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Like the man delorean the first ever Star Wars live action series and high school musical the musical the series very meditate on the beloved film franchise. It's no wonder Disney pluses become one of the most talked talked about streaming services of two thousand nineteen. So don't miss out sign up for Disney plus now and start streaming all this great content today on today's movie talk. We've got your weekend box office report and then on top of that. The Golden Globe nominees are here. We're breaking those down in addition to new very hot trailers a new trailer for wonder woman and the new ghostbusters movie. Happy Monday. Everyone hope you all had a wonderful weekend but I also hope that you're ready ready to go with a whole bunch of movie news today because we have a stacked show and I get to talk about all of these topics with two super cool guys. We've got silence on the desk today. 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Roca what did you WanNa talk about now. Little fantasy football something people in those movie top. We're real quick coast cloudy sports fans who don't say yeah you light up to three. Am in the morning when you're suffering through a little bit of tuberculosis your make changes and you doubt yourself and you sit Brahim most who got thirty two points yesterday yesterday and you lose two pair of number up by one damn boy. Can I want to be fair to you though I was watching as you weren't changing you're like Oh thank God. He's not changing his lineup. But then when I woke up Sunday morning and saw that you changed I thought you made some smart. It wasn't I feel like it wasn't a loss that should make you feel bad about how you set your lineup. Audrey went with Martin Freeman for. It wasn't a bad decision. I I just got stupid. Lucky on like a bad injury to which which made me very sad and I hope I hope or shod penny heels out fast. That was a rough one but That's where we all stand with fantasy football. I believe I had a playoff win in Adam Smith in the booth had a playoff face. Jeff and Jack and that's where it stands right now. Are you into fantasy track when he started talking head of feeling all right. Let's get back on track with our box office talk here. The top five of the weekend was frozen to coming out on top with thirty four point. Seven million dollars then we had knives out at number two with fourteen point two million Ford v Ferrari coming in at number three with six point. Five three seven million followed right behind by Queen Slim which made six point five three million and and then finally it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood with five point two million briefly for the top five. Is there anything that surprise you. That caught your eye that held stronger than you expected. I'm just happy that there are so many like interesting movies. That aren't necessarily sequels in in the top five. I think it's awesome. It's a testament to all all of those movies that their quality films that People WanNa see and are turning out for he had him on the more things change the more they say the same. Sorry I'm still suffering through this stuff but I love the fact back to December. It's Oscar season. It's award season. These are the movies. There's supposed to come out so for all this talk about superheroes summer tent poles and they're swallowing following up these other movies here. We are again with these. Movies are top five. Their unusual queen slim has nothing to do with knives out. Ford versus Ferrari is nothing new beautiful day in the neighborhood. Good and of course frozen to right at the top so to me. I like this collection. If you will further down yes maybe they didn't do as well but you've got dark waters twin bridges playing with fire midway and then and you get to joker at ten still hanging on so for me. I think I like it. It's a nice variety for this time of year. It's not another slate of superhero movies. Here it is. It is another or Disney movie even though frozenness to within this group of five it's still a unique selection of films and unique set of options. That you have out there but it's still a Disney movie and I gotTa bring up the Disney right now. Because they had an especially big milestone so Disney's record for the highest box office in a calendar year had been crushed rushed by Disney itself so Disney crossed the ten billion dollars threshold this weekend. Beating two thousand sixteen seven point six billion dollars and just to give you a little perspective here. That ten billion doesn't even count the Fox box office hall. And if you add that in Disney's total worldwide box office in two thousand nineteen amounts to eleven point nine four billion and keep in mind star wars. The rise of Skywalker has not even hit theaters yet so they're making a ton of money and they're making a ton of money on you. Know not original films on the continuations of Franchises and sequels the reimagining of old properties. So even though it is is very exciting to see some different titles especially a super original movie like let's say knives out and also something like Queen and slim in the mix. The box office is being dominated by movies. Like the vendors endgame lying can captain Marvel Toy story four Aladdin and now frozen too and soon to be Star Wars. Yeah but you and I have this battle all the time. It's business versus art this business. Clearly they know what they're doing if they're breaking the records and look they're gonNA factor in the Fox stuff which I think's GonNa be another one point five billion dollars in total cash so that's great but what do you expect. They own sixty percent of the market so breaking the record doesn't seem like I don't know if it seems that big of a deal because as you acquire more and more property in you acquire more and more of the of the screenings in the theaters. Of course you're GonNa have more opportunity to break these records but overall right now I'm okay with because they're producing quality product. The problem comes comes later down the road if the theaters are being inundated with they're not so quality product and other films aren't being allowed to bust out and take those screens and get seen. That's where the concern among people for right now clearly they're making good money and they're satisfying viewers demands for good fun entertainment and interesting entertainment. So you have any concern Silas with Disney eaten up much of the market. No because I think that people will go to see what they WANNA see. I get that frozen is is sort of a force of nature churn. Disney is a force of nature at this point and there are certain movies that they're gonNA put out and even if they're not excellent films are GonNa make a ton of money and that's fine like I. It's it's it's fine to have that kind of entertainment i. I'm just glad that people are coming out for things that they may never have heard of before. I don't even necessarily think they'd did like sequels versus originals. Are The problem I I would happily see. A sequel. The knives out I feel like more ben one long mysteries would be awesome to see I think what's awesome about about it. Is that people are hearing. Here's something I don't associate with. I heard it's really good. I want to check it out that. That's the positive awesome. Yeah that that really excites me. And I hate jumping from the positive to the negative but we can't conclude this box office conversation without bringing Playmobil. And right now because Oh no what happened with that movie. So playmobil is an St X.. Release and it is. What is the record here? So Oh had something like six hundred sixty thousand dollars three days from over two thousand theaters and Oh God a two hundred eighty two dollars per theater theater Average in that right there makes it the third worst opening average ever for a film opening in two thousand or more locations. I mean I don't know Louis that I read it is part of the problem was that S. T. X.. Kind of just gave up. I don't think I saw any marketing for this. And I know I am not the target audience for playmobil movie. But as someone who exists in this bubble and also someone who watches a good deal of TV you would think seen a plane will be on TV spot at some point. I have a sister-in-law who loves loves. Playmobil has a has an amazing mobile collection. I don't think she was aware this movie was coming out. Yeah I I was wondering about when these things happen with automation in certain studios like is this like the producers where they purposely put this thing out and no it's terrible they've got to take a loss but the recoup the insurance so they can keep going like they know like there's so many weird animated films that come out and get barely any publicity if they're not from a massive studio and then rarely do well. You're like well. Why did you sink all all this money because an Ma phil takes so much time? This is a different situation. And I believe this breakdown that I have in my notes might have come from boxoffice Mo Jo and I think that they had written S. T. X. picked it up for domestic distribution after global road filed for bankruptcy in two thousand eight. So we don't really know how much they paid for it but on top of that apparently S. t. x. x is emphasizing the use of variable pricing for the film which includes a five dollar a ticket experiment to encourage and incentivize audiences. Audience is to see the film while allowing theaters begin to explore value pricing for a first run movie. Welcome at work if you're not advertising incorrectly if people don't even know about early in this case as long as it didn't work yeah so I wanna know what was the actual logic in this picking it up and putting in no effort in marketing. The movie how did you expect it to do well. And how can you use that variable pricing acing and get legitimate results. If you don't put the same amount of a marketing and awareness behind the Phil I don't even know what it's about even know who who voices any of the characters is famous the voice characteristic. Obviously we're doing voiceovers very aware of animated stuff that comes out but I do remember. I mean back when when I did more of a daily newspaper like I remember covering this movie when it was first announced years and years ago as the Lego movie was in development it was oh and play mobiles doing their own version and it kind of felt like when Lego movie hit that. Oh well they're gonNA fast track mobile because that that could easily be just like the legal right right well. The voice cast included some familiar names. We had and you Taylor. Joy Gabriel Bateman. Who was just in child's play? Jim Gaffe again again. And then we also had Meghan trainor Adam Lambert Keenan Thompson and Daniel Radcliffe interesting. Yeah so That that came mm-hmm and went. Yeah we're probably not gonNA hear much about that in the near future and now I just just just because no one else hands on a five five dollars pricing given how much as spent maybe they spent the money to buy it for the sake of experiment with that. I don't know I mean. At least this has had a pretty good year despite I mean like they had the hospitals and everything in the year and hustlers. Yeah so like to pre-bus the upside this year. Yeah it was early this year. That's messing with my head right now. Oh I can't handle it all right. Let's go into one of our really big topics of the day. The Golden Holden Globe nominations. So there is a lot to cover here. We're going to go a category by category and focus particularly on the best motion picture categories director director. And we're going to hit all the acting categories if we miss anything. Don't worry we're going to cover it on collider. FDIC this week but just to give you guys a little bit of a picture of what happened. Marriage story got six nominations. Once upon a time in Hollywood got five and so did the Irishman let us go category by category. Now kicking kicking it off with best motion picture. Drama the nominees. There are nineteen seventeen. The Irishman joker marriage story. And the two popes. What say you guys? Anything surprise you in this one surprise the two publishers. One of these quiet little engines. That could that. No no one's dominating the anybody for actor nobody's dominating for director and stuff but for some reason. It's and it's one of these Netflix as well. That keeps pushing and pushing and pushing but gets into these best picture conversations. I find to be fascinating. I'm happy. Nineteen seventeen is there. I think that should win best picture. So maybe it'll start that process anything surprise Asia unless stylists so. I haven't seen two popes. I've seen everything else in of that list. I would pick Irishman. I loved the Irishman. I think I would probably really pick Irishman to. I mean of the list. We we all have this conversation. All the time where the Golden Globes aren't necessarily predictors of. What's going to get nominated but it is nice to the? Have it come right around this time of year when you could start to put everything into focus a little more. And if I look at this list to that I think are going to get bumped off the best picture nomination list are probably two popes at this point and I still don't quite know what to make of joker I feel so confident about joker in the best actor category. But I'm I'm not quite sure what to make of it elsewhere. We're GONNA get to more when we talk about best director but I am not surprised at all to see it pop up here for the Golden Globes especially especially when you've got the drama and then the comedy that really changes the game and it makes it an impossible one to want. As far as predicting Oscars go a little women. Would little women have qualified for the drama category. Or is it the musical comedy category. And I am Ed. I imagine that would have been dropped right so to me. That's the big snub in my opinion. Yeah I think it'll woman is a fantastic movie for two hours twenty minutes to keep my attention for God sakes about this story. I was brilliant very well directed by Greta. Gerwig like I said if you like she she took a leap here as a director. And a not have this even nominated and only one nomination from the entire film is ridiculous would have been drama. Because search ronin acting in Nomination is in the drama category. I mean that's one I think that's one of the biggest snubs across the board. You don't quite know why this would be but it did only get one nomination Asian and not to jump around here but when you look at the best director category we we all well know that the Globes have a problem when it comes to nominating female directors. especially if you're Natalie Portman urban sort of took them to task in presenting awards and said like. Here's the all-male nominees. Yeah this is the thing that I brought this up with Perry off to Mike and Before we start the show I think the direction category Nass to be expanded to ten now is my personal opinion. I think if we could do with pictures that we can't do it with with best directors all these women got completely shut out from the stuff. What you've got little pedro motive are wasn't in this thing? Clint Eastwood is in Greta. gerwig innocent in this thing Josh benef- for Uncut gems wait. Let's just move on and we'll cover the best director. One writes the nominations for best director at the Golden Globes. Are Bong Jun Ho for parasite we have Sam Mendes for nineteen seventeen. Todd Phillips for joker. Martin Scorsese see for the Irishman and Quentin Tarantino for once upon a time in Hollywood. I look at that list and I think most of them are deserving absolutely Lulu so there's that side of it but I also think that Greta Gerwig should be on this show. It's not like we have a lack of female directors that are worthy of the nomination. Either it's like you have her. You've Marielle Heller. For Beautiful Day in the neighborhood you have Lawrence Ghaffari for Hustler is. It's like there's options out there and and who do we and the farewell to yeah the farewells. Where are for the farewell? Await the category. That you're gonNA tell me okay. I'll let you although he does like. I've said it already. Just think these best arts category needs to be expanded to ten Oscars as well enough. There are too many incredible directors. And if we're going to open the door the war for more diversity directing side both because of race and because of gender than we have to be nominated more people because they're going to get more opportunities. Look look at look at the list. It's is it all except for a bunch I think it's a white guys and he does ironic the guy I'd kick off his Tarantino. I thought it was a well directed film. But there's nothing. He didn't the film that he had done in China other films or another or eight of the field so to me. I wasn't like wowed by his direction. It was a good movie but I kicked him off absolutely for somebody else that could get a shot shot at this thing and I think the Golden Globes niece has some explanation here too because we look at the TV side. When the watchman a black lead show didn't get anything it's it's a little frustrating to see this happening over and over again it was supposed to be a global Hollywood? Foreign Press Crab. Come on step up to the plates you know I. It frustrates me. Overall is the second second highest awards ceremony. We get every year. I think it's even interesting to divorce it from from racer gender and just say like well obviously once uh-huh once upon a time in Hollywood is a writer director that is building a story in tandem with one. Another one thousand. Nine hundred seventeen is very stylish way of making a movie. The the creativity should be more diverse. And I think ten ten is exactly fits that like there's a lot of I mean I was sort of looking back on knives out and thinking like I love nights out. This is a really enjoyable movie. I love the mystery but there's a lot of stuff in that movie that I think he'd take for granted whereas direction for example the first time you we see a flashback. You need to convince the audience that this flashback is something that happened. As opposed to someone's vision of something that happens without explicitly lucidly saying that and the movie accomplishes that and it's one of those little things that you don't you look in nineteen seventeen. Oh well obviously this is. This is tremendous directing because look at everything that had to go to make this work. But there's all kinds of stuff that goes in directing that's like little things beyond that it's very true. I mean whenever I look look at a category like that and you know even when I pick my own choices for the critics choice awards. I always like to think first and foremost could anybody else have directed this movie. We'll be this way and when I think about that there are a couple of names on this list that I would probably give the boot. I wasn't the biggest fan of once upon the time in Hollywood overall I didn't love it as much as I've loved a lot of his other words. So maybe Tarantino would be off the list but the fact that the SAFDIE brothers are not on this. I mean uncut cut gems is the definition of what I just expressed a movie. That could not have been made the same way by anybody else. But I also believe Adam sandlers and on this list either. Yeah he's he's not on it. So maybe it's just like a thing where Uncut gems was not as well received as it is amongst us in the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Asian I think it's a shame that uncut gems didn't come out a little earlier because I I just saw it this weekend and I had been told over and over like this is a great movie. This is a great movie and every time I looked at it I kind of like I see where this is going and you and you're like oh no I didn't at all. Aw and I think the movie needed need. It needs to have that with with audiences because you can say. Oh you're you're not gonNa see where this is going. There's only so much you can actually convince someone. That's the say the same thing. Also maybe about the release stayed up something like a Richard Jewel or or a little women for that matter. Maybe maybe maybe release date is a factor here. You look like you have more to add Latifi right. Do they separate the directors between comedy and drama. No no it's one another thing here that When it comes to screenplay you know how we have adapted and original and the Oscars they have one onscreen play category? So that's why again. This isn't a good way to necessarily predict what's going to get an Oscar. Did win last year old goats and then won the Oscar. So it's shocking well. Oh I mean really when you're taught like especially when you're talking about best picture when here you have the field so spread out like that I mean you know you're bound to have some crossovers. It's like you if like the pool. Is this big and you have that many films to work with them. They select that many. Maybe you're you're bound to have crossover not only here but in all the guild nominations I I really. I don't look at this list and I don't then look at the winds. The reason why the winds matter for me actually is I do think that Golden Globe night winds ends of being part of the marketing campaign. Someone's Oscar campaign when they get up there and they deliver a powerful meaningful speech. I don't necessarily think somebody out there thinking well so now I'm going to vote for you because you had a good speech but it's more a matter of that person making sure that they're on voters minds. It doesn't necessarily affect how the voter feels about the quality quality of their work in their film. But it's all about keeping like your name in the movies name in everybody's conscience so when they're sitting there filling out their ballots. You're the first one they think of all right. Let's move onto the best musical or comedy category. Where we have dolemite is my name Joe Rabbit knives out? Once upon the time in Hollywood and rocket man I will say the one that excited me most on this list because it is fresh on. My mind is rocket man. We did that collider FIC screening at arclight. Hollywood the other night and I hadn't revisited it since May when it first came out I watched it I watched wants to prep for the Q.. And A. After after and then I watched it again. I sat through the movie and I don't know if I fully appreciated that the first time around. Maybe I just needed a fine. My footing as far as the fantasy elements go but the second time around. I'm looking at that. And you know that's another one that the directing it is kind of next level when you think about them pulling the reality elements in the fantasy elements together so well and the scene transitions in. That movie are so so well crafted so I was happy to see this. GotTa love I find this to be ironic. Because Dexter Fletcher stepped in took over for Singapore. RHAPSODY and now he gets to fully do stuff with rocket man. I loved it the first time I saw it loved it next two times I saw. It is an incredible film. That is getting absolutely no buzz overall for best picture or for best director Orienteer- negative best actor and I think it's miles better than Bohemian rhapsody in my opinion because and I think what makes me and rhapsody is extra Fletcher's contributions to the film. which is what he did fully with rocket man so I think people are Queen fans are getting a little muddled in their heads about what's good? What's and I think for me personally? Rock man is much more honest exploration and that takes advantage of the medium so well better than Bohemian Siemian wraps that he did which I think copped out on a number of occasions with Freddie Mercury story even though that last scene is incredible when they redo live aid. I think there's more more and rocket man free to hold on to discover and explore and use the film medium. So well how you feel about this category Silas. I'm not the biggest rocket man and fan. I I do think of any of the words that I would give it. A turn. Edgerton is is just like he's very very good and the fact that he's actually performing and convincingly performing like it is fantastic. I definitely like it more than human. RHAPSODY I also I love Eddie. The Eagle which was turned out of my favorite movies twenty fifty it was like under the radar. Like why is Hillary. Watch Eddie the EAGLE A A lot. I'm kind of excited now. Dexter Fletcher has like had some projects where people are like. Oh Wow this is a this is a name to watch. I really am excited about what he does now. Yeah and I want to give credit back because I was giving them crap earlier. I like to give credit to goes for nominee DOLEMITE is. My name is a fantastically fun film. Eddie won't smell or nomination. Wesley won't either. That's unfortunate but the film overall at least get recognized. This way is a positive. I think the the main things missing from this category at a glance comes to me is is definitely A while we're talking about little women and the other category. I wonder where where bombshell would bombshell bombshell would have been in the drama category. Actually actually and I'm I'm a little surprised to have that knocked out but are you surprised by cats. Not even being. I think this is this. This is the sign nine that even though there was some like little bit of hope left that cats could have been real Oscar contender. I'm pretty sure the fact that they didn't go for in the sign that it's not going to be the case. There is one predictor that I would I would buy into now. That's US out except for song which I think it is on the The Golden Globes for all right. Let's keep going down. These categories stories here so we can hit most of them Best performance by an actress in a motion picture drama. So we've got renee L. Wagga for Judy. Of course. Charlene Darren for bombshell sir. Sha Ronin for little women. Cynthia revolt for Harriet and Scarlett Johansson for marriage story. What say you about this category to lose in my opinion even though there's there's been a lot of buzz recently for her? I think it's just like this. Quiet acceptance is going to happen like with Frances mcdormand dormant. We knew be three billboards. No problem I feel this way about Zellwegger with Judy. I don't know of anybody can come in there but I'm happy that Cynthia got nominated for Harriet. That's that's I mean that's fantastic. You're really excited about that. I mean what are the other ones that that jumps out that keeping Lupita and Yang in us is such a creepy like a performance. That has I have come back to throughout the year. I think all around the people category great year probably really right about judy. The only thing I'm worried about is I feel like Judy. Is this year's Standing Ali. Oh I really love Standing Ali. Fortresses princes were so good in that and just Kinda got ignored will stand and Ali didn't have the same fanfare during its release and I think they positioned to the release of Judy and the debut. Buick Judy on the festival circuit. Very very well I think they basically kicked off their run with all the noise in the world and you know it might feel like it's just coasting on that right now but wait wait for it. I mean come the beginning of January. They're going to be making all that noise all over again and thinks she's in good shape to win but it does feel like it's that perfect like this is a very very very good dramatic performance but the characters also performing which is also really cool and there's a transformative element which is always like something for awards. Um So yeah I can see I can see playing it's like it's like Lincoln day-to-day Lewis is Great Lincoln. The film itself. Maybe not as good. But he's good. I feel really come on Lincoln. I thought it was kind of boring during the first time and now I am totally. I need to Rewatch Lincoln because I I was originally with you on that. It wasn't my favorite all right. Let's add in some of the best performances by an actress in a musical or comedy just to see the whole group together right now. The list includes Aquafina in the farewell. Beanie Feldstein from book smart onto armies from knives out Emma Thompson in late night and Caitlyn shut in Where'd you go Bernadette? There's always that random one isn't that like what was the. What was it like the tourist and like some weird stuff like they didn't the what's the Robert Downey? Junior won that one year. The what are they to judge the judge not to be really cynical about it but there is sort of the reputation at the Hollywood. Foreign press invites the actors. They WANNA hang out. So that's that's probably the most random one I see on the list and I would say so. AQUAFINA is in my prediction list for the Adamy Award. So I'm just excluding her from this comment for that reason but I'm very very very excited to see auditor arms beanie Feldstein Emma Thompson on this list because those are three names that I don't think are going to get nearly enough recognition Russian other than the Golden Globes which is a shame but it's also a sign that we have many many good performances this year. Yeah I mean those are all I think AH movies. I've seen more recently in trying to catch up but like some really strong. I mean it's sort of like look looking thing thing about judy. The the the physically becoming someone else's always something that like helps win awards and those are those are performances that like still playing a different from person there's still convincingly play another character but there's not the physical transformation side. Yeah I mean I I did not like late night I thought it was I. I was hoping to like it. I didn't I is good in the film. Certainly I think cops out the last forty five minutes of the movie but I would throw caitlyn diva in over Vini Feldstein in my personal opinion. I think she's a fantastic actor. I liked more of what she was doing. And Book Smart then Beanie but just by a hair so I find this interesting interesting how you choose between the two because they have interesting stories within the narrative of the film. I just like Caitlyn's a little bit more than beans. That's all so but you know it's it's good to see that film getting love because a lot of people hurt. That didn't make a lot more capable of picking between the two were. All I wanted was to see book smart get a Little Recognition Award circuit. I don't care who it went to but I would have been happy but really I mean that's another thing is living wild for best director that an exceptional it's an exceptional film period. But the fact that that's her first feature as director I still can't get over in. That movie is still firmly in my top. Five of the air term directors tender actors. Do you want to add something. Silence was totally agreeing about book smart. It's like it's really re watchable. It has amazing performances. It's it's a really type movie. It's it's exceptionally well-made. That's one sag rolls around and gets an ensemble nomination also like I have seen so many many movies from actors that decide they wanna be directors and I I I the exception I think is the gift I love the gift but but usually they're not very good and there's often a reason that actors will direct movie and then they don't become directors they say l.. That was fun. I'm going to do something else Lee while no. I WanNa see your next movie. Dexter Fletcher was an actor true. There's there's one opposite but it's like you know this here. It's making me think you know rituals and get nominated motherless. Brooklyn isn't getting nominated. I Dunno can go one way or the other. I'm upset about the Richard Jewel stuff. It's like it's IT'S I. I think I think things are happening. Didn't he got support for Kathy Bates. But the only the only thing about Richard and I liked Richard Jewel. I thought it was pretty pretty good. It's just in comparison to some of this other stuff. I understand why it's getting bumped out except for Paul Walter Houser. I think he is so good in that. That's the thing that I worry about because you know I just did the junket and Paul Walter. Houser was so nice and getting me Clinton was like his perform performances. Incredible I think this is the best thing. Clinton directed even past American sniper to the letters from Jim. I think this is the most heartfelt films directed in quite some time and yet people and I think it's a little bit political liberals are looking at this going. Oh this seems like a right wing movie. I don't think I want to go see it and I think it's getting lost the shuffle because of that and I think that's unfair because the damn good movies it's frustrating see but this is the best films frustrates forbid kind of frustration though because this is the time of year when we get to celebrate all the things or super super passionate about and if there's not enough space in these awards ceremonies to accommodate everything it means. We got a good chunk of films this year. Very that all right. Let's do the two best performance by an actor in a motion picture. Category starting with drama. I one on that list is Christian. Bale for Ford. V Ferrari Joaquin Phoenix for Joker Antonio Banderas for painting glory. Then we have Jonathan Pryce for the two popes and Adam driver in a marriage story enrolling right into the comedy section here we in order to Capri for once upon a time in Hollywood Eddie Murphy for Dolemite is my name Daniel Craig for knives out Taryn Edgerton for rocket men and Roman Griffin Davis for Joe Joe Ravitz I mean you could hear inflection right there which one makes me most excited. I'm just I it's one of those situations where I don't think he's going to be in the best actor category and I think he is such a strong anchor for that movie so Roman Griffin Davis getting the getting. The attention he deserves is wonderful but certain ceremonies do have awards for young up and coming actors and I think he is is going to dominate a lot of those. Yeah what do you what do you think about this pool of ten names here. I think that's a pretty incredible. I mean that that actually of everything we've talked about is one one of the most evenly matched. I am not the biggest joker fan but if Joaquin Phoenix won for best performance. I can't argue with that. He's very very good. Would I would agree with that. He is very very good. I think that award is either going to. I think it's probably going to be him at this point or Eddie Murphy. Also like I just feel like Eddie's possible for a for a golden no for a Golden Globe I also I like I. I guess you guys don't like as much once upon on a time in Hollywood is probably my favorite movie of the year. I think is fantastic in it. I probably would not select him from this category. Yeah just because there is sort of an attitude sometimes in my mind like we know. You're a really good actor like you don't need this like oh not that. We don't know somebody like Eddie Murphy is but it would be nice to bring Eddie Murphy back into the spotlight where he hasn't been for awhile. He's still pretty locked in my Oscar predictions the one obvious omission. Here is a Robert Deniro. Narrow the Irishman. Well what happened because it's not like the overlooked the Irishman general and just didn't include Robert Deniro especially especially and Pacino got nominee. That's insane to me also. Yeah I mean I don't know what it was. I mean carried the movie for the although moves about if anything would think what would happen in this scenario like that is that passion Pacino could run the risk of cancelling each other out of someone decides to only vote for one or two like why was to near from the situation the other Leviathan. Honey boy should've been nominated and also and once again Paul Trouser here. We go again. You Kick Jonathan Pryce right on out of there I absolutely slide house probably would have been supporting for honey boy. That's where he would have he would have popped up but I still think that would've been a junior. Don't don't get me started on. Calvin Kevin Harrison congestive should be in this thing like come on. I have had his name all over like every list. I've had to come up with and whether it's for waves or for loose really. We should be all over all of the awards conversation so this year and I don't know I feel like that's getting overlooked. Maybe because it debuted at Sundance mainly because that hit theaters in the middle of the year. But the other one that really upsets me that goes in the NEON Earlier release category is wild rose whereas wild rose. How is that not all over for the place especially for saw? I think it's not for song here too and that is so yeah. It's it's not in here that that I think if that winds up happening at the Oscars would be one one of the most upsetting snubs to me and sadly. I think that song could be like I don't know this St Wor sing-sing Twenty sixteen to be such a bummer. I'm happy their bail. Got Nominated though. I think he's incredible enforces Ferrari and that's the conversation to me. Those are the two guys from me that are the back and forth is walking Phoenix and Christian Eh. Deniro not getting nominated I get it but like those are the two guys that I wanted to see what happens all the way to the end because I think that's that's so much I do have one question for you guys. We do have to move on because we have to really cool trailers to talk about but the other category I wanted to bring up was the animated category I don't think we have a graphic for this this one but there's one interesting little thing here because that list includes frozen to how to train your dragon. The hidden world missing link toy story four and the Lion King King. So wh what. Where do we land with this? What is the official definition of Lion? King is it an animated movie or is it not. I guess it depends on the organization. They think it's an animated movie. Not Whether Disney animated movie or not but certainly the organization has to make that decision so clearly they think it is. I don't think it is in any way shape or form. The other unusual thing in terms of like an Organi organization to finding a movie in the farewell is considered a foreign film. Roy Air. It's not elsewhere so so I don't know but I found it a little surprising when I was scrolling through that list because right now in in terms of late goal derby predictions. I'm thinking the Lion King could be up for best visual effects that can't really equal animated. So what's going on here where we stand silas. I am personally of the opinion that like take the end result of what you wanted to be is how it should be defined so in that sense because lion king is trying to look like a live action movie. It's a live action. Yup Yep and great points I I I can see the argument for either side. I tend to roll my eyes. Sometimes when people say I love the live Action Lion King and somebody like well technically. It's an an animated film and there's a weird argument where like you're taking the attention away from animators who worked really hard and it's always one of those like really because like like animators also worked on this other movie it's not like we're we're naming them it it. It just feels like something people like to complain about that being said I really think it should be in the animated film category. Just because that's that's something like animation doesn't have a lot of that there's not a ton of space for animated films to be celebrated in the bigger award season so if you start taking the next avatar be an animated film right point. Well the part of the reason. I'm upset that it's in this category is because I was Kinda rooting for abominable little love and Oh the name is escaping. Aping me of a of a lesser known lesser known I believe it's on net flicks. The one with like the hand and the body. Oh my God I can't. It's not yes I haven't seen I haven't I haven't seen it yet. Either but someone flagged it for me for a long time ago and I haven't gotten around to watching it but I know that that one was considered a little bit of a snub here still talking. What about Claus Claus was in credible? I don't think a lot of people watch did not a lot of people that I've been speaking to do. They throw it up in there because watched over the weekend. The Nation is phenomenal. Something I've never seen before and it's incredible stores sweet story great voice over work and no one is talking talking about it. And it's a Netflix film. So I'm shocked. Why was why was every animated movie this year about ice like frozen to house? Abominable Missing Link Arctic. Dogs dogs are dogs. I forgot that even existed all right as much as we want to get to all the categories here we do not not have time but don't worry collider. FCC has you covered on Wednesday so tune in check that out and also something you could watch later today on collider video. It's rula to. Here's here's Promo. Hey guys rally here and let me tell you about rule of to you looking for a star wars fix well rula to is that. Show it drops collider videos main youtube. Channel as well Azzam podcast ones jed eye counsel feed so go over there subscribe. Share it with your friends. It's hosted by myself and Mark Fernandez. We talk everything in the Star Wars Universe with a lot out of deep dives and a lot of conversations. All in you know what to do subscribe. Join US there and rise if you catch rula to today. They're going to have a very special guests on the show. You might know him. His name is Jamie Kosta and he's there to debut apparently the trailer for his Obi Wan Kanobi fan film. which I am? I'm just dying to see so Tune in later today and check that out and just another reminder if you want any of this cool heroes villains stuff use the Promo code talk ten for ten percent off over on Heroes Villains DOT COM great holiday options. I know I already have my eye so my family does a a secret. Santa every every year and I think I got someone this year who I think would really appreciate a heroes and villains I don't know how big I'M GONNA go. I'M GONNA go t shirt or jacket for him but I feel like it could be a good. I hope no one in my family is watching not supposed to give away who we have and now I just cut the field and has given away the gender matters. There's only there's only like A seven of us. I hope you enjoy your clang on shirts. I was GonNa comment on that but then I stopped because then it would've narrowed it down now. I just gave it away away even more all right. We're going to get to these two trailers now to really big trailers drop recently. We got full trailer for wonder woman. One thousand nine thousand four and also the new ghostbusters movies which have called ghostbusters afterlife. All right we've allowed to get into on these two but if you had to pick your favorite of the two which one would it be wonder woman woman as well but just just by a hair. I really liked both of them up. I ah I like ghostbusters. But I'm also not someone like that. Just wasn't my franchise growing up compared to other ones. There's something about just the I don't know like the texture and the feel of it and how quickly I got sucked into that trailer and into that family. That was really impressing me and also just how certain familiar elements from the original films. Just slowly slowly kind of added up until you get to that ending where I don't know I found myself kind of like freaking out by seeing certain elements. Come back as I started a piece piece. Everything thing together as far as how these new characters could be connected to the original ones. I love the fact that one is set in the eighties and one comes from eighties. Property which I think is really funny and This style just suffer the decade. I grew up in his great. I thought one of them is phenomenal. Just fantastic Patty Jenkins really just understanding what to bring bring to a sequel. How different in new to be the writing? Lightning secrets alone was incredible. I love the Maxwell Lord playing like the eighties. Infomercial guy that you grew up watching late at night right. Have you stayed up late watching those crazy things with the vibe of it pulling up the all of that the fashion that they nail but I grew Perry ghostbusters. Thing was a complete shock to me that I enjoyed that trailer. 'cause I was worried it's going to be debacle. I was worth going to feel like no offence to the Palsy. When I didn't like it I thought I was gonNA feel like that but I liked it at set someplace else and this is how you recharge the franchise brings young good young actors? Put it in a place that sounds familiar and then connected only in certain spots to the overall story and you cast someone like Paul Rudd that fits the vibe of the original to carry these kids into Those brilliant I don't think there's a better Lead for some there though then. Carrie coon Paul Rudd Fin Wolf Part McKenna. Grace it's like that list right then and there has me sold but the fact that it's like it taps into that childlike l.. Like wonder of discovery. And you're rediscovering elements from the original films. It's like that that kind of thing is infectious and it works really well for me in the trailer. I don't know if it did work for me. Ah I think the reason is because it's coming so soon after that. Et Commercial Commercial. Great I don't think so. Yeah he went off on like I. I think that this goes posters movies doing so many things right and it's probably probably going to be really really good but there is a point where like it's weird to just like be sold your nostalgia back to you and there's something particularly weird and ghostbusters. Busters were like. Oh the kids in the movie. Don't even have this nostalgia so like the as an audience. We have to have like kids who are learning how important our or nostalgia is i. Don't love that there's room for both though there's room for kids to discover their own things that are going to become their nostalgia but also to be able to appreciate hourly you could look looking at one way or the other there is something you know frustratingly commercial about it where you're being like. It's almost like you're being re fed like regurgitated stuff. I just just have cat vomit on my mind threw up in my router today and it was very upsetting But you can either look at it that way like you're being given back like rinse washed repeated stuff or it's idea. And this is part of the reason why I do really hold tight to things like adaptations and continuations of franchises is some some young moviegoer out. There who might not have had any reason to go back and check out the original ghostbusters. Movie could see a film with people they admire like Fin wolfert McKenna. A grace. See this movie and be like where'd all this come from it and then go back and check out something that they might not have seen before. Or let's say little women. For example. I have actively cavorted all forms of that story my entire life because I thought that story was not for me saw Greta Gerwig movie and now I have downloaded the little women audiobook and years years later when I had no reason otherwise to I'm finally GonNa read it and I think that's the good that comes out of it. I hear what you're saying and I take your point but it's it's not like this film was is a you know like a best picture emotional. It's ghostbusters an and they made a sequel. Because they wanted to keep a franchise going so it's in its bones to want you get to as many people as possible so for it to go this route I like it. I think it's the way they do. Also I ever saw some people pushing back going. There's no New York City. It's Not New York City. Why would you want to set a New York City again? We've done that three times already. There's no need Senate out here in the Wilderness. Because that's what you're trying to do is to bring people out from this area area back into this main of love of the franchise so it makes all the sense of the world to me personally that they're doing it this way because they don't have to be tied to all that stuff with New York City and can create their own narrative. Here all right. Let's go to one of the weird things with ghostbusters I think is so like. There's something sad about seeing like oh we'll hair. Dye is is is very old and unlike something like say say if this was star Trek And and it's it's about the federation the Federation's about exploring about pursuing knowledge. The legacy of the GHOSTBUSTERS is stopping cartoon. Ghosts and I love that ghostbusters. But there's something hard to be like after thirty years that legacy is going to have new people. If there's not a ghost problem it just seems like a fake aac thing to be sad about some ways interesting. No it's a it's a different take on it. I'm curious to see where they go on a second trailer and how much more they show because I do appreciate the mystery and wanting to know more and it's this is a trailer that almost makes me wish they will stop here but I know that's not going to be the case so I just hope their craft in terms of what they reveal in the next one but with wonder woman. I feel like what was exciting me the most about that this was the trailer that debuted at CC CC XP there's was it that's the right order but The Brazil comecon where Stephen Halio right now and all I could picture was that trailer debuting in in front of like a booming crowd that this is the kind of trailer that I think you're GonNa see before the big December releases and it's just GonNa below the theater away. There's something about the way it's cut the music that dialogue the action everything that says to me. This is perfect for big screen trailer. Viewing that's going to get even more people to buy tickets tickets to the movie. I thought it was fantastic. I thought just like the look of it was amazing The time it's been some time since wonder woman came out and it feels like oh it we've been waiting for this. I have a big question for you silence because I feel like you're the best person to go to for something like this. How how do you think Chris Pines character comes back because there's some potential like I dunno like science things mystery of the movie but it sounds like what Pedro Pascal maximum Lord is doing is giving people the thing they want the mask with some terrible price so for wonder woman? That's getting him back. So you think it's GonNa be a fish out of water scenario where like decades later. He's kind of feeling out a new world and that's why the why the art scene happens. I suspect we're not. I suspect we're not going to even know now until some point much later in the movie why he's back. That part of the mystery is wonder woman also got what she really wanted. But what's the price of that will the reverse of it right I. I the fact that he's out of water when she was out of water in the first films a nice change But I think it has to do with Cheetah. I think she knows she finds out about him. mm-hmm uses whatever that thing Max Laura's holding to bring Steve Back to mess with wonder woman and then someone put I forget who tweeted said I. I think they'RE GONNA kill Steve Trevor Off after every movie like Kenny in South Park for wonder woman to laughing on the general slack of other. Jeanne whoever put it up there on because Larry on the order of events you just said though seems very It seems like it's possible to me but usually when something seems so obvious like that it's wrong so maybe it's not going to have said that you didn't see Cheetah. No I liked what I saw of Kristen Wiig. I thought I mean even though it's like even though it's like an eighty bitty moment almond one conversation that the two of them were having together. I thought even just a few lines was very powerful. And I'm like into the character poster of her. I think that they are going to slowly reveal that that character and she might be a good fit for the role I can also see them wanting to see what the reaction of cats is. Silence it. Why does it always always comes back to cats brilliant? I did love so at the very end of the bag. The Art Museum of like like well are different for different people. And that's like a beautiful sentiment for a comic Book Mhm Pop Art. But that doesn't mean it's not art I kind of wondered if the no that's the trash can was a Justice League joke. This is something people have been saying on twitter tonight. Even think about it all that would be terribly. Why stippled Snyder even more Y.? Yeah I mean that's not. Even his his cut still think as as soon as soon as the snyder kind of some form gets released. I think it'll be okay even among hardcore. DC You take it all it's like I don't care how anybody feels about a Justice League. There's someone out there that loves. There's many people out there who do love it. I don't know I just feel like any joke at the expense of another movie in that kind of sense not cool ultimately when Snyder cast her in the damn role in BBS of if she agrees that it's just an extra line to reading eating into that that's not happening. I do have like two wild theories right now. One is either that Maxwell Lord is really sursee because Oh good person that transforms forms people into animals and at some point Cheetah becomes a animal person. Coal the other that I kind of like is like I feel like injustice league. We have time travel. That probably never going to be continued. Bring that back to wonder woman like make. The eighties are jumping off. Point for like have the Justice Society be founded rounded up. But the thing I realized is like if actual Lord is actually involved in global surveillance what if he's trying to find. Superman has recently in nineteen native four landed and is somewhere on earth. I'll take anything that paves the way to more superman the DC film franchise right now. Because I still one man of steel to rile Riley is firmly. Gotten me on that boat and I want it to happen and sadly I want it to happen with Henry cavill which I don't know feels like every passing thing day. The chances are diminishing. That's a thing that's an official collider position. What Steel Gee? I didn't realize how passionate I was about it until I heard it around me so much and I'm like no I really did you care. I want more and the way. He's handled himself through. This whole thing has been nothing but class. The whole time didn't get cut HASHTAG. Did his own thing. Also one last thing. I wonder if Thomas Emma Swain shows up in some form or Martha Wayne shows up in some form in this kind of allude to a Batman. Remember that Batmans GonNa be in the nineties. Possibly that could be something that would be playing around the eighties as well especially Maxwell being a businessman. Why wouldn't he know about Wayne? So all right guys we we have to say goodbye but we just left with a whole bunch of theories about if you agree agree with him or disagree with them hit the comment section below. Share your thoughts and your theories there. We love hearing what you think as well silence Roca thank you so much for being here for this heroes and villains sponsored answered episode of Movie Talk Again that Promo Code for ten percent off is talked. Hey you use that at checkout on HEROES VILLAINS DOT COM. They've got a whole bunch of new lines Out Star Trek Batman Joker and also warriors of Mandala. And we're going to show some of it off on the show all week and I can't wait to see what I can get my hands on all right guys a big big. Thanks to Adam in the booth and to all of you out there for watching today show do not leave it without liking and sharing it and don't go anywhere after you leave. Movie talk but collider live. I believe they have Justin long on the show today. So you're not gonNA WANNA miss that check it out and we will see you tomorrow morning. Bright and early for a brand new movie talk uh-huh.

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