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Logic perception consciousness. These are the things that we process each and every day but there is much more to our minds than we will ever realize is. That's why i wanna tell you about a show that dives deep into the inner workings of our brain. It's called sean. Carroll's mindscape join host sean john carroll as he sits down with some of the most interesting thinkers in the world to talk science philosophy culture and a whole lot more past guests have included. It'd neuroscientists game designers and historians. Hey if you've ever wanted to know how music affects your brain the origin of human impulse or how black holes work then you've come to the right place in just a moment you'll get to hear a preview of sean carroll's mindscape featuring filmmaker seth mcfarland sean and set chat about the orville and writing for science fiction while you're listening go subscribe to sean carroll's mindscape on apple podcasts spotify or wherever you're listening to business wars right now there's also a link in the episode note so boorda's for those who have not seen the show board us in clyde new members of this raised as the mock lynn and we're told they're only men only male monklands but they managed to give birth somehow <hes> which makes me think that they're really only female female marked lanes beside like what you're the definition of me. I think we've we've we've struggle that a little bit. The storytelling value that that species gives you as opposed to the logic of the biology. What we've kinda landed on their definitions are a little different than what ours are two very masculine presenting right. They're pretty much <hes> because because it you know it is it is that the end of the day you can always fall back on while they're aliens is different. That's right but <hes> but yeah it's it's. It's a it's an interesting. It was a dynamic that i hadn't seen before these these two very stoic. You know kinda classically science fiction aliens who were who were a pair were mates and and and how this kind of domestic life going on and it's it's i mean those two actors are just gold. I mean chad the chad coleman or i think also does the expanse. He was cutting on the wire yeah and <hes> and peter making obviously his boorda's are there. I mean there are my favorite couple on t._v. I i can endorse that. I can do a lot worse but then so a mentioned in the introduction that were spoiling everything so that's that's okay but <hes> they have a child. It is female. This is a scandal <hes> and the cultural expectation is that there will be a sex change. Turn it into a boy yeah and that is heavy stuff to be tackling right there in season one yeah well. It's what what always fascinated me was and again the the specifics deficts of that episode in that conflict are are arguably less pertinent than the <hes> than the more general conflict. That's that's a play in and that's another culture that does things their own way that doesn't doesn't stack up with your morals and your code of ethics but it's still their culture at what point do you at. What point do you respect their ways and at what point does that get so insane gene that you can't justify it in your own mind or or live with yourself and it becomes time to be galaxy police and claire. I guess is the doctor doctor and her question was she is also one of the treasures of the show grad as she wanted to know. She worked through the ethical dilemma here. You know who is benefiting from this. Is it medically necessary or is this just a cultural thing and i don't think there's obvious answers to these questions. Those are my favorite kinds of stories like i. I look as much as i love as much as i think there is a there is an absence in television of noble people who just want to do the right thing. Everyone's an an anti hero in. I i do miss the simplicity of gary cooper saying dammit. I just got married but i gotta turn around and go fight this bad guy. I do think that that's that's not a good thing that that doesn't exist on on television that i when i was a kid i had you know. It was fiction but there were people like like picard was. Was you know people who were people who were just out to do. You know the superheroes super france for god's sakes they were so wholesome awesome but these are people who are just out to do the right thing and i think at the end of the day to see people struggling with what the right thing is has but yet coming from a noble place coming from virtuous place but not being able to find a clear answer those to me the most interesting stories that i can latch onto. I i get a little weary of oh guys murderer and a drug addicts and all this and i'm supposed to sympathise with them. It's at a certain point. It's just i'm just watching terrible. People do terrible things. It does where he down on a little bit. You know it's it's i love the handmaid's tale but at a certain point i start to get tired of. This girl getting kicked around. It's iran. I couldn't bring myself to have you seen fleabag. I haven't seen fleabag <hes>. It's really really good but in the beginning is just hard because they're just <hes> so many bad things yeah yeah but it's but it is it is i mean that's the most fun stuff to write. Is those stories that don't have a clear cut and that's what we're always looking for on the oil. The stories don't have a clear cut. What's right and what's wrong and you know things that were. You have to weigh the rights of the individual against the needs of the society. It's all interesting stuff and it's all stuff that science fiction is is arguably more equipped than any genre to to address and i i have a blast ryan those kinds data stores these are these are the real dilemmas and you played out infinite number of different ways yeah i. It's it's it's fun to leave that stuff. I mean look there are certain stories where you it's it is clearly. This is right and this is wrong. You may disagree with me but i'm pretty confident in my ethics. I find that a lot of what we do on the orrville. Is we struggle along with the characters. It's it's a tough thing to i mean that story is a good example this this is this is their society and i mean look i mean it's it's saudi arabia's perfect example. It's it's their culture but you know how they treat women that it's hurting wendy. Walk walk in there and say hey. You're going to stop doing this. You're going to start doing things this way. People have differing opinions. I happen to believe that in in that scenario. There is an argument to be made for being a little bit of a hero and <hes> helping out the the oppressed but not everyone agrees with that some people would say eh. It's their culture. It's not your business yeah i. I'm on your side in the sense. I do think sometimes you're gonna try to intervene but i certainly historically earthly recognized that there's plenty of times societies have talked themselves into the idea that they were the virtuous ones in iraq. They were just imposing their own. Yep views right <laughter>. We've had crusades and all and the whole bit <hes>. Did you get pushback from episode of by people who have interest one way or the other in gender reassignment or gender identity ninety we we didn't we know certainly not from the company i mean it was interesting about fox's is for all of their conservatism on the news side. I've i've never once been censored in any way when anything that i've done i will. I will say that for them and <hes> you know when the episode aired that there was in there were mixed reactions and and there was a lot of passionate things written about the story and again. There's some things that i read that educated me a little bit and and some things that i thought were were a little bit. Maybe not so correct in their analysis of the of the show but <hes> i it's overall the the reaction that i found to that show and it was gratifying was that hey at least somebody's talking about this on you know on a network. Hello everyone everyone. This is sean. Carroll hosted the mindscape podcast and you've been listening to a little excerpt from my interview with seth macfarlane about science fiction themes in his t._v. Show the orrville to hear the the rest of the interview or any of mindscape discussions about science philosophy culture an any big idea. You might think of you can subscribe to sean carroll's mindscape on apple podcasts or wherever you're listening right now thanks.

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