ATC137: Tidbits and Top 5 AIO Multi-Part Episodes of the Last Decade


And now Audio Theatre Central I'm Jon Winokur most folks around here call me with. My name is Vinnie Jones and new. I'm Dave Arnold your host for focus on the Family Radio Theater. Hello welcomed Audio Theatre Central. This is the show that's all about family friendly audio drama I'm Jaydee. And this is episode one, hundred and thirty seven. Unfortunately there is no Roy in no Andrew and no guest hosts today. you know we just wrapped up the Senecas a a short time ago, and our schedules were just so tight trying to get together again to record, we typically try to record the episode that will follow the cynic awards broadcast before. And it just didn't happen this year. We got a late start because of everything that was going on in the world schedules were just too tight and. You know it just didn't happen so. You've got me today, but you will hear Royan Andrew a little later on in a segment that we recorded several weeks ago and it is our picks for the top five multi part A. O. Episodes from the last decade. I'll tell you a little bit more about that in a few minutes, but you will hear from Roy Andrew Little later on they're just not here with me right now. And also Andrew is expecting a child right now. So the last I heard he is at the hospital waiting for that baby come. So we didn't expect him to be here. Well. We've got some feedback from Louis and I've got a bunch of audio drama tidbits that I wanted to share with you and. We're going to go through those here in a minute, and then we're GonNa get to that. episode discussion here in a little while. So. Let's jump into audio drama tidbits. Well first on the list today is holding esther now. For those who have been following the show very closely. You've heard US talk about that show and you've seen his post about it on the website. But. It hasn't been easily accessible to the public. And so we get an update from Cindy Findlay, who is the executive producer? Over, at River Cross who was producing this this wonderful fantastic show as you may have heard, this show holding esther received several nominations in this year sinica awards. A, but they've also produced another show called Joe Bridge which todd steed referenced in the interview that we did with him. Several months ago. So this show is also going to becoming now. Cindy let me know that they are in the process of doing a refresh of their whole website getting everything set up so that they can get these audio dramas out and available to the public. So that is supposed to be coming sometime mid August. So in just a few weeks, you should be able to get those programs and we will definitely be sure to let you know when those become available and. At this point, it doesn't look like they're going to be charging for them they're going to ask for. and you know our stance here at ATC would strongly encourage you to do. So if you are able because these are extremely high quality, very well made productions and just just a great ministry what the what they're doing with these shows over at river. Cross. So. Holding Esther Andrew. Bonar. Bridge. Coming. Very soon. Next. Up is lifeline audio dramas. Now, I heard about these several months ago and they were still in the works at the time and I've been following the little tidbits that have been able to find about this new. New Production and finally got some concrete information just recently and definitely want to let you know about these. Now these are produced by a voice of God Recordings Inc and. They are. Not just easily accessible again. Similar to what's going on with Holy Esther. Although, you can go and get them to day if you want to go through several steps now. Right, now it seems like they are only available through the voice of God recordings Mobile App. So, there is a link in the show notes to. Page, where you can get the link for the IRS Ambi entry version of the APP, and then there'll be a list of steps that you have to go through to find them. They're kind of buried in the content on this. APP. We have reached out to them to try to see if we can't help them categorize them some way that might make it easier to find maybe even put him on the website directly instead of just on the APP. So I'm not exactly sure how all of the back end of this apple works, but hopefully, they'll be more easily accessible. Soon, we will definitely keep you updated on that if that were to change. But in the meantime, if you want to check these out, they have three released as of today. They're short audio dramas and we're going to go through the list of them. The first one is called the Covenant in the sky and it is about twenty four minutes long. And as you can probably guess from the title, it is about the story of Noah the biblical story, and so it does not deviate from scripture. You know it it's very. It's very accurate retelling although there are a couple of. Characters in here that are not named in scripture, but it's a it's a pretty straight retailing and it was very well done. I listen to actually to all three of these and they have so far and. I really liked them. The production value was very good. The acting was really good. So that is the first one cabinet in the sky. And then there's one called can anyone see God and this one is about fifteen minutes long almost just shy a few seconds and This is not a biblical story. This is a an original modern day tail. and. I don't want to give away too much but it is about a young boy who has lost his father and he's wanting to know it's possible that he can see God and so obviously, they are very religious in nature the lifeline audio dramas but I really really liked this one a lot it's it's not a you know like I said, it's about fifteen minutes long. So there's not a whole lot of time to develop a huge plot. It's really just A. Following the this little boy over the course of a few days it seems like. He's just trying to come to terms with losing his father. And it's it's quite a quite a poignant little story and I really enjoyed it and the acting for main character. Timmy was very, very good. I. Was quite impressed and it's It seemed obvious to me that the actor was a child and I always like that when you have children playing children, characters, it just a just a lens that little more. Genuineness and authenticity to the story and I really liked that. And then the other one is called the infidel and one thing I did notice about this one is that even though the artwork and listing in the APP calls it the infidel, the announcer in the audio itself says, it's called the infidel and the apple tree. There's two different titles. Apparently, this one is almost twenty minutes long. And this is also not a biblical story. So this one seems to be set an. This is not modern days I don't know exactly what year this story is set. Because it has an encounter with the evangelist William Brenham and Even, though the voice of God recordings webpage says that they are not affiliated with any denomination and it, they're not supported by any governing church body. These do seem to be affiliated some way with the followers, of William Brandon. There I mean, the the stories reference him, and so there's there's some connection even though they may not be officially affiliated with that they voice of God recordings. INC says that they are an interdenominational ministry so just so you are aware of that but. Again I really was impressed with the quality of these and I really WanNa hear more from them. They have another one that is. finished and is called the king's son I know nothing about that particular production but it is supposed to be posted up very soon. So again. There's a link in the show notes if you want to go check this out. You'll have to download the APP and then followed the directions there to locate the. audio drama productions that are kind of buried in all the content there in the APP. Now. There are several other little short snippets that are retailing's of fun stories. They're sort of pseudo audio, drama Most of them are just like a narrator then maybe another character but there are sound effects and stuff. So those were fun to I listened to one about an old prospector which was only about four five minutes long. So, there is other content in their but their main. Productions. That are part of the lifeline audio dramas. Series right now there are only those three with that fourth one titled the King's Son. Coming Very. Soon. All. Right. So that's lifeline audio dramas. Next up. The adventures not a C team is back in the studio or they were a few days ago. They had another recording session and they were at least partially back in Salami Studios in north Hollywood recording a six episodes that were written by Abigail Geiger who is the newest addition to the writing team? She is the writers apprentice. And then some were written by Bob who's Marshall Younger and Phil Lawlor now, Nathan who Chris Deal and look no we're in the studio they're insult studios they had all the actors isolated and in eyesore eyesore booths. So they're still able to record our back in Salami studios now so we're going to get more new. I O episodes. I'm really curious to hear how the ones that were recorded. Remotely, come out and how they sound. I mean I'm imagining that they're gonNA sound just great. We probably won't even be able to tell. but it really hope they'll let us know which ones those were just just for the curious people who are nerds like me. Now, as I said, Nathan Chris and Luke were in the studio and Phil Lollar was coming in remotely. Via. Zoom. So he could hear all the actors and the crew members there as well. I don't know exactly what capacity he was serving for this session but he was. Involved in it as well. Now, we do know that one of the episodes is titled. Search for a sunflower, and do the opening scene is in honorees art gallery, and it will have Connie and penny in that episode. We also know that detective poolhouse will be back in an episode as portrayed by Phil Proctor. And Wilson, knocks at least hopefully. We know that Gregory Jabbar was in the studio and he is singing Christmas carols. So we're going to have a Christmas episode at some point. Hopefully, it's this year. We don't know though and that the episode is a tendency titled. The Christmas? Bells. So he's going to be singing that. Christmas Carol based on the longfellow poem. So I'm hoping that it's him in the role of Wilson Knox because I really do like that character and I would like to hear more from him. I think there's a lot that they could do with Wilson Oxy, just such a great character. but you know who knows maybe he's in, it's an story something along the lines of the. The Crane retelling that they did a while back and and You know everybody's playing different characters. So who knows I'm hoping that it's Gregory Gibara as Wilson Knox. but regardless, I think that's an interesting thing that they're going to be doing a Christmas episode and that particular one rb of that particular Carol is one of my favorites and so I'm really interested to see what they do with it. Now according to the Daily News, there is another episode that was recorded on July twenty ninth and they're saying it. It's titled Hurricane Perkins It was written by Marsha younger, and we'll have a bridget ancarlo perkins in the episode as well. So lots of new AIDS stuff coming very soon and you know. You know us here. We're always excited about. I can't wait to see what these episodes come out to be and. Since that one search for a sunflower is opening in on raise art gallery. I'm really hoping we're going to hear from Jacques again because it's been a while. So that would be really fun. All right. If you missed it on the blog post at a little while ago about a new show called pirate ears from a new producer called. Future productions now, they have been producing this surreal short-form audio drama for a little while now, there are six episodes available in the feed as of this recording, and there is a link in the show notes that post which has all the details about what they're doing, what's to come, but I'm really excited about what they're doing and. You know they. They've just burst on the scene with really high quality, great acting production values, music all of it is really really well done, and so their first series is called pirate tears and here is the summary. For that show enjoy humor adventure and drama in this Fund miniseries starring two swashbuckling pirates as they venture to find hidden treasure. What they'll find will be worth more than either of them imagined. As. I said six episodes of that are available in the feed right now and it's really good stuff. They are short episodes for five minutes each and So it's easy to get all caught up on those. Lincoln in the show notes again to the post on our blog, which has all of the details about what they have got coming this show is. Probably. Going to run for a couple of seasons and they have some other stuff that's going to be coming out. A Christmas episode coming this holiday season as well So which will be a standalone production not related to a of tears. So eternal future productions dot com. If you WANNA, go check that out or hit the link in the show notes for the post which has more detail. About what they're doing Are. Definitely one to watch eternal future productions some really really good stuff and I'm really excited about what they've got. Out Right. So a while ago, we recorded an episode of the. Audio theatre central backstage show, which is for our backstage pass holders. And we talked about our picks for the top ten. Single Episode Ai Oh stories of the last decade. So what we think are the best ten episodes from the last decade and that episode is live in backstage now so. If you want to hear that. You've got to go join backstage and we would really appreciate it if you would. It really helps support what we do here, and it would be a huge help to us. But. We also recorded a segment where we went over the top five multi part episodes of the last decade. So we went over our picks for what we think are the top five best multi-party of. The Years Two thousand ten to twenty nineteen. It also included club episodes. It wasn't just a publicly released albums. So without any further ado, I'm going to play that recording for you. So you can hear what we think, and then we'll be back after the segment with some feedback. No The top five multi part episodes ago. Let's go ahead and just list them go through why we chose them at the same time. Then we'll do the ranking again. Sure. So. I think this one was one of your top favorites exactly android. Older why goodness android Andrew? League insults him further the labyrinth parts one, two and three. This is of course, the episode where Jason finishes up the Green Conspiracy. story. and. There's so much about it to love takes place in London. It's a spy type episode It's Jason in his normal role sort of usual role I guess I should say it's Jason. having a lot of conflict. The story is excellent. The lesson is excellent. we get to see Dale Jacobs in an odd place doing odd things. which is very which was. Very often and his wife which we've only heard from very rarely. There's so much to love about this episode. It's sort of like quintessential odyssey hearkening back to a name, not a number. It's great everything about it as a great. Yeah. Yeah. You mentioned green rang, but it's it's it's. One of the more condensed story Arcs we've ever had in the show's history because it was all in one album kind of with the green ring, but then you have this. Is Nice tie up wrap up of that and So. It, kind of. It kind of felt like green ring parts whatever yeah thirteen and fourteen or whatever. But it it does stand alone. And you can definitely go back and let's do. It has some fun interesting characters, Reggie fingers, and. The sewer rat and all that kind of stuff. So yeah, it's it's definitely got to be up there. And next up Sergeant York now no this is like the classic this the story was awesome. Right out because this is really soon after the relaunch. was. Fifty two. No one no it wasn't fifty one. It was fifty, three, three or four, the deepened. The wasn't the same day get one of 'em. Right? It was in the same one as the labyrinth actually. It was the end of the labyrinth album. I think was fifty, four, fifty, five, fifty. Oh, the end right that best fucking five. It's man it was just an awesome story. It was awesome. We had read Harlot hollered narrating it and then just. Good, old good old boy tale. It was a four parter which is not. That's what it was trying to. There's something's that news that the only one there's ever been. Aside from Green Ring and ties the bind I don't remember I can't think of another time where it's gone for four parts and unless you go with. The year and back again because that was weird, they did that a and B in. Here and back again. Back again, I mean and there was the crossfire episodes from Oh Nova Com where they were named crossfire colon something right and I think for those but. Yeah I think this is the only one that's like actually listed out part one part two, part three purview. So many scenes in this stand up my mind I mean sound designs. Amazing design. Him going up to the altar during his best friend's funeral here the sound design Ch- bombs exploding right next to him and the ears ringing. Yeah. Everything is just amazing and just the the story of store Intrigue Guy that I'd never heard of yeah. No, I remember him from history class because of the Turkey shoot type thing. But that was like seventh grade but that was the only time I've ever heard I didn't know anything about his backstory or anything like that. And it is an interesting thing to can of the The inner conflict that he had he was a sharpshooter I mean, he was very good but he didn't want to use that skill to kill people and he struggled with that a lot and I thought that was a really interesting. Aspect of the story as well. And this is one of the few these days that was written by Dave Arnold. He doesn't write all that often in our. Yeah. Really good. All right. Next up nightmares by constance, and this is the as of the time of recording. This is the most recent multi parter yeah. And it was fantastic. hilarious stuff. Oh, man. Jason Connie Jillian. Can't go wrong. I actually really liked Jillian in this era episode. As episodes she she made a lot of sense in this context it just it fit the story she. Interestingly enough. She wasn't quite as brain dead and he actually had some good ideas in this. Funny. Any longtime fan is. Is a fan of Jason. He's he is definitely a fan favorite right in the show and so seeing him in in this new role of an antiques dealer is kind of interesting but he just can't help not get involved in in in some kind of a mystery or something that's going on and again I think this was referenced earlier in one of the other episodes. But this had a lot of the the core cast seeking. Connie as a big part in this one you know and Jason and wit and so. This was just a really solid solid choice and I I couldn't I think this is the one. One of the ones that all three of US definitely have said was on our lists yeah yeah. And then we had the mystery of the clock tower. This was an album fifty two. This is what I was thinking of the. Multi. Right. After the region. Yes, it was excellent. Great. Story gene being Eugene In sort of A. I don't know. We could have had this story before he got married. I guess is yeah it was it was really good. It was quintessential Eugene. The mystery was was good. The conflict was great everything. It was just an really excellent episode or a couple of episodes. That did all the things that the multi-party should do. There's a reason you have multiple partners you have to of story to develop wrap up in one. Episode, and so it filled that function. Perfectly it was great. and. This is one of the first ones where. we really get to see Matthew taking part in something. Outside of his family. And, actually being involved as in in the main plot and this one was written by Paul mccusker and does so good with these mysteries. Yeah. I think he's one of my favorite mystery episode writers and they're just a lot I. Mean I, love the. I'm not like hugely into horticulture but I do find some aspects of it very interesting deal and I think sometimes. I think it goes back to reading the TIN books as a kid and professor Cuthbert. Calculus was trying to develop roses in one of those books I don't remember which one it was now but something about the different developing this particular breed or type of rose kind of reminded me of that and I find messed up interesting how to graft them and stuff that's not a huge focus in this episode at all but it's part of the plot point. Yeah. Are It is a part of the plot and so I thought it was interesting in again the. Whole mystery with the bank and you know you don't have any idea that that's where things are going right and then there were some really cool sound as moments in this old we talked about this. When we review this episode, the telephone calls that were going on simultaneously and how the sound moves from scene to scene and kind of just some really cool stuff in this episode that. Just makes it stand out. And lastly is home again parts one and two also written by Paul mccusker, and this was just really significant to the show because this is when Jason Whittaker finally comes back. To Odyssey after being a absent we of course, we we hear about him in other episodes but this is we actually comes back to Odyssey. There's a lot of funny moments as everybody's trying to Kind of figure out what's going on this is Jason Bag is not back which trying to be mom because Jason wants to lay low for a while and you know he got that interaction with penny and wooden. And just a lot of fun stuff, and then of course, it's significant because. This is when the decision for Joanna, Jack to leave and turn over the antique shop to Jason Happens. and. This is the last episode where we hear Jack and Joanne. And so it's just It's a little bittersweet actually I think you know. Yeah. I mean I'm sure most big fans already know this but that the scene with. Alan Young was actually even though he he's he appears in the episode, but it's only on a phone call and that was actually recorded over the phone with Alan. He did not actually even make it into the studio and. So. That's an interesting bit of Trivia, just a a really solid episode and I just like I just like it a lot and that's one that actually just listened to again just recently just because it's just one that I kind like to go back to it's not one that you listen to over and over again. Yeah. But occasionally, it's just like, yeah I want to I want to listen to go through that moment again. Totally. Right I would nominate Sergeant York for Number One. I'd probably be fine with hit that one or the labyrinth being number one. Yeah. We'll there's three of us so any vote is bound to be productive. All right. I'll go with that. I'll go with that. and. Then I think the labyrinth has gotta be number two. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah I, think the wrestler's GonNa be fairly home maybe not not super easy but kind of I would put nightmares by constance or home. Again is number three. Nightmares by constance is really balanced in humor and other things going on. There's a very serious ending. But it's hilarious. The whole way through. And home again is very important to Odyssey. So I would probably lean towards. of course, home again is really funny to honestly and kind of a serious theme not quite as. Tragic as the other but yeah, they're the the scene where. Jason the cottage and he's trying to concentrate, and then it keeps getting distracted. That's that is some funny stuff in there. I actually Kinda. Thank you Lord for the Chirping Cricket. Would've I was going to say. I would go with nightmares by constance because you mentioned the balance because. This one is overall home. Again is a little bit more. There is moments of humor, but I think it's not quite as balanced because it is got that sad tone to it. Because, right all the fans know about. Will never going to hear Jack Joe and again. Yeah. So I don't know I probably do nightmares by constance number three, I would agree with that yeah. Okay. And I don't think mystery the clock tower compares to home. Again. As far as one being better than the other I think that home again is probably. Easier to put a number four out though I don't know what do you guys think? Yeah Yeah. I would agree with that. I think. So I, mean. I think it has more significance overall to to the show and it definitely. Is a solid episode all around. So. Okay. I'm I could get behind that. So that would be number four. Number five would be the mystery of the clock tower. All right so Aria an agreement. Yeah I think so. Too number five, the mystery of the clock tower number four again. Number three nightmares by constance number to the labyrinth number. One best multi part episode of the last decade is Sergeant York I'll ride. Yeah, I think. So it's also funny too because I had to really push for that to. Not Push I had to bring it up, but I really debated back and forth on that and so i. The thing is I really like. Pennies parents. So, yeah. Yeah. That's right. That's right. Because I had some runner up ahead. To find a penny I, think I know her parents are in that one but it's still hilarious. Yeah. That one is a good one to Dan a basset wedding. Funny. Just funny stuff. All right I hope you enjoyed that the top five multiple episodes of the last decade. Now, if you want to hear what all three of us had a choice for our runner up, that didn't quite make the top five and it was our personal choice for what we wanted to include in a just didn't quite make it. So that is also included in that backstage episode. So if you want to hear that full discussion with. Our top ten single episodes. which again, that also included a three runner ups. We each had our choice there as well. So you want to hear that entire discussion. Then hit up, I do theater central Dot Com, click the backstage button and come on in. We would love to have you be part of that community. So Show. Please leave your message after the tone I central Hey, guys this is awesome. Jd Roy Andrew Minute Victoria yesterday. A letter from big banks. I've got an email. Package for me today actually just your mail. All right. Well. I this in the feedback segment, but it's really just a shout out to emily and Kyle for sending in pictures of what they did with their ATC sticker and kyle put his on the back of his laptop. Emily put hers on her water bottle and it's really cool to see what you guys are doing with your ABC stickers. If you have not got yours, you can still get it head over to our contact page on our website, and there's an address on there and just send over A. Cell dressed stamped envelope to us, and we will drop a sticker in the mail back to you so. And A, and if you if you do that, you know send a picture. Let us see what you did with your with your. ATC. Sticker. And there's one little piece of feedback which is in the form of an apple podcasts review five stars. They said best podcast ever. I Love Your podcast guys are funny smart, intelligent fair and just an awesome podcast. Thank you very much. visa they continued adventures not as he is the only audio drama than I really listen to but I am looking to expand my listening. What should I listen to next I've listened to some focus on the family and this comes in from Australia. and. User name is Louis J twenty eight. So thank you so much Louis for the feedback for the itunes slash apple podcasts review really appreciate that and to answer your question should you listen to next? Well you said you've listened to some focus on the Family Radio Theater I would say jump into those give the whole catalogue. There I mean there's such amazing stuff in the radio theatre catalog of programs which we have the entire thing listed on our website. So right at audio theatre, central dot com, and then there's another page that has other audio drama listed. So there's all kinds of content there for T for you to explore right from our website, but I'm gonNA. Give you a couple of recommendations right now I would say. If you like modern on your dramas then you've got to go check out Jake Muller Adventures. Take. MORE ADVENTURES DOT com. It's. It's an absolutely fantastic audio drama. And there's action adventure there's a mystery element. There's all kinds of cool stuff going on in Jake Muller. Adventures. So the first installments called unidentified. I would recommend it. Now. If you like a classic or older stories, historical stories than I would say you need to check out ladder theater and the extraordinary adventures of a Hindi productions from heirloom audio both of those are extremely high quality. Right up there with the radio theater stuff. Many of the people who are involved in radio theatre were involved in these. So it's really really good stuff. If I had to pick one or two to start with from the hint series I'm GonNa say. Check out there behind the scenes of the the William Wallace story, which is called in freedom's cause. That's one of my favorites the Egyptian story. The cat of Buubas is fantastic and then one of the recent ones for the temple, which is the story of the fall of Jerusalem as the Romans took over just an amazing amazing audio drama. So there's a couple of recommendations for J. Hinchey for ladder theater. You can't go wrong by starting right at the beginning sir, Malcolm and the missing prince is the very first one and it's fantastic treasure of the secret cove. Is One of their best of all time in my opinion frozen fire is a one that's kind of apropos right now with dealing with. A play games sickness that is a attacking people here and there and everybody's afraid. Actually. You might not want to listen to that when right now. But it's actually a very, very, well done audio drama with a great story. But another one would be an extraordinary little made that one is a just a really, really great story as well. So just a few I mean these are not objectively the best ones that they've done. These are just personal favorites of mine that have just come to mind as I read your questions so. Hopefully that'll give you something to start with. And let us know. Let us know if you check out any of those. Our right well. I WanNa thank you for joining me for this semi Solo episode today. We will be back next month. which will be our tenth anniversary show. I? Don't know what we're GONNA DO I. Don't know we're going to do anything special or different are not. We're GONNA have to see but it's been a fantastic ride. Producing. Audio theatre central for you for ten years. A lot of amazing. Cool. Things have happened over the years and we love what we're doing. And thank you for listening. If you'd like to get in touch with us over with eater central dot, com slash contact all of the different ways are there. The show notes for everything I talked about today at audio theatre central dot com slash one, thirty seven. And again joined backstage, we would love to have you come into the group and get some extra bonus content. All of the perks of becoming a backstage pass holder are listed on that page of the website. So check it out. We will see you next time. Thank you so much for listening. Audio theatre central is a production of porchlight family media. Music was composed by Sam Alvin Donyo the show is produced and edited by yours. Truly our website is audio theatre central Dot Com. Works like family media, your source for families centers console. Ports like family. MEDIA DOT COM.

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