S5E13a - Odd Girl Out [Part 1] (Featuring Anita Flores)


You're listening to season five of mother. May I sleep with podcast. I'm your host Molly Matthew. It took him. I'm all right. You guys today were doing odd girl out we have a special guest Anita Flora's she hosts a podcast. It's all about frazier which is so exciting. she's younger than me much younger than me. Which really took me off guard? When I found out that this was the age of the host host of the frazier podcast? I was like expecting you to easily be four years older than me when we first started corresponding. How are you welcome to the show? I am so well an absolutely honored to be here. number one. It is always fun to catch people off Guard with my age. Each and frazier especially because I live in New York City. I do comedy. And if you're not from you know you start to get aged out of stuff And so these Under thirty lists of COMEDIANS. Like that's never going to happen for me so hosting a frazier. PODCAST is nice because it makes me. I feel extremely young which is really good for my ego and separately. I am a big lifetime fan I went to four different colleges. Thank you very much. I did finally graduate when those first two colleges were pretty rough and lonely and I watched a lot of lifetime. Films is lifetime movie. Monday was a bright spot my freshman year of college especially so yes I feel like my life has been leading up to this podcast. Oh I'm so excited excited get that was like the I mean I was reached out to and they said Anita love lifetime movies and I said well we gotta do this like. It's very rare that I have someone on the genuinely loves the medium. So I'm so thankful that you're here for this and you picked a movie called odd girl out which yeah I've heard of Lake around and I've probably even seen before and just you know you don't always register what it is that you're watching on lifetime of course all all the time and then maybe you'll never find out maybe it'll be on a repeat two hours later but odd girl out. I don't think I've ever really really watched the way I watched it. I was surprised that you picked this as a lifetime had just because it's so refreshing it's like a really really straightforward teen bullying movie. We haven't had some good teen movies on really this season so I I love a teen movie. It does something for me I love bad teens. but you pick this one. Why does it have a special place in your heart? Well I wanted to pick a film that I had seen originally when it came out And of course In your podcast. You've covered a lot of classics Including this to me me. This felt the closest I was going to get to cyber seduction which is a obviously a special film. Very close to my heart I actually We did a talent show at a old job that I had which was. Actually I was a production assistant for who wants to be a millionaire and we should. We did a talent show which was like my nightmare mayor And so I don't I couldn't think of any talent so I said to myself I. I don't know where I thought. This was a good idea but I printed pointed out one of my favorite scenes from cyber seduction and then acted out with my then boss and that was my talent was doing a dramatic reading Just just stronger. Reminding everyone doubts about the teenage masturbaters. Right the chronic masturbaters correct which stars of the kid from from the action. Or you know. The non animated version of Peter Pan. I would say this is. His second claim to fame is cyber seduction. So back to why I chose this movie. I did want to do something that was in the in the bad teen realm you know. Maybe I am pining for my high school youth. It's not that I ever was a bad teen but I would say you know it's you live vicariously through these bad teen movies. At least I definitely have and I definitely clean. Remember watching this movie long. Long ago I agree. I only like hope of having been a bad teen like I one hundred percent percent onboard with you. I love to watch it because I never went there. this movie doesn't have any drinking or drugs really besides the overdose that will happen. You guys boiler alert I mean it seems unintentional. I thought that was really interesting in it. occurred to me after you know sort originating on everything that I had seen this movie doesn't have like partying even when there's partying it's not partying. which is I think a departure from most host lifetime movies and I think like with bad teens anyway because there's always like a casual drinking and a party presents the Oh yeah has disturbed me as a nerd lake as an internal forever nerd? I've always been disturbed by it and this is just like no people can just be bad. It's not always drugs drugs and alcohol sometimes people are just rotten inside. That's right I hope it's okay to reference because I know there's other movies that you've already talked about but I love to reference them As comparison. I love that. That's what we do so like what you were just saying like the nerd thing absolutely like I remember a movie. Need that freaked me out was. She's too young yes I remember seeing. She's young in that movie. It's like Oh casual hooking up and here's the worst thing that could possibly happen. which is syphilis and you know to me? I don't know how likely that was. Never likely in my case as I was not sexually active in high school but I think bullying is something that can happen to anyone including the quote unquote popular all of of the worst bullying. That I heard about it didn't happen to me. I was lucky I feel like to me in high school. The best thing you can do is try not to exist that that to me is the the only way to avoid being bullied. My best friend. I met my senior year of high school. And she's still my best friend and I constantly joke with her that she and I came from different social groups and that she she was popular and she told me about the kind of bullying that was happening in her group and it sounded absolutely terrible and she was in the quote Unquote Popular Group. So I was about that a lot. I mean I'll say that I definitely was ostracized for my female front group. I think going into senior year so I spent my here pretty much like my two close girlfriend best friends and then my boyfriend a lot but like I. There's for me there there's always infighting even in the most like inconsequential of groups. But I was looking back on it and just thinking about how often and frequently like they. The popular girls were like tagging someone in and tagging other people out in terms of the lead bitch position and specifically in this movie stacey that character gets a lot of glow that I don't really understand and I want to know from you guys us were sort of breaking this down. What you Nikki's motivation is in like Cape Ing so hard for Stacey a person who's never asked for it like why she she needed to be her second fiddle almost also this whole movie almost shot-for-shot reminded me of mean girls yes I wrote that down in my notes. I said this appears to rip off of me and I mean are we fighting with Tina fey. No because this movie out before mean girls dead did it. I mean girls came out in two thousand four. Maybe I don't know for. This is my other theory with odd girl out. We can't put the Internet aside without Acknowledging Lake that this movie may have sat on the shelf for a little bit. But Oh for sure. You're younger than me is. So maybe you're more involved with like Alexa Vega's career. Because I did not see spy kids. I don't really know about that whole world. I know that most of the people on this movie are still acting which is great. There's a lot of people on your that. Went on to do series and movies and all sorts of stuff very successful like even the people that don't have pictures and IMDB had a great career. But yeah do you do you know like what if she was famous like that was she she life teen star so I I think you are right. I actually do know a little bit about a her trajectory in that I do you feel like she almost had a a opportunity to sort of go into more teen girl movies to give you another example. She was in a movie called sleepover. Does that ring any bells to you. You should this so this movie came out in two thousand four. I'm looking at the poster. oester this movie. I saw in theaters but I was in eleventh grade And this movie is of bound. Oh it also so stars will then I just wanted looking for because I'm GONNA. I'm looking at right now. I'm just like I wonder who are co stars are because that would help me a lot. I I would guess that I haven't seen it. I went through up Prussia and after college where I just didn't see movies for like four years because I was afraid to feel things because I was was poor so I missed a lot of okay. Jane Lynch was in it. Sarah Pat who we love from the Alcoholic alchoholic movie. WHO's a cousin? The bill Paxton and the kid or he's an adult now. WHO's an American Horror Story Evan? Evan Peters meters yeah he's in it as like a dating hike up tall skater. I yes I did recently see that but he plays like a like a skater. Your kid who has a crush on one of the girls but anyway this is the This is what it says on. Its four best friends. Desperate to improve through their social status. Enter into an all night scavenger hunt against the popular click in their school. So this came out the same year as odd girl out I and so I just don't think things fully took off for Alexa Vega. I feel like she almost like I don't know what comes below golden age but like whatever that is it was below that she had a few teen ish movies under her belt and of course spy kids which I feel like I don't know things could I'm not necessarily surly sure what the best case scenario was for her career But yeah I don't necessarily I. I take back what I said about this being a rip off of mean girls because yes it does have to do with a high school clique. But it's also not funny and it and I don't think it was ever intended to be funny and mean girls is funny so no it's it's more like the going straight from school to the mall late. Just this sort of light cuts that they did. I was like others. Feels like very blueprint Ed Also the fact that this was raised raised on Based on odd girl out the hidden culture of aggression and girls Which is a book? And and I know that mean. Girls is based on Queen Bees and wannabes which was a book about psychology. That I got Absolutely railed for when I took out a library in class and I had so many fucking late views that I thought I was going to have to take out alone. Book almost really early brought me down. we just really quickly. Why did you go to four colleges? Oh okay so. I went to four colleges because I should have just taken a year off because I was seventeen. I graduated Nakas. I'm super smart but because my birthday is in October And at least where I like. I went to school in West Hartford Connecticut. We were all very deeply pressure to immediately enter into college so I went to to a college that I didn't even like I didn't get into any of the schools I applied for it. I was not a great student But I think my street smarts are there but so I went to a I went to school with my then best friend from high school. I followed her to her like fifth choice school as a psych like Major. That was a mistake so I dropped out then. I followed my other best friend to school. As a psych major hated that dropped out and then realize I wanted to do film and TV so then I eventually moved to. New York did like a summer program at NYU and and then graduated from Brooklyn College Doing Film and TV. Where's that was a movie? I don't even know but I did. A one woman woman show about it. Called College Sucks Two summers ago So you know I need to get it out to the schools just to like try and explain to kids. It's a they don't need to go to a private university. And also they're going to be paying back their student loans for the rest of their lives And also like take a year off. That's my advice. Well for my fire up in Massachusetts I will say that like it was very much steam energy around like you have to go to college. I don't know if that's like a northeastern thing. I feel like we're especially college. Heavy up there but Yeah no it wasn't an option. There was like a couple of kids that took a gap year but that was considered a real sort of sideways. Loser move at the time I think wasn't appreciated for what it really is. which is like I don't know I think probably the appropriate break and learning how to be a human in between high school and College But oh I love that you okay? I love that here from the northeast there on that I'm standing. I feel we should sort of get into the movie but I do want to say I'm going through some IMDB Trivia. Oh love okay. The film was released a package of four lifetime movies on DVD titled Surviving High School All the other films on the DVD included for one night. Perfect teacher in Augusta gone. I this sounds familiar to me as someone that watched a lot live TV around that time. Yeah perfect teacher. I'm assuming that that teacher was not a perfect teacher. I have not seen perfect teacher. I don't think they were good teacher. And I'm going to tell you also just before we really get into this. That I'm looking over this sleepover. IMDB page in. Its formidable like there's some career stars on this list Steven Rayle seems like an Brie Larson Laker. UK America's Larson. You GotTa Watch this movie. I'm sad you can't act. I don't think you could cover it on the pod because it's not lifetime but I think you should watch maybe for on for for educational purposes. Yeah you should definitely fleet check it. I mean yeah. This is something that I'll watch on my own. It is a very low score though on Meta score. It's only thirty three but seems pretty bad. I'll oh I have never checked score. I usually go by rotten tomatoes but I will check metascore. I don't trust anyone. I mean I'm going off off what's the pay on the page here at IMDB. I wonder if they're in like a competition with rotten tomatoes. If that's why they don't have the tomatoes score up our. Let's get into the movie this is Brought to us by barn halts entertainment which I don't remember ever seeing on any other movies so I'm really hoping this is not good. You Know Teen Movie Production Auction House. I think you'd probably was to say I liked the fond of the movie right away like the positioning on the screen got. They did a good job although the title font or like the the different titles free doctor that felt a little bit more Janki to me. we start up on like a kind of gritty hard hard rock sound alike song and almost image of town waking up for the morning and getting ready to start the school day. It looks like one of those rose. Don't do drugs commercials. Doesn't it the way that it's filmed in the beginning for sure. Yeah and the music really brought me back to two thousand five. It was very very like was this from a free music website. Where you know? They're vaguely copying like fall out. Boy and my chemical romance but yes I would say the cinematography and the music definitely was slightly jarring. There's a blink. Eighty two hopeless small things Sound Lake buried somewhere in here. And it's like so clear that it's that but I do. I do love it when like lifetimes letting you know. Hey man this is hard okay. Okay and they just go hard was Razi can be. I think. That's fine with the kids are running around in the halls of the school like animals like as soon as people people get in there. There's no decorum. I think that there was a little messing around in my In the halls of my middle school in high school but this this was really like a bunch of untrained animals to me. I couldn't believe that that is how they were acting at school. I was just too afraid the whole time I was there there Yeah so out of this group emerges the popular girls right away. We see three girls walking together. It's Vanessa Nikki and Stacey. DC's played by Leah Pipes. Who's famous I guess? And then Elizabeth Rice. I haven't seen what Nikki's up to Elizabeth Rice. She's still working not so much. Tell Ya. Yeah Alexa Vega to bully. Be Honest is the only one I really whose face really stuck out to me. Everyone else looks vaguely familiar. But I couldn't place a any of the other popular girls in anything else. Did You Watch Madman E- teeny tiny tiny bit. But not real. One Who plays Nikki played Margaret Sterling. And I've never seen that act show but it seems like she was on pretty much for the entire run of it which is impressive. Good for her. That's also such a low bar. I feel like the more people in production. That are listening to this podcast. Eventually we've had some writers who have tuned in I should probably unless unless surprised when these people after lifetime because in reality this is like the perfect jumping off point integrate resting place for a lot of amazing actors. I still remember What is it Marcia? Gay Harden the mom in chief is note. That's oops at tiffany embassies. And she's the MOM IN A. She's too young. Yeah I believe she is yours. Hilary Swank it away. I think I can't remember if we determined if there was a movie that you guys may have covered. That was lifetime but it was called dying to belong done that no but okay unless the double title. So but hilary swank was hasn't been in any of the movies we've done so far I think a wide span like it's been a while now. I didn't think we'd do more than fifteen episodes of this show but here we are so right away. They're having sort of like a little catty. Shot about school. I heard Algebra causes brain damage in rats. That's only if if you study for the test then I'm good So they don't like school that's great CC's the ringleader of the popular girl. I was a girl. Oh caused down the hall to say hi and she turns back and then she complimentary skirt and then turns back to her friends. And it's like I wore that when I was six. That was the first part of mean girls girls. I was like it's like why the skirt get any other item of clothing so Stacey turns to Vanessa. WHO's our lead and says you don't like that skirt you like that skirt? Don't you mess. And she goes five pounds ago. Yeah cece goes the Greatest Bod and then nicky chimes in with five pounds ago. Yeah so these girls who were all skinny legends. They're all just middle school. Oh girls with great middle school girl bodies you arrest me Feel comfortable saying that but like let's be Real Geezer Caesar. These are all very American checks. Right answer the whole thing with them with though the fatness the whole time. Confused me because it's not like any of them could ever remotely be confused for being overweight or gaining weight. Although I think that that's probably not the point with this movie but it was also very petty. That's what seems I don't know that kind of threw me off because it wasn't even like you could argue that that person gained weight. I don't think it was. I don't know it just seemed lazy to me. The weight thing is interesting because there were some gals that I remember from high school that I would put the. Let's call them the the popular so I realized that the popular crowd at my high school. We call the preppy kids. Yes which is very interesting arresting to think about now as a you know in terms of a class structure was like. Oh we call the preppy kids the popular kids. 'cause they had the most money interesting thing but Thinking back to some of the girls in that group there were some girls in that group that we're very thin. Yeah and though I was not part of it I definitely I heard some very mean things like mean rumors about these girls including things about eating disorders so to me I feel like if you have nothing left. That's mean to say about somebody like if you're hanging out with other people that all have money and there's anything left that you could pick at a girl for that would regardless of how she actually looked feel like wait is where you go just the in terms of like what is a cruel thing that is going to get to another human being or a girl specifically totally so I wasn't necessarily thrown off by this because I unfortunately these are things that I these kinds of have comments were things that were flying around my high school so they were. I mean shocking Felix. Fat is the pejorative get that gets thrown at girls. Like often Lake Lake could be not dissimilar someone calling like a guy like. Oh that's so gay or whatever like it could be used as a majority of in that sense. Maybe you're not fat but like your quote unquote emotionally emotionally fat. Which I think is off about alliance insecure and you're showing weakness of any kind which God forbid you do when you're under fifteen gene But yeah I agree with you. The girls at my school recalled preps I never even thought about how that sort of equated to family family financial status or even just how you sort of showed up in the world like it wasn't always rich kids in my school but it was definitely but then again I you know my best friend from alimentary school turned goth. So you know I don't know But okay so then someone runs up to the girls and it's like there's a fight going on in the gym and the girls go watch it and it's basically a full brawl between this guy's name as raw and this guy named Tony and Tony is the guy like he's the hot guy at school. Everyone knows it. Did you have a guy like that at your high school that was just like Oh. He's the champ like he's the one if there's anything I. The alike did not match up to films for me. It's that that guy. I don't think he fully existed in in in my high school I think but there were a bunch of dudes that were like you know had a lot of friends or like everyone knew who they were but like. We didn't have any good sports. Teams teams like we didn't have any star athletes and we didn't have any dudes that I would say we're like you know like Whoa. That guy's super hot like we. I never felt like we really had that but I understand in theory who that guy is and I feel like we all in in my classic two thousand five missed out on that guy but I know who we just guy winner-take-all eight like there were like or he's like an eight but then also so. His parents are relaxed which I think relaxed keyword like they just had a little bit of an extra long leash on them but not too long they were still clean. You know what I mean. They had someone they reported to and they showered every day and they wore their white hot or whatever but we definitely hardly ate there. There was no standout like Samuel type of guy but like lots. There's maybe like a good six guys that were like okay. I've got my eye on him when I have since seventh grade Yeah but Tony is the guy at the school and the girls clearly all that. Tony is hot but stacey in particular feels I would. I'd say entitled to Him. Yup which is like I think what makes her the Queen Bee and makes me a little bit confused. About why like for example. Nikki has such a raging hard on for stacy. I never really understood except for maybe some sort of animal instinct to keep herself under or some sort of shelter protection by like being friends with the hot popular girl. I can't understand why Nikki is so like driven throughout this movie to protect Stacey it's GonNa probably probably get annoying. How many times I say that? No I'm well. I'm glad you brought it up. That might say I did write this down now. This might come from me being by feet tall but I wrote down. I was like what you know tall and rich so like I'm wondering wondering if that's just a lethal combo you're you're a tall girl and you're rich. Could that be the specific reasons why she was queen. B because certainly really no. It doesn't necessarily feel like especially thinking back to who these girls were in high school. It's like every there there you know since high school isn't real life. It's not like any one stood out for any particular reason and the reasons that you know people's Out were very like I don't know Superficial so I don I. If it was it could be money and in this case of the movie I obviously when they went shopping there was you know she. What's the most popular girl? Stacey Stacey spent you know hundreds of dollars on gene without. She's in Hong without thinking. So this goes back to my wild theory that all of this goes back to her being tall the tallest one. That is hilarious will gain Should separate because I kept doing this myself. That this is actually middle school No I thought I thought it was high school movie to until the end but it's middle middle schools. So I I I don't know I guess I'm a little bit on the taller side and I never viewed tall. We all think it's better on the other side right but but I always thought like being tall is a disadvantage. Like you're just large. You take up more space than like a girl more interesting to be petite you you know but we're onto operas opposite ends of the spectrum. Clearly like I think that that's where. Yeah we stacey out somewhere in the middle but yeah so oh see see. Is You know laying it on thick with Tony. But he very clearly has his sights on Vanessa and she wipes a footprint off of his head. there there is a full-blown footprint on his head from this fight. which to me? Feels like the beginnings of like C. T. e. like that's how it starts is just when you're kicking kicking the shit out of each other in the gym and then no one sends anyone in the hospital after what C.. T. E. C.. T. is like the brain disease. Is that all the football players got. Oh God Acharya by my friend said to me recently. She's like I think I have. CTE and I was like. I don't WanNa like appropriate an illness but I also think that I have something wrong with my brain like I think that I also have gotten tongue. Cautions Not C. T. E. level. But like I. There's something you know you can only get so many unchecked concussions before something start showing up strangely in your life So we go to a soccer walker game that afternoon soccer's their sport throughout this movie and such a such a girl sport right give the high school girls soccer Stacy's the or track track. I think is also an especially eating disorder and Bob. Do you WanNa be doing movie. That's I think from them. That's like in some writer's handbook that I don't even have personally So there's a girl there who's clearly an outcast abilene. That's what we'll find out later. She just stares through the the chain link chain link fence play which is at the time it seems like she desperately wants to play soccer. But we'll find out that she's much more ingratiated created into the soccer community than we would ever so the whole scene is really long feeling to me just considering how hard it is to tell. What's what's going on? It's cut a little bit like a gatorade commercial where it's just like. Oh foot and the balls hitting the you know the foot's hitting the ball and then the ball ball flies. You'd have no idea like you can't use actually playing soccer well but seems to go on for hours in my mind Anneke and Vanessa are planning on throwing a birthday party for Stacey. Nikki says that she may even get her parents to rent club. One five for them. She just needs Vanessa to invite invite Tony because she's closer with him. I wished it'd be had gotten a little bit more setup on how she tony were close on how Vanessa Tony were closed. Close 'cause there were definitely guys that like. I went to preschool with that. I then went into middle school with and I probably would have felt more comfortable like going to them because we knew each other as toddlers even though we weren't necessarily that friends like how we're Vanessa and Tony so close. That's what I WANNA know. I I don't know and also like their energy doesn't especially because they a they like each other. I think it does seem like they like I liked each other. Yeah like they have like a real but you know at the same time you know. Vanessa knows that she needs to stand down when it comes sustainability and stacy comes right out of the bathroom. The two of them are like trying to come up with an excuse so nicky goes. We were just talking about the new Orlando blue movie and STACEY GOES GOES ON A. He's so over. which is you know a interesting? CONSIDERING HOW ARE ORLANDO. Bloom has gone in his career since he's still hot item. Apparently I I mean to me that I wrote down that piece of dialogue. Because that the way they the way she says it isn't necessarily any way I remember talking as a middle schooler as if you know I picked out something to reference to throw off like a parent like if we were talking about drinking and then they came in the room at an apparent. Like what were you guys talking about. I I have pre written down. Oh we were just talking about the new Orlando Bloom. Film like it right necessarily sound and also they didn't reference which one so to me that gave away very much that this there was is not in a middle school consultant on this film. No I very much imagined. A very adult person was like this is what a teen would say they'd be talking with. The the new you know Orlando Bloom. Film Bowling Okay. This was two thousand five league. What would that have been the Lord of the Rings Three Am? I too believe that these girls went to Lord of the rings three like yeah like and also the ones that came to mind were that and then troy but in troy to me. He's not the hot ticket in that movie. Have I don't know if you've seen troy the minute don't they referenced Troy in the gym because I always like constituency says something to Tony like oh I don't like to think of you. It was like a week I think of you as like a guy from troy. Oh I don't really remember. I think it was something like that and it stuck with me because I was like. I don't know what that means. That's some nerd reference. But like I don't really know was try was a tray was a movie about Brad Pitt's bare ass. I would say that was like the like the big like highlight of that film. I I did see in theaters and I don't think any like like I to me. No one was looking at Orlando Bloom but I was never an Orlando Bloom. Like big fan to be honest. He didn't really do much. We definitely odd like an ironic onic. Orly that's what he called himself or they called him in teen magazines. My friends and I had like ironic. Orly from leg JAS J. Jay Fourteen or whatever the fuck it is posters on our wall of like you know just being dreamy but it was definitely ironic and that was probably in two thousand three three so You need anymore. Prove this movie came out before mean girls or was written before mean girls there it is. I can picture you. Oh you like this movie. Having been shelter for a bit too and F Y Troy did come out in two thousand four. So it's possible Tina Fey okay and you know that's right. Do you think that asked her about hands GonNa kill herself that remaking sorry I should try that and do you think Lindsay Lohan will self harm after hearing that they're taking the mean girls the production and making it into a movie now i. I'm hoping she is not even thinking about that and focused on her. I think the club in in Greece. I I might be behind on like up to date lindsay low hence stuff last. I checked I thought she she had a reality show on. MTV that was canceled after one season then she doesn't know about no Lo Han each sub didn't make it but I do remember that being a thing like a few years ago that Tina fey had to block her in her phone because she was blowing her up. About doing a reboot so much which all I. I didn't know that I would love a drunk really. That'd be great or if she did that. There's that service where celebrities send you messages is. I just remember seeing that What's his name from sugar? A mark McGrath went by really broke broke up I could if Lindsay Lohan got into that I think she could make a nice chunk of change. Yes she would make huge money on cameo I feel like she could easily charged like five hundred cameo and could you know. Yeah I'm I'm on Cameo you like whip those out in thirty seconds you know I definitely don't I like we'll send someone a four minute just because I'm like oh I feel so bad someone and paid me to talk to them but yeah no I think she could absolutely kill it on cameo I mean do you watch Kardashians ever occasionally. I would say the longest I've ever watched an episode of keeping up with the Kardashians was shortly after I had a surgery Five years ago. Oh I was told by my friend she said you should watch something while you're high on morphine. Something truly brainless So the like. That's the only time I ever watched a full episode. But I have been following up on Kim Kardashians life and definitely check out The sisters on Instagram. Oh Yeah Yeah I mean. That's an American pastime. But on the show. There's this guy it's like this inside. Family joke about this old family friend named todd cranes. I don't know if that sounds familiar but todd cranes charges two hundred and fifty dollars for an instagram shot for a cameo shoutout and I. I paid for that for a friend. Literally was alarming to me. That not only was. He charging two hundred fifty dollars. But that I was willing to pay it So I feel like Lindsey could easily. I mean that's what I want for Lindsey. I don't know if she thinks she that would be like you. Know Unsheathe of her her but I can't imagine that that would be any less chic than Lohan Beach Club. Yeah and also I you know I think it would be nice ace. I know they're turning this musical into movie. Could she get like a small cameo as like a substitute teacher. I don't know if that's in the cards. Probably probably not if I don't think so I think that almost in aware almost viewed the musical getting made into a movie as like an extra fuck you. It's like dude. We're not only not rebooting NECE. But we're like going past that we're in cats town like we're making a movie about the musical so let's go into the lunchroom now painful scenes in high schools. They always take place in the lunchroom in. This movie is no different They go take a seat at their table but emily who was watching them play. Soccer is sitting there basically bullied into moving away from them but before before she. Does she hands. Vanessa Flyer invites her to club soccer. So okay emily like not only. Are you not desiring spot on the soccer team team. But you're already killing it in your soccer universe. So she walks away and of course. Vanessa's like that's weird. What was that her friends are? Obviously you sleep threatened by this and it's it's weird because I think that looking back I I kind of remember shades about showing up like. Oh you're being asked to do something outside of our group like even if it was with a less popular person it was considered a threat right and that's one hundred percent divides you're getting there Then they tease her about it. They're like you know what I think you'd be great so Vanessa's looking over the fire outside of the school when Tony comes over and of course. DC Nikki see this in our immediately put off. Let's player I clip. It's six forty two eight fifteen NASA. Hey I saw you yes practice you rocks. Thanks echoing movie or bend it like Beckham. You saw that. Yeah Yeah. It's like a total chick. That's no I think that's very cool. Really Yeah Rookie. Thinks she's all that no big deal. Let's go maybe like five times. Have you little. Oh sister you know this other guy spent match I allen say anything keep it on the down I gotta go but I'll it's okay. Oh wait I'm actually supposed to tell you that you're invited to stacy's birthday party are you going yes I will tell by Pacey. 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That's friends without the our our best fiends B. S. T. F. E. N. D. S.. So I think that Tony and Vanessa have a very pure friendship chip. I wasn't getting I mean. I know that there's an romantic undertone. That's sort of blossoming there. But I really got like a pure young a young people friendship from that. Of course I think the mean girls are just so quick to over sexualize everything. That's definitely like where things start to fall apart for me is like they're just projecting so much onto every single like indirection in this movie to the point where I I cannot believe that their world it didn't topple on top of them with everything that they put out there. While I I'm wondering like when I think back to middle school I all I had I call it a friend triangle. The guy had to bus friends. I think Middle School is the worst of the worst. I've I've heard that from thinking back to my own experience and and teachers as well like Middle School seems to be a very difficult time for a number of reasons but I don't remember having any like male friends and so like any like that's definitely started having like crushes or you know obsessions Shinzo like writing guys names down in spiral notebooks and putting hearts around their names so like for me. Interacting with with boys was it was the big deal totally I I guess like. If they were older I would like to me I would. I would look get this interaction as like two friends but like only speaking from my own experience. I'm like you if I was talking to a boy in in middle school like I mean nothing would ever happened like I remember. In fifth grade. People were quote unquote getting married in the courtyard. Unlike dating was holding hands or eating lunch together so like whatever the Middle School version is of a romance. It could have been as simple as just a boy and a girl talking. You know what it does that okay. So I think that it's all perspective and like life experience so I have been like sort of mulling going over my head for probably the last year but more intensely over the last week as the grammy's were coming up about how uncomfortable billy eyelashes relationship with her brother makes him name and when I think about it it's simply just because I don't really have siblings and like some people will. I don't have siblings not long long child me town so I just never personally like. I never really understood that bond and almost look at them and I'm like something something. Something is fishy. They're like I don't know what it is but I don't like it. I realized molly you just never had that experience and there was definitely a few kids in middle middle school. Which is why I want sort of more background on how Tony and Vanessa became friends? Say assume it's a similar bond like these girls that were really close with guys in our class. We couldn't understand it and then it just was really that they were sort of neighborhood friends or they had an older sibling. That was friends with them and so they just became more naturally bonded. I always assumed that it was much more insidious than the public just like kids that were around each other and became comfortable trouble around each other and I always like would gender it and like make it something more than it was in my head. Just I didn't have that reference in my life. Well you bring up a good example of some of those Male female friendships. Because my best friend in middle school there was does. She lived in a two family house and she was like brands with the kid who is also in our grade who lived below her and that starts so early so like in terms of just how they knew each other and their energy was very relaxed. Like what's a little little bit with. Throws me off about these two watching Vanessa and Tony is like and also feels weird to talk about two kids that are supposed to be in middle. It'll school but it does feel a teensy bit flirty to me like any of the friendships that I witnessed 'cause I didn't have the first hand of of having friends is that we're boys at that age but the the friends that I did have that had friends that were boys. It was a lot more like bullying ish. If that makes sense at like like they weren't always being like super nice to each other and here it's very like I don't know also I've never seen bend it like Beckham but just the way they were talking about Ben of like I was like. Is it a chick funny. You say that because I pinged on the same thing which is more just like sort of our developments since this movie was made because like now I would be weirded out if a guy didn't see like you know ten ways to lose a guy or something like I feel like. Yeah how to lose a guy in Tony's wherever the fuck that movie's called like I'd be more bearded Outta guy didn't see a really popular lake female lead Then but I think at the time it also I mean. I don't know if you feel this way but when I was a kid I felt like there was so many more movies out in theaters which is probably almost most impossible but or maybe just I lived a really small town life so like every time a movie came. It was a big deal but like there's never I know I was going to say I I felt like I went to the movies. More When I was that age and also when I would go to the movies like their specific movies I remember seeing in theaters and the theater being packed out like I? I remember seeing garden state in theater in theaters I remember seeing Sin City And it was packed. And like you know you see everyone from high school there and stuff so so I do think that going to the movies to me. I could understand why it seemed like there are more movies than because I feel like people made a bigger at the same time I saw training day nine nine times and Shrek Times which just shows you how fucking bored I was. They look does slap and Soda Shrek late. They're both great movie he is but I don't know how my mind was able to like reinvent those scenarios over and over again that I'd WanNa keep going back like what. After the sixth time I saw training day I said to me. You know what you need to see this three more times like maybe I was just anything sober teen who like you know needed something fun I will so I was most yeah I was a sober teen And I also enjoy it. It was really easy to do like double features a At the movie theater that I went to though there were definitely instances in which sometimes my friend and I would go to two or three movies. In one instance since we saw walking tall the remake with the Rock the League of extraordinary gentlemen and bad boys two I think so and so like going to the movies was cheaper back then. Dan and I'm not saying it was okay but easier to sneak into so my bar for what movies I would see was much locally. I don't know how how that factors in for you but that was definitely part of my movie totally know for sure and like we had a nice little trifecta over in Burlington Massachusetts where we would go over to You know you'd not a movie. And then he could go to Chili's needed head over to the mall and then which is right across the street and then you go back to the movies and like all of that was pretty walkable. And then someone's mom which is coming up at the end of it but you could really kill like ours in that little circle and to see movies and can go to macaroni grill or whatever else was opened nearby But speaking of malls okay the girls go to the mall This is where I wrote on my notes outs. Is this fucking mean girls because you just see them sort of walk up on Scene and the three of them are just like I don't know their stone cold. Oh bitches so yeah go to a store called blue witch because you're from the northeast which is another reason. Why I'm kind of excited about this? Do you remember historical stoorikhel. Jasmine Sola Not off doesn't not of my head. I was hoping you were going to say. Do you remember weathervane. I don't know if that ring of course. I know whether van but like this store. Blue in particular reminds me of Jasmine Sola. which was it was sort of like boutique shopping for teen girls? And it was like a mini chain and like there would be. I think it was just the northeast and they would have like juice. Guitar in the new would have more higher end denim and then also like dresses and stuff and I would say like nothing was cheap. Like you couldn't get a Tom there for under thirty or forty bucks but it was sort of like you know when you wear. Your mom took you when she wanted to make things is right. You know what I mean like Little Neglect D. League. Then you go to Jasmine Sola. And that's where you get your like hundred twenty-five juicy jeans you know yea I mean to me like my experience was like Abercrombie like I. The my one of my biggest regrets in sixth grade was falling to the pressure of seeing in a lot of kids wearing Abercrombie so I got like the cheapest thing that they had which was at least twenty five or thirty dollars shirt long sleeve that just said Abercrombie on the front and it was an absolute waste of money but it would definitely came from this lake you know. Oh everyone's doing it so I don't necessarily we know if that's the same but definitely overpriced clever shore. Actually it's so funny because at Abercrombie jumped off it just started really existing in my ecosystem. Am I would say around seventh grade so you were like the you know. Abercrombie was really happening. When you were going through middle school and high the school it was like such ordeal to lake afford stuff from that store like in also not really looked good on like developing young body like africom is one hundred percent for a set of people and they're not girls going through puberty and it was very confusing accusing like the the imagery like between the the very pornographic bags with the APPS and whatever body parts that were bear where it would be on there and then you'd have the models I don't know if you've ever had the pleasure of seeing Abercrombie model standing yeah layer in la though lake? Oh yeah is it like that imagery was I think very confusing. If you're that young as if you're supposed to be fooled into thinking like is that going to be me if I put on this thirty dollars sure I don't know but the marketing worked for. Oh Yeah for sure until at like went terribly wrong. I think that that was a thing like I feel like Abercrombie. Got Me to before anyone where it was just like. Yeah it's a shit show on these sets and like whatever else. I was always surprised on on his sleeve for like a state. That didn't sell liquor on Sundays that we had like Abercrombie full-blown portrait center a mall. That always surprised me just as we we're just such a conservative place Okay so let's move forward so St C. N.. Nikki or shopping. It becomes obvious right away that Vanessa sort of over more towards the sale rack Nikki's kind of poking at Stacey being like juic- Vanessa Antoni CICI's like they're just friends whatever The girls are obviously they know why Vanessa shopping in sales but they you know stacy gives her a bunch of stuff to try it on When Vanessa comes out Nikki's like he looks so hot? You Very Britney which she did. She looked very Britney spears. Look sort of that empire waste top with a low rise gene gene. The genes themselves were hundred twenty-five on sale. And she goes. What do you expect through the new? Ultra low rise I HAVE NO TORSO SO I've been looking for ultra low rise because that's like regular rise on me being born with no time so I just say I was probably one of the only people I knew that it in that way. The ultra low rise trend really worked out for me. I'm waiting for that to come back just for that reason. Sorry women out there with the walkout C. C. tells the cashier to wrap up the shirt and jeans up an ESA had on separately their gaffed. So Vanessa uncomfortable with this but stacey picks up I I think it was like six hundred and forty dollars hundred dollars just gives you the card without thinking which was like a purchase that I would make as an adult. When I was very stupid with money versus ever confidently putting that on someone else's card as a teenager I mean I I you know I dream of having a an extremely really wealthy friend but I don't imagine I don't know if that's actually what it's like? It would be a very weird to have somebody just whip out a card and not even really asked me if it was okay and be like. Yeah I'M GONNA spend six hundred dollars on you and you're not GonNa oh me anything that's where my brain would go. I go I'M GONNA. Oh this person something I think if they pay for my child no see like when I first started making money decent money as an adult like I if I bought myself something I would feel almost guilty not not offering to get my friends because I would just be like. I don't know I think I hated being on the other end of that. I think I hated being the friend. That couldn't afford anything and then in your friend was spending all this money so I would get whatever you want like ought to write granted. We're not doing Fred Segal but like I would always do stacy's confidence about spending her parents. Money though is interesting because Y- spending thanks Daddy. That's what she says. I exactly something so. They're starting to leave the store and she says that She would she finds a shirt that's in her back pocket. which is like this is all a setup? This is all psychological warfare. She Finds Shirt Black Hawk. It and she goes. Oh I would get back in line and pay for this but the lions so long can you just put it in your bag Vanessa and Nikki's like like only bags so small. I would do it if it wasn't you know so small like Stacey says so Vanessa basically winds up shoplifting just to make anthem moment go by more smoothly which is just so fucked up when you think about it. I don't know if you've ever had like shoplifting friends but I did and it was wild to me I mean listen I if there was one rebellious as speaking of somebody who I I would say. I'm not particularly rebellious or was not stealing a as an eighth grade ninth grade Eleventh Grade Girl Very Popular Ferry Trendy Indie Stealing from weathervane. Clair's so I will admit I felt the pressure a little like I specifically had an incident with a friend and she in both shoplifted so I will say part of it came from pressure. But I don't think anyone ever was like shoplift this for me when I was shoplifting lifting. I was shocked shoplifting for myself and you can use that you can quote me on that. Yeah no I mean listen more power to you like I just never had the brave brave bravery to pull that off. It was a really stupid thing to do. And I you know when I think back on that I think it comes back to boredom mm-hmm honestly because I'm like like especially I didn't need to be stealing and neither were the girls that I knew were stealing like I honestly just think it was like did. Did we have have nothing better to do that. We were like okay. I'm GonNa Steal this Bra from. Victoria's secret cool. I was yeah I think stream about this Ford like for a lot of the girls. Yeah I knew that were my all my best girlfriends like in my group. Were not just shoplifting. But like power shoplifting. Leg when I look on it like I it's crazy that they would like walk into the mall and like leave with three new pairs of shoes and jeans and jewelry shirts and like all this different stuff when I look back and I'm just like fucking crazy that they would do that and I think that ultimately in the long run it became about the horde and like having this is sort of shit in your closet that your mom has no idea that you have but I at the same time. My mom was like you know just helicopter enough that that she would be like. Where did that come from? And if I didn't have an answer for that then I wasn't going to risk out so I never even borrowed closed for that reason but Well let's never too late to start. Let's go on a little bit Vanessa Room that night. Her Mom is watching her. Try on on her new clothes. I think And then we're going to hear her on the phone with Stacy we're GONNA play eleven forty one to thirteen seventeen. That is so cute on you. I felt kind of funny though lending stacey pay for it sometimes. It's more awkward to refuse a gift. Just look at it a stacy's way of saying that she loves you. That your best friend me and Nikki do so many friends from your my. No I wish I did dwelt fatness. Oh Yes Jain Norma's put this on and cover yourself ourselves right now. Are you serious. Yes my gosh I would have died. No seriously died I mean what do you think he was doing conducting an archaeological digging your mouth seriously. His tone was darting in and out like he was trying to puncture my face. I thought the sixteen year olds knew how to kiss. Okay you go okay well. It wasn't like anything major. But there's really hot guy and his name was tamp we. I went out for camp. I mean he was really indie rock but he was only like a year older than me. So and uh-huh and what else do you want to know during details at least give me numbers. Well they definitely wanted to go three but I am so serious you can say anything. I even made him promise. I promise Thomas Not even Nikki. I swear I will not tell Seoul. So Vanessa got fingered at Camp uh-huh Classic Cam. Yeah I mean it always happens a camp. I went to girl scout camp. Probably for this reason. Because it was important for my mom to keep me Virginal Ashraf but my main takeaway from this scene is just like how there were no boundaries at this age in your life league not only. Did you feel comfortable asking asking her friends like what happened. But you were like no like literally give me your number now. I've never heard of number. Give me your number in like in terms terms of did you go to first second third or not. That home is a number that you know. I was surprised at. That's where they were going with this when she said like second third I was like okay. Thank God she's not giving a body count but like there was the time of life for you. Were absolutely not only. Did you feel like it was okay to ask your friends ends up. You felt entitled to asking your friends like what their hook-up history was and then you absolutely judge them for it. Oh Yeah I mean I the the one two and three was interesting just because she I was slightly thrown off when she said one two and three. Because I I I was trying to remember the basis of French feel finger. Fuck Yeah Oh a basis. It's burned in time. Bring you burned into your brain. And that was that was less concerning to me. Then the casual reference to making out with a sixteen year old. I was like wait. Are you in middle school. What is your age I mean an age gap release. I don't think they were great back then. It definitely was cooler up with an older guy. But you definitely judged girl if you were like in middle school and she was hooking up with a high schooler like that was a little to the edge but I agree there were definitely no boundaries lake one example though I was not hooking up in middle school I definitely remember number instances in which I love and still do love watching horror movies but there were like basilic times I can remember being young and like having seen a scary removing a friend's house and then one of us being like I'm too scared to go like go to the bathroom alone and then I'm like I or she would get in the shower and then the other person that would be so they didn't have to be alone so that's that's my example of crossing boundaries. A middle schooler. I just don't necessarily see that happening. Now unless one of us was extremely totally forgot that that was thing like waiting in the shower while your friend peed. I mean I was just scared to tell you doc because I was absolutely a probably something. I've never heard another person sale allowed to me before. But that's absolutely NACHO experts right in if you've sat in the shower by your friends of peed hit us up on social subscribe. That's crazy that okay. Okay while you just sparked something blew my own mind by saying that out loud but so glad to know. This was not welcome to the family. So we go to this Internet cafe. And we're going to know that this is an inter net cafe because there's like little webs that break up each section. There's like little sculptures cultures of webs. And I I love good. Internet cafe seen something that I've never seen outside of traveling in a foreign country Like Hanley see them when you're like in Mexico or Europe or something but in movies outlays are the realist presence. Sure it's where you you know. Teens go to or middle schoolers. Go hang out with the CYBERCAFE so they decide to do a little contest with a girl who has the lowest. GPA has to do whatever the other run say. So Craig. I mean even when I was watching this to you though I was like. I guess there's worse things like. They're holding each other accountable. But this whole thing gets hit turned on its head because Stacey is a three point seven five. Vanessa's a four point. Oh plus honors. But somehow this turns into Nikki being like no Vanessa. You have to do what we say. And we never got around news jeapordy eh GPA. But like whatever so they're like why don't you tell him if he asked Stacey out she'll go out with him so this was all a setup. I think the whole time like most things were at this age where it was like. No one was ever really just going into truth or dare like raw like you all had a list of questions that you were to ask if we went into their mode. So Vanessa winds up doing the bat. Vanessa's mom reads a report. Card out loud. She's so proud of her. She's like did you. Facts the report card to your dad. He's so proud of you and she's like yeah I did and he and his wife wants. We just spend the summer in Spain with them and mom says it's fine with her if she can learn you know she can learn the language while she's air. It'll be a good thing. She's a suggests that they go out and celebrate. Maybe they can do a joint good grade slash stacy's birthday type of thing and she shoots her mom down and says that Nikki's parents are planning it. They don't need help from them. She's basically usage. Like what a stupid idea. I'm like why would be plans to use his birthday which starts to like sort of show that she is not really being herself a little a bit like something that Tom made such natural sense. She is like da mob. Nikki's parents are taking care of this. She takes off to her bedroom and her mom calls after her are she has no idea what exactly does that she said. I think that this scene could have been played better or I needed one. More earth thing in the writing. But it wasn't clear to me that things were disjointed other than what I really thought about it and tried to figure out what was happening in that seem. So Nikki Sees Vanessa Antoni talk in the hallway right away. It's like a whole thing as if they hadn't told her the night before to make this exact scenario oriole happen. This is going to immediately turn into a whole thing. Practically out of nowhere continuing to lunch for the popular group is now doubled in size. So let's play a sixteen fifty three to eighteen thirty five and get it. Why are you pushing Stacey on me? Carr's you really likes you. She's cool and all I'm not into Stacey Johnson my God. I can't believe she would do that to stay on a slice and her clothes were eighty and I was looking at a hair found or more. Never Take Gardner. Oh come on nick. I know you've got an SUV for parking. Despite plenty of room over there guys take space. We'll talk later okay. So we saw Vanessa get sent to the outcast table over with emily and some other poor girl that will never get a name This blonde girl named Tiffany has joined the group. I believe. That's who tiffany is Alicia official Morton. Who is the actress doesn't have photo on? IMDB which is sad. It always makes me wonder what happened about time we get a blonde villain in in the mix. Oh yeah okay so I will say that. During the scene it becomes apparent that the only like physical difference between Stacey Nikki besides height is that Nikki wears like lipstick. Stacey has like a loss and Nikki's wearing like a Pale pink lipstick and that's it's like Her defining characteristic I in these movies gets really hard for me especially with like teen girls or something where I feel like. Everyone's a little their their features and their wardrobe is a little bit underdeveloped. Like I always feel like everyone who has the same hair is the same person But I do like that. They gave Mickey is some lipstick to stand out. You know I will see that like this. Whole scene has seems really dramatic? But I'm going to have to beg everyone to go back doc to middle school in their brains for just a moment and remember how much things could change over the course of literally like two or three classes like once once you get people in their individual classes stirring up their own shit. If you were someone that had like two periods away from your close friends you had no idea what you. We're coming to lunch too and that is exactly what happens in this scenario because while you know Vanessa's Ben. Whatever clashes in after speaking? Tony Nikki in this blonde girl have stirred up a whole universe around her that she's just so clueless about As if she had an ass as if see NASCAR all of this to happen in the first place where at soccer practice the next day and it's heated. Nikki stops the ball when Vanessa goes to kick it and calls her a Wuss a whore and a slot not real quick by the way like this is. We're on the other side of not even twenty four hours. Vanessa goes running off the field and when the teacher asks what's wrong Nikki. Nikki says she's going to go cry. Vanessa's mom asked her if she's a ride that night and she says that she's staying home snuck in the movies anymore. Stacy hates her now. Her mom wants to know if she did something to upset her tease. Her was she critical. Mom says that whatever it was it will pass. This is what happens sometimes with girlfriends. So this is where we learn. That not only is stacy's mom a friend. Vanessa's mom but she's also a client of hers. This is the next day in in Stacy's Vanessa's MOM's office. She comes knocking at her door. And and the two of them child will be discussed into your design while she's there. Vanessa's mom mentioned to her. That Vanessa Stacey got into some sort of fight CICI's mom says that that's how things go when you're that age agent. She said that the two of them will get back on track soon. They agree that they would do anything to never go back to the difficult agent life. which is I don't know I mean it's something that you say is an adult but I don't think you can ever go back and like truly grip horror? It's like childbirth like I think that like once you everyone got nice to each other on the last day of eighth grade. Do you remember that like the last two weeks of middle school. Were like a breeze. All of a sudden honestly the first time I felt that was a senior. Europe is okay. That is when that moment happened where everything changed like I had a lot more friends. Everyone got cool at really really cool at high school like I remember going to the garage parties and after Prom and like all of a sudden I was drinking at a party with every popular kid knows that excuse. He's like what like. Why did I literally couldn't believe it? I think there's a guard that goes down a little bit right. Oh Yeah Oh for sure. Absolutely one. One thing I thought was an interesting detail just to show us the disparity in wealth. was that Stacy's mom is wearing the very dramatic string of pearls and I just thought there was no Good call that they had to make sure we just remembered. She's got although I do like in these as movies when the arbiter of class is like technically. The less wealthy person sees mom is going to Vanessa's mom for interior designers by switch. I feel like is so perfect. Like perfect truth Just my mom was very snazzy everyone you know and we were like a single mom only child situation so Stacey Texts Nicky from her sidekick I love they add in the I guess like Trivia for this movie that Stacy's on a sidekick to and I'm like if you had to tell me I know that phone anywhere in the two. I never had one but I read magazines in the early two thousands. So they're Gossiping Vanessa behind her back right in front of her our face and that's just a maddening feeling. I don't know if you've ever been there relate to your friends one hundred percent shit talking. You're doing something right in front of you but behind your back. Actress enough Shorter I've been there. So Nicky sons. A hugs to Vanessa and it says Vanessa's thing. She's all that but everyone really. We hates her. And it's unclear whether or not this was like a mass taxed or if this was supposed to go to stacey but either way it wound up in Vanessa's his lap. So at lunch the girls are looking over their shoulders at the outcast. He'll and laughing at something on a laptop and you can just hear this much much much sound and we're gonNA play. We're we're going to play this clip but the outcast girl from the club soccer team. Emily joins Vanessa at the lunch table. And let's play twenty three twenty two to twenty four fifty three losers table I he missed the action in English today Maki was moby big. We needed some mighty stick a Harpoon in our as you know why they keep dogging obviously it is something to stacy. I just don't know what it is. They do it because they know it gets to you. A call him the white tornadoes ornate. Because they destroy whatever's in there and it doesn't bother you. They don't have anything that I want. And so you WanNa come with me to club soccer kind of busy thanks here. WanNa see your idea for the book cover and Roy uh-huh in your uh-huh okay. Dad like little like Munch Munch Munch Munch Gif. Or whatever. The fuck you'd call that that like Small compared program that they built is actually I think hilarious. But you know it's like truly goes to show how young these girls girls are because you would have to be so young that that wouldn't be funny to you that you would take that as a personal attack which you know is terrible mm-hmm and also like the irony of this girl with a mouthful of braces who like actually looks more like an awkward teen than like the Star of our movie who oddly in the this scene reminds she. Looks like Joe Joe like the pop star Jo-jo. Oh yeah yea just won. A grant her a Wa- you know. Here's the thing I I don't think Joe Joe did win a grammy. I think that she was on a song that won a grammy. But she's not GonNa get a grammy because she didn't do the lyrics that's right though in my mind. Then she went. I mean I'm just happy. She at night like I'll be real with that's right me too But yeah how was that supposed to be a yearbook cover. I mean what having now seen this movie A couple times recently. I I am assuming. Are we to believe leave. That Nikki is the one creating these videos these. I assume that the technology clearly like gets kicked into high gear wants once the blonde comes around late. They weren't really interesting. I don't think Nikki had their resources on her own but like when you know coupled with Oliver for peers like she they definitely were able to take that caddy and put it onto the screen but she was sending wild texts out before for. They were building small. I don't know what you would call that not a gift not a game not a site. It's just you know something going. Munch Munch Munch Munch and. I just think that's all this film was missing was the scenes in which her and the blonde or however many Eighteen girls were hunched over. A computer. creating this image of her burping and farting walls muffin. That's all I that that's what I was doing. I just thought she was eating. She was like eating. She's it was. She took that a quick pick of her eating Her muffin at the Internet cafe. He's in that I'm so blind and also not with that. I thought it was like Camila Street. Oh No I think that. Was the screen chat. She took like a very like I remember hearing her camera flash on her flip bone but she took like a little screen shot of her when she was taking a bite of her mother and I it's unbelievable and and just all from that she created this most. I mean this is what makes me sad is that I think It might be that the guys are involved now because now that they've started on Vanessa. It just gets worse and more and more people join this party and I will say you. I'm a little disturbed that we didn't get any technical advances like we did with that little munch munch thing before the guys started to show up on their radar. Because I'm like you don't need a guy to insult your girlfriends ends over the Internet. You can do that on your own girls. I I honestly believe I just looking at Nikki. When she was looking at what what she saw as a betrayal of her? What's Alexa Vega Bega Vanessa getting asked out by Ryan like it looked like she was getting off on it like she was like peaking at them and like this like creepy smile curls over face so just with her hatred or or whatever desperation she has to get of an ESA out of the picture. I'd led to believe that she you know watched the O. but they didn't have like see. I was picturing. She was watching videos. The oath like how to videos on youtube like that wasn't an option so I just like to think that she self taught herself how to make that burping and farting that'd be ideal for shore four.

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