Introducing: The New Corner Office


Hi I'm Laura Vendor Camp I'm the host of the before breakfast podcast and the author of several time management books including Juliet School of possibilities off the clock and one hundred sixty eight hours. I'm also the host of IHEART media's newest podcast the new corner office in this show we share strategies for thriving in the new world of work, one way or the location and hours are more flexible the past whether you're working at home for the first time as the world tries to slow the spread of the pandemic, or you've been telecommuting or running your own solo enterprise for years. This show is for you every weekday morning I'll be sharing a quick tip. Tip To help you navigate this more self directed way of working. These are strategies that have worked for me for people. I admire, and that come from listeners like you. I'll answer listener questions on managing time and staying connected. We'll tackle everything from to do lists to home. Office designed to strategic career decisions, listen over that First Cup of coffee and I promise you'll learn something useful. My goal is to help you succeed in the modern workplace where ideas matter more than ever, but shoes might be optional, so start your workday, but the new corner office coming Wednesday April I find it on apple podcasts, the iheartradio. APP or wherever you get your podcasts.

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