PICKSTAPE 11-01-2019


That sounds like it came from that didn't come hey I was discussing that came like you open your mouth but like all the guzzling come now when the Games one you the opening his mouth but not as throat what do you mean open your throat and he said you can only do that if you're guzzling shoe so pick state you're talking to a I don't care for collies picks because I don't give a fuck you went three night you know thousands the coli the Kurai scoring first attitude about why do I care oh tyler and third tyler yeah yeah did you see and again I'm GonNa say the camera what the Hell is going slowly zooms well first of all I don't understand these people like hey dressing up as US Halloween's like that's a fucking that's sick but come insane insane like I didn't see this Guy Punch out a tooth to make uh-huh Cimpian second not I ah tremendously accurate just like if you're gonna I told you fat I was I don't remember that and Jokic was being covered by Jackson Hayes Jackson's like seven foot to twenty into fifty to fifty holy I'm not a chance oh settled foot taller I'm not opposed seventy seven foot according yeah no yeah that's that's no chance but they always do that shit to but in outside of just bass while you got yourself out of the ding-dong whole somewhat oh my for over seven hundred and then I had two bets for over three hundred each so battle-axe car you don't have a car note nothing and then my brothers has totaled so we have one nothing else you could have got you I feel like he would sign a door panel you got five hundred bucks I gotta I let me know what you want I'll sell to Mardi Mush I'll sell it route everywhere this weekend man I a good rub and rat weekend I'm excited made ed before docking you're going to venture out you should get some of the ones Kevin's balanced and I don't I'm been really thinking about balls lately cutting rugs and shit your your balls leaking sweating up a storm sweating and then you don't want I'm not I just thinking about all white I'm just thinking about but now I know you don't think about it apparently walking lay one touches balls Jay the other day or me and Willie ask Stephen Chafee it's ass and he just he just looked off and in just a kiss his wife like that's what he's a guy just like can I get a kiss the happiest person here but that may also be some sort of defect because he's he's like a Knicks Ah yeah that's really says it all yeah but Stephen Jay that's like the same thing Nigga bucks is the exact same thing as magic bengals it's like the Knicks like there's always like oh maybe he'll come to New York we still have a good right Jesus Christ a fucking Duke might be football school you guys getting quarterbacks drafted lose there's no way you could be able to talk as much as last year like nine no one really knows who they are which like unless you're basketball fan so he has no ah Segui looks young twenty five I swear they might win the whole thing did you see jewel I've fucked Jalil Okafor I've never seen ever now he's looking trim who's playing defense that's he just lose in much better shape he looked skinnier the we'll be fine. Michael Porter Jr. looks nasty that's a problem with it's fucking flying yeah college that is a a major difference because that's what I was trying hire Ilyasova went into Oh that's GonNa have that couldn't have felt great and his cheese all juiced up right and I don't think it should I don't want that to keep up like I'm glad he's doing it and because that very cold today do not like what what cold what was the temperature of thirty well court phoenix now more or less in the morning the weather I don't like looking at the weather I'm Big Window Guy Idiot Meteorologist Fox are looking at what what are they oh wait let me say some oh it's fucking November probably going to be fifty these these guys guys doing warning warning guy yeah sounds like mush it's me out so back at me all right sal got it they're not in the shit man though the only time they are in the shit is when it's like the worship imaginable that's when they go out there and weather knowing like hell the mets tonight not GonNa rain good good amount raining cats and dogs I'm like fuck over fifty five in this game that's monsoon out the weather it but like snow everyone's like Oh they're not going to be able to pass that wasn't that was one episode he was known to the Ocean episode he logged off Yeah Right logoff boy there's a fix I don't even and it's covered and it doesn't leak into your house because as walls correct a cliff or Iraq but if you think about and how is the water not flying into shit like like the pool goes mush why I know the dock see is deep because Dalton the deep sea the Dead Sea Dead Sea Dead Sea it sounds like you got to stop talking about this because people are mad about it and you well I won't Betas terrible look for you like all right I honestly just don't understand it tyler new comer from what I see the Vision Man Yeah thank you that has worked before for one it's one oh no because they stink and speaking of them I love that I got I got something for that one what is it early this season one ten to ninety nine now we have no miles turner hey my in business this is I hear about pace those easy and justice didn't play now we're very inevitably one or the other there's no in between yeah we are we crushed that will draw L. gave him pick okay and I really liked the pick you have to take the peck yeah production room he also he likes the Mavericks moneyline really yeah I mean That I think I thought she says she actually thought about you guys actually good or you just have the names you know yeah I got they're not good but the first quarter race the twenty five points exhilarate I start slow eat up later so you're saying neither team gets the twenty five how the other day the other day when you well listen I was thousands of five stick betting on the L. A. Nightlife slow start neither I mean that's twenty a cold star man that's I bet because they're already know like the Lakers no the mayors they're not doing rooting for the under on steroids like we I only want Ed formatting don't believe me I barely know half these so confused I was like Lakers clippers that's a great game no two twelve thirty season's over because they stink make sense it doesn't it's the they're like that's how bad the kings are but even but take the under because I think you gonNa win they probably I I'm GonNa take both here actually I'm GonNa doc teasing them to like would you must by twelve somewhere around there yet so if you're if you want if you're just like I need to bet the Kings I'm taking both those I'm taking the jazz because these teams don't score these teams score points no to thirteen that the two thirteen there should be like to maybe two hundred I'd still he's got his mind the Orlando Magic go as center so as Vukovich ghosts imagine your slogan fucking teams cancel your sells itself act like well the best team in the East is four and a half slow but that is like the only line that makes sense the more we're looking at the board perfect perfect bulls game though everyone's upset with them and the pissing it's starting over twenty five Oh yeah listen within the first five minutes was like that I'm done with the Bulls I'm on all I'm on all favorites celtics the Celtics are going to win Big Probably so winning ah what you should do and then here's with me on the win by eighty-six points worth a million I mean we just beat them by what twenty three or something not like we're going to beat the next I don't I don't hate the eleven it's GonNa be a big weekend most is GonNa rub his his leaky balls all over the place in rubbed my it's crazy I don't understand I dry on dry combat on your deck like jerking off is not even a sexual act it's just maintenance is go nice creams much nice lotion and and I feel like you're like you're like beating your Dick like it owes you money say bye you're talking to well my lotions in the bathroom so my guy let why would not use something nice in about Spanish I'll get I too much learn to go be a switch hitter man you gotta learn to golf is going to have a lotion my house hotel you're not using the cheap Uses looped Jerk Oh and he thought he was the normal one look like it just gets I don't know both lotion everyone's going outside I don't know I didn't know that I mean how do you yeah when you jerk off with the with the lotion a messy ago when you put lotion it it definitely is it has to be now hits his ankles you just thinks it's the waterbirds really fucking Dick. Yeah that's why I'm just keep going we'll be talking about every Co..

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