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Come on that's. Thank God for Jesus. Catholic God. We've been here since five o'clock this morning. Good morning everyone it is. Weird Wednesday for real it is Wednesday September first twenty twenty is Today. Yeah. It is a way into the. Oval. Today. Is. Tuesday. Tuesdays at seven, two, thousand, twenty, forty women at the two. Features City J. LO I co host Bobby Cologne way you get your morning started right only place on earth where you get your morning started right the chat rooms wide open or please call in five, seven, zero, ninety, two, six, nine, five, zero, broadcast, iheartradio radio, dot com song morning show dot, com radio, DOT, com Connie, Worldnet radio, and also city jail the world famous Almighty facebook live like share showing hog was your wake-up, TAME Only, place on Earth, where you get your morning started right city Jay on a Turkey Tuesday. s to the double N. Y.. Good Morning. Cj God bless you, and how are you? Good Morning Sean I'm doing great can morning to everybody listening we have a great show for you. Today on this turned up Tuesday we're going to get started with sending says, I'll let you know what's going on in Hollywood and entertainment news a lot of big things happening last night. So stick around for that S- morning Barbie Good Morning Cindy, good morning everyone here in Bethlehem we work as life you from. Six degrees the highest golden eighty one today, it is going to be cloudy all day with a slight chance of rain showers on and off throughout the day and Strasbourg sixty four degrees. Seventy nine will be the high cloudy in a possibility of rain. Throughout the also sixty six knocked New Jersey seventy nine for the high cloudy and rain. On and off again throughout the day. In New York City, it is sixty six degrees. The highest going to be seventy seven today cloudy with a slight with slight ch showers in Atlanta seventy three degrees eighty eight for the high partly sunny with a possibility of showers. Some time in the evening and Miami. It's eighty two degrees to highest going to be eighty eight today and partly sunny seventy Chicago seventy three for the high cloudy this morning and thunderstorms sometime around eleven am. So if you're out and about please be careful in Los Angeles sixty four degrees the highest GONNA be seventy, nine There will be am clouds but the sun is going to come out and it's going to be a beautiful day for the rest of the day. That's the way that I have for you look like where you are where we Cologne coming to you live from the show have you wanted trophy transcending J. We get you want to study right we get some more to start right on a turn up Tuesday we have the morning buzz everyone and I guarantee each and everyone of you guys before nine am this morning Will be buzzing what us? For forcing Jay and like our we're GONNA have sunny from Patriots Jay I'll let you know what's. Going on in. Local. Guys stick around. For that. They'll be some has boys y'all to. ACT IN DOPE around here lately. Guys don't go nowhere you. When we come back, we shout the room. Where's the heart sat in the chat room you know we can't do it without you. Sean Hoffman show featuring singer coast. But what we do right now, we'll go back to the morning drive with Dj not here. Let's go on. Pledge. Let's. Bill On. Hat Mike. Shoutout to. The Santi. said, I can't do the hearts right now because he is on the treadmill. Allen. Go ahead, big and. Missing, NASA Holdup Detroit and using your legs but. If you can type that message, you can put a heart I wanna hear on and WanNa hit all. My Heart. A heart. That would be a great benefit. Sin Cakes. Absolute chapter. Talk. Back. Later Right This radio. Screaming in bone with them. Disease Pieces. And a piece at hand I. I. Can't do that you're. Saving over and over and over. Hey coming in. I. At one time I ate a tuna fish. Dry don't manage own fixing. Every thing. Yeah. Toll Drug Waffi not even that was tuna fish gravies every day. For like three weeks. I've lost weight. Fifteen pounds was he and I was working out you do as stream guys like if you stop doing that, you won't go back to your half or so with Maga work, you just change your whole mindset change your whole. Everything about what you're doing. Mama. But I had to change minds and change everything about my way of Life Barbie? Your expiration. We. Your short to it's it looked. Like Humpty dumpty. Off. It was a mess y'all. Whole different. But you really good. Old. If. You guys go on like you to you like old Sean. Compilation or to. Your. Doctor. Estimates. He looked. Of Elvis. Fact my problem to a lot of my waking coming from the drink. The. Gallery. Waiting. Asia. Is your liver. Better. Like the elect. REGENERATES general. So you have like a twenty, five, zero liver now I gotta go. Brain Candy. Base. Has Right. New. That's why I Didn't. Didn't work at the same time. Old. Annoying annual sweat and to write off right. Brain. took. But. You guys under control. Slow down again. Being by. Frank. This, give me a minute John. Heavy. Worth. You're sober. You guys. You'll give me a sliver of your liver. Everyone. Back. into. Because, we're. taught. Things mom my mom. She TV gave me a sliver of her liver. Mr Bean. Is. Wanted. All my part. Didn't. Know. took. Like. that. took. ME. Joining. After everything's all said and done. Play where my? Thanks. Five. Figures. Honest Of Your hands. Not. Your. Best Racist. William living it's not exactly. Talk. Dan. IS COMING OUT ON. Big. Won't. Walk. Ratio. Doctor, working on. Here's Tom they're gonNA. Get. shouted. About a slipper for my level. One southbound. Keeps. Drilling. FOUND FAST Nicole Harris. Thank you. She. She's organ donor sir. Robin. Round. Eight. Two girls. Thorough. Horatio and given nobody nothing. She needs all of that. It's become Michelle Harvey one show featuring the weight up team you WanNa have a good time. May You stop at the IMU located eight Thirty One south Delaware Dr here at Easter. The off American cuisine and a twist on cocktails on Wednesdays and Thursdays have deal incite also Friday and Saturday here this move sound of a local artist featuring jazz rb when you stop in, make sure you tell. Like. Hey this is semi Jay from the Sean how every morning show and I want to let you all know to contact Cam w roofing and contractors LLC for all your home remodeling needs contact David read at eight, zero, four, three, nine, one, seven, nine, eight, they give free estimate and they're licensed and bonded call them today. Tell them the Sean Harvey Morning. Show thank you. Hey guy is Barbara Cologne Michelle Harvey one show featuring wakeup team you WANNA have a good time may show you stop in at the IMU located eight thirty one to South Delaware Thrive here eastern Pennsylvania the off. American cuisine in a twist on cocktails on Wednesdays and Thursdays, they have deal on site also Friday and Saturday here the moves down of local artists. Jazz or are when you stop and make sure you tell them to show morning show cinch. Brandon Chat Room Hey this is Jay from the Sean Harvey Morning Show and I want to let you all know. Roofing Contractors LLC for all your home and remodeling needs. Contact David read at eight year three nine. Seven nine, eight. Free estimates. And bonded, call them today. Show every morning show. Commercial you Chattanooga of the chatroom. Charon. Challenge why is he yelling? Okay talking because we eight. Look. I'm not shouting. Single more. Over here please some love. What's going on? Okay. Have shown. By Shaw. Everybody, always hide you Boyce love in this room look half of them are your friends race. Love. We have back. Turtle, Tuesday two September the I already. Twenty twenty. Fifty seven minutes happy. I walked back Sean how the morning show featuring J. Co barbeque along where you get you WanNa start a right the only place all where you should more than started. Right only place you're GONNA get all this morning love on and show out here Pocono Lehigh Valley I said that. You could dispute it all you want, but you know it is. Thank God for Jesus. We are here Bobby Cologne. Once again, good morning to you. Good Morning. Good to see. You get to be saying skin looks clear. Bobby we try God. Bless you. Thank you what's going on out there in the world push is jury today are in Bethlehem we come on back cutter wherever they say, right? Yeah it is. Oh for sure. So and so we all need to be cuddling with somebody would that be not ourselves but with somebody else right At, this would be that weather. WanNa chat room right now if you're cuddling right now while you listen to the show. Is anyone in their right now? Right now somebody. Here Bethlehem we comes to you live from it hundred, sixty, six degrees eighty the high and cloudy. Possibilty, arraigned on and off throughout the day guys. If you're out in about tick armone, just in case sixty, four in Strasbourg the highest to be seventy nine today cloudy in the possibility of rain also sixty six, north New Jersey seventy nine will be the high cloudy and rain on and off throughout the day in New York, city sixty six degrees the highest going to be seventy seven today cloudy with a slight showers sometime today seventy, three, Atlanta eighty, four, the high partly sunny but the showers will come on in sometime in the evening and Miami Eighty, two degrees, eighty, eight, hundred high and partly sunny seventy in Chicago seventy three for the high cloudy this morning in late storms. Sorry, late morning thunderstorms and alleged. Sorry in. Los. Angeles sixty four degrees sending out for the high is cloudy right now. But going to come out around ten eleven o'clock their time and it's going to be beautiful. That's the way that I have for you all what's in the where you are Waikoloa coming to you live from the show Hannity show featuring. Sidney J we get you WanNa start right exactly. Get morning started right Bob Cologne. Thank you so much for your Server Barbie City guests. are going show the chat room some love. Sharing the show and please please don't hesitate to share this show. The Heart in the chat right now on a turned up. Tuesday. Robin. Robin Andrews said I'm cuddling with Jesus. Here that Rub. WHO said that? WHO said that. You wanted to shut us all down right. Though. Jesus sitting there. Best Pedal Buddy. Buddies gene. was like. SATS era. Like, now, you know the national. cuddles you every night, right? Right in the middle. Of. PRO-CHOICE WHATEVER Go, sit out so we. Get. To the show and I'm going off. Okay Yeah, need to listen to yesterday's. Bigger. Posted on her wall. No doubt we. See Hans in the chat room right now. Yes I WANNA. See some hearts even if I can't seem. To fill them in my spirit. The Heart Massad stop on a treadmill right now. Stop sweating, brother. I don't want you to sweat too much breath. Patient Self Right now, this is a good time to pay. This is a good time right now to stop the treadmill second and put the hearts in the Chapman it pivotal are. Putting hearts in. June boy. Is. Pause blackheart and building. Young in the building his they're. GonNa win the bill when that is here on something I've seen and. IAGO ship. Yeah Wanders here and show. Some love right now show. Parts. TAP. Tapped. That city. Let's go. With. Wait a heart. To Heart. With a hard time. Hey. Hey. Parts that. Aren't. In the chat room. Hard task. Let's go. With our. With a heart. Heart set. Win. The heart. Turns. Hey Hey. Hey folks hey. Hey. Hey. Won't. Turn down. Arts and Rookie. We used the. We have in their Barney. Guys. retructuring. You. Know. I don't. I. Don't Schmidt. Latter. lescure. Komo. No. On. Ridiculous you. Know. None of your shares? No no no. She taking. Eating. Them. Now shoot. You can hold that. Yeah. Right. Keep that. I want to touch us a lot. Sorry. Can't. Gagging, building up your nut. Hey, good morning to you. The beautiful. How Wanda Santiago shepherdess here hello. Wanda can't cut all which she's on her. New York visit his mom oh. Yeah. Sorry about that, Wanda Remote I mean work from the computer remote by you didn't go with your boo. Him. She probably don't. WanNa go over here. Hop. The last. Shot of. George. So sweet. Michael Street Justice Grass Day is end the bill what a street. China. Let's show. Brown. Out of is here Hello Festival Good Morning Girl blessed I'm coming over for breakfast. Can grow. Though. She's whatever it is. In the building power breakfast. Haiti low. North Carolina. Be, hand she. Me So y'all. Have a kitchen so. Breakfast this weekend. I like to me, I mean home fries and steak and. I was. Bomb then might be my first breath is when I who you may therefore. I mean for me Kyle. So let's. I didn't see. That I didn't say that I. Like I said. A tiny will wash my clothes. WASHING CLOTHES THAT I drop them off at the cleaners and actually shot him Iro in like three of his shirts and one pair of shorts. Well I. I don't know their designers. They should have been dry cleaned. Yeah. I wash them regular you don't wash. But he was so sweet. He was at nine. Don't know just. Signed in. His mind. Things. Don't record. Actually that. You. How Only said. I know I felt so bad because like. I said, sorry but it just didn't seem like it was officiant as. Shrunk it yet trunk but he was like I can he's like I can get it back but. Again. I was trying to help. Young people real funny when they start dating Aisha don't go on her story. I wish. Somebody now. You in net mother told. ME. Know. I would love to be a FI on the wolper they're. Just great. Spicy. Scarlett. Omar. Let's keep the bikes on. Santa Logan is here good morning girl that which is. That George Henry and the building was data. In Cologne is here. Hey, girl. Kisha Graham is in the building. Show. Della Andrew is here hey della. Right and Robert Andrews is here. Hey, sisters good morning. Yes the. Hey. Building. Right Andrew Says Ya Nathan Jones in the building, what's up Nathan you? How are you? This morning Diane Hall? We said a Diane Hall Is. Dj Cadillac he just popped in Good Morning Ron how are you? This morning. Yes, he is. He's pretty cool. And the signs E it's in the building. What's The hey? Of you on the treadmill in the group of Vang Vang because we WANNA to make sure you tell us able like. Now, you really meals on we'll. ANYBODY WATCHING USER RIGHT Talking. About Want to stake. Do. Be Clear I had said. He wasn't doing enough none of that for no man. This, they don't deserve that they all the same bub-bubba you've been saying that for years he. Came to. Washington. himself. Jaw. BURP. That deserve for people that put forth the work and Don't clean them continue to do. So Johnny weapon. With Johnny. Washing jaw. Wash. This let me tell you my second. Hold it down as the hold. Off. The draw. Nash should forgot the sheriff the jaws probably. Shirt and a pair of short. They were Gucci Anyway they should should be banned stop wearing that told you about that. Know. Wants to know drowsy. I. Hope was never come back crystal Johnson. Christo Chris. Pay. Jones, her father, the world famous is today's his birthday oh my. Arm I could've sworn Thomas Birthday had passed writing I didn't have. To. Do. Queen can you clear this? Birth today's time birthday. Are You doing anything special? Special right we make us. Okay. Watching your birthday. Come around next year Donald do nothing Tanya Not Dan. False on. What south of my birthday many years ago Barbie I mean many years. Back in the heyday. I was dating this chick right Oh my gosh, she was I. Could Imagine. Nothing. Baddies on. I had to be ugly chicks. Three. Four everybody in Bachelor. And Bobby. Woman she was. She's. She goes like this. You know you've been so good to me. My birthday was months before. If you say. I'm GonNa Bring my friend and his dad was she. Said you're going to bring your friend. If, you just keep doing everything as you've been. Six months down the road for my birthday. Mr. She would hereford. Yes she likes. This is my friend. I was like this for me. Mike we me. and that was a birthday. Free. This is for me. please. Boy. Early. Nineties. Never have happened again. Say. By need to Thomas. These. These Steps Queens please. By she was like I would never. Beneath me, that's right. Bringing up. Chad Boeing, time for that but necessary centrale he and the of. I can't come up girls going to be a move. Jessica Wilcox is in the Building Good Morning Jessica. He trusts. Natalie, right is here Halo Natalie good and Jerome, down and building what's up Jay tell everybody said WHOA. I'm. Michelle Mickael farmers in the bill. That City Mail Yeah and. DJ me for all. Your. Good morning to you roll, he did he do to one clutch because I didn't happen? To show starting out unless you. Say Good Morning to the Queen because she and the bill anti alias hear me. Off. Off. Hey girl. Princess. On Baby, hold on the whole. IDEA. Good Morning Mr. Up something everybody you know for instance carts pause blackheart. The first chat room number two week. Stanley Earl. Mr Robinson Jackie Robinson. I feel that printers is not getting enough love. Lashes. We've. Been Back. This is a weak. There's our second way back. Yeah. We need the amp up to. The Robinson love. You Be Donald. You guys. Let's say you buy Ranchero. This show. Kurt? Yes. This show is about Prentice Connell. Pause heart is it I am here for you want. To your acting real no no I'm just saying I didn't get that memo. Everybody. Let's show pens or some long I would've got the. because. He deserves it. Is a ours read. Montre. Jennifer. Fischetti. Eggs yeah. The chat room member of the week. Hey, you're the chat room member of the week. Shot. Again. My. Because we do virtual. Chambon. No. But you've been doing it so much that I just. Jennifer Shetty a day. 'cause the chat were a member of the week. Hey, you're the chat wrote member of the week Chamu. That's right I'm talking Sean trying to get your. CARE. act. Like Doing for I. Are you you do great housing. Market One Johnson. Hear them. Mark is hello. A Mama Sienese and the bill missed Lynda Jacobs Cup, Our Name and Hayes leave. Here with. Without A David Jackson is here was dead girl. DJ star bleed in the building hey. Horatio Gonzalez's here hello horatio. Next to be. Shaw. is in the building morning. He hates that may shout. Hey. Good Morning. What Joe I don't. Know what's going on brow. Hero. I think Joe should actually a city. Think giannotti sound really crazy. Joe. For some kind of political office day in the hood. Now Simply purrs and maybe call like an. Alderman. On a city level. Because Joe like. is well respected in the community. All different whole win. One of the flies Geisen in the hood. Got Imagine half everything else met his match boxes. Sitting. He, he's not matching socks. Scandalous life. Yeah it's pretty. He's got like a normal life and the community right I. Think I thought it sounds crazy but I think Jochen love for some type of political office. I will. Use somebody else. I would even go as far as to use somebody else's. I would commit voter fraud the. Way, he was talking about it. Sounds crazy but I think you need to look into that bro Volpe John. Pressure. Asher would I'd be was. Off Cousin, in New, York somewhere in that borough us they address stuff ballot. Mill nations. Quick survey put a number one in a chat room if Joe Butter was suicidal for local assembly person. Having route. Joe Butter Right now right now this is how it plays out that. We have we leave off at. Morita Chocolate Simmons is here. What's the girl? And that's our bill. Right even. Did the man with the mid yesterday. She was she was here I love for her. Demand. LA- Shohei Jones is here. Hey, the shore on in. Yes Dj. Cadillac Garis had you when you team you're GONNA get more lovely Scott us here lead-up chunk of meaning families. Out there. Buses you'll you be working anyway like why to the? She'd like get your buzzword. Cell Phone Rang Air Pods. Kareem Lewis is here. And my favorite nephew. Don't pitch. That boss you wearing a mask and do the kids have to wear the masks on the bus. Cursing you. What's going on does House today, we know you said you had a bunch of little other people the. Mexico somewhere with his lovely wife. Rack he is in the building. Hey, rack. Line owner as well. That's. Awesome I know I want some Roxburgh who a great Oregon's Biggest arms in the chat. Does, for sure. He worked he he grew back now. Comments? -Ly, we don't have time to be talking to each other. You know. See Lady isn't the building what's up see Lenny? Hello. Ladies. Eric Farmer is here good morning, Eric how I used to. Write rate. Issue Jacob Destiny low says she building she doing too much. She doing too much in that chat room. Go. down. She run it all up and down her apprentice Cox. Cahoots together. Yes. Rather. said he got his like dislike him down. None of us. Sitting no one no one around her man especially any woman maybe she and I might. Come through. They. Strong. That's a strong maybe. Now. You. Want to be a whole lot best. would. Be, no other women. Limited go around. I encourage it. Neuroma Robo. Johnson it's in the building. WHAT'S A ro? Ro? Hey y'all. And last but not least Tim Lyons is here good morning to all if you WANNA get shot it out make sure you just pop in here and say something so we can let you are here. Yes we truly appreciate everybody listening you WanNa make sure you follow us the Sean Harvey Morning Show featuring the wake of team the business page that we're broadcasting off of make sure you like an follow it you'll get a notification when we go live we also on a group page the Sean Harvey Morning Show featuring the wake up team group the group is Being shot at you guys who make the group. Amazing. We're now at three thousand members. That's pretty amazing. So please inviting your friends please having them comrade iheartradio platform. Please make sure you go onto their under podcast and. Follow, US bobby we actually was really crazy reading in that Sharon Barbie style charity. We. said. that. Own. Committee. With. A smile. Talk. With that. Is, the case. As. A. News. Heat is. A. Way. I'm half. Your meat. Crazy. You. Did. Bad. WHO Smartest just. Just. Marches walk. This. Walk with May. Good. Didn't. Look. No. Just. Just. Just. Just, this. Just just. Just just. Just. Still. It just. Don't want dancing. Pro. May. Spawn. Look. Just. No This Guy Just Wouldn't. Hey It's become love Michelle having one show featuring the weight up team you WanNa have a good time may show you stop in at the Iron Mule located eight, thirty one south Delaware dry here in eastern Pennsylvania. The awful American cuisine in a twist cocktails on Wednesdays and Thursdays they have a digi on site. Also Friday and Saturday hit just move south of a local artists featuring jazz or are be when you stop in make sure you tell them to show heavy Mona show cinch. Hey. Business Sunny Jay from the Sean Harvey Morning Show and I want to let you all know to contact Cam w roofing and contractors LLC for all your home remodeling needs contact David read at eight zero, four, three, nine, one, seven, nine, eight, they give free estimate and they're licensed and bonded call them today. Tell them the Sean Harvey Morning Show? Thank. You. Okay, we're back up. It is. Tuesday we turned up again the first one twenty. Thirty, one minutes out the back. Sitting. Of My real quick just the local weather we'll get into some and he says. FEW MINUTES AND WE'RE GONNA have a rocking show. Tonight you started. Twenty, two, twenty, nine minutes, Labor we'd be. In a sixty six degrees, right hand Bethlehem guys eighty eighty-one will be the high cloudy with the possibility of rain today and in Stroudsburg Sixty, four degrees seventy nine will be the high cloudy and the possibility of rain also best whether I have for you all. What's it look like where you are more become coming to you live from the show having morning show featuring Sidney j where you get your morning starts. To start right in the building, what we're GONNA do right now, we are going to go with. Yeah. We'll do some said yesterday says and we'll get. To that we'll take a break with this news. We do. Let me do what we do. God bless each and every one of. What we do right now this. Turn. It should tell you got. Get the my gut the by. PAYING ATTENTION OF CITY SAYS Wow. Oh. My Gosh. Yes. Okay. Well, you know you guys. I thought this really interesting a shout-out to donny. Toni Braxton. She. She recently did a interview and she did it interview with the Guardian. Online. Paper or something like that. Sixty would you smashed twenty residents i? Yeah. Tony Tony came this pressure right tweeted get it. On Sunday, help snap snap. So shoes doing an aerial view. She's getting she's getting married to Birdman. Sean was. No. No never broke up. Yeah. So She discussed her upbringing her career and more, and also during the conversation she expressed that sex is something she wishes. Would have happened more often at a younger age. She said, I regret not having more sex. When I was younger I, should have drank more I should've party more smoked more even yeah she even. The fifty two year old added that her religious upbringing is why she didn't. She said I think my religious upbringing stopped me doing a lot of things that I should have done. It's not a good look at the age. I am. Now the way it works is you do that stuff in your twenties and thirties, and then in your forties, you feel like you've earned enough to pay for the therapy that that all brains she. So I think that I think that maybe you know maybe she's experiencing different side of life being with Birdman maybe she's around a little marijuana and she like it that's probably what may see drinking and doing some things that she's like, why haven't I been doing this? Girl. Did He toss your salad? Oni. thinking the Lord, wants you to do that. He wants to do and ask for forgiveness later. I mean, that's what they say Wacko. Forgive you know what they say he's all forgiven going. So I I you know Tony. If you're fifty two, you want to smoke little girl do about by thinking about what you're going right now Dr. FM people just do shown. Okay. K. She's fine as hell. She is she's very beautiful and on top of that. Rocket with Birdman. Do but I could kinda like he's like that type of guy he's like, yeah, we got to do everything. He's probably really just sweets or her, and she probably bill with a whole bunch of guys that just kind of like was. Didn't want to go to the next level will her because she was so pretty and actually like mess with Nice guys. Yeah. Even though Birdman is probably a nice guy but he knows like sexually he's been around the block, right? Around yeah, here's. And and if they're going to get married. And spend his life together. I'll say you know as a wife you know she got a turn up for. So He's She's feeling regretful. He's like, Oh, I wanNA do without attic. Music to a man's woman go y'all listen. I was in church when I was seventeen twenty one and I found the law thirty, five five. Nine. Now, I WANNA TURN You I want to get straight nasty. was saying. I'm here for you. Because I know for myself I'm freaked delicious. Anyway The time you spent a tyler high you live. and. Of. Neck. Guys. Of the. Nasty. Ask. Okay so that's how we get down. The goths solar said Barbara Pass. What would you say about your everybody's well, frankly because I'm gonNA. Do I can do it. I. Want to do this. Save that encircling. I. Agree with Tony Because I've to grew up a you know what's shelter in asked why didn't get a chance to do? That I have done. So I I was a shelter, so I didn't. I mean. So you know when I did get low freedom I was out there like wait a minute. This John was doing. That's what it was saying like it's always good to run and get the church girls. Because they haven't been around. But I'm just saying like if and that's the way it should be I. Mean I believe I'm just saying in there's nothing wrong with that. If you up shelter that you know you didn't get the party. The Hey I'll turn. Yanks. I mean. Everybody. Is Your sexual level in a? Separate from the way you're living your life. On the sale. If you go to church and you're doing the right thing God bless you. But this woman is I got all these years I've been charged. I really turned up. Yeah. She's with the right man for the tournament. I'm right now you gotta be with the right man 'cause some men adjust they don't. Convey thoughts out to a women's sexually because they fill that. Maybe they might offend the woman because because they feel sexually and when they love to to to when they having sex right they don't WanNa. Refill that information because it might turn the woman of no. No. Non Do that they won't. Feel insecure like a man just makes the woman feel secure in whatever she's doing and she's not going to be a little hole thoughts. Take, a picture. Crazy. She'll be fine doing all this is what I'm saying. dyslexia Lady No. This is what is. Like let's let's rock out. This is what I WANNA try. Right and that's what's going on with Tony Right now. So it's a breath of fresh air that this woman is conveying information to this man it's world. World. That's right. Rock out I can't wait till the get married there. Outraged mask shots. But. How does actually I said? Man Is Long. Knee see Nash. To. Yes well, but did you know she recently she got married the other day? I didn't even know she was. Bad I didn't I could've sworn. Nash was married to a man or I'm thinking of another actress. Maybe, she was she's. She married yesterday. On Monday. She shared a picture of her recent nuptials to her new wife who is a singer Songwriter Jessica Betts. She looked stunning. She was wearing a white gown while her wife Sported Tiller Pants and invest. Both had smiles beaming across their face as she put up A. Caption she said Mrs Carrollton these beds she said Hashtag love. Wins. Their relationship was definitely a secret from the public. Appears that they have known each other since at least two thousand sixteen when Jessica had actually shared a clip of nece- giving her a shout out on a new project she was doing. In. Two Thousand Eighteen Jessica also appeared as a character name Nadan edge on clause. Did you watch that show? I didn't watch clause I watched like two episodes, but I couldn't get into it but a Lotta people like it. Just also shared a video of her in EC singing, one of her songs together while they were on the set of the show. So Jessica is a native of Chicago and identifies her artistry as Inspirational Rock and soul Prior to niece's Marriage Jessica, she was also married to her ex husband J. Tucker for nearly nine years. They announced their separation in October of last year and their divorce was finally finalized in. March so so I guess that's why 'cause it seemed like. So I was like she was just with a guy so maybe the. Divorce finalized should a young lady came? Up Yeah well, I guess they've known each other for a while. So after she got the divorce was, let's do this. The husband is crazy to ex husband. J. Tucker add another one. Me How she was being with a man too seems like before her husband Jay, she was married to another man Don Nash for thirteen years had. Three children together. I've always seen our with the man that's why. She just went. She just leapt to the other side yeah right. happened. No but I don't want that to happen to me. Like a bad look for. Nothing to do with you. Really that's. With jumping from a man to a woman I'm ultra liberal from the plaza. Gay Marriage. Go ahead and get married I. Just want you to go to child support when it's time to get divorced Hussein. Want to get married. My whole day is sitting like I. I don't WanNa be that guy. Yeah I don't want Wanna I'm for it I'm for your You just don't want to happen to right I don't want. Anyone. Tiny outriggers. Right as she falls in love with a Beautiful Latino. Right. GOING TO BE LOOKING CRAZY RIGHT So. To ex-husband whoever that guy is good. A war poverty U. Penn J. Tucker. J. Tucker you had X. Y. ran off with a woman. And they're having seen like they would been they were messing around with each other obviously while he was still married with this guy at least on paper. Because you just that she just recently got the ball and he known each other for a few years her and the young lady, right? Policy turmoil you're going. Ask You probably let him right and why with her right and they start and they fell in love with each other. Right and I mean everybody. On this, it is weirdly. You know what it is. It's a shock to just the people around shutout. Tiffany she she went from being in a relationship with a man married a woman and everything is going great. As. Shocking to people do you feel like you're always having explaining relationship tiffany? And not only that like city like how did you as may like if it was another man you Kinda, you Kinda confront them how you confront noblewoman. Hug Miss. Zoo. You took my wife. Mary. Can't even have a conversation you shouldn't be well, it's. Just. You know it is. Ego because they feel like I was at I feel like it's something that they did that set them to be with the woman right Oh. She just gave me what I need that I wasn't getting or she. Could have just been gay to whole time. Maybe you always been by sage she's already always been that way and just like like you just said what the previous story with Toni Braxton Maybe she felt as a teenager when she was in church, she wanted to be with women. Early. Suppressing these. Just to go along with the norm. In. She's a black woman in Hollywood tie cast she could just been doing it to just do it for show. So you kind of see where I'm going with this maybe a little back giving you that. I'm giving you this. She probably was gator whole time something wrong with that and. Happened I'm going I'm going to be with women. Yes. So and so you know. missy right nicknamed say nationality real name. Look for it between DC Nash and what's the other one Jessica Band Odi. The woman before this. Or Tony. Which one would harvey pick. Tony Pressure. Go a niece. Yeah. Was History Nasty? She sees realized. About married to and I've you down in hours and while sad. Listening to this show. said. She need me to do. Woman. Okay, I'll get you one. That seemed like nieces. Trying to save old thing, right? You, try to get that old thing back. Shout out to brandy and Monica last night. For their, record breaking verses. Over one million viewers. Tuned in for it, it was definitely months in the making. Fans have been. Rooting for this versus battle ever since versus I started in, and that's what's Great. It's like these things that just come out for the culture in the height of it. It was really awesome. They spent the night playing a list of all their heads from the past years. Definitely broke over a million views. They had they were talking I didn't really care much further talk A. They did say that they hadn't seen each other though in nine years or that was the last time that they were in a room together. They filmed the versus battle at the Tyler Perry's Atlanta movie studio. They sat down you know side-by-side Brandy gave fans a little insight to to. To to to artists that she did mixes with to park and Biggie Monica discussed the currently incarcerated see murder and our hopes that he would come home soon I should get a song with him and. So it was just a really good time, they had a lot of big people in the room watching definitely historic night. A lot of people say there are no winners in these things it's just people having a good time. I really liked it. I think that lot of people force the brandy and Monica thing but I don't think they were ever really friends or. Their Co or who are. Here who sound the bed who what they didn't really sing much. They were just playing their hits pretty much. I what are you guys the I was rooting for Monica because I don't really Songs arly. It's all the same and she's breathy but I like brandy. She has some heads but she didn't play in my room and Monica like seeing through her nose like she's saying, she sounds Nathalie. into. A little bit that little aspects. Do like. LIKE SNOOP DNA. was guys that when it went viral got the band playing. Solitaire. Its numbers have gotten better than they have everything together thing go straight battle just. Song. They would've definitely want because vandy brandy vocals surpass Monica. Pants down. And that is not up for debate. Brainy out saying Monica any day. Positive. Right see Bradley doing any you know. You listen. Housing. Hours. I'm saying. Glaring. Hold on wait a minute I'm. Really. What happened right then Housing Monica any day and I will put anything on an. Excuse me I was running for Monica. I had some great song hurt some great songs told like with their little stories it was good to have like a little insight. So shout out to them for doing that for the culture last night. I let's. Let's take a quick break. We'll be back. Yes. JOE DO SOM-. Should come with a this game. So that no. She. He's died. Down she was. You got. He was going down she was. Excuse me. Don't any? Jump. Comes managed the. Has. They went down and. Eighty. Love Imagine. Her. Happens that happened by The millions things that had to go less to make you. Way. A. Different Jonathan. took. Time to. Go. down. Up the. Men. Years later and. Live ants. Payment. He was. She was calling now. Duck. Off. Any And she pushed him. Though down. And They. Didn't they. Tau. Paid. and. Off. Cities. To say. Okay come on we have. A we have back on the class. Is September the first twenty twenty welcome back up Tuesday fifty five minutes after the Hour Sean Marshall Cj Barbecue. So listen we go show the chat rooms. Some love. Yet on the second hour everyone. Oh, put your heart in the chat room. Now on a turned up Tuesday, we want to show each and everyone of you guys luck. Because without you guys we wouldn't be here. So we truly appreciate you guys each and every day that you guys tune into the show moved shout out the room don't forget. I would beloved DJ wrong a Barbeque Cologne. That's every Saturday W. F.. In case they station with an attitude they had the open house music that's from twelve noon to three PM. So check out our very own DJ Rome W. F. in case station would attitude. Open House that's twelve noon to. Three PM Barbie Cologne then we also have our very own tricky Lewis tricky de Right. We got love for tricky tricky every Saturday night. Fan. Radio station. That's eight PM to eight to ten PM a every. Saturday night. So let's support our very own a tricky Lewis DJ tricky be every Saturday night radio that's eight pm ten PM, and also our very own DJ Rome W. F. K. Station with attitude Oprah House twelve noon to three. PM and that's with the one and only misty and my man. But guess what? We need to see the hawks in chat room. We want to show the chat room love on the second shift on a turn up Tuesday. That's what we're GONNA do right now. Chat Room Rotate. Room. Semi Go. Hey what Red Hearts. Back Win Hearts. down. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey Hey. Apart. Chat Room. Hey attack. Chat. Chat. Chat. Chat Room. Hey. Excessively, let's go. Rent. With a heart to. Heart. To, heart set within the heart set a where harsher. Cool. Hey what hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. For? Food. Young. Dan. Halo GonNa come on one and wanted to go shepherd. The beautiful is here Hello Michael Shoe Justice Grass do end up building what up just? History. Justice Sean Brown out bad. Hey. Good morning to you D- alot s in the building the low. 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How are you drew his background? Hey, what's going on with you? Ross teller is here. Hey. Good morning calling the wall Shayla Hall in the Building Good Morning show us your. Phone. Call back tomorrow. Joe Louis Allen. The last but not least Twain Lewis Zero. Hey. You're Mason your guitar names but show. Yes I WANNA make sure that you guys follow us on social media, the Sean Harvey Morning Show featuring the wakeup team the place where we're broadcasting FEMME. We also liked and follow because then you'll get a notification every time they go live. We also have instagram. Sean every morning show please make sure you follow us on their. We are also on the group page to Sean. RV. Show featuring quick group. The group is poppy and make sure he likes this video and share it on your wall. Thank you so much. We appreciate you and your service Cindy J. Bobby thank you so much. Raw you got in there. Yeah. That's my fault. When I said call back yesterday I didn't mean it that way. So, once again, the all saw clapping Miami. In the Nita tail is on a phone. You guys. All right. About your we go. Okay. Let's talk about that brand real quick. First of all you guys are you're right down there, Florida what's going on in? Florida her. Do. That was that's good. Might more. Skit a hurricane. you haven't got a direct hidden hundred two year. Oh well, yeah that's good. What part of Florida are you in? All we live. Score? land-o-lakes is right if more outside of North Tampa. Live on the West Side of Florida. The West side of the State Oh. Okay. So it's temples nice over there. Yeah. I've been there one time and plus and you know what the definitely broth from appear candidate not to go down to Florida and scared and weather. Now. Plus they did they research at folks down there from the Bronx? From. New. York yeah, you got it got. So got some people that used to work the little stuff like that but. You know it's it's not bronx heavy I'm thinking about Baloney towards. You thinking about moving again. I hate me laptop. Listen this last time last wasn't and his lovely wife, my cousin. Russ money down there and they can could do it everyone's gossip. See. That's that money lab. You hit a laugh. At long last. They've been pushing their brand. And they've been online doing things and doing the numbers. To show tomorrow's going to wear today apologized. Bush Tarot Right. What do you got this whole crowd? Glow. The LIP gloss out now. And do. You. Like sticky tacky love that like the lipstick together when you put it on. Our own. That we said this Li-, like you know the sticky or tacky when you do this like slides Hickey. I got a friend WHO's GONNA spend since the first grade you're only wear lipstick. Only. Mac. Let's blow right. I said some now. She she buys most. Well. Let's get some let. We'll be. Put on the table right here. I say. From now now. Obviously your wife is win brand, right? Lip Gloss is sentenced. Ladies. Examples Oh. Thanks. I usually had it when he? is going. Yeah that's the problem with a good lip. Reapply. Okay. Kuku but it's cool. I sorta God's posted on social media. You have some hatch, right what? Did you got some year. Let's talk about that. The thing is would not only because my family just doesn't like when folks out here pushing a product and they have full confidence in the product Bar-b.-Que alone. would she was well choke merchandise and all the things that we do you don't WanNa merchandise is good when you want to push it out there, right? Yeah, ask. Going to like they say a like the group heatwave, you're not gonNA have stepping What I like. That's what I feel what would anita roster, and then that has step in this. This is serious. And if you're going to purch- purchase in kind of merchandise, you wanted to get a bang for your buck absolutely tells. Tells about this book. It has because we're put put it in the group page after the show because I know you why put up a picture, a bucket hats and I thought they look really nice. Tell us about that. Okay. Well, you know front blah. Hey you know book has been around forever. So a lot of people reach out L. Buckingham. Jobs like I'm working on 'cause I won't sell anything. That's paw. That's not good quality. Do. It alone that's how. I am. When I do something that somebody say my name from Seton. At least he's pretty good at that. Right? You know that's just that's why. So. But they had together sound quality hat and the bucket hats and suddenly. makes. We without. Which related these? Little because I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Ladies out there we have the world's. That's leggings. Now. Statement that's got some thick. Asks. Made me. So it takes a lot to holy size again. So Thank you. Know. Before. You talk about. You see what I'm saying like the way Ross's conveyance Nj will hold out of confident. Right. Man Talking about leggings and not only that he's saying that these are. that. The listen God. I'm GonNa tell you something if you don't know anybody in the chat with listen carefully because I'm a drop the world Ubani right now. Women. Lose world. RULE THIS WORLD Women's. But you gotta come. and. That is true. You know and guess what city this is what I'm hearing out of this young man's. Voice and the way he's articulate themselves. All this. Experience that he has coming right next door said the person that's sitting right next to him his wife. Was White. Some I and and women's apparel. Do you know how to take out a? We've my No, but I figured out who wins. Now. Let's get back to. Wis What's Special Bucks who is? The quality. Quality Seal. Mean winning rave about it like I don't even have to tell once. Once. You touch him. So. He says, Oh, it'd be wanted to rat right. Right. One. Would be. Buying another how? Won't have the colors can get one sales because they bought all three. That's task. We'll. Do we're going to put Barbie. We'll put the link and I'll I'll group. And we would. We would we want everyone if you don't mind to. Purchase or all goal to the site and with. Ross in the neither directors to where we need to go. But again, this is special. We talk about black lives matter, right Talk about support black owned business, right? Right. But this dole out the equation for a minute. The quality of which person is more superior than anything absolutely ranch. So this young man and his wife is coming through with a product. That they have confidence in that top quality. Because you know we all say Yo hook us up, hook us up and then we sell somebody some some garbage the problem with that is they'd never coming back again and it's like going to a restaurant when you Eat Bad food at a restaurant you don't go back to you. Don't go go back there. When you go to restaurants has goodful guess what you're there all the time and that's what this is all about. Rawson Anita like husband wife Sin. Word would they call it on black love? By, try to keep that customer I'm holding. It. You gotta you gotTa. Appreciate the customer customer service. Ready. That's the problem he. Hit. Eight. End Advertisement in the world like a satisfied customer. Okay. So what do you guys have on your product line now at Bush? Would you have? Well, we have a short. We also have a cat with matching mass. That's what you sort of need A. Okay. That's cool. Okay. Let's get back to. The website. Still. Today okay We'd go about some new teachers for the males and females good that hacks mistakes rain. We still have. This. A few of. Bill I wanted to. Do City. Rosca a Lotta he's GonNa persons a commercial soon. How will we WANNA and we're gonNA push this brand. Almost, and we're GONNA do what we can to make this. Product of success and let me say again, family has nothing to do with sending. It has nothing to do with it. It's the quality of the product everything I. Don't even show you how it was really nice. Really, nice and. Definitely by A. Legs. I can't wait to try the leggings. So we'll we do right now Ross. Let us know and we'll put the links into the room. So that's how they come by the stuff online on the side. Fire. Accident now how can Purchase the product. With do Ma folks knew the do and everybody like I said this let's support each other with. It only have to do go to mush. Mu F. Eight. Nations. Dot Com. Okay So repeat one with. M. U. S. H.. MASON DOT COM. Which nation? That mom right? That's an easy website to remember And where can they find guys on social media? Should Tarot. Or now with most Apparently good. Coming on again got married again. Oh. Twenty you. On. Nelson, you're in a new relationship, an offshoots. Like. Get. Your man like your smashing new relationships smashing mightly. been relationship with tiny now fast. Year and a half. Wants Twenty a few times a week right? Ross Twenty Six How hard you over to smash twenty six years and my friend? For. Twenty six years. What's the average smash per week? My friend cine smashing equity within. My God. Because you don't want like Barbie like they summoned merchandise and like if they have a good day sullen merchandising celebrate that would expire celebration I mean it's part celebrates. Shirts Ross honey let's don't bedroom. Some dead. On the regular good. Thanks again, where can they find? Can Find You and all my folks. If you don't mind, please support this product mush if I'm not, you said that and your other interview with us, it's it's a childhood nickname that your wife had. Right Named Moshe comes from. Here going in and out but yet okay no, no that was adopted nickname. you know to help frame sequoia. Much. And that's another thing back with twenty six years and he likes how many how many nicknames have you given you wife at twenty six years. To. Two honey baby honey. Is Anybody calling sugar lump. By Nita. Well. Again. This is exciting. Please we'll do is we'll put the links into our group room. Please everyone that's listening. Please just go on over to the website, click on go to the facebook page or the instagram taste and just look and see what's going on. They're gonNA ship some lip gloss with the ladies and we're going to do our part to get the message out there for much of payroll. So let's clap more. When You're things support black. Owning a lipstick? Yeah, I do I do. what is his? Anyway. Oh Yeah To. See. You. Soon as I get. My face the next day. So they can get the whole look what you know. What Joe Offer. Oh snap. You gotta take the lipstick gloss the together with the bobby call experience. Oh. Definitely. Well. Yes. Okay. Well, thank you so much. Appreciate your call. Twenty five percent off to go to the site and they sign up. Twenty. Five percent off you. Twenty five percents this down twice Oh. Look that. Send case. Wife. Pose Code His v I P. The APP. Twenty fat I will put August. Somewhat Harvey wanted to. That's right. Yes. Let's clap on. Call. ME. I'm. Calling from women in. Dhaka point going back to the show got out. There was a great interview separate. Now, it's up right now just going over to teach your show going up. We finished with the today. Tomorrow. So it's right there. You guys can have a marathon of our show. Exactly so let's Clap Rawson telecomm- Bush. Perelman. We'll be right back morning drive. A. A. Tilt. Album. As One? She's got me. Food. The one. Not. The. Now. This. Today. News. Betrays A. A A. Way. She. act. Hey, it's. Michelle Harvey one show featuring wakeup team you WANNA. Have a good time may show you stop in at the IMU located eight thirty one to South Delaware Dr here eastern Pennsylvania the off American cuisine in a twist on cocktails on Wednesdays and Thursdays. They have a deal on site also Friday and Saturday hit the smooths down of local artists featuring jazz or are when you stop and make sure you tell them to show every morning show century. Hey. This is Sonny. Jay from the Sean Harvey Morning Show and I want to let you all know to contact Cam w roofing and contractors LLC for all your home remodeling needs contact David read at eight, zero, four, three, nine, a one, seven, nine, eight, they give free estimate and they're licensed and bonded call them today. Tell them the Sean Harvey Morning Show thank you. It's blunt Michelle had one show featuring a wake-up team. You WanNa have a good time may show you stop in that? I M you located eight thirty one to South Delaware here in eastern. Pennsylvania. The off American cuisine and a twist on cocktails always Thursdays they have a on site also Friday and Saturday. He smooths down of a local ARTISTS FEATURING JAZZ R&B when you stop in May on the show every morning show singer. Hey this is Sonny J. It's Twenty. Seven minutes out the work about. This show. Cine Bobby WHO's on? Any shown. It see out doing good. Hey, girl you. Thank you. Much I just wanted to call in and say how much I love Y'all glenmont sisters own. told me about the show. Out originally in. Pennsylvania for ten years than each driver. But I had to leave a Cheetah so oh. Girl you ran out of here on. The leave a cheater. The. Way. My heart for you girl Oh wait a minute. He's man. Hold. So. Wait a minute arrangements US relationship. Now I would marry okay you met. Take out all his close friend. Everybody Calm Down I. Very calm. Gas will arrive in your voice sounds really good. Like you can. Get. Hot Games Great. Games. Were so you You better start maybe the Ham hawks. US, married. For. Twenty two years. Yes And you found out that your husband was cheating on. Well you know how you know something, but you don't have on proof. And your gut telling you you know. But you know in you love somebody you faithful you going to stay in and try to make it work. You know I have as you would say to baby daddies, I haven't taught us Today. With him. And then I have a blessing. That when he cheated the baby came into my life when six months old but that's my son. So I never say step. We're the bonus came from where they cheat cheat. He cheated. And the Bay became my son came into my life when he was six months old. So you know when you love somebody fully you stay in mega work and I had the accept the baby if I to make my marriage. That's my baby. To you win the the mom get along right. So you. Married and your husband had another baby by somebody else. Right now I did that happened to. The other woman get along. Like to when you see the baby move to order now. Because I wanted on. That's really stressful for the fourth question. So now now, the only question now. Even. I guess not because she. With shares you. See when I When I was married and a hat and you were over there trying to blend family I was married when I was married. And I got the other woman pregnant. She says she's keep Beijing right? What was that conversation like it was easy. I'M GONNA, keep the baby and I was like okay cool. Because I thought like you know we were just messing around and actually like maybe they might be another tournament, right? So I said. This is going to happen. Immediately left her. Mother's out. You know my mother. Yeah of course. The only one. Right Back. To my mother and I said you gotTa have a new baby. Own Was your mom says I guess Lord. To my wife at the time right and I told her really was happening, right so do it. So I did it just like that I told everybody to everything two hours after. The job has be concealed is inflammation. What went down to ten well, the way it works you know women are bit smarter than me drew. So. He's got his Wallet Home One day. Asked me to bring it back his jaw. and. Asked me to take some money out to get something for the kids and I saw receipt and when you're married to somebody who are in a relationship and you attention to everything they do you know when you know your spouse you have whatever I saw a receipt and I said he was too cheap to be on a case of mill in some bottles for a baby. On about it and he said. Don't worry about is true. It's come out. So two weeks before the baby was supposed to come to my house. That's when I found out about it. And that was on a Thursday and my son came to my house on that Saturday. Oh Man, and let anybody touch him but me. So, what a week before you found out a week before the child was born in San. Yeah. Because he was born in two thousand, he was locked in January, but my mother died. So he waited till May. Memorial Day at that, and that's when I found out that. Hey, I say you. So Youtube Cheek, the Begin. To be spending money anywhere. You got a baby or you give him some whole your money he said, what if I have a baby? And that's how I found out. So sitting he. Never he told her he found out she knows he number he wasn't man enough to tell her. That he was having. This is horrible now and you still you you still. What's up with them all home. Style. I, know you're right. OP It. Was House talking to? Maybe. Bring airline whether the lowest. Good. Would you maybe So. I. Feel. Right. You're saying that Zach. Mike. Gibson. A barrel. Lion Robin I. Appreciate You. That's one of these about this shows. Is La. The book is saying once everything came out, he said, he only want you to be with you. Know. What it was is. He Yeah control of. Control. You know he Control me her. And I don't mean my control he was. You know he had she led to him and listen to them. And we never met and to me and. He we separate it. And then offense started calling each other and talk to like sisters now up and she felt like. You know To meet somebody like me to love her on the way I. Love Him because I don't say my stepson that's my lessening. My baby named tattooed arm with my other kids. At. Him that's my baby. Do Anything. Listening why? This is a woman who was very open minded. Know there's a lot of women that wouldn't even with this now, one of them right here I'll be dead. Bring A. Kid Is Great. The. Baby didn't do it but his. Father did it I don't. I. Love. Hold on hold on hold on. His. Too Young ladies are jumping up and down all. But here's the. Thing. She acepted. All it is. I. Guess What? She doesn't have the resentment. By, she doesn't she's not an angry black woman. Because, your tool APP. Guy Robin. Everything happens for a reason and life Sydney and Barbie I was crying and going through all that. But the best thing about it strong black women, my aunts which I was raised with them and they had me. My one you know some ox- four somewhat might want onset leave lonely she ready to walk away. She'll walk away when you have other kids you just can't. I went through a lot right by going to church in talking to my aunts and some men because all men are not like that. You have to forgive any forget and I love Them Mary, Watson? I'm not in. Right now it is. And I'm not dealing with a lot of bull crap. But that's Just because. She went through the processes of of. Anger and and feeling the way she fell. Because she accepted the the baby. Alleviates. Alleviates the resentment. She accepted the child not only the should check that the child she became friends and just let you know it's always this woman. It's always a woman's burden because you know what? Let you come home and tell your husband right you you you. You. Sound. Like you him one of May out here. Just. Like. She. Right so he must have a baby. The. Only. Way You pregnant with. Call. His father. Owning A. Because She was having. Out there. Right now listen that might be. Today with ABC. News. that. City j let. Tanya work. Right, thank. You might be right. You might be right wing. And, I might be mad with no. No Way I would black. All right. That's what it is. Hold on hold on I'm out the door because I don't need that stress in that resentment. Over that man, a man can issued out. Taking take you. Can Handle it but a man can handle knowing somebody else somebody's. Him stepping out he should have stayed home and work on whatever. You want to be. He should've let exactly I'm just saying women just stopped. Action Question. GonNa. Let me actually. That same energy. We have and we need to we need to do that because we've been conditioned and brainwashed and the. Window. Wash your. Because We understood we create. Now on. This planet. I'm not zoo. Shanks not me not. Robin rang was. You. This brainwash. How you back On the sea. Not You're not even listening to the conversation. stage. You'd. To come full around. To, do in the beginning as leaving the woman could easily easily be upset with this for the rest of her life she hold on sitting she did. She. Long this. Condition, she's not Dylan. She made the right choice. She makes it would have been two choices here. She could have been angry and upset had nothing to do with the. Other Times. That We. Brace H, how can I? Serve. Some love and guess what this woman is warming around here each and every day in peace with. Rob Cannot say anything I'M GONNA say sitting on the When when this stuff happens i. went through everything. You say angry alley. To is your kids, do you want your kids to grow up? And on. beat way that your. Kid's father on relationship you want them to grow up. opie because you don't want them grow your thanks to grow up and treat women away they. Father. Robin. Your daughters to grow up to be. Laid back and easy going and I don't like all of that Komotini spoke but you WanNa stand you know you don't want buy take advantage of you. Know I I understand that and I totally agree with what you're saying however, the the things that you mentally had to go through for this to all be. Okay. So It was unnecessary and. Wanted to here with. It was an on to me was Serb necessary. A lesson learned you have to go through. So. That everybody was going. For me I had to. Love Him. When you see together, you never know that's not my kid right when I come back the Pennsylvania hopefully, I can meet your. You know I love kids. Let me do this right now now now the bless you. God, bless you they. They. Don't. See A guard charts. By Robin. I've been through what you've been through. All. That to do what to. BELIEVE WHY Serving right exactly. Who Was The end of the day, it's not gonNA serve you. You did. And she has not putting God, I got. Everything, health fall into place. City, she already his benefits, his the benefits. The first minutes as women is in peace with cell. The second benefit is she has a. Lot, of course. Yes. Now. Now she's. Back. No She's at peace because she left. She's at peace because he accepted all of this. She went on her life. She has a loving relationship with this child and she's not holding a grudge that hold on now how many? How long did it take you to leave and why did you ultimately how? You found out all of the whole debate who pat sloppy near the end of our marriage and a meaning me playing sloppy She found a receipt. For where he went got the car fix his name was on it but a different number. This is a mess so. Megan Soda. And then next thing you know. Come on over we can confront him together. The thing of it is if you Found Suzy are dealt with. offline. gave him allegation. And I don't want him to be blocking. So I'm I'm going to. Gave Him I. Forgot about it. And I want my kids that love him like they love me. So Microsoft on Microsoft. Question. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Wanted to think any less than me because I was raised by southern limit. Things. Gwala. The condition. It's GonNa happen any relationship you never know cities fine because my daughter's my like I said my thoughts and thirty, nine today. She's like Sydney she takes no crap. She's married to her wife for eight years. She takes no crap my. Twenty six she's she's like sitting here. SNAP. You how she coming at you with a book tonight. Bob. Eaters than never cheat on girlfriends expect. So they all learn from this experience I learned from it. Okay. So quickly. Brought to what the comments okay. When you say she got sloppy sheep at one when receipt from the I pay for you saying the the baby mother out the receipt. In other words. I would marry a now known as man since he's five years younger than me we all grew up around. He told my sister he was GonNa get me. But he kept everything from me I promise you nothing you. Your Gut tell you doing something but you don't handle approval rating. He got stupid the last two, three years I'm married. And no one came to me like outright how maybe this Danny other and a and a one thing about when you find out your husband cheating don't get mad with the woman. The woman if your friends something and she know you. Got Behind but. Other women shouldn't go on the tech another. 'cause He created Situa- okay. You gotta remember Karma comes around. Okay. Now, how long after original question accidents? How long after you found out that? He was having his baby. How long did you stay with him? And then. Well Hamlin mice pepple in my son my blessing was. Fourteen thirteen. You. You stayed with him a novel fourteen. Years. Yeah when I found, he was six months and I stayed. We love somebody left my and. When I when everything came out, I called my daughter lives in South Carolina Called her on a Monday morning. and. Two o'clock Sunday they mourn. I, mean Tuesday morning I packed up everything got a storage unit wrote a note stuck on TV and saint my stepson back to his mother and me and my other two came down to Georgia. So wait a minute. The Sun you're blessed was living with you guys. Yeah what I'm you know he was. to He, we had them every weekend and then. South, Carolina's he went with his mother and he wanted to come back and be with his brother and sister. So. I'm just I'm just so wait a minute. Okay. With me was was your husband still dealing with the baby mother? The, while you had the blessing at home. Oh. No no me her talk then we you know. So he was. He was he wasn't with her anymore other women no, he was. He was. They've. On he had kids with two black winning I love everybody. But his thing was Spanish women in White Women who who is this guy? But. I'm a good woman war and the next man he's GonNa be blessed man and I love the married I'm not a cheater and. I have. I Have Jim and arousal and I'm about to have surgery tomorrow on my rotator cup. So I don't worry about this stuff in the more rural. City. That's like a leg. Injury You play. I know from him. Robin. Where's your? Where's the young men and now he's still Pennsylvania. Back there to see my grandbaby again, and that's when my two boys are. Okay Because I grew up in. Pennsylvania ten years and be able to fly left. Jersey. And this is very amazing. Wow. You're not. You Tell Story to help other people, right? Right. Yes testimony the money can help somebody along the way. Jaffna's what is the number one show on the city's in shock right now but. How Phil. Young. Mother tell her the same thing is the reason why I want. To. Know my mother-in-law. Sorry. He's Back. Last question last question. So so happy groups you about this. because. I was thinking maybe I'm glad you shared just I. Just thought that you left the moment that this happened you stay. So. People to stick it out in your marriage bag. No matter what because people from down South our Jim. Leave that. You don't. Know what was the what was last situation when I am out the door, you left Pennsylvania new move down south when when was that? I Love Him and twenty. Three where we come down here fifteen. Twenty fifteen. In we have our. Intimate. None of that like maybe two years before that or whatever. I think the last thing was my son's birthday and. The girl contacted me again saying they had they something together and. I upstairs to his top day room he was to be, and I, we got into a little bit and I told my sped up and I know when I picked up his gun cockpit important because they say you to work my. Let's say. Work Mark Gun and I caught the begun back pointed at his head and I was like you know what? Right I'm going through two months. It made it through to blow to head off and not be around my kids and my grandkids. I leave at the. Other. Side at the you know pack up and leave because my kids. Already traumatized me turn staying make it work physically. Women's rights. City. City City Hall Rob. About. The. Girls. Gone. Do y'all watch. Os. I. Look I, agree with you. I agree with you right now one hundred percent I disagree with you and the reason why I'm more your shit right now is because she stay so much long. I thought she left right after this is over now she stay a number fourteen years and had to pull out a gun. She had to stop herself. Much. That's how much. I was in love with. Love and somebody being in love with somebody. That's not. Really loved him and then you have people want ear saying stay. The other people say, Robert, you have to make up your mind yourself right You're right but robin this. This is this wasn't love. Enough. He wasn't in love. This was but A. Losses of finish this is. That word love out of your mind. This. This. Treat me a minute hold on. Doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. This. Is Not countries not love. It was controlling narcissistic. Word love out. That's none of this. If you think that's how you feel at the time the F., of course. That's not how you. Conclude you're absolutely. Too. Long. When everybody else told me to leave I just went right back. Right? Because you can't me. And I'll tell people about it. So other young women don't go through what I went this and thanks. To. Everyone I think. About you, Robin. Robin we'RE GONNA. Take you go back into. Chapter Robin. We'll take a quick break. Let's cut for. Party. Off The having circuit I'm being in another space for nick seven six, seven, nine, eight days. So Just. Go well this. This was some prayer and some hard emojis in it for Robin is. So Robin, we love you to death. Let's take a quick break. Song. She Likes Me Anna. Outfit. For. Gun being pulled out. But God lesser. We'll be right back up took notice. Thank you so. You. Just. minute. Hey. Off. Pay. took. Up Back at my Tuesday thank you so much for tuning in we appreciate your barbeque on Whitney you guys catch me in these facebook strays clone facebook Bobby Cologne designs or Instagram Barbie colognes pilots on Instagram City yes. You guys give me said say Jay of facebook. Underscore instagram. snapchat. The is a three Sean. Facebook community on facebook money on instagram turned up. Tuesday. That was a great show. Truly appreciate you guys. Now do we head on into chat room? And No to the group room and we're going to do thing in there. So we appreciate you guys so much and we'll see you. Tomorrow. Sean. Mike Camera. Out. By.

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