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Welcome in solicitation of ESPN SEM. Thomas Stevie Nikko and Craig Burley we also welcome him to the program Julianne Laurel and Said Low. Of course the big story today. You niamh recent as a manager of Arthur we speculated a lot over the last few days is record just good enough after picking out the bassin from us and Vangere very different. Of course the TINA SCENARIO CRAIG which. I think everyone won't surprise about this. Not really a surprise. No not really when you look at results hit the period last year went on in a great run and it can be papered over the cracks. A little bit you go. In the summer you think right regroup with applaud twelve months down the line of job or understanding ending of the squad and for whatever reason the signings pay piece command as really a playoff. They needed then a last minute. dovid Louise Curing Tierney from Celtic. Who is a good player ebb to prove himself in England and he really struggled to find the right balance in the team? And the only thing I'm surprised about is I wonder whether the board would be hesitant hesitant and making decisions because they have been in the past. I mean in my opinion van before he said I'm going because AH stale for two or three years but fair play them admitted decision. I think it's the right one. No even bigger one to make jewelry. It was just a few weeks the guy we're talking about the possibility that it was going to be given time when the problems really start to go wrong. I think he was given time. I think he here the law of time a lot of chances to turn things round they they wanted to believe in him. The bacteria is supported Imola and even before the southend game last week. There was a big meeting in Los Angeles with the family and they do and Rosa nearly as well and they said okay. While we're doing I mean we can suck him now all we could give him a bit more time and see what happens in the next few games. That's why they chose the second option. He went on to draw in the last minute against them on which was a miracle and then defeat again Frankfurt on on Thursday night sealed his fate enough that I game again that meeting the over the phone and these time there was no other. He's positioned with two and there was no other choice to make then to came and it just happened on Friday morning then how much of his his absolutely his full you know. I said he yesterday you can. You can pick holes in a manager for he's tactics. For the PIXIES team hurry pixies captain but at the end of the day. As a coach. Foremost you have to get your list. Guo who also ensure togetherness and fight for the club and for the Jersey. That's the first thing you have to do because the rest of you don't do those things things. The rest doesn't really mar and the Frankfurt game. The apathy from the players was incredible. I mean you talk about. Nobody's bothered and there wasn't a fun. There seemed to be bothered either so they really had no other choice. The city obviously for them closely in Spain where he had his most successful spell as a coach he's surprises come up short hair not necessarily because obviously the context of different in each different club. I think the the surprising thing for me in a way is the way that this the things that went wrong. The kind of things the fact that defensively asked to weren't strong that he wasn't able to give them organizational channel structure that he didn't seem to be able to give them that kind of aggressive ability to compete. That you look emory inspired and you would say well the floors perhaps were occasionally occasionally. They couldn't compete with the very biggest teams occasionally. He was too conservative that he wasn't perhaps prepared to take those teams on. Zee Calls it so many times in Spain where you would look inside okay. He's problem is going to be that he's not going to be able to organize a defense. And so I think in that sense surprise but the fact that it didn't didn't didn't succeed given the quality of managers in England given the quality of the other teams in England given the the weaknesses in in parts of the squad giving them the personalities that you had to confront. Maybe that's less of a surprise but as I say the particular flaws or some of the particular laws are yeah. It's a shame really because I am not talking Niamh. Am because sorry for taught mine and just because they get paid handsomely rewarded for for. But I kinda you know. With Liverpool Liverpool mindset dominant and the moment as the are no clubs divine right to be successful or competitive awesome are in the possession around one and the clubs are capable of should be capable of fighting for all the major owners and as the roof. Shame to see how the decision making over the last few years has just been soper matzahs without new contract said that start the season season or before he was a three hundred thousand pounds a week headache for Miami which is exactly what you tell them to be. Even I am re- backtracked in the end because you'd be so desperate to try and find Saddam from result but I just scratched my head to what we are going to go next when you see when you see the this has been made sets we deceive. The says she's been made at Liverpool a clear plan of where we wanted to go for the future. Both on and off the field and then I'll look at the shepherd macron keys and destruction arsenal the management assures uninterrupted rushers. And boy. This is a big ship to tell marrone who's in Chelsea recruitment. Because I don't they're good at and carrying them agree. We said in a way because you know yes you you can talk to you defend as you can organize them and tell them when they should be the position what they should be doing. But if you've got ask who just can't do it. Then you have to between the manager and the recruitment guy change the staff and so after twelve launch Craig said when he figured everything what he had the did absolutely the nothing about buying somebody to defend in fact they go by a guy who's disease on. The bulk undefended Avid Louise. So Oh between emory overs and child's you're bringing employers. There's a complete disaster. How deep rooted of these problems? Well the interesting thing about the whole is left and even before the Ivan who's obviously the CEO and he's not there anymore started restructuring declared. Because because you had to choose huge figure that he going on him about to go. I mean to replace one. They had to replace him with a few people so I do came in as a sporting director which was long needed. Someone who would be the lane between the board and the first team of Luke or so the the youth teams permit. It's a soccer. Kamien has the academic director which again was needed. Then you are split between the two. CEO Onside Veena Venkatesh. Who is the Guy With audiologist administrative side and then routes nearly the former boss director who is the head of football so they believe in terms of structure. They down there where they should be and they have good structure and everything then we can talk about the recruitment in the summer by the time from avid with which by the way was by far. Aw No deficit towards the center by the tried maybe five or six other options are sent. Couldn't find any and he was really the last chance the one that they could sign at the end with a bit of experience. Expedience Laurent Cassini has left the day before. Let's not forget it so they were even shorter than before because Cassini come back home to board. Oh so then we was okay we can do him is quite Sheba's lavine save. Bring him in. There was never the first choice that was never the idea behind the whole plan. So there were there were flows in in a way in the recruitment but also they're fed the structure around. Everything is good the money that the the way the invested was quite good and quite clever by he. He hasn't worked out so that we'd be looking at as well. Who's going to be the new coach Gills Freddie bag? The plan is to give them back sometime. They're hoping really hoping that there would be something happening with with the squad with him. The he's a very popular figure. The boys really like him. He had a very powerful speech this this morning. He's I one as manager training. Run into the dressing room. So they're really believe these will have a positive impact they can turn things around even if he doesn't have any experience as a first team manager and if that works then then the plan is to review the position in the summer because they believe that they will have more candidate which is true in in the summer now. Let's say they won't Rogers. It would be more likely for him to agree to come to us nor in the Senate in the off season than to do it right now when he has a very good project project on on route already. With for example we the same with the how dotted as they believed. It might be easier in the summer. toge- Eh the one. They really want more than now. During the season when we only at the beginning of December but if plan doesn't work and if room begs a disaster there's no win the the next three four maybe five games then they will look plan. B which is appointing someone. Maybe if he was not originally initially their first choice and maybe go with a lot of expense and someone who will then steadied the ship. Maybe someone like I dunno Max Allegri. He's ready to take a club. MIDSEASON for example. The plan is really to give a chance to give him MHM sometime. And then see what happens to the biggest clubs in Europe and settled in England national and such desperation hoppy hugging the heart's on on source content of management experience. There's no deny that but Freddie Ljungberg null and so that is not a the the red if I was Mukul Tessa although I played an awesome wouldn't touch it with a pet while the although is not gonna stay at Manchester City forever. Is the right hand man out there at the moment and I my own passed an opinion as I think he might look to promote from within so if he's any brains which I'm Sherry. Hi He's probably GonNa sit tight. I think Brandon Rojas is probably at this moment in time one of the high stokes but I agree with you because I think what he's doing it less than what he's listed as well as asthma at the moment so a it's a real quandary for the club but in some sense is that are making because with all that restructure allowed it to happen to the low dyson Venga as good as he was to hang on. Hang on hang on and make his own decision that he was gonNA leave. Not says you shouldn't have been made from at least two two to three years before that and then we wouldn't have been so far behind the eight ball. Will they are at the moment Freddie Bloomberg you like this why we gave a nice speech Greg. Lago them now. Listen absolutely huge club. They need a Calica accounting. So listen to me. He he seems like he takes no nonsense from day regardless of who they are will the bean and the fighter astle interviewed him once before and the wall does it felt that he was wanting to much charge. Well you know what you didn't take them then because you wanted to be in charge you stayed in charge humidity maciver. You brought a guy in who already are a big club and g showed. He couldn't handle the players. You go and get this guy. This guy knows what what he's doing you give him what he wants to get you club by. As because in case the for gone languishing and the middle of the Premier League and the dropping quickly quickly against Norwich this weekend meanwhile for Liverpool their home against Brighton but big news regarding then today is a Filipino is out for two months and obviously December is hectic already. How big a blow is this to Liverpool's theory? Yes US blow. He's he's solidified himself. An and the stanton eleven absolutely question when when the team is getting now. He's one of the Fox ones all that good use for Liverpool is that you know previous to him be in that guy on the team sheet. They still have the same players who had an incredible run of not losing games as well. So hello yes as the laws. But it's not huge blow like Machado's mindsets he though seeing the injuries with all the Games on the graph coming coming up it's going to be hard to get through all those games with pecking up even more engines. So you're crossing fingers legs moment. These players are going to Ah Colt with the options of come through unscathed. Just to confirm this weekend's fixtures in England all sorts managed to city away against Newcastle Chelsea. I'm against West waste time loopholes. You mentioned Brighton. Spurs take on born north and then on Sunday lesser against Everton to be very interesting regarding the future. Marcus still old. Are you still wearing your button. Downs on talked in hoping for the best. Then stop it seriously. 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No doubt where the big game in Spain is this weekend at the Spanish capital Athletico Madrid taking on a Barcelona. Let's start with Bossa. It really is a roller coaster with them at the moment. Isn't it struggle to win away against leg and then a good victory at the camp now. What's the real boss are? We saw at the C.. Green he's been can fit into this team. Well a we're seeing where they want him to fit into the team which is of course the only place that's really available in the forward line which is on the left hand side of the front free but I still don't think in. Saudi convinces bear in mind that although he scored in mid week he came on. He didn't stop the game. Then Bella start the game and then go inches. And that's why he had the opportunity they performances Wilma's zone that left hand side of the Front Frey haven't really convinced except away bar in exceptional circumstances because I borrowed seeing the place so high up the pitch they give you spicer run into so he was presented with the kind of opportunities and the amounts of spice that you just doesn't normally get so. I don't think that's necessarily concluded a tool just yet in terms of which is the real Barcelona. I think in a way the answer is in the way that you presented. It can play very well at the camp nou having just played very badly away from home and that is fundamentally really where the divide lines that lies at the moment. They've generally speaking played pretty well a home but for the most part they've been really really poor on the road. They've lost three times already this season which it costs more than as many as in the whole of last season more than in the whole of the season before that when they're lost ones and they just look at least away from home like a team that doesn't function. That doesn't have a clear clear idea that doesn't have a sense of patent away. The plays but at home if only because the players themselves raise the game they they they still look half decent. Meanwhile said and the Stop the season we were getting genuinely very excited about Athletico Madrid. When they had a great three season be all communist scoring goals? Fun Great to watch. That was very much a full allstone. Yeah I think it was an and look in truth I think I have to hold hands here. We perhaps allowed ourselves to be Overexcited by the type signings that they made a navy that blinded us to yes. These are the songs they made. But it's in return for these departures and those other departures. Of course fundamentally meant pretty much half of the standard starring eleven six players departed of which you would say five. Almost guaranteed start is in any game six in some games and so you think well all right so so you've lost a whole lot of place but it is true. I think what happened. Was the expectations. were so low with Ed departures that we were surprised. How well they appear to have moved in the transfer window we thought but wow this is really exciting and also as you rightly say in the some of these called seven seven goals against Rao Madrid in the US and we will? This could be a very different country but a really really exciting. You want of course one of the problems as when we've raised questions show lots and lots of times for out the season even at the very start when they were playing. Well that question of okay they have these players which in theory at least inclined him towards doing something different but do they truly believe in it. Does the manager truly believing it and can it really work and I think actually what we've seen over the last month is so let's go Madrid side neither one thing nor the other the night of this big creative team that we thought they might be because it's certainly not that sixteen goals in La Liga but nole other defending the way that they once would so now they won the lap and it used to be athletic. I want you know the game is over now. The Guy and one that up and attending to draw one one that game on Sunday they then on Monday. It's the balance door the winner announced and said you don't need me to tell you that in Spain. They are obsessed by this award suggestions on according to some leaks Leeann Alessi's one it. Yeah I'M GONNA say up front. Nobody's leak this to me. I don't know if you're right. Everybody is assuming that he will. I must admit as you probably not. I'm I'm slightly bored by the bathroom door in the furious. Nece if you like of the debates lights around it I think if Mexico winds. That's absolutely fine. I think vandyck was to win it. That's absolutely fine but certainly the assumption in Spain is messy when it for the sixth time sticking my neck out. I think Dan Bella is going to win. It was confirmed. Today that is injured. Once again said this is a recurring issue. The man that has spent lots of money on yeah I mean look when when boss on a soul Neymar apiece for. ESPN saying that the best thing that can do now is not doing anything not allow that to one hundred twenty million euros in their pockets to force them into signing finding not allow the desperation of losing name. I'll say right. Go and sign someone but fundamentally that's exactly what they did. They spent a total of nearly three hundred million euros on coutihno. WHO's now gone? And on December. I who by the way is in his third season. And there's never really had consistency in part is because performances have been good impart. There's been this sense all the way through that. He doesn't connect the dressing room. But also the way that you start this question we've injuries. He's missed a third of the of the playing time that had Barcelona and look over. That's his four or wherever it's a combination of factors obviously. He's the person who suffers the most. He's the person that has the worst on any. Do feel very very sorry for him but from boss on structural view. Of course they have to come up with a solution and I just wonder if the solution becomes the end patients runs out and they look for a way out for him. Speaking of patients running out said it's the first time you've been on since that reception and Gareth Bale received the burn of are the weekend when he came on. Just a chorus of whistles. I think they have the disavow levels of eighteen ninety nine or something like that regarding how loud it was its own. Very Pantomime is all going to end in January when he moves on no. He's not he's not going to end in January. Well I say it's not going to end in January. Look I'm not one hundred percent gonNA stick my neck out and that because I think if a if a solution presented presented itself I think there would be a willingness to embrace that but there is awareness basically that solution almost can't presents itself in January. This is something that probably has to be resolved in the summer now. I say resolved because of course the relationship isn't great and everybody. I think agrees that the best thing now Isabel to move on of course if that doesn't happen till the summer who knows what happens between we now then now my suspicion is that what happened is that he will play he will play quite well he will be useful that there will be a certain degree if you like kind of forgetting what went on but well if you like the undercurrent. We'll still be there and I think the solution will come in some. I don't think it will come in January. There aren't clubs. Who can pay for him there on clubs that he really wants to go to just yet and it's very very very difficult to make it happen? Remember of course that he wanted to go last summer and he was this close to going in the end rounded back down onto deal to China otherwise he wouldn't still will be there said Lo. Thank you very much more from say available on extratime. Bichon check over on our youtube channel and we'll end the show with a better best the week. 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ESPN THAT'S F. O.. R. H. I. M. S. dot com slash. ESPN FOUR HYMNS DOT COM SLASH ESPN Bien Walkmans. Extra time. Thank you for your tweets a lot on this subject. No I am rate but Thanksgiving at the Burley's Steve Eight nickel praying for very much. Guess how was it. An ethics has expected Yes Expensive County on Zorro. She's good nausea. Fewer skips the two of you find Bertel Hotlanta exactly expedience because From your experience is often step that game once a manager Sankt kids trying to impress clinch the warriors Walpole the law. We tried we you conscious. You would try harder. When new manager came in? Why is it Rafeh veins dogs for the also job he did a recent job Newcastle Liverpool to a Champions League final Joe's the book is have him among the contenders? Listen also going going if he applies for the job as well if he gets in touch. I'm sure they would consider having because like you said he's got great TV. He's a cheap things pretty much wherever it's gone depending on the context of your sleep he I think he will be an interesting choice but like we said I think that would be love. Applications on on on on the table there would be a lot of different profiles different manager at different ages as where Benitez. He's not getting any younger for report so they might go another route but they want someone experience who we do a good job in terms of management in terms of tactics in terms of having the also winning mentality and also being a good Mahan which is important for like asked Noah think he would take a few boxes for the four million. He's is getting the challenge. John He's GonNa make any any different. Who is the most underrated player in the Premier League? Currently I heard it's the most underrated it's just GonNa be silenced between Joel's Oh I I dunno sin someone like wrote a feminist example. I still don't think Dorky. Maybe I'm I'm I'm Mandalay doesn't get the recognition they deserve because I think is an outstanding player. Got Any place names one. Answer your question you completely cut to me. You know you're looking at me because you WanNa talk to me. I'll play gone. It's not it's not a player. Nobody knows Johnny Evans because haven't been so enter. The Turkish Lodge are part of like great list of defense we often Evans. We'll see some the really great career and still plan will stay home film boat do you Amri will return anti-legal if so which club should he sign four other now. I'm just transfixed by Craig Stephen wondering if loss next Thanksgiving was like this Underwrites play. Well what do you think's the most underrated written anywhere just here for you. I'm sorry what was the question Dan. Let's try to answer the question hour instead of just got an awful. Which club should emory? We signed for League Well some point because it's where he's from and is because where. I think they would probably welcome Casey gasoline up for that but they have a coach. They're very happy with at the moment and they going stylistically. I think in a very different direction to emory. So so right now. I guess y'all stories is no one in particular to be big. He's one for you from his punishment given that we're talking about awesome and manages some stage rivers also whether it's it over someone else people going to start talking about Marcelino. The former Valencia manager guy who's out of work not because of anything did wrong in footballing terms but because the internal politics who took Valencia into the Champions League on the couplet in Basel and in the final two. Did I think has done extraordinary things pretty much everywhere. He's being some point. Someone's surely is we're GONNA start. Who convinced him very much? Say Do you have started shopping got then. ESPN AFC returns tomorrow. Stevie TV breaking down. What's happened loss of big games? Big Teams and some ties Waco We'll talk about what what we just drawers well rule.

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