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Lodged sex new harmony, express Pax, Alexa, rand road phone is now, Google security key, USB laptop chargers and more coming up on tech thing. Thank you patriots. Without your support by patriarch dot com slash tech thing. We wouldn't be able to make the show forty every week. Please join the crew makes possible patriot dot com slash tech thing is the place to go. I'm shannon. Moore's this is tech thing where we have something useful in every single show. Crew will use. Yes. I was very excited. I'm excited too. Because I had sugar before the show. Suet sugar. I asked what you ate. But if it's what I think, I think you ate you ate so much of it that I would not be not look at gas and slightly terrified pretty much. We're gonna try to get this recorded before the sugar crack, yes. Because it's not going to be fine. Have to take one of these cameras and pointed at the floor, Shannon would be drooling later. I'll lay there and like read the script off of my camera or off my phone. That'll be so sad. Nothing worse than a sugar hangover and a studio. That's true. I've been there. We are here to talk about that though. But it's kind of fun. It is also you're talking really fast today, which is really. Yeah. Yeah. She was trying to get me to talk about lodge, sex, new harmony wrote live sex harmony, remotes they've been known for like three things for years one their place a pile remotes with a single remote, they tend to make everything simpler. By bundling all of your gear inactivity, and they just for can work this week harmony announced something radically different the harmony express, this is like a minimalist remote with AOL built in. So so dozens of buttons LCD screen, the they they they're it's your voice. I like that very simple, and they'll put this into context. This is this is the express remote. And right over here. You're seeing kind of a classic harmony remote where it's got an LCD screen and lots of buttons. Or in this case, lots and lots of buttons these work, by the way, and the nice thing about harmony is they've been watching people use remote controls for approximately forever. And they really fought the process out, for example. You don't call out for AOL. Exa which is what do you? Do you press this primary, basically the big button on the remote? On apple TV or go to HBO or go to so it's not constantly listening. You have to actually activate it. That's awesome. You already have alias devices in your house. You don't have to worry about having lots of devices responding to watch television movie. It just works. Really nice. So the setup is if you're familiar with universal remotes from harmony, for example, it's pretty familiar those eight blaster kind of a base station in an I R mini blaster in the box. So this goes into the wherever you're components are an extra television in my case goes in the closet. We're all my gear is and this goes outside the closet door. So it can zap I are instructions to my projector Colome sitting up the express is pretty simple if you could download and install an app in drag some icons type a little bit. You can configure this system. It's all done by an app on your Android or Islas phone. I didn't know my iphone walked me through adding to figuring my home theater here by case Epson projector and on the yard apple TV, you wrote to a Sony Blu Ray player and the homeworks over the air TV tutor. Other situations is cost me no end of trauma. And the last time. I said about Homer over the tuner. I had to do it all manually, which brings me to a web page that I'm kind of in love with. If you think you have something that will work on a Logitech harmony, there's two things one you can manually program stuff, but you should search here for manufacturer and the product or model name, and they probably already have configured it for somebody somewhere. I was laughing. I had to type out like Epson for the manufacturer and thirty five hundred work typing home cinema, thirty five hundred was recognized in configure that was about the only problem. I had cool. I was lazy. And it made me type the whole thing out saying that phone I've had similar experiences with the Logitech harmony is where like I have this HDMI Switzer that I'm randomly got off Amazon. And it recognizes it even though it's like brand lists. And I was like how do you know, what this thing is? I don't care. Yeah. I don't think it just works. Sounds a lot easier nowadays, though, what the application this is a pretty different application and setup that I've done with harmony in ever. And the nice thing. Like, you were saying like, I'm saying harmony has this insane collection of data for devices, you might want to control, and it's just nice that they've kind of thought this through what's devices were found that walks. You kind of backwards you start with first HD my input on your television. Or my case my projector HD my one. And then I connected. I drag by connected. I mean, I drag little icon up to connect my AB are to the screen and then for HDMI one I dragged up like my apple TV and the by Roku. My Blu Ray player and all the other devices I wanted to attach if you can go like this. You can basically configure your home theater system. The app also opened up the Amazon app to add the express. So I could use AOL. And then the road itself talked me through the basic commands things like as I mentioned earlier go to channel two six DVR net flicks app. Turn on apple TV and you have to of course, use the basic commands or everything goes haywire. So I'm in tipping the little bit of friction education process in my home. As always is when I tested remote control, always. But I ended up with thoroughly tested devices with a wide and diverse set of opinions about how they function we. We're talking about how the harmony express does stuff. One thing. It doesn't do at. This point is controlled digital beer, inactivity. If you are a geeky kind of person, maybe you're harmony remote does lots of things when you hit an activity button. So if I ask the express to turn on the XBox it will set the TV in the eight yard the right inputs while the XBox powers up. You can hit the button, and you can ask AOL to turn off the living room lights, but you can't have your Philips hue lights did when you fire up. The XBox Blu Ray player that kind of thing has been sort of a staple or one of the big attractions for whom food or gigs for the harmony remotes for years to grossly misquotes and paraphrase Logitech s- reps. This may be somewhat more nerdy and less common than I thought. You know, by the way, if you want to do these super granular control of all the stuff in your house, all of the other Logitech remotes aren't going away any time soon the harmony elite the companion the nine fifty this. There's still lots and lots of options. So if you wanna do really crazy activity controls, you can still do that with all those different harmony remotes, and I'm assuming if you had one of these and you had like, your Philips, hue and an echo device in your house. And you could just tell your echoed attorney your team room or whatever. And then just use this for your TV stuff. Yeah. I mean seeing options I know I was telling me like I said, you can ask alia. Do the Bank. Yeah. And then everything happens. Alexa, able magnificent home theater experience at have stuff going off everywhere. So we're not quite there yet knock court theory. Who knows what will happen? You can also do all the regular alien say stuff with the but didn't ask it for the weather or you can ask you change, the temperature turn off the lights, or whatever you use a Elliott say to do already cool. I gotta say I really love hitting the button instead of calling out alias as name. I like that too in part because a lot of my home a lot of my home automation stuff. All my voice control stuff is all in one small twenty by fifteen foot garage. So when I talked to one device all of them. The voice control. I gotta say might be an issue in my house. I heavy boys control resistant spouse, and there are some things you can't do with the express without the remotes four-way buttons. They are great for navigating. It's got playing pause and fast forward and rewind volume controls the mute, but you can't say switch between your over the air tutor and Roku without using a voice command. Now, you can use the remote without voice commands to switch scene say Netflix and Amazon or apple TV or inside of the Roku. But you can't switch between devices without talking to it. Good to know time will tell but I can already cheerfully state that setting up and getting the family up to speed on the harmony express was considerably faster than it was for the universal remote. Hey, the express isn't currently trying to deliver the ability like, call out individual titles of the show automatically launched them at a very granular and sophisticated and kind of intense managed way watch that claims one month between battery charges. Of the device less than a week haven't had charge. It yet for what that's worth. I was in charge us in Mike, micro USB. Why isn't it yo spec- because I assume this was cheaper it is cheaper than poor people have micro speak cables, currently thinking you cable in the box. So I'm not gonna complain too much. But yes, we would both prefer USB. Harmony. Also, built a your remote finder in the harmony Apso, the remote will sing out when the cat buries under the cushion to do the Harvey express is not going to replace their traditional kind of harmony or votes in their line of at least not anytime soon for folks that have a tight relationship with alien say enabled products. It is a natural for folks looking for a simplified remote. And this is pretty simple given everything it does. When you ask it to do it. This should be on the shortlist. Super tempting the price though is going to be a challenge for a lot of folks, you can pick up a basic harmony three fifty for like fifty bucks. And I think if I scroll way down here there, it is the harmony three fifty costs about fifty. Bucks. You can get a sixty five which has the LCD display for seventy bucks. But at two hundred forty nine dollars. Yeah. The harmony elites is like three hundred fifty the harmony expresses two hundred fifty dollars say they put a lot of time in development to this. They did a lot of things this is cheap compared to a two thousand dollar LED screen, especially if you've got another thousand or fifteen hundred your home theater, speakers, blah, blah, blah, and it is so much knowing the juggling rebels, and if you like alien say this really fits in well, but in a world where six hundred or seven hundred bucks, a pretty bad ass, four H, crtv. It is a significant investment. Well, I'm I'm kind of sold and I kind of want one or deep in the AOL lifestyle. I am. I am. I am very well aware of the current security information, check out my threat wire episode on alias for that. But yeah, I like it. I like that it's so minimalist, and that it lasts for a month that's much longer than my current harmony remotes. We'll be doing this figuring out how to lower the volume of alias as response. Oh, good. Because it seemed really it doesn't come out of there. All the little speaker on the back to talks in your hand. It's a little talking microphone bird poops in your hand. But with less than the mess to clean up. All right. So with that. Ascot technique dot com. Or you can tweet us at tech thing. If you have any questions about that as well as oh, you can tweet up having nor nor at snubs. Patrick have you ever been fished? This really you have over bozeman fished. Oh, I have to actually I have been fest. Did you fall for the fish not in the last eight or nine years? Good. That's excellent to hear, you know. I actually fell for one recently. But I immediately knew what it was. And I was like. Nope. Change my password. And then it was fine for those of you in the audience who might be going. Why are why are we talking about finish? The security implications does so fishing is where an attacker uses a fake site, for example to trick you into giving away your information. So it might look like your Bank account or a Facebook account or something like that. It's still the most common cause of security breaches for companies. Spearfishing is the really nasty basically figure out by tracking Email. Attack inside of an organization, and they create very customer official. Looking emails all this is a teepee twenty seven four two response from Bob in the county and you just click. And then your own. So that's why Google for example, they're working to make two step verification the norm. But in order for it to become the norm for like day to day users, especially people like my mom who doesn't necessarily want to give that kind of time to security and privacy. You gotta make it. More. Convenient for the users are using that entering in some information on a website and waiting for that website. Send me a text message. Entering that. Message into the website is not perhaps. Height that security now I feel like people just like getting to do it. So I should buy one of those. I actually I I was about to say weird little Yuba keys. I want I. Keys leasing. Ably. Smart. I would totally buy. But a lot of people are like, I'm not buying a Ugo you right? Exactly. So that's why I was reading over at Krebs on security, which is an excellent security blog by Brian Krebs, apparently, Android seven point zero plus phones can now double as Google security keys. So what happened was on April tenth Google nounce that they are doing just that. So starting in beta you will be able to use your phone as a security key option as opposed to like SMS, text or a authenticate or application or a UB key. And this is already built into Android seven point oh devices. So you don't it's like everybody already has one. If you have Android seven point out. You don't have to do anything different from running the off app on your Android device. Right. Exactly. What does it? Isn't that weird? Yeah. So it basically means that you can unlock your account with the phone instead of having to carry around that physical security key or downloading that application a Google does record. Bend using this option to protect your personal Google account starting off and then any work related accounts too. That are Google's like Google accounts. What are those called Google cloud accounts? I believe they're called. You keep talking those. So they say that it's the ultimate account security, which is now in your pocket. So folks that are already have joined the advanced protection program, which we did cover previously over on tech thing, you can find out more. I'll put this link in the show notes. But basically advanced protection program requires to security keys, and it locks down your Google account even further, and then you can use your phone for two step verification now as one of those two options that you have. But if you don't have advanced protection, you can just use this as one verification option as opposed to just putting in a username and password. So you would also have a security key, which is now your phone. So there are a few steps that you have to go through if you want to set up your phone as a security key. So they do list all of the different steps that you have to do here. So I make sure that your phone is running Android seven point or higher. Make sure that you have a computer that has bluetooth and has the latest version of chrome, which is the compatible browser that they currently have. Available and then you have to use either chrome OS, MAC, OS or windows ten so you do have a few options for those. So first thing you want to do is turn on two step verification on your Google account. And that's over at my account dot Google dot com. Which should look like this. And I will show you what mine looks like Tada. It looks like I should probably erase some of my stuff in there. I've been using a lot of data recently. But you click up at the top. There is a little area for security. So you go to secure account and then click on two step verification and click show, all and you can also go to two step verification settings. So on the two F A panel. You just follow the onscreen prompts to set up two step verification, and then you can add your phone in all of this can be found on the two step verification website, which I will also put that link down on the show. It's you will have to log in whenever you go to this page. But once you're logged in you have full access to all the information that you can add for. FA? So this menu gives you a lot of options to add to FA tier account like using a physical security key. You can see here that I have a U bikini attached to my account that I added in two thousand fourteen I also added my Google pixel three excel as of yesterday, so you can see that. I've already added it here, but you can also use an authenticated app like offi or Google authenticate or and this is also where you can print your backup codes now before I go any further. I know we've mentioned it before. But that link to the backup codes from that to a website that I was just showing you that's really important so click on that print your list of backup codes and India off chance that somebody steals your phone, which you're about to set up as verification option or your your key. Or you lose your phone all those things can happen. These backup codes can be used as to a or two factor verification coats. So keep this list somewhere safe like a fire resistant safe or in your secret lair or wherever you keep them. You're back cave. Just make sure that you don't forget where you hid them or else you will have to go back in make a new list of back codes and then print those because they will generate new ones for you. If you can get. Yes. So make sure that you do that before your device, get stolen or before you lose it. Because you never know what will happen in the future. Just make sure that you are ready for the worst. Now back to the steps you scroll down on this page and click on set up an alternative step, which is right here. And you will see the option to add a phone, which is adding a security key. Now, if you already have an alternative set up under security, you can also choose at a security he rate here both of those will link you to the option to add your Android phone. And then you just find your phone in the dropdown, which I'm not gonna show you because it has a lot of personal information on that. And then you add it to your account now after that you just click turn on ensure that both the bluetooth on your computer and your phone are set up and ready to go. They are enabled. The don't need two pair over bluetooth. This is just used to Kate between the two devices and ensure that the devices are located near each other. So their location based it's just making sure that. That if you actually are trying to log in your phone is right there and it saying, okay? This is the two factor device. Lemme log in with that we're good to go. So whenever you sign into that Google account on a computer, and bluetooth is turned on your Android phone will receive a notification that notification simply says are you trying to sign in? And then you click on that notification follow the onscreen instructions to confirm it's actually you in. You're good to go. Now, I can already hear people out there. I'm the same way. I'm not huge fan of bluetooth for security. So personally, this is just me, but I will be sticking with the U bikini. Okay. Okay. Because wall the Android devices more convenient it also has its drawbacks like, for example, bluetooth does have security issues. Now, I am pretty sure that they're using a protocol on top of blue to ensure that this is secure. But with any kind of wireless technology like that there's always a potential for it to be hat might happen in the future might not. But I prefer to not give myself that potential vulnerability. Plus, a thief is more likely to steal your phone out of your hand. Then a keychain with a ubt on it. Because it just looks like a USB and your phone battery drain leaving you without a way to log in. So what I will say though, is whatever you choose anything is better than having no two factor option on your online accounts. That does include. If you have an SMS option on a website that has two factor. Authentication sign up for the SMS option because that is a lot better than having nothing at all because somebody could easily get your password and sign into that account. It is much harder for them to get your password and get your phone and get the SMS code. So make sure you have to say, no matter what you choose. Before you lose. There are reasons this is Google's tightened security key. There is a reason they use a physical device rather than having everybody who works for Google used their phones yet, it's because this is more secure. But this may be more than you want to deal with right? Exactly, especially because I know some people that that lose keys, and it's kinda like a hobby me too. So you do have the option if you're, you know, prone to losing your keys, then set it up on your phone because that's way better than having. No to if at all. If you're losing your phones, we can't help you. But good. Then get the Viki. So whatever you choose let me know if this is something that you're interested in I'm super excited about it. Because it does offer this as a convenient stuff for an lot more people. And that's what Google is really going for here. So I think it's cool. Thank you so much to Google for doing this. And I hope that I can see more people doing that in the future as well. Android seven above. You are secured this week. We have another battle station for you in this one comes from Oregon. So or said, hi, Patrick and Shannon. I thought that I would share my portable battle station. It's got a laptop with to a Seuss's in screen Embi, sixteen AC monitors into ipads, the setup is very handy for search and rescue when I'm not geeking out watching Formula, one keep up the awesome. That is tech thing from or an encounter Gorie dude Orrin, that's so cool and also BT dubs. That's amazing in the back that model. That is that's a well. That's excellent Apollo. It's like this is so cool. That's very very nice. Very nice. I love it. So yes, thank you so much for sending in your battle station. And if you want to share your desk setup, we would love to see we are sharing them every single week Ascot technique dot com. He the Darren space adventure Saturn five rocket model. Play-set one. What? Oh, it's so cool. We like rockets it's beautiful. Yes. Beautiful prone to falling apart to y or. Thank you so much Oren. His. We love it questions. Your tips near suggestions of products, and ideas at checkout, you've been tweet at tech thing at snubs, right? Patrick email. We love Email asking texting dot com. A big shout out to our patrons. Patriot dot com slash tech thing you make the show possible you pay the bills. Thank you. We really appreciate that joined the crew to make sex thing happened at patriots dot com slash tech thing. Allen writes, I purchased the wall way made book ex pro and I love it. In addition to working at home on the couch. I set it up to be workstation connected to a twenty seven inch monitor keyboard and mouse, and I wanna leave the power supply in place when I travel so I need to buy a travel charger. I been looking at inker wall charters, but they come at all different watt ratings. What does USB Seapower charging really require are there specific in small wall? Chargers that you would recommend. Thanks for all you do Ellen on Cape Cod. Excellent place to be sitting inside. Yeah. Winter with a laptop from real Cape. Cod's awesome. First of all Alan, this is incredibly convenient. Because I need a spare USB charger for a laptop perfect. Thanks to the excellent work of Benson, the Nathan K. I am profoundly paranoid about SBC charges because simply one a lot of them sock is not actually delivering a voltage or amperage in the spec their rating themselves and to when they go wrong. They can damage your electron IX or light things on fire like your house, which is what we generally categorized under bad and things to avoid. And just to make things really interesting some decent chargers. Get packed with cables that lean towards the running too hot and possibly light in your house on fire side of things. Boy, I won't even get into more Cain issues. Like, oh, let's go into this TI PDF and talk about USB PD power to though, she -ation. Oh, boy, for example, split power data object compromising charging because literally your power supply, and your laptop need to have any Goshi -ation before charging can begin because it is the twenty first century, actually. Okay. Let me see I'm not gonna complain. For example, this excellent carbon the rapid charge on this. We'll take the fifty seven one hour battery to an eighty percent charge in thirty minutes. It's kinda glorious fear a little bit for long-term battery life, but being able to plug this in for half an hour and have hours of use is frigging. Awesome. That's nice now. Just in case USB chargers is not complicated enough for you a lot of the reviews are fake. And if you haven't seen it, the hustle that this great. Article on the inside the fake Amazon review complex cheese, wonderful walk through a how somewhat less than scrupulous sellers on Amazon get all of their five star reviews for two star products. So you're make book pro comes to the sixty five while he was spec- charger. I dug it out of the specs. It's fascinating. If you've never read lots of specs if you dig in always website, you can actually find the power after information as far as I know this can't be found for sale anywhere. It's nice. It's a sixty five watt. Tried segment overdoing. Oh, contraire my friends. But basically short answers, you need a sixty five watt charger. And if you want to take things easy, the PowerPoint speed one USB ports cleverly named for thirty seven bucks on anchor is going to take care of everything you need. It's gonna you know power delivery. Be wall charge next five six P L G G five pixel C MAC book two hundred blah, blah, blah, blah. And he goes on and on and on and on. So some people are like wait, wait won't that sixty five what power supply just drawing my phone? No with that whole handshaking thing was actually I shouldn't say that. Because every time I try to read that its intelligent. Yeah. Event is your devices only draw the power they need forcing the voltage through your device. Trying to light it on fire. So anyway, I trust anchor is a brand several years be power supplies several the batteries. And also, I got to say I love any product that comes with an eighteen month warranty. I've had like warranty Richard one product to anchor once they were really easy to deal with and didn't know who I was. I was just another guy that bought a thing on Amazon. So the court wire cutter they'd pick that anchor was talking about as their second choice. They found the. Every time I say this. I want to say Nick beard. The neck tech four seventy be won't charge with type c sixty watt. Power livery. But that's pretty cool because it's got one big fat US be seaport and then three type airports on there. They were testing with nineteen laptops. And they were particularly meticulous about noting that this is UCF certified, which means it should be safe to us. And like I said at packs three extra charging ports one of the things you'll notice especially with Steffi buying on Amazon or Alibaba is there's almost never a U L listing. If it comes from outside of the United States. I know lots of people that that makes them super uptight, and I completely understand. But at least they have been certified as doing the things that they're supposed to do to be a non sucky power supply. In terms of the terms of certification, the whacker article, by the way, also has picks for anybody with a fifteen inch macbook pro if you're looking at the eighty seven want apple charge you for that. And going. What they have options. Go to Mark utter and search for us. We see charger. USB is specked to carry a ton of power by mobile standards up to find amps like one hundred watts and while your laptop might only be calling for forty five or sixty five watts. That's still a lot of power shoved through a tiny cable. Please don't cheap out on your power supply or your cables. Agreed because buyers suck and Caparo line to USB cables. Excellent. By the way, they really guide them. Let us know if you have any power related questions. This is something that I know both of us geek out about quite a bit. So we would love to answer them for you. Ask a technique dot com or you can tweet us at texting at Patrick Norton at snoops geeking out power surfing about game of thrones. Oh, no spoilers. Please. I am currently in the midst of trying so so hard to review this teeny tiny little gadget, it's called the arsenal. Smart camera assistant over with arsenal dot com. I purchased one because I saw an ad for it on Instagram's. It's claim to be. Fancy smart assistant that can hope you get these perfect photos via your diesel ours hot shoe and camera app. So it's the little box. Yeah. It's it's this teeny tiny box, and you plug it into your computer or you plug it into your camera. And then you connect to it via your phone, and you can control the camera from your phone, at least, that's what they tell you like, you can see all these manuals settings, and you should just be able to control it right there. So they say that with one tap of your phone. The arsenal will scan the environmental view, and it will take the best photo possible. Which sounds cool theories at this is going to do a better job of calculating all of the settings inside the camera. Yeah. Intelligence that was already packed in your camera, Sony or canon or Nikon or whoever. Yeah. Okay. So like if I put this in manual mode. If I put my camera on manual modus as instead of automatic. Instead of me having to go through everything it's supposed to automate change the ice. And the shutter speed aperture it analyzes lots and lots of different factors to take the photo not just via tripod either. But you're also supposed to be able to do this hand-held, which is great now they also say that it'll do photos stocking. And this is where it takes multiple photo exposures in a very short span of time. And then it stocks those photos into the best shot possible. And you see this happen a lot with like nighttime shots or sunset photos, especially with water and stuff like that. That's something that I really want to learn. But I haven't learned it yet. So I sold us, and I was like, this is awesome. Does being taken HDR shot crippled dynamic range? It's what it's doing hitting a whole bunch of different settings or photos at different settings spur. She them together. There's just one little dabbling arsenal. Yeah. So here we have a picture of doing photo stacking. So I can already use the Sony smart remote app on my a-7 RT to control the shutter on my camera, but it doesn't do the automatic adjustments. So I need to do this myself does this is supposed to be better. Yeah, it's supposed to so. So I go out and I bought one it's two hundred bucks. And then I installed the Iowa or the Android app in my case. It does have an s one two and it looked kind of intensive to set up. But it was nothing that I couldn't do. And then that's where it totally failed me. And I was so sad. So after I updated the firmware on my Sony camera and that in itself was like an adventure. All seriously camera firmware, just know. And then I updated the firmware on the arsenal. And I installed the app, and I made sure that the application was all updated, always good. And then I tried to connect the arsenal via the app to my camera. And that's where my happiness just drained out to me it sat on the connecting screen on my phone, and I got a screen Shaw this for upwards of an hour. So I finally pained customer service after like restarting that and restarting my wife, I connection to the arsenal. And all this other stuff, they recommended everything that I had already tried. Adding to their website FAQ's and their video tutorial. I also looked on like some forums to see if other people had found some special special sauce to make it work with an ace of an RT. Now they've recommended turning off two factor authentication on my Sony account. Okay. I was like, okay. Just this one time. Now, I had already just set up the Sony account, and I didn't even set up yet. So I didn't have it turned on. So that wasn't the issue. So it wouldn't cause connection complications with the third party device as it was. And then I started looking at the opera reviews because so Patrick league to it. And he was just like, oh, it looks like you're not the only one wonderful. There's like a five star review of the Iowa. After basically says, but there it is great. But to screw it five stars down to the bottom where to go where to go where to go to hit more guys it works when it works. It's gold, but the road there can be long some days with the team will address this. So I read that. And then I went over to the arsenal apper views over here in this guy at the very top. He says, and I have a pixel three exiled. This is why this is pointed out months after release. I still can't get my phone to link to the arsenal device despite multiple hours long attempts. Same thing I was dealing with. I can't connect my pixel three XL to the arsenal, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So I was like cool nothing is working. I am sad to say that even though. Oh, the seven Arturo is listed as a supported camera on their website at the school all the way down here. Here's the as seven are two. And that's the camera. I was trying to use it with it just does not work. So I will say to arsenal. It is a very very new camera app. Smart remote app company. They are brand new. They just kick started this thing. And they just started shipping the manufactured products to people that didn't that missed out on the Kickstarter. That's where I feel. Props to them for offering a ninety day return window. So I will be sending it back. It is new. So I'm hoping that one day I'll be able to purchase when it will work. But I just hope that they work out the kinks because this thing sounds so magical. Photography websites are finding a little less hope for. Yeah. But I mean, I I have sympathy because to try to make take every can't take an arsenal and connected to every camera and every possible foam premium is never going to happen. Like, nobody's got the kind of resource for that much less a small startup, but she also paid two hundred bucks for it. And then I was expecting it to work to use it once just once so I can review it at least. So unfortunately, I can't review the arsenal yet. And I am hoping that I can in the future. I've tried so hard for y'all out there. But the moral of the story for myself. At least is you can't cheat your way to an excellent photo, you still have to learn the theory behind photography because smart devices sound really cool. But this one just ain't there yet. And I'm just I'm I'm trying to stay positive. I'm hoping it will be there soon. Keep an eye on the reviews on the. Yeah. All right. Yeah. L? Let me know if you've gotten at working, though, if you have one of these at home because I would love to see some actual shots from real life. People not just like their marketing videos, because I wanna see people having this thing work. It sounds. I want the magic magic. All right. We're not quite there yet Ascot tackling dot com. If you do have one though, let me know speaking of magic big to five of the studio space, check out the security privacy, podcast and heck five or Bert magic, especially threat wired hack, five, ladies and gentlemen. And if you haven't seen or boy booby split minute on you haven't lived then head on over to shop dot heck five org and check out the plunder bug. It's pocket-sized land tap that lets you bug Ethernet connections. USB spec- convenience all that in an Android app to this smart networks, different Abel's, passive recording or active scanning if you haven't. It's just it's awesome. Just snowfall packets nor fall the packets kids are doing sniffer packets on my head. Remember, it's not rude. It just barely. I had some sugar during the break we vote and remember once in a while put down your phone step away from the screen close, your laptop and do something analog like I need a couple of weekends ago and walk around Scottsdale Arizona, specifically old town, Scottsdale. This was a really cool area. I just love the vibe, I love that. I was able to let go into stores and by authentic native American jewelry, which was cool day of antiques. They have really good food this mission, which was awesome. So lots of really cool stuff that you can experience down there. I thoroughly enjoyed it highly recommend if you're in the Phoenix Arizona area or if you're visiting also by BT dubs. They have scooters electric scooters. They're all over the place. It's wonderful. So yeah old town Scottsdale. Arizona this. I you know, I was going to but the friend I was with I've never been on one before. So I was trying to get her on one with me. But she was like scared girl. Don't be scared. Out. Town cars. Sure. True. We did not have film. That's at the time. So it's probably a good thing. We didn't go. Yes. Or I'm Shannon. Moore. Oh, man. There was so many good meals. I went to this awesome ice cream. Parlor that's been there for apparently decades, which was amazing. That's not a meal though. And. That's true. That is very true full done. I wonder if the restaurant I went to is in here anywhere dining, there, we go our picks, I'll have to find it for you. But I had some really really good. Yeah. It does say boozy milkshakes. Coverage not moving milkshakes. Does he mix milkshakes? Some really good Mexican. Yes. Tacos. Yes, tequila. Yeah. I mean, yes, of course.

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