It's Marian blisters word of the day. Four February eighth. Today's word is lent titular spelled. L. E. N. T. I. C. U. L. A. R.. lente killer is an adjective that means having the shape of a double convex Lens. It can also mean of or relating to a lens or provided with or utilizing Linda cules. Here's the word used in a sentence from the Boulder Daily Camera Camera by Mitchell buyers. This is not the first time. Boulder County has been enthralled by a strange cloud formation in two thousand seventeen a spaceship tip shaped group of Clouds made its way across the county and onto social media lentil shaped. That's the meaning of the Latin word. Length Sequel Ariz the parent of English word length killer. It's an appropriate predecessor. Because Conway Lens is one that is curved on both sides sides giving it a shape similar to that of a lentil english-speakers borrowed the Latin term in the fifteenth century lent. You'LL ARIZ in turn derives from lenten. Gula which is the source of the English word lentil and a diminutive of the Latin form lent lens meaning lentil. You probably won't be to surprise to learn that lent lance also gave English the Word Lens with your word of the day Makovsky Visit Merriam and Webster Dot com today for definitions wordplay and trending word look ups.

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