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Drunk Dial: Bachelor in Paradise Drama


Thank you for listening to this podcast one production available on apple podcasts and podcast one <music> the podcast one presents off the line drunk dial is all about dialing digits and making questionable decisions. Let's get it started off. The vine is brought to you by m._t._v.'s the real world atlanta streaming now only on facebook book watch the original reality show is back and streaming now only on facebook watch m._t._v.'s the real world atlanta is the next true story of seven strangers picked to live in a house and have their hookups screw ups apologies fights tears voices and live streamed exclusively on facebook. Watch is the return to the first unscripted show in tv history that tackled gender race aids taboos life death addiction connection acceptance amorality and it's being reinvented m._t._v.'s the real world atlanta china is an all new reality experience with content dropping daily and new episodes every thursday find out what happens when the next generation stops being polite and starts getting real again in facebook click on the facebook watch icon and search the real world on watch m._t._v.'s the real world atlanta streaming now only on facebook watch welcome to this week's episode episode of drunk dial. We're sitting on the floor and a little circle cross-legged drinking wine me mom and jason michael topic and jason are gonna share mike today because i have a third mike somewhere but i can't find the splitter makeshift podcast for drug dials as part of drunk dial just doing whatever your little heart desires anyways so we're in canada and we've been here for the full month and and mom we're leaving tomorrow. How does that make you feel genuinely so sad to leave. I've not ready. That was the best summer i feel like. It was just i shouldn't have cried like probably that's totally what it was. I feel like we got so many boating days. In it wasn't smokey it was just sunny and beautiful and happy times and we did see doing trips jason. What was your favorite part of the summer favourite part. I think it's hard to pick one because i'm just overwhelmed with how beautiful this place is. They have unbelievable wineries. The gulf has been fantastic the late night card games and the grill out so you guys call them barbecues and religious learning the way the canadians day to day and on that note. I think you have a confession because i i was just downstairs while we were getting separating who i think that's another canadian supper on dinner yeah you you mentioned that you've never had had putin in your life. I am canadian and you've never i as well. Is that the fact that if you've never had patine than are are you really canadia born and bred edme antonian alright and who's never had putin you know well. Ah what do you like fries. I love fries. You like gravy your big cheese guy yeah but what michelle together and it looks like a heart attack waiting to happen to me mom robin new knuckle up on moms but it's of course it's not good for but it's a canadian like what is a delicacy canadian delicacy. I wouldn't call a delicacy. Maybe not even no candidate. I'm gonna make you putin before. I leave at eight in the morning. Oh yea okay. I will look forward to putin jason a funny post today on instagram where he was talking about all of the funny canadian seines and there's one that i didn't even realize were there yeah gimme gimme a couple level so things i took notes of that our differences in canada so they call k. d. That's kraft dinner. Macaroni and cheese. Check is spelled differently the h. e. q. u. e. They don't say they're going to take a shower her take a nap there having shower having to app. They don't call someone they found someone. Someone processes pronounce just like that. Thongs are not correlated to the objects and the thong song. They're just flip flops. You put on your feet. Let's see what else they call. Spits <music> soon flower seeds if you're looking for something more sweet no there's a huge difference between candy and chocolate. Mickey's are small three point three seventy five milliliters others twenty twenty six seven fifty a three liter. That's my favorite is at texas mickey. It doesn't stop there. It keeps going holiday. I mean double double timmy hose comorans. I mean that's just a small list but i'm slowly but surely getting used to the day-to-day lingo yields. You've been doing really well but but may i just intercept here where you can on the k. d. yeah. That's also caitlyn don yeah. That's what my mom calls me. People think i call call her katie but i call her kaley because it's k d you call me k._b. Romans yeah yeah everybody everybody of in your little circle calls kaby need to beat the heat of the blistering summer sun pop open a can of delicious with lacroix sparkling water. The croix sparkling clean water was developed to give health conscious consumers refreshment flavor and sparkle with an innocent twist of zero calories zero sweeteners and zero sodium. Try one of lacroix's twenty-five delicious flavors like key lime tangerine mango apricot passion fruit peach pear coconut m more a-plus lacroix sparkling water features the newly introduced hib- fiscus all confirmed derived from natural sources with natural fruit essences enjoy lacroix sparkling water under a calorie sweetener and sodium innocent beverage with nothing artificial lacroix a healthier alternative for you and your lifestyle and it is available nationwide so for more information joined the lacroix roy community on social at lacroix water or check us out at w._w._w. Dot lacroix water dot com. Rahman is nuts right now. Why does it always happens during podcast sir can you finish. He's calm when you were little and i was on the telephone like an actual telephone with horley court yet yet yeah and you were fine absolutely fine till i got on the phone and anyways is it because your attention's going somewhere else like my brand new shirt shirt right now out of control okay but mum imprint of jason it just kidding i was going to say do you approve you already. Did you know you know i do it. He's like one of the family now is. I'm i am so i thought we could do a little friday drunk dial of bachelor in paradise because good lord good lord. There's a lot going on lava duck. I mean we all know oh. It's a shit storm all the time but bringing the shit storm into somebody else's wedding aw ma mad at jones shame on you yeah mom's mad at him. Shame on you you know better. Here's the thing it's a produced bachelor wedding and i feel like he got caught up in the not even realizing to take a setback and realize it was somebody else's special day because it was still a produce show producers around still just felt like paradise to them. Do you think maybe they said go talk. Talk to <hes> what was the whole issue anyways so john paul jones won a few dates and then he realized he had this coming to him that he's in love with patia and then darryl hottest hacia teixeira is a beautiful yeah but so anyway so then he really is coming to ooh but then derek is now trying to wheel and deal teixeira because things didn't work out with demi gestation also trying to wheel and deal. This is my whole problem is it's not like it's one one sided and derek just going after girl who doesn't want let me go on the record. I am a big fan of derek. I me too. I love he's a sweetheart. He's smart and ironically enough him. Humana actually once upon a time work. He still works at a company that the bank. I worked for acquired so we've talked business. He's a great guy and en- derek derek offense. It's like you're on paradise. Isn't that the purpose to go in like test. New relationships s new boundaries its first one with demi didn't work out and clearly <hes> tae show was on a different page than john paul jones to but he's not yelling at her. No that's right. There's the double standard moms big double standard guy respect especially especially in this franchise. I think it's fair not double standards the problem. I have with the derek in g._p. Thing is i've never met j._j. But i feel like i would. I think i'd like him. I i the first of all i'm. I'm a little mad at j.p j. right now just for his behavior on this episode but he is my favorite character and along tire tear. There has a good world. He's a character yeah. Yes for sure your first year sherry for sure your little low down on the double standards talk well. I think the old saying what's good for the goose is good for the gander was that even mean good for the gander is good for the goose is crystal. Gander goose says goose. Oh yeah that's what they call him. Exp explain well. What i mean is equality equality. I mean if you're going to come. I'm down on a guy for doing something then. You need to come down on the girl for doing some p._m. And vice versa and so n n._p._a. Honest is all part of that so speaking your truth and letting it show and not just making the guy looked like the bad guy. The girl looked like bad girl but showing the whole story well. I'm like i get frustrated here. Where everyone comes down on blake. I've i've preached enough about blake not doing like d- he didn't murder anyone but it's so many of these girls have hooked up with different guys in the franchise and that's okay that they did yes it's kind of like like they now encourage that but they make the guys look like they're terrible man horse yeah and they're not they're not. I know oh i don't like that. I yeah i think so and kaylin is a good person esso's blake but i think kaylin was was really like in love with colton then she obviously had something serious with blake or something that seem serious the dean thing clearly crying very into it and then and in the congress thing so and i get it. That's the purpose here right like try see what works that's dating but that's like speed be dating like i'm just saying kaelin like you know she gets. She's the dean things done and then she just jumps right back on the trip conoco's because around the corner and she's like which i go again i understand governor because when you get heartbroken all you wanted to distract yourself and flirt. It's so much fun. That's all that's what i would do. That's what she did. That's what anybody would do but then you can't criticize other people for heartbroken by becca right jumped on camila distracted a distraction distraction in the world is in and so did kaelin and so do all these other girls in blake mate plague made some. I'm serious mistakes right and he's paying the consequences and i think he's the kind of guy that's gonna learn from this and come out of it a much better person so i don't think any of that gives blake any type of justice for what happened because he was wrong but that's also. I don't know there were girls. Girls involved <hes> and consensual so that's where i i i'm just saying i want everybody to be happy world apiece and yes and and and i like that jason people learn from their mistakes people always learn from and i think blake has to there's you just say that okay. Tell me if you can relate to this. You walk through the door to greet your little baby and as you're saying hello you get a whiff of something off a scan the room there it is a little little gift on the middle of your favorite rug the one that really tied that room together scrub as you might there is no use. The rug is ruined. This has happened to me and it's the worst feeling ever but not anymore because ruggero rugs are machine washable. Throw it in the wash. Throw it in the dryer. Lay it back out like new even eight by ten area rug fits in a standard washer sure dryer. 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L. e. dot com slash fine and fifteen percent off your order and free shipping will be automatically applied applied to your purchase but that offer is only applied if you go to my rugged dot com slash levine rugged washable livable lovable and speaking and of dean wait. Can i say something about you have corinne. I was upset at you for leaving like but then you saw the shape come on back at the end of last and i was i was saying through the episode saying oh shave that mustache. Are you trying to look like i don't know dean martin. I don't know from that era. Nobody knows what i'm talking about but and then yeah i mean he lives in a van in rock a mustache i love being i'm a big fan. I've always he's been a dean yeah so i i just i think what's wrong with having a mustache live in your my father authored. Your ex husband has mean moustache. I know and shaved been excuse me he shaved it off. One time and you and paley went running from the room. I'm crying because it wasn't my dad anymore. Defines him the one thing i'll say about eighteen is i think what's nice is. He felt like he went through a lot of ups and downs good bad ugly issue that a lot but but he has found himself he's he found what makes him happy and even sacrificing love to say this is the lane. I'm in this is what i want. I agree. He didn't wanna leader on and he really you know he didn't go date and a bunch of other girls. He was so cute and committed to kaylynn be like yeah. I'm the day yeah i'm not going on the date and for him to just know like wait a might hurt you later and i don't want to do that and be honest very mature and then he comes back so we i don't know i can't wait until team comes back the very next day dean comes back guy honor guard arcane so there and mustache free yeah and we'll sans moustache so i think you need ceylan on this podcast because there are so many perspectives that we've come across with her. Yeah yeah i i agree and the only thing is getting a._b._c. to allow certain contestants to come on but i would love to have because i that's part of the reason i love having a podcast. This is giving everybody a voice. I want to give blake voice. I want to give kaelin voice. I want to give dna voice. I want to give everyone. I even have a voice and okay wait. Can we just talk about how i did not right like the dragging colton kissing thing oh that's not okay so it's a low blow and it felt personal because i'm like. Do you really elite throw that little segment weeks of content and you're going to throw that out him just like why she probably told to say that he's found his happiness like he's moved. What do you like. Why are you going to go there. I didn't like very petty tacky and petty. I didn't like that now. What what do we think about derek tation j. p. j. what's going to happen. <hes> i don't know what do you think i don't know i the two i don't think teaches in invested in j p j. I could see their thirty two year old guy professional new york city. He's he's had a bit of a go here on paradise right he was fully vested and demi and supported her decision her forties and now he's got this situation. I see him just being like listen i. This isn't working out. I gotta go. Oh do you think so yeah. I think him look really good together and yeah. That'd be a good well. Maybe they'll have just a nice friendship. I don't know i mean a lot of people come out of this with friendship which is grade and then i thought it was also speaking of tacky that crystal and chris had to say say okay now. Some of you are going to come to the reception and the rest of you have to go home and there were like it wasn't even like like maybe if they knew that was coming okay fine now this these people but it i was like okay. If we call your name like frigging red rover red rover color your crossover. You're gonna make the team you know and then you're the last one in your like analyzer aniline player. I didn't like that. I feel i feel bad for her. Because their love story is just so honestly beautiful people and they look stunning and everything was nice and then there there are such random ass curve balls like they randomly sage them just before they're supposed to say i do like you saw chris phases like what are you doing remember when they burned say aged lockdown. Picking the table is probably a curveball too so the only question. I have about picking the table situation if you're clay what is the right decision. When you go and do you have that conversation or do. You say you know what if my current girlfriend on paradise isn't invited. It doesn't make sense for me to go. I don't know what the answer awkward all. The way around was awkward. I was like l. goodly. You felt bad for them and they're going. What are we not going. It was a setup for clay and his ex to be of course you know good t._v. Good tv the tv okay well. I mean i'm not gonna lie though i'm hooked act out like this and i really like this and it was tacky but god damn i can't wait for next we d- without his most uh-huh the most excited for dean without a mustache and i feel that i feel that okay. Let's get to a couple of questions so jodie. Airdrie wants nice to know who is the person or the people that influenced you the most growing up to be the bad ass woman that you are today. We're going to call her. <music> jody. I said can leave a callback number. Five what i don't get deliver method he jodi. It's kaitlyn bristowe calling you might know me from such shows as drunk dial <hes>. We're trying to get a hold of you because you wanted to know who the person or the people are that had influenced wants to me to be the the bad that i am one thank you and to i'm with her right now. She's my mom and you could have had jabs at diagnose mouth but unfortunately he didn't pick up so we'll talk about your question on the pod right now buying by on that note well i feel like all growing up and in my teens and everything while that i did and crazy and stupid and just not going to college and just whatever you didn't pressure me to do what you thought i should do just completely let me be who i who i am and i thank you for that because it really has got me where i am today thank you. Why do girls go voices. Go i just happy for you to be you. Thank you and you are beautiful inside hiding out and i mean that's an saying but it's very true. I just feel like you've always let me who i am. In love you let me go on my own path. Hath instead of telling me what i should do and it really worked out for me and i did not want you to leave home at well. H nine hundred nineteen no i wasn't is ready for that but the universe was taking you place and mom would come visit me in vancouver and i was just a freaking degenerate and she would just hold my purse swale. I did it and like just let me be whoever i was loser keys and i was just shit show i learned learned from. It's not like you're like encouraging. You were like yeah you go. You were just like ceylan like to but i but i wanted to say thank you because you have influenced me to be who i am. Oh mom rachel rose asks. I feel like this is a good one for jason. Do you have any advice advice for someone who is moving across the country away from home for the first time. What do you wish someone told you about moving. I would say just embrace everything that goes along with with it so you're going to be nervous and you're gonna be anxious and you're going to think about home and you wanna visit home what i would recommend you do is you do none of that. Commit yourself to the place that you're going journal about the new adventures in new people you meet. There's a reason you're there. There's someone you're gonna meet. That's going to change your life and open your eyes to everything around you. Get off your phone. Put your head up and just see what's around in the moment participating clubs join charity events use social media as a means of meeting people get on facebook groups. I know a facebook group that even if you're not a nurse traveling nurses are out there and they aligned different activities and things to do so just embrace every moment of it because it's an experience that most people never get and the most i've learned about myself. The most i've grown from a personal and professional standpoint was when i made made the moves i did well said jason why why don't you get into like speaking at universities tree-ring. Yes seriously that's. I feel that's jason's. Colleen is to help people and and literally just like changed their lives. I feel like he always have the best advice. Go to you. Go to mom if anybody's seen the commercial where there's a camel walking through the office and he's like we woke me the whole dude daisies positive and happy. That's what mom thinks jason yeah. He's our cheerleader. Yeah okay so katie made their mathur. You're asks in time of questioning or doubting yourself. How do you find the strength from within to push through and for me personally. I think that's come from just like nick realizing that i'm always telling myself lies if i'm doubting myself it's always allies and you tell you i think there's a stat out there that you ninety four percent of the things you tell yourself that are negative relies the insecurities coming yeah i think it's just taking time of just being aware and self aware and knowing that i'm just i i'm telling myself the lies and believing that their lives and then turning around and telling myself even lying to myself self saying no you're awesome and you've got this and even if i don't believe it in the moment lying to myself that till i convince myself and then it's really sticky notes on the mir and then you get through it and you realize that you you're right i am i am awesome and i can't get through. It and you just need to prove yourself right. Doubt yourself. It'd be back is like fear. Is this intangible fake powerful. You know motive that just has such an impact on our lives and when you put that aside you you realize majority of it's just imaginary. It's these thoughts you have in. Your head like this is going to go wrong. This isn't going to happen and when the bad things happened. Usually that's when you learn most about yourself so the only thing i'd say is like just don't let fear run your life. Run your own life. Lead your own life and find happiness within and that's all i gotta say screw fear. I was just gonna say career but yes. I agree with you. <hes> sorry sorry. I've just really meant that. I have been a plead rate adjective bleep bleep print but yeah i agree. It's just it's it's it holds you back more than anything and when you're doubting yourself it probably means you have to step out of your comfort zone and believe in yourself yeah yeah. You really have to believe and even if you have to convince yourself that you believe in yourself. Just tell yourself every day the last thing i'd say it's fouling okay dowling was after if your fear is failing failing is okay failing as graham getting laughed off my as weird failing. Feeling feelings is okay long. Hey i can't be serious anymore anyway. Failings okay and i think that's when you learn about your that's true well and i've said it on other podcasts. This is that failing isn't really failure because you learn something from it and grow from it and usually something successful comes from that the last thing i'd say is it's just okay not to know every put so much pressure on having a blueprint and you must know what's next and how it's going. It's okay not to know and i think it's okay to stay in that space to try and find yourself. That's that that is something. I truly and strongly believe in you. Don't have to know and don't put pressure on yourself to know and just allow yourself and forgive yourself too yeah rahman totally to just figure it out figured out. I didn't figure stuff out till i was in my thirties. It's some people can figure it out until they're in their sixties steve. There's some people that still haven't i gotta. Have you gotta hit. Just gotta hit restart. Sometimes there isn't a limit on restarts no and end it does yeah there isn't a limit and and you just sometimes it's kind of refreshing to restart like you're okay restart this fall because all we've done is he. Sheds a ton as going to say. The slade clear timbre are you are going to eat and drink clean yeah. I was gonna say and we have to wrap this up 'cause. I said they are ready. The veggie dogs are coming off the barbecue guys hotdogs already. We have fries and then hit the key last question. Finally the all the the answer. We all wanna know nicole. Johnson wants to know when we'll get a friend. Oh oh yes has so many friends out there. As as grandma to the for baby i would say one is good. What what we said about the first one we you get up all right. We're hungry. Thank you guys for tuning into drunk out. Thank you for me and my guess thank you. I just so happy to be here and to see you together. It does my heart. I will sleep well knowing. I never sleep well yeah but i i'll take you off the worry list because to see you too together with rahman and <hes> you're you're real any the jason came in this morning or maybe it was yesterday and we were all in there and he goes. I love our family. I was like that's beautiful and we love you mom and thank you for having us the summer well needed to come to nashville now biting my finger o. k. too-da-loo doodoo sponsors for this week's drunk dial m._t._v.'s real world m._t._v.'s the real world atlanta's stream now only on facebook watch lacroix sparkling water water liqueur as a healthier alternative for you and your lifestyle visit lacroix water dot com and rubble go to my rugged dot com slash fine and receive fifteen percent off your order order with two. Let's not but steve austin college. 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He's skipping a trip to poland to focus on during we're ready. We have the best people in the world ready and they're going to help you shipping food worshiping water but it baby that you're going to evacuate. We're going to see what happens. We're waiting. The president has a message for the people in florida and georgia who could get hit by dorian be aware her and be safe. God bless you. I'm ed donahue.

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