2018 Fantasy Focus Awards Show


The new in the home six. Guessing is the most prestigious coveted anticipated award show of the season. It is the oh six. Oh, no east. Eath six holes right off the tongue field Yates alongside Matthew berry and star fine. You fell Hello for show number one hundred of the season for us. Wow. They're not know that triple digits made it to triple digits, everyone bet the under and to be honest. They bet the ender on you as part of the show. Honestly, that's the bet I took to be candid. So we're all losing our shirts to find a you look lovely as always especially in the velvet. Thank you. You know, it's an award show. Yeah. Season it is. And you have to have a different look. So. This is just for this show hundred percent. Understood understood so yes in the velvet real question for your question for real question is this your actual tuxedo? If forced if I had to do a wedding right lack cuts option. Blacktop smokes me like if you were to a wedding, June, for example, right? Would you be able to dress? I could get between now. And then, but no if you're saying like tomorrow right tomorrow tonight, all of a sudden hate emergency wedding. We wanna talks what would I wear? It would be this. Yeah. Like, no, I don't I have one talks. I have one talks that I wore at my very first one tuxes, totally. But but I wore wedding, I ward and my first wedding. So my wife would not want me to wear the tux that my got married to my ex wife fan. Hang in the cloud somewhere throwing away. Plus it's made out of what like burlap. I don't know that I would fit into it. Because that was that was a. Hiding up order. Maybe there's a show called Porter's for you. You can't that means that was probably Maine. I'm trying to think when I when my ex wife, and I got married. It would have been been almost twenty years ago is like earth tones to they didn't really do bright colors back. Then did they? Yeah. As in black and white there you go. Square. On your tax. I had a choice secret score. When you said to me, hey, we're doing an award show. And we're going to do it three weeks after the season after everyone's forgotten about everything that's happened. When you told me that that whole premise, and I said, oh, that's very exciting. That'll be great for the fans when you said that said, by the way, everyone's gonna be dressing up. I had a choice there. Right. I can either. Try likes divine is always gonna look lovely right? Okay. So there she's in her own category. So then I'm trying to compete with field. And look, let's be honest. That's a that's a battle. I'm going to lose a hundred times out of one hundred twenty show up. Here is a me is that what it is 'cause buttons on this year. So I had I had a way to go. I could either dress up in a suit and tie and just look like a schlub next to field or I could go stay in my lane, which is like go something sort of funny, but also acknowledging that we're trying to dress up here a little bit. I think I made the right choice to be perfectly honest. If you could have gone cop me put a put up a poll, I think I made the right f in call right beyond toe to toe with me and schlub or did what you didn't stead and the schlub exactly. To see news from the national football. The instant will play I'm comfortable as schlub this way. Otherwise, good point. You're not going to tight fitting shirt or something. Right. Yeah. It's comfy. I, you know, secret, squirrel. I learned something before the show today when we're talking about shoes has her Jordan's. She's all proud. She does. Story. Don't feel goes field goes he goes when we're talking about like, we were talking about a particular brand of shoe, and he just basically said, oh, yeah. I carried two pairs at all times. Correct. At all times. Field Yates has two different pairs of shoes with him. It's actually correct. That's will at ESPN do. And there's a very specific reason why I've got shoes that I intend to wear schools ably on the air, but ESPN's campus is not a place. Like there are there are ways to walk from one building to another Bill that you could definitely be needed it and have to go outdoors. I don't wanna risk shoes that you see on national television getting scuffed up meth, you take a lot of pride in the. So I've got my indoor shoes here, I've got my outdoor shoes here. Some my call the first world problem. I call being pragmatic in being fashion forward and carrying about my non schlub nece in the first world. It is absolutely a first world problem. Let's be clear about that. I'm just I just I just cleaned my shoes as what I do is. I just I just take care of them. Well, whatever that wasn't thought you're going to tell you. I thought you were going to tell about him having one of your shoes in his office. Covered so thankful on ago. We have ten awards to hand out today. And we're not done yet. Tomorrow in may is going to post tomorrow's. Well, yes will. Uh-huh. Matthew, and Mike Mike Claire friend are going to do a podcast surrounding the eight coaching hires and looking at it through the fantasy prism signed to look forward for those of you already have your eyes on twenty nineteen. But without further ado, it is time to hand out some harbor well, not technically because last year we had the trophy here and got kinda awkward and cumbersome. So we will have a trophy. But in the meantime, we're going to hand out like, you know, virtual non-material over to orch towards by the way. And if we if you field as our hosts, if if you nail this, maybe you get to be the Oscar. Hey, busy. Let me know. Begin with our one week wonder reforms that seemingly out of nowhere being a one hit wonder is not a qualification for this award Daniel favorite one hit wonder quickly go it would have to be fast ball best ball for the way. Right. Yes. That's right. Not a bad. I think that's probably probably accepted as the most popular one hit wonder of all time. But again, the best performance it seemingly came out of nowhere. The nominees wonder the way 'cause I that's like the one that everybody says why? Okay. Yeah. Mine is I'll go school. Okay. Super you won't even know this one but men without hats, safety dance. Come on good answer. Yeah. Good come in Texas midnight rent. Also, a good one. But the safety the safety dance has like a crazy video as well. Right. Pretty that's true. So I'll bring it back. A couple. Yeah. We'll they're really popular in in Britain. Brit true that oversee in America their parts of the nominees for the one week wonder are as follows Blake jar. When the Cowboys tight end who in week seventeen at seven catches for one hundred nineteen yards and three touchdowns. Derrick. Henry might have heard of him. Tennessee titans in week fourteen. He busted out seventeen carries two hundred thirty eight yards ninety nine of which came on just one carry for touchdowns biking and week sixteen had nine catches one hundred twenty two yards and two touchdowns. And finally Mitch Trubisky week four against the buccaneers three hundred fifty four passing yards six touchdowns plus fifty three rushing I wanna say like five of those touchdowns came in the first half. So just one person me, but if a car Rudolph, so let me explain the reason why I made the case for off before we get to the others and also received votes when I think about a player that seemingly came out of nowhere. Like, I wouldn't vote for someone that wasn't being you. Allies in lineups at all not a single person. Playing in the championship was like. Yep. Can't wait to insert Blake jar win in week seventeen. Howard up as a player that you had stood by throughout the season. Not because he had been good. But because no tight ends are good. There's literally like three good tight ends. So without a reasonable option to replace Colorado with you probably just tried to figure it out at other business you set out. Hopefully, my running backs are good enough to win this week. He went eleven straight games without a touchdown. He had five catches for thirty yards over the two weeks prior to this game. And on that game. He came out with thirty three point two fantasy points of close. Of course, the hail Mary at the end of the first half of monster monster game, like I would not be surprised if covered off with started in like, I don't know like a reasonable amount of leagues that were still playing in week seventeen wouldn't stunned me. Whereas I think some of the other guys in this list, Nomo planum, hence, my reasoning. Well, we all play in the war room league writer at at ESPN and the the champion of the league. Seth Markman our fearless leader who oversees all the NFL coverage for ESPN who plays league won the league this year. And he did it in part because of Derrick Henry who was my vote. So I really looked at the the description here the best performance that seemingly came out of nowhere. That's the first sentence of the description here, and you think about Derrick Henry who has certainly rostered and tunnel leagues. And in fact, he was started the reason I bring up Seth is because Derrick Henry is one of the reasons he won the championship. He started him in this week fourteen. We certainly heard from a number of people on Twitter that lost because they were facing Derrick Henry or manage to survive in advance because of Derrick Henry you think about Jacksonville entering week fourteen second he was running back points allowed six running back rushing yards allowed seven fewest running back yards per game. So it was a very good run defense for Jacksonville. And then Derrick Henry if you think back to that week three game when the titans and the Jaguars played the first time of the season. Derrick Henry got. More carries in week three at Jacksonville eighteen than he did in this game. He managed a sixty seven yards. So he'd already failed basically against Jacksonville. They were red hot Dion Lewis had been been more of the primary guy. However he had been scoring touchdowns coming into that game. And so people I think reluctantly started him hoping he would fall into the into the end zone. Seventeen carries two hundred thirty eight yards. Four touchdowns. Forty seven point eight fantasy points came out of nowhere to me. He's the winner. You got the vote as well. Yeah. Pretty much the same stats that. I was looking at. And it was the, you know, if you follow this podcast for a while we and we're talking about this before show. You've heard us use the term fantasies on being the way. This is a player. We are trying to side if you really qualified as that because he wasn't really good to start the season and then disappeared, but I think the expectation was Derrick Henry was gonna have so much more opportunity with DeMarco Murray being gone, you thought he was going to be a solid performer. It didn't happen you probably gave up on him. And then these these few weeks at the end of the season came out of nowhere. Congratulations. Derrick Henry who wins award one warned to goes to the show. That is not what we practiced at all. I off you're going to talk to thirty Kyle. But he was gonna make the case for big jar because he lying on away. He voted for Blake Jarwan dumbly. But he did it. Go ahead. Cowboys at one time touchdown coming into that game. The man scores three in one week out of nowhere to me jar win the winner, but not getting much love here. So he didn't start and then field. I mean, like like I put him on the Kevin Hart list, like you're not hosting anything. Honestly because it should have been like and the oh six only go. So a lot of great nominees, but the OSA so one goes to. From role. Derrick Henry of Tennessee titans. Cannot be here. So we're accepting in his there you go. Thank you. Write secret, squirrel. And it's accurate. Matthew for once this year? I can say you did a real good job there. But. Saving the best for last. All right. No. We move on to our next category. Which point we moved onto the game of the year in your opinion, the best single game performance of the twenty eighteen season. The games are listed in the order of most fantasy points nominee one. Mark Cooper of the Dallas Cowboys against the eagles in week fourteen. Ten catches two hundred seventeen yards and three touchdowns. Good for forty nine point seven points. Number two familiar faces. Derrick Henry seventeen carries on two hundred thirty eight yards four touchdowns. Again. This is against the Jaguars in week fourteen. Forty seven point eight fantasy points, Christian McCaffrey. He was awesome this year in week twelve he was especially awesome. One hundred twenty five rush yard rushing. Touchdown. Eleven catches one hundred twelve receiving yards. Plus one receiving touchdown. That's forty six point seven fantasy points. And Finally, Mr soon to be former Steelers wide receiver Tonio Brown who in week sixteen against the saints had fourteen catches for. Hundred eighty five yards and two touchdowns forty four point five fantasy points. Suffice him why don't you paint the case for Christian McCaffrey? Well, did you see how long it took you to get through all those stats? That's because Christian McCaffrey did everything on the failed some of your players in there. They did it in one dimension Marku per was catching balls. Derrick. Henry was rushing touchdowns. But Christian McCaffrey had rushing sets over one hundred yards rushing over one hundred yards receiving and found the end zone doing both things. So to me it was the versatility. It was the amount of yardage he accumulated, and that's what was so impressive. But that performance the first player since the Danial Thomason in two thousand two with one hundred twenty five rushing yards and ten catches in the same game. I mean, Christian McCaffrey was a stud all year long. But to me, it was the way he did everything only thing he didn't do was throw a touchdown touchdown pass this year, right? But not in that game. When you think about that that could that just the scale for me, he was awesome all season perhaps the fantasy envy people discuss that a little bit later on Matthew Antonio Brown again. He might soon be a former Pittsburgh Steeler. Honestly that game felt like a reminder that until he's not a former Steeler. I still believe he's the best player on that. Offense of roster coming into that game. He'd been outscored by Judy Smith Schuster in four straight games or the four games prior total like eighty nine points to seventy points. Total in those four games. Those four games combined coming into that one. Fourteen catches forty four and a half fantasy points both of those career highs for AB in a road game. We've always talked about road, Ben. And some of the struggles those obviously, then trickle down a little bit too Antonio Brown. But for me, look, lots four great games amazing. The reason I voted for in Tonio Brown here field is it was weeks. Ecksteen Iraq, literally one people the championship. So the question is a best single game performance. It was weeks Ecksteen. He won people their titles in week sixteen or the first half of a two week playoff. If he played an ESPN standard leagues there. I think you could make a case for Henry or Cooper in week fourteen. But again, they may have sort of bounce each other out in the first round the playoffs for me. It's just it's because it's week sixteen agreed there. Yeah. Yeah. My question to you is this can the one week wonder also be the game of the year because you've Oded for Derrick Henry. I absolutely did. I think the thing to realize here that Derrick Henry had not had more than fifty eight rushing yards. Any game. Throughout the season until that point. And then that game seventeen carries two hundred thirty eight yards four touchdowns. And again like Matthew said earlier against the Jacksonville Jaguars. This was not just some pushover defense. Let's be honest. They helped him in that game. They they looked like a pushover debase. Did. But my question field is who is it that won this award Janu without further ado, drums breeze. Yes. The game. The only for game of the year goes to Derrick Henry. Monopoly on exterior cannery goes back to back. The applause track in the background tells you everything you need to know, congratulations. Derrick Henry value of this show. But we just have a bunch of Cowboys sitting in the back. There you go. Cowboy Sam not actually cowboy Sam no comeback player of the years. Our next award is the most productive player that was either injured or disappointing in twenty teen. The four nominees are as follows Andrew luck quarterback five and twenty eighteen after exactly zero snaps taken in two thousand seventeen because of a shoulder issue. The Shawn Watson he was quarterback four twenty eighteen. I might add quietly. He plays seven games twenty seventeen. Then he tours ACL in practice ended a miracle rookie season. Matt Ryan member. How many bad stats Kyle's able to pull in twenty seven. He gave him all the fodder you could possibly need. He finished his quarterback to and twenty eighteen Mark Cooper. This could almost be the comeback player the year broken into two seasons. Because not only was a Mark Hooper disappointing in two thousand seventeen when he was wide receiver thirty four he eventually became wide receiver twelve in fantasy points per game. After we. Week nine when he was traded to the Dallas Cowboys. Of course, Kyle. Is there a case to be made for Matt Ryan after all that negative? Venom spewed at him last year. I got nothing wrong with Matt Ryan. But yeah, tristen voted for him less. You're never game with over eighteen and a half fantasy points this year, he had at least nineteen fantasy points and each of the four ESPN playoff games. He was the first quarterback do that since Tom Brady and drew Brees in twenty eleven pretty good stretch for medi is when you need it most. All right. I think that's fair. You know, Matthew. I think to Shawn Watson, I said this when I was describing it, but it was kind of quite quarterback four it feel like the dominant performance. No, it certainly didn't. I think people were wondering about his health those to find it to her credit all through the offseason was she felt that the Shawn Watson would be back in healthy. Because of the way the injury was progressing in win. He had gotten injured in the season as well. So for me, I was a little surprised to see Watson nominated because he'd been so good prior to the injury. Yeah. I think so as well. Well, he was really good. And I think the only like the only the only comeback needs to make being back from an ACL tear, but because before because it really resilient guy because the weapons he has at least one that you really love and deandre Hopkins. We all felt pretty good about the Shawn Watson. And also EMMY a we'll say I I don't know that the he certainly wasn't the fourth best quarterback from an NFL perspective. Like, if you just watch the tape and graded everyone shave like he struggled, but you know, because the rushing yards and came on towards the end he and played every game which also helps as well. And I gotta be honest, you this also felt like a year. We're in terms of quarterback separators like is a mini teeny was one person here at the top. And then like, you know, there's like two through eight was kind of like. Same. Maybe the best story of the year. From medical standpoint is Andrew lucked wonderful play this season. I just go back to the fact that people were talking about whether he'd ever play football in sure MRs all of two thousand seventeen after having surgery on his shoulder as you may remember before that season comes back. It never gets really throwing in camp any throwing he did was behind closed doors, and and there he was he was close, but not quite and then they ultimately shut him down. And then there was discussion about whether he was going to have another surgery whether he was just going to take time continue rehab, and because he hadn't been seen it lead to more and more chatter in the off season. And then he came back. And when he did I start throwing it was the Nerf balls. It was the small footballs, and then people like, well, he can do that. But can't throw a real football and for him to come back under the glare of the media scrutiny under all the doubt. And having his own self doubt that he admitted later was really one of the most difficult parts for him and not only come back, but come back and play all six. Eighteen games and to get better. I would argue as the season went on in terms of if you looked at how he was throwing the ball decisive sharp. There was no hesitation. And you know, he was also protecting. He was playing like a better quarterback all the way around. So I think for what he came back from from all the doubt and people thinking he might not play again that really made the case for him pretty remarkable year for Andrew lock quarterback five as we mentioned book had ten different games field with two hundred eighty five passing yards or more and multiple touchdown passes. That led the NFL and remember at the beginning of the year. He was dinking and dunking, and it didn't seem like his arm. Strength was totally back. Well, starting in week four his area arts target went up almost three air three air yards per throw. And from that point on it seemed to get the strength back. He was the second best quarterback in terms of total families from we were on not an about face perhaps for Andrew luck. But he really was remarkable in his turn. Around. So anyway berry. Yes, earn to you now drum roll, please. And the six one for comeback player of the year goes to Andrew luck. Captain, andrew. Into all the medical staff at the colts, bringing back agreed on that. You know, it's interesting the. The story that has come out over the playoffs that Frank Reich was the only head coaching candidate that the colts interviewed who didn't in his interview. Ask house Andrew interesting that that was a that was a story that came out that every other, you know, coachie candidate naturally, by the way was us like so what's going on with Andrew? How's it going and Frank Reich? Apparently, the only one that's that didn't ever ask what was going on with what was going on Andrew luck. And I don't know if he, but he did a great job. He did a great job. He's going to be unrecognizable run going on right now about the Harry Potter is the big grey beard. It's all a thing. And pretty sure I'll be able to find him. I just got to say these things like homing device. They truly are hayfield before you move on very quickly one piece of housekeeping that I want to want to address that we didn't really get to at the beginning of the show that we probably should have is in terms of who was able to vote who's the voting panel. We talk about these winners well thousand people exactly how who got to vote on it. Oh, obviously feel you myself star on bell secret, squirrel. Daniel Dopp thirsty. Kyle as you know. But also, Mike clay who obviously spent a number of times filling in for me doing various fill work here with the six one zero. So Mike clay, not cool Keith Lipscomb who's who's in a tie today. I've ever seen him in a tie. It's a sharp. Decade. I like to add that is this sharp tie. I have no meetings with any higher ups today. Good. You look good. The football. Scientists Casey Joyner. Eric, our our colleague Eric cable w a hall of Famer Eric HBO FLU hall of Famer tristen Cochran both of them. Of course, the host of the six zero baseball podcast into a great job over there and the status pillar Damian who the Saturday from the from the show our show research over there on the fantasy show on ESPN plant regret, including him in in the voting. I just don't really care for the way that he voted I feel like his random arm picked a bunch of random names and just threw it in there and sort of wreck things for me, but we'll get to it as we get towards the end. Damian. We've your thoughts. Damien doesn't have a microphone what? Go ahead. Those uncalled foreign very route. Yeah. Maybe it's never coming back. And it's all right here gaming talk without his about a suit. I'm now for our one negative of word of the shell. That goes the biggest disappointment description pretty obvious the player who was the biggest letdown this season based on both draft position and overall production the nominees, and this is where they were drafted in where they finished lady on bell draft, his Rb to who finishes aren't are back running back. One fifty six benefit was drafted Rb eight, but let's. Leonard for Rb. Eight finished is running back forty. Devante Freeman drafted Rb twelve finished as running back one. Oh, six and grunk drafted his tight end. One finished is tight and eleven so the nominees. So those are all the all the nominees, and for me, it's sort of looking at the the voting Leonard for got one vote, and that was from Mike clay and not cool. Keith do you wanna make the case for Lennon four net? I honestly, I know Mike clay was high on four night coming into the season and had him on a lot of teams. This decision. Like a purse. Claes angry Leonard fournette, and this is how we showing I think it's a fact he he's definitely angry. But we'll we'll say though, he did just play in two two games in the first nine weeks of the season. But yet you couldn't drop them rienscher. Sure, there's a real disappointment. And that of course there then he comes back though, if you did hang onto the head. There's three big weeks re scored more than seventy five points and then nothing else after that. It's pretty disappointing. I think Mike I had to guess Mike argument would probably be that. Hey, like he didn't draft lady on bell because he didn't bother. He knew. There was too much peril. He waited until September one or September fifth when the status of Libya Mbale is so far in doubt that if you're drafting lady on bell. It wasn't with pick one or pick three or pick five. It was much lower on the proceedings, but maybe on bell by many people's estimation was the most disappointing player of the year two. He shares your last name you make the case for me. Now, my brother maybe on. Here's the reason that I it was a debate for me between him and gronkowski. I can tell you why it didn't pick gronkowski. Unsteady will tell you why I voted for lady on bell hair. And that was because it was such a huge blow to the fantasy community as a whole. And I thought when I'm on. I didn't draft lady on any leagues because I looked at the situation. I didn't want that kind of risk in my lineup. I didn't want to draft him and hope that he would come back. And obviously we had no idea when he might be available. But when I looked at the fact that he was drafted running back to overall, and how far he so it was the distance that he felt because of course, he never played. So he ends up at one fifty six, but it was the amount of lineups. The number of lineups the number of people playing fantasy that he alternately impacted. And there was the tease, you know, you thought you kept thinking, well, maybe he'll be back at this point. Well, maybe he'll be back a few weeks after that will maybe by this deadline. He'll be back. And it wasn't like you knew even if you found out a week too. So you could go replace him permanently. It was very put a lot of famous players in a very difficult spot. And for me. That's why. In my estimation. He was the biggest disappointment just to add to that. I will say that. Look I actually did draft him. I had him on a couple of teams. One was a league drafted in early. July was a league the drafted in early August. But I think because because lady on himself a tweeted this'll be my best season ever. And I'm and I'm reporting Asian fact, his agent said he will play right? You know? And so and so all report teammates said they he's going to be by this hits. We had seen this before. And you know, just you know, he was he left Miami. He was in Pittsburgh. So. So right there were there were there was all sorts of indications that we thought he would play. I mean, and he gave an on the record interview tour Jeremy Fowler. And I'm not throwing Jeremy under the bus because I think Jerry terrific job for us. But he gave an on the record interview Jeremy Fowler where he indicated he was gonna at least come back over the BI week over the by so just consistently lying and misleading people about his intentions about playing. And so for me, the reason I voted for him. In addition to all that like, I don't like the guy from just I understand. I understand listen, I understand player wanted to get as much money as they can. And I always will side with a player on that. But just say it like for me, I had an issue with sort of the whole public relations piece of it where saying he was coming and then he didn't and you didn't like the optics of lady on the optics of it. And then in terms of this specific award field just say that he was drafted as a top. He was trapped it as basically top two-person. He wasn't able to be cut until he officially filled report in head week eleven so. You had a roster spot that killed you for the majority of the season. And then also you think about how the rest of the first round played out. And we talk about Leonard for net but other than that Todd Gurley. David Johnson Zeki Elliott and Tonio Brown, Christian McCaffrey, pretty much Melvin Gordon pretty much everyone that you draft in the first round other than lady on belt, and maybe Leonard for net or Dobbin cook. Depending if you drafted him basically paid off the Andre Hopkins. So you basically started the season with a massive hole. If you drafted lady on bell. I'm the case for rob gronkowski. He was my vote this year. And I understand he finishes tight in eleven doesn't sound that bad as compared to running back. One fifty six tied for one fifty six zero points, I should add. But the problem with gronk was paying a premium price on many people were drafting him. But the back end of the first round of the beginning of a second round, depending on what the size of your league was for him to be a league winner. It was that you had this massive decided edge every single Sunday at a position that offers. Very little depth. Instead, he got a guy who's held under sixty receiving yards in nine thirteen games. He played this season. He scored a touchdown on just three of the thirteen games that he played this season. So I just think that knowing as much as we did about lady unbound. Again, we we are all of the mind like the closer you can draft the Thursday kick off the better, of course, was thrust into fewer situations where even had to contemplate lady on bell. I went with rob gronkowski and stuff for my boat. Daniel we have a little bit of a situation here though. Yeah. You bet we do because we are tied five to five to one thanks to whatever might Klay was doing made his decision. So so I'm gonna make an executive decision and I'm going to rule in favor of a specific player. Okay. Over to star via like, you know, private conversation. Sure, we can do that as word. Here we go. And the the the winner of the OC six Owen Oei for biggest disappointment is. Rob gronkowski, rob gronkowski. That is who I am giving it to and let me tell you. Why let me tell you. I Matthew before you you you wait that look your face. Right. But then fine. Let me tell you. Why? Whatever the biggest point is the winner of the biggest disappointment is a biggest point go ahead. You know, why? Yeah. This award two biggest this point. I'll tell you what when you drafted Levy on bell. You knew you knew that there was a risk involved with Ramsey. That's my argument you didn't until very close to the in. We if you drafted in early August, you had no indication president early August your draft in way too early. And you're not listening that understandable, people do that people draft July people draft all the time look at our data like look at mill people draft in the first two weeks in August. I'm gonna come to Mattis defense here because you can't use that as the sole argument because rob gronkowski comes with a ton of risk like he's not you're not coming with risk and exact position. Act. We advised you if you drafted rob gronkowski to get a second tight end. Because of the likelihood that he would miss multiple games. Now what we didn't know. And here's where I I'm okay with the vote. You have the wrong rationale the votes. Okay. The rationale is that when rob gronkowski played. He didn't look like rob gronkowski. So when he was on the field when he was healthy enough to take the field. He was not playing like the tight and that you drafted because what we constantly said in in the preseason was you may not have gronkowski all sixteen games. That's by should get it back tied in. But when you have him he's likely to win you your weak. He is a game changer on the field and that field. Would you agree to me was the biggest disappointment was that when he was there? He wasn't drafted him to be the guy the Cadillacs your victory the season. It's not happen. I got burned by the warmly and I disagree with this. Because when you James Connor was drafted as running back thirty nine like, it's not like people didn't understand. There was risk would Levy on bell. Otherwise. James CONNER wouldn't have been drafted at all. He would have been some handcuff that would've been an undrafted free agent. But a lot after lot of handcuffs a lot of handcuffs were and his ADP was all over the place. James connor. Absolutely. So, but we're not I don't know for for. It's more like one AM one b both of these players absolutely destroyed you and understanding if you got James Connor the biggest disappointment for Leon bell didn't hurt as much as drafted kit. But that's not an argument you can use for whether it's okay. The James corden show Dalen building. For net wins biggest disappointment. How do you know? Secret, squirrel. It ain't Dopp. You know, what it's time for the music. I want another poll. Orchestrated whose disappointment who should who should win. The biggest appointment about. This is what the people to sign moving the loan to our waiver wire wonder again, pretty self explanatory. Here the player who held the most fantasy value after not being drafted on average in the top one hundred sixty players this season. Our nominees are Philip Lindsey for the Broncos running back thirteen in terms of fantasy points per game this season, Eric Braun titan. Four Baker Mayfield quarterback sixteen in Tyler Boyd who was wide receiver nineteen crazy to think that all of this players were not even drafted on average. Both of them are all of them were awesome. Kyle and Keith you both picked a certain former lions tight end Kyle. What say you the case for Eric Brown? Eric Brown finish the season closer to tie down one that it tight on eight in terms of total points this year. And I know you guys were all on Philip Lindsay and nothing against him. But where was he when you need it? A most is running back forty two weeks. Fifty. Sixteen and didn't even play in week seventeen. You don't even have games in fifteen sixty. Going hard on Philip Lindsey who had a wrist injury that requires surgery and even play. He was hurt. Here's what I would say is Eric E Brown countered that by the way with games in which he had thirty three receiving yards twenties. Thirty one eight in that pivotal week. Fifteen matchup twenty eight weeks sixteen like Eric Brown was Emets ING his touchdown. Unbelievable. But the part he benefit from an offense that would throw touchdown passes to three different tight ends in one game. So he and Jack Doyle being hurt. Also boosted to fields point in week fifteen against owls. He had one catch for eight yards. One point eight fantasy points sixteen against the giants three for twenty eight five point eight fantasy points there. So. So I think that we can probably safely at least you could you knew was he wasn't gonna plan you could replace him with somebody. I think we came around just went up stunk. So I think by the way that we can probably move off Baker Mayfield. He had a very fun ended the season first of all like quarterback is so deep right. And even when Baker had this amazing stretch of great matches like the chiefs and the falcons, and I wanna say like the raiders three to four weeks for the buccaneers might have been mixed in there as well. He never cashed in and was like a top-five option fine rookie season. I can't wait for Baker Mayfield in years. Right. Be fun choir. Bayer man, and I think what might bring his back towards Lindsay versus Ibran is that Tyler Boyd played the position with the most depth and fantasy. It's just sure more difficult. Find reliable tight ends or running backs and Matthew. I mean, just to make the case again for Philip Lindsey like everybody this year was talking about a breakout. Denver Broncos running back that was a rookie not named Phillies. Other one it was Royce Freeman. Philip Lindsey was I went back and forth on this one. Because you could really make a strong argument for Eric Brown based on the depth of the position, right? But because it was sort of in and out because of because of Doyle Doyle being men there took a little while before you believed in Iraqi Braun, it was I don't want inflates the wrong word. But there were a couple of huge games there for Eric Hebron that sort of skewed it a little bit. He was terrific is very close. But ultimately what boil down for me was just the depth of position it film linzie and just how consistent he was basically week one seventeen seventy four and a touchdown against Seattle. Kind of building on the preseason success. We'd seen something from filthy, and then he sort of broke out in week one. And so basically, you got fifteen weeks or up until he got hurt you got fifteen weeks out of Lindsey, and so just sort of getting a starting running back in week one that was consistent week in week out. I don't have tristen consistency rankings and front of me. But my suspicion is that he would rank pretty high. Because if like Lindsey gave you something every single week. He was rock solid for them that much is for sure that's that's one of the reasons why I want with Lindsay. So we turn it back to Matthew berry, drummer pleased ended up. The owed six oh for waiver wire wonder of the year goes to envelop, please Philip was. Two first names always Lindsey. Help me when championship against way to go Philip Lindsey, helping out star about a quick break for us. And we're right back with the rookie of the year. I can't believe it that Gerald is presenting the quarterly budget report with finger puppets. Look here comes a one point seven percent decrease in fixed overhead everybody. No, I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on car insurance guy. Go. Oh, you are you projected increase and organic three revenue. Believe it. Geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. The rec- Kyle. I've I've I have I've. What you read the screen? So. Yeah. Thursday car we have a screen here where Thursday how can throw notes to us every once in a while. And he wrote skyro- has three first names, and you didn't vote for him and the other award. Well, right. I'm just filled linzie didn't get my vote because he has to it's an added bonus another reason root for the kid. And then you write three I three I teams his name's Kyle Rudolph and his middle name is David. But no one calls him. Kyle David Rudolph. Who's Rudolph first name Daniel. Now, they got wrong here. It's also Rudy Rudolph names. No, no people. The first name. I really Kay. Then let's see I refuse to believe that I don't know anyone that has more children than you, Matthew. And if you have not named someone I don't think it's a first name. No, baby Rudolph. Yeah, we have one. Okay. All right. Well, yeah. Beth gave birth like a week ago? ESPN radio. Breaking news. Baby. Route off that I've ever should. I'm sorry. I didn't I I'll bring a car invited to the christening. I berry berry. Please don't do that. The red cherry, anyway, whatever. So anyway, it was just it was a terrible note from Kyle all around, and he really agree on that job. All right. So now, we're back field Yates we go onto the rookie of the year. If you don't know what this one is. I'm not sure what to tell you get to see football's top producing rookie the nominees believe it or not include saquon Barkley of the New York Giants point one fantasy points per game. He played in sixteen games. Philip Lindsey fourteen point nine fantasy points per game. He played in fifteen games Calvin Ridley twelve point nine fantasy points per game. Good enough for wide receiver twenty eight this season. And Nick Chubb of the Bronx of the Browns. He was running back twenty five twelve point two fantasy points per game. Who wants to be the person like well, look feel wants to make the case for someone. Not namesake one. Okay. Keith. Let's talk about somebody else. Yeah. Let's Nick job. Would I love new show with but we'll give him some. All right. How about this? How about this? You're excited about Nick up your Browns fan that's about as far as we go into the house. Right. I mean, I I didn't vote for. So let's be clear, but he did you nice job after he got the job. Right. We'll leave it. So look, why don't we find look so saquon live. Laboring the point. Really? But the rookie of the year six Owen? Oh, he goes to Jerry Johnson. Saquon barkley. That's the most anticlimactic introduction of an award ever. Because it was clear from the way we were talking that we didn't even know how to make the case for anyone else. Why? Because it was unanimously voted on this one Barclay was the Burke's there were questions coming into the preseason. I had him as a top five player overall and top five running back others did as well. Some people had him as a late first round even as early second rounder rookie running back hamstring injuries in the preseason be. Of when the recall came. We're stroke worst jokes. For the final show. So my God. I think I'm gonna have to call in tomorrow's podcast, Mike Claes gonna do with somebody else. So so right there were questions people questioned saquon Barkley. There was a lot of people like oh that office is so brutal and rookie running back unproven hamstring injuries. How bad is the giants offense going to be and yet he had a rushing touchdown one hundred plus yards in fifteen of sixteen games is here so much consistency. Fifteen touchdowns only Todd Gurley and Alvin Kamara had more three hundred eighty five fantasy points that is sixty more points than equal Elliott sixty five more points than Alvin Kamara had during their rookie season. So not only did he have a great rookie season this year. He had an epic one of all time better than some of the great rookie running back seasons. We've seen in recent history recent history, I should say last at here, which is so important, especially in PR, which is the default format. He had ninety one receptions this year that's more than tyreek hill more than Mike Evans. More than George Kittle among many other players ninety one receptions, you could possibly ask for out of a rookie. He was tremendous. He was about the only thing worth watching on the giants on missed virtually matchup. Correct. We move forward. Now to the best value the player whose production exceeded the projected value based on average draft position. A note the player had to be universally drafted to qualify. We'll get to the top free aims to kinda got the top free agents earlier on the show the nominees. Here's where they were drafted. Here's what they finished. Patrick ball drafted his quarterback sixteen. He finished as quarterback one. George Cadle drafted as tight end seventeen. He finished tight end three. And James Connor was drafted as running back thirty nine. He finished running back six. So we actually all three of us had different votes. Here. Matthew, I'll let you have the floor. I your pick which aims Connors. Look I thought long and hard about Mahomes because obviously his was a magical season. And the reason I went away from a homes and went towards Connor is because about possess. Scarcity and the availability replacements on the waiver wire. So you think about Mahomes in his greatest he was you think about guys that weren't really drafted or drafted low like Matt Ryan Jared Goff. Mitch bisky. Baker Mayfield, Philip rivers. Andrew lock Dak Prescott. All them drafted outside the top ten all of them gave you week in week in production, certainly from some time. And then you think about even the Tampa Bay quarterbacks like if you played that roulette between fits magic and James James Winston. So honestly as great as Mahomes was for me. It was James CONNER here right on a per game basis from weeks five through nine he was the best running back in fantasy. If you missed out on dalvin cook, not missed out. But like if dalvin cooker Leonard fournette or lay on bell, one of these running backs to sort of, you know. I'm trying to think about proper way to say this derailed your season. If you will remember devante Freeman who was an early second round pick. He went down with an injury pretty early on Royce Freeman was a guy that was drafted in the second round. He didn't perform up expectations. So James Connor saved a lot of seasons at a position that honestly didn't have a ton of depth this year. And he gave you consistent production week in week out while he was healthy. So for me the vote in terms of best value running back thirty nine he was going like in the twelfth thirteenth round. For me. It's James Connor. He's Fung if you had to make a vote would go for George kindle your beloved understand, right? And before everybody accused me of just being at home, or I've got older plenty of sets to back this up looking drafted as tight and three and he finished as tight end three. Teen seventeen. But we spoke you said he was drafted ten and three. No, he was driving. Tight end three like eight third titans. Open the years like one. Phrasings brutal. Yeah. I know. But it's like it's not even creek 'cause tracking tied into. But so we move whatevs. Anyway, the point is he went for math. Not a part of the you went from seventeen to three. Let me say this was good five games with at least at least ninety eight receiving yards and receiving touchdown. He's the only tight end to do that this year. He was the fifth best player in week seven teen. You talk about when things matter, and this is all positions not fifth. Best tight end fifth best player in week seven teen with twenty nine point nine points. He played in all sixteen games and consider this that he played from week nine through week seventeen with broken ribs. He was injured in week nine so much damage to the forty Niners being down with injuries that he continued to play with the injuries. And if you wanna compare to other guys at the position, you talked about position scarcity record my guy beat cancer e buying now beat cancer. He was laying. While he had broken ribs, saying guy, be cancer. Horrible person. Yvonne was tightened for and he was thirty six and a half points behind George Kittle and Colorado we talked with the one game. It was wonder he finished height and seven on the air. He was over a hundred and six points behind. Can kill cancer was good. He didn't be cancer. But he was good. Let me make the case for Patrick Mahomes. My vote in this Kate, and I'm going to not empty out the volt of Patrick Mahomes. Goodness because he might be nominated for some of our final wars. Yeah. Serves of players that appeared on championship winning teams this season. Only one player Christian McCaffrey was on a higher percentage of those championship teams than Patrick bump. So you talked about, you know, the positional value is different. It Patrick Mahomes was just that much better in the rest of the quarterbacks in fantasy football this year. Thirty five point five percent of leagues with the champion had Patrick Mahomes as his or her starting quarterback. He was great every single week not a single dud from Patrick Mahomes all season and more often than not he was taking Mike Claes projections and doubling them. The guy was an absolute freak. He was a behemoth this year my pick for best value clearly Patrick Mahomes. But Matthew it is now your turn. Drummer, please. Well, I will just say what's amazing about all these players is that they've all as we look into rankings for twenty nineteen are all the top of their position. So James Connors vaulted into being a top ten running back. George kills obviously top the right side and Mahomes is going to be the number one quarterback drafted next year. So it's unbelievable all three players had an amazing season. But the oh six Oni OPEC's Owoh hair. Six one only. For best value goes to envelope. Please Patrick Mahomes. These guys this season. You're not gonna get the best value for many more. Because now they're gonna cost we move forward to breakout player of the year, and this is the player whose production exceeded expectations and not previously emerged as a reliable. See that in this case, Patrick Bohm's was one number one. He finishes quarterback one with writer in seventeen point one, total points number two in terms of nominees is James Connor. He was Rb six with two hundred eighty total points and Tyler Boyd finished as wide receiver seventeen with two hundred and twenty one points. Aircar bill's not here right now. But he made the case for James Connor to probably goes along the lines Matthew what you just said for him in terms of best value. He was awesome. And a somewhat unlikely source of awesomeness because of all the Levy on bell noise that we thought could lead to eventually showing up at the beginning of the season. I think break I mean here would be it's not who I voted for. But I think my guess is that Eric's argument for James Connor for breakout player of the year would be that. There was so much talk about lady on Bell's contract and franchise, and he'd been franchise by there was thought that like, hey, maybe even the Steelers don't think Jane, the reason they're willing to pay fourteen million dollars to leave on bell. The reason they franchise him is because they don't necessarily know that James Connor can match his production. And so I think there was a thought in terms of Patrick Mahomes that being the lead quarterback in an Andy Reid offense and the gotten rid of Alex Smith after very productive year that we thought they would be good things. He was asleep or for many people coming. This including myself. So maybe that's in terms of breakout. No one expected James Connor to do what he did. And so I think that would be the argument maybe that Eric would make for James Connors that he truly I mean in many ways if you look at the stats actually exceeded lady on bell and hurt lady on bells free agency case we go because he performed so. Well, we go back on the well of Patrick Mahomes who had seven games this year with four plus passing touchdowns that's more than any other two quarterbacks put together combined. I just mentioned he had four hundred seventeen point one fantasy points the most ever by quarterback in fantasy football. He is the presumptive NFL MVP after getting forty five of the fifty first team all pro votes. Five went to drew Brees the writings on the wall there. Patrick Mahomes was ridiculous. So he had as many games he had ten different games where he scored twenty five or more fantasy points. Those ten games. That's the same number as Ben Rothlisberger. Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers combine believe like if you're like who has most more ten who has more fantasy point games of twenty five points or more. Big bend, Tom Brady and an Rogers combined patrimony it's tied. I mean, that's how unbelievable he was. All right. So without further ado general police for start you. In the six oh Winona before. Breakout player of the year goes to Patrick Malone. Surprise there. I mean, except for the one vote for mayor tear eleven votes, go to him. What's turn our attention now to the playoff MVP, the players the most the hell the most value during the postseason and ESPN Standard Liege, which of course, represent weeks fourteen through seventeen our nominees are as follows Derrick Henry, a popular name so far hundred and five point eight total points, Josh Allen with ninety point two total points and Damian Williams with eighty seven point two total points. He of course is the new chief starting running back played great over the weekend. Well, you know, like this one it's such a finite window before week window like isn't the easy logic. The guy that goes to score the most points as it wasn't like eighty percent of these points from Derrick Henry game and just one game. He was dominant throughout those four game stretch. And I think when you think about Josh Allen. There was a little bit of like people were concerned about like. Like. You know, and because the depth positions quarterback. I don't know how many playoff games Josh Allen was started Damian. Moms people kept taking Spence we're gonna come back is going to use Damien Williams the same way. So you weren't exactly sure. But Derrick Henry you knew was the guy especially after that Jacksonville game. He had seven postseason rushing touchdowns. Just in this playoff window over that stretch. That's that's one more than our chimera and take when Barkley combined for mayor and Barkley had six Derrick Henry had seven by himself average a hundred forty six rushing yards per game during the fantasy playoffs so drum roll, please. Oh, one playoff MVP goes to Derrick Henry. So is there anything wrong? Derrick Henry next year. We'll who is the offense coordinator in Tennessee. Of course, their head coach. I'm sorry often supporter mat in the floor is now the Packers head coach our final awards the player of the year. You might have an idea of where it is actually headed. It's the best player fantasy football into eighteen. We have five nominees they are listed by most points. Scored this season Patrick Mahomes, number one before seventeen point one saquon Barkley number two three hundred eighty five point eight just narrowly ahead of Christian McCaffrey at three hundred eighty five point five Todd Gurley three hundred and seventy two point one. But he had the most fantasy points per game this season. Of course, he sat out those last two games. And James Connor at number five. We've talked a lot about basically every one of these candidates except for Todd Gurley. Perhaps right now Matthew just like plug Todd girlies. Awesomeness? Well, I think there was some concern coming into the season couldn't repeat his magical twenty seventeen season, you know. And so. You know, people thought like tiger is going to be good. But will he will he will regress into them? Writing could possibly do. And then yet, he did, you know, he was he was just money in the Bank. If it wasn't for those last two weeks, we might have a closer race on her hands. But you know, Todd Gurley was everything you would want in a number one overall pick. He's I think the consensus number one for next year as well. And at least he is in my ranks could certainly be a very good case for him. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, so we'll we'll see if anyone else pops up, but he's my number one player overall for next year. My ranks are up on on ESPN dot com as our Mike clays for twenty nineteen. But yeah, Todd Gurley in just once again making Sean McVay and the Rams and fantasy managers very very proud to have him on their team. He's nothing short of terrific here. It was mostly it was mostly an animus, although static pillar. You've for Chris McCaffrey. I did. Yeah. You know, I think Mahomes took home enough hardware on the show already. But my argument from a cow free is this oil in the winter the. Panthers. Really don't have any other skill position player. You felt comfortable starting all season and McCaffrey still produced weakened weak out said the reception record for running backs. And if you look at it he finished roughly, thirty points behind Mahomes, if he played all of weeks instead of just the first couple of drives he could've finished the year as that number one fantasy player L, maybe coach wouldn't have benched him. If it wasn't so bad. And we said, yeah. Yeah. He played like once number rational coach putting up what the status pillar or whatever. Put down Patrick Mahomes. He broke the fantasy scoring record and outscore other quarterbacks season by sixty two point one points. But how about this like he barely played in the fourth quarter? He was quarterback eleven in terms of fourth quarter points. So like, yeah. Patrimonial played every game. But he was also playing some meaningless games in fourth where they were handing off here and there, but I wanna give you this. When this was what was amazing for him as we talked about consistency a lot and fantasy think about this week's one through four Patrick Mahomes. The number one quarterback and fantasy weeks five eight he was the second best quarterback in panacea. Twenty-five fantasy points per game weeks nine through twelve the third best quarterback and fantasy average twenty seven fantasy points and thirteen through seventeen. He was the second best quarterback and fantasy. He was a top three guy throughout the entire season. It wasn't just like Derrick Henry where he was amazing for one one portion of the season like week in week out. Patrick, Mahomes was all. All that and a bag of chips and the number of quarterback injuries. He stayed healthy and played all sixteen games. Amazing. So here we go. Now, more time drummer, please. The oh six when only four the biggest award of the year player of the year, Patrick Mahomes. Holmes was remarkable. He was brilliant. Everything you could possibly asked for and we get to see Patrick Mahomes this Sunday when the chiefs host the patriots at five. We haven't really talked playoffs yet. But man, oh, man, we have four great whoever wins. We're gonna have great Super Bowl rate Super Bowls. All the way round. We've got a couple of things to be able to wrap up here. We did do a poll. Matthew, berry able to decide what we want to do here. Biggest disappointment of the season. Okay. Sixty seven percent of the votes came in four lady on bell. All right, exactly. He made our case. I would like to put forward the as the producer of the show one final award that we did not vote on. Okay. But I personally would like to him executive decision. Please. Tell me disagree. You always do. For the player who should have won award but did not win an award award. Because I think what James Connor did this year was absolutely incredible. Based on the player that he was. And unfortunately, he was just overshadowed by historic season from Patrick Mahomes. But to do what James Connor did Matthew we've talked about to be running back six I would go with my war. I would create an award for the most consistent player and fantasy football. I want to give it a devante Adam to at least fifteen points. One hundred sixteen obviously like honorable mention awards. We should be honest with the technical wards. I would agree with James Connor. It will sit Christian McCaffrey. I mean, the Chris McCaffrey went any wards but Christmas show. Hopkins was also Todd Gurley as well. Field would have won best. Boy, probably. Yeah. One hundred percent. Yeah. I would've won most patient. Yes. Well, you wouldn't want best guns. Probably that's. In shape analyst. You know for the people the final show, exactly the. Yeah. Sons outguns out for. Yeah. We won last poll that we need to deliver on. And it was at the very beginning of the show. We said did Matthew make the right clothing choice today. Twenty nine percent said yes, seventy one said, no. He never does. Wow. Wow. That's a good way to end the year troll by the audience. That's right. Hey, fair. Honestly, I argue I argue that poll proves my point because it's like, no he never does. So my point was my whole point of choosing. This was why am I gonna compete with field because that's just a losing proposition. So the audience agrees with me. Nope. Never does. There was no way I'm going to compete with field regard to competing with field. Why can't you just be your own beer own person? Express yourself Matthew in your own way. Don't try out vineyard vines him. This is. My express myself. Hey, I also wanna express myself you real quickly. I just want to like do the. Do the one hundred. Was show one hundred it was a tremendous. It was a fun. It was exhilarating season. We have a ton of people to Fank, obviously, the two of you for making today and every single day a ton of fun people behind the glass, led by Daniel Keith Kyle static pillar Damian Tariq who played a big part helping production here. John. Luna said Wong, Pete Genesee. Who went forgetting might clay who everybody that even though they were not on the show, we use them so many times either in their rankings or their articles both Eric and tryst in Casey Joyner everybody else from the fantasy department that has helped for the people that played an integral role in what we do every single day. And of course, you the fans viewers those here we. Here. We are. Thank you keep. Yes. My did. Here. K of the problem. Thank to humble to credit himself. So we will credit. Oh, yes. Thank you field for showing us and for putting up with the guy who sits between us field. And you win the attendance attendance field perfect every year you when the the the attendance award Tom carpenter. We should think Tom carpenter as well. Lot to go around and all of those participated in the man's women's a celebrity leaks. It was a ton of fun. It was a great season. We have a podcast coming your way. Tomorrow in terms of audio form for those at wash it on Twitter. If you're watching this on YouTube enjoy it we're back and we never leaving. And so they'll be another show next Monday as well. They'll be bused offs audio podcast, but they'll be robust off season schedules. Well, I think we don't have any dates to announce here yet. But my expectation is that the six zero once again hit the road at some point next year. So when that happens as well. All right. Thank you from. Here at in the weasel dome. For fields define it. Daniel nocco, Keith thirsty. Kyle. We appreciate you. Love you peace out. Six. In. TM you guys. Go ahead and give me grief for being on sportscenter for forty five seconds. Jan. Get your terrible at Nash, tag imprompt. You'll gate. Berry convert. Ben. Moyle?

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