PFF Grades for the Falcons offense through 8 games of 2019


i want to know more about what your favorite ninjas have on their minds check out the american ninja is walking to a special edition of the alcohol podcasts the official podcast of waypoint of the season in today's edition we'll discuss the offense including some first of all we obviously have conventional statistics QB one it's consistent league-wide grading is a way grading at every single position so this isn't a statistic like ESPN's so that is something that somewhat rare in the advanced statistics space usually kicker long snapper across the board everyone gets a grade sleep over the years is now co owned by chris collins worth you've probably seen that's which started outside their walls pro football focus is not an NFL company it set of statistics but it's in my opinion it is far you may end up with an inflated score whereas you know someone who is playing gets and you know we've got stats that take that into account so i think anytime you talk about advanced statistics a DR from football outsiders ESPN total QBR when you're grading quarterbacks one last single want to add about the advanced statistics why i prefer them tobacco that throws a pass that goes three yards in the air in the receiver runs really carried the weight on that place and when play like the one i described the quarterback doesn't give much credit it was regardless of the circumstances standard statistics will say this line did a great job of protecting him giving him a pocket the thrill of and ultimately the sack back in that circumstance so it gives you a much better feeling of what the actual the fault of the offensive line pro football focus their statistics statistics that's why i prefer to look at these stats across a larger sample and that's why we're cutter look like this year so let's start with that let's talk about who the top five guys assira to one hundred grading scale but it's not you know you wouldn't look at it in and they put it on a color scale so blue is sort of a top tier it's like ninety points you then have a next year which is a darker green which indicates a high quality -sition across the entire NFL someone that's worth obviously keeping on your team right across the board orange is where you start to get concerned these are below a clear upgrade over them somewhere on your roster or potentially for the falcons number one is probably not going to surprise anybody that's julio jones obviously jeff this year he is just simply high-quality starters take that for is actually austin hooper he is having a fantastic season ranks as one of those high quality starters someone that is you know definitely compared to where he is normally trended in the past is a little bit lower and obviously equality so he is again in that preferable tear for your receivers for your offensive i wanna put a great assault with us because the total number of snaps obviously is going to factor into this again he has a very very limited number snaps please take this with a grain of salt i will also the quality scale he is ranking above average bordering on high quality up he is someone that is trending in the right direction number six like i said because about whether or not he's worth keeping according to PF he has above average pass blocker of all of the offensive linemen and the score he has there is high so again take that with grain of salt now the bottom five poorly it's it's again small sample sizes so i'm going to stick with the guys you have the list is tackled tyson brio his grade puts him firmly he is somewhat obviously i think the falcons will move on from the very near future next he also ranks as below average to poor so he is teeter tottering in he's arguably one of the more disappointing free agents we've signed this year it below average into the poor category i guess most importantly as a run these are the scores that we've got so we're going to deal with them fourth he is ranking sort of in the average to below average anything he's average as a receiver as and many of you can only remember the super bowl performance where he missed all of the pass blocker and that is something that that matters here because we look and score wise as a pass blocker that devante freeman does and either for the offense according to PS PF through the midway point of the season run blocking grade he is someone that is not you don't want him to be a starter for very long and germont brown have caused him james carpenter keith smith devante freeman west schweitzer e on these ends of the spectrum there's some guys that are sort of in the middle here the good news is you that part of the discussion we're gonna take a quick break we'll be right back podcasts hey spencer hall i'm holly anderson i'm ryan nanny arrange spoiled every tuesday we talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling that coaches where now if you want to take college football exactly as seriously as it should be cast this is david walker we're talking about the pro football focus scores for the atlanta talk about some of the trends i wanna talk about the offensive line obviously alex mack and jake matthews as quality started on this line you know we ended up with a start right tackle for a long period of time and it the issue of the offensive line so let's just talk about some of the these guys how they've struggling the most on this falcons team now already mentioned that jake matthews ranks as one the thing about jake is he is having a really strong season as times in the past blocker his pass blocking has always been good sometimes blocking offensive linemen and if i look across the board at all salem gerry jamaa brown schweitzer james if you're looking for a reason that our running game has been struggling this year that measures as above average or higher we literally got the story is a little bit better there obviously again jake matthews is our best pass above average now in the past he is usually ranked as high quality as well he's he's had really a down year he has sort of in the middle of the pack lineman this year he is ranking simply average which is a huge downgrade from where he ellen season for for his normal incredibly high standards but he is our second we didn't have many snaps but one of the positive things to take away from chris lindstrom before he went out on injury a lot to be excited about if he can get back in the second half we may finally see some in james carpenter is poor so again you're seeing sort of was previously the fact that jake matthews even though he is having a good season eighteen that tells you are offensive line struggling we see it in the games we see this points going into you know six eight games at halftime the falcons down tried to run it the performances have just been underwhelming you've got guys like devante who are ooh the offensive line right now is just not graded particularly well ranking even just as an average player which is stunning considering where his career has normally and one of them and these numbers they back up what we're seeing on the field essentially the future of this team what does the picture look like for them is so i want to start first with the name that came up earlier jaden graham he is uh-huh lucon who basically told the falcons hey i played this guy yale he's he's oh comfortable moving on from eric suburb who we traded on the roster he actually beat out logan paulsen for that total snaps so take it with a grain of salt but the numbers across the board so if you're looking for someone that can pair up nicely with austin you know he has an undrafted free agent so they're not paying them a lot and it's this could be again the offensive side of the ball by pro football focus is calvin ridley he is muhammad's new one of the things sununu history usually been really good at has been as a run blocker you probably don't but yet calvin really has has actually taken a little bit it's i would think the calvin early someone has got the potential to move the needle the matt ryan he's in that list now he's got to get his score a little bit higher to be sort about this year edo smith his the thing is with ito looks a lot better and i mentioned earlier i got something wrong so he was good pass blocker ah pass blocker his good as receiver he he he ranks his about average backs in league that's fair cessna can he be better than this and has stepped up far more especially with muhammed snoopy now gone apps so he's he's actually getting a decent number of snaps for comparison luke stocker it looks like he gauges really sliding into that wide receiver three role with this team in his second year and then you've got to remember this guy when he went into college it looked really good in the preseason was making a ton of plays i think some of that has transferred over and you compare him to fullbacks running backs offensive tackles he all but it is at least encouraging to know that as for applying for your running back he's showing that he's capable of actually served really well in that role gauges showing that he can fulfill that role and that probably h has some really high measurable as as an athletic guy you gain an additional five ten fifteen yards whatever it is that's going to factor heavily seen quite a few this year some of the numbers stood out some someone told me on twitter that jake matthews it just goes back to the fact that he's having a rough season for some reason alex mack with seven several guys like kayla mcgarry jamaa brown both have three penalties each this picture paint about the falcons offense for the entire season to be honest the many of your main stars julio matt jake is it the coaching is the scheme i think that is a conversation happen or doing something schematically these guys aren't comfortable with are you asking them to do something on the a good score according to PF top ten guys guys like brian hill would scores were where they are in their careers and that's encouraging so i think you know it with his great pass blocking gray before he went on injury we have a lot of young reason we need to see how they play out but early results are promising so if you're SPF analysis please reach out to me on twitter you can find me at alchoholic d. anything that you're curious about and i'll do my best to answer them otherwise stay tuned the worst defenses in the

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