Coming Soon: The Chuck ToddCast from Meet the Press


Hello from Washington. Chuck Todd ear I want to tell you about our new podcasts that were starting up from meet the press. It's called the Chuck Todd cast get it Todd cast podcast. Yeah. Yeah. You're thinking more dad humor come on. But look, it's okay. Because we are reporters. I not comedy writers. And one of the best parts of working in the news business is the morning aditorial meeting. It's a place for those of us here. That'd be discussed the latest news developments share reporting observations from different beats, and frankly hash out how to understand the most important news of the day, and more importantly, how to transmit that understanding to the viewer once a week I'm gonna bring together so my favorite reporters to talk about twenty twenty who's up who's down. How the media treating them? We'll talk about what Democrats in congress are doing. What is the state of the GOP in the Trump era? Gover politics national security the law. Pop culture sports, we'll be live in your podcast feed each Wednesday. So subscribe for free to the. Chuck Todd cast for meet the press in apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast. We'll see that.

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