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He just saved. By bundling home and auto progressive gonna finally by ring that gal of yours Hugo send my condolences. Oh, this next one. There's thirdly. In my all, stinky. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Discounts on available in all states or situations. Welcome everybody to a Saturday edition of collider. Mailbag? Wanna thank you all for taking the time to watch or to listen to us. I'm your host John Rocca joined this week by one of my favorite people on the planet. One of my favorite people to meet in this fear of the last few years. That's the awesome, wonderful and talented, Nikki Novak how are you? Did you say that everybody wanted to know for you? I always save the best introduction. It's all right. It's alright for fighting. We're going to try not to cry. Me and rocket man. Clearly, you're a great singer. That's for sure. Have you been have you been really really good? I kind of like award season was insane. All right. Of course. And amazing. It was my first year in the AFC. So I got to feel fancy and after the Oscars I said to myself like I cannot wait for the Oscars to be over. So I can have you know, some time off or a little bit of downtime, right? And after day too. I was like what is my life. What am I? Career never gonna work again. Some happy to be here. We can help. And I'm glad you could take the time to go. Well, she's excited. I know I'm excited. We're going to answer questions from you the fans, though, the Kaleida fans, thank you all so much for sending incredible questions that you send in you know, this. We got like I took twenty five questions out. There were so many great questions. There are a lot of requests there were and I had sent them onto Nikki, see what five she liked cinnamon and see. And so those five made are cut here. So we're going to break them all down answer them for you guys know when you when we put the call out for questions, you can send them out on our social media. They're on Twitter and on Instagram when you see the call you see the posting. But that hashtag collider mailbag makes it easy to find. Or you can even those mail back at collider dot com. Maybe you don't like social media another on with that. And you want to just Email us you you can their mailbag at Kleiner dot com. All right. Let's get into it. Our first question is an Email from Damon ward who writes what's up collider during the Live Aid performance in bohemian rhapsody. I got the most chills ever from watching a movie scene. Can you recall some scenes or moments in movies that gave you the chills? Thanks for answering. Stay sweaty. Nikki love that ending. Well, yeah. No. I mean, you know, I I agree bohemian rhapsody. I wanna know what I wanna know. I want to know the percentage of people that went in YouTube Live Aid after. Versus who didn't like is there? Anybody on the planet who didn't go back and watch the performance after watching that movie. I did after I watched the trailer. I went back and rewatch because I watched it live. I'm old enough to have watched it live when it was being shown that day. So to go back and watch it again on YouTube because a whole things on YouTube ever watching over breakfast after watching the trailer because so incredible. I watched it with my family over the holidays. I'd seen it already. But I wanted to show my family my family, you know, we're from small town. They barely know who Queen is trust. It's a whole thing. I did not come from a movie family. But afterwards, I showed it to them. And but I showed them the one on YouTube. That's a side by side. Just it's it's it's extraordinarily. But to answer the question I have like I literally have chicken scratch. I'd like it's like the manifesto of a serial killer. If you can see the way, I write I have like ten here. But throw ten only going to do a couple of buckets one of the most chilling Dusing moments for me, and it didn't happen so much the first time. Watching the film, but I was on a plane about a year ago and watched this movie, and I watched this scene, and all of a sudden it was like tears didn't just come down. They like shot a hundred miles, and it was you can't handle the truth. It was that scene. It was the Jack Nicholson in a few good men. There was an here's what it is. Like, I think were in this world now with her so many superhero movies, and but the raw emotion that came out of that film between the two of them were you just have to people going toe to toe like that. And they were so locked into each other. You know, how much I love Tom Cruise to begin with. And I love Jack Nicholson, but watching that back it just floored me, I couldn't believe I wasn't crying. 'cause it was sad. I was just a motionless watching it. It just brought out like everything whether it was aggression, or whatever it was. It was just like I just found myself crying. Okay. That was one of them. What your second one lion? Oh, the film lion Patel, fill the Dev. Patel phone at towards the end. I really. Got that was another one that after watching the film. I Google the story, and I learned everything I could about the real life story. And I think it's kind of similar to like bohemian rhapsody when you when something is based on a true story this scene at the end when he finally sees his mother, and then after that the credits roll when you see him they actual footage of the person with his real life. Mom, right. And it was one of Lyon was one of my favorite films in the last ten years. I absolutely loved it. It's been test. So yeah. Those were few or so do you tell me your well? I would say as far as rock bio pic, inducing chills. The doors when not to touch the earth that whole sequence when it starts is so chills inducing because I'm a massive doors fan, but to see it. It's almost like you've got a chance to go and see them live. If you never had a chance to see them live, Oliver Stone got it as close to that experience as possible with everything happening in the dancing in the native American chance in the Milovan Morrison doing all this things incredibly chill endure. Using the other one that I would throw in. Or maybe the other two is at the end of color purple when women Goldberg is reunited with her sister. Spoiler alert, the every time everytime just clears waterworks because they go back to being little girls again and doing the thing they did assist. There's to reconnect and went heard sun comes up. It goes MoMA. I just. Bet you lose it every time to such a beautiful moment. And I think the last thing I would say is because I'm a huge rocky fan when radian in rocky to comes out of her coma and says I want you to do one thing for me. What's that come closer issues? What win and when she says win even now just just saying to you right now. Nikki, I got chills from my legs all the way up to my top of my head because who doesn't want someone who absolutely loves them so much to support them as they fight for what they want in the world, and as such a beautiful moment between that couple, you know, in that that relationship isn't talked about enough as one of the great romances in film. Rocky. One thousand percent, I got to go back and watch. And I haven't seen it in in so long. I have to mention to really quite good Jurassic Park. The first time you John saw Jurassic Park, and you saw all the dinosaurs. Yeah. That's that's kind of an obvious one. But back to the future, which is one of my favorite movies of all time. When when he gets towards the end when he sends him back, and you see him go knowing there's lightning and the whole thing that to me like I love Michael J palm. I love I and I love that film. And that was that's one of those classic movies to me. It's a perfect film. Yeah. I think it's a fair. What's your second question? Here we go. Hey, second question. Nick, Badillo rights. Hey, collider fam- if Spielberg insists on requiring the preservation of the cinematic experience for Oscar nomination than isn't it only logical to also require that the academy voters go see the films in a theater in order to vote. So shouldn't he be demanding an end to DVD's as well, it seem- for your consideration DVD's as well seems silly to me to demand a cinematic experience of the films. If the academy ignores it when it comes down to the actual voting. Thanks, Nick, be a good question. Spielberg thing I included again for a second week because I think there's a lot of legs to the story and tentacles to this story, and this is one of them. Absolutely. If you're going to put the onus on these filmmakers to have to find the ethical distribution for their films through the studios, then I think you have to put the onus on the voters to make that extra effort to go. See this thing in the theaters because if you can't then you can't vote in fact, you should vote. I don't know. Maybe I'm being a bit crazy. But maybe you should vote at the theater right after you're done seeing all the films, then submit your vote or something like that. But I think you should be mandated to go to a screen, and you can't vote unless you go see the screening, and yes, if things happen emergencies, whatever, oh, well, you're not allowed to vote for this particular thing. I think that's fair and multiple you, and I both know Nikki there are multiple screenings of of those Oscar-nominated. Like, I said, I was the first year member of the BFCE Lincoln. I got truck I'm telling you what UPS guy couldn't even lift the bags of screeners that were coming to the house. You truly don't have time to watch all of them in. It's not being obnoxious saying that because there are just that many of them in that many things to consider perfect example. I just watched capper nam for the first time. Okay. Copernican capital? I know I've heard of pronounce a couple ways, but I didn't watch it was foreign language film. And it was you know, at one the big prize at can. And I didn't watch it when I voted before I voted, and I wish I had because I would have voted it. It is an extraordinary film. And I'm sad that I didn't get a chance to watch it. And I bet a lot of people, and I did talk to a couple of people after who are critics who are members as well. And they said, oh, I didn't watch it either. And that's the shame of it. So, you know, it's the even having the time to go to a screening, it's difficult. But it's also it also plays into the other tentacle of what you're talking about. And that is does something need to be experienced on the big screen, and, but you know, but here's what I'll say about that like Roma first time, I saw Roma was in the theater, and you know, as I know sometimes your mood, the temperature in the blaze your seat all of that. Which is why people like watching things at home because they can get comfy. They can get there. Whatever. But you know, I didn't enjoy Roman the first time because I was so exhausted. I was so uncomfortable. I I had a had to make it to a screening. So this could be the same thing as he's voters ROY your I was grumpy was the end of along day. It was the only screener, and I it really affected how I felt about it. And then it was like, okay, it's going to be two and a half hours. And then I watched it again at home, and I had a totally different experience. In even though it's meant to play on a big screen that film is I enjoyed it. A lot more the second time for the record. I am not a fan of what Spielberg said I like the idea that streaming films can be up for consideration. You know, recently triple frontier dropped and a lot of critics enjoyed it. But they also said it felt a little bit like a TV movie. Okay. That's what Spielberg means. But when you watch Rama that does not have a TV movie feel all so you can disseminate even within the streaming services. What should be inconsideration for Oscars? And what shouldn't so this idea of what Nick is mentioning here? Yes, I agree. If if you're going to go the Spielberg route, then you better make sure everybody goes. Theater to experience it 'cause if the films have to strengthen Ben voter should have to go to the theater to see it. Because if you're going to force them to do that, you got to force the voters who as well, in my opinion. That's why I think it's a ridiculous Spielberg said, and I think it's against progress. Other than going with the question for me is like let's say it, you know, we accept that. It's any streaming film can be attempted. Do you think over time films will change in that they don't need to necessarily be experienced on the big screen, and it do you think it will change sort of the quality of films in any way? It's a good question. I think it matters on the filmmaker does the filmmaker have a theatrical point of view, or is it filmmaker have a lesser theatrical point of view to approach it. And do they understand the medium that they're working in to try to bring out the best because you want to kind of have your films be successful you seek money. It's you seek success sex sex. Sorry success means you keep working. New keep working, and that's what's important here in this in this industry. But you make a good point here. Will it affect the quality going forward? I think it all depends on what kind of film is being made. An also Netflix sometimes buys these films already made. And then just distributes them on their. He mentioned who is it. The, you know, there are certain ones they were always meant to be a Netflix film in certain ones that are acquired later, and then not that's two more tentacles talking about. Yeah. It's a lot of drink. Yep. Yeah. No an ad from dad. All right. Save money on car insurance when you bundle home and auto with progressive. Gotta take these off. What is this? Wow. Where did you get this? I'm talking to you with the hair. Yeah. Where did you get this? Good stuff. Solid. That's not veneer that solid stuff. Progressive can't save you from becoming your parents, but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto. 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It's an Instagram question for our S F underscore Graham. He asks is there, an obscure actress Lesch actress you'd like to see in the future. MC you film. Paul Rudd wasn't an obvious choice for man. So my call is Jason Bateman has mister fantastic. Nicky. What are you got? No, don't steal. Don't steal my answers Nagy. I know I only see. Oh, no now, I see I was I was reading I was reading. This is one I'm hiding. When I saw this question last night, and I've spent so much time thinking about it, and I'm trying to like narrow it down a little bit. And I like I like the Jason Bateman route. It really depends if they go older or younger with those two characters, but what about Michael c hall for? It's an interesting join index stir. And I like I like that sort of side of him where he's not Mr. personality where he's a little bit more pulled back. And I think that's I don't know this the comic book universes while as you do. But I think there is that, you know, rendition of him where he's he's not the John Krasinski that people are talking people are mentioning his name, but I'd like him to be a little bit darker. That's a fair point. He's to me. And my billion read is like a six foot two tall guy. Hence, why as you know, plastic man all plastic went. But why he's like a construction everything like that? And when you see Mexico might go see halls a little bit shorter than that. So it would be weird to see him. I think as mister fantastic, but depends on how you round out the cast. It'd be an interesting way to go and certainly on Dexter and on six feet under he his shown incredible the rains range as an actor and in multiple other projects as well. So it's not a bad choice. I just I just like somebody. That's not been not that I'm against John Christine skis named being thrown in there. But I'm just sometimes I like when marvel has plucked people out of that haven't worked in a while. Or haven't been you know, so in the limelight. So that you're not associating the character with their celebrity much. So that will oh my gosh. So star FOX was another one obvious choice for me would be Alexander Skarsgard. I mean in how many ways in two thousand different ways. But yeah, I think, you know, first of all he he has shown incredible rates. But we also we know he can play douchebag better than anybody. Big little lies, and he has that you know, physical presence. Yes. So that's that. That was another choice. I want you to go to your two or my three I had were moonlight Spiderwoman and name more of the sub mariner. I love Anson mount for moonlight. He has been I didn't watch hell on wheels on AMC was one of those western shows really grabbed me in the first couple episodes. So I didn't keep watching it as supposed to godless, which is incredible. But Anson mount this season on Star Trek discovery has been incredible. And I had no idea that I could see such such a new way to see captain bike from the Star Trek universe like ants and mount portrays him so this idea of him stepping into moon Knight who is a conflicted guy with a lot of different back stories and the connections and the the stuff he goes through. I think Anson mount could really plumbed the depths of the complexity that character emotionally to bring it out in a great way. Whether it be a Netflix series, or you film. It'd be fantastic see moon night with Spiderwoman. I always go towards Emily blunt. That's my default. I love her to pieces and kind of on the side if you wanna go younger and meet people might give me shit for this. But I love Alexandra Daddario, I enjoyed her in everything she's been in even in something like Baywatch, which was not a good movie. She is believable. I have never not found Dario believer believable from like chew detective to to obey watched. Even that terror. Film. She did with Kate Upton. She was good in it. The film is horrible. But she was good in it. So I think she'd be a great Spiderwoman if you're going to skew young and have that universe. Open up that way and four sub mariner. I go Brian t who I love is a strong strong faced strong looking Asian actor and Pedro PASCAL. If you wanted to maybe dance around gotta give some. I know that you love him. Do. Kind of random for Spiderwoman Jody Comber ocean killing eve. Yes. Jodi would be great. I would love. Her deuce because I mean, she can play anything. She is stunning. But she has a presence. I al- also had Alexandra Daddario, and I I know I'm going to butcher her name. But Anna are are MAMBO deal the elements. Yeah. Yeah. I think she would be another choice. She's another sort of calmer that I think would love to see more. I thought you were going Rami Malik. I love Rammie to pieces, and I think what he did in Amy maps, obviously, the game the Oscar void, and of course, mister robot to, but I they wanted someone unknown and you or someone like not yet quite there. And since Ramazzotti won an Oscar he's there, so you put Rami M C, you I think he could do a lot of different things. I would love I think if they're gonna sign anybody up should be their number one. He should he would have been great. And man, I would've loved to see him as amp Manny. Say that now, but I don't know where I'd put him, but certainly somewhere in charge of a group of people hadn't have chance to think about it. But it would be interesting to see his energy amongst the new whatever we're going to have after endgame amongst that new crew of avengers. What energy he would bring to it? I don't know if he's I don't know. I don't know. I don't know you already have Chebet bozeman Yati have Brielle Larsen and whoever's gonna and maybe Hemsworth, we're going to lead into this new avengers. And black widow as well. I think so you got to ask yourself where would Rammie fit in although strong personalities would he want to be part of it? I want I think he would like he's that guy. I feel like he's he's so I think he's amenable. I mean, the fact doing a bond film kind of tells you as the building to go a little more mainstream. You could go D C N P submariners, that's possibly he's got certainly the look and everything like that to play it. So. Yeah. Now had it not been for Zam. What about him for mister fantastic? Oh perfect. Yeah. Zachary Levi Woody that would have been my number, absolutely. Show going. I can't wait. TC marble? I said what are we got next? Fourth question. Sorry clay, visit coming up there you go. Okay. Clearly, my first time, okay? At rhinos pappy, I want to know if he has a pet rhino. That's what I want to know. He says, hey, here's my question. What classic movie that is supposed to be fantastic. Do you dislike? And why the graduate was on recently. And I hated it a homeless long shot and Dustin Hoffman annoyed me, hashtag horsemen. Rhinos? I get your hatred of the graduate. I would understand that it's kind of a film of its time. So if you're not of a certain age, maybe you don't get it. But it does speak to this idea of the aimlessness of youth coming out of college where you supposed to go. And I think that's happening even more. So nowadays, where do I fit jobs are shrinking where do I go that can give me some security this whole that whole film was about exploring where he belongs. And then by the end, you wonder if what he did even was worth anything because that long shot of him and Katharine Ross in the back going. Okay. We did this. And then oh crap. What do we do? Now. There's something very powerful Eanet message. First time I saw that movie was so long ago. I didn't even when I watched that scene. I took that moment, and I've seen it so many times because by the way rhinos pappy, we cannot be friends. One of my top ten movies lost one. Sorry. Favorite all-time movies for all the reasons you said, you hated it? Which is great. Which is why we love to argue about it. I loved the shot. Make I love the way he did those shots and I loved I love I mean. I just love that deadpan Benjamin. But the whole thing to me is just pure magic. But with the first time, I saw that film, the ending it didn't strike me as regret or doubt. Or what are we doing? It. Kind of struck me more as. Now, we're just breathing now. Okay. We're just and then I saw it again, and I saw complete doubt. And then I'm start again. And I saw a mix of the two. And then I saw it again. And I saw her jumping off the bus at the next stop like, it's just every time you want, and that's the brilliant. Jobe off the bus at the next just going. This is fun for a second. Go back to. The next the two that I would throw in there to answer. The question is gone with the wind. I absolutely hate gone with the wind cannot stand it. It's so boring. I love Clark Gable? But the Vivian Lee stuff just drives me insane. And at the end, the love of her life walks away and says, I don't give a damn she cries for thirty seconds walks up. The stairs. He goes is another day. That's nice. We're. You have to get over to process the laws, and then you can move on. You cannot just. I was like, no, no. And the other one is Casablanca. I just I don't like CASA Blanca because I don't like the fact that Humphrey Bogart is played for a fool by Ingrid Bergman character. And then she gets upset at him when she comes back to Casablanca, and he's there, and she's with her husband who she had thought had died, and he went off she went off and had this love affair with Humphrey board, then left him in the rain in Paris alone. And then she's upset that he still upset about it. Because he never got closure. I'm mad about that. I so that makes makes me not like the film as much as other pattern here. Cat females. But by. Say up is what I'm saying. I can tell you might have said this before and another collider Shokhin movie. I hate more than when V and I don't use the word hate often. But I hate a clockwork orange. Wow. I despise that movie on eleven and I think it's pretty obvious. I I'm not a huge, I don't love violent films, and I love I look I I can like dark, but this is dark to a level that I just, and I think part of the reason why it had such an aversion to it as I saw when I was really young and probably too young to have seen it and someone I a babysitter or something had it on. And I watched it, and I think I was scarred. A little bit traumatizing. So I think for that reason I don't love that one. I'm a huge Marilyn Monroe fan. But I did not like some like it hot which is the one that a lot of people love what I just didn't like it. I didn't like the whole drag thing. I just didn't get it. There's other films of hers that I enjoy a lot more than that one. But I don't have like there's not really a lot of classic films that I would say I don't like totally entering in going back in two thousand nineteen is right because these guys dress up a drag to escape these criminals, but then they use that to like seduce Maryland. And by Tony Curtis is playing two different characters to try to get in. And it's like what Tootsie did a little bit right with Dustin Hoffman. I would throw Barry Lyndon is there. I hate bury Lyndon, two pieces. It's one of the most boring Stanley Kubrick movies ever thirteen a three hour eighteenth century films. Starring Ryan O'Neal. No, thank you. I'm not the only one that picked stemming from. That's true people. I hate me for it. But can I mention one my recent one? One that actually didn't really care for is. Wolf of Wall Street. What's? Yeah. I actually didn't really love that. What again, I think it was just like for as a female watching it. I just found it really hard to watch. Even though I love the performances Margot Robbie to me that was her best performance date even more than I time. You I thought she was stonning moustache Ingham that certainly beautiful definitely beautiful. What announcement of yourself as actress secured super Pan Am did you ever see her this TV show before she broke his thumb actress, and I remember seeing her ongoing gosh if I could be a manager if I could be a manager. I would snatch that girl that girl is going to be a star. She was she just, Sean. But yeah, I mean, I love I Tanya was a very different role. But yeah, I didn't I didn't. Well, that's a lot of eight five our T with caffeine from green tea leaves. It's delicious energizing incomes in three amazing flavors with zero sugar and four calories. It fits your life with its compact size import ability. It goes where you go to the campsite, the hiking trail the beach without weighing you down five our team caffeine from green tea leaves released your natural side from the makers of five hour energy. For more information. Visit five hour energy dot com. Everyone's John Rocca, the host of collider mailbag once again collider mailbag is brought to you by DC universe. The first all DC platform for us DC fans. Join a DC universe dot com to stream the original series doom patrol with new episodes dropping weekly for those not familiar with doom patrol. They're one of the most beloved Mba's are superhero crews out there with each member having suffered a previous horrific injury that now gives them unique superpowers they of United as a squad of super freaks to fight for a world that ironically wants nothing to do with them. The star-studded cast is led by Jovan. Wait, a cyborg Diane grow as crazy. Jane, April, Bobby as the last girl Allen tonic has Mr. nobody with Matt bomber as negative, man. And everyone's favourite Brendan Brendan Fraser as robot, man. Enjoy doom patrol as well as other original series, thousands of added comics animated films and classic DC movies on the ultimate DC platform. DC universe. Available on all your favorite devices. Join today and get a years worth of DC content at. Universe dot com. Your beard is how you distinguish yourself and using criminal beard products is how you distinguish your beard from beard, washing SCRUFF prem- to revitalising oils in styling Vom, each scientists sued soften and relieved the H for any stage of beard growth. So whether it's short scruffy for long and glorious your beard will always look and feel it's best Krim. Oh beard products. Beard, boldly at WalMart, target CVS pharmacy, Rite Aid, Walgreens and on Amazon. Question. Here is running out of time. This is from at Ben underscore Cartwright fifteen they right, which actors slash actress. Do you see winning an Oscar in the next three to five years for me Margot Robbie, Michael Jordan and Tom hardy? All right, which is you're always trying to the questions. I'm honestly not reading here. Answers your answers in there. Pages. Long term like three words because I'm long winded on his one q. Agree on agree on all of those. Yeah. Really, I know in three to five years, you know, I'm just sort of thinking about like, what Margot has down the pipeline with Barbie thing. And all that. So, you know, and I'm thinking of Tom hardy to like what does he have coming down the pipeline? It really depends on what choices they make. Because a lot of those actors are going bigger more mainstream films. Michael Jordan, I've known Michael Jordan for a long time. Even before he was, you know, did decreed and all that he used I used to work at this other smaller outlet, and he used to do all these like little sorta teeny Bopper movies and come in a lot. And I remember him coming in. And he was you never never have projected his career to go the way it has. And then I remember he came in for fruitvale station and was like it was a different person. He was so laser focused like he used to come in and goof around and just be like, you know, what's up and just had sort of just was just enjoying life. And then all of a sudden he just locked in. Sometimes when you lock in. That's you see what your career is people get in touch with you talk to you. Oh, look, this is all fine. The Zach Ephraim film. You was fine. But like if you want real serious success. This is the route you need to take. And you know, you can look at Denzel Washington, Denzel even on Saint elsewhere, Denzel like would not do certain things because he goes a future film star wouldn't do those things. So there are certain things he didn't do back then on purpose because he had a vision for his career. And maybe some people step down talk to Michael being we're like you need to do this this and this and that sad. And and I'm just going to. I'm just going to say like I want him to go even deeper. Oh, I'm sure they're laying opportunities. I want him to do something. That's just you know, he's playing these sort of icon ick characters. I want to see him do something really like super gritty, you're super against type or just want to see him do something like really different and sort of see how much he can stretch himself scoop point. What else? Did you see anybody else? I mean, I think sir SHA. Ronin is the obvious choice. But she's been I mean, that's not really picking anything obscure 'cause she's been. Nominated already times at her age than any other actress. But I think one Timothy shallow may. But Adam driver is one of my favorite actors is just I think he in Timothy shall may have a similar energy that they remind me of Leonardo DiCaprio when he started out that they have this raw natural talent that they can just exist on screen and be captivating be utterly captivating. And I think Adam driver if you ever saw one girls he was phenomenal. It's obviously great black Landsman. Go see Patterson rent Patterson? If you haven't seen Patterson, it's on one year streaming services that that's a nice quiet, incredibly solid performance from Adam driver that you don't usually see in these other more high profile films that shows you his range. He's been he's my choice. And I love I just I find them really interesting sort of counter counter intuitive of what a movie star is. Yeah, I saw him at the critics choice, and he's just he's just that person. You don't know what's going to come out of his mouth thinking is unpredictable. And that's what I love seeing an actor that you don't know. What's gonna happen in the next moment? Yeah. Well, I I would throw in lake at Steinfield. I think he's been fantastic in a number of projects, certainly in sort sorta bother you which a lot of people were in and out by that ending. I loved it. And I love him and in get out. He's fantastic. Even in that kind of a rom com. That's coming through Netflix. I wanna see what he can do with that with Gina Rodriguez. And I forget the other actresses the two of actresses and in there. But I want to see what he can do that. So whenever his name is mentioned for anything. I get excited because I think he's on the path. He's a very serious guy. He's an aunt, dude. The ones that win. But he yes. So he came in. And he was he had like I think he was kind of in caution made like kind of a net over half of his face. And and I he was in some sort of a character. I tried. You know, you always try to make small talk before you interview somebody 'cause you're just trying to break the ice and get the feel for what they're like. And he was in a character in order to bring character. Super awkward. I'm sure that host try. We'll try trying all these different angles. And he was just, but yeah, it's like the Christian bale type. Well, sources running was on my list. You said that's an obvious choice. I'm sure she'll get there to Emily blunt is another obvious choice. I have I would throw in Tiffany haddish. I think oh, yeah. I think Tiffany, I think Tiffany is going to find the right dramatic role. Just like kind of like an and I don't mean to make this comparison simple way. But like Whoopi did with goats like she found that role. They gave her the Oscar boom, I think as a comedian. I think Tiffany coming out as a comedian. She's already shown in LEGO movie too that she is incredible singing voice. She's very good with guy could these dramatic moments or vulnerable moments in these comedies. And so I think she has an and her story of being homeless for so many years and living out of her car. And all the like that kind of is there inside you when you finally make it, and can you access that in a role that allows you to show that we'll see. But I think she's one gently to watch for Sara Lee like if you look at her IMDB page, she has so many films coming down the pike. These smaller, you know, for the most part smaller role. Right. Yeah. It would take a leap, and you know. Yeah. But yeah, that's an interesting choice. I'd love to see at love to see. Chris Evans are Robert Pattinson because they're both actors that I think have been could have been typecast so early on. And clearly wanna do something more meaningful. And I think Robert patents is really proven himself in the last couple of films that he's done, and those are two actors that I I would love to say, I don't know three to five years necessarily. But in the next, you know, ten maybe ten. I can see it. I think it's possible with absolutely because what you said, I think a lot of people started considering him for Batman because of his most recent work, and the directors he has worked with and what he's been able to bring out as an actor in those parts that sheds that twilight stuff and moved Kristen Stewart has completely shed that toilet stuff and move on to these more serious complex roles. And we'll see what happens. All right. Well, that's all the questions from you. All thank you so much for joining us for this lovely Saturday on collider Malik. I wanna thank the great Nikki Novak for stopping by. Thank you for having. Working to find you and seal. At fandango. I am correspondent for funding. Go and add Nikki Novak follow her. She's a great fallish. A lot of funny things to say, and she can watch your Instagram stories when she plays with her deers at all. And of course, she's a great interviewer as well. Always gets the best out of those people. She interviews. It's fun to watch your stuff. You can always follow me at the Rocca says as well up on Twitter Instagram, and the like I said next time we put call outs for these mailbag questions. You can submit them on our social media, Instagram or Twitter. Remember that hashtag collider mailbag. So I can find them a lot easier or if you don't like social media, you can Email us mailbag at collider dot com and outpour through them and pick out some of the best ones have a great show. Like we had today. So thanks so much. We will see the next time. Enjoy your Saturday. Take care. New Zealand massacre. I'm Tim Maguire with an AP news minute forty nine people are known dead more than thirty others remain hospitalized. After a gunman opened fire on worshippers in two mosques in Christchurch New Zealand Christchurch hospital surgery Tif, Dr Gary Greg Robinson, says the wounded included the young and the old as injured ranged in ages from the very young to cry doubtedly patients eleven of those shot are in critical condition. The suspect a twenty eight year old self proclaimed white supremacists from Australia livestream, the shooting on Facebook and other sites also posted a rambling seventy four page manifesto declaring his attacks to avenge attacks in Europe by Muslims. New Zealand Prime Minister just to Arden reader redirect at of racism division. Extremism has no place not only in New Zealand, but I would sign a society is a home New Zealand's police Commissioner says investigators have found nothing to contradict that the shootings were carried out by the same. Purse.

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