Falcons bye week: Thoughts on Giants win, mid-year review


Ladies and gentlemen, after a personal by week that we were not here last week. Sorry about that. I promise I'll be with you every week from here on out which might sound like a not so good thing to some of you. But some of you who've nice enough to enjoy my my voice. I appreciate it. Welcome to the post game podcast. My name is Corey Woodruff as you. Well know by now. I've got a good guest today. I think he's a friend of mine Alcan's fan UGA bulldog, and a noted physicist one of those isn't through thanks that you go to Georgia. He's a guy that you guys know from the Twitter sphere have very important member of our family famous. Gabriel Gonzalez gave thanks for coming on giddy. Up. Gabriel glad to have you on show me to do this for a while. And we finally made it. I'm so glad to be on man. Finally, I feel like it's been a long time coming, but I'm glad to finally be here. Yes. You briefly wrote for me at rise a breeder? And now you were podcasting me with the hall. Ick. Making big things happen make. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes. So you say, yes, sir. Like elementary. I'm getting old man, sir to me. And just you know, it'll just happen. I'm just going to use to it. So that's wants more from like, the southern hospitality kind of thing. I'm. Every person that my favorite southern restaurant says, yes, sir. Here's your sweet tea, and then I'll say, I don't drink sweet tea, but I'll drink it anyway. 'cause I like you. I mean, right. I've worked at chick fillet for four years. So. Yeah. That's that's how it works. It's your pleasure. Hypothetically to be on today's episode. It is absolutely my pleasure to be on today's episode. Wow. I hate myself. I saying that clad to have you glad you're here. We've gotta talk about the falcons because we've got a lot to discuss since we weren't able to meet the they won last week on Monday night football. They took them. Yeah. They did. They gotta win. And then they won the by week by not playing so three three weeks as far as I'm concerned. But no, they took down the New York football giants. There's another one of those games were somehow it managed to go to the last minute, which is unreal. Unbelievable. But that's the world we live in. Now. You know, that's the that's the plight that we've taken upon ourselves to cheer for this team and this season of their season. I guess you could say I guess I'm trying to put words together. But. We've talked. We've talked about exactly what this year has been like. But again, it's just nice to see a win every now, and again, even if it's against a bad team, and it's still close way closer than it ever should have been at this town of insulate healthy. But you know, you know, if you can come back on the last week, man, what were your thoughts about the way? The team looked kind of what you're able to take away from could be seen at some folks. As a, hey, maybe they're getting back on track or it could be seen by other folks. Maybe me, maybe maybe not quite as much as you think. I know we discussed it a little bit pre show. But like I was saying disdainful at least not reflective of what the rest of the season has been like, I mean, not Ryan continues to be you know, Matt Ryan reflecting his twenty sixteen MVP season this year. But the defense they came out to play when I say defense run defense did for sure which we've been torn up by lots of other teams. Whereas this week we stopped a saquon Barkley who is at in. My is a top three running back in the league already. We did. So a little bit to show we somehow couldn't force a turnover on ally. Manning, I believe which ally manning again, not a great quarterback. But, but yeah, I it felt like a role reversal sort of because we've been seeing lots of thirty thirty five point games from the falcons milley scored the final twenty three right? It felt more of a defensive steadfast than off. Offensive explosion. Like, we usually get to see. Yeah. I think those are really good points. Man. I think that's one of the difficult things about this season is like they'll do somethings some weeks that are improvements and what they've done before. But then like a new problem. We'll just open up, and you just kind of like, oh, this why why is this happening the way that it is? But I think just what ha what happens when you have every week. There's a new injury every week. There's a new problem every week something tends to get a little bit better. Some things kinda fall back in the way that they were right? Like this week. People just have off weeks Robert offer who's had a really good season. Just completely didn't show up last Monday and just have an awful night, which is just very unaccustomed to where he is where he is a player. But again, that's absolutely, Molly. That's just that's what happens some weeks are just some weeks. You're good players have an have an off week. Maybe they didn't get enough rest that gives well good of a practice. I want to will sore in wait. It doesn't show up injury report. Maybe they just have specific problem with the specific player or the specific scheme. You just have to really account for those types of things. And even when the great teams have that happened. There's just so many other things working for them the typically cover that up. I think this week or last week. I should say Atlanta great job with Arkley. And I'm guessing for Quinn. That was the main thing he focused on all week. But the problem was is easily manning almost like four hundred five hundred yards. One hundred and Odal Beckham and sterling shepherd just went off. And it's just like an Evans had a pretty game. You're just kind of like, oh, yeah. They're those other guys. Because even if the giants are bad this still have a lot of weapons, and that's one thing. If you go talent versus talent, the falcons are gonna lose that right now with the way this defense is built because this thing was blood in the defensive line from the Geico. Okay. The group that they put together in the offseason was not good enough. But I think if the defensive incompletely healthy alive that would have been covered up with the play of the Jones and Neil Ricardo Allen, those guys were gone. Okay. You take away. Basically, I call it the triangle of the falcons defense and communication in my physicality and running the scheme you took away that triangle input guys there that were not used those roles. I mean, obviously, the only one that has really stepped up and has been playing even semi. Well, is the Monte Casey boy illu I'm into himself a little bit didn't. Is beginning to play better. But again, the fact that he's even able to start for being two thousand eighteen sixth-round graphic isn't enough self pretty incredible. Like the fact that he's way more than just a special teams guy point in his NFL career. It's pretty fantastic. And you know, you look at Jordan Richards, or whoever they decide to play strong safety. They're not getting any production. They're not getting any coverage driving basically that be an open part of the field. And again, no Jordan about been good. He's been pretty bad. I don't think he's like the worst drunk safety in the NFL. I think he's actually kind of a smart player. The dish doesn't doesn't at times at the physicality or the the skill to match. What he sees? I think quiet Landau are the play him so much. They knew what he brought to the wings medically and thought he could maybe help with the communication standpoint. But the same time if he struggle against guys out talent him than it really doesn't matter. If he's able to see what he means to do. So I think one of the difficult parts with the way the Stevens is built because obviously, you know, they've been giving pays greens is you're having him. Run more communication recently. I thought that the defense last week was good at it was as good as it has been all season long fans. Maybe that Carolina game for like two quarter. Right. But like at the no, yeah, I wholeheartedly at the same time this almost let ally. Manning lose basically way out of the league. No offense to him like in his thirties happens. They almost let him have four hundred passing yards. Okay. In a lot of that was not great offered him play. Well, wasn't it was because I think true fans have been pretty good all year. And you know, he's not you know, he's not a top five corner. But I think he's been a top ten in corner. I think he's still has that level of good which which is where he's always been. But no, I think this game. If you look at it just from the defensive standpoint like they did some things pretty well. They did some things horribly. And that's why I think they were able to get some stops at some point. And then just completely fall apart is the second they go into prevent defense the second. They just played lead the clock and run the lead teams. Just run all over them and score points. I think that's Dan Quinn being a pretty, you know, he's he's not relying again we've seen him go for these insane field goals. We'll talk about the offense and that kind of production standpoint from the points. We've seen kick these long long field goals standpoint because he doesn't trust his defense right now. And that's saying a lot for a guy who was so trusting of his general team. And it's so trusting the talent in house when they haven't really been willing to bring guys in like, we kind of thought they may be should have with names like free. So I think right now with this defense, particularly you're looking at a team that really is just doing the best that they can't considering the circumstances. They should have done more defensive line their planned in work. Veasley didn't really come back. Like, we all hoped. You would he's been really really really mediocre this year, not necessarily bad, but just very inconsistent. And that's a really tough part to have when you're pass rusher is not getting the rents. Do fresher though, I don't know. Like, what do you think this defense needs to what's realistic for this defense going forward realistic goal for them to do with the people that have? I mean, that's pens on the mindset of what Dan Quinn believes the season's going to turn into. Because if if it's a case where you know, we're still in the playoff into were still trying to try to get a one of those wildcards spots than this defense is going forward were, you know, going to keep going the way we have we're gonna keep going having that Ben don't break mentality. Even the we've seen break more time, some bent. That's how it's gonna go. If you know the next couple of games, don't go away. You know, we don't make the playoffs. I would like to see the defense or playing a few or younger guys like to see all Versi of the field more demonic as e in all of our younger guys. I mean, we've seen daydream synon-. He's being he's playing few of snaps for game. But he's been amazing. Those few snap amazing bit of stretch. But he's been pretty darn good. So if that's the case I'd like to see us put in our young guys get to know our system. Lot more on the field. But other otherwise, you know, if we're trying to make that playoff run. It's just gonna continue being the way I think you're exactly right. I think that there's going to be a point without Koons realize what's capable and what's not capable. And when they realize what's not capable what they need to do is. Right. You give these young guys more reps. And I think they need to play all a lot more because. He's gonna be good because you know, corners take time thousand's got really lucky when this winter came out so hot in two thousand thirteen it was able to become right away a really good corner. But like Robert offered a lot alums early in his career. It took him a long time to figure out the way he needed to play. Like, it really was not until maybe you're three when he really became exactly what the team needed him to be. And he's continued to get better. Once Marquand Manuel got there was able to work with secondary bit more again like he struggled withholding with Oliver. He's just learning to get caught up with the speed of the game takes time that just doesn't happen overnight particularly with Cornerbacks because they're having to deal with these receivers that are much more recipes and much more talented and much more capable than what they're used to in college and the game is much faster. And when you're a cornerback, you don't automatically get in touch with that right away. You've done in Miami this year who in the world was in Howard before the season is a lot. Doc down core. But he really wasn't a whole lot because he had to take time to get used to the game that is very common at that position. So I think the team needs to Oliver a bit more credit as time goes on. And they begin to realize what this year's capable of. And give him more wrestling. That's a great point. And I liked it. They're giving a good run. He's obviously going to be a good player for them like that Lou getting some more reps because they make give him that weeks job in two thousand nineteen. I think Duke Riley has been much better. And I think he would be better if the on Jones Ron field. So I still think there is a lot of hope for Duke Riley. He obviously has games where he struggles mightily. But I think that is because he is just one of those guys that needs time to get used to the speed of the game. I think for do this is much rookie year as it is for anybody else. Because last season was just a year where he really did struggle. He missed a month. They bench Tim at times. He just really is taken him a long time. But I think that's also a point of conversation. That we have to have some of these players where it's kinda like you really need to give some of these guys a lot more time that you are because if you don't give guys at least at least three years three or four to begin to kind of come into themselves, then you're gonna miss out. And again, the falcons are not gonna probably or something he's gonna be on the team. He's a really good. Reserve doesn't start. But I think this the rest of this year big for him in terms of well, they have been playing time. He's been not getting as many reps. The teams playing a bit more success that doesn't bode well for him in the interim. I think he just needs continue to grind it out. I think the team would still be interested to see what he looks like when that defense is what they want it to be. So as we close our defensive conversation. You know, I think that they're a CD fence C minus defense. I don't think it's just like a nightmare. Adding it's going to get a lot better in comparison to like what were they were like week four week five where it was just like an open door. I mean, the people are going to get more comfortable, I think tack is going to continue to play. Well, he's been really good. This year has been one of the better defensive ends, which is really exciting. If you think that they may added another defensive end the draft picks ear inn kinda have it be top fifteen pick. Which is where I think the phone. I think there's enough excitement with this unit in the future. But I also think this unit would have been really good this year, if the triangle was here. Okay. If you had the on the I can't Ricardo so it just stinks. And there's nothing you can do about it until those guys get healthy. So let's get offense. If I you know, let's whites if you don't mind. This is really good this year, and it's been incredibly unexpected. And it's also been really good with not great offensive line play. So, you know, from like they were in two thousand seventeen to where they are. Now. Like, what do you think is been that shift to allow them to continue to play the level that they are? Like looking what's happening on the field with you know, our offense line. Both of our guards are out for the season. You know, we're starting backups now coming into this next week you'd expect the offense to regress at least a little bit of. But I in my opinion, the biggest factor that's changed for the offense as being a Calvin Ridley, I know after after the draft Dan was talking about how Sark wanted to get his guy. He was saying that this is the guy that's gonna help us and looks like he did. I remember draft night. I was disappointed. We took our we didn't think that that a wide receiver something we particularly needed but coming into the season knowing what I do know now release been lifesaver. He's he's been great all over the field. He's in excellent route runner he feels very mature for for being a rookie. And he just payers so well out there with Julio, and and Sindhu and Matt ROY. Ryan, especially so I think definitely edition of him as been great. And then with devante Freeman being down a ITO Smith coming in and taking up the Rb to a snaps. That's been a another key factor. It Will Smith has been you know, so great this season. It's been insane. Seeing him in those open the question down line with with. You know, devante fruit future seven Coleman's future. How that's gonna work out. But right now with the way this offense is, you know, the two rookies ITO Smith end end. Kevin Ridley Dave just, you know, been probably the biggest factors that have helped us solve a honest like Calvin Ridley has been so good. And he has been so perfect for what Sarkissian I think is most comfortable with calling whatever he does is helping Sarthe thrive, and I really feel like, and I mean this sincerely if they had not picked Calvin Ridley, and they had taken like Tatum, Brian. We would not be seeing this kind of an offense. It was a brilliant move by Thomas to meet Ross to get this guy. On the system because I think he knew deep down this is Sark wanted. This is who start felt would be most comfortable in running this offense with because these two guys were together at Alabama Sarkissian was familiar with Calvin released good at so he went to go get a guy who could be true number two receiver unless the new to play more of that three role where I think he is best suited, and you know, at least in this current version of the game and really just thrive. I- ridley's been great is he might be another some quarterbacks that may knock him out of it because it's more flashy position. But I think he's the non quarterback offense a player of the year. I fall I mean. Like, a voice take is just so rare to see a falcons rookie do this. And he's really the best falcons rookie. Maybe since Julio Jones because you know, obviously Kanter Neal had a really good rookie year and Jake Matthews was okay year desma fund had early year. But I think that Calvin Ridley is probably the best just overall rookie. They've had since early was in town because he's doing a lot of what happened when the got here in eleven you know, he really began to kind of pop in ways we have not seen. And I think that where he is so good as he's just technician. You just watch the way he runs washed away. He does his routes. You just outworked people in the field. You know, he he gets open. He knows that. Contessa catches are not his strength. See? No. He does. He doesn't make contested catches. He just runs the guy where it really helps able to go out there and get the ball. But you know, you look at what the against the giants look with done I'll season they've just been really really good at. Just getting yardage getting points the red zone offense. The play calling has been much better in the red zone occasions. Getting everybody involved Logan Paulsen is making touchdown catches. And you know that this often make being good again when we can say that the blocking titan is getting touchdown catches. And again, I think. Duet. Wave Corey do you understand though, the that Julio Jones has not caught a senior touchdown pass this season. Get. So that must be that most union that you know, Sarkis everything will use terrible, everyone Hansel football. You know, I think that conversation is absolutely worth having because it is a very odd statistic that he's getting these kinds of yards in is not necessarily getting kinds of touchdowns. You know, like. Agree. Yeah. He's he's for you to two thousand dollars zero tuck insane it like I can't I can't describe it like even even running backs who who are more known for the receiving ability. They get touchdowns. Like, it's it's I I don't I like, I just don't know how it's not happening especially with someone of his knock on in. It's just it's just mind boggling, I my only right now. And I don't know if this is right. My feary is that Sarkissian thrives when he's able to use Julio a decoy together. People open. I think that Julio is kind of his key to unlocking touchdowns when he uses Julio as a guy who can bracket coverage. I really think that's it. I think that when they're in the red zone. He puts Julio out there and doesn't though to him any allows the coverage to go somewhere else and get somebody else open. I think that's the key. I think that's what he found out is that the only way. Yeah. I'm gonna touchdowns as if I don't force the bald Julio Jones. Like, you know, we have I think that maybe that's it. No. I agree with to a point. It's been said for many seasons that oh the reason that Julia doesn't get as many touchdowns say you're into new Browns. Odell Beckham of the league is because he's, you know, always still covered or he's used as a decoy which in part is very much. A lot of defensive note defenses. No that Julio is the biggest threat on the field adult times that being said, however, there's been many many times many many might be an exaggeration. But there's been quite a few times this season. I've seen where let's say a in Calvin release three touchdown game. Where he was lighting it up the defense put a linebacker on Julio Jones a linebacker. That's disrespect when you think, you know. Maybe Matt Ryan season may be Steve's are Qizheng sees it. But then nothing is done to say like, oh, wait, you know, there's a linebacker on one of the best wide receivers in league. Maybe let's change up display or next couple plays to get him. Open. Get one of those speaks closest place to get Julio for you know, twenty thirty forty or touchdown. And it's not like Matt Ryan can't depot we just saw Marvin halls as Ingles at forty touchdown of the other night. It's an Julio is significantly bitter bigger go then. Don't significantly vineyard. That's Marvin Holland taking that play. But no man, that's a really good point. Because I think that that's kinda the coverall answer that I've been thinking, but again at the same time like maybe there are some opportunities where the times are not converting. Maybe they just need to be pretty simple. Just go to Julio. They're making the place happen and they're getting the production. But I'd like to see them. Get more involved on the road in the red zone because Pittsburgh in Philadelphia, which somehow are the only to read their own to on the road this year if only played on the road twice, which means they have a lot of road games left on the schedule. So which could get kind of ugly, but that's where they're not getting as much red zone production. And I know obviously one of those week one and they were using Julio very frequently in the red zone and finding success and again against Pittsburgh. They really were having trouble getting down the field with the pass rush. But I think that going down the line teams might get a little more wise to these ideas. Channa Han knew that there were times he just had to get Halil open and just make those explosive plays. I think if start getting more comfortable he'll begin to figure that out more. But I'm really happy with this offense right now the line is going to struggle for the rest of the year. Jake Mathews has been the holy consistent player smack has been good. He's not been great where we normally see him. But he's been good. He should good center. He's still does his job pretty well. But he's getting older they should have like. Getting a little older we knew this coming 'cause we signed him when he was over thirty. And that's okay. He's been really great addition for them. Obviously really added some stability unit in that position. Ryan traitors, not been quite as good this year. But again, you talking a guy who's on getting close to thirty you know, an offensive tackles sin play pretty long time. But they're just points. Guys. Kind of take steps up. Take steps down trader has not been fitted this year. Now, you've got your to starting guards that are now out in the second half season Evie laboratory was lost its timber in Brandon Fujiko who was lost Monday. So do you think that Wests and Arlen they're going gonna be enough for them for the rest of the year? Do you think that's going to be the playoffs where they ran with combo just didn't work? Well. I sure hope it works at the end of last season. We didn't see too great of things. I'll be like we were talking earlier are, you know, younger guys. It's gonna take a minute for them to get Justice to the league in in in come out and be good, especially on team as talented as the falcons that being said, I you know, it's been a long time. I hope they can at least be they don't have to be amazing. But it as long as they are functional then I shouldn't. I don't believe that the falcons offense. Where to be a good way to be. I think that's a good place to be as I do your suits terminology here. No, I think that's fair because like. And is a little older, but it's still going to time to get used to it. And he's actually been really good in reserve like he's a really good pass protector. He's a pretty solid run. Blocker is just when he's in there for a lengthy amount of time. He begins to kind of win the mortar where you would kind of hope he wouldn't go past. But maybe he's you know, figure that out and it's gonna get a little bit better. So maybe he will be pretty solid. West is west I think west has been better this year. West is always gonna have the things he's great at having this just because the the level of quality in a level of his draft positioning, that's kind of determined. You know, the kind of player he'll be he was picked for a reason. But again, I think he can be fine. Like, I was I was kind of a point where I was kind of like this offense can do this with us at left guard. Maybe when Andy leaves they can just run with them there and just be okay with this call. But again at the same time the offensive line has been really disappointing this year outside Jake Matthews who's having his best year. Pro Matt Ryan really does not get much pressure. Coming off at left side. It's really mainly for the right or coming from the interior. You know, Dallas Jacobs playing up to that contract is playing really well, that's incredibly exciting to see because every great team needs a great left tackle, or at least a good left tackle on. It's really hard to win in the NFL. If you don't have your blindside protected, but we'll see where it goes. So we've kind of we've talked about the offense the defense. Let's just been a little bit of time talking about this kicking position. Because obviously, we love the money man will never get old here. Giorgio tha Vecchio was outstanding in that giant's game for guy that just gotten signed is the most successful kicker in the NFL since I guess the nineteen sixties to just come off come off being a free agent in sang with team hitting those kinds of Phil goals. I think the team has not cut him for a very specific reason, which is because they got him on contract in two thousand nineteen right now it's a two year deal with Matt Bryant ailing and him being forty three and kicking fifty yard or in hurry his hamstring. We think. He'll be back this week. We don't know that for sure I think the fact that he's not that the fact that the tobacco villain the roster indicates for sure it is status doubt this week. But also at the same time. It's like the falcons you had this guy come out really, really good. Like, he does a really good job as a proven kicker and your other kicker is in his mid forties. Almost what do you do there? I mean, do you let money go earlier than anticipated you run with tha Vecchio? I mean, do you let to ECU finish the season put that Bryant on our if things are specially are not going the way that you would hope in see if he could really be your future because again, the kicking in the NFL is really bad unless you're really good at it. I know that sounds like the most obvious statement. But it's like if you're not good at kicking. If you are good at kicking great teams. Don't have that kickers is one thing the constant. If you have a good kicker typically means there's a good team. Team that new to get back with kicker. So tha Vecchio could be that guy for the next ten fifteen years. You really think -lanta as much Matt Brian has been crucial to this franchise or you let the money man, go out the way he wants to let Vecchio stick around this year and go elsewhere next year on Roma to kickers next year. There's just it's difficult for them to be in because a Matt Ryan health. But what what would you do if you without? Yes. So I mean, this has been a topic that's sort of been like elephant in the room. No one's really talking about it so far. But it's it's there, and it's it's you know, we've got address it soon. I mean, there's absolutely a kicker controversy in Atlanta. And so the way I see the rest of the season shaping out at least, I think we're going to let Matt Bryant rest as long as he needs to you know, recuperate as long as he needs to those soon as he tows in quid. Hey, I'm one hundred percent ready to kill. I think we're gonna bring that. Right back in Giorgio has been amazing. And it's really great that we managed to find someone who really, you know, saved our skins this last game. And he definitely has the resume to be the guy to carry us forward in the future. But you know, right now with all that Matt has done I think he's still he's still the the guy he still money into Matt starts to see a significant decrease in production. I don't think you know, we'll give that the reins over Georgia just yet. But I can actually see us carrying two kickers next season because of a map Bryant's age, and and at this age, you don't know how quickly that decline come for some, you know, if you're Tom Brady does the client. We haven't even notice it yet. But you know, Matt Bryant's kicker, and it's his production has been great so far. But if once it starts to dip, I think Georgia will absolutely be the gotta take over if it's, you know, within the next season or to otherwise, you know, Matt Ryan guy, George go to another team and. Conversation. I think they'd be smart to keep them in the year particular with Brian health you how he continues. But right now, you don't need that other roster spot for anybody. It would just be someone in active on game day. So you might as well keep tobacco make him an active on game day. Bryant gets healthy and see how Bryant does for the rest of the year. If he's the same guy, we know in you know, that going forward he's done do that next year. It makes it difficult to keep the roster. Spot open for a second kicker, but at the same time, I think having him in the system next season keeping him around the offseason you allow Bryant to figure out whether he wants to continue to play. I think for him. He has an out every year in that contract to decide if he wants to retire. I think he may still wanna play if he knows the team is going to be really good next year. Again, if we went to a Super Bowl somehow in two thousand twenty and Matt Ryan wasn't our kicker. It would feel really weird because it's like he's in there for the entire time. And you've wanted to be a part of that want to have a really good year next year if when everybody's? Healthy knock on wood. Like you want him to be there? You want him to be the kicker 'cause to like to you a lot. He's awesome. That's like you wouldn't feel quite right? But at the same time if Matt Bryant continues to make that slow down hill with his age, which is very natural. It'd be very understandable considering where he is. And you get to a point where you know, tobacco's to like the Bengals or something or the Texans or somebody doesn't have a great kicker in is like they're great kicker for the next ten fifteen years. You kinda like the falcons miss that. It's only the can't find another picker you get one in the draft or you can go maybe look for somebody else. But I don't know it just feels like he showed a lot of promise in that giant twin, and he made some pretty long feels old guy who had just gotten in the system, and he's kinda mayor with the falcons what want on special teams. I I'm hesitant to let him go. Now, I think there should hold onto the year Harry to kickers and then go in the nineteen bigger things out with Vecchio under contract for that entire season. So. Oh, you know, the only way he's leaving. If is if you want to leave. But you know, we'll see what they'll do. It's the falcons they never exactly what you are expecting. But it's always it's always the move. The falcons are going make that you know, as we wind down or conversation here. Let's talk about the season as a whole we've talked a lot about the reflection of what we've seen. Let's try to look into the future though bit. Where's your honest assessment of where the same goes like if you had to look and say all right from Sunday's game at Washington to the season finale against Tampa Bay where where are the falcons it? See it's rough because we've seen always seen so far with four home games only to away games. Those two away games were disasters for us. You know, we we went to Philadelphia and the that was just terrible felt like the end of last season. And then we went up to Pittsburgh, and it was a total collapse. Forty one points given up when we could only score seventeen on them. So majority of the rest of our schedule is going to be away, and those could be some tough games. I mean, we're playing Washington in Washington. You know, Cleveland's team. That's like they they tied with the Steelers. They genuinely could be a threat to the state of the falcons right now. So in that, you know to topping on going to the seines and the Panthers aids just it's a whole lot. I don't think this team right now as is is built for winning another. You know, we have three wins right now we'd have to win, you know, what seven more at least. To to to make the playoffs and looking schedule ahead. It's it's tough in. Let's deal. Jones comes back as quick as possible and plays one hundred percent the way he was before. I really really don't think this offense can carry the yes. I think that the offense may take a little bit of a step back with the loss of Fujiko because you're taking away the that was there on that line. And it's just another moment, we're injuries by Gina. But I want to look at the schedule for the next six weeks. Okay. And this is this is a tough schedule. They go to Washington they're five and two Washington's having a really good year. It it's that defensive line is rate. They're going to be able to do a lot against falcons with the run. And we haven't even noted that devante Freeman is playing offense has been so good here. And literally one of the franchise faces is been on my are has on existent because of injuries that's a conversation will leave alone. Because obviously there's a lot that can be said there as much love Freeman. I want them to think he's the still will be a great player next year against a healthy. But okay. So next than the eleventh, you go to Cleveland and play a team that is very talented. The just didn't have the coaching this year. Greg Williams is taking over as head coach that's gonna work by their their their next year team. They always have been able see where they go. But they're getting a bad match for Atlanta with how physical they are line in the way that secondary plates. You know, they get home against a Cowboy's team that's gonna be frying if that wildcard spot. Dick Elliott didn't play last year. He'll be playing this year. They have some instability on that offense some weeks the good, so they're not while just the Dax kind of last maybe one or two weeks is going to be what holds for them or may be something else. I don't know they're they're kind of their little bit mediocre this year, but they have some weeks. They really tend to go off. They did a really good job in some last year. We'll see how that goes at home to definitely helps Jerry world then like the the three weeks after that they go to the saints on thanksgiving. They host the ravens who going into this past week at the best NFL in the league. I think that may go down because Carolina is but still a top probably top three defense and go to lambo in December to take on the Packers who are going to be very very, very, very, very, very, very, very happy to see you and hope to destroy you. After what you've done to them in the last few year. Anybody new this? The falcons embarrassing there ever since two thousand sixteen dang. Has had Aaron Rogers number Hern Rogers n that Ryan our friends, you can guess after years and years of being little brother. Matt Ryan said ha ha I got to go to the SuperBowl. And you didn't. And I beat you in my last game the Georgia Dome. Made you look stupid. So you're going to lambo in December on a team who has no no goodbye with Atlanta and probably Mike McCarthy by that time might be coaching for his job depending on where the seasons going. So you look at that stretch of those teams, and I just sit there and wonder how can Atlanta come out of that any better than like two and four like how? I mean, this this is easily. And. The Cowboys failed goal. They could lose their probably will lose to the saints on the road. And they could lose the ravens at home. They could lose for the Packers on the road. And you could be sitting there looking at last three games, and that it would be very reminiscent of that eight season. They just collapsed down the stretch, although us all. This is crazy statistic. I think Dan Quinn right now is like twelve and four in December. Or I don't know. I don't think that athle- right or in the second half of season, not only. That's exactly accurate. But traditionally his teams are actually not bad at all. I think that's when they begin to hit their stride is right in November. And as they go in that last strips, they always finish strong, which makes me think maybe like that Cleveland game that Cowboys maybe they win to back to back. And then maybe they somehow get past the Packers. Lambeau these some of these games are winnable. I'm very pessimistic about going down to New Orleans and having having the Baltimore come to town. I think those games are going to be really hard in less. Dan Quinn can scheme against flacco, which I think could possibly happen. They can just really just kind of out coach them on the offense. But right now, I really think this team is lingering between six and ten at an eight. I think you look between those two marks. And you find your record. I don't think it's going to be nine and said quite. Because of the schedule. I don't think it's going to be quite a five and eleven foreign twelve I think you're gonna look between six and ten eight and an injury ravaged season with offense really good defense has been really bad. I think there's really nothing wrong with that. There's nobody to blame. There's no hard conversation to have about this or that. Maybe you need to reach will the deep it's of line little bit. Which is kind of the story we have every year. But I think everywhere else on the roster. Maybe you look at adding another guard. I think everywhere else on the roster is set the next couple of year. The extensions will settle themselves. When contracts all those players it'll have to refund some debt, but right now, the nucleus of this team when healthy will be there for the next two or three years and the falcons will continue to content in that period. As unless they don't have some big change offense coordinator with if he continues to do well on a college team wants to hire him to coach, I think it happened, and they go back to college and be that level. But we'll see. The future is not something we can be guaranteed in. If you look at this season as good example of that. But I think overall the best way to look at this team right now just say they got the short end of the stick. They got the injury bug. They got in a very difficult position or they really couldn't get out of. And they did the best that they could. Maybe they should have added a player here there from the outside. But I don't know of if that had really made the world's difference living. The Jones is really hard losing county is really hard. Eric Reid's been good for Carolina. There's not been like a revelation, right? Like he hasn't been a pro bowler. He's been polit would have been better, Jordan Richards, or Brian polit- strong safety. You know, again, the trenches were never gonna get any better. The offense of line was always going to struggle. The defensive line was always going to be great Brady, particularly, you know, maybe if they make a move here there, maybe they don't lose a game by touch down here there. But I don't think there's team was going to be a Super Bowl contender this year. Even if straight. Maybe they would have because they would have been pretty complete on both sides of the ball. But I don't know. This is just one of those things where it's like you can't play what if too much because if you do just drive yourself tree. I think the best thing for Atlanta from this point on is just to cut your losses and come back next year with the budgets because the back half of the schedule is really hard. I mean, even in that low those last three games. Yeah. You get the cardinals at home. They're not great this year that you still have to go to Carolina before Christmas and Carolina's having a really good season. And they're really going to be happy to get back at you after what happened in September. And then you go on the road with the bucks. And we have no idea what the shape of that. Buccaneers team is going to be in the season. Finale min- may fire other by the end, you know, they may have they may just really be pulling for pride and peanuts. Like, I don't know. I really I'm really curious where the season goes. But I don't think it's going to be anywhere to special. Yeah. See this thing. A lot of people are trying to play the blame game. You know? I blame coach Queen. I blamed each blame this person that player, and it it also, you're right. We just got the short stick. There is no one really to blame the only blame you can assign. Maybe is at the beginning of this year. We didn't really dress our defensive line as she is and stuff like that people. You know, they they wanna pay all this on some reason or something. But you know, they can't like we can't blame our young guys not all of them for being amazing. You know, looking at you, Duke Riley. You know, we have no no gripes with the way he is right now. Because like we're saying earlier it takes time for these players develop. And we've seen our before we have a lot of people who come in played super excellent, you know, year one, and we expect the the to be stars when reality it's for a lot of these guys. It's going to take a couple of years for them to truly become one of the forces in this league. So. People just you know, they wanna point fingers and at this point we have to just play the season out watch some Alkan football. You know, have be what it is. And you know, if we make the playoffs. Best wonderful. That's great hopes to a shot of being in the Super Bowl in Atlanta. Although I highly doubt that happens in if not, you know, think of it as in we're getting really high drastic where adding rennet at a lot of guys who are going to be coming to an already stack team. So it's this won't we just gotta sit back enjoy it and not worry about you know, what if this happened with that? I think that's the best way. The only way can really like this right now is just say we'll see what happens I really feel like the Super Bowl has really zapped. Everyone's patience out of their system because they've been patient for so long and continue to be patient. But that's kinda catch isn't it like patients requires more patients. And if you don't have more patients after ends, did you really have patients in the first place. You have no guarantees this league with random this league is just spontaneous. Victors crime out of the ashes every day and titans fall into the ocean. Just as equal like we really there is no schematic formula other than the patriots are usually good or team that Peyton Manning was as always really good, wherein Rogers. But even then it's like there's no guarantee Peyton Manning only won two Super Bowls and the second Super Bowl really was as defense got. Right. Aaron Rodgers only had one ring like that's how ran in. This league is the best quarterbacks of ever played Tom Brady has five rings. Sure. But because he's like probably the best coach player combination of all time, those tend to do pretty well. I don't know if you knew that. But if you're the best something you do. Okay. But yeah, I think as we kind of wrap up looking at the season as a halfway you just have to say they tried. They really did put a good team on the field this year. But it just wasn't meant to be. And that the happens. I didn't get any good didn't get any good bouncers that didn't get those plays like lassie's in times especially early in the year where it came down to that play the falcons. Able to make it had the guy the needed this year that had the Gaza needs those last purple plays came down to them. Now, making them that's part about it stinks. But like, that's all you have to be willing to take into account that it is a spontaneous sport. The does not care how badly you wanna win. It's gonna do wants to do. And if you're not ready, you're not ready in our yard. Sometimes you'll get the bouncing times won't. But you know, that's where we are. That's the sucky part about this. But it they'll be okay. It may not be this year. They may not be. But then again, imagine this team like fifteen pick added into the mix just at random and you just get him because the draft. So I'm excited about that. I think that they've been drafting really well recently. I'm I don't wanna talk too much about the spring yet. Because I know people really don't like that until like in December and things really are looking good which could be the case, we'll say I'm gonna wait and see mode. This team is just going to be one of the things every week. We'll just have to kind of see where they are. And see what they can do. And it's gonna be tough. You know, they've overcome worse though. We'll see how it goes. All right, Gabe. Thank you so much for coming on the subset of the colleagues post game podcast. Tell yourself you know, and all the other people need to remind yourself of your information. So the folks where they can find you kind of talk about what's going on in the world of gape. So the only social media I want she has only on is Twitter. Gay Gabe j Gonzales twenty five it might be different depending on on the day of the week. But that's what it is. Currently right now doing a lot of construction with that. But you find great Gabe content there. I'm usually strewn around with Corey or anyone of the foul. Call guys on Twitter on any given our. So if you wanna you know, foamy so for some really cheap and not great rafts than. Yeah, online. I think you. Jay gig all five on Twitter. He's a good follow. Good friend, pre shit you being on here. One of the nice parts about following this awful team as people you made along the way. It's a pleasure to get to know gave on this terrible website terrible team. But anyway, you're here I'm here. Thanks for coming here. Love having you. Listen to us talk about it. We're all processing it the best. We can. But hey, that's what a fan them is four why we do this. So we can process this as it comes along. 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