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Man today's tale story. Would you think time you won't. You won't give a little. Brief over you or your. I only really know the basics. And from what i understand chapelle just kinda came out social media when it was like yo everybody stop watching the show so they can give me give me my publishing back cyber thing and precise we listen. Listen that's right. That's that's that's that's the what i know. If there's any fine details you might have to provide that. Yeah i mean Today shapiro situation would happen. Was we found out about six months ago when viacom released dais appel show on. Hbo and net flicks. I think comedy central sold the original. Ip to viacom viacom owned Comedy central we've found out through daesh appel that basically didn't get paid for the last season of chapelle show that fifty million dollars. We keep hearing about never actually having whatever happened the show so i never gave him any money so they shapiro says he never made any money from the chapelle show in the worst part about it is is that like the name the chapelle show is held in perpetuity universally Infinitely through viacom father's name. He put it on the show. Chapelle show so now he couldn't use it but now we find out a couple of days ago we find out that Daesh appel and viacom have come to some sort of agreement basically getting paid for his content again and for the first time that i can think of the creative one right. That's why. I mean prince and have met mysteriously died before they got there. So this is. This is definitely victory. Pretty prints would be proud has definitely be pro personnel densely brown and so we definitely wanna give flowers. Today's appeal while we can. I don't know what this weird noises coming from. It's not recording so it just might be my headphones here that i'd hire to do what is that. That's why i'm moving away is it. My fault could be your phone. It is your vip. Is it a proximity to the this year. I've i've heard those type of i hate that. What does that are we at twenty twenty. One we can't was that why you can't use the your phone on the plane. Why speaking of planes did you see that. Did you see the footage engine blown up while they were flying. Yes tom tom. I saw that. I was blowing up. Yes the engine was on fire. All actual footage of yeah. Okay i think is What is it delta airlines united. Of course it would be delta. We're going to say delta. Yeah if we're wrong. there's no surprise. Be factually accurate for all in the brain. Leila where can we go with delta. Right would definitely go with other But yeah oh my fellas know what. I did have got to introduce what we are. Well i mean they'll figure it out they will but anyway welcome to the over. The shoulder. podcasts. Is your chance to eavesdrop on three professional craters. We discussed the sources happenings aspirations from the creative industry from film to production to music to co. Join us each week as we push the envelope on the possibilities of the great industry i host for this week. Of course this lovely voice that you hear right now is your main man. Two hundred grand beam. O'brien what's up y'all don. Hey you got your applause. I was trying to get it together but are we ready. We back in the game. Maybe course right here. I got my main man. Tom time introduce yourself. This is thomas the great you know. I'm just out here. Facilitate civil tighter so we got i guess today we do ya introduce yourself gas plea. Some some people are heart people. Call me j. I prefer whatever the best is right on. The new bank bar came ready with the bar. It is you know what time it is right. Time for the word of verde that day friday thirty days where today is brought to you by dictionary dot com. Actually have it up here We use this word today to try to expand vocabulary to see if spartacus can be smarter and so. Today's the day is polyglot polyglot. Or i'm sorry. I'm dyslexic polyglot. Let me let me hear. Why visit polyglot. What's it mean re-definition jr where we where we why don't swipe swipe it don't swipe. Why does why holly polyglot you don't handle definition and let me. We know the active. Yeah that is something we go here. We young where we around speaks writes or reads in a number of languages. A mixture or confusion of languages Probably got no no. I mean i speak black. Well paper i was about to say. Yeah english anybody. Those are two different languages. They are they are. What is it ave african american vernacular english. Whatever go it's right. American vernacular english you know. That's the official official language of america. Isn't the language of america. Yo yeah fisher unofficial link because you know unofficial the official or the unofficial official language depending on how you use that distributive property we using talking so fast right overhead you'll be For show hosted far to forget you and the bank. No you're not in the bag. We knew of the show. We have a new section in the show. Oh do we do here. It's called this week and creativity this weekend. Creative this week and creativity like and you. Do you got anything. I got three examples up here on the board. You gotta think off the top of your head you're section. We figure it out. We word about anything on the top right now. We can creativity this week in creativity creativity now. I got three examples all right all right. We missed last week but last week came out great film judas in the in the black jews did. Y'all see wife have not seen it year. You what one of the homeys. Actually the style Style daniel kalou everybody. I kinda give at midnight trying to check. But he was in the movie he was in the movie. He wasn't in the movie. His us funding talking about i. You might have the facial. Hair could be used. He was in my bed. Do you see it's like when you make out recognize bruce right now. How could you forget my bedtime. So i i apologize. Do you have any. Do you have any immediate reaction from seeing a man in a black messiah not the black priests my immediate reaction. I was a beautiful young. My only thing about it is. I think it's kind of maybe the public opinion on it. Just you know. Seeing fred hampton through the eyes of a snitch. You know could do that. Point of view. Which is i mean. We see we know the you know if you didn't now you do know the story rather Willie o'neill right right right. So obviously he was president. He you know he saw things and things like that. But for the sake of a pic of fred hampton. It would have been nice to kind of see for at hampton. Exactly see him develop into who he was. Because we're talking about my was assassinated at twenty one one. Twenty-one ages of you know his high school years sixteen seventeen. those were his Potent years up until his death. So what would have been nice to see. I mean they they they. They dived into it with him in his His partner little little little hints of it little season season Because they did bond bonded over malcolm x. Speeches and stuff like that. So that was his niece malcolm x. Peaches so they kind of you know. Play with it a little bit but other than that. No it was it was. It was beautiful. It was nice. I was it twice right. You know right it's really digest it I do think that the assassination scene was. i mean. It is probably just being a stickler but it was fine for what it was just to get to be even more violent than what was displayed. Probably would have been. Even you know would have walked away with a little bit more angry than that but other than that. Yeah it was beautiful. It was not you seattle shocking. Shall cain stanfield columbia and dominique fish. Back i thought was phenomenal film. She's a beast. I enjoyed it. I watched it twice. I watch it back back back back. Yeah that makes you. You know you gotta watch it again. You really got to watch. It had to run a back I love to. I love win. Films like this. Enter into the two black creative atmosphere because then we get the have trinity conversations about revolution vs reforming although the trans. Don't always stick to real nigga show up to the train conversation and the drought jim. So if you're smart enough you black enough and you cooler. Nothing you know you really into the intellectual scene. Start looking at some of the behind the scenes photos that was happening behind the scenes facts. That were happening For the black. I'm sorry judas in the black before we go off often models gigi right. I want to shout one of the homeys. Aaron ramey he actually is the one who styled daniel for the for the for the. Oh yeah yeah so. I just learned this today so i would be remiss if i didn't mention this while we're talking about is danita hoping danny i wouldn't say danny's only but those are the homes from philly. They used to come down here and do parties. And in lafayette heyday type of thing. Lord lord gear we go they both run up to forty but anyway that ain't right every time all stop play we may. Hey man i'd like to say. I have age nicely. I have fermented like one. Guess if you don't know my so that's what's beautiful nope back as beautiful all right We do have we have another segment of the next segment. Another another brand we got you know what i'm saying met my come. You might not come so diverse. Let's try this week's money move by the week money. Moving into the money move of the week just the all year. Oh yeah you're talking about talking about. I don't know if you've heard it. But i saw not your sorry. You think sound time it's not. It's not your tapping your question. My bad bro. But we do have breaking news right here. If you didn't know did you see this time time. Jay z sold fifty percent of his ownership or fifty percent of the ace of spades Brand to lvmh heard about this one. Do we see how much money than when i saw a report that i saw a read the new york times. They said that there weren't numbers. The numbers weren't being stipulated at this point But i did see something. It was a twitter. It was a tweet tweets. Count the tweet. I'm about to read to. I don't know would you. I'm gonna just continue to say what i saw. Which was they said. Legend or apparently was for two hundred fifty million to two hundred fifty million. That's what i guess what you got to okay so unofficial from some unofficial news like that so in two thousand fourteen body for thirty million and ace of spades itself costs thirteen dollars to make and his soul for two twenty five at wholesale so that literally is a ninety four percent profit margin. I learned. I learned that through this news. Have yet to drink any. I'm keeping had that expensive set myself but holy shit and all right. It'll that's what i learned. But that's how right that's good business. I mean honestly with a lot of stuff like that you just you just don't want to know them type of facts. Because the nike clothes you pay two hundred dollars four probably may for. I don't know a dollar. So i mean i just found it interesting. That's so i'm definitely not negatively and shout out to the bro for for two hundred and twenty five million dollars for two hundred twenty two dollars campaign that cost you thirteen thousand wholesale. It's not even like the full semi breaking in lafayette boy. Well this might be our last time here. With debris jaw not bland. Make sure everything's just base. Everything is all right. But yeah i That's a hundred twenty. Five million dollars usd used reported to fifth time you said to twenty-five probably in the range we've talked about different parts of the deal. Now would you talk about. He was talking about like that. Whole deals made it that right. I was saying that. Like i learned bottles. Yeah ok the basic level at wholesale is to twenty. Yeah we'll write a bottle itself. Yeah okay five dollar wine from target. I mean it's a me. If i can afford it at that time i will support it but like right now. I'm good. we're five dollar one agency. I'm going to get into my bias bag right. Wait just a mobile home. Evanger right quick whole a and and yeah whole evanger. That was a nice way to put it whole vendor. I quick the next segment you know. It's whole man like did you make good business. Good business Continue to climb up the ladder You know we're talking about basquiat billionaire. Hove now though. It would have been nice to retain his one hundred percent ownership of acis bays those those cocky bars in there. He does in and stuff like that but none of us. But i feel like that's first of all. I feel like that's the name of the game when you do stuff like that like you come up with the idea. You're not necessarily like you. Don't want to retain ownership but you definitely want to sell it for way more than you got it for. And he would like to twenty five thirty that that's why eighty six hundred. The price Was more than six times the price. Yeah and that's what you do right. You create hold off you. Elevate it till up until because they said that negotiation. Start in two thousand nineteen. So we're talking about a two year deal in. He held out for an to make site right. The almost eight is a whole bar. He's he says on a three kings Rick ross and dr dre talking about concert venue rather but as it pertains to his champagne he like you know. I'm hold now for three to seventy five. I just might agree. Got allegedly to fifty so. That's good okay. Good because i can see that is good business it is. I mean it is good business. Yeah what i think you might. You might even start the start. Because i'm thompson they're going to you because i don't think anybody is quiet as kept but the elephant in the room that he did business with the same company that allows somebody to slander him. Just the christoph. Oh right which is why a spades came to be is literally came to be off the off of that right with the result of the today. Don't help me all right. Because i set you guys say something before i get to deep no i just. I don't know it's interesting. I suppose the lvmh may this deal one day As i understand it they they. They aren't financing Fancy at the moment and twenty and five money elsewhere and then got valued at two billion. So i don't know it's just it's interesting when all the the timing of these things sometimes right. But i digress me not let me not hold you getting getting into the you come out. Why don't we did not like i'm over here. Being you up when we get to the right segment segment. Anyway as i find a pivotal to constantly investigate which inspires confounded disrupts creativity each week. I explore one creative concept constructive creative and allies foundations in hopes of expanding the discovery of the creative process this week. Gotta talk about something that's been happening during the quarantine in his kindly kindly come up to head in a wonderful capitalist bump a socialist planted a bomb in my head in his. Fuck me up. Jr fucking socialism is fucking. The eboni blamed dr jared ball. Gimme a second. You heard the big news. We just told you about. Jay z right right. Two hundred fifty million dollars allegedly alleged allegedly allege it could be two seventy five. You could have got the full. You feel me we'd go. There's a lot of things we don't know and we may never know right. So there's that news. I want to put a pin in there for a second. Did you see before cam. Newton gathered by that child. Did you see the previous cam. Newton headline that. He spent millions of dollars on high fashion for close that he only wore once. Yeah i did see the headline i into it but so i have an interesting point now that you mention it right. Don't you still my point tom. Tom i'm going to deep. I feel you but we would be. This kind of is relevant. All right so i watched Athlete podcast right and can was guest. don't wait you gotta room point. I'm not kidding. They're getting about to say the same thing we were. Don't get there yet. Because that's the whole point tab. Tom go While we record seeing a gentleman. By the name of dr. Jared bala encourage you to go look it up He entered my intellectual space so he wrote a book called the myth in propaganda of black buying power the myth and propaganda a black buying power near that number where they say. oh black. buying power is like one point nine one point three triggers. Whatever well he takes this book and he says that's a bunch of bullshit there's a bunch budget bullshit and he proves it that different ways and i'll let you discover that on your own But wow discussing this a couple of socialists gun to my head about the redistribution of wealth. And how maybe chasing. The billionaire bag with a millionaire bag is not advantageous towards the liberation of black people. You follow me. So far come on The biggest members of the black piece right in part of the part of that movie. Fred have care down. Murphy said in real life but i'm gonna say character in this situation but the spirit of fred hampton says. You can't solve capitalism black capitalism. We can't be liberated through the same system. That is causing us oppression. What are the trick. Bags of capitalism is that there must be a high person for the be a low person be winners in order for that to be losing. I gotta be honest with you. I am a capitalist. You've seen the monopoly right now. I literally got now muddy signs on the back of my back right now as if it was slapped around like slapped into me like threw a whip is machine but the more you look at the history the more you realize that capitalism especially if the black folks is like oxymoronic every time we get a little bit close to little economic economic equity or equality are wall street burned down or we go fight the war and everybody comes back and buys a house and goes to concert gi bill but somehow is missing black folks. And i don't mean to give you archaic examples. Let's just let's just keep it. Real uber will happen robinhood him. I'm not no stock. As i. But i know that you should be able to keep buying stocks with the price is going up right. But somehow robin hood allowed you not to buy that. Knowing that black folks malacca people are the people one robinhood trying to get into this financial gain. We can look back just a little bit further. We see the housing crisis over that. Two thousand seven two thousand eight thousand nothing like that. Subprime loans were sold to black people at an incredibly criminal. No predatory predatory disproportionate rating every time. Black people get a little bit closer economic equity some major happen. Goes i go out to saito's zach worth so we know one one hand. Black capitalism will not solve the oppression of capitalism on black people. We also know on the other hand that we cannot save ourselves or consume ourselves into economic freedom. So when i hear news of jazy making two hundred and fifty to seventy five. Mata got the whole three or lvmh. And i hear cam. Newton spending millions of dollars on closing lane whereas once what am i supposed to do with that information three weeks ago. I would've said cam. Newton was wasting money. But what does it matter. If you can't save your wear consume your way to liberation three weeks ago. I would've said holes. Becoming a quarter of a billionaire was a great move of black folks but then again if there are winners their losers right and there's tokenism with capitalism. He can do it then. I can do it. A socialist talked me up. I don't conflict. Would what are we supposed to do with this information. Because it's the same. It's the same coin. Different sides millions of dollars of close. You don't spend no more two hundred fifty million dollars on luxury items that we probably can't afford. What do we do. And that's me going to give you time to think. What are we supposed to do. So i feel like much much much like everything else in the world. You're not necessarily like take the take in and then like repeat the same exact steps to follow it at what matches your you and your speed so like somebody gave. You might doesn't mean necessarily mean you've gotta follow it. So i mean you take it for what it is and you walk you walk your same walked out. I can't spend a million dollars on thrift. Closed well you could. But i mean i could you know over the course of my life but So you know you find your own ways and means of making your hustle right right about to bring up something about cam newton. We'll you about the jumping right so you watch the athlete. Podcasts and i want to watch 'cause kim's interesting cat and then you know very recently there was the whole altercation but a young man. But so what i learned from it was that cam has been working on a hat line for the past few years and literally. Most of his wild fits that he was wearing was to promote that in a sense so he got for lack of better words very priceless marketing because people were talking about his shit for like the past two years literally right so in a sense i looked at it and i thought it was brilliant smart. Because they're gonna talk like why don't they talk about something. I'm working on something. That's coming to life for the fact that he premiered it or like kind of graze the subject with it. I found that to be interesting. Yeah that's along with all the new england and all like the whole conversation like what i appreciate it on from is what i appreciate from the show like. They don't just talk about football. They don't just talk about the man you talk about like the whole the whole package. That's the When i was doing research for this topic on cam. Newton found i. Didn't i didn't watch the whole podcast. But i found his clip on him talking about his transition from 'cause he's no longer during the millions of dollars on On these exclusive brands under these these these big name brand brands right so in this this same interview but another interview. He was talking about how he was to become more of nic's leg. You light drizzle necas data. Go out in fine. The gyms Taylor at up to give new. I think the same interview tailored up. Give it a little more exclusivity and a little more a price to and then resell it. So he wants to become more creative in that sense. And i appreciate that the to the same effect cam. Newton has been broccoli's foghorn leghorn cars for the last three years foghorn leghorn. You better be goddamn right. If i wanna fancy hat. Why going bros. rose. Kim news company easy. So you're right to marry. Jackie i believe or something masuko masuko but to the point of the the socialism that we're just talking about i think the difference between cam newton and you kind of just brought it up. Tom tom the difference between cam. Newton being million dollars close to get attention so that he can sell more. Hats is a almost feel like. That's where i'm for as more honorable way not fly. Desktop more genuine way is to create a product market product sell a product right especially a product that people can have access to imagine. These hats will be two hundred twenty five dollars owing cam. I just don't know they're going to be thousands of dollars. They're handmade hand. You know taylor would have But the in my mind. I'm like only people are going to be able to afford these argue teammates while going the opposite direction. But i i forgot the the that element. So yeah they probably will be super. You know what. I'm saying like hat's aren't cheap. They're not cheap mahathir definitely. Would you rather spend a thousand dollars on the hat that you have for lifetime or two twenty five on a bottle that you're gonna split with four other necas anyway. I'm not drinking a whole campaign either in all capital letters. Yeah is there opposite. See i because i mean i'm the type of negative at says. Well if i'm paying this. If i'm paying this amount of money i'm going to be wearing it like you know i'm getting my wife out of it So thousand dollar hat didn't yes. Hypothetically speaking wear it one hundred times. Yeah right saying equate the math out. You've gotten your wear and then it'll over time. It's going to continue to be vintage. Or what have you and age. Yes that's all of that stuff and then now we're talking about champagne. Two hundred twenty five dollars champagne. I might be a little bit more stingy. Because if i'm if if i'm paying our high we're we've all been this way where it's been us just paying for something that other people are going to. You know get to talk gravitate towards But yeah i mean just slowly paying two hundred twenty five dollars for a bottle of champagne here. I'm probably gonna drink most of it and then let yagi you know the sippy city number actually three hundred dollars or three hundred dollars either way. If you round up you know. I can't drink two glasses of champagne crystal just to fuck how delicious if i drink is under our really drink champagne like that if i do like i'm bringing it in mosa so i don't know how bad their champagne would be if he gets. Moore's houston well. that's the thing. Hope it with you know capitalism consumerism. You know duty as well. They all like to broke fancy combinations in their of their product so they say that if you want to experience if you have a good time then do that so if you want to throw mainly are selling the lifestyle exactly right right right. The negative make orange juice now towns. I'll make some more soon sandy. So you don't be orange juice going to give you a good time. That's the facade. They'll give us mad gasman fetus. I guess man We i'm stuck with those talks. I appreciate jaw helping with those. Yeah we're going to check out a song by local artist and then when we come back we're going to have more over the soda. Podcasts over the show s i'll go to your yes sir. I'm still pulling up a song. I think it's my father always going to be. Oh goodness oud long. Hey she you back and sneed may conversation trying to be facing up to me to do move deal. You stan know. Just watch Cnn class a the and no shamma star me back and say would you phone and no who house bohemian caras type of. yes sir. My managed fresh out of bohemian caverns. Wanna use trees greatest. Mike robinson mixture iago check him out of michael d robinson all social media platforms. He's got a fundraising initiative happening right now to feed some of the homeless and food insecure here in washington. Dc check out. The single know what is going to be on the album. That's coming out in a few months called love story. Thank you mike roberts of lettuce use that song right here on over the show. We are right back again We got three careers in the house myself. Time time jr We are talking about black creativity. I might a rush through the black creativity. Sex and what else is going on creativity. This week men. Oh well i mean you know and speaking about bio-pics previously prior We got a billie holiday. Biopic hulu Friday isn't friday friday Called the united states versus billie holiday direct by daniels starring andre in her debut. performance Picking up steam and all the awards award ceremonies and stuff like that. She's already nominated for golden globe Yes oh speaking of golden globes i. I'm a. I'm gonna get back down. You know black creativity lee daniels. We know lee. Daniel's the butler precious I mean his. I love. I love his. Excuse me love. Love is a strong word for his movies more than i prefer his shows some shows. He's done he's done empire empire right by right And then the spinoff which was star school. No no you know why i feel you go. Why do what. That's one of the movies that brought me and my girlfriend together. i mean. our show's star. Yes that's why has the sentimental. Not saying great bonding over is that we literally okay star the star when i saw actually when i saw daniels name i got a little nervous. Yeah because he's got she got for one of my favorite icon dame. No no no no. Another one of my dame is one of my right. monique money. Gay and aimed dash doj money. I think he paid eventually pay. But dame dame was the dame was hot like three meal to. I'd be three to money bro. I'm the one that funded your career precious. And then that went through the roof. Dying is not one percents right. Say beat the molly has yeah. I did all right. ain't seen rattlers sets. They pay thirty five thousand dollars to make the movie. But anyway all right so the golden globe information i was gonna give you is that The la times wrote an article pretty much saying that the whole. I don't even know what the name of the group that had like. Does the golden goal. Hollywood foreign press. Okay yeah i thought it was h. Fpa i mean. Some of them are friends. Well either way long story short. They have pretty much like the they're supposed to be like let's say critics that like analyze and blah blah blah. Pretty much They've kinda picked out their own reporters and made them part of the board illegally. And that's why random as films get all these nominations and mentions like for example. I forget what movie were all talking about. But like emily in paris that nobody's watching is getting all this cloud when there's quality movies a lot of quality movies that were made by us and others that has gotten no love Did any love at all. And it's like for me. This goes to show. Why if you talk to certain artists like they'll tell you. I don't care about grammy's i don't care about these golden globe. That's not why i'm doing this. I'm doing this for my own achievement doing this to portray a particular image for my people so oh another thing that we kind of know to be true. We don't necessarily know the facts. We feel it. That sums off and the truth has now come out in a sense be taught globe though one. I'll be honest. I you wore seasons. That's my shit this my shit i watch you know. I grew up watching. Watch all the movies that may or may not be nominate throughout the years So i just watched promising young woman. That's promising him without about Short answers first foremost about a woman. Okay let me start their rice. I let me start right there. I'm not you know movies. So it's about a woman she gets revenge She's trying to kind of find the the real reason behind her friend's death somebody. I think she was drove. Her friend was wrote driven to suicide because she was raped or something like that in college. So it's just her friends. She lost herself after her friend passed away so she was. Just you know sticking a move and still live with their parents and stuff like that but she sought out to get revenge with like all of the friends friends Throughout the movie and stuff like that. It's kinda like it's pretty. It's a pretty good movie if you're white woman who's into feminism. Right familiar. Yeah i mean it's pretty good moving nonetheless right But i'm just saying that's that's one of those movies There's another movie. There's there's a few other movies up in the air that i've watched over the course of twenty twenty last twenty twenty minute give it gives us a little rock What i watched You guys watch the walking dead. I never wash. But i do. Not dude glenn glenn even gang. I think i'm saying it wrong but Yeah so he he got a. He has an independent movie. That came out Called mun monari missionary and That's with a twenty four. Who who don't miss. Don't i washed on the nicholas cage. Yeah willie's wondering was one. That was eight twenty four. Yeah that was pretty nice was they. Don't give you too much details about it but it's pretty good. Yeah but Yeah i watched that on friday. That was pretty good. It's about a family moved from Career japan and to like the boondocks live in like the outskirts of a poem of arkansas. They moved to arkansas. So they're just making a living and stuff like that but yes speaking of like h h f. pa. They actually awarded that film or gave it a nomination of The best international film but it was filmed in the us little details like that. There's like no but the firm is in english. Well i'm sorry some of the films in english. Obviously some of it is in japanese. They have the subtitles and stuff like that there. But it's not a foreign made found his form when you headquarters is in germany. Who's at eighteen hundred Now yeah all the hollywood foreign press based on your news somewhere over here in europe german. So it's foreign to whom the film's foreign to whom germany Well that's the case in every single movie that it's made in the us or us based to them as foreign. Yeah yeah yep. I feel like a correct me if i'm wrong since you're actually watching these workshops but i feel like when they pick those international films. It's like you said it's usually a foreign language. Yeah like banish or something like for instance The movie that the want the that took a right. Everything by store I mean parasite parasite right. That wasn't that wasn't that was awesome. I don. I don't believe if nominated for the golden globes as far as best foreign film goes and might have. I could be wrong. I'd have to go back and look But yeah that went from even if it did be even if it was nominated for best international film it went from being nominated as best international film at the golden globes winning best picture and best picture gross. Okay okay deal and that was filmed. Obviously that was filmed overseas and such like that But if you look at found that it just has a cast of Japanese japanese people but it was filmed in the us. What's other than the cast. What's really foreign about the film and the language that they're speaking for the bulk of the movie you know. I see what you're saying but we we are foreign. Yeah the american not will black people from our. But yeah we're foreign to discussion for another podcast jeremiah. People it'd be interesting. It'd be interesting if the if the oscar nominated their movie for four film because the academy is in san francisco right so then that would be strange. Seven japanese dudes in the movie based in ohio. And it's an international film year. That would be strange. Yeah i'd have to figure like how these decisions are made as we all do because every time these things come out they're head scratchers. Yeah absolutely literally. But as far as as far as black creativity goes just lou. February twenty six united states versus billie holiday is a black movie coming out this friday. Yeah hulu march twenty six. What did i say is if you will so yeah. I'm sorry. i'm about to watch finance friday nice creativity. We might have missed the angelo. Di all my line right there. Yeah all the they announced who's gonna be at his concert just as buildup is amazing. You guys got so. I feel like it's almost going to be like A revival of the soul querying type. Yes that's that's definitely sure to happen. The has definitely should happen. And no doubt it's like the gills jasmine and his past feels like it's only right. Yeah i definitely think that is going to happen. That's what i was. Erica by do's raphael's a d- Who else 'cause they those guys. Right there erica. Common might show up for quick cameo again or something Got maxwell showing he'll bring lauren who yeah. I wonder if lorna show up show up. Come on bro so up. Don't play man. i'm not plan. I feel like it's better. If there's an element of surprise there is no announcement right. And then she's the bonus right right. That's what i'm saying like. Don't hold her standing. Lauren hill showing up anywhere on time at that. Come on man. i've been through a few. What youtube rabbit holes and like lauren has lived a very like interesting. Or i suppose painful life like a mochis life right. Eighty angelo low key. Low wander onto maximov. That's what that's more kneel is just full of grief and pain and sorrow. Yeah jesus but yeah i got. I got a strong hunch that we're going to be seeing a lot of our neo soul rb favorites legends legends. Come saturday on a sneaky tip. Because that's his baby. I really feel like angie stone. Because she doesn't get enough flowers she'll be there. I would like to think so and we might get hurt little song. You know her favorites in their rather than on. Yeah yeah don't remember the name it does it. Does your mob black that. Good one yeah. I'm excited i'm excited. I'm really excited for it. I'm really i really would versus doing too. I saw a couple of miles couple of mine. Marketing friends like they got upset when they saw the versus seemingly sold out in nfl. And we're doing these per pro. Did right that was. I didn't really pay attention. Avi i haven't really but it was like i didn't i mean i guess i got it. They were talking trash to each other. And then watching highlights okay. What it is. Yeah i thought it was like the idea and like you said some of them were what disgruntled about them. Selling my marketing friends were like oh versus opposed to be pure for the black. Ooh and for the music and how could they sell out in a fell safe now. Everybody's selling out today so aside still related versus done. Did you know that e forty has wine here. It's been out for like longer than people you know because all things twitter like things that were out for years can be brought day. I'm learning now. That is definitely been out for years. Yeah yeah yeah like. That man is booming. When they said it's sixteen percent like he he's really done this thing with the research and they said that they wanna have you talking like forty. That's probably had him dancing in the very right. Right right right. He was he was sipadan. Sipadan joints but yeah and i'm definitely trying to. They said you can't find it nowhere. It's been sold out now. I mean. I'm not surprised i go to my my spots and see what's up because you know that's that's where i got to snoop dogg wine my local to local liquor stores out. Yeah i mean yeah. Nobody nobody out here. That's it easy fine right. He's if nobody waldorf when was Randy wine there was a reason there was a day. They black people were buying all these products in the summertime. June right couldn't find a nearest anywhere on twitter. I couldn't find that anywhere. Pg can't go to mojo pg and it's uncle nearest it makes that makes all the sense in the world does make sense. It doesn't make sense down. Yes sir question for me. Thoughtful question after now. Have a tough question today. What you gotta have a question Nah i mean for me today. I'm shouting out ricardo dish on the veranda. I'm wearing right now. That's all i got. Forty to black owned back down from around away. His new on raw on one accord as far as that. The chuckles go right. But you mean would. I don't know what what you chuckling i. Don i circle. I'm my that the on the podcasts. Already to lack of dafa question yeah. I thought that's not laughing at you. Just watch your sean okay. so the story on the podcast. But i'm going. I'm on the internet. And i'm on instagram. I see the ricardo rashaan has to say to black hoodie. Came out of my fire. Says yellow my shoes fire. I gotta say it out loud. I give me one of these ricardo desha and sweat shirts and lady the house. I'm like yo lady. Do you want where these ricardo. The sean sweaters sweatshirts. And she was like who. And i was like ricardo to shaw and she was like show that nigga face and i was like i don't know his face i just know a sweatshirt and i was like oh so i'm putting to emit cart saying to into my saved my state google information. She's like oh ricardo. Sean is my ex. He'll my grandma money and i was like. Oh not os my grandma some money. Oh no it was not known. So i was like i was ordered or not so i was like so. You don't want what shirts no he nice. You get my grandma. I want to support the brothers. Obey your own. Grandma was money. Not i mean you know they got gotta do to get to get to where they gotta get to assist more so like. I can't walk around my own house wizard on from. I didn't tell you the story time. I don't remember ya. That's my whole act. I saw her whole ex. Well well yeah mean she look. Great grades only makes out. There is that He makes a nice product. But i can't walk around the career with his shirt on. Nah you say two black dollar state. My lady grandma houses in foreclosure foreclosure hugger. Okay okay straight. But i just thought that was interesting in. Thank you tom. Although you know we need to fill time for this bike ass you had no had no thoughtful question. You couldn't fake what. Not at the moment. I have one. Okay thank you appreciate you. I'm not going to steal it from as a beta bit ignorant. But you know it's still okay. So why when black people you know have funerals right. This is a question that probably comes up already. Taken the black community right. Why when we have funerals posts reception our when when knowingly we know the president has weighed probably was from a dietary some diabetes right. Okay we turn around and have enjoyed the same food celebrate their life. That just killed them. I can go ahead of time you. I had no. I'm still eating food that he's speaking ignorant. I mean yeah. I mean i am too but is this something that really you know the actual answer. I mean because it's something that probably won't change ever unless you know somebody decides innovator pulls up with the vegan food exactly we get two phases from our relatives and stuff like that. what v what. That can't even spell vegan first off that seems like a vegan marketing problem. Okay they need to change some shit up trying to get with the kit with the flavorful in the sofa. Vegan soundbite even sound like healthy. It just sound white for sound. Like ain't got somebody made out of cauliflower. Selling put himself on it. I know thoughtful question so called to answer your question. Yeah i real quick. Just you know the But vegans right but they drink water. We drink water right. There's no substitute to water right. But that's a habitat. Oh i see what you did their habitats. He said what they don't. We know abbott. He talked about the animal aspect of it. They don't want to mess with anything that has to do with animals but they drink water which is officious appetite type with the remix. Maybe delivery cohesive as it should go back to the other question though you have a terrible relationship with food as we do definitely do. We have numbers of there. Like it is is crazy. That black people will eat we Would you say it's painful. It's trauma trauma. Okay that's all right. It's drama so because because all of our celebration moments probably Surround food is sort sunday table. Definitely church thanksgiving thanksgiving food at the hauser etc. All these things are all these things are prerequisites to survival. We do these things. We have these big meals. These community meals because is based on survival And so it doesn't like the cause of death is a relevant. It'd be like if if somehow like driving in mass and driving. Carpools was our way to fix trauma than it would look ridiculous to go in carpool at the. We saw somebody from a car crash. But it's the same. It's essentially the same concept right. Yeah one hundred percent. I knew the answer to that is no no no no. It's one of those comedic questions for the sake of comic relief. It's like when you look in hindsight. We turn around and eat the things i just killed. Oncle charles who. I'll go charles. I miss a missile black ankle. Check but i was just to just to. I will give you four dollars right now if you can if you can spit for bars. Word for word from crosswords crossroads not the hook not to hook. Not not i i. I'm gonna miss everybody. That's that's the brees hooked right the charles. How how real style. Lafayette your out. How on my own. Because he he given out at man cost me money. You only give me two dollars for this. I appreciate it thanks. I agree but it might. It sounds like you did so as a contract. He's a he's our honorary guests who hasn't appeared who lafayette. We gotta guess hosts. Guess oh yeah we gotta get lafayette to come on. He's the. I don't know what you call him right over the bridge known as vice president of the breeds. Theo wait a minute alita leader. Abris wait a minute. Charles xavier debris. What's your title breath. Hoc- ought bridge on show. Harjo say what did they question funeral. What did they eat. Adopted outside Deduct tip you Water celery yeah. It was consensual avocado right. There wasn't cauliflower. No no recording to dr sav creation of man yau. It's always looked at it like the white broccoli. When i was younger right then i will take it. I'm like you don't taste like anything like at least broccoli. You can kind of you know. Put stuff and give it that flavor when you can't do that with cauliflower no at all big dogged my a might hold on. Y'all y'all talking might come the right here. Talk to talk to the people where we're sorry. I'm late hey man. It's arrived on time. Ain't nothing wrong with that. Yeah actually this is not quite african time. This is like an hour and fifteen minutes later right. Africans is like two to three hours so it's been a long day so window charro libya things business business. Take care fellas. I would on the beltway guinea back topics back. I really just want. oh tom. Tom didn't have no Awful question question up stitching. Jr saved me. It's all good. Though some say it again. I said i'm sharper. Pull up. we have we talk. I guess we just review. We talked get some thoughts. We talked about I guess one of the big stories today was jay z selling fifty percent of spades to. Lvmh what are your thoughts. I mean i think is on brand in the success story. Everybody knows the christoph story had a You know everybody was rocking crystal really public crystal back in a day. Early thousands Was excuse me miss someone else. Records clearly pointed out but they made some pretty a disparaging remarks and economists In regards to hip hop champion a bright right lotta. Racial undertones overtones so to c. j. Who many i know you got your problems with jay to see him. Take a brand. I think the numbers are crazy. Something like at first. They were doing like sixty a bottles a month or sixty k. Bottles is like c. c k. Bottles a month before he purchased The aces space hormone parent company. Rianne by the time he's sold fifty percent off half a million of And then like things thousand percent markup. The bottles costs thirteen dollars a unit to make in bulk and their wholesale for two twenty. Yeah so it's ninety. Three seventy profit margin. Yeah so anyway is good business. That's exactly what jay said. It's good business is good but now i agree You know. I've got my problems with hope. You got proud to intellectually agree with them. But that's okay. I think it's great business as well. It's it's honestly hilarious. Wouldn't say hilarious but that she disagreed with him so much. Considering that you wanted to biggest husbands i noticed. Ask seven jobs and shakes. Joe chill yo too but yeah but that's what i was saying when i when i was going to deep words i like one hundred percent and get the business but like a socialist has gotten to my head and kinda fucked me a little bit. How so like. I'm i'm like where's that money going of the black dollar. It's not even it's not even that is now a more like on my own like my socialism tip like if if consumption doesn't save us in saving doesn't save us as far as the capitalistic tip. Goes then what am i supposed to do with the winds of this fifty percents sale. And what am i my other examples. Where am i supposed to do with the billions of dollars that cam. Newton threw away on nazari spent on clothes daily. Were one time in the scale. Love how supposed to celebrate these individuals on a capitalist scale knowing that capitalism is not the solution how to do with these situations. I think that's fair. I mean. I think you can still admire it because the inverse is that we always complain. White people find success five ways to crack the code to leverage time for money right like. That's the thing that we've talked about for the past three weeks. You don't necessarily have to have the same capitalistic. Mindset to appreciate somebody taking a brand flipping it did you know in. Especially because they built it built their own gear. You know so if they built their own when previously they were championing brands. That didn't support us at all. Look like us at all. I considered the delta of that a win. I don't think that's a win for black culture right but you know right. Maybe maybe black lectures that would just you know big figures but but it is. I mean says up in the second ago it is something there is something more warned for an amazing and fantastic to one person being able to affect the sales of a product that much. You talk now sixty k. Among the half a mil among just based on the name. I j making fucking champagne. Stop a great leader seat peer. But he did say he did. Pay attention to detail right so champagne and not for technically. Be champagne has sourced from champaign italy So you know. They did their due diligence in that regard and also the brand detachment You know the Social cultural implications of having a space bottles at the club dip inexperienced l. e. seen. I never his parents one bottle. But like you know what i'm saying so you gotta take it for what it was for what it is. I mean this about socialism to a guy who's washed to in a black messiah like four times same to watch in change. This very have call tom tom. He's africa. Say about faith. Would you say say you make it about something over overseas. I get into say about failure. You'd have been watching it just resonated different. You might watch that shit before i watch. That's true that's real let's do. Hey that's that's all good as diverse job is what it is booming economy over there. I also news about connery's oh stevie wonder's moving to garner. Yeah definitely saw that. Yeah trying to go to in december or like something. Like that yeah. That's that's about that time to go. Yeah yes apparently. According to my fraudulent Spit twenty-three metex which they said they faked the results from ghana. Mostly nigerian but i do like ten percent ghana guys. Shutouts yard just revealed this nigga station on. Hey maybe the elsewhere. It's been a long time at the time. We've elsie was blowing. Every time i think about i think about that one big look. You're on the moon. Hey man had a few too many edibles shit. What a wonderful statement would wonderful statement. I don't have much. I just i just off the principal still under pull up. I we appreciate your bro and always feels good to be in the place where all three homeless we have. Such a good podcast. The angelo de ngelo versus a everybody. Everybody is that who you think. Pulling up is what would i prefer maxwell of. Yeah yeah that's a good battle. It's an era yet. Is everybody who like was driving in a parent's backseat Repairs backseat like nine pm. On why is this okay. Your parents had a party. They went to tag along. 'cause everybody else had kids they. Are you driving back jobs. Back onto ninety five three ninety five four ninety five. Her rockville coming from these are the four zero days but yeah yeah same shit though. And that's what's up. Though you think these maxwell jill scott yes exactly. Jr said earlier. What did you say. Just all might pull up. That is we we definitely lady That'd be hard. I looked. i'd love to see lauren. Pull up me and drop a couple to hit me right. In the heart she ownership no absolute which is so sad and so so this wants lawrence so sad because you know she just went. Diamond says education law hedges went down with all that money with straight to the government. Dan probably did was taxes. Or i feel like i feel like. Here's i have to read into this. But every time i read into it i get the same implication. I feel like the united states. Government owns like major portion of the education alone. You look that. I think that direct like part of her part of a way to get out of tax evasion was to basically just like okay. I'll sell you a piece of the only one that are really put out. Fuck man she just living off to money. Don't think that was that. Was it hours before all that blood money. My goodness that's another topic. Dave chapelle amazing. So how do you feel about chapelle. Do you feel about chapelle. The same philip j. You was weird. I was talking about this morning on the show as excited as i am for him. I'm mike my assessment is like it's cool. It's cool it's cool. It's cool but we were. I was kind of discovered this morning. Like in my head before. He told us he did on the audio. So this is kind of like just returm to form to me isn't it doesn't feel like celebration. Although it is a celebration but it just feels like key already had it so for him to get it back. It's kind of like all right. Yeah this is what we should be. Now let's see what happens with be season four. I don't think will the indices. I would i mean he would do it on his terms. Not their way exactly is his now though. I wanted to bring it bring back the original. You can't bring back everybody from the original cast but having neal brennan bang on like charlie murphy. Yeah rest in peace charlie. Murphy's i don't got some stuff in the vault but they might have used that up those seasons with But i i look back on chapelle show classic hate on it right first season. Slightest kids. I just don't resonate with as much missus who's thirteen anymore. That's fair not a shock funny for me anymore. free bobby do we talk about that. Now we didn't talk about that you talked about. The and bobby started is seven years or seven years ago man so thirty dollars. Twenty talk was that was probably close to here two miles up the road. I was probably at a hookah lounge figuring it all out Fucking route twenty three what. Tom was thirty three years old. We're don't believe none of the live. This man is at martin's cross notice was at the half know seven taking photos seven years. Twenty four twenty five. Am i shit again. I can only imagine if i had time house. Bobby's probably winner jelly twenty. Y- had been like early twenties and in rowdy got are maybe five months ago three or four months ago. Who was is guy. They voted in snitch on each other. In fact bobby agreed to take on additional time to keep rowdy rebels Time served and a half months really so not not only did they not snitch but they held each other down for real they sacrificed. Wow more time you know bobby. Sacrifice more time in penitentiary here to to help his boy. Yeah i just love. The cueva went to get him in a in a jet with three ugly as white women. You gotta think. I thought that wasn't real what White woman they look in the picture. I don't know. I don't know if that was the real. I don't know yes there somewhere. I do believe that they don't there's no matter. You have to be fresh out to appreciate and bring him bring up delegate bad bitches and you know it's a practice aids that so bearable that's so terrible for media objective data easing back into society. Man right you gotta show the maybe they might have been like eight spec seven years ago. Hey she's been a minute. But and he was nineteen. Seventy nineteen twenty and He came home to platinum. Plaques facts did thanks stuart songs. He comes home to some bags you know. That's the that's the biggest thing for me. Whatever he puts out we got support the shit out of it. I thought that's my of course flight gonna happen. It's time is good to see you know everybody talks about six nine is possible over replaced but all right now the antithesis of that is a real real who was able to turn shit out without any of that goofy shit so it's so crazy how much he affected the culture such a little bit of time. Bobby book dance the dance. Oh yeah. I mean pop smoke. I mean there's something about new york rappers are when they hit it. It takes over a different type of way. You know what i'm saying but that summer young may have. We just want some bobby bobby at a couple of joints going crazy. Smoke short of a time as he was up. Yeah change the game. And i think a lot of I think a lot of the subsequent music that came out from generation was at least they not only meyer. Bobby was you know especially in the new york site. He was like damn. We could take this out and we got some fresh Because that was back when new york was trying to find a clamor for something entirely new sound to hold onto. It was looking dusty. Look a little dusty in new york. Yeah the hinder reports now. New york might be dead. Bobby home bobby home. Maybe i don't know see. I mean it's totally different landscape. I mean i'm sure gangs gangs have been around for a while. But the rise of movies about a lot of -ffiliated ingraham affiliated new york music. You know back in the day you just dip set to some degree but now is way more. Blatant you got brooklyn drill. People killing each other kids killing each other and shit like they weren't you know seemingly in chicago so right it's a totally different landscape. And you know you got people like six nine run awhile got rob's doing dumb shit for the clout come a lot more. So i might say that they need to call somebody to check on meek mill said he'd titties again. The kobe line isn't a guy here. well i don't really blame them for the altercation with six dollars because they're like six nine upon negative talking shit until which would you say to that when a crazy ass bitch ass nigger run up on you and you shit fresh off probation where i mean but then again it's like no you meek mill you talking about all this reform shit. He's supposed to be you've been through it. You've been locked up. Why even risky to stay out of the way you turn right anyway. He's gonna he's getting. He's getting vilify everything that does. Yeah right i mean for me. It's like as a huge kobe fan. Yeah that line i didn't. I didn't actual- line. But i had to do it. First but as avid battle rap fan right mild. Very mild bar. In a more shit than i hear. I mean if you're going to be offensive fan me making more commit. How exactly me. Let's let's trade and let's get outta here man It should be more brown. Or i'm sorry real quick tools of the trade stuff that we do every week to close out. The show will give out some type of gift or tool or metaphysical being statement. Whatever it is will help you get to you could creativity and then give out of social media. Is this your boy brown and be mo- brown. Also check out. Beam author to dot com and the other show. Wicked bake would be mohan bridge podcast network. I would say that a bridge sat out to the breeze. we get. ceo with a bring up. We got the new issue is dropping thursday. Somebody i check it out my My tool of the trade I've been reading. This book called black imagination out to Let's talk brother book club. They've been putting you on to some very very good. Pieces of literary work is a curator book. Forget the the young lady's name but definitely go check out black imaginations mix of prose and poems that Answering questions about black. And i kinda use them as Kinda daily affirmations just to rescind myself about black thoughts in the expectation of black creativity africa tourism. Very dope i like Whose necks laetoli. The trade is a ample rest. I think it's necessary nice today. I caught up on it. He got it. I got it got it got a bit too much of a little accessible. Finish the race either way what i'm saying. That was a slew. Since i woke up. I literally texas got on the road. Now that was twenty five twenty five minutes away within took the wrong exit. I turn into new york from fifty or two ninety five instead of going straight. I just added more time anyway. Oh boy for which a boy. that's out in dc. Rose you missed one. You are fuck definitely at least five minutes even if you try. Recorrect correspond Port eighty club on clubhouse lead back. She's in to Cyberman mondays mondays at seven pm We got some really doe content coming ahead with the knicks. Probably next quarter is going. Get crazy in terms of some issue coming up with just a different twist on talking about tech more like the dark side of it and arc zion in jumping around Of the world Yeah we have friday night heist coming soon. We'll probably going to season one of Mister robot nice so we talk about you know we talk about cybersecurity within the lens of pop culture some films you know books articles. Tv shows events down very notorious in history. Yeah follow o. follow myself. So that's back on twitter at mr back. Pack or follow s b. o. On i g as well as gay. Just come fuck with us. We got some other shit coming up in your future. Some more feed tools stuff back cooking up probably song so for some spring shit. I'm ready for the spring and just to keep rocking with us over his shoulder man It will get a lot of these episodes up pretty soon. So it's going to be very agile. One step away. Yeah yeah on step. Go ahead tom all right. So my tool of the trade. You know not necessarily something. You can tangible. But his community. community is something. That's near and dear to me and community you know type of thing that can rally around you and and kinda help you to become what you are and say you know. This is a form of my community here with your brothers. Just you know the unit and the folks that we have bind us now so communities communities community what we wanted to take all my g's thomas degree and tommy underscore pickles. Pic koz on twitter. The facilitating look. Just that played. keep you bec- fab cousy industry all my hatred. Gotta keep man. We want to thank you for listening. To the over this podcast. Please join us next week as we continue to drop jim that chow need desperately okay. We'll see you next week on over the shoulder. Peace peace peace peace.

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