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Live from the Investors Bank Studio Woomera size in Gregg Giannotti boomer and Geo on the fan across the country on radio DOT com across the world on radio DOT COM opened to be back on. Tv as early as next week but we don't know NFL taking center stage admits this corona virus. Reality that we are living in. I saw funny tweet yesterday that said at about ten. Am people were writing? Nothing will ever feel the same. Nothing else matters. It's all about this corona virus and then at about one PM. It was what an idiot bill. O'brien is Oh my God. How could you trade? The Andre Hopkins shows you still in this weird time that we are living in this Black Mirror episode did we are finding ourselves in right now at the. Nfl can still make some news. Good Morning boomer our you I'm doing alright. Geo and I will say that I was thankful for the NFL to keep this free agency thing going and right now we haven't even gotten to legitimate free agency and the start of the year. That's tomorrow we are still in the so-called what they call legal tampering period. We're just oxymoron. Obviously so we kind of know where everybody's going and what's going on so far and there have been some amazingly stupid moves in foul. Yes over the years This I'm not really sure what's going on down in Houston and you don't have a general manager there so it's Bill Ryan is basically run the whole thing and remember last year. He made some controversial trades. 'cause he kind of went all in. Laremy Tunsil. Yeah you went all in and trade away first. Round draft picks and all sorts of stuff and now he decides the trade one of the best wide receivers right in the middle of his prime at the twenty seven. Now the question is I believe that the Andre Hopkins was GonNa want a new contract so that that that was going good be- down the road maybe a year or two but I if I'm the Shawn Watson Mike what the Hell did you just do. What did you just do to me as the quarterback? I can't even imagine what he must be feeling like right now. So they trade a wide receiver for a running back When did that happen? That happened back in one thousand nine hundred five when the New York jets decided to trade our number one receiver rob more to the cardinals for Ron more. The running back. And that's essentially that's how like you never know when things are going to break one way or the other and who's going to benefit from decisions like this but wink Rabat. Really benefited from that decision. Because we got rid of all of our experience wide receivers and Wayne made the team so and then we can turn out to be a great pro really turned out to be a great jet. So you just never know what's going to happen but that's just for one player overall for the team the morale of the team the morale the fans and everything else. I think that Bill O'Brien is just like taken so many chances over the last two years now. This draft class is supposedly loaded with great wide receivers. All the way through the first three rounds. Is there one that even remotely is remotely close to what the Andrea I mean? Th there could be but that that's a big could and I think that a couple of things come to mind right away one. You hear that De'andre Hopkins want a new contract here that the Andrea Hopkins Bill. O'brien didn't get along all that well and this is exactly why you need as you say all the time. A ruthless general manager. Who is in buddy buddy with the players or isn't someone who's emotions are going to get the best of him when making personnel moves head. Coach can't be the general manager and also it's not so much that he traded De'andre Hopkins. We've seen guys get traded. The past in their prime he got nothing. He Got David. Johnson who is slowly turning into a pile of dust and he got a second round pick plus he has to pay David. Johnson guaranteed money this year. What joke is that and then later in the day defined digs? Go to the bills in this. All I mean Stefan Digs. I love as a player. He authored one of his part of the in one of the great moments. I've seen as a fan in the last several years of the Minnesota Vikings. I know he was disgruntled. I like him as a player of memories. But my God. He's not the Andre Hopkins Hot. I rent you got all the stuff to Vikings got back including the first round. Pick this year in that deal so by the way the cardinals did not want Johnson anymore and the team. That's why they I think they transition tag Kenyan drake who they traded for from the Miami Dolphins. But it's amazing to me that if if this is what you were giving up to get the Andre Hopkins more teams worn in on this. Unless he zeroed in on David Johnson for some reason maybe it has something to do with money or something but I think the jets are on the giant well not giant so much maybe but because the giants really need defense. And they're really trying to go after defense would bradberry Martinez signings. You could see in the Leonard Marshall Leonard Williams tag and all that. That's all defensive stuff right now it just to me. It's amazing that that's all they got back for him now. There's gotta be some something else to this story that we saw. I'm not so sure I mean all right. Let's what could it be the Andre Agassi Bill? O'brien didn't get along right. That makes bill. O'brien look like more of a fool in doing this. I mean it's it's so easy to find the road that leads us to how this happened. You have a head coach. Who has already made these awful moves making another one? I mean that's what it comes down to. You can't be both in the NFL. Unless YOU'RE BILL BELL BILL. Belichick is the only guy that's been able to do this correctly. Bill O'Brien is an equipped and then after this season where you saw the clowney deal you saw the Tunsi tonsil deal Bob McNair. The owner should all right enough. We gotta get a general manager and here. He decided not do continue to give bill. O'brien the power and this is what you got. I mean I don't know if like David. Johnson won the fantasy football championship for bill. O'brien back in two thousand. Sixteen or what? The fascination is with David Johnson. But I mean this. This could possibly go down as a top five worst trade in. Nfl history. The Andre Hopkins continues to do what he should do out there in Arizona with column Ryan Cliff Kingsborough Air Raid Offense. He's either the best or the second best wide receiver in foot right now as we speak. It's either him or Michael. Thomas those two guys and two just trade 'em away at twenty seven when you not gonNA give a new deal. People Thought Odell Beckham. Junior's return in that trade with the BROWNS was bad. Yeah might WANNA rethink it after seeing this situation. But I would tell you that Odell Beckham. Junior really didn't have any impact on the Browns. Anyway right so actually looked like it was the right deal especially when you were trying to work in a new quarterback here. Could you imagine Odell Beckham Junior with Daniel Jones? Sure I know I mean. Listen time has been kind of that. Deal is my point. Yes Times been kind. So the giants. The giants basically tried to are trying to shore up their defense. You know so you can say whatever you want about Leonard Williams. He's a defensive tackle. He is a run stuffer If you if you look at his numbers over the last two years he's he's not GonNa while you he's not Aaron Donald. He's not going to be deforest. Buckner who the colts traded for. Who I love that trade. They traded their thirteenth overall. Pick for the defensive tackle for the San Francisco. Forty niners gave him a twenty one million dollars a year deal. He's twenty six years old today. Today's his birthday so he is right in the sweet spot of his career says a smart move. I think by Chris Ballard. I also believe that the colts are going to be very heavily in on Philip rivers. Who They can't if Andrew luck is out if he's out if he stays retired then I would think that their first option is going to be Philip rivers because of his relationship with Frank Reich but for the giants what they did is they went out and they got Blake Martinez. Now who is Blake Martinez? If you are a hardcore football fan you know. He is a very good linebacker. I'm not GonNa sit here and tell you that he's Carl Banks or Lawrence Taylor or even Harry Carson. I'm just going to tell you that. He is a solid linebacker. You know this from seeing him. Every year Dr Troy Aikman said his name probably more than he says. Own name over the last couple years. All the packer games top crew is called Multiplex Blake Martinez. So he got a three YEAR THIRTY MILLION DOLLAR DEAL. And what's interesting about him? He's been one of the leader in tackles in the NFL. Over the last three season he has had two seasons of one. Hundred and forty four tackles each one hundred. Fifty five tackles as well. He's played sixty one games in the NFL. Had Fifty seven starts. He does have ten sacks. Seventeen pass breakups three interceptions and he led all linebackers in Solo. Tackles this past year in the NFL. Solo tackles with one hundred and fourteen. So He's a very active player and I think he is going to be one of these guys that is is kind of an under the radar signing under this really that all that expensive either with it's not and I was Kinda surprised that the packers didn't keep him at that price at that price because they went out and got another guy to replace them two years. Now the interesting thing. I was asking Joe about this morning. I haven't seen any reports from anybody. Remember the new. Cba now is been agreed upon between the NFL PA and the NFL owners. Which means that in twenty twenty one most likely there's going to be a seventeenth regular season game. Yeah some of these contracts go into that season and passed it and I'm wondering if there is language in these contracts to pay those guys a certain amount of money or is the contract just going to be pushed out over seventeen weeks as opposed to sixteen weeks. I haven't seen that anyway. I sent a message out to somebody who would know. Yeah waiting on that. I did send it at a five in the morning but someone who would know the answer to that I sent it out so I'm awaiting but that is an interesting thing. I'm assuming and this is not really safe to assume because it's very complicated. That agents know what the deal is with the seventieth gain negotiated something into the contracts passed this year that reflects the fact that their clients have to play regular season. Let's say you're Blake. March is pretty easy for three years. Thirty million in year three of that third year deal. There's GonNa be an extra game he's playing in. Is there going to be extra money for that game or does that ten million dollars a year what bonus and all that stuff but is that is that just going to be pushed into that seventeenth game? He's not going to get extra money for that. Seventeen hours at the thing that we were talking about where? There's a cap for that fine where everybody gets two hundred and fifty thousand four that game and that was in the CBA wasn't it. Yeah but then I also. There was a loophole in the CPA. That you could actually negotiate that that seventeen game differently. I I have not seen the total agreement yet. I just I just get these little updates every now and again and that's one of the interesting well for me anyway. It's just interesting just. I wonder how. That's impacting. Some of these negotiations and some of the stuff. That's going on right now. I just haven't heard I haven't heard anybody in the NFL network talk about it. Yeah I haven't seen it on PROFOOTBALLTALK PRO FOOTBALL. Focus any of those great websites. I haven't seen any of this question. It seems to be unanswered right now. So I'll try to get the answer to it. I did like what the giants did. I liked the Blake Martinez signing I liked the James Bradberry. Signing James Bradbury is a guy who is twenty six years old who is a solid number one corner and someone that Dave gettleman drafted so he knows. What type of player is a person's right? So I I like both things that the giants did yesterday. Of course there's many many holes but they had hoped that you Norris Jenkins could have been the guy to bring along all those young corners. He attempted to do that. Didn't work out all that. Well you know James Bradbury as a season guy even at twenty six years old is hopefully the guy they can help the Andre Baker and Corey Balentine and the rest of the young players in that secondary. So it's a star. It's a good start for the giants. Now you know yesterday for the jets. It was a lot of frustration for jets fans because they wanted to land one of the top offensive. Linemen available I think Jack Conklin was the guy that everybody had their sights on. He ends up going to the Cleveland. Browns the Cleveland browns continued to make splashes there in the off season. We'll see if it turns into anything but you know it was six and ten seventy nine season again But the jets out on on Conklin the jets miss out on grant McLennan cow which is another guy who had high grades and Free Agency in one of the top two or three of Lyman available in free agency and everybody imagine with Joe Douglas's history of offensive lines and wanting to build that up that they would spend the money and instead you know they go out and it's a it's a shorter deal with George fant cheaper deal it's a cheaper deal and shorter content and got a three year deal so did fan three years and got forty two million and thirty million right. So you know the the interesting they. There is a ton of three year deals interesting. A ton of three year deals and I'm wondering if that has something to do the cap going on with the CAP on the seventeenth game there. Are you know there was The Byron Jones zeal from Miami. That was five years. Colvin for Miami was four years. Vitae for Philadelphia was five years but I mean seventeenth games going to happen when for four years so then the seventeen game will happen in the third year of these contracts. That's what I'm saying. That's what I'm assuming not this year not next year but the year after or is it the year after. I thought it was going to be as early as twenty twenty one. Twenty Okay Isis. So then it would be in your of these of these graduates. Yes so I don't know I don't know but I mean I. It's it's very early to judge. Joe Douglas's job because there's been one day of free agency so on that hand I say give them some time the jets made splashes the last couple of years and CJ Moseley in Levian Bell and Tremaine Johnson and the like and really none of that has worked out so far for one reason or another. So just. Because you're spending these big box doesn't necessarily mean it's GonNa turn into production but you on the other hand I can. I can understand the jet Fan Frustration. Because you know they look around and see. The Miami Dolphins not messing around go bringing in three impact players in Byron Joe Jack Lawson and Kyle Van Noy well. We'll see you know winning the free agency. Derby doesn't always mean that you're going to win the Games you know. Come the fall but I will. I will say that I liked the colts. What they did they sign their tackled. Costanzo and then they trade it for Buckner. So that's offense blind defensive line. I love that at that. Colt defense is going to be really good. This year and adding buckner right in the middle of it is exactly what they need because I like them in the Baltimore. Ravens are really fighting to stop. Patrick Mahomes you're trying to figure out ways to get him to stop him and what they saw in the Super Bowl was pass rush. Got Up the middle. And that's where buckner was coming from. There was a lot of twisting and stunting with Armstead and both and I mean they hit patrimony quite a bit so I think a lot of a lot of teams in the AFC especially are looking at that saying we got to get those guys if we wanna beat or even have a chance to be Kansas City in the playoffs and I would say that Robbie Anderson staying with the jets after what happened. Yesterday is more of a priority now. We both said that Ravi Anderson left in free agency with an expensive deal. Your it might not be the worst thing for the jets at this point with the way things shook out yesterday and also some of these available wide receiver. I didn't know that the Andrea Hopkins was as availability was but apparently was stefan digs getting traded. I mean I don't know exactly Amari Cooper signing re-signing with the cowboys right and the jets need a guy. Ravi Anderson the beyond the team right. Now there's already chemistry between Donald Anderson. I think it's a it's there's a priority on getting that deal done now at least after one crazy day of free agency. Well you know I would say that since he did not have an agreement with somebody else that kind of tells you that he's probably stuck in some spot where teams are afraid to give him a lot of guaranteed money as he wants to stay with the jets and jets would like to keep them but they're not going to overpay to keep him he's not going to and especially with the wide receivers that are going to be available in this draft. That's not going to help. Sam Darnold 'cause he's GonNa have to help those guys as opposed to having a guy like Robbie Anderson who does have a relationship with so I I still think that core heads will prevail assuming that somebody just doesn't go overpay and he'll remain a jet but and I know they like speed and everything. It's just it's just a question you know. He's had a number of issues off the field and you have to be really really careful about how much guaranteed money. You'RE GONNA give a guy that you know you you want and you WanNa help and you want to help move forward and help him grow as a man and all that other stuff but you also have to be realistic about some of the things that have gone on in the past and you just got to be really careful about that. So hopefully will get his money and hopefully he'll be able to stay with the jets and and Sam Darnold now the interesting thing. I'm ask question. Can you see for the life of you Tom in a bucket near uniform? Yeah no kidding me. I know that that makes even have been saying. He's been gone now for weeks. If the box are the leader in the clubhouse. That's a tough thing for me to to figure out. I I can't no I. It would be bruce. Arians and Ham Byron left which is the offense coordinator. Yeah and have a good offensive team. There's no question about it. Great Wide Receiver. They throw the ball down the field with arens. Well well with crazy James Right. They always down the fiel- down the field down the field. Then Brady's not down the field thrower you know. A lot of his passes our ten yards or less now. He's incredibly accurate thrower and can read any defense. You throw at him and this will. He'll be going into a new offense. They're not going to change the offense to to meet his style his vocabulary and all that other stuff but I just can't see them in a book your uniform. That would be ridiculous. Well you can eliminate the Las Vegas raiders off that list. Marcus Mariota back. They're bringing in a Mario with car. And you'll see how that thing works out but I think they realized that Tom Brady thing is over for them so it comes down to three teams comes down to the chargers. The buccaneers and the Patriot. What would what would you think if I told you the dolphins yeah? I don't think so what you want to go in the same division right now. Calvin oil went down there. Bryan floors is the head coach. You know they're spending a lot of money trying to rebuild this team. They've got their stopgap guy. Tom Brady's GONNA WANNA go to a team. That's ready to win immediately. But I don't know how he or is he gonna go chase the dollars? I you know I don't know if it goes at Tampa Obviously Tax Free State and Florida and all that other stuff if he goes to the chargers to me. That's the one that makes the most sense because he just opened a production company out there. Twelve productions so that would make the most sense assuming the chargers are going to pay him because New England is not paying him. You a one year. This is what we're going to pay you and it's going to be in conjunction with what was already on our cat because of what we paid. You Bet is that that's a general manager. That is saying guess what I'm making deals here not you. But he'd better be careful because right now. There's not an option. I mean they're going to have to take a massive step back because there's not another option that could starting quarterback so I mean I I get it you want him to come back at your price but at the same time in the window now is then is shut completely. I mean there is some leverage there for Tom Brady because of Tom Brady goes back to the Patriots. They got a shot. It makes a noise in the AFC. If he doesn't they're done. I thought actually Brady had a really good here last year with a very suspect cast that he started with Josh Gordon. And then they brought in a crazy man. Tony Brown Antonio Brown and areas is subpar year subpar year but he gets the PL- The teams have playoffs again every year. They're in the playoffs. The question is you know. There's no way that the that the the New England patriots are going to give him thirty million dollars in real money this year. Now if you told me they were gonNA pay him seventeen million dollars in real money and have the thirteen million dollar cap it. At Up to thirty million. I could see that because I think that's what they're probably offering. But if you are the La chargers and you were trying to sell season tickets so you gotta get you. GotTa give them like a two year. Seventy five million dollar deal. Don't you have to? This is their opportunity to strike. They've got to do it. They've got to break the bank. I it's boomer and Geo on this Tuesday morning with some. Nfl News. Talk about we'LL GET JERRY RECCO in here with an update in just a couple of minutes.

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