo kind of yeah. This is her but confusingly. Really look like olivia culpo. This is a lithium on. She's an. I have never seen that woman before in my life. She aaron rodgers for like eight years. I can't believe you don't know that way. I swear on my life. I've never seen that women before the piece of that. I haven't me but because the toasters will care people think that she spent christmas and might be dating. And kelly. Whose casey musk's ex husband don. Wow the one with the long hair no fat. A tall guy short hair. Whatever for those who care. Olivia munn is rumored to have spent the holiday season with and kelly. Who's obviously casey musk's has been. Which would be kinda cute on pairing an obvious that rusting kelly has like a very specific type. But then back to you. I know his first name was arrested. Yes caesar country singer her. Okay so now it's you know who be a wildest. Yes it'd be wild. But i don't know but i know exactly who she is Let me just show you a picture. I just don't insult me. I just want you to be like yes. I know who she is. So in like the most range news ever olympia wild and harry styles were seen holding hands as a source says quote. They updated for a few weeks. A hot new couple may be kicking off twenty twenty one in style. Lame article written by people. Li wild and harry styles were seen holding hands at a friend's wedding over the weekend. Sparking dating rumors the pair. Who recently excuse me work together on the film. Don't worry darling which style stars in and directed did you just clear throat. Said they were in montecito california this weekend for a wedding source tells people they were affectionate around their friends held hands and looked very happy. They have dated for a few weeks so the photos kind of took the internet by storm. They're walking hand in hand. And i when i saw the pictures harry styles a gentleman throughout a wedding outside munn. You got me fucking confused now. Olivia wilde is like in heels. He's holding her hand helping her get from point a to point b and his people were like overreacting at the photos because she just got out of an eight year relationship with jason today kosei of two kids like it was kind of like a big break up but then all these reports came out like pretty much solidified dating. So here we are. What are your thoughts. Please speak into the microphone. I know there were not supposed to ask how all the women is. can you. At least tell me the age gap between the two. Would you ask that question if it was a man who was older. I wouldn't would you expect piece of shit. Eyestone under the age why i wanted to go. It's irrelevant it's not a relevant relevant. I would like to know that age gap. He's twenty six. she's thirty six. It's really not that big of a just simply curious. I think chauvinistic motherfucker. I think that it's all oppressed ploy for the movie. Yeah people know when they're being photographed and when they're being filmed. It's not like if you go to a wedding and the wedding says no phones. Whatever you hold hands you smooth you do whatever you want. They knew they were being watched without question. And now all of a sudden what are we talking about not heard this fucking movie before. I didn't know that they were in a movie together. All the we're here in movie movie movie movie is it. A part of the movie is not a part of the movie. Is that the movie or the in the movie together. L. ed. That's a definite. I like that. Take idea when that's something we talk about here a lot of the morning. I do think that both harry styles and libya wild or two famous and to like a list to entertain something like that but it's very possible. I think it's very possible but another thing is this wedding was a twenty person wedding. Obviously because of kobe springs. And the person who's wedding. It was is harry's manager so he's like not a famous person. He's like a hollywood industry guy so i don't know if they would have thought per se that there would be paparazzi there. I think actually of all the places they've gone. I assume that a twenty person wedding at someone's house in the middle of a pandemic when the bride and groom are not famous. Actually could be a safe space for you to hold hands in public. I do think that it's possible. I don't know. I don't by the way no but now they're like people sources i mean of course sources could be bullshit but there are people saying he's met her kids. They've been basically living together. This is definitely a relationship All right well then. I wish them well let me do is the case i mean obviously no offense to you or to libya wild. That should be me but it's fine Interesting not to interrupt. I do have another a bit of a press. Ploy that i thought of okay. You have another theory and other nope. It's not about harry and i do think that you'll find it interesting in that. The toasters will find it interesting about our. Maybe the six. Let's hit about twisted tea was about this. Oh the face ready for this we. Can you just give me a background. What is twisted tea. It's like mike's hard lemonade. Okay and i saw this video. That went viral guy in a gas station getting knocked out with a bottle of twist to do before that. I don't know if you noticed all over the medium world people were just posting just adds to t but they weren't hash tagging. They were just like putting little twisted legs on people didn't see that okay. It was ever against fcc regulations and all the other accounts all of them just twisty twisty twisty and everybody's like what. The fuck is up with twisted tea all the sudden you here man beaten with a twisted tea. It was a terrible video. Yeah not man beaten with a drink not man beaten so what. He's trying to say. I'm trying to say that. That was a press ploy and that the video was fake. No way have you heard of an article man beaten with diet coke. No you say man beaten over the head with a can the only reason why you'd include the brand name if you wanted to go viral. And that is the smoking gun you think that this viral video. That's coming on the legs of twisted tea. Doing all the social media marketing. Yeah you think that this video is now. A part of some sort of marketing. I can't imagine any brand wanting to be part of it was horrendous. It really scared me. Great and now you know what to a city is one hundred percent. I never heard of it before. That's very random tangent for you to go on but appreciative nonetheless. Sorry just thought everybody would find it interesting interesting and just we. We hear the morning toast or wishing olympia styles. I mean that name be wild. And harry styles the best. Yes which people name delivery are just so lucky to greet name. It's a great name. Jackie and i were talking about. How like a. Jackie always says like she's never met a person named olivia who wasn't fabulous and elegant and now a libya wild is proving that theory because she landed harry styles and if your name is libya there's a song by one direction about you live for you along for you livia. Hey hey and then. There's also john mayer song. I'm thinking something lag. Libya could get me through the night and literally. No one's ever written a song about cloudy. The closest i have is calling lory younger. I used to be like galati. Done data you're always on the run. Cloudy is there a song about ben. no bannon's a great name but not as good as libya. The reason why. I think it's such a great name. If you wanna be that serious person yes if you want to just be like cool live even if you want to be like livy leear is libby livia no libya. I think a lisbeth. Yeah it's like a nickname for elizabeth. Or like lillian. Okay so we have livy live livia. Yeah an olive potentially nobody. Nobody calls him. That's entirely different name. Moving on to our second story of the day which is some at first seems like heart breaking news. But i think it's gonna be okay. We'll see according to billboard florida georgia. Line's tyler hubbard and brian. Kelly announced plans to release solo music but the dual promises fans that they aren't breaking up. The two went on their florida georgia line instagram account and did like a nine minute video. That i'm not gonna lie like so boring. I did only watch half of it. But essentially they announced that they haven't joined album coming out in february but they are starting to line up releasing their own music but the duo is not going to split up according to billboard and the nearly ten minute video call that the country duo shared on their social media over the weekend. Kelly explained how the ongoing pandemic gave him a lot of extra time at home for soul searching and a nice break from songwriting before he got back into the swing of things he said meaning. We've had conversations three or four years ago and this is kind of been a lifelong dream of mine but it kind of felt like i started writing an album. Once i started writing again in august and had a couple of songs that i started that i just felt like maybe i'm supposed to sing. These probably have a project an outlet for these to come out on. We talked about that before and just the timing wasn't right. All the dots weren't really connected. Everything was in the mine. So essentially. If you know the florida georgia line dynamic. There's two guys one of them is very them to a fan. One of them is named brian. Kelly which is so funny really. Yeah and the others. Tyler hubbard and tyler really sings ninety nine percent but brian writes all. The songs produces all the music. So it's like a perfect partnership but i guess. Brian has been reading music that like he wants to perform. And he's been holding onto this music for a while and now he feels like it's a good time to release his solo music. They are assuring everyone. They're not splitting up but i believe them. I really would if not for two things history. It has proven itself. I mean remember one direction which just going on a hiatus like history that has not been kind to to these types of situations. So i don't wanna be negative but i just have to know what the president says. The second thing is that we in the last month. I've actually been talking about. We're feeling like florida. Georgia could potentially be breaking up because it was like a little drama like the wives on followed them on. Instagram was family drama. And we never got to the bottom of why or how but now this seems like another you know thing in the story line and i just think it's interesting and i don't want to be pessimistic. They say not breaking up. I will believe them but i just have to be. I'd have to think of everything you know. yeah. I don't know. I really liked them at one point i just have. They released any like new good country. Music like yes all the time. Are you sure. I mean you just say that. You don't even check like why. Because i didn't play it enough time in the house for you to memorize it. And i'm just saying like ever since holy. They've gone way down. I mean holy. Was the best song ever you. Who who memorably. When only one whenever ben wants to like practices singing talent. You're very talented. He sings song holy. So that's like his song. Obviously hold a special place in your heart. So i would think you would have some more to say about this news. You won't give me one course now. I'm course people already complaining that we too much on the podcast and clearly. I'm really the only one who is allowed to do. Well but can you give me some of your thoughts on this news. Yeah look i think that. They're very talented. Duo i think though that maybe they they opened a bar right f. House is called and they said they were thinking of opening another. Yeah they started doing pop songs. The didn't they do stuff with bieber. Am i wrong about that. You're wrong about that. That was that they would with bb with our country song but but the win a little common to be. Yeah it's okay that's by. That was really the number one song of two thousand nine hundred. They did their own thing and they got really famous open. Bars started going into pop. It only makes go into their turning into businessmen and they're taking a back seat and they're recording in their spare time by themselves you know. Keep the cash coming in. I mean they are. They are so wealthy. They turned their their fame with like holy in cruise. They literally turn those two songs into a multibillion dollar an holies in amazing so incredible they don't need to release any more. Oh i disagree. I hear what you're saying. But he's still haven't given me a full. Do you think they're breaking up or not. It's very simple question. I think that they are breaking up. I think that you said that. There's some drama about the wives on instagram. if there's drama can't be good can't be. God can't be good. I think that they are breaking up. I think that they'll always remain friends though. Always ring close. Maybe call each other on the holidays. I think that it for now. they're done. Okay thank you for finally kaput. Oh that's so sad. I'm devastated even though. I just want to put it out like i did. Call it but not to make this about me next story page six is saying stone is pregnant expecting her. First child with husband dave mccarey. You know emma stone is right yeah. Didn't they just get engaged. Wow you're really Keeping up with emma stone by the way is she in love celebrity crush. She's just great big fan. I think like we house bunny role of a lifetime for. Oh i'm sorry. Yeah she'd been see the movie. I'm sorry. I thought you were confusing. I am a stone one hundred percent. I'm stone sweet emma stone. Yes sure yes. She was like the head of the sorority. The head of the nerds. Think i'm right. I know every line of house spotting unbelievable movie unbelievable. Yeah yeah she was in it. Okay i just wanna make sure. I always get house money. Confused with sydney white movies. Do amanda bines turns like that loser fraternity until you the coolest fraternity missing amanda bonds movie. My god he's never seen ed so bad. Okay well back to ms joan on their expecting their first child. The oscar. Winning actress was spotted. Cradling her baby bump in new photos obtained by the daily mail. The couple has not confirmed the news themselves but stone. Thirty two was walking around l. a. with on december thirtieth with a pal and her growing bump. She kept a casual in a plane. Back shirt black leggings and sneakers. Sounds like an outfit. I would wear and yes in september. Paychecks exclusively reported that the couple had quietly tied the knot amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. So that is what you're referring to. So this is just lovely. I mean she's so fabulous. I don't know who this guy is. But family i think he was a writer on. Snl i believe he was as well. God i know so much about this by the way. Are you like secretly keeping up with emma stone. Like after i fall asleep now i think that i just read one article and i was like a picture and i was like who the fuck is this guy we can. She really issues great. She's hilarious eligible great. Which is great. You could say you love actress. And i was just like who is this guy and it made sense. I'm like he's like that. Funny guy in the background like yeah he's a writer for snl. Finish i they do yes they do. We're happy for her and her two best and that's great now. The stories very interesting. And i would just absolutely love to get your take on it. What's his last name. Before we get into this mcnary or mccarey mccarron. I was just thinking of what the baby's name could be do. We know if it's a boy or a girl. Did you read the articles. I didn't know we don't know interesting. All right next up please. I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on this from the cut. Influencers are feuding after both naming their babies baby. What baby baby. Let me allow me. Alleged friends and confirmed instagram personalities. Jessica heart and sasha benz who have reportedly been warring over. Whose baby is baby. So the first thing. I notice is that this. This article refers to jessica heart as a influencer which is so disrespectful considering. How like full-blown supermodel. And what. I know her best. Four is being in. The victoria's secret fashion show the year. That taylor swift was performing and she spoke to the press. Taylor doesn't really fit in with these girls and taylor swift. Got her fired and she never worked for victoria secret ever again. But she's still is a bona fide. Supermodel so i just think new york magazine referring to rise influencers like really fucking road but okay allegedly hart. Who's a supermodel. Recently named her newborn daughter baby news that came as an affront to sasha benz who named her daughter baby be a y three years ago she was allegedly devastated by this seeming theft of intellectual property benz stopped speaking to jessica heart for a time. Baby verse baby. Sasha benz baby baby. Why baby from jessica. Hard is be a y. B. i jessica. Hard is an australian model and the founder of luma beauty sasha benz the owner of the montauk new york based shops wild blue and wild black and the founder of a blog called all. My friends are models. Okay so she is an influence her. I just wanted to put that out there. Whose baby was baby i. Sasha benz spelled b. a. b. y. Okay and then and she's friends with. I'm sorry. I'm sorry i'm sorry. Sasha abedin's was first but hers is b. a. y. bi baby bay book. Okay interesting so i like. Her kid has already three years old named baby good. I don't want to speak ill of anybody's child child. So don't. I'm happy that we are all named baby. Yeah that being said. Sasha benz be a y. That's like a nice. It's it's baby but it's it's creative. I agree this australian lady. Yeah b. a. b. y. That's like naming. you're my name being man or like your name being like foot. It's so dumb. You know again not to be mean a. b. a. y. b. That's a creative spin on my actually completely free you can call them bay at bb. There's something there i actually think. It's a very cool niche goal. I completely and mike can also put like that like it's funny. It's ironic that be a b. y. Is not be a y b. i because of how it's a little the little baby you know. i agree. I happen to think that naming your baby. Why is a very like celebrity interesting cool thing to do. You could call them bay. you could call them bb. I agree. And i think if you're gonna copy such a no-one names could baby and if these two people know each other it's one hundred percent clear that just got it from sasha benz. I think just go all the way because y b. I is better than naming your kid. Baby why is it possible that be wise just a placeholder and this is just like being blown out of proportion. What cheating in a few years. The kids aim is going to be toddler. Now just something else no. That's not her name's work then. It's maybe she was just like we're not ready to make the commitment on this name. Well long like baby girl one right and you know in the hospital. You don't have a name on the birth certificate. They call it baby girl soffer sober so i don't know i do think this is a little loser of jessica hard american allied to steal the name and make it worse. It's just a strange strange article. Yeah now this is not what i saw for the year. It's just very odd. It's very odd are vital stories. A little bachelor news which is gonna lead us into our recap of the bachelor. Which and. I had the privilege of watching last night and our Batch recap segment is brought to you by beach body. It's a new year and our resolution is always to get in better shape. We like to work out but we just feel like nothing ever actually delivers results. Were crazy. 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Just text toast to thirty thirty thirty again. That's texting te'o. Ast two three zero three zero three zero. Check it out a couple of things. I love about that very quickly. One i feel like people don't utilize the text as much as they should texting toast to thirty thirty thirty beta sandwich easy. I couldn't agree more text message. Marketing is really fantastic. I agree also beach body. sounds great. yeah do. I think i really should okay next up. This is a people magazine article. Where matt james reacting to jimmy kimmel picking his final three women. So i don't i don't know if you know this but every year because jimmy kimmel john. Abc after the premiere of the bachelor maybe after like the second or third episode. Jimmy kimmel gives his predictions for who makes the top four and then who wins and he really does a very very good job like he's almost if not always right and it's crazy because like what did. We watched thirty women last night. Like how do you really know makes me feel any cheats on was that i know boy. So i'm gonna tell you who he chose as his top three. Okay but you're gonna have to describe. I will okay on monday night. Episode of jimmy kimmel live which aired after the season premiere of the bachelor. Twenty th the fifty-three-year-old talk show revealed that his wife molly mcnary early. Guess about which three women will be finalists for james the season detailing what that he would watch his face very closely to see i would react. Kimmy held up three photographs breeze springs. Who's the girl i was. obsessed with. Green dress came out. I remember very gorgeous. Yes she's on abigail berringer. Who was the girl who got the first impression rose was death. And then rachel kirk connell. Who as she was crying during the prayer she was. I'm sorry i was just like very moved by that. Yes she was like a cornet yes she actually which was she the one who sat in the back of the pickup truck with him and they drank tea. No no no no no. I'm there was nothing remarkable about this. She was just like in the episode lodge. He was really cute. You said you look like having mendez. Oh girl yeah. I think she wins. Yeah she's gorgeous. Nothing remarkable about her just like she did bring a vibrator didn't have something. I can reference what you think about. That tells him. That is rachel Kirk connell yet. Rachel kirk connell. I think wins the whole thing. And why do you say that. I just think that from what. I've seen of matt james. Not james right. So matt james is is like in this. Maybe he wasn't on the bachelor before but he certainly in that world because his best friend. Tyler see i had seen him before and i couldn't figure out why and then i just like started looking at pictures and it's like okay like you're in the scene. You're doing this thing. It's not like they just found bum. Thuc now brought him here. He's been in the scene. We what marinating totally agree. And they keeping like this is his first time doing all this but like let's acknowledge that he was a he was a you see list like what's the word i'm looking for like he was an extension of bachelor nation. Yeah he he knows. All the people are knows how this all goes hasn't done it. I totally and i'm not saying that he's authentic. I think that he's authentic and he was nervous and all that stuff. I just think that when you're in that world like post bachelor you enter into like la celebrity la la whether you're like z list. Or whatever it may be. You're still in that world. Okay and guys that are in that world like girls. That looked like cami mendez that she looks very accuracy. Okay get that vibe. I didn't know where you were going with that. But sure sure sure. I'm sure she looks like an actress. Yeah well. I think that more so than anybody. Oh yeah i mean. I don't know what an actress looks. Like but i do think that these are really three really good. Picks and jimmy kimmel told and his wife think that rachel mcconnell cami mendez is going to be the bride like to. Yeah roya. i'm telling you i'm right. And then james has only response. Was i would say that your wife has great taste. They can't give out any answers. Obviously but i do think it's interesting that i would've pegged those as my top as well also. I think the pickup truck girl. I think her name was kayla. She was cool. She was awesome. I would have included her in the top four as well. Anybody but victoria okay. So now it's seventy episode. This would really like your first time ever watching a full episode of the bachelor. We'd was always come. In and out. When i watch full episodes i just don't like it and you made a good point last night the bachelor and the bachelorette are very different area different bachelor. I actually enjoyed the bachelorette. I want to fucking throw myself out a window. Why because i mean. I know why i do but the drama with the guys is so much worse loser on crime. Yeah it's just like every guy's trying to be like a fitness model leaf yasser like they're all just like with their ads like i. Just don't it's not even like a guy girl thing it's just like no more interesting on your own much more interesting like i just don't need to see a collection of thirty five guys like there is no. I'm sorry for saying this is going to be very intense. There is no self respecting guy that goes on a show with thirty other guys to win the heart of one girl. I i don't think that's it at all actually disagree with that but i think from an entertainment perspective like these guys are just like. They're the best of them like all very leery. I don't think that it is. I just i think it is okay. I'm the calling on your on your show notes. it's not why is it. Why can women do that. And it's not like self respecting. It's not it's not that women women have the ability to be friends with other girls better than guys do in those situations in my opinion. There's one girl. I think you're such this is such toxic masculinity and i didn't really realize it until this episode. Honestly what do you mean. You're just like so toxically masculine. You just really are okay. I said the olympia wild thing and with this like no. I agree with hardly talk. Slickly masculine let me. Just say toxically man. I don't know. I just made it up. I let me just say i agree with you. Like the bachelor is so much better as a tv show. The women are more interesting. A million different ways the way they argue the way they left the way they dress. It adds one hundred different layers. Why it's better. But i don't think that the bachelor et is bad for the reasons that you do. I just think it's a lesser show. I disagree. I think that the guys are losers. And i think that there's a far better chance that a girl can leave the bachelorette not win but pursue a career of course online than a guy shirtless like these. These fucking losers. That's that's my point. My point is is that you can have ulterior motives. As a girl go on the bachelor and succeed you can't go on the bachelorette as one of thirty goons and then just everybody become a cyclist instructor. It just doesn't work the same way. Well you know what i'm actually giving props to women that they are actually interesting more interesting and i thought that this was such an interesting group of girls. I think there's a few people we need to talk about. One is kit who is a blonde girl with the big poofy pink dress Who otherwise unremarkable. Except for the fact that she would have been bentley. and if you are a sleuth like i. Am you know that she's cynthia. Rowley daughter cynthia rallies fashion designer and this is her daughter. She's the youngest contestant she's twenty one years old and honestly she's kind of like a bitch. She looks just like queen's gambit. Who's up did jani. Kim queen's gambit now. Do you need to start. What does the same actress in the politician. No oh you think she looks like lucy boynton she. The one who tries to have a threesome with employees. You know i think she looks like i think. She looks like queen's gambit better for that name. But i think that she thinks she's too good to be there and like she's just i have a feeling she's gonna give me villainy vibes and obviously the front runner in terms of villains. Is victoria. yeah that's why. I don't think that she's not giving me villainy she's reacting to the most annoying woman on the planet she was really annoying and i just think like any like woman who shows up with a thrown like. It's just it's never going to be good and you can show with the throne. Leave it at the door. Now every every woman stick was left at the door except for annoying vibrating greater and that girls also annoying showing like imagine your personality being a vibrator you. You made a funny joke. It's like the person i felt victim to this. You make a joke and then you don't let it go. Let it go to stop making the same joke joke. it's over. Yeah you came in on a throne. You were the clean it which cute you gave him. The king crown that did king queen leave it at the door every other like every time that she and her the queen. Get of here. The queen's here so annoying and so in a way and just like i don't know she was the definition of like sh. She just thought she was going to walk in there. And just be the queen and that she was everything on the store that somebody lied to her several times and told her that she was like fly. Hot and sexy beautiful. She just walked in like really thinking she was the queen of these girls. And like she wasn't i he was just one of thirty. I hate this show and this franchise. Because she was picked. I know for a fact. There is no shot in hell that he wanted to pick her. Now i turn to you. And i said are they really about to give the rose to this fucking girl just to keep her on because she has drama. Rama's ben i said. I would literally guarantee like every dollar i've ever made in my life. Of course victoria gets rose and of course she got the final rose when she is just nothing of the sort. Yeah no and that's what. I was trying to explain to band. Who's the new to the franchise it's like here. There's a fire alarm. do you think. I think we're fine. I think that that's what i was trying to explain to you. Because you knew the franchise like always make sense like matt. James is such and we should talk about him as a bachelor like he's a stand up guy like yeah. When he opened with a prayer. I was like man. This man like. He's just like you could tell a good guy. He loves his mom so much. He's a stand up guy and ino realm of possibility. Would he ever be interested in a girl victoria. so they're they're therefore henceforth she should not get arose. But that's why the franchises annoying they've reward behavior like that terrible also his mom's so fly so fly choose like she was super cool. I don't know i. I got the feeling that he was like a cool. Good guy seemed super nice. Smart ex football player or a college football player. He played varsity the demon deacons. Something like that is the name of the are they good. They were actually pretty decent this year. They were just like a grade school chris. Paul went to wake forest. It's a great great. It's a very impressive to be a college athlete from wake forest. Now skew toilets chris harrison not that tall but matt james is really tall. Matches gives me like six five vodka. Huge let me ask you a question because you're obviously very well versed in sports and i would love to know what your thoughts are on like former slash failed pro athletes going on the bachelor like obviously and underwood was. He was on an nfl team. Yeah so the the difference to me not to speak poorly of colton clay. What team he played them but he played football. He was such a nice guy. I don't like failed athletes. I don't consider map james failed. I'm not talking about it. And i'm talking about in general. I'm saying unless you made it pro. Yeah no i mean know who was. Actually i take back what i said if somebody is going to offer you the ability to turn your career when your career has ended right and beyond tv. Who the who's going to say no. I don't blame them like honesty. Success story is jordan. Rogers aaron rodgers. His brother he made a pro and bench surfed like for a year and it was just not it and then he went on the bachelorette and now he has a huge job at. Sec is at the network. What's the same for like a division of college. Oh no that's on the networking could be. Yeah so he has a great job there in the really turned it around and like sometimes haven't even associate him with bachelor nation anymore. Like just the sports guy which is interesting. Because i feel like the People in sports associated with the bachelor. And probably don't like him. Of course he has so many instagram followers. People know who he is. It's a really good. Move on behalf of sec. To hire him and he's like very good looking and he's a rogers i mean. Even though they don't talk he's an influencer. You know what. I been very hard on him. And jo jo. I didn't really believe in their love but now they've been engaged for three years and they don't bother anyone. I actually think like what he's done his job. I'm sure people in the sports industry see differently. But from where i stand like. I think what he's done is impressive. All the guys on the bachelor like one ago into sports like of course who do want it and the sports world is like who the fuck are these. All the guys that are on the backs want to go into sports because it was like their passion like guys like sports. That's way that like every every kid. And i don't want to us sports agent and then like you become an account. No girls from the bachelor like beauty and lifestyle content. That's like what a lot of girls wanna do. Yeah i i. I don't know jordan rogers really like i was particularly not a fan when we were watching last night and they were promoting kiss no alcohol. Beer like commercial really. No one is more negative about the bachelor than me. But i'm thinking that you could take my crown victoria. The show last night was a fine. It was good so long. Two hours didn't even feel like two hours time flip. Oh my god no no. I was going to really getting exhausted towards the end. Yeah no but if victoria last and week. I know that they're keeping her there. And that's just not cool like let let no. She'll s way more than what matt on love. She'll will ask way more than weak. They're still like twenty five girls there so they go from fifty to twenty five on the first night. No there was like thirty other work. They do the first night. I think the only sent two or three girls home last night and for the first couple of weeks they send home like two girls three girls. And then it's one one one when you get down to like fifteen And then you get cut to four go to hometown three make the next round and then to get engaged moon proposed to one zero dildo vibrator didn't make no she did. She was so annoying. Yeah she lost when she threw her vibrator in that face. Mari who i thought was so pretty when she was talking about her family like what they've experienced with the hurricane fucked up down in puerto rico was so fucked up but it's also not vibrators vibrant girls fault like she didn't know what they were talking. No everybody just like cuts in. It was just tags on the shoulder with a dildo. That production like four sturdy. Golic they coordinate. These things to happen perfectly standards. Ask so sad. You also looks just like a girl from a different season decker. Well that's just everyone knows. Everybody looked like somebody on the show. Was that one girl that look just like the mom from modern family. Yes bent out. There was a girl who looked like julie bowen. But i didn't know who he was talking about. Honestly there's a really premium experienced ben. I usually watch alone in like may content on my instagram. It's just so boring. Two hours long. But i hope you'll join me for the coming weeks. I'll join you alternate. Sounds go even though. It's on a monday football on right. Yeah there there isn't now because the playoffs monday night. Football so yeah. I'm having to watch with you. Well that's a wrap on our first episode together. I had a good time. Thank you so much for being here. I did and thank you to everyone. Who listened ben. We'll be back tomorrow for another episode. Tomorrow is wednesday. So we're going to do our dear toaster segment tomorrow's tuesday. Tomorrow's wednesday is really. Yes tomorrow's wednesday and it'll be dear toasters which is our advice segment. So i'm sure ben will be hilarious giving advice so make sure to write into deer. Toasters gmail.com if you have a specific enquiry four ben just a few things i want to talk about before i wrap up just a little promo. Obviously my book comes out january. Twenty six twenty twenty one. Feel free to preorder it now at growth no job dot com slash book. All the versions are available for preorder. 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