Episode 161: C.S. Lewis


You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT network visit. WW DOT PODCAST DETROIT DOT com for more information the views and opinions expressed on this. This show do not necessarily represent those of the network. Its advertisers owners or sponsors. Welcome shot of history. Welcome back to shot a history. I'm Stephanie. I'm the color man. Big Doc T. I like you went. Even I went. I went super deep. soulful on that one Calvin Calvin in a world where Calvin historian. We're talking black people. Not Today I got some white people for your answer which which ended up talking about my favorite people's why the whites. WHY PEOPLE THE WHITES I? I'M GONNA make that take off calling you guys the whites the whites so the whites are added again. We're always the white to be waiting to be pretty much always anyway. Yeah she's at a barbecue on the phone calling calling the cops the whites be waiting all of the What was it there was a kroger is closing down and like there were like sixty people outside protesting and they were all white and the first comment it on the news story was I'm white but I'm not protesting closing crowd in some ways? I'm white but I'm not. Waived the cops thrive by wait. Yeah that's all right. So Yeah I am this story today and we're GONNA be talking about CS Lewis but before we do that. You know we have to do. We gotta we gotTA Take that take that shot so what are drinking. I'm drinking Woodford reserve last time I saw the makers forty six okay and bloody bloody. Mary Bloody Mary all right starting to get a team. That record all these at the same time or Dave just really likes exploiting their fantastic. The whole bottle calvin not again God ever clear could be worse not ever clearer. You're near fine. We we do need to get the the seven minutes of ever cal. We are going to start It's it's GonNa be kind of a big deal. Yeah there's a lot of good things that are going. Oh yeah showing up on that. So from story they're talking talking about We did try to an episode and I drank ever clear and we're not just one. Shot worked out four shots. But I didn't know what you know world. It doesn't listen to Dave Dave. How and yeah? I was We got seven minutes. Then we did all this banter. Yeah and I looked across the table a big debt and I said here's what I swear to God. Sober cal took over over for thirty seconds. Step into the driver's seat. I looked who look right. A BIG A big. Hey here's what I need you to do. I need to stop recording Arctic. And and he had this confused look on his face like we all did understand from our perspective. One of two things was about to happen. You're about to Puke your brains out or you're about to give us the guys I'm I'm fucked up and I need Jonah rally around me for swing. Yeah my thought he was going to go off on us for like talking over. I was with this constantly. I'm I'm sorry what I can do this. I can do this and I was like I cannot do this. I cannot do this so I Have Never Kelvin snaps on never touched every clear ever again By the way my wife just texted. She's on her way here. Can you text her a door code so she can walk in any so I'll get her channel anyhow. She's underwear here so today. I'm historian and we'RE GONNA be talking about my my actual favorite author Clive your actual by actual not my a pretend favorite author right. You're like Oh yeah. I love that author. This is your actual. Yeah I love. Dan Brown. You know like they say oh I enjoy I enjoy I do I will tell you I did enjoy Davinci Code. I enjoyed angels and demons more but I did enjoy his books. I've read all even the ones that nobody knows about like digital fortress like does. It doesn't include the Tom. Hanks character the hour or religion religion or anything like that but it does have conspiracy theories anyway so much older author Clive Staples Lewis better known as CS Lewis most famous for writing The chronicles of Narnia. That's what most people know him for. But yeah so I wanNA talk about him a little bit because there's stuff that people might not know about because the lion witch and the wardrobe movie became out and then The Prince Caspian movie came out and then a few other ones came out Whether you're talking about BBC or the ones that Walden media put out a number of years ago ago but People don't know about his whole background which I think is kind of interesting and who he knew and who is rubbing rubbing elbows with but Clive Staples Lewis. Chris was born in Belfast. Ireland on November Twenty Ninth Eighteen Ninety eight eighteen nine party eighteen note. That doesn't hurt. Okay all right so fun. Fun Story had a dela fact history professor at my well my main history professor in college. He had a whiteboard on his door and I would go well. That's what they're called so go and write all these historical Oracle things and one of my favorite things that I I wrote was party like it's eighteen ninety nine anyhow so class staples Lewis born in In in November of one thousand nine hundred eight he was when he was four years old though so four years later. So we're we're in the nineteen hundred to nineteen hundreds now His dog died. It was killed by a car. Oh Shit cottage. I'm mixed. Yeah Ah Fuck you Henry Ford. So he went killed Henry. He went killed before immediately after that. Now so When he was four years old his dog His his dog's name was Zhaxi. Oh his dog was killed by a car and he knows who killed announced that my name is now Jack James Now Jack and it was named that he was known by his friends and his family for the rest of his life. Which is interesting? Because you'd think about someone's nickname like okay. It's it's always maintains reigns the dog the dog the rapist the rapist. That's a bummer. So my mind. Nickname at work is kill monger because of my hair right But that's just the way never understood. t-bone he was he was in the record of my uh-huh nickname next. Hey Majesty Kill Maga. Pretty Cool t-shirt made up. Walk out with walking around. Oh this year going call me kill monger. Don't call me kill reverse psychology at the word anyhow. So dog was killed He. He called himself Jack every called him and the funny thing is when I was first introduced him as an author. I found that out very early and I was like how do you get jack from from CS Lewis. It doesn't make any sense like you get you know rick from Richard. You know I don't know how you Bob from William. I still don't know how that happened but now I understand. CS Lewis feels. Call Jack about that because as you come up with those weird abbreviations of names or at least I've talked about it with is something he talked. He talked about it to himself. Maybe it did in the same anyhow. That's more on his name's Jack as has as a as a kid. He's fascinated with answer. ANTHRO PRIMORAC anthropomorphic animals. So animals that have of So think Zootopia animals that had been characteristic. Curry's care and yet it. Yeah definitely make the sexual but yeah. That's that's exactly what we're thinking that also don't why stereotype Gal. Because I don't know much about for a reason I don't WanNa know much about twice. Ace I know enough about he's invited US twice to paying Yukon and I have not come for that very reason because varies please at the bell. Please at the bill. I have not come for that. Very they don't care who you are. That's funny right there. I didn't mean it that way. And that's why in the world so so talking animals robinhood all the animals at talk And we'll talk in all the Disney movies for the most part except for Pocahontas. The animals do not talk. Doc Impo Congress and well highest. It was a very Pocahontas Center it was like very about her was John. Don Smith not really John's left. Nobody cares by John's method which everybody kind of hates them. There's the talking animals in Dumbo. That were racist. As all held old ono grows product time. They've cut the crow of the relieved stream. Yes no yeah okay which which is so bad. And if you're GONNA get Disney because I'm getting Disney. Plus I know Disney Disney bought Hulu. I know how Disney plus get out I'm convinced they're getting it. They're not going to bother with Disney plus. Now it's all going to be integrated with Hulu. Yeah because they wouldn't they own Hulu. We'll talk after this. CS Lewis Clive Staples Staples Lewis. We will get even staple even if it's two parts even if it's two parts. So he liked animals at talk. He fell in love love with the Beatrix Potter stories and he often wrote and illustrated his own animal. Stories now Because of this he was influenced by this. He Kino's brother created this whole universe called boxin and it was inhabited and run by animals. Okay so this is pre not this early. CS Lewis Right so he gets into his writings later but he created this whole world. That never turned into anything. I did the same thing thing. When I was young? I wrote this. There was this girl that I liked. We went to church together. I don't remember name was but I liked her so much. And I wrote the story where I was a hero and and she was Damsel in distress and I rescued her and gave it to her. She went to church. I gave the story to her. She read it her father read it the next week. They never showed up again it but that story was called the backup which was totally a rip off of Batman totally like from the from the whole diving being down through the skylight moment. Totally the same fucking thing. Seal away in the background. It no no no no no wait wait. No Michael. Keaton Batman was that kiss from a rose was third kilmer kilmer Arab Arab. We are talking to eight hundred eighty nine early early nineties all right so anyway so Lewis. He is He goes to private school. Aw his mother dies of cancer when he's nine does does he. Then make everybody call him by her name. No no that will be weird plumbing so we love that is why being weird. Dave love the dog mark. Well so He he schooled by private tutors. His mom dies when he's nine one thousand nine hundred at this point so his father at this point grieving probably not not ready to raise kids on his own. He sends. Yes Louis Away to boarding school which is actually a common practice in this totally was definitely. My mom went to boarding school. And that was in the fifties fifties and sixties sixty so. His father sends him away away to study the boarding school and he he moves from school to school for a number of reasons a ranging from school closing thing and the headmaster being committed to an insane asylum clue his own health issues right. He actually ended up going to a school in an area that was better for his his Respiratory Issues Guy. That's interesting So it was during this time that he also abandoned his His parents Christian faith so he becomes an atheist at this time. So He's ten or eleven eleven twelve something like that. He abandoned his faith and he becomes an atheist and it becomes very very very interested in mythology. And the occult. He actually later on because one of the foremost authorities of the twentieth century of mythology. Okay interestingly enough which we'll get to a little bit so he's he's wonder struck by songs and legends that he that what what he called the northern northern nece the ancient literature of Skin Navia preserved in the Atlantic Sagas so he would loved loved frozen. I know we all hate fucking let it go. He would have been all over that shit so anyway He he grew. I love nature. And this time he In his teenage writings he moved away from boxing. He and his brother in boxing who New Zealander he turns into a teenager and he starts using different forms such as poetry opera to kind of capture his newfound interest in north mythology. He's he's literally he's literally as a teenager becoming an expert on all sorts of different mythology. Okay which will lead to. We're going to breath. I love mythology. Yeah so he grows to love Greek mythology as well. Greek literature mythologies so of course everything comes from the original original Greek in nineteen sixteen. He's awarded a scholarship to the University College at Oxford. Oh Oxford don very early on Within months of Of getting there though he is shipped off to World War One. Oh okay I kept fighting the World War One and He talks about he wrote a lot of letters back. Then you didn't have the Internet. Yeah you'd have email any any of that stuff so you wrote letters to people whether it's to your family to your wife your spouse back home and he he site in in one of his letters. He talks about the war that he saw on the trenches of warfare in World War One along with the loss of his mother to cancer the fact that he moved from school to school he was very very unhappy with school. Kids very very smart. He was way beyond his instructors when he was in school. Right right so he talks about all of that relate and so and he talks that he talked about that as why he was so pessimistic as a person and he also says this really led into me and not believing in any kind of deity at all lead into him being an atheist Which is interesting interesting? So it's like you just just stopping right there for a second. Yeah the funniest part about that is everybody looks at the lion witch and the wardrobe and all the hugely hugely religious overtones and symbolism. We're going to get to that. No I'm just I'm just saying it. Just it absolutely as of right now. It seems very a world that income and and the funny thing is he would disagree with you mainly because of what he's an expert in but we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA get there so so getting there. So while he's in the army he is he's he's rooming with another guy another cadet. Whose name is Edward Cortin? courtenay Courtney Not Courtney courtenay Francis Francis. Patty Moore who should same last name. Yes so and these to make a deal if one of US dies in battle. Yeah if one of US dies dies in this war we will take care of the other person's family on which is actually how swinging began. I should do. I should to do an episode on the history of swinging. Interestingly enough but then the dance or no I'm not swinging China like literally like sexual swinging. It also started based on that whole idea. Hey if I if I die you take care of my wife you take care of my spouse so anyway Cs Lewis and his roommate. Make this this pack. If I die you will take care of my family and so C yes. It was ends up taking care of this. Patty dies in war and C. S.. Lewis ends up taking care of this guy's mother until she dies they. He went and visited her at pretty much every day. Well he was see her every now and again but then she was committed to a hospital because he was becoming frail and he eh visit her every day pretty much until the day she died in this so he made good on this promise. Pretty Good Guy Right So he cared he cared for. This guy's is Also nineteen twenty. And we've we've established the forties. Okay but still. There's no Internet. There's not much else whatever. Ah in a cave somewhere right. And then there's me yes so something. You should know about him. He was also he was raised in a religious family so I talked about him abandoning his faith but he was raised in a religious family. He attended the Church of Ireland because he was born originally in Ireland he became an ats when he was fifteen so teenager. So Dave I I know that you. You don't believe anything not you believe in things. But I know that at both Dave and David stable. You're both atheists what age. What age did that kind of happen for? You both When I wasn't kicked out but I was invited to not re enroll for the following year at Catholic school? I was fourteen fourteen. Okay fourteen I've never been into religion at all. My family didn't make me go to church or anything. Oh see I had the whole okay. I tried to family. You GotTa go through the confirmation first communion all that I did all that shit was so. It's probably before that because I mean the reason why they asked me not to come back because I kept asking too many questions. uh-huh okay understood to diff like I. I went to two different churches. Like the first one is like This isn't really the message for me. And then I went to a different one. It's it's like this is definitely not that. I don't think I don't think this is a J. G.. eazy is for me daisy. Oh I like that. That's what I would call them from now on from here on out. Jesus I'm sorry your name is now jd. And I don't want to confuse you with that Mexican guys trying to cross the border illegally or legally. Whatever over whatever anyhow so so because atheists age fifteen though he later describes himself as being paradoxically angry angry with God for non existing? These were his own words. I for an accident so his his early separation from Christianity specifically specifically began when he started to view his religion as a chore whereas it took this is just the thing I gotta do. I don't WanNa do yeah You ten percent mice also at the cinnabar good but at the same time. He's he's gaining an interest in mythology in the Colt And so he's studying those things and losing so he's lose so so just not. He was losing his religion. That was him in the corner right. Yeah deadliest coordinate spotlight using his religion. Thank you So anyway so. Oh He's He's losing his religion but also becoming as I say he's very interested in Michelle again. No He's just swapping going from a monotheistic polytheistic view right. Well I mean the interesting thing about mythology is at some point. People believed that those things were real right so he's becoming very interested in mythology at this point while also losing that other mythology that people have not let go of yeah right and so so. It's at that time. That's all happening. And he quotes is this guy. Lucretia whose Greek if you can't yeah as having one of the strongest arguments for atheism. I'm going to try to say this in in whatever language is I'm pretty sure it's actually Latin Nuke nuke notice divinities s par. Tom Holy Shit up looked burst of fire. REMM Taunton Starter Paradise Copa which he translated poetically as follows does he. He translated this as had God designed the world. It would not be a world so frail and faulty as we see World scenery will right so There we go but also I'm not religious. I'm Dick so so you don't know if we can know God right. I understood so He does end up abandoning atheism. He becomes interested in the works of guy by the name of George MacDonald. I've read all George MacDonald's works they're fantastic that he credits that with turning him away from atheism later on he eventually returned to Christianity specifically having been influenced which by the arguments of his Oxford colleague and Christian friend you may have heard of him. Jr tolkien's that one guy that guy he it also a book series. Well he died. That's not that's not fair Georgia Martin. He's working on. I thought you were talking about talking. Nothing else so yeah so I don't know he's waiting now. Saw The final episode was like. Oh I gotta fix this fix this shit So anyhow so They are talking the the writer of the Lord of the Rings Rings Trilogy. In the you know the hobbit obviously he influenced CS Lewis to to consider the tenets. It's of religion So George MacDonald. Dr Talking another writer. By the name of J G K Chesterton. Also a guy who. I've read all of his works. Fantastic stuff Louis talks out. He was he vigorously resisted conversion He said that he was brought in to convert into Christianity Eddie quote kicking struggling resentful and darting his eyes in every direction for a chance to escape so like when you come out added Vagina laying literally. That's the yeah call. He writes later. He writes about struggle later in a in a because surprised by joy he writes. He said he says this quote. You must picture me alone in that room in magdalen which is at at Oxford night after night feeling whenever my mind lifted left even for a second from my work the steady unrelenting approach of him speaking of God whom I so earnestly desired not to meet that which I greatly feared had it lasts. Come upon me in the Trinity Term of Nineteen Twenty Nine. I gave in and admitted that was God and knelt and prayed perhaps that night night the most dejected and reluctant convert in all of England. So he's talking about his conversion experience like this is the worst conversion experience ever like. I don't want to do this. I know I kinda feel like that's how it always does so. But here's the thing you convert. He converted from Atheism to Theism in nineteen twenty nine nine but did not convert to Christianity specifically until nineteen thirty one so for a couple of years. He's like okay. God exists but I don't know what he wants. I don't care what he wants but so anyway so he converts to Christianity in Nineteen thirty one following a long discussion in late night. Talk with with token and another guy by the name of Hugo dyson. Who I know nothing about Uh I love any vacuum. Yeah so he becomes a member of the Church of England and talking G. R. J. R. Talking is very upset with us because Tokyo looking is Catholic and he was hoping that would become Catholic and he becomes Anglican. Hey you're halfway there wrong team wrong team right. That's so funny that's that's almost yes Louis now thinking about it anyway So anyway in so he becomes he. He's the foremost academic though undergraduate undergraduate career Oxford University. He ends up getting all sorts of honors. He's elected as a fellow of Magdalen College Oxford where he worked for nearly thirty years from nineteen thousand five to nine hundred fifty four. He works at Oxford. Yup Right He becomes the chair of Medieval and renaissance literature at Cambridge and he's elected a fellow at Magdalen college so but in addition to all that he obviously writes these novels so he writes a bunch of novels he starts off writing one one of my favorite series the space trilogy which is what he is not known for out of the silent planet. Perla Perla Andhra trilogy we know. Jr Tolkien's Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Cs Lewis same time writes the space trilogy. Total science fiction. Jr tolkien's fantasy right. And so he writes this space race trilogy and it Kinda deals implicitly with Christian themes in humanities fall from grace things like that redemption all that test after converted verdict. He starts writing. What's considered allegorical? Stuff you've heard of the pilgrim's progress by John Bunyan. Progress was not you not heard of the. Pilgrim's it's progress. One of the most famous books ever ah stories ever written. I'm not either I'm from hillbilly come. You don't even have to be religious or where are you read it. It's great okay. So we don't read them books. He writes Z.. Right and we don't read what we can't read so he writes. Pilgrim's regress aggressive nineteen thirty three. which was kind of a a a sequel to John? Bunyan's Pilgrim's progress but anyway this is the space trilogy space trilogy. It is really really cool. he he was dealing with what he saw as dean dehumanizing aspects in science fiction being written at times that he did you start with episode four. So so he he. He and Tolkien gene had agreed to both write science-fiction at the time so Lewis agrees to write a space travel story in token agrees to write time travel story token. Never Finish that time travel story because he died. I didn't know I didn't know anyway. Well he went to the wrong team so fun got it. But here's the deal in the space trilogy. Lewis Character. Elwin is based on J R Talking Okay so token Oh Kean Rights Lord of the trilogy Lord Lord Lord of the Rings trilogy but he's also a character in one of C S Lewis's most famous works which is kind of interesting fun story. There was a little Bar Across the street from where I used to work when I was growing Virginia called Bilbo Baggins really and they actually had a The I'm sure they still will do They have a Napkin Talking actually came into the bar one day and wrote on this Napkin Great little spot. You have my permission to use the name in perpetuity and they had it framed and had a picture with him and the owners and all that stuff so so he's got a picture of like proof that he was there. I WANNA bar to name themselves after something. I've written sets literally like my only only life goal though done so the I like it. Let's listen this land. This planet got like five more minutes of content here so he obviously rights chronicles of Narnia. That's the one the most famous for being up. That's one of my favorite headline sketches Anyway so he writes the chronicles and Ernie which he is most famous for good? If you take out the religious and the funny thing is in my opinion Eddie. The interesting thing lion bitch in the bathroom. What was Nice person does it? They agree stories regardless of whether you're religious or not I love the line which in the wardrobe my my favorite story of of all of them. is is still the only goodness the call taken effect right now. No no no the very first one that leads into one that leads into everything like the son of Adam the daughter of e they go through. And it's wear mirror the you know they're actually creating the world you get a light post. Yeah I know what book you're talking about because this is my favorite of chronicles and it's absolutely favorite one and I'm looking at up now because I can't remember just because of this Because it came out later in the magician's nephew the magician's nephew. That's my favorite one of the series in the line which in the wardrobe follows after that anyway but missions. Nephew came out way before considerate episode. One of Star Wars unfortunately but no drug are beings. I know God and so he writes. It's a story and the funny thing is people said. Hey this is. This is a Christian allegory. Jay Talking even said Hey. I don't like this because it's an allegory. Three way which is the funny thing is he's funny thing about that. People read into that you have to understand. Cs Lewis is the foremost authority of the twentieth century on allegory and mythology and he says literally I am an expert. This is not allegory. You clearly don't know what you're talking about. You're seeing these themes that's fine. Obviously my face has written into them in some way shape or form but it's not allegory. Here's what allegory is. Here's what I'm doing. But because we've gotten further and further away from Him we say oh. It's an allegory. See Slough is categorically denied. It's an allegory. Glory just like What's his name? Bruce Willis categorically denies that diehard is a Christmas movie. Now it is a fucking credit is a Christmas movie. You can't be wrong. Maybe this is wrong wrong. I'm just saying the foremost authority on allegory. said it's not an allegory. Here's what it is it is literature. Here's what it actually is. If your point of reference. When you're reading it is creationism? It's I mean it follows the theme creationism right but it's not allegory. Those there may ABC's elements make an allegory. So it was just kind of interesting but it but it is. Yeah you bring death of author as well so you've been what what you want into it. But the funny thing thing about his works are he was also the foremost Christian apologist of the twentieth century. His Book Mere Christianity is considered one of the best offenses of Christianity. Hannity up ever still in Christianity. Today magazine voted it the Best Book Twenty Century Christianity David Skeptical because so being technically speaking with the definition of allegory is just a story Palmer picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning typically immoral or political one correct. There is no way in hell that you can read those books and not think that there are moral lessons within them. Well they are definitely more or less than any book has more or less. Okay the allegory. I'm just saying this guy is a form of allegory. We're we're we're here. That's a that's A. That's a fun child's child's understanding what an allegory is. But here's what it is like. Okay I mean it is I mean the same thing. We're doing history right right and so because because I majored in history understand that this is a this is a fun pop culture view of history for people who are just nominally interested in. We're listening to the show but if you want to study duddy history there's all sorts of shit that goes into that that people don't take into consideration so even as I'm doing this story and a lot of it's based of off of basic wikipedia understanding of WHO. CS Lewis is. I'm going hey there's a lot of other stuff that goes into this story that people don't understand so we're talking about allegory. He would say. Hey that's a rudimentary understanding. What allegory is but I spent my life understanding what myth mythology allegory? Actually are. So here's why you might think it's allegory. Based on a basic view of bit. But here's why it's not based on an actual understanding what allegories but I feel like you're never capable of judging your own shit though like that's the thing like if somebody else had written it he'd gone allegory. Yeah I don't know but either way Sawyer writer but I I will tell you As a writer you write what you write and you had that meaning but whatever anybody takes from. It is different Brian. He may not have written it as an allegory. An allegoric story. But I mean everybody else's if everybody what else is going to probably allegory. Yeah there's a lot of people like That guy just clearly got shot by the cops but why was he running. I don't like I don't know I run away from a gun and a lot of a lot of Germans were wrong holocaust. A lot of people can be wrong at the same time. He happens to be an expert so anyway. That's just where I give give him. He just dropped. The Holocaust thing is so speaking of at the time were to he is. He is writing writing a book that would end up becoming mere Christianity. He's doing these radio addresses and they would become your Christianity and I kept. I was reading another book called why I am not a Christian by Bertrand Russell K right in reading this book and I'm going I feel like I've read direct responses to this before and then I looked at the publication dates of of his book. NCIS Lewis's Going this is totally. I mean I don't know it was officially response but it definitely felt like response but anyway I could tell if you read. CS Lewis his children's books and then you read his apologetic books. You can tell which apologetic book. He was writing at the time. He was writing a children's book as well. 'cause if you read the lion witch and the wardrobe you can tell. He was giving his radio addresses because they are a direct arguments. He makes in mere Christianity that he makes in the lion the witch and the wardrobe like so for instance. Oh say so. Lucy goes into the wardrobe. She comes back from the wardrobe and she says hey I was in Narnia. And they're like you were in there here for like a few minutes. We don't believe you. She goes to the professor and she says hey I did this and believe me and the boys are like he s. She's saying she's she's full of Shit. And the professor professor says have you ever known Lucy to be a liar and they're like well no not up until now. Have you ever known lucy to be crazy like no. We have nine like well then. The only the other option is that she's telling the truth which leads into mere Christianity where he has the argument of Lord Liar Lunatic of Syria. It's it's kind of well. It has nothing to do elbow L. Brook area but one of his famous arguments for two young who is most famous arguments for Christianity was either Jesus was Lord Liar Lunatic either. He was was lying about what he was saying. He was crazy about what he was saying. or He's actually who he says he was so anyway I didn't want to get into religion side of things but anyway it's really interesting to read those books and then see kind of he was getting over on people so even it wasn't allegory. who was at least working in the arguments for what he believed? Anyhow so you know. He said it wasn't allegory. was at it didn't be allegory. Not Educated. I'm good whatever allegory. Roy Okay allegory. allegory Lewis Fantastic. He also died. He ended up dying on the same day that Ah Kay died any also died. I believe the same day. Aldous Huxley died out as Huxley died on the exact same day as JFK and NCIS. Lewis anyhow magic bullet got around. That's that's my home that's my whole spiel on CS Lewis. There's a lot more I could say about him. But we're out of time on this. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA wrap this up so we're good Rita stuff off whether you read. It's children's books or whether you read his adult Treaties great great stuff fantastic writer regrows with shares beliefs or not so absolute eh Lewis Amazing writer. He's influencing you as a as a comic book writer whether you're not not of course. Yes yes okay so done. It's time to pop out the plaza. Seven point two tours. CHECK US out. We do tours the Detroit. When I have time because I got this new big boy job also check got my new show old show leading questions Calvin more? Because I haven't done this show in like two months so it feels new again but anyway leading questions with Calvin more more also on the podcast network. Thank you dave for giving us a space and time to do the show and you network. Awesome Lewis Bro. The uh-huh podcasts Detroit. He totally wrote allegory. uh-huh talking didn't like his book by the way Source Point Press Deepwater Games James Oxide Media Fuck Steve and look forward to our patriotic with sexy shower sonnets. 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