Comparing casas: the Spanish home & its curiosities


Lack Ital- a warm welcome to the win in Spain. podcast oh cast. I'm your host Paul Badge. I aim to bring you a little slice of Spanish life and culture right into your ears wherever you're listening from around the world. Thank you so much for tuning in and if you're a new listener to this podcast special boom welcome to you and all the long-term listeners. Thank you for continuing to listen to this show. So what have I got coming up in this episode. Well I'm going to be looking at the Spanish home Home and are going to be running through some observations and comparisons between your typical Spanish home. I I suppose Compared with in my experience houses and homes back in the U K since living in Spain I think I've lived in five different different places. They've all been apartments and of course during my years in Spain. I've been invited to friends houses as well quite good insight into what makes a typical Spanish home. I'm going to be looking at the little curiosities the little things I've noticed that are different to home back in the UK. I'd also treat know if you guys. The listeners have found some of the same little curiosities differences That you find in Spanish Spanish homes also running through a little bit of the history behind housing in Spain in general before we get into my little list of differences that I've noticed assist but before we get into that I would just like to say a quick. Thank you to a new one in Spain Patriot. So MUCCI mask yes to Alexi Yefimov so big thank thank you to you. Alexi for signing up to become a winning Spain patron via the crowdfunding page patriots if anyone else enjoys the podcast and would like to show their support by way of a small monthly donation from as little as a dollar It's easy to do. You can just head over to patron dot com forward slash winning Spain. Pat E. N.. Dot Com forward slash winning. Spe when you hit the page. 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I'm really going to be talking about the kind of little quirky working differences that you find in Spanish homes in my opinion compared to back in UK. I've also lived in America as well so I guess I'm kind of comparing pairing Spain with those two countries. Of course I know there are listeners out there listening to this right now who are from lots of other countries around the world and might be thinking in king well actually You know what Paul is describing in homes in Spain is actually quite usual in in my home country and that may well be the case so just a little caveat here to say that my observations are based on being British guy living in Spain and based on my experience in the UK and America. Let's kick off by looking at housing in Spain in general and I did a little bit of research about this and the research kind of confirmed. what I was expecting For long-term listeners. You probably know that I live in Madrid In a quite an old neighborhood in Latino which is right in the center of the Spanish capital and most of the apartments Quite out around a hundred hundred fifty years old of course. There are new builds elds as well another listeners. Living in Spain who don't live in cities live in more rural locations in smaller towns and villages where apartments augments are less common. And you might be living in a nice luxurious detached house with a garden and swimming pool. Unfortunately for me that's is not the case although I do love living in the center of Madrid we don't have a garden swimming-pool but what I'm trying to say is that most Spaniards actually live live in apartments and more Spaniards living apartments than anyone else in Europe. which actually doesn't surprise me because on my travels around Spain over the years and certainly having lived here in Madrid apartments are everywhere? It's rare to see houses if I compare Madrid for example to the UK And London there are apartments in London of course but even though it's a huge metropolis of X. amount of million people You still see streaks streets of you know two or three story houses residential areas which is much less densely populated Than maybe Spanish vanish cities in Madrid. Overwhelmingly the majority of accommodation where people live Apartments which may range from three to a six stories or even more but yeah shoot to say that Spain has the highest proportion of apartment or flat dwellers in Europe and the lowest percentage of people living in houses and that is a statistic that I found by the stats Spanish stats company called the Euro Stat. And Yeah kind of confirms what I've seen in Spain. Even in smaller towns in Spain The centers of the city. We're not even the centers even the outskirts of the city's Dominated by quite large and densely built apartment blocks so the figures the iphone say that two thirds of Spaniards living apartments and while in countries such as Britain and Norway and northern Northern European countries the figure is closer to eighty percent of people living in houses with regards to home ownership. It's quite high in Spain and I was quite surprised by the statistic. I had the feeling that more people rent it Eighty percent of Spaniards own their their property while any twenty percent rent. So I guess the question is why do Spaniards prefer to live in apartments. It's well there is no hard evidence for this spurts for my research and from my own perspective of living in Spain. Spain just has more of an outdoor society. It owing to the good climate for most of the year and even in the winter months Spanish like to be out and about in the streets on the Tara Thor's in Bosnia House and in my experience where most Spaniards do their socializing. I will say in my experience of living in Spain and having lots of Spanish friends. Here is quite unusual to be invited to someone's house to socialize. It does happen occasionally but in my experience I would say that a lot less often than back in the UK for example if you go to any town or city in Spain you will notice the historic centers do have a Papa Hartman buildings but you also notice and I'm sure if anyone is living in Spain or traveled to Spain will have noticed that the outside the outskirts of even the smaller all the towns a dominated by large apartment blocks in fact entire neighborhoods whether only apartments and that's this is really really really common in Madrid. As I'm sure many of Sane and the reason for that is down to Franco. By the early nineteen sixties a huge Amount of Spaniards had migrated from rural areas from the little Pueblos to the cities as the rural economy. Konami declined families would up and move into cities which caused a big problem and in one thousand nine hundred sixty one in fact the government and passed a national housing plan to deal with the huge shortage of housing that was unable to accommodate this new wave of immigration and from the countryside into the city's not resulted in the construction of millions of homes during the next two decades. So right up into The early eighties. There was a huge wave of building which indeed resulted? In the construction of numerous apartment blocks often bell Very quickly quickly and rather cheaply and if you look at a lot of the apartment blocks around Spain you can tell by. The the architectural star which in my opinion is often quite ugly quite brutal you can tell it. Harks back to the sort of nineteen sixties. Nine thousand nine hundred. Seventy s off to Franco died and then following the election of Socialist government in nine hundred eighty two significant can resources with directed at building new housing in Spain but despite the efforts of population growth continue to outstrip construction and and so continued to become a pressing social problem for Spain so that coupled with low interest rates and an infusion of foreign investment fueled construction boom which we've all heard about which gave a massive boost to the Spanish economy but as we all know the the real estate bubble burst in two thousand nine when thousands of developers went under Spain's banks was saddled with more than one eight hundred eighty billion euros in toxic assets. And this was a huge contributor to increase in two thousand eight we've houses and nine immature lately I've noticed Certainly what all over the city where there are gaps in the center There's a lot of building of apartments going on indefinitely in various neighborhoods around the outskirts of Madrid. There are towerblocks going up and some of you may know about a huge big project project called Madrid. Norte Madrid north based around the CIA. Martine railway station a massive redevelopment project which hasn't started yet but but is due to start. I'm were lost something like twenty years and the plan is to build a huge new modern neighborhood comprising a apartment buildings shops leisure facilities offices. But I want to look at the more quirky sides and look at specifics that you find. Inside Spanish homes I myself with my fiance Carina. We live in a small piece. Oh a small apartment as I said right in the center of Madrid pieces or apartments said are the most common accommodation and for Spaniards. But that's not to say that you don't find houses where I teach out towards the outskirts of the city. You see a lot of detached houses what they call chat. Let's switch are detached houses with a little bit of garden or Patio. You do see rows of terraced houses. They're called adult satis. Casaus at Asada is terraced house us. You occasionally hear semi at Asada which is a bit like our semi-detached super common in the UK. Rows and rows of quite bland semi detached houses is in sprawling suburban streets very similar to where I grew up. You have a duplex or duplex. Which I think is quite a universal term for a two two story apartment? And then you have on article article could be a penthouse of it's super glamorous and very big or you might describe it as if it's smaller as loft apartment so that's an ethical so these are the kind of terms if you're looking to buy a house for rent and you're looking AH adverts or you're looking state agents window you might see these terms used chocolate detached Asada terrorist Semedo Sada semi-detached emme detached p. So of course we know is a flat so as a torch you now. I'm at home just in case you're wondering if you hear some kind of scuffling noises always in the background. That's our new kitten Bomba so it may Spanish apartments. You're going to have one. Doorway went insurance which is called the Poor Towel Hal Portal of course on the portal which is the main entrance to a building of maybe dozens of apartments you have an intercom so the intercom is a panel of numbers Buttons which for me when I first came to spend I used to find incredibly confusing. You have this whole bank have numbers and you have all of these little abbreviations and letters which might mean something like Floor to apartment three left or apartment three right or variations on that theme when as quite confusing. When you're I remember when I was house hunting doing the rounds in Madrid sometimes confusing using you end up bringing the wrong door barbeque talking about these buzzes? The sound you hear which is like this which is a little phone hanging on the wall by the door. You hear this sound all the time. Obviously in your own apartment you hear it but you hear it kind of echoing around the apartment zero out on the street and and It's far less common in the UK. One curious thing I find is when the postman calls. Now on the postman calls the letterbox reach apartment In in a big bank together together in the kind of lobby. Obviously the post person needs access to the letterboxes loss of booth onus. They didn't have a key to let themselves in. So what what do they do. They ring random buzzes. Just very quickly so much not just run the hand over the Bank of buzzes and whoever the first person is to aunt Sir Sir. We'll let them in on a regular basis. The bell rang. It's usually if I'm expecting a delivery of something and I think that must be the delivery I answer and it's No. It's Tarot postmen and let the Menzer is quite common on a daily basis if Khomeini morning to hear all if the buzzes ringing all around the apartment building as the postman is hoping that someone is at home to buzz them. In your little thing. I've noticed which can be a bit confusing. Sometimes when you're exiting an apartment building the the door to the main entrance or the portal doesn't just open. Sometimes they do. Sometimes you're looking for a switch to push. Looks like a doorbell or light. Switch switch to open the door. Sometimes I've done this before where I've been meaning to open a door for example and I've rung someone else's doorbell all quite often often. What happens as well as you have lights on a timer switch in the stack cases of an apartment building? There are no windows in the staircase Many times you're going up and down the stairs and what happens is the lights. Go Out. And you're in darkness and you look this little switch to turn the lights back on again and many times times I've been looking for the switch lights on and again rung someone's doorbell because the doorbells here look very much disliked. Plastic White Electric Light Switches. So sometimes that can be confusing and talking about entering an extinct apartment buildings I have to mention the many apartment blocks folks have what's called a Tarot kind of translates as a doorman But it's quite often the person who at the entrance of of the building just past the towel sits bound desk off quite often sits a little office where I used to live. There was a potato and he sat in a little office in the mornings. And maybe three till the mid afternoon after his lunch break a physical presence just kind of monitoring who's hang in and out of the building but they also have a really really used for purposes. Well if you have any deliveries home so that will sign for things for you They they normally. In charge of dates day maintenance of communal areas they might do cleaning mopping the floors of the corridors and staircases they might do a bit of painting and decorating in public areas. Not all apartment. Buildings have them and they usually paid for by the community of the buildings or of the owners of the the apartments pay every month. A community fee and path that fee goes towards paying for the poor and the poor. Tarot is basically a full time job. which kind of surprises me in this day and age? I sometimes think you know you go into an apartment building and there's a someone sat there behind a desk not really doing anything quite often. They might have a little TV On the desk or the radio on just sitting there watching people go in and out of the building passing the time of day. You kind of think I'm in this day and age. I'm quite surprised that that is we still financially viable and that it still exists. I have a friend who lives in what I would call a quite a posh apartment building as a swimming pool and has has landscaped gardens around and I went to a party there I mean cutting went to a party a month or two ago and the Porto there was it was like checking through a security gates in a in a in an apple or crossing a border checkpoint. The poortere was friendly but would not let us into the building until we told him the apartment number and the name of the person and he would check on his list to say to see that. Yes that person does live in an apartment men and would sometimes phone up to the apartment to tell them. I've got Paul and Karina here shall I let them up which I was quite surprised about. I'd never encountered count that kind of level of security before so the next one is really obvious when we think Spain and in fact I made an episode specifically about this I think last year and I'm talking about shutters. Pasadena's the shutters on windows and Baaz on windows as well. The shutters says the Pacino's I don't think there is a single Spanish home. That doesn't have us the plastic or metal shutters sometimes in the older houses. They're made of wood. Wait there really useful if you want a blackout and you don't any light at all. The great event the great for keeping the heat out in the summer months and the good for keeping the cold cold in the winter months I think personally. No Spanish is complete without us or shutters and I know that I have Spanish friends that live in the UK in my home town. And I was asking them before. What little things do you miss about the Spain on top of the list? Almost where's personas personas because yeah it's true in UK okay. We don't have shutters Very very very uncommon. We just have curtains and that's it and my Spanish friends were sort of like. Oh God in the summer when the sun comes up at five am and streaming room. And you've got your curtains closed. Oh it's really annoying because you know even with the curtains closed it's really bright Side they guy not common in the U. K. Super Super Common in Spain and the other thing Yeah the the metal bars that you find on windows of House is is called. Arrests are Baas now in our apartment. We have our Hasaan the bathroom window and the kitchen window because they look out onto into a walkway. Which I'll talk about a bit later? So yeah somebody in theory could squeeze their body through these tiny windows. I've got knows how they've managed to do do it but all the same there are on those windows. I actually think the ugly and I find it quite strange that there is a necessity in Spain to have Baas from top to bottom on all windows especially if they're on the ground floor or maybe the first two of three floors of a building in the building that we live in there are five flows and even on the top floors of the apartment building the windows tiny windows to people's bathrooms and kitchens have big thick metal buzz across them from some research. I did I think before it's something to do with insurance Spanish. Insurance companies will not ensure property unless it has baas across windows which shot easily accessible or could be easily accessible. I think it's a bit of a shame because because you see some beautiful houses particularly houses You know in the countryside and all of the windows of Baas across them and just saying just makes it. It seems a bit like a prison. I don't know anyone listening to this. Wherever you leave town Do get in touch via the facebook page and Tyler if it's the same in a country where you're from in UK. We don't have bars on any windows. Mostly went as a double glazed. They ought to here in Spain. So let's progress s from the entrance into a salon. Let's go into the living room or the lounge depending what you like to call it. Well I'm going to start first of all talking about flaws and I have touched on this before and in nearly all Spanish apartments or houses. The flaws are Not carpeted they usually tiled or. They might have what they call Tara which is like a kind of laminated it. Fake Wood flooring or covering co Tara. Oh they might have pocket but kept is the parquet flooring so the little wooden wooden blocks which has set into the floor carpets. I don't think I've ever seen a wall to wall carpet in a Spanish home. The Carpet Pitt. Muqataa is not something that Spaniards having a houses however in the UK everyone has carpets in their houses usually early. Maybe they becoming a little bit less fashionable now. Some people like to have like a Polish floor. Instead with a rug the I would say ninety percent of English or British homes. uh-huh have wall to wall carpet which is fitted which is pinned or glued down to the floor spoken to my Spanish friends. A few times about this. Come up in compensation. And then Ooh K.. Lasko they think it's disgusting that we have these permanent carpets which harbor bacteria and dirt and All this kind of thing. They think it's really on unhygienic in a way. It's a bit of a standing joke. I've heard before you know amongst me and my Spanish friends and I've Heard other people talking about it. You Say Oh God K Guarulhos British people are how how how how dirty with these cockpits everywhere and even sometimes having a carpet in the bathroom. Oh my God. That's that's disgusting and you know at which point I pointed out well. We do have vacuum cleaners which suck up up dust and debt but now they stick to their guns and say no a hard floor which you can sweep and mop is much much more hygienic eighteen. And let's face it Spain as much country than UK so it makes sense that you have hard floors tiled floors because much cooler but having said that I do miss this Sometimes kind of curling up on the floor with a back against the safer when I'm watching a film of stretching out on the floor is something I quite often did back home in the UK. Okay like the floor could become like another seat. If you had a lot of people round for example to watch a film or something it was quite normal a few people would just crush on the floor on the carpet especially especially in the winter as well you have to go around in slippers and this is another thing that I mentioned that Spanish people get a bit anxious when you go into their apartments and you take your shoes off and you walk around in your socks or if it's in the summer and you kick off your shoes or your flip flops or whatever and you go around barefoot in an apartment mm-hmm and you can see them kind of wincing in your own show. You don't want some slippers. I've got a spare pair of flip. Flops you can borrow if you like right now quite like going around in bare feet but it's something that I think Spanish date really and they're more likely at home to wear at least slippers or flip flops in the summer because of the nature of SP floors in Spanish homes. I don't think I've ever done so much sweeping. And mopping in my entire life. To be honest a mop to me was quite an a alien device for cleaning but every Spanish am has a mop and bucket. And the next thing. I want to talk about that. You find in Spanish homes. uh-huh is the Stan terrier. I didn't if I'm being unfair because maybe I'm thinking about Apartments of older people in Spain. But in in my experience when I've been to friends houses or parents or friends or family homes in Spain the steria which is the huge big league book case which tends to dominate the entire one entire wall of a lounge quite often look quite dated it Quite often made of re dark words with loads of shelves cupboards little glass cabinet spot in to them and they seem to house everything including the TV. The Stereo you might have a set of encyclopedias. You'll have numerous fe two graphs on the Trinkets Vases Thera- draws and his great big Stan terrier dominates the whole Ceylon. Everything is pointed at it. I've seen these a lot in Spain and been treated again any listeners. If you have found this to be true as well nine times out of ten when I viewed properties they seem to have these big Stan terrier and personally early in the UK. These are not popular tall. Now let me know your thoughts on this. Let me know if you have one. I know there are more modern versions of these standards. Now where people. We'll get them for my career another little observation and I think I like this light switches in Spanish homes are really big. I think it's a really good idea when you're fumbling around in the dark trying to find the switch to turn the lights on. I didn't if anyone else has noted this and I don't know if it's the same in other European countries I get the feeling that might be in France and Italy compared to the UK in the USA. Where the lights which is quite small so you have the panel but the actual button switches is quite small whereas here in in Spain on the light switches almost the entire panel is the switch which just clips up and down so I quite like it? it's easier to to turn them on and off. You probably thinking God. This is a bit niche. Well the tiny little observations that I've noticed it'll be intrigued tonight tonight. You guys have noticed this as well. Let's move to the kitchen the first ever place. I lived in Spain which was in center of Madrid which was unfortunately fortunately infested with cockroaches. which didn't seem to bother the other housemates who kept all of their cutlery plates in Tupperware containers anus to stop the cockroaches crawling on them? I didn't realize it I until one night I got up in the middle of the night to go and get a glass of water from the kitchen flick. The switch I attend the kitchen. Light on must've been dozens of cockroaches. Fleeing into the corners and into the cracks and into the crevices of the kitchen and I think it was at that moment I thought net. It's time to move on and look for another place to live but in this apartment which was in a rather old probably at least one hundred years old apartment building houses. This curious thing in the kitchen the I remember and what it was was a cupboard built into an exterior wall underneath for window. They had this cupboard with two. You wouldn't doors and when you open the wooden doors. The back of the cupboard was just like a kind of metal net or mesh or it just had holes holes Completely exposed to the outside. I had to ask my house where it was four. There was nothing in it. They didn't use it and basically in the older apartments you find them. It was a very primitive refrigerator. Where some of the first fridges? So people would hang inside this space. I some of sausage or they might key ajar of milk or anything. which would expire in hot weather would be kept in this little cupboard and I wanted to know what it was called old so I actually messaged? My Spanish teacher described it to her and she said Oh. Yeah it's called a FRESCA a FRESCA. So I guess make sense for scattered from fresco or FRESCA to be cool or fresh quite interesting Be Interested to know listeners. Again if anyone has ever seen one of these before all or indeed if you have one in the apartment way live I was quite taken with this. I thought it was a genius invention next thing I wanted to talk about in a Spanish kitchen. It is L. to`mix thermo mix thermex. I don't think I've been to a Spanish household which has has not had a thermo mix. What is the thermodynamics? It's this big heavy food processor which is capable of doing all sorts of weird and wonderful things. Here's a little extract from an advert for Thermo. Mix Salinas CA. This plethora. Is that even issue. Sagansky meeks at coffee coffee nod NANKA Kazakhstan Fadhel. Cooking has never been so easy. They're curious contraptions. We don't have one. They're very expensive. I think put the lower end. They cost maybe two or three hundred years. And I think I've seen some go up to five hundred zero or maybe more and it says a said food processor. So it's capable of mixing ingredients together but as you might have guessed by the name thermo it can simaltaneously heat and cook feed and there are also models which chill food as well and there are thousands of recipes specifically designed for the Thermo makes so. I've seen recipes his for making ice cream. I've seen recipes for making bread. You can make casseroles and stews and pastries you can just about anything in a thermo makes expects thing on my list which is connected to the kitchen But might not necessarily be kept in the kitchen These orange or sometimes blue gas bottles mains gas does exist in Spain but I think this is common as for example in the UK in my experience in the UK. I've almost never seen a house. which is gas from a gas bottle? Mains gas is pretty much everywhere in UK even in small villages. But I'm sure there are places that don't have mains gas mains. Gas is less common in Spain. But of course it does exist but the use as if gas bottles or Bomba's as they're called are really common bombard asked Gas Canisters which are delivered. Maybe on a monthly on sleep basis. You quite often see a truck delivering them. clanking down the street packed with gas bottles. They come and collect the empty one and deliver Ayu anew or not is quite a common site in Spain the gas bottle which is connected up to the gas system in the house to heat your water Our to use for your cookers. Well the other thing I was going to mention is this phenomenon code. GotTa gotTa lay down if you guys have heard of it before it is well in my opinion the quite clearly and quite dated wall covering which she see in a lot of Spanish. Charms are think gradually people are realizing that it's pretty ugly and getting rid of it but what it is is kind of stippled or bumpy. MP affect which is sprayed onto interior walls. You can see in any room in the house about. Maybe the bathroom looks like someone's ICED East. The war with the top of a cake or something. In my opinion it's quite ugly common in the nineteen sixties or seventies or even into the eighties. This most similar thing. I can compare it to back in the U. K. is wallpaper which is called would chip which she still seeing houses in the UK. A again it's kind of notorious now for being pretty old fashioned and ugly Sir yet again. Let me know if you got in your house and let me know whether you like it or not. So let's move onto the bathroom. One Difference I've noticed in Spain and Spanish homes with the bathroom compared to the UK is they are nearly always tiled from floor to Ceiling in the UK in bathrooms. I think it's more common to have tiles guy from the floor to maybe halfway up the the walls or maybe three quarters of the way up the walls except for the area where the path with a shower is I would say but in Spain. All of the bathrooms that I've ever seen Like Echo Chambers. They have tiles obviously on the floor and they have tiles from floor to ceiling and again my Spanish friends who live in my home town and Oxford back in the UK. They bought a house there a few years ago and I was helping them with a few things when they were redecorating and they got rid of the tiles when just halfway up the wall and decided to tile the entire walls and they made a special comment about it as well as they don't understand why you K- you only tile part of the world. Why didn't you tell all of the wall right up to the ceiling tonight So yeah the UK's more common maybe to have it partially tiled and then anti might have it just plastered or painted with waterproof paint or something. I don't know Talking about bathrooms as well I suppose it would be remiss of me not to mention the B. Day. We don't have a Bidet in our bathroom I have been to lots of bathrooms that do have days. I don't know if people really still use them them for washing your your Ria area or not Some people say they don't use them but they can be useful for things like I don't know if you've done some washing and it's still damp but you haven't got time to hang out the chuck it in some people say they use the days for soaking clothes closer for example. If you're doing a whitewash and you've got now white shirt which is stained instead of leaving it in a in a bowl or a bucket or something you chuck it in the B. Day. I chuck in a bit of Bleach and leave it to soak in there before washing it so I guess kind of useful. Maybe they're becoming less common in Spain. I'm not sure Certainly tale of bathrooms don't have them. Now I remember as a kid one of my first trips to Spain when I was probably about seven or eight years old being really curious as to be day was and found it hilarious that it was for washing your bottom with The other thing makes it taps now I think every tapping Spain is a mix tap and again I'm just tag gonNA use my Spanish friends to refer to in this anecdote They said Oh God why in you. Don't you have mixer taps in your kitchens and bathrooms especially in your bathrooms. He WanNA wash your hands. And you either have boiling hot water coming out of one tap and cold water out the other and you kind of have to do this little maneuver Suvorov flipping your hands between the two taps. In fact I've even seen on facebook. memes kind of taking the piss out of this phenomenon when and UK where we have to separate taps and memes of people flicking their hands between the two hot and cold taps. Maybe it's true I think in more modern bathrooms is in UK. Now they do have mixer taps but in Spain. I don't think I've seen separate taps the other thing which I find quite curious and I don't. I think this is specific to Spain. I think this is also the case in other European countries as well is that they quite often have electrical outlets or what we might call plug points in the UK inside the bathrooms quite often next to the sink. So that you can plug in a hairdryer or maybe an electric razor or something thing like that and it's just a standard Power Outlet We don't have this in the K.. For safety reasons you don't normally you find a your regular power outlets or plug points inside bathrooms because of the risk of mixing water with electricity The only thing you will defined as a specially made adapter plug for electrical razors but other than that. We don't have power points in bathrooms and the other thing with a light switch. I think it's true in America and the UK. Hey that we have a cord which you pull to turn the lights on inside the bathroom name. But they're not very common. What you normally find is the light switch for the bathroom is on the outside of the room normally by the door on the Outside the stadium with power outlets or plug points. I've always found everywhere. I've lived in Spain that there are never enough plug points and certainly this is is the case in our apartment where we live now. The building is one hundred plus years old but the apartment was renovated. Probably not that long ago but didn't occur to them to put in more plug points. I think in total in the whole apartment we probably only have like four or five plug points. Maybe one two in the kitchen. I think we've got what in in the bedroom. And we've got maybe one or two in the lounge so you end up finding that you have this tangle of adapters and extension extension cords going around the apartment where everything is plugged into just one or two power outlets are being treated and if that's the case with any of you guys listeners business or maybe if you've moved if you've bought a property and you found that you've had to Put in extra power outlets for all of your electronic devices in our case we've got extension leads out out of every power outlet which is probably not that safe to be honest and the other thing. I've noticed latest inside Most Spanish homes whether their houses or apartments is the complete lack of smoke detectors Now these have always been around in UK but certainly since. I would save a ninety nineties where there was a big kind of advertising campaign and a big push rush To to encourage people to install smoke detectors in their homes. Obvious for obvious reasons to Stop people dying from MM smoke inhalation. In their sleep. Obviously to alert people of a fire. Fire in the hub I've never seen a smoke detector in any Spanish house us whether it's been hardwired into the main elections or whether it's one of those back she operated ones you just stick on the ceiling again. Let me know if you've had problems with this or if you have smoke detectors in your homes. We don't have any actually in our apartment and something. I need to get round to buying and installing. But no no smoke detectors and I'm in homes in Spain in my experience not a common sight. Okay then just before we round off outdoor oh space tariffs Patios and Korologos. Now if you're lucky enough to live in a detached or semi detached house maybe we know in the city centre location. You have access to a nice taffer Quite often tiled areas. I didn't think grass awesome lawns are particularly common in Spain again. For obvious reasons. The climate is hard to keep a a a an area of lawn green and alive In extreme temperatures in the summer but certainly tiled spaces some apartments come with a little tougher which is usually tiled completely where we live? We unfortunately don't have a tariff Apartment building opposite us on their top floor. Apartment have a lovely big tariff on their roof with plants and sun shades. And I'm always extremely jealous of them when I see them up there enjoying enjoying a beer on the taffer in the summer But we don't but we do have an this is quite a common thing in Madrid in older apartment in buildings and that is something called a Kerala. Now I'm just Moved across to my kitchen window it looks out onto an internal kind of patio so whereupon the third flaw and what is a corral or Kerala is like a walkway quay which is open on one side. So it's kind of a corridor which leads from the staircase to the various doors of specific acidic apartments. And they're actually quite pleasant to look. How are in our building which is about one hundred and twenty years old? The corollaries a quite intricately designed wooden structure with wrought iron an quite ornate black railings. It's like an external corridor walkway walkway. And as I'm looking out now on the Kerala it's a place where people who had pop plants lots of plants that I can see you hanging down and it's also a place where people hang up. Their washing on their tender eros tend to Darrow. Is your washing line. As as I look out now and this is really common. It's like a kind of pulley system of maybe four or five clotheslines hooked up to Little Police and Wales so that you can move backwards and forwards. This is something really. Common Son is really common disease. Everyone's washing out the weekend. When they've done their wash NEC everything? Everything Nicholas underwear kind of quite intimate stuff. Really's shed with your neighbors and some people hang. These tend to data's out on their front balcony. How can I would say that's less common with that? In mind I would say the electric clothes dryers not very common in Spain. Yes you can by them yes they exist if you go into an electrical store. But I didn't know anyone who uses an electric dryer. Nearly everybody hangs washing outside one last thing. The plants on balconies super common. And I read recently something about superstitions and I take notes. Anyone else's noticed this is is quite common to see geraniums out on the balcony I can't seem to keep mine alive getting attacked by moths and bugs But apparently if you put a cactus this out on your balcony it is supposed to be good luck so few wonder why you see a lot of cactuses out on a balcony. Yes they are really really hardy and they can take any kind of extreme weather which she get in a lot of Spain but also apparently to ward off any bad luck. Stop any bad luck entering through your doors balcony into your house. So that was the last thing on my list of little curiosities and becky things and comparisons with Spanish homes compared to my experience of homes in the UK. and to some extent in the United States. If you've listened to this and you've you can relate relate to any of the things that I've been talking about Do you get in touch and leave a message on the facebook group. I'm sure there are things I've missed off this list. But if any of you live live in Spain or have lived in Spain and can relate to any of the things I've been talking about. Let me know let the rest of the group no and if there indeed anything that I've missed off that have mentioned feel free to get in touch and let me know as well this week. Thank you for staying tuned. Hope you enjoyed the episode just to say that when in Spain has a presence on all the usual social media the hangouts. Most of you know this already. 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