LADS#94 - Saturday Special featuring Jay and Kelly from the Unrelegated Podcast


Oh. No, no. No. This thing of our guys walking into a lot Americans guessing soccer, podcast or lads podcast. This podcast is brought to you by stadium. Seen dot TV. The best place to find the best parking, restaurants and bars for all your favorite sporting events. MLS is going on right now we got some playoffs. Unfortunately, Philadelphia union are gone. But that's okay. That's fine. Today. I am very pleased honored do have J in Kelly from the unregulated podcast. The Atlanta United f c podcast so Jane Kelly. How are you guys doing? I'm doing great. Thanks, great. So if you guys wanna do real quickly tell the people where they can find your podcasts and talk a little bit about working. We listen. Where can we got social media and stuff? Yeah. So on relegated was started. In March of this year. Kellyanne I had previously wore done another podcast in the Atlanta United community and got together decided to do our own thing. We cover mainly Elaine night, but we travel around quite a bit in and outside of Atlanta to various different watch parties record live in bars in pubs and get capture reactions of people before and after games, including bring on different night personalities. Journalists is recently is of Cardenas from the. You know, all all sorts of different people, and you can follow us on. Unreal. AT L dot com is the website. But unreal AT L is also our username on Twitter Instagram, and you can find us on Facebook as well. All right wicked. Okay. All right. I'm glad you can firm that I wasn't sure. All right. Thank you. Okay. So let me get a little background information about you guys. You said you had a previous podcast. But would you guys got you into soccer or you guys soccer football guys? So I I started playing soccer when I was younger and sort of play that for a little bit and then change sports, and then got back into it around a college because I was bored in the library and decided to start watching the Bundesliga, and and you know, Premier League, and I ended up spending most of my time in the library watching soccer instead of studying, so that's sort of what got me back into it. And then Atlanta United came out. Just sort of was the perfect fit in town to sort of start getting my finally back into MLS. All right J. Go ahead. Sorry. Sure. So I played you know, like. I think a lot of Americans as we know the numbers pretty big as as a kid played up through say middle school and even a little bit of trouble soccer when I was younger and had a number of different ankle injuries. And things like that where it slowdown my path in terms of playing and I moved around a lot as a kid as well. So that sort of interrupted that lifestyle, but in terms of following soccer. I didn't get back into it until college either. And I had a roommate who is a huge arsenal fan and would have streams of arsenal. I think actually the first arsenal match. I think I actually saw was a chess recording. My. You know that this guy had right ethic games had just started to Pierce the market in the US. So I started to to really tune in fall in love with a specific players Tyrian re Patrick Vieira, and those narratives of the invincibles and and actually traveled overseas to London after move to Atlanta had the pleasure of meeting some ex pats from London and working for one who is an arsenal season ticket holder. So that just cemented that path as well. All the way up until when it entered a Major League Soccer. Okay. Well, I'm very to have you on the podcast for a couple reasons because we hear lads, you know, I'm going to be honest. I'm not like the biggest molest guy not because I just you know, we just try and cover as much Premier League and other world soccer going on. And it's very un-american me. I'm sorry. But, you know, this is why we have you guys on our all our like, you know, people who listened to the podcast or like why guys you talk, Melissa? I don't like because I'm an idiot. Like, I don't. Know anything about MLS. That's why I wanna have you guys on. So tell me a little bit about Linda United f c I understand. This is your second year. Correct. Of the guys are a what's the word new club? Or what's what's the? Expansion. Yes. Thank you. So we were an expansion team last year when we joined MLS in two thousand seventeen this is our second season. So now are technically our expansion team title is has been dropped since that was our first year term. So yeah, we're in our second season we were top of the Eastern Conference away into the last day don't necessarily want to get into specifics of that. But we it's as as a team going from expansion into our our second year. I think we sort of solidified ourselves at now and Jake and correct me if if he disagrees, although I don't think he does that we're sort of the staple now of the way that MLS starting to turn were technically the term for MLS is that were like MLS three point. Oh, and everyone else is still two point. Oh market. So it's just people started looking at Atlanta and the framework and the front office and the way the club is run. And the way that they bring in, you know, young exciting South American players or the way that you know, we bring an interesting coaching choices things like that is sort of being the way the MLS is starting to turn. Yeah. United is unique in that regard is Kelly talked about this idea of MLS Dotto. And so what does that mean? Well, if you think about teams like Seattle, right or that team into the league and really caught fire. You know, they're considered sort of MLS to Dotto, right and these Fanton team moniker. You know, the funny thing is a young league. So that gets tied to anybody who wasn't part of the initial league when it was created. So most teams are expansion team now coming in and we have a couple more coming in Nashville, and then Cincinnati soon as well. So, you know, so it's it's growing Miami. Beckham's new team will come in the next two or three years, although it'd been saying that forever who knows it could be five years from now, but Eleni United. I think is wrote a lot of international attention because they brought in a coach of international standing top Martino who coached Barcelona Argentina new old boys. Brought championships there in the Argentina Salita. So that was part of it bringing Darren Eales who was previously director over it him coming over and becoming the president lane United. And then also just bringing in young South America talent, that's now attracting attention from Europe. You know, where now you see rumors of arsenal Tottenham or West Ham looking at players like Miguel Marrone who brought in for eleven or fifteen million possibly being sold or looked at to be sold for thirty million. So that is a new thing for me. And you're starting to see more young exciting, vibrant, talent, come in from South America pipeline and out even though you still have your Wayne Rooney's LA Times coming in. I think it's changed the the complexion of MLS going forward. And you saw that with just the exciting play that Bob Bradley, brought a coaching Ella. Galaxy and how they put things together, you know, Carlos vela's more of an aging player, you know. He's he's still in comparison to bringing some over from Europe, the still a different model, and they have a lot of us like Rossi who's the youngest EP in in Major League Soccer, and folks that five years ago, probably you would not have seen in Major League Soccer. But you know, probably people that would have been looking to go to Europe or elsewhere. I'm seeing this. Holy coacher change. Like, I say this is like the Eleni United like movement. Right. You guys are putting like the NFL in the hussy. You guys are selling eighty thousand people like don't even say that out loud. You guys are out selling Mercedes Benz stadium. Because that's where you play where the falcons play. Correct, correct. Yeah. And I think I think a lot of the the success of Atlanta United. I didn't mention Benjamin mentioned this when we started talking about sort of the way that became about a lot of it's tribute to Arthur blank. He's a big man in the community and has said it before again that the communities when the biggest things that he wants to focus with any franchise that he owns the falcons and all that good stuff. And I think what Arthur saw because he tried to start getting MLS here years before we even got the bid for Atlanta in the city. He saw the vibrancy of community here. He saw the depth of. The soccer phantom him. Because those are lot of there's a lot of local bars around the city that play the Premier League, you know, every Saturday morning open up extremely early just for and you've got troves of people that come out just for those games to to be part of the community that watches soccer. And I think Arthur solve that in the city, and he saw that that was something that he could tap into. I think the the amount of of fans that we have come to each game and the excitement around the city and very much tribute to him in our office and the way that our our media teens attacks that, but I definitely I myself new soccer big here. I didn't think it would be that big. But I mean, I guess Jay can expand on that. Yeah. I don't think anybody even Arthur blank der Neal's realized how fast this would take off in how big it would be what it was the perfect formula. I think the question gets asked quite often is you know, why? Why is it successful in Atlanta? And it's not elsewhere. And I don't think there's one particular answer. I think one of the answers that you have a rich history of soccer in Atlanta, believe it or not with the chiefs, and you know, who were selling stadiums out twenty thousand people, you know, back in the seventies eighties. You have you know, lot of local and youth in Georgia soccer as big as a whole just look at Andrew Carlton coming up in the as national team Bello, you know, Carlos linguists Kunda, you have a lot of sort of grassroots soccer that has been in Atlanta for a long time. And I think that it's it's a rich environment of transplants where people live in Atlanta now that don't, you know, necessarily have any ties to other Atlanta sports franchises, necessarily in football or basketball. But they don't have a team or didn't have a team that they followed in Major League Soccer because of the. The how young the league is. And that please an opportunity for people to grab onto something and make it their own in Atlanta. And and then they put an exciting product on the field. So when you put something that's exciting. And that gets vibe in the media teams have gone out there and done the is out there, the president going into to the community and actually putting his ear to the pavement and finding out you know, what people up to who the people that should be integrated with groups should be talked to in terms of the soccer community, and and how stir that research go. That's all part of those routes that just I think helped fuel the fire. But I don't think anybody has one answer. I have an answer. I think after a team blues twenty five point lead, at least at least a little sour taste people's mouth. So, you know, I think I I didn't wanna say if you know, people are they were kind of off American football. We should check this other stuff out because. Oh my God. Anyway. For reasons. I was listening to it before this recording one thing is I love your guys chemistry. Unreal. I'm cracking up. The entire time. You guys there's no lake dry air like emptier. You guys are very like, you know, snappy line love, then I also go back to the grass roots thing if you guys are really immersed into the Atlanta United f c coacher you guys talking about going into bars about checking out with the local scene is I I love that. I love Atlanta. I've only been there once I went to a concert. There's called wrecking ball was like a bunch of hardcore and punk bands playing. It was awesome and gonna say big fan of Linda in Georgia because you guys kind of blocked Florida from the rest of the world. So. That also makes me very happy because at places, you know, dumpster fire anyway, moving on to Atlanta United f c feel like we haven't even talked about their play what a season coming in second in the Eastern Conference ending with sixty nine points. Nice. What are your what what was you know, would win two guys anytime? I turn on the TV. I was like drawn to you guys. You played exciting football. And I know you will get into your manager who has recently left. But what what was you know, what was behind this like such an exciting team? Obviously, you have a couple MVP candidates. But would you guys boil it down to? It's it's been a very long season. And last I think Jay creek nevermore about unless as the longest season for soccer right now in the world. So we pretty much, you know, as I I mean, I don't know how long no no how long has has. But we go pretty much from about March before March until December is a season. So it's a lot of games. I think if we're going to trip. Tribute one thing you can't really you have to think about our way for him this season compared to last season, we dominated a away games. There are few that stick out that are still sore sore thumbs ties, but when you think about the way that our defense has been and the tactical switches that we've done formations that we've changed on last year we were trying to move into three five two for a while. And we've for some reason couldn't couldn't get it to work, and then this year, it just sort of been our our home base for not only way games, but any other game that we feel that we needed to have sort of safety net we moved into that three five to. I think also having Darlington Nagy now on our team allows us to have a more fluid midfield that was really an issue last year. But it definitely opens up opportunity to get the ball to Miguel. I mean, definitely is a center and runs his team. I think that that sort of given McGill more free. Them to not sit back as much as he might have last year or. Sort of pass it off to others or tr try to create that space before. Now, I think Nagwa held a lot with that. They want to continue. I don't wanna talk too much. Yeah. And correct. You one thing I doesn't have the longest season in the world and from soccer. I think in terms of other American sports is quite long. I think Brazil has actually like the longest soccer like eleven months long. When you include the preseason, all the cups, and the fact that they participate a couple of tourists, and that's just wrapping up here actually this coming week as well. And speaking of couple of Batori, I think that's part of it as well. As that. There's a philosophy that was built at the lane United around this attacking style for packing brain of soccer fields comes from Tottenham. Right. And that is very much much Tino. Right. Who comes from some of the same schools of thought in terms of of strategy of visa, you know, the Argentine sort of way of playing is embedded into that culture as well. You see that in Atlanta United and then bringing in a coach I talked to Martine. To build upon that philosophy and bring his brand of of of sort of pressing style of fluid a soccer in bringing in young South American talents. Complement some veteran. MLS key veteran players I think that also brings a brand as well. And then you have some luck. Right. You have players like Julian gristle who was brought out of the draft the MLS super draft. Right. This guy a nowhere. He's already twenty four years old the late bloomer coming out of college. He, you know, couldn't make it in the kademi system in Germany and top to Martino spotted this guy. And they picked him like eight in the draft. Nobody knew who this guy was. And now, he's probably the best right wing back and Major League Soccer. And even in our our disappointing loss where we lost the shield, which traditionally people at our fans of Major League Soccer. Most of soccer leagues will call me in championship. Whoever has the most points of the season. We'll mainly soccer. A more traditional playoff format for their MLS Cup, which is the quote unquote champion, but the supporters really separate from MLS crowd funded years ago for a trophy and has their own trophy that they give to teams that have the most points at the end of the season and laying missed out on opportunities losing to Toronto for one in the red bulls ended up clinching that and breaking the season point total record that Toronto had last year since nine points as you said lane tied that now in their second season. But, you know, having that exciting brand of soccer is a big part of it. Having those young South American players that come in and fire things up and having a few important designated players such as Joseph Martinez Miguel on Roan Tito, Viansa, you know, that that people can glue onto that's it's selling merchandise. It's bringing people who are not in Atlanta and bring attention to the team and people will actually turn it on. And maybe the Watchet lane United play. Maybe they won't watch majorly soccer's a hole, but people are watching it land United play soccer when they're playing game on his on television. Yeah. Like, I'm not gonna turn on the Minnesota f c I don't know what their name is. But if I Linda like, I just know it's going to be electrically. You guys like have really just, you know, found lightning in a bottle with your club and going back to your to MVP nominees. That's really excited. I never happened before is like one team has to VP nominees like with Martinez and on it. I think it almost happened last year. But yeah Joseph without injured. But also going into Totta you guys like is a bittersweet losing such an amazing coach to Mexico or how I saw you guys tweeting a lot about it pay your respects, technically, we haven't lost ten yet. He's still with us until the end of the season which hopefully will be the Cup game in December on December ninth. But and it's also not a hundred percent decided or or made official that he's going to Mexico. So it's sort of in the air right now where he is leaving. But yeah, it's it's definitely sad ties. Sarah, I coach, and you're always gonna have that cinnamon feeling and thoughts towards somebody like that. Especially somebody who established the brand of who Atlanta United is on the pitch and sort of how the way our club is run from the inside. I mean, he's done a lot of things within the club with the players with being on the pitch during training from from day to day. Every day to to sort of be there with the players, and and really put his whole effort into it. And you, of course, you're gonna miss somebody like that somebody who is meant a lot to the community somebody meant a lot to the club, and and Wyche bike Jay said is has brought this sort of electrically and this energy to the pitch with the with the brain on soccer that he brought in as Darren said when he was talking about going on a search again for for new coach he's talking about keeping the same sort of things Totta instilled into our club, which is exciting soccer, entertaining soccer, fast and fluid. And and yeah, you're gonna you're gonna miss somebody that that is already brought that and has been here. But it just to me opens up new opportunities to for somebody else to have the reins on their club. And and to see what the difference and our team can be with a different manager, and I've always trusted our front office. And so I don't I don't feel. Anybody that's going to be coming in is going to be driving away from that narrative talk Martino without him. I definitely think that players like McGowan Rhone it's questionable whether a player like that would have come to Atlanta before there was, you know, even a team in existence of before the stadium was finished being built deals had important comment, though when interviewed on the radio talking about Tatas or the perceived importance of Totta in bringing in players, and their alluded to the fact that well, it may not be as much or as reliant on top. Is you may think Tito viata who is a actually now of the Paraguayan Pat passport, and we'll be playing with McGowan homerun for the Paraguayan team, but is tinian born. And he came before there was even a logo before it was just a thought in, you know, a fleeting thought in the air and he put faith in Atlanta United before the team or even. I was even assigned as a coach. So I think the imports Totta for building and bringing some gravitas to an importance to how the team was built in knowing how to build a team and bring bring trophies and those sorts of things was important for getting it lane at off of the ground. But at the same time, I think that him leaving is not going to be a detriment. I think we will still bring in players we already know that we're pretty much endearing his looted to that were, you know, signing a player who is a twenty four twenty five year old mature player in the Super League playing for River Plate right now in the Coppola, Taurus and the lane fans. Are you know, it's it's it's crazy. I don't know any other teams in MLS were fans are tuning in and finding streams of couple of limited Taurus, COPA Sudamericana matches to find an watch potential players that are coming in. Into Eleni night. Like is as you'll Barco who winning penalties, you know in the COPA Sudamericana winning trophies at the age of eighteen before being brought to MLS or PT Martinez. Who's just for the winning goal to bring him to the final where they'll play Boca Juniors, which is coached by by the way, Scarlata who's being looked at as a potential coach for laying United coming into next season. So so. Not at fans watching the couple of Torah where once us being coached by potential coach that could come over to Atlanta and the other side of the the other team playing has a player who could potentially becoming too late night it. So that is something that you would have never found just two years ago in Major League Soccer. Even find that. I'm a huge arsenal fan. I mostly covered per merely. And I get rumors all the time of like these acts PSV players, and I'm like, I would never tune into like the the Dutch league or anything like that. That is insanity. Sorry. There have been actually watched parties popping up to to watch the Dettori's to especially the final. Now. That's coming up to to watch it. Yeah. It's the same thing to happen when we were being rumored like Jay said with Barco last year and everybody started tuning in and watching that and sharing streams sharing passwords on how to how to watch it. And and it's just it's very entertaining. I mean, if we if we hear somebody that's rumored to join and it's the same thing with Barca last year. It was a rumor, but we it was almost certain. Yeah. We we have people tune in and discuss, and you know, when it's on and streaming there's a huge Twitter conversation going on about it. And you know, watching the player and evaluating what he might look like on our team. So it is very entertaining. I think like Jay said I don't have seen any MLS team do that really with their with their potential signings. Yeah. Maybe it's a niche bubble within the Twitter sphere. Whereas, you know. Maybe it's not, you know, I'm not saying that seventy thousand people are tuning in. But there's a good chunk of hard core supporters that are doing in having a dialogue about it. And I don't think that would exist without our unique culture where we have so much Latin influence not only on the pitch right or in the coach, right? But also in our media, and and having that representation in the media in in our fan base, where you know, we have supporters groups like the dole say, which is largely based of people based fans that come from or originate from Argentina or early way or have that culture and bring those chance in Spanish, and I think that's a big part of it and having friends that you know, that we met through at lane United like Kelly could tell you now she goes and plays pick up a soccer at these mini pitches. At Marta subway stations. That were built by soften the streets with the help of Atlanta United that didn't exist two years ago. And now you have people that not only never were watching Major League Soccer. Going out and playing with each other in five matches every Wednesday night at subway stations. And and so that's also a big part of it, you know, and and making friends with you know, groups like leper Sarah's, you know, bunch of guys Colombian guys. And and then you have Sierra United a podcast Spanish-language podcasts that follows lane United that has super popular. So I think all of that kind of blends together and creates this this environment that kinda just cooks stews and creates these opportunities for those types of things to happen. Like people getting together and catching onto these matches in South America. It kinda reminds me of like the book. I don't know if you guys by Malcolm glad well, it's called the tipping point where you just find this just like knee just takes off. You know, what I mean, it feels like you guys have really hit. This them amazing. Like these hardcore fans are talking about are just unbelievable, and I'm just totally blown away. But my big question is how are the tailgates? Are they are they pretty good? We we have massive tailgates. We've. I can't even count them out of support groups that we have, but we basically have this huge parking lot right next to the Mercedes Benz stadium, which will the sort of the future of that lot is determined because the city's trying to a create some retail space, and and things like that in the in the parking lot as of right now, I was just a massive parking lot tensor brought up the faction which is a supporter group that Jay's a big part of they actually bring out a mini pitch and set it up every tailgate, and you got kids and parents coming out in the kids be playing on the soccer pitch while they're all their parents are sitting and grabbing a beer and hanging out with other fans. And then you've now got even on top of the faction truck trailer. You've got little platform which soccer down here, which is another podcast in Atlanta, and is run by us when one of the voices of the United which is Jason longshore. They come and they broadcast. Every morning on every tailgate are sorry game day morning. They'll be on top of the trailer broadcasting talking about the upcoming game. And it's just it's it's a lively environment. You've got support groups from like Jay said every every corner of the world's and we've got such a vast vast diverse group of people, and we all sort of mix and Ingle, and I walked from supporter group is supportive supportive group you drink here, you grab drink Gary grab drink all the way on the other side. You got a guy that comes out with a RV trailer and smokes a pig. I mean, it's it's a party in. It's it's a lot of people mixing, and it's a lot of people from different environments just getting together to talk soccer and watch a soccer match. Yeah. It's it's at least for the big games you're talking anywhere from two to four thousand people in that parking lot. And you know, just just a supporters group section alone. The official support. Section with faction and footy mob, which has been featured on COPA ninety has a lot of hip. Hop culture. They have you know, still have several DJ's. They're spinning records. They'll have a vodka a diner trailer come out on occasion, where you can go sit inside it like the old school diner and serves vodka drinks. You have terminus legion. The oldest supporters group they have like nine hundred members. You know, they also have a DJ quite often. They'll be Carioca going on when the March kicks off. You'll see the smoke start popping resurgence who is sort of our rowdy and rowdiest supporters group. You know, the ones that you'll you'll when you traditionally think of supporters group is really out there, and we'll be have a pin yada with glitter. They're banging on in when that explodes, and then the music pops off and the smoking, and it leads to to the March where you have several hundred people marching into the stadium together. So it's just a wow. Wild environment. You blend that with like I said look dole say who bring their own instruments as well. And in March with the other supporters groups, and and sort of this intermingling of different a chance and stuff like that. It's it's really powerful. It's something that you know for a club. This young is is pretty crazy because typically you don't see that type of culture that type of passion unless unless a team has been there for quite a while but props to LA of see I mean, you watch the use of their three to three to five to which is the how many people can fit in their in their wall. They're standing only super more section which is the only the second like Orlando has the other one. But we don't talk about them. So. Up and down and they're one of their chances actually being replicated by lower league clubs in Europe. Now, they're sending videos and in crediting, Elliot ac- for inspiring chance. So it's going the other way around. Now, we're, you know, a soccer sport of groups are now inspiring chance and things of that nature. The other way around I think the old school where you hear English like who all ya and chance being ripped off. And all that sort of stuff. You just don't see that. You know, that that broke culture. I don't see that. There you see I've never seen so many women involved in the supporters culture as I have that lane knighted not to say that there isn't I've been around in this long. But it's pretty incredible as well as the after Merican culture being injected into this, the Latino culture, you name it, and that SEC college style tailgate culture that really you don't find anywhere else in America. All coming together, and creating this wonderful atmosphere. You guys are melting pot guys party geyser diverse. Oh my God. Like, so me. I'm coming. Okay. All right. All right. Wow. When you come to a game. You are required to stand with me because I stand with the supporters and when we score you get beer showers. It's tree. Oh my God. That was like during the World Cup. I was just like just covered during the World Cup final showers. Beer, showers all day. All right. Well, I want to kind of top this off. I think you guys again so much for coming on the podcast. I wanna get your guys expectations guys. Now have New York City f c because they kind of be, you know, Philadelphia union. We don't talk about them. That's fine, which I need to have a talking with them because I'm hearing about your guys culture in. It's not sons of Ben they need to step it up. What is your expectations for the first leg, which is taking place on November fourth is that Atlanta. Or is that in New York? I don't know. Yes. So the first leg is in New York on Sunday. I think it's going to be the rumor is it'll be five pm. The TV schedules are kind of cemented reffing waiting for tonight's two matches to complete in terms of the knockout rounds before they stick it on the TV guide officially, but it should be Sunday. Hopefully, five PM if not maybe seven PM that will be up in New York City at Yankee Stadium. The second leg on eleventh will be in Atlanta. And that's because Atlanta was seated higher in second place and got a buy week got to sit back and watch the knockout rounds occur. And that also means that because her higher seeded, they get to finish the second leg at home, and Seraing, my prediction and Kelly. I haven't talked about this at all yet. We typically listen this'll be shocking. Yeah. Got four. Until the pre matching recording at at a watch party, which will be doing with a group called Atlanta United nation this time and so on Georgia. But I think that it's gonna be a tough match in the stadium nukes that he's hot right now. They're coming off where they have an hell Herrera back who sort of, you know, it's like, you know, with Elaine night. We're missing McGowan Marrone, and you can feel it. You know, it's it's I think it's it's cost us the Toronto game in in in part. And so having him back is a big deal and they're getting hot right at the right time, which in the the playoff system that's very important and we're kind of in a dip right now. So I think we'll lose the match in New York to one, but we'll get that all important away goal which because away goals are weighted more heavily in this to like system that'll be a big deal. And then I think we will win three one in Atlanta. So I'm giving both score predictions. I think we're gonna pull this out. But it's going to be close over the two legs. Okay. Well, okay. I actually think we go up to the small sandbox that is NYC FC, and we pull out a draw. So I think it ends up being one one I think that we are coming off of Toronto. And we've got something to prove. I know I know in my CFC is hot right now. And and and all that. But I really do feel like Atlanta unites gonna come out there all pistons firing because they they need to make a statement. So I think we get one one up in in my in my CFC up in New York. And then when they come here to Atlanta, I think we went out to one I think it is going to be one of those sort of or both games are going to be high-tempo a lot of fouls. Hopefully, no cards for Atlanta United. But I think it is going to be a nail biter till the end. I don't think it's going to be as close. Jay things it's going to be this is gonna be fun game to watch. So if you are, you know, if you're not invested in either team, and you're just a neutral should be an exciting. Because for history, you know, we've each beating each other three one and also tied one one we tied them one which you were only one of four teams to draw them up in Yankee Stadium. They they've pretty much want every match up there. And then also we tied to to in Atlanta as well. So this is a team that plays more open and fluid. I don't think if we had gotten a team like these United. It may have been less fluid game. You may seen some more sitting back and things like that. Yeah. I think this is going to be more open fluid game attacking these are two coaches in and dome. Toronto and top to Martino that have sort of stringent philosophies on how to play. And so I don't think you're gonna see this traditional MLS playoff where you have to team sitting back and waiting for something to happen in the first leg, and and I think it's going to be all out. So so be sure to tune in. And and check it out. Yeah. Me extremely entertaining to watch. I'm lake so jazzed right now. Okay. So I'm just wanna make sure when I call my bookie later, second-leg definitely land. Okay. All right. Got that. And then so it's Cupper bust. Right. So I mean, you guys are saying Cupper bust as I'm getting. Yeah. No. I we I want. I wanna Cup. Yeah. I think this is so key because talk Martino is leaving. Right. And then we're going to be probably selling players like Miguel Ahmir own you know team. Although I don't think he'll leave teams may come hunting for just Martinez or Julian gristle who arrested are still under contract, but we're definitely going to be moving pieces. And so the team as it looks and feels over the last couple years. Is gonna be different. This is this is it, and you have I think like a Kelly said, you know, I think people are fired up because it Lenny knighted went out against Toronto. And the fans are not upset about it because they went out against Toronto. Who's is a teen is difficult to play in Toronto, regardless of what how they place this season. You you just saw team that kind of blew it in the first half and they had to chase it, and that's how they shipped a couple other goals. So the disappointment of losing an opportunity at our best chance at a trophy is frustrating, but at the end of the day because the playoff system because the Cup is really the only trophy most people most casual supporters, anyways, we're going to talk about the support she will be forgotten about. So if you can win MLS Cup all will be forgotten. Maybe not to me. I'll take this. She'll very seriously. I'm really hurt. But and that'll burn for wild. But overall you win that molest Cup that that's it. Right. You're you're the quote, unquote, champions and. Atlan United was set up and had the target on their back the entire season. And was you know, sort of set up to be the favorites for this. I don't see I think that may have shifted in terms of narrative, I think people are looking at the rebels now or s K C is potentially favorites. But I think that my actually help Atlanta United not being the favourite anymore. Maybe that takes some of that pressure off sub consciously even though obviously there's a lot of pressure on to win this only remaining trophy, correct? Everything he just said. And also the fact that MLS the way sort of analysts playoffs work is it almost feels like a start over on a season as where is it sounds like you you get the opportunity. I mean the season the regular season is over and the play offs have started. And it's a whole new ballgame. Yeah. I mean as someone who is an arsenal fan. And I you know, I understand j you sp- love the supporters shield. I'm big FA Cup fan. So people don't look at that anymore. So I gotta take what you can get right. I'm I'm so excited for you guys. You know, Philadelphia union out. So, you know, I'm hopping on the Atlanta United f c train I'm on. I'm on this train now. So I'm very excited to be on this train so checks in the mail, sir. Okay. All right. Perfect. All right. I'm gonna wrap this up real quick. One more question is we'll get your guys take. What is the biggest thing that is holding American soccer back from getting to the level? Where Linda, you know, you see is obviously you guys are having any problems. You guys are exceeding expectations. You guys are blowing like skyrocketing. What do you think holds like other places in the country from being like where you guys are FC Dallas game last night. And it was like I saw Taylor twelve between about like the stadium was empty. So what do you think holds us back? I think I'm just going to try and keep it assured. Sweet as possible, I think a lot of it has to deal with the front office the way that presidents and owners decide to run the franchise. I think if you put effort into it, you put effort into social media campaigns or media campaigns in general and marketing to the community of or the soccer community. That's n me were in your state or in your region. I think you can turn it around. I just think the the effort to want to breed entertaining soccer or the effort to want to make your team better sometimes lacking with other clubs, not that's my opinion. But I think you can't really summit up in one answer. But I think if I was going to I'd say front office. Yeah. I think you could do a whole podcast on American soccer culture. And it'd be looking at what's gone wrong with US men's national team. And how does sing? You know, a single entity system like Major League Soccer, you know, hold something's back in terms of their complex rules and all this stuff. But I'm gonna go more philosophical. I'm gonna end this on a philosophical note. I will say that expectations are holding American soccer back, and that is that what people thought what the art of the possible was just two years ago was not enough. And you know, someone light in that kind of ties into what Kelly said, you know, an owner like Arthur blank said no, we can do better that mentality right? Which is for digitally in American mentality. Right. Not like, let's come in. And just do the bare minimum and see if we can skate by. But that would seem to be the way that business was done quite often a Major League Soccer. And I think now you have people that maybe weren't even looking who were or smart people who have a lot of money who can invest in a club who have never looked at Major League Soccer as a potential opportunity now looking at it and saying while we could take this mile or something similar. We can't replicate it exactly, but we can take something similar maybe a small. Stadium. But I think the next step is saying why are we limiting stadiums. To twenty twenty two thousand people why we doing that. Now, I think the clubs coming in Nashville Cincinnati Cincinnati in the US L was breaking records. They were getting an average of thirty five thirty six thousand people at their games on average in US L in the league below Major League Soccer. So this team that comes in and build a big stadium fan. You know, brings an attendance and starts to push Lenny United who is average fifty three thousand which is sixteenth in the world in attendance this year and start to say, you know, what this is the are the possible. So I think it's only our expectations, and what we think is possible that is holding ourselves back as a soccer culture in America. Absolutely agree with that. And regards to sense e Cincinnati is coming in the beginning of next year, and they'll be doing the expansion draft for this coming to nineteen season. So I think the are the possible is on the horizon. Wow. That was phenomenal. You guys. Really just nice. Okay. I I'm blown away. Thank you. Jane Kelly for coming on the podcast. Make sure to check out on relegated podcast Eleni United f c podcast. This has been a lot of fun. So thank you guys. So much, absolutely. Some. Two.

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