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Happy New Year and welcome to twenty twenty s Wednesday. The first of January. I'm Tom Williams. He's Martin Yelling and this is episode five hundred twenty one of Maratha. Talk Nine on this week's show. We hope you had a great Christmas. Listen New Year's is slightly different show again. This week is the only thing we're going to do is bring you Martin. Brilliant interview with two twenty-seven Marathon Running Steph Davies Davies steph improved her. PB Berlin last year. Then at two forty one to twenty seven when running Valencia December. Twenty nine thousand nine. We hope you enjoy and we'll catch. It's all things new year running next week. Joining us on this week's marathon. Talk interview is Steph. Davis Steph recently ran and the Valencia Marathan in a pretty impressive to twenty seven. Forty two I think she placed placed fourteenth. It was a banner five minute. Pb on our previous marathon that she did in London where Sharon to thirty to thirty I think can she make Maybach. Correct me when I bring but I think that was also from the mass. Start her previous best of that was to forty one the previous year the the lane. So I'm really excited to find out how you go from running to forty one to twenty seven. Welcome to math and talk steph. Hello thank you for having me that to twenty seven I think took you to ninth breath on the UK women's all time marathon list. That is amazing thank you it is amazing. I mean what's it like What's it been like for you since running? That's time to be honest. I think it's still sinking in a bit and echina- grass that beat my time at London but not quite the I've got ninth all time in the UK and I mean it's Honor just to be out there with all the best runners in kind in the next event especially such an exciting year. Yeah well I mean. It's a mega year next year. Isn't it for marathon running. So if if I have said to you when you cross the line in Berlin in September last year running to forty one if I said to you so steph in it just over a year's time you're going to run two minutes inside the Olympic qualifying time you know and put yourself in with a great shot of of making live team. What would you say I would be not? You're joking having off Norway and I didn't know I mean coach has always believed I could do it. But I'm that's one thing that I am not very good is the self-belief an and I think that she during the race something just clicked and all kind of fell into place to push along. I would never have thought. After Berlin nigh be a year later running twenty seven. Do think that it sounds like so often. We hear people say yeah well known. Athletes will go here well. I never thought I'd run that quickly but secretly it currently in their back pocket. They like they were going for it. Propagating free so when you told the Line Valencia what what was in your mind so my palmer just go out and run a two thousand nine hundred fifty Olympic qualifying time and and then kind of I saw I was feeling halfway and then try to push on but I ended up going in with a group and we were slightly quicker than that pace on a had. Watch set to buzz for every seventeen forty two which is the five kilometer split for the two thousand nine hundred thirty pace and I so I knew will almost treat away when my my watchful slashing the I was ahead of ahead of that and there was some moments of an cult panic but worry that I was. I was pushing too hard too early on because everyone news in a marathon in its later stages where you pay the price and I just went with my got and an kept with and then when I got halfway I was just assessing each kind of couple of K. as I was as it was cooling and then it felt comfortably fast towards the later stages you hit some some kind of diet patches and I was just breaking the race dying on my head the whole time and praying that I was not gonna hit that wall all and I didn't am I mean that's the last couple of kilometers. Were starting to really hard that had to dig in but but January am l. fell cage and had you any indication of what you know when you go in. You know you you can go into a race having done preparation leading into that race. Definitely to run that kind of time. You know you run for Clapping chases your coached by Phil Kisii. So you you've got a good setup out it's done it you must have had some indicators. In training by understand the uncertainty of knowing whether you can kind of capitalize capitalize on those indicators yet will I think my progression between Berlin and London was all a confidence this for me and and and also I really liked back in allies my splits from London Meyerson and that means that showed that I did have have room to quicker me. My last five K.. In my London London marathon was my quickest is the whole race so I really had a lot to give at the end of the London marathon on a race I did just feel on a high. I didn't feel I mean I'm sure at some points I it but I don't remember feeling any deep deep bites of pain and where I was really having to dig deep at at London so I think that the back of my mind also the kind of bit of confidence that there was more in the tank. And I'm not very good at taking taking risks and I I get nervous. cushy gone too soon and kind of blowing up. It's always a fear of and I think at Valencia something something just kind of twigged and maybe take that that kind of rest GonNa push on and and it paid off and I mean my training had been going well I had had a few options dimes. Nickels but I mean most Martha and hundreds do and I think you learn from from those experiences and they can can make you a stronger in your overall performance. But this is you know so just get. It was Berlin your first marathon for Lomas. My First Marathon Naiad I'm had had done running for a long time before that very own and also Berlin was the very first marathon even that one and and again that felt like a very comfortable marathon and took boost. The food is also. I've got my hands up smiling at the camera. By Kosher they had heart stock. Pretty talk from that so you feel like you ran. Berlin into forty-one inside this kind of feeling inside your comfort zone the whole way. Yes yeah I was pushed a bit more London and ran ran to thirty two. The Fastest Five K being the final five K.. So then you decided I did. Let's put in a bit more on the line. Here in Valencia. Go for that into qualify. Time see what comes out of the other way and you come away with the ninth fastest British marathon yet. Yeah but even that decision was only made during the race. I mean I really kind of aiming for that to nine thirty pace but ended up in tied up in a group Grit with my own decision and to stay there and and that paid off to wet his come from. So you know. It's an impressive breakthrough not only in terms of progression but actually in terms of the time. You've run so to twenty seven to one of the top ten times in history. Run by British woman is the second the third fastest time run by a Scottish woman. Third Third Fastest time. Who's head of you McColgan and Steph twelve instead? Of course yes steph. Just yeah so where do you think that come from so I think I started running when I was in senior school kind of early senior school and join the club as well so I was doing running back in the day variety of events and I was just kind of doing whatever misdoing doing. I wasn't Focusing on a tank aor a particular competition and an went university and Edinburgh. I eight joined the running club there as well and and that was kind of my sport with I was unique but I never really had any consistency structure to my training. It was just more of a social sure. Thanks and fun I I did get some good results at university. I got my fill blues in my final year for my performance in the Scottish Brett's tissue needs cross country since he kind of. Did you know that you had. I'm trying to sort of define where you think that talent to run required to run to twenty seven come from it's like you know what you mean honestly don't have like an exact. I'm sorry I think it's always been there on. I've always been chipping away at it but it's only I'd say this year since London the I've really pushed it and uncensored my billups London Berlin. I definitely have more consistency. Structure my training. But but I feel since after Berlin for London and inform We've really really stepped. Is that some of my life. Okay so you've got you've made a purposeful to run more. Yeah exactly since Berlin. I Spin I mean I love it when I say it's my life. It's because I choose to do I love it but it's been like I'll cut short with friends etc need to train in the morning and it's yet and it helps my other half. He is a really keen athlete himself so he gets it. And he's very supportive and on my work ours. Well I am. I've got flexibility in my working hours and to the the appreciate have a demanding training schedule and they'd give me flexibility theorized role to support that and that came in the beginning of this year. Will I guess not seeming. Yeah I guess they can see you know. Maybe there's somebody who Quantify five to Tokyo in. That's an amazing achievement. Do you come from a athletic background in you. Did it played sports but knows or any other indicators through growing up through kind of family through genetics you know it was like do you appearance a bit like minded look at being go. You run your completely weird. They definitely thought that to begin. And every time has to be to run. They'd be like Oh my goodness again. Why they are Super Supportive at to my dad's since young age has been at the side of tracks cross country courses and gave me pet talks along the way so he's always been really key for me to do it and since they? They saw me run that London. I really kind of understood what it was all Abiam why I'd be putting in so much effort in high matches it means to me on the worth of it and I mean my mom was there at Valencia. She blew up a giant candidate balloon and the core so every time I I could hear our see her. She had this candy cane eighteen so I could spoil her which was which was amazing and so no. They don't run themselves and I mean they keep fit. They was jam occasionally. The lights will walks but they don't by any means to any sort of running. I'm kind of the first person in my family that I knew of. And do you said you've committed and you've you've sort of seriously committed to it. Yeah like where does that drive. Come from guessing just quite competitive myself. I mean gene wants around that to to London and decided I wasn't GonNa do Valencia. I really wanted to beat my London my time at London. That was a huge goal for me. And then I because it's Donna on Olympic year. We have this time that we're trying to achieve to qualify and that gave me kind of another benchmark mark to push it on and I guess standard of female North Mothers in the UK at the moment is is amazing Red Hall and I think that also issues as you on am when you know. There's other amazing There that can do it then. You kind of think. Well why if I put the time in the dedication in the effort into it than what I achieved up to. What does that look like? So if you take us from take us from from What it looked like perhaps previously to what it like Naveh so just have much? Prep heavy been undoing. Wasn't it like a you. Bang at ease incredible miles every week. If you go monster sessions. What's it like? I haven't launched her sessions but I really focus on quality achiever than quantity so mileage is really low compared to Ta- To mostly math marathon runners and I tend to do more around the cross trainer and yet what I know why. What's your what does it? What does the week look like so either on sixty six miles a week and then if I go only one double run a week and the arrest all day running cross train as a typical weekend would include a track session and then another day with some longer intervals and then the long run over the weekend and thought just G to Kinda might experience keeping the mileage little bit lower and jumping on the cross trainer at works for me? and WHO's so you buy to UNIFIL Sedan and Talk About Your Planning and coaching and having an approach where you'll running sixty miles a week is is working for you the long run. And what do you sessions. In the week with Clapham chases so I do a session with some of the clapping chasers so we have kind of smaller group and there's five of us have run a tents and and they're all my running between Nick Thakur our correspondent Event to twenty four Seattle. So next seminal. I'm always trying to chase in training. And now we have a great group who kind of between two thirteen to forty and we all push each other and so that's the kind kind of their own copy chasers trained under under filled. There's there's four of us and so that's the kind of group I train with all GonNa runs in between I do on my own and Dan. Yeah that's kind of format to the week. That's about having that small great. This is really helpful. Yeah so often when you speak to somebody. You have made a significant breakthrough. They'll say while my mind is gone from you. Know like fifty to ninety the Ad Week and you think tank okay so so you know what I'm trying to get a measure on is to. What do you attribute in your training like five minutes from two thirty to twenty seven often in the past? We've seen to to an adult mean this in any disrespectful way at all to thirty two we've seen many reasonably high numbers of very talented British women running to thirty two and sometimes their breakthrough performances and they run to thirty two then. They tend into hoffer Iran that two-thirty too. Often it's because they've put in a ton more training or something you know. Something's enabled them to make the jump from two thousand eight from from wherever they were to the whatever to thirty two but then he's read that you see to thirty two to twenty seven utilized a a mile further up the road trying to understand what you think made that difference. It's purely on the quality of our sessions. I mean the the sessions nations. We have the the tempos in the long runs. The intensity is quite high. And the reason why I've kept away from increasing that mileage Don't get me wrong from Berlin. I probably have slightly increased it. I injured after Berlin on my head. And that has that stopped me or wanting wanting to to kind of get that mileage up so I definitely increase in number of hours Hispanic the cross train. I mean I cycled tune from every work every day. So I think that counts towards it but generally the the quality and the length of our heavy sessions are the bulk of my all my training which I thank as a worth where I improved an even comparing the stations between London and Valencia build ups. We may be added more rats bridges recovery times to help push and make it feel a bit harder and then generally the overall mileage roughly the same like Jeremie. My made like two weeks. In the whole Mike Optima seventy miles and then we start to taper but it's really kinda focusing on that long sessions Sion's and having the high quality with it. I think I put more quality in it this time Ryan than a half compared to my London belt definitely compared to my Berlin build and specifically what does high quality high quality look like thought just going faster over shorter recovery. Yes so you know when you do a section and you think okay thinking about that session the new going. I know it's coming and it might be the following night and you particularly when you're focused on gull you often be thinking about. That's a big section. It's coming up I want to concentrate on. I want to deliver on it. Yeah she kind of invest a lot of emotional physical effort into completion of that work. I then you do that work at and you walk away thinking my stare nailed it. Yeah you we know. What was some of those workers for you so a typical track Might be something along the lines of by twelve. Okay and I'm we might start the recovery footsie seventy five seconds and then drop it time for the first half and then dropped down the second half to like sixty five seconds seconds for doing longer intervals out on the road. We might do like surgery by five K.. And all Two Minute Chalk DOC and so it's again keeping keeping that recovery for the longer intervals. Were still moving rather than stationary. Recovery's I think as well just having since London. The team that I trained with now is more focused on the same goals. So we're all all building towards Valencia. Together I'm more consistency. In the people restraining with am to kind of unhappy people try to push from behind or from in front Ron I think is is really helpful and I would always encourage people to trade who not only just to make it more fun but to push you think the combination of both I mean they're on People are busy or I'm going away or whatever but I think January with people I think it really. It really does help. Make a difference and having the support from I worked for LAS DOS management. Having support from them to have flexibility in my working hours to make sure I can get enough recovery time in as I think key is well like I mean athletes. They have more time to get that recovery. In on you're working on training that can be difficult Helps the my work understand With people who are like minded driven vehicle orientated so the they get what it takes aches to to put into your goals to give me that flexibility so I can balance both my career. I'm running and by having able to sleep for an extra half hour. Whatever a night I think also just really helps you then perform your best the next day? Rather than having to get a mega early to equestrian in the morning and then I'm up early especially on nights where we tend to keep her hard as hard so after track on Tuesday August. Jen some Oklaho- late so then have enough flexibility to be go to sleep a little bit more next morning as is really really helpful to then help him perform two or three days later when my neck session and had is it make you feel. He'll cut of looking at global marathoning at the moment and what does that mean feel aspirations for next six-year. Yeah I'm excited. I mean I'm nervous. Do like I did not think that I would run as as quick as to twenty seven so I really really hope that I can go out next year in improve fat or at least hit that same time. And and we've I like I'll be working towards London amp to try. I do that this time. Taking part with the hopefully the other elite women because last year I was on the masses and that will be. I mean a huge interesting for me because I've never been in a a marathon. That's a female only only race. Am I mean. That's really exciting. But of course it's a little bit Norfolk he do. And so that will be the next goal but at the moment and just take my recovery really seriously after Marsden always take two to three weeks off. I think it's really good to physically mentally reset and I'll sit down with Phil. We'll go through my goals for for next year and I mean I've got few. I definitely finally want to kind of target London and see if I can make make sure going fair for the Olympics NBA guessing that London so each year we each Olympic Cycle. We get pretty excited about the London marathon because it's often the race that can define whether somebody gets to go to the fans. This is going to be a high level of interest with fool British women. I am this year running the four four of the fastest times in history. Yeah over the distance and so assuming everybody holds themselves together for neck race sir. You're going to have to run pretty quick to make that team so it's going to make for a really exciting Qualifier yet and we. I mean we don't know if they're gonNA pre select tiny one or not yet me no line expect expect that would be me being the fourth fastest and that kind of play out whether they take however for many people from the from the London math next year. Who knows but yet I mean I'm going to have to work hard to knock off some more time and so two right go ahead of you ahead of me as am just control Perje onto twenty five? I think they're pretty close folks and then Steph twelve so your role within couple minutes of each other at London is very different. You know it's very different particularly from a female runners perspective and Liangello perspective. One of the things you get used to doing is running a competitive suv race with not many people around you exactly. I remember passing the elite runners last year when they were going towards the finishing we were going. I am And they were all spread out and very much on their own. And I've had that experience yet am running in the masses for the for the math that I've done John Valencia was was a very flat courses. Bail conditions were perfect on the day. So hopefully they'll won't be as hot as it was a couple of years ago in London. Anything you think you you need to do you know anything else you might change from. You know the kind of formula that you started to put together in the last few years that you know is work for you. Got Anything else that you think A. K.. I'm willing to try this or you're going to stick with as as you currently no. I think we're going to mainly stick with the format that we have. I mean I would love to increase my mileage even out of it slightly but I don't know if that is going to work for me based on Nichols I've had in. The Pasta will will see Jenner the format stay the same. I'd like to add in more of our strength and conditioning routine and audience. Mike parametric stuff. But I don't think we're GONNA WE'RE NOT GONNA make any Few keys actions that my coach told me about it but I missed in the build up to the Lancia so he'll probably tell them how to save for US at some point. Yep He's not disclosed yet his legacy any join my recovery time and so. I'm sure you'll have a few sessions. He's GonNa Change or or at and he's gone. Mind that we can build on from for. Molly goes into Valencia but I also really love to get. My halftime died was a big goal for me. Iran seventy to fifty seven in Oxford rich and it was pretty horrible day and but running Sub To seventy four half's backed back at. Valencia has really really give me an edge to to do a good half and there. I mean there's some over the springtime in the build-up Decide which one I I think will work. Best with my training. Plan was exciting exciting. This is exciting time. She gets to all the ponding and and his perfect the thematic being on the first December. Because now I've got a few weeks off to catch all the people for Christmas and and on Spec into it on twenty twenty yet carefree. Because you know it's game changing. I mean this year has already been a game changer of the year for you and you know next next year could continue could continue to be getting that consistency is so important. Yeah and I think that's had this past year or so is just have consistency instructor. I know everyone says it but consistency really Sochi. Absolutely I've got to ask you. I'M GONNA ask you a couple of other. The things one one intrigues me. But I know very little about it and again. It's not meant to be a question that loaded with anything other than your person. The Knicks experienced. But we've seen this year and I'm not sure fully. I know the answer we've seen this year. That particular brand of shoes shoe has kind of dominated the market and I think but I'm not one hundred percent certain that you were in them in Valencia. Is that right yes. I know what you're meeting yes I wa- swearing the Aso's like about eighty percent exactly right of seen so many photos of pretty much. Every elite event have missed them. It's like okay here. We go to put yourself in that position. Everyone's kind of getting the hands on on the shoes. Like what's your take on own them. Did you wear them before like so. I wore the four percent London. Okay and in all honesty for me. I didn't think that sorry I mentioned the name. I thank between 'em the fours and the next I'd folks there was no. It's not like I put on one versus the other and thought these are amazing using actually thought Justice and I have I've just always I've worn them for the last two hours into it's just be natural for me to go with it and it's the height and my boyfriend jazzing this the other night. He was like well. If I gave you another pair of shoes and ask you to run and you got minute headstart like would you take it and uh-huh and I would be very open to to running and other types of shoes. I just wear them because they're comfortable and they work for me and I'm I guess when you're seeing everyone else wear them and I guess it kind of you want to know what the bosses all by it but I think if I was in another type of shoe I haven't tried enough to know but I'm sure confident by V day question for you. I've never asked anyone this tool but I I don't know put on the spot because I don't know how I would feel and I don't know I haven't even ask Liz my wife this question. Either I don't know why respond to be. I'M GONNA ask into a later. So do you have any current kind of kit suppliers or sponsors ring like that. I'm sorry I don't know that no I don't took so let's say I come mm to you right and I'm not Nike. Yep I'm someone else and I say I see you've just run to twenty seven. We love the to run in cashews. We'll give you you know this this kit and the shoes and not these ones. Yep I would definitely try them. I mean you can't turn anything done until you've tried them if they don't work for me 'cause he feel uncomfortable or causing me Nichols or whatever then. You can't run in them. If they were comfortable on feel the felt good that I would definitely go for it produced and still. Yeah if you're producing the goods still then then I definitely would go for it for me. It's all about comfort shoe and I haven't tried enough shoes in all honesty to it to be able to compare about because I put them on in the NFL comfortable and and they feel good. When I run so I've I've just gone with it but that's never trying? Yeah you sound like the kind of person I could give flip flops to need still just put this on and ran to twenty-seven and the next year in flip flops. She's just went to twenty five. And one final question Steph. We ask everybody this. If you would not gonNA run a marathon or two next year he said with hurtful kind of thing is cross and instead you would just gonNa run one mile with six months amazing training as false as you possibly can fast. You'RE GONNA run that mile six months that lyle and an an anti shoes slippers. I'll say I'll say four thirty six rift. Yes yeah great you up with the likes of former London Marathon winner Joyce Smith my own wife. Liz Yelling at four fourth full Terry Moody American Ramaphosa. Five he go Benita Willis. Have you ever heard of Benita full machine cargo marathon in To twenty four you just ahead of her just ahead of Lilli. Partridge for thirty nine. You're in amongst it Dennis. Dennis thank you so much. Enjoy the rest of your brake before Christmas. A Super Christmas and we look forward to seeing how you you hit the roads in twenty twenty. Yeah thanks for having me Americans too. We hope you enjoyed Martinsburg interview with Steph and all set for a fabulous start to the two thousand twenty Williams. He's yelling and that was married from talk Uh Yeah.

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