Going North: Tips & Techniques to Advance Yourself, with Dominique Brightmon


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Seven six nine hundred seven three two seven one to begin your transformation through conversation. We want to see your company listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange coming up on this episode of the entrepreneurial you formations affirmations are key. Brian Tracy had one affirmation us on the daily one of them. Is that today? Something Specials GonNa Happen to me. Something is going to something special going to happen to me today. Something special is going to happen to me today and could be as small as you having no breath mints chewing gums at a conference after a dinner or lunch break. And you're asking someone else and actually give you the last ticket. Gomer the breath in up. Something wonderful is going to happen to me today. You've got to have rules to live by and one of my knees always as put yourself in danger of something amazing happening to you. Tom Billy you yes. That is actually a good quotes. Live by greetings greetings ingredients. My amazing person may amazing listener. My amazing people former community. I so appreciate you for joining me for episode one hundred and Fifty Five of the entrepreneur. New podcast I'm Hanikos. What kiss portrait. Today's episode is with Dominique Dom Brightman. Dominique is an award winning speaker and certified member of the John. Maxwell team dumb hosts the going north. Podcast a top rated South podcast that interviews authors from all over the world and is also an author himself. His Mansur is advanced others to advance yourself. I'm looking forward as we are going to be talking about going north tips and techniques to advance yourself. Welcome dominy Oh so much You feel I feel good or at before we start chatting about self advancement and Helping others and tips all that jazz. From what you've heard about Jamaica. What stood out to you the most? Oh man a lot of stuff. So that's made the good weather and to make sure you hide when rain combs 'cause rains Kim's be ferocious down arear. Yes sometimes and talk about little weather. I was in California Dan. Oh my gosh. Believe me and it wasn't severely cold but for me it was extremely cold right. So yeah I'd rather is is is great. I I don't do well in coal tar any who. Let's talk about going north. We want some tips and techniques to advance ourselves. We need to get her head. We need to Move forward we need to improve ourselves. I D what does going north even mean. What's that yes indeed? So going north is embracing your dreams while helping others to embrace. There's like to sum it up into the phrase of advancing others to advance yourself because at the end the day were all here. Because of some one ak our parents and we're allowed to be here on this planet as long as we're allowed to be on his planet by the good Lord above in the skies. Some say because if we help others in other seat of goodness they help us to continue to live and succeed in some cases breed. So isn't it just important? You just you know what you want. Get ahead in life and forget everybody else and everything else no. Isn't that good enough. Oh No don't forget nobody those who have been good to you like if you have a mentor in your life will always acknowledged him especially if they're alive like my parents my first mentors especially when my father was the love. I thanked him and heck even John. Maxwell his books have changed my life and he himself mentions L. each change more lives. There is writing in his speech is because I've read his books before ever hearing him speak at gave my teachers themselves at one guy he. Mr Laden in my high school years while I was a senior year is okay ever got a perfect score new tests and I was like on a test would look. Nah never did and he's like. Hey Man if you get one hundred perfect sewer next test with me. I'll buy your lunch and I got a hundred on that test as you can imagine because he saw something in me that I could do it and I didn't see within myself I just didn't have the right focus at the time or I just wasn't thinking that I could actually do it so just being grateful for those who help you to see the gifts inside of you and helping others to unlock their own guy that they within themselves. I mean I'm sure absolutely. We all can identify and find someone who has indeed tossed along the way because Indian no money. No money's on Ireland no man or woman Santillan just a nicely sewn in crochet relays a reality no talking about gratitude right How important is it to to have that to hold that sense of gratitude and to daily? Get up and be grateful but not. Just be grateful for the things that you have but people who would have made you advance in life important has got a like with God. Gratitude Capital Geez. All Day gave him with a hundred grand capital. Geez all day. Was there as well. Gratitude is important especially when you first start your day off because when you wake up in the day if you wake up you already have your first one of the day because someone else didn't get a chance to wake up and if you have full movement as another piece of gratitude because someone may not have all their arms legs they might not have their limbs in especially if you're a caregiver and you still have your ride mind taking care of someone else who no longer has the right mind. That's another thing to be grateful for because a lot of folks nowadays are suffering with especially with the big talk about mental health and requirements. Self care and it's a must self cares a musk. Gratitude is a must and heck even gratitude is a form of self care as well as caring for others. Because if you yourself grateful for your life and you tell us thank you just by simply the door for behind when going into a store place a business or something or even head back to having that buffer mentor in your life. The Nets really gift because gratitude is a gift. It's gratitude you give to yourself and you give others because it shows that you appreciate your life and your pre. She ate everything. That's going to come into your life and you appreciate others out of blessed. Your life talks a boats. We all Canadian defy somebody who has helped us along the way and that one person for me that standards I remember life may going up. I didn't have it all together. You know broken family are perhaps not verify. Everything didn't have it all together but I remember this particular pasta. Who is no my friend Very dear friend of mine who he was the one who you know in. Somebody believes they're the best thing since nice burden and we all need that dinner knives. That person for me was My former minister. No I'd love to hear from you. Know you mentioned yet can do that to your Dad who accept your dad who has been that one person for you who has really stood to kind of help you to see yourself differently and to make sure that you're where you are today mascot of our choice let's see is there's my dad and then heck there's also my mom too because she's basically the first teacher in my life. My first ever like speech coach because like I was growing up as a church boy having to recite scriptures and issued all ways. Basically helped me to make sure that I remember these scriptures neck even my first ever barefoot of a church where we had over a thousand members of once. I'm just writing down. A brave woman actually say bravo the so. I wouldn't actually forget anything in fumble over myself and just having that Smith show later at my first ever coach in something that we all have is at one mother like we only get one and especially if they're goodwin but if you may be one of those unfortunate folks at the time who may have had a biological mother and May of as she probably wasn't in the Right Mon state and she may have left you out to fend for yourself from putsch what you're up for adoption. I mean apologies for that but like real for me. Like that is really. The other person was kind of an easy choice to make arms of graduate. Because I've had I've had coaches I've still have coaches and up at mentors I I've read like tons and tons of books. That have really helped me to really change myself the better but really having that person to actually really take you win and stay with you and actually give you that encouragement to really go out there and actually stay encourage stay focused. Even that was one of the word she used to make recite. Every morning was focused like Saddam. What's the word focus? It's like a Annika was was the word. It could be focused because we all sometimes get off. Course we stay on course and get focused once again on our. Why would we need to do on a life so right so it's very important and clearly you had that phone day Sean? And not just the appearance but You know along the way coaches and mentors and so on and some of US really didn't have that as a phone nation. You know I mean in my own life thankfully I know have a great relationship with my mom of course in star that we right Because of circumstances and you knew you give people grace. Because he recognized that were they. Were at some point in your lives they. Perhaps we're not pleased to meet the best. This is John Evelyn. We all will go through periods in our lives where we don't necessarily make the best decisions ever so for persons who don't have that Foundation you know for helping insolvent into their own advancement and and so on what what are some of the key principles and techniques and tips techniques with tips that we can enter to to make sure that we move ahead. Yes indeed one of them's as alluded to before his reading grade. Books by folks who've ridden those great books John Mexico's One person. Of course they can grow rich. That's another classic book that has helped thousands probably if not millions of people to really change lives for the better. In given a guy by the name of Antonia T SMITH. He is a great author. Wrote a book called so happy and grateful and it's a thick book but it's a fast read in himself he. He's actually one of my mentors because he himself he had was basically homeless at six years old and he basically had to go to school and memorize his homework and book pages because he didn't have the money for books and he really didn't have anyone really there for him so we had to basically memorize the homework. And Lo and behold down the road. He became a multimillionaire celebrity business coach for less Brown as well as a preacher on Galveston Texas because he really stayed focused on what he wanted to create out a life. He was living at a tragedy fans but Dow. He's no longer living in trash bags Actually helping folks to become. There's life is just reading books this bridge stories of folks just like that that can help encouraging others like giving out. Random cobblers the folks. You may see when you're out in the bell like a if so may have a nice dress or sunglasses or kind word with someone even a smile cause some folks haven't had anyone smile them all day or even have accounts with them all day because a lot of folks me see the news and they get the bad part of the world and I keeping that will probably be another tip as wellstone void the news all together because especially if you watch it so much at times of the days the star of Your Day is Kinda lucky hypnosis box. It's really programming. Your mind no one of the call to Hella vision programming. Where the program your mind to think a certain way to speak a certain way. Move a certain way. Well you can always program your mind so move in a different way because you are the captain of your ship abandoned done that through the rave method wear ad read great books again and also audio immersion listening to great. Podcasts like this one and also the visual stimulation visualizing where you want your life to be in keeping positive visual images in front of you as much as possible and of course the e with encouraging others and yourself and sometimes you have to encourage yourself to continue because yeah it's great the wake up but there's some days are like Oh God of so for guitar and like you know what I gotta get up there and make this happen and have to go back to that. Why like for me and my wife's family for the person's listening right now you're Y could be different. Those just a couple tips for folks going through. Not only other folks need encouragement. But you yourself as a will and folks coming to you metaphorically draw from you with your time your attention and sometimes your money depending on the person like you're that they keep your wealth full of water and encouraging yourself and making sure your full before dropping water and everybody else's glasses So talking about encouraging yourself right. That is very very key because it doesn't matter who we are times if we're not careful we get burnt out. You get frustrated. And and why am I even doing this as as purposeful as you might think that you are? We all get to that point right. So how do you encourage yourself dominic? Yes indeed I love. Affirmations affirmations are key Brian Tracy add one affirmation. I use on the daily and one of them is that today. Something special is going to happen to me. Something is going to something special going to happen to me today. Something special is going to happen to me today and it could be as small as you having no breath mints chewing gums at a conference after dinner or lunch break. And you ask him someone else and they actually give you the last two gum or the breath mid in. It's like Yep something wonderful is going to happen to me today. That's one of them. And since a little bit of a pro wrestling fan at one point Chris Jarecki's to say that he is the best in the world and what he does sometimes feeling really good. I like to see. I'm I'm the best in the world. Would I do it really strive to do that? And also asking myself questions one of them is would goodwill I do today or would good. Can I do today? Why there may be times where a may have not follow up with somebody or forgot to send out that. Thank you note to someone just making sure that I set aside a time to write a thank you note to that person or just also calling a friend. Evan talked to on the wall and seeing how they're doing or even like a colleague or friend and seeing how they're doing an even giving a happy birthday coal in addition to a random happy birthday on facebook because yes. Facebook can be a great tool for that for birth. Their mind is but yet having an extra as of giving him a coal because sometimes that Cole or even a text will actually changed her laws for the better because some folks may not even see it coming especially nowadays were on social media on screens all day. Okay so I quite knew that I asked about yourself but yet you is if you defaulted to talking about other people and it it. It says a lot to me says a lot about who you are. And the importance of people in your life Why is that so important? Though to be other focused the fact of being other focused is because I guess really has to go to my Christian roots because Christ himself he gave his life of the sacrifice. And you know what like after really sacrifice my self in a way and servant leadership it's really servant leadership when he come down Zuid because the greatest leaders in the world of those who served. I like Jesus himself he served. I like it serving. Others is really the way to get the most out of your life. Because if you're focusing on helping others in giving hisself some self care in the process the nets really the best thing to do because when you're other focused it takes the focus off you and it lowers your chances of becoming arrogant because arrogance is really where the danger happens because it becomes so arrogant. Then you're really gonNA fall on your face and you might not get back up. If you have that bulls that's the main reason why I'm so other focus because someone else gave their lives while would have eternal wife and might as well share that gift with other folks and that's the ultimate sacrifice and giving other focused as you write for the sea and that leads to segue into what I want to talk about with you. It's the Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs you know because I believe that in talking to both self advancement ultimately we had to Celtic self actualization. So what are your thoughts on that and you know how do you see that theory fitting into what you you propose about. You know self advancement and Which eventually you become Other focuses well in in all of that brewer. Devillier poured yourself the self actualization because the day you were born in the day you know why or two of the most important days of your life because if you're born and you can still tell the tale about while you're born white keep living the neck and really help someone else. Do help yourself a process to really find that interfilm so you know Based on his an unmet needs of course you have the physiological needs you have a need for food and all of those things sleep sexual And then you get to the part that part at the at the top of it where it's all about you know you community and wanting to be associated with you know with with others and groups and all of that so being part of Group. I get that it must be important that you bring your whole self out a whole self as in you know. You're not not not totally broken. You're bringing yourself because that self is going to no impact other people. And what are you bringing to the table? So from that perspective. How important is that is very important? Thing about the whole pyramid with the whole physical needs like the food and water and a shelter thing. It's like Yeah Year. Metaphorically and physically bring other people to the table so they can also get that food water and shelter at the table. We need talk about those tips and techniques and Sawn because essentially that's what we wanted to bring home we spoke about that but also want to to wrap up no and to kind of get a sense from you. What what are you final thoughts as it relates to this subjects and Hokey encourage all of us to be better people. And you know to bring to the table and not just bring to the table but in doing that we express gratitude and also Pitt forward as we go along so your final thoughts on that the band so this to advance yourself kind of like the bow. WanNa give that. It's like a here box. Here and folks are waiting to unwrap you in certain ways and they want to see your gifts unfold and unleash and your gift may be helping others to unlock their gifts. So really giving yourself. That's on Mike even giving yourself just that five minutes a solid today the quad yourself before taking on the world and just being grateful and doing your prayers and your miracle morning activities and really getting censored and then making sure you have a list of folks in your life and heck even sometimes just being open to spirit may be. God speak to you and be like hey this is personal and call that person Jordan. He may need like word is nerd for your may be while a Sore. Nadler somebody and just really being open to spirit. If that's your thing is also weird. Sent an entrepreneur. Just keeping yourself to that voice and acting on that voice because one thing to hear the voice no thing to act on the voice. Absolutely I can tell you about that Or Ain't so as we're coming close dominique. I'M GONNA ASK YOU TO SHARE. Because he did say to me that you have Some giveaway do you want to share with my community so go ahead and share that as well as how they might be in touch with you do so offering a complimentary thirty minute. Coaching goal for anybody who wants to become a book. Caster electrical a book castor a author who has a podcast because a book is not enough. If you're trying to at least keep some of that pyramid for yourself in the maslow's hierarchy of needs some foods shots and everything so if you want to write a book start a podcast or do both offering a thirty minute call Mitch. Coaching call for that safe. We're a great fit for that. Feel free to enter to the website dom Brian Dodd. Vip stewed me note. And if you let me know that you heard on Hanukkah's podcast. You might get a free gift in a might not. Just be five pounds once at you to Dominique Brightman. It is so so good to have you today on the entrepreneur. Podcast and I wanNA thank you for your time thank you for spending time with US city lexa Rabbit Hanukkah you rock. Thank you for tuning into this episode with Dominique. Bright month. Look forward to connecting with you next week. In the meantime my new book cast our the quickstart guides launching and living up. Your brand is now available for purchase on Amazon so go to bit dot C. B. Dot ny slash purchase on cast power. And you. Can you very old copy? It's amazing so much. Good stuff sorted experiences in there based on what? I've been blinks. So that's amazing sweetie for you go right ahead and grab it and I also WanNa share with you that you can bring your key to the war's largest one day leadership events for an unforgettable immersive experience yourself and connect with us on seven at school. Tell him stuff live intolerance Jamaica trees Washington. So get your tickets at eight seven. Six eight four nine five remember you were born to win but to be a winner. You must prepare to win too good.

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