REShow: Frank Grillo. Hour 3 (10-12-18)


Rich Eisen on demand, your show your schedule, fifteen minutes after ball dot com. Check out the casts at richeisenshow dot com. Geico presents eyewitness interviews with inanimate objects. This is Belinda Collins live on the scene of a recent hailstorm here to describe the event of a ball bro. I was just hanging on the roof. When this gnarly storm starts dropping baseball sized hail. Shingles got beat up a few windows broken. It was savage digital, anything to help, bro. I was in survival mode. Your football can't help you in a hailstorm, but the guy go insurance agency can help you get covered for personal property damage, call gyco to see how a forcible homeowners insurance can be. Okay. Our number three of the rich Eisen show is on the air. Frank Grillo is here, Frank hasn't been on this show quite some time. It was on promoting season one of kingdom which is now no longer on audience. Unfortunate, I love that show a lot of great show. Giants fan, have five installment travel documentary series on Netflix called fight world. So he'll be joining us shortly here on the program in studio, Rod Woodson. That was the number twenty six bus running over number ten of the New York Giants. He does not think he li- manning is a hall of Famer. Do you in call them an elite quarterback or franchise quarterback? That's what he called not a franchise. Quarterback allies. Hall of fame candidacy is taken a big hit in the last couple of years. Well, in terms of his viability as a two thousand eighteen quarterback, it was certainly called into question last night. His performance certainly in light of Carson Wentz. Now that's what a twenty first century quarterback looks like a guy who can run around guys got a big arm guy who comes in for a team that needs a win on the road and transcends the team, which is what he did getting them on the board. If the ABA giants, the giants been able to hold the eagles to just three points after allies. Opening foray interception landed the defense with the backs against the wall right off the bat. On a short field had Carson Wentz not uncorked that third down across the grain across the body throw then who knows what happened in the first quarter last night. But instead Carson Wentz made the place certainly in the red zone. Certainly when they needed it and you lie did not. But in terms of viability of current, two thousand eighteen quarterback Rod Woodson thought he was on his last legs. Moments ago, Pat Shurmur talking today, Paul Schwartz of the New York Post to cover the New York Giants tweeting out. When asked if Kyle Leto who was taken in the mid rounds by the giants out of Richmond this year, in the draft quote, we're not talking about a quarterback change yet, said Pat Shurmur row Vaki auto of of the post then said as well. Pardon me of NY said after pressing Shurmur on law Letta will he come out and play some football at some point this season? If it continues to go downhill quote, we're not talking about a quarterback change yet. So that's twice Kimberly Jones quoting Pat Shurmur on the idea that the giants shouldn't have taken Barkley at number two. Overall, we heard that from week one this year, and I shut that down saying Barkley is a generational talent. He could be better than Zeke. And for net he could. Be better than girly. Yes, it's entirely possible. Could be Shurmur said the idea that saquon Barkley Barkley was a mistake. I don't see that. And I just told you, I believe in ally. So Shurmur quoting Dion. That's the latest with the with the New York Giants as for the Yankees. I mean, good Lord, Brian Cashman in Boone, had their season ending, press conference today a day before the Red Sox take on the Astros in the AL c. s that's how Chris Brockman kicks off. The news update brought to you by our friends at Honda. Rochman federal live report rock men with the new Honda. Odyssey is the perfect minivan for any family man with valuable magic slide seats and cabin watch. It's never been easier to keep the peace when your kids get a little too out of hand. So be sure to visit your local Honda dealer today. Crisco for please k. I haven't heard any of this Aaron Boone. I up talking about Luis Severino whether or not he kept him in game three, two on and maybe possibly tipping pitches. I think looking back at at the game, three was seventy where savvy I didn't feel like was on top of his game. And I think that's the one that I look back where I say, all right. I probably got greedy with sevi- in the fourth there with wanting to get him through the bottom of the order. And he came out and really struggled, obviously. Did you feel it with severing of tipping pitches was an issue either against the Red Sox or any of the time this year? I think it has happened at times. I think he's done a good job of correcting it, but I think it would pop up from time to time and is something that will will address even more so this winter in trying to eliminate. Any chance of that happening? What else? What else you got anything else they're working on finishing up these Brian Cashman. We'll get to that in a little heard. I heard that Cashman is this is great that he was talking about looking into relocation for Sonny, gray. Now that sounds very sopranos like. Relocation, Greg, you're not gonna see him. No more, Amy. He's going to be relocated. We do it. We do have Cashman talking about Didi gregorious. When we acquired Maradona he had a a partial tear in the the ligament that was as symptomatic. So you know, it seemed to based on his dialogue and the feeling he felt on the tweak there on that throw is where he pinpointed that was the finishing off of something that was a sleeping giant. I guess the got checked out yesterday by Dr went through the Mariah Zam and and it revealed that he needs Tommy John surgery. Unfortunately, on his throwing arm. Gasp. Let out in the room. All right. Next up who's going to replace Didi gregorius. I know you haven't. I know you haven't even had off season organizational meetings. I know players haven't even declared free agency yet, but there is an obvious name out there twenty six year old shortstop who will be on the free agent market and in Machado. Do you see yourself reaching outside of the organization to pet potentially fill that issue? We have. We're going to do what we always do. You know, season unfortunately is over. So now scheduling the pros Gatting meetings and preparing for those. We already got those scheduled and you know, sooner than we wanted to obviously, but we'll go through our process, you know, and evaluate the available free agent market pref amount and and then engage other clubs about what's available trade wise, you know, and then Wade it all of that information you know against. But we have internally, and this isn't regarding the DD circumstances as just regarding the land. Gape internally clearly, you know tourism. I can't even hear it anymore. I can't even listen anymore. I can't even listen anymore. I can't. Look Yankees. You're gonna have to pay Sanchez. They're gonna have to pay judge a meant, okay, they're going to have to pay Torres. One day, do not pay Manny Machado, three hundred million dollars to come and play a position that is not needed, starting pitching the guy who needs to relocate. We used a location of Sonny, gray in the realm of competent. If Sonny gray was the sunny gray that pitched in Oakland showed up in the in Yankee system and didn't turn into Jeff Weaver slash Kenny Rogers slash Ed Whitson rolled into one that guy had actually shown up from Oakland and the Yankees could have thrown him in game one instead of j. hat or in game two or in game. Three Tanaka could have been moved around. That's the guy you need to. That's what you need to do. Get your starting pitching settled. That's it because the kids that you have with the bats are growing up and they're all grown up and they're grown up Aaron Hicks, a great acquisition by Cashman. Those guys do not spend three hundred million dollars, Manny Machado to fill a spot that you do not need. The already got three hundred million dollar guy who God forbid turns into the albatross that we saw in the American League divisional series. We need to see a little bit more than Jesse Barfield. Plus. Giancarlo Stanton when the chips are on the October line. Agreed. You know, and by the way Cashman's not gonna talk about, okay. Yeah, there's a guy who's playing the NLD and see us tonight under contract and let me talk about him. But do not do it, don't don't want don't need him. Certainly if he's going to be as good as the last Oriole we got. The man cherry reliever. Zach Britain, where was that guy? Where's the guy who saved? Ninety saves in a row? Where is that guy. The guy who gave up the home run Vasquez. That was the difference maker in the AL the game four Yankees could've tied it on the Sanchez sacked, fly that damn near left the yard on. I'm going to go down. This is, you know if you're gonna play Dolan sound right now I'm walking out the door. You don't have any Mike out. Stop it. I wanna feel like patriots a huge games week, patriots chiefs for first place, and they've have home field advantage join element and Tom Brady when they play in the same game against AFC opponents at home. Thirty six, no talking about Jewish element told reporters yesterday about Josh Gordon who had a touchdown. Last week, dude works hard, great teammate. I think you can be a really big piece for us. He loves football, you can tell, and here's the big part for me, he knows his stuff. It's getting more and more fun and the more and more he knows Josh Gordon couldn't do anything anywhere else in then shows up. Congratulations making the Pro Bowl, the winner of the two thousand of the two thousand eighteen winner of the Rex Burkhead award goes to. Josh Gordon, I'll say, winner of the two thousand eighteen Antoine Smith award goes to Coronel. Winter of Corey Dillon won that award one year. He did. Uh-huh. Team struggling is Denver Broncos. They've lost three in a row here. Von Miller who has hasn't had a sack and three games kind of putting it on himself saying, just gotta get out there and something I haven't been doing in the last few weeks. I haven't been playing run. I haven't been rushing the passer. I gotta fix that. And so hopefully they got a huge game home ram against. In the snow in dominated sue calling out the run game as well for the the run defense that got gashed last week. Yeah, in Seattle. Just play this out here there at Arran next week, short week, Thursday night football there at Kansas City home for Houston, by at chargers home for Pittsburgh at Cincinnati at San Francisco, they finish up with a Saturday game home for Cleveland at Oakland, then chargers. Could we talking about a top five overall draft choice? Tender, yes. If keenum doesn't pull it together. We're seeing again, but we see Chad Kelly at any point this season. Oh, you're putting this on keenum. Look, his numbers Lee, please look up there. The defense has been terrible. I mean, they got Burt routinely last week against the jets. Look up case keenum's. Now it's a quarterback driven league. That's what we're talking about. Pressure's on for him, and he had had a touchdown since week one before he connected last week. All went last four weeks. Four weeks without a touchdown by your quarterback in the NFL in two thousand eighteen tell me how that tastes to use the shack phrase. What else? It's being a quarterback by the way, just you got me fired up at home now. Chato before the season even. And I told you the dodgers aren't even going to let him walk away. Don't know about that. I told you that, and I still firmly believe it. They're going to have to figure out how Cory Seager with is reconstructed arm can throw from second. That's how good he might be over the again. There's seven to fourteen games left in the dodgers season, potentially. Okay. Let's just say it's fourteen games left and they have a parade here because Machado had a World Series MVP performance. They're gonna, let them walk to the Yankees because Cory is coming back. What do you do brought in this town wishy rampaging Seger. What do you do with Seger play second? Imagine it would. Would he not be able to function as a human being playing second base. What else is saying as being a quarterback, Frank, Grillo base Bahia quarterbacks, Monday night, Green Bay and San Francisco air modules talking about his knee said he suffered a setback last week at the beginning of last week. He was dragged down awkwardly on the sideline in one shot. And that's probably where it took place has been working with the rehab group hopes to get in some practices over the weekend, but talking about possibly wearing a bigger bulkier, knee brace on that knee said, he hopes not the goals where the same Bracy where last week. But we'll see. It's a big question Markle's he's going to be limited. He's not going to be as mobile as he is on Monday, but the playing San Francisco, they're ten point favorite, so he shouldn't have to do to Monday night football. So you know, I know that this is not the way that tests in wit and book and trip are going to try and want it to happen. If but Green Bay would they love to lay it on thick on San Francisco, then then have to Sean Kaiser time on ESPN with a buy week, right behind it and get Rodgers out of that bulky brace as fast as they can. Yeah, looks like it's going to be an issue this week though, for sure. You mentioned Jimmy Butler. Obviously not a Milwaukee as they prepared for the final NBA preseason game. This is my favorite part top Ditto told reporters after morning, shoot around today that Butler remained in Minneapolis quote to work on his conditioning really work on his condition. You know what you know? Why? Because it. Will really tire you out when you are verbally punking the franchise player working on his? Yeah. When you're when you are verbally punking Karl Anthony towns, you can. You can get a little winded as great. I love it. The situations fluid is he said, yeah, two more things real quick little UFC two Twenty-nine out Conor McGregor and could be will be Tempur temporarily suspended on Monday according to the Nevada Athletic Commission executive director, there will be a hearing on October twenty four th they'll be hearing to vote on whether those two will be indefinitely, suspended, pending results of the Commission's investigation. We just Frank Grillo to see you. Sorry, buddy. Can we just get through it? Several body can make their money on a rematch. Can we? They're not gonna just the two biggest stars. Don't you think that we're going to get there at this point, but they have to, I guess, do the due diligence that could comes back. I can't wait till Frank. Grillo joins us here on the set good to see you, Frank e. too good to. See pictures of me running with my dog. That's new rider. I'm sorry. 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Viz, believe at Geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. All right. Welcome back to the rich Eisen show not just to the radio and television audience, but this man to my right who was few years ago promoting kingdom. That was right here on audience. What a great show that was also enjoy his work in the purge film series. And now you can check him out and fight world as he is the host of a five part instalment travel documents, documentary series at streaming right now on Netflix, good to see you Frank Grillo. How are you? Good. Yeah, yeah, still here. Now you just said that was we went to break you think cub Eve's done with the? I think if it's it's a very delicate situation. You know, he's, he's, he's a hero where he comes from and and a lot of people support him in a lot of people think he's a hero for beating the crap out economy Gregor tall. He just didn't beat him up. I mean, he humiliated him. You know that that jaw crank was shouldn't happen to a professional fighter, right? Yeah. And listen, everyone knew the level of talent of Khabib and. He, he proved it if he if he would've stayed in the cage man, you know, just kind of, yeah, you know, but and you definitely know this having been exposed to the world through kingdom and learning about mixed martial arts and being immersed in that world as you were as an actor, it's difficult to say, get in the mindset yet to get in the octagon. Yeah. Get in the mindset to do to another human being or be prepared to have that done to you. Yeah. And then when the bell goes off, just shake hands and you know, and come back to society and having travelled around so much around the world into understand how serious someone like bead takes his religion, his family, you know where he's from and the way McGregor kind of you know you, you poke the bear enough and you know it's visceral emotional moment and you lose it. It was saying backstage, it's like hockey. I mean, what's the difference? You know that's equally is a legal to have a a Malay on what I think as you pointed out though, the fact that hot defense always into the view these into the general. He was like a silver back the way he'd left off of the apron into this, like he's still in the mindset of being in the octagon to that. He not as if he's like, okay, I'm now amount Khabib person again, let me offense. Right. So he's in raged. Yeah. And so you know, I joked before like, can we just get past all this stuff? Like the stuff being the Athletic Commission needing to figure out what's going on the you have seen eating, figure out the liability all of that stuff. Right. And as you said, if he had only stayed in in the cage, then he would not have all of these legal issues or visa issues. Right. Hanging over him, right. It's a problem. It's it's going to be a big problem. I don't know that you'll ever see them fight again. I don't know that we should. I mean, he really made a point of kinda McGregor saying, I'm just too good. He's a far superior fighter far superior. Well, based, again, on on on on being part of the world as you as you were for kingdom. What? What did you learn of what somebody goes through to get in that. Mindset to be in that octagon over, like even me who I train every day on the gym everyday a boxer day to all kinds of great stuff. I don't know when I when I would travel around with guys in Thailand book, how who's the greatest Moines type fighter? That's that's what fascinated me. That's why I wanted to do the shows like I try to understand what could put a person man or woman into this frame of mind where you are willing to risk everything, fight world your and just fighters like, you know what makes them do this. It's not money because most of them don't make a lot of money. So it's something it goes against. Almost Jim nature to want to do that. You know, it's, what do you think? Could you put your finger? I think I think these people are born with with just different DNA than than most people into it really hurts to fight not just to get in there leading up to that, the amount of training, the amount of knowledge that you. Need to to to have. It's it's remarkable. And by the way, it's not unlike when I when you she warriors battle. Navy seals or special ops guys, you know, the training that takes the risk that they're willing to put their lives in. It's very different human being. And how can you put that in the New York? Yankees when accounts against what's the hell? New York Yankees. I can't take it anymore. I, the giants, the Yankees, tired of giants. I don't know if you're able to catch any of the game last night or a little bit or Dun Dun Dun Dun. Maybe. I'm now I don't know a Dallas cowboy fan, all my God, Frank real, not let you back home back home. You know what rich is in this is my home, your Los Angeles, California. Okay. So now you're going to be a LeBron guy. Is that what you're saying? Emily Brown, I'm always been LeBron I think one of the greatest athletes of all time. Agreed. Yeah, I agree. Not be LeBron guy, Chris. I like watching LeBron play, but he makes it hard sometimes. Oh, he's such Besson. He is not about sports, which I don't maybe you do. I don't know. This man to watch him do not doubting that. Media day and the first practice and he walked past, wow, I, it had been a couple years since I was in, you know, in his presence was in the same room, not on watching him play, like actually on the same ground level to him. He is bigger than I Ramon iced up. I couldn't even imagine shoulders for day out. Imagine if he wanted to play tight end, what would happen if you anything he can be president? Well, we'll find out one day. Won't we in this day and age. You never know Frank Grillo here on the rich Eisen show so fight world. How did this come about? I mean, because your your family, man, you're an actor. What made you want to travel the world and start learning about a warriors and fighting a couple of things alerts. Couple of things I love Anthony, bourdain. I, it's all I used to watch was Anthony danger. So that was kind of the Genesis, the idea, and throughout my career, I've traveled around the world. Wherever I went, there was a gym and I'd go to the gym and it wasn't the people outside the gym. It was the the guys I learned to fight with wherever I was kinda taught me the culture of the place for two weeks for a week, whatever it wasn't. I, there's a through line here. There's a brotherhood here and maybe we could do what boarding does only instead of embedding myself in food culture. I, I didn't bed myself. I culture and Netflix love the idea. And the next thing you know on an airplane. Next thing, you know you're on airplane, just like that. Okay. And there's a start bench cut that we like to do here on the rich Eisen show, which is a game where I give you three choices. Okay. You have to start one. You have to bench one and cut one. Okay. Okay. So that's the way we go here bench cut. Start bench to sit down and be quiet or cut. So I one up for Frank Rillo here for your series. You travel the world again to learn about the different fighting styles, which country did you enjoy most Israel, Thailand or me on mar to start one. You have to bench one start Israel. Okay. Bench Thailand cut me and more. Yeah, is it has to do with just, you know, the whole tight-fistedness. It's. Trouble. No taking. This is tough, but it's politically what was going on when I was there, it was. It was upsetting off putting and and subsequently what I learned about Israel was so surprisingly uplifting and Thailand fall somewhere in the middle. No kidding. Yeah. Which which food did you like the most? The food? Yeah. When you were there in Israel, you know, just anywhere Israel's food was amazing. The HAMAs and all everything's very fresh Thailand's food was was also my favorite. I loved it. I've been to Thailand many times me and my it is it is maybe it's the British colonized the place it was Burma. I don't know how many yelp reviews there are of the places in me on marmot yelps. There are no the last time you ate fast food. Like literally, when was the last time you ate fast. I don't remember. Come on now. I don't eat. I don't eat fast pizza. What about? I mean, if my kids are pizza, maybe I'll take a bite, but mostly I won't. I need to get that sort of attitude really pizza, a love it, but you know, it makes me ill makes you ill that kind of food from you're from New York. I haven't eaten all New Yorker from the. Can you tell. From New York City. Graduate of NYU. Okay, right. You you you. You worked on Wall Street, right? I've worked while I was twenty years old. I was like bud flax, not like. Heats. The next one for Mary. Go, start bench cut, Franco your father of three kids. What's the best fighting style for kids to learn jujitsu, take tight. Taekwondo cut. If the start bencher cut one, I would have to start jujitsu. It's my thing. I would bench taekwondo and I would cut karate chop, chop karate chop white wine wise that you know it's it's very, it's Laden with Katasou's and it's it's for me, it's just it's too much. Repetitive stuff for the fun things happen. And it's it's stupid for me to say that, but I love jitsu. So ju jitsu is okay. So scratch Frank Grillo off of season. Two of Cobra KAI. That ain't happening. The last one because again, you're here the last time you were here. And I have a beautiful black and white photograph of me and khakis. Yeah, a button-down shirt with with my dog. Adding on the Ave. This photo you brought it out of? Yes. Last time wasn't the dog. The dog is beautiful as versus, oh, yeah, look at your arms. It's not great. I'll be honest with you. And why are your pants. Water. Exactly, right. Why are you wearing pants? Okay. By the way that I think is outdone only by the framed crossword puzzle in your with your name your. I mean, it's a bit much I was was, was I thirty two across your clue your times? I know you framed it. So my parents, they were there valley taken out of the bathroom at least put it in the green. Gotta it's gotta be somewhere. All right. So the last one best place to run with your dog, the beach, the park or mountains, Frank. Grillo I got. I got to, I gotta say the park and would be my start starting started. I would absolutely cut the beach. In the mountains, be on the bench. Okay, cut it. Each you. You should cut the beach or at least we're shorts. What if I cut the pants the pants, the beach. Gosh, good to see you. Frank. Thanks for coming on. Congrats on fight world comeback. Anytime you want your local here since now. Los Angeles guy, pizza. I've cut pizza. I've cut New York, my God, I have the heck giants. The giants cut the Yankees, go to be honest Yankees cut. You. The Yankees benched you. They've been giants. Kill me up. Frank. Grillo checkout fight world on Netflix right now. All right. This is Brian. Doc is gonna join us. Next, we're going to do that. Okay. Brian doc, it's is going to join us and then we'll, we'll. Good. Go out there. That's next. Everyone is Scott Ron and Kelly Nash from MLB network your our new show, baseball and chill exclusively on podcast, one sports net with us each week as we cover all of the action on and off the diamond with player interviews and in-depth storyline analysis of what's happening in major league baseball. Relax with us every Tuesday on baseball and chill right here on podcast, one download and subscribe to new episodes exclusively on apple podcasts, podcast, one dot com. And the podcast one app also rate us feedback. We'd love to hear from the would. Stay tuned for sixty seconds of eight news headlights right after this podcast. Hey, listeners just wanted to take a minute to thank all of my great sponsors and all of you great listeners for supporting this podcast certainly couldn't do this show without either of you. I wanted to remind you that you can support my sponsors by going to my show page at podcast, one dot com. Clicking on the support, this podcast button, and there you'll see all of my wonderful sponsors that help make this show possible. So thank you for downloading subscribing. And of course supporting now back to the show as envoy Gavin loved playing football. He lived and breathed. It wanted to go when he'd spent hours upon hours just practicing his touchdown dances at one day. Well, getting fitted for bifocals. He realized he was never much good at throwing or running or catching, nor even kicking. Yeah, Gavin's chances of playing football. We're looking like fourth and long very long, but he did hear how DIKO could save money on car insurance. So he switched and saved. Then he did kind of touchdowns at least he was still good at that. Welcome back to the rich Eisen show. I had Rod Woodson on an hour number two, and I said, I did the most an NFL total access when I did that show with him. And this is one of my favorite players that I got to meet through covering the NFL from two thousand three on because he was right in the middle of a stellar hall fame career when the NFL network came on the air and on. Tonight's NFL network air at eight eastern time is mossy television, Brian Dawkins football life. Brian Dawkins here on the rich Eisen show. How are you pro football hall of Famer, Brian Dawkins. Bliss rich doing. I'm doing fine if you've seen the peace yet if you see in the hour. I'm not saying that so as everybody else sees firsthand. Okay. You'll be seeing it as well. I mean, what? What is your recollections of the hall of fame weekend been now? Just a couple of months removed from Brian, your. Your speech was quite something else to say, the least. It was. It was from a hard one hundred percent from heart and just the beginning of things that going to happen going forward. I've already started some of the things that I'm doing. I've been doing better man, betterman challenges, better man conference. So like to be able to have that experience to go down to the all the thing to to see all those the legends and and to experience that and have experience I've had with with the eagles fans with the Broncos fans and to really be able to to to allow them to see inside of me. And that's what I tried to do on stage. I try to be transparent as possible to able to bless people to help people going through some of the things that they may be going through. So that's, you know, in a quick synopsis that's kind of with that hall of fame, what's for me then do you think are you prepared or do you know? Tonight's football, I is going to include part of your internal mental struggles at all Brian. It will because that's something that I made sure that we talked about because I. Think it's extremely important to have those conversations. Let let people know that. You know, this is not. They're not the only ones going through what they're going, and you know that it's like I said, in my speech, there is hope on the other side is hope is hoping, and you know to get caught up where you aren't to remain where you are out of never been able to see the man that I am today had I got caught up an stay where I was in those times of of of displeasure and pain. Now when I was interviewing you and in those years of consecutive pro bowls and obviously McNabb on offense and read and all those years where you were contenders for the Super Bowl made it one year you were struggling with happiness at that time, not necessarily. So that's the thing about it's not a continuous. Thanks. I always say it's, it's, it's something that can creep up and come and go. And that's, that's one thing that thing we, we throw terms around to loosely. No, the president and. Like, I think, you know, sometimes it's just going through some some turbulence and your life. Sometimes it's just a whole bunch of stuff at the same time and you haven't, you know, some adverse reaction just for motions are concerned, I think just throw the terms around too loosely, so that when someone is actually going through something that is very substantial, I think that it gets kinda lost into everything. So going through some of the things that I went through in the beginning of my career is what I really tried to focus on in my speech because that is where a lot of pressure was upon what a lot of things I didn't have the answers I didn't have the into after I didn't have the spiritual aptitude to deal with the thing that I that that was coming towards me. So there's a lot of negativity. There's a lot of things that were happening chemical reactions in my head that was actually actually happened as well. That what a lot of negativity to my mind, a lot of thoughts. My mind, a lot of a lot of things in my mind that that that caused those those thoughts come up those suggestions even for myself to do specific things to myself. Like I said, I don't like that's got continuous. That's not every moment of the day type of thing. I wanted to make sure focus on that part of my life, but I also know that going forward in my life that. That is something that is always there is always in the back corners, waiting for an opportunity to give me those negative thoughts. That's why for me, I specifically in my life, disciplined individual specific aims about life now that help for you know a lot of those things that would try to even creep back into my thoughts, football life with Brian Dawkins tonight on NFL network at eight eastern time could not be more deserving recipient of a football life as well as a pro football hall of fame acceptance and enshrinement. Brian Dawkins here on the rich Eisen show. Would you think of the eagles last night Brian? Would you think of that one? Yeah, they got the plan, the plan a game, like there's opposed to play with chip playing with an age, and you saw that offense and defensively, opposites always gonna be something that you lied to six and they start hurting themselves. I think in the last in their losses, they had a whole bunch of self-inflicted wolf. So to speak a lot of all size lot of holding to put themselves. Behind the sticks, all fence, all staying on the field. These x. with pass interference, call us up like that giving up a place. So those are the things that they were hurting themselves with a little bit in those games. And I think last night you really saw them, hopefully put a lot of those things too bad and hopefully they'll begin to play system there. I think. Where do you think they get that that grit from? Do you think it's Wentz being able to play the way that he is the play calling from the coach, the mindset from from who? Where do you think the grit can comes from in Philadelphia. The grid, obviously, you know, use your quarterback, having him back at the hell. You know is. There's a huge plus obviously, because you know, at one point, he was the MVP of the National Football League last year. That's that's just beyond with have him back in the helm doing what he does the way he's able to do that. You know, excise the lot of you physically watching him on the football. You're doing it the way that he does escaping and running up still like him to get that slide quicker and stop picking those hits. But that's another conversation. But I personally love the fact that they lost early and I honestly love the fact that they lost a couple of games in a row because that really it really lets you know what you have really let you know what you need to work on. Now you really can have tough conversations. You really can call cats to the carpeting and really talk about some stuff. And then you see team you have is a lot of anger point. And if it is, you need to take care of it. And leaders need to step up to have the conversations they need to have is not not calling people out sometimes about sometimes combined to decide and let. The no, hey, this is how we're going to have to fix that. We're doing what you're doing is not helping. So I like the fact that they lost one crazy. I know that's what's coming up over soup old and not knowing what is what it feels like to to try to Finn. I like the fact that they lost early games that in get blown out there for the most part, it's things that they could have done to actually win those games. They actually lost a couple of games. I believe they should have won. But at the same time once again, now you really can hold cats, you know to to to a higher standard because you're losing and you can talk about difficult things that you probably couldn't talk about when you lose even when you win. Well, there's a lot of difficult things that need to be talked about in New York. Now after what? The eagles did last night, certainly with ally manning somebody who was playing in the secondary Philadelphia when ally first arrived in New York, and you watched him send it to his first Super Bowl victory season in seven. You played them twice a year. Now, seeing him at the very end. Do you think he is. At the end. Do you think it's over for you lie Brian Dawkins. I don't think is like overnight. Just close the castle. Do I think if you look at at you look at when he li- had success and documented, he had the Texan. He was able to step into his throws and when he does not if you can't step it, his throws. He doesn't feel that comfort is is do tend to come down and he begins to bail out of the back pocket or throw his back foot, lean back away from his throws because he doesn't trust protection in front of them. And so that's, you know, that's been on the giant. They have not shoot that up that offense of lineup for loan. You have, you know, to me, it's going to be all pro bag room soon. And the back view, you know, being able to run the ball and kissed it baller the back is they have a tremendous weapon there, but until they should that lineup that have give ally the chance to step into roles and really feel comfortable in the pocket, then you won't see you won't see the guy that that you know that that you know when those people's, but he got. Into some some some comfort in those runs that he was beginning to, you know, to move the offense to move the ball, and you can see a lot of that had to with the tacit until they protect that do. It's just as other events, and I got about ninety seconds left here for guy who used to put on that breath, right, and transform himself, you called yourself the idiot man. When you put the breathe right on in Philadelphia, what advice would you give to Dell about playing under control. You got the right way. I, I love the energy. I love all this things really do the fact past has you have to the right way and can't be in such a way that you're hurting your ball club. When you start having having the media going to your teammates acts, the accident about what you're doing. You're becoming a distraction to the team as much as you love the game. What is I love the fact that you have emotions for you have to learn to channel in the right way to utilize it in the right way and not have it that you never had the coast half day question. You have to answer questions. I barley that they're gonna be. Contains the ask him questions about what they think about Dale and what he's doing. Now, they'll sitting not the case use that energy that you have right way and the national team. Hey, Brian, it was awesome. Having a front row seat, fear enshrinement after having watched you played in become the men that you are and be the man that you are first member of Clemson foot. Ball in the pro football fame representing the eagles and now tonight on a football life, I can't wait to see it. Congrats on everything going on with you still can't believe it. I still can't believe this small look and say from Jacksonville, Florida had the to now have see himself in football. I thought that that was for for big time. It's and you know, to see myself on that stage excuse on that screen tonight. It's my family. My friends you interview talking about me is absolute messy. It's absolute blessed. You deserve it. Let's chat again soon, Brian. Thanks, the costal. You're you. Got it. That's Brian doc. It's football, Brian Dawkins tonight on the NFL network. That's guy knows what it's like to play in the northeast. That's what it used to call himself. The idiot man. He'd put on that breath, right? And he said he would become a different person to try and play football buddy played under control. And he knows that if he played out of control others in the new in the northeast area with the media would have to answer questions, Brockman, sneaky. Good games is going to be on is and. Overtime. Okay. Let's do it. Find out where you should put your good hard earned American dollars this weekend. Care of Chris Brockman final poll results who's going to be drafted first overall Cording to fans right now. I overall pick next year the New York football giants. Thirty eight. Wow. They're on the clock. And so is this show Ron? Livingston on Monday. Have a great weekend. Everybody. The NLC s. a. l. c. s. college football, Michigan, Wisconsin on Saturday night week, six and total. We'll see you on Monday. You see them in the hit movie night school with Kevin Hart and Tiffany haddish, but you can hear rob Riggle every week on the funniest sportscaster around with co host, Sarah Tian. Ah, the way it usually works is you do the script as written because that's the studio paid for then you do another take same thing only with notes. Then on the third pass, they'll come back and say, okay, anybody got a thought, try this. No, no on checkout. Wriggles picks every Thursday on podcast one or wherever you get your favorite podcasts. -nology truth brought to you by cold. Truth, teenagers can communicate entirely emojis. How why? Bob birthday party. Pizza, slice kitten, soccer ball, pineapple truth. It's so easy to switch and save on car insurance at geiko dot com. What are you talking about? Paper clips, shoulder, shrug, high, five wizard hat what Goco fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more as envoy Gavin loved playing football. He lived and breathed. It wanted to go pro when he'd spent hours upon hours just practicing his touchdown dances at one day while getting fitted for bifocals, he realized he was never much good at throwing or running or catching, nor even kicking. Yeah, Gavin's chances of playing pro-football we're looking like fourth and long very long, but he did hear how could save money on car insurance. So he switched and saved. Then he did kind of touchdowns at least he was still good that resigning. I'm Ed Donahue with AP news minute today. Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Washington DC, cardinal Donal world. A grand jury report accuses world helping to. Protects them child molesting priests while he was Bishop of Pittsburgh, Greg Burke is Vatican spokesman. This is about moving forward. That's a phrase that cardinal world used last month and moving forward means it's it's for the good of the church, especially for the unity of the Church World predecessor, Theodore mckarrick was forced to resign as cardinal over allegations. He sexually abused at least two minors and adults seminarians a Turkish court, convicted an American pastor, Andrew Brunson of terror charges, but released from house arrest and allowed him to leave Turkey Brunson, spent two years in detention. Facebook says, hackers accessed information, ranging from emails and phone numbers to more personal details. Like sites visited in place, check into from twenty nine million of its accounts. I'm Ed Donahue.

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