The Cause of Suffering


Agyei forest then. You're listening to five minute Dharma. Five Minute Dharma's a weekly podcast giving you practical Buddhist wisdom for everyday life episode six the cause of suffering dealing with the four noble truths says given in the Buddha's very I talk the setting in motion the wheel of the Dhamma. The four noble truths are the noble truth of suffering the noble truth of the origin of suffering. The Noble Truth was the cessation of suffering and the noble truth the way leading to the cessation of suffering. Today we want to look at the second noble truth of the origin of suffering. The Buddha said now this be coups is the noble truth of the origin of suffering. It is this craving which leads to renewed existence accompanied by delight and lust seeking delight here and there that is craving for sensual pleasures craving for existence craving for extermination so the direct cause of suffering is craving. The Pali word. Here is ten. It literally means thirst. The suggestion rights rupert. Gethin is that deep in the minds of beings. There is agreed or desire that manifest as an unquenchable thirst which is the principal condition for the arising of suffering. It is the wanting mind the longing for external satisfaction the gives rise to discontentment and suffering as long as the fire of craving burns. Suffering will continue but we must understand that craving is not the first or the only cause of suffering but it is the immediate cause the first link in the chain of suffering which is called dependent origination is ignorance it is because we are ignorant of reality as it is that we thirst and crave by ignorance. I do not mean on educated or not smart in Buddhism. Ignorance is the ignoring of the true nature of reality. It is not intellectual but experiential knowledge that is lacking is the Buddha explained. I do not see a single thing. That so causes on Arisen unwholesome qualities to arise as heedlessness or another translation. Puts IT in attentiveness. We see appearances not reality. We know the material world but we are strangers to our own mind as the Buddha explains not knowing suffering not knowing the origin of suffering not knowing the cessation of suffering not knowing the way leading to the cessation of suffering. This is ignorance because we lack a deep experiential knowledge of the four noble truths that we crave and therefore suffer. Architects says that there are three kinds of craving craving for sensual pleasures craving for existence craving for extermination. The first kind of craving is a thirst for central pleasures sensual pleasures the enjoyments or delights derived from our physical senses. It is desire for pleasant sights. Sounds smells tastes and touch sensations in Buddhism. The mind is also a sense. A six cents. So sensual pleasures also refers to enjoyable ideas images and other mind objects. All of these are source for craving clinging and suffering. The second kind of craving is a thirst for existence this the urge to live on in never die. We crave personal immortality and feared death. Death is an existential dread hanging over our heads that we desperately want to avoid but to fear the inevitable is to suffer. The third kind of craving is a thirst for extermination. This is most evident in the desire to commit suicide but according to the Buddha death does not end your suffering and only pushes it forward into another life when the pain of life becomes so unbearable. Death is not the answer. Awakening is only awakening to reality can free you from the cycle of suffering inclusion suffering pervades the awaken life. But now we know the cause of suffering it is craving that close by talk. Thank you for your attention. You've been listening to five minute. Dharma five minute. Dharma is a weekly podcast. Could be a practical Buddha's wisdom for everyday life. You can subscribe to the podcast at five minute. Dharma DOT COM till next time may the Buddha's wisdom enlighten your path?

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