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New Calls To Impeach Justice Kavanaugh: How It Would Work And Why It Likely Won't


This message comes from NPR sponsor. Comcast Business Gig fueled network solutions that help businesses go beyond the expected to do the extraordinary. Mary comcast business beyond fast. LEARN MORE AT COMCAST BUSINESS DOT com. Some Democrats are calling for Supreme Court Justice Brad Kavanagh to be impeached first this comes after the New York Times published an essay that details an allegation of sexual misconduct that had not previously been made public. NPR has not independently confirmed the incident a spokesperson for the Supreme Court told NPR that Cavanaugh has no comment on this allegation and he has denied similar allegations calls for impeaching Supreme Court justice are unusual so joining me now is NPR's senior political editor Domenico Montanaro welcome to the studio either audio the basic question. What does it take hake to impeach a Supreme Court. Justice was the last time that even happened. It's the same process for impeaching a president. You need a majority in the house to impeach but that doesn't remove someone it has to go to the Senate for that where two thirds of the senators is needed to convict the last Supreme Court justice by the way to be impeached Samuel Chase way back in eighteen in over four a year later the Senate declined to convict him the federal judges that have been removed and it's only been eight in the last two hundred years mostly have been convicted of things like making false statements showing favoritism being drunk on the bench or abusing their ability to hold people in contempt in this case obviously. Democrats don't have control the Senate and and Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said there's no chance that he's going to bring this forward and he called unhinged personal attack and yet California Senator Comma Harris is among those who are calling for impeachment. She defended the idea to NPR's noble king this morning. There's not been an investigation with the level of attention that normally would occur around these kinds of allegations and especially related to the subject at hand which is the appropriateness of this individual serving serving on the highest court of our land for a lifetime appointment. Let's the benefit to a Democratic candidate to take the stand. She's not the only one yeah sure I mean. She addressed the fact that she's he's running for president in an in her interview this morning. She said that she knew that that would be part of the Chris Criticism but thought that it was important to bring up anyway but let's face it. She is running for President President and you know she needs to raise her profile. In any democratic strategist would say today it worked. This is something that the base loves they feel that Cavanaugh lied side and that the FBI did a very cursory investigation and when we pulled on impeaching the president for example three quarters of Democrats said that they were in favor of it but it's a different story with congressional leadership should point you to today New York Democrat Jerry Nadler he chairs the House Judiciary Committee when shepherd any impeachment proceedings things he said he's far more focused on investigating the president and not going forward with Cavanaugh impeachment so any impeachment proceeding would have to start in the house as laid out earlier so that avenue appears close and his his reluctance assign of the risks for Democrats. Yeah sure I mean and that's why you don't see Nadler or other moderates in the Senate Jumping Ping on this. You don't even need polls really tell you that I mean just look at the body language today President Trump Mitch McConnell. They're happy to take this issue on and blast Democrats and keep it front and center whereas moderates like Doug Jones of Alabama Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota. They're saying that they need more evidence to begin any kind of impeachment proceeding against Cavenaugh Cavenaugh even though they say the process was a sham and Clovis Char's words and Jones said that if cavenaugh lied that he could be impeached but judicial nominations since those are key to president trump's base and to his political support but it clearly the this process would make moderates feel very uncomfortable. That's N._p._R.'s Montinaro. Thanks for explaining it. You're welcome.

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