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Jon Cryer "He's Already Done Plenty Publicly to Be Impeached For"


Yet. My last ones. Happy happy hour. I'm gonna say it or drinking with Duckie. Okay. John Cryer is here. And we're trying to first of all I didn't know you are gonna wear your superman shirt. I wore my superman shirt, and this is embarrassing. Now, I always wear superhero close docking to wear a superman shirt. But we got looks at their the house lex Luther is in house, ladies and gentlemen. That's how I insist on getting introduced on the show, by the way, not in the being supergirl. Yes. I I it's a different conception of lex Luther. I've got a hype man, it's very guy comes to me with a Cape who just puts it around me every now and then. I'm about to go up stage in at the last minute comeback. And I started doing more supervision. Okay. Because you're used to this. But okay, we are nerdy out over because you are terrifying. Lex Luther in the okay, right? Supergirl on the network Sunday March seventeenth I've seen the clips. And but I'm sorry. I'm a woman of a certain age, you knew that I was going to go. Duckie's here. I literally took time trav- is going to I wear a pink shirt toy where the superman shirt, maybe think, I'm cooler. Mission accomplished. You did it. Sorry. Drinking with Duckie. Okay. I'm always thinking. There you go. I don't feel because I heard a story that your mom used to win right after pretty in pink came out. She used to get like giggling phone messages from TV teenage girls all over the country. That is true because I'm was listed at that point Duckie's mom Duckie's moms listed, and so yes, she she put up with that for quite a while. And I have to say that is where the staying power of that particular movie has really been remarkable. Because you know, it it continued for quite a while. We had the young Sean over there. He just watched it. Right. Just wash that sister. Yeah. Because we're all people. Ration- fantastic. Yes. It just it. Does it up very well. Because it's actually because it's about class kind of movies aren't right in a way, and it took itself a little seriously. Even at the time. I thought guys this very there's a little Ernest. Yes, exactly. That has that has held up. Very well because it's it's the same shit still going up. Same shit different shake money. These days are they know exactly. That's a great thing at all even doubt for all. Everything's fine now. Yeah. There's another issue with that that I just love just because of well, you're so fantastic and great unto eter and just politically in general. But I remember at the time Molly ringwald, set an out magazine that she thought Duckie was gay. You've defended Duckie as another slightly effeminate doors and said you've had to live with others faulty Gaidar for a long time. So you've made jokes about that. Oh, yes. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. Effeminate heterosexual dorks need some sort of representation in the group. Exactly. And you know, and I get it. I was I was a theater kid in junior high and people just did not know what to do with that. Yeah. They had no idea. And they think oh, he must be famed Cal. Yeah. That's why that character resume resonated with me so much because I was in tenth grade when that came out, and I was an outcast. I was I probably read as gay at the time, but I wasn't out then. And so the character of Duckie really resonated with me. Now you've written several goals. And you know, it made it kind of cool to be the outsider dork. You know, good. So thank you for that. And I feel terrible because on some level. I it's it's not if he in fact was gay and did come out. That's not a problem. It's just didn't happen to be my story didn't happen to be how I saw the thing. Not everybody was out in high school. So yeah. Yes. Okay. So now, can you believe this whole new wave just when we thought we were to the promised land this whole new wave of racism, sexism, homophobia, and you're so great about it in. Okay. We've so much to ask you. Okay. It'll be a long in folks. This is properly hydrated. Everybody. Settle in. So I did not know this because Travis is the nerd of that he's the kind of narrow he's the nerd guy. None of the rest of not me. Okay. Okay. The attracts from lex Luther from the comic books like this is back from two thousand. Okay. Okay. There psychics this is trucks lizard, decided to run for president after he was humiliated at the White House correspondents dinner when he was roasted by the host. This was in the comic book in two thousand leks ran on anti alien immigration platform, claiming he was the only person who could solve the problem was impeached after he went insane. We got two of the three. Schedule. I look forward to seize. Well, yeah. As far as I know supergirl isn't going there. But yeah, that was a that is a famously of prescience par. Par chapter in in the history of lex Luther right? What are we going to see a wealthy corrupt businessman run for an anti-alien? Pastas. No, it'll never happen. Get help from Russia. You know, just my or another planet. Actually, the supergirl the world that they've the the their particular time line is going through that right now where there is a very a lot of anti alien sentiment that sweeping up, by the way, supergirl who is in alien. The first chant right in the opening our earth first earth, first earth firs. Exactly. Yeah. Exactly. So, you know, hey, sometimes the the comics get it. Right. And and you know, I I'm glad that we're that. They're letting us do this don't you think he should be, you know, elected illegitimate Lou help from like Neptune. Trump russia. It will be like lex Neptune. Sure. Candle supergirl in the show there. Well, listen, man. Don't get ahead of. Oh, no, don't get ahead of it. Leave seen her. Yes. There's been glimpses. And there and there will be some explanation of that. Okay. Very very just sit tight this. You're gonna win presidency. I say, you tease e-. Exactly, I'm sorry. No. There's a lot of light up National City and the surrounding countries in crisis over alien refugees coming in shades of caravans in the past two weeks. This is a write up about the show in the past two weeks. Three hate related crimes the mail bomb sent to all Trump's critics, right? The synagogue shooting shooting of African Americans in Louisville Kentucky occurred across the US. Many of the hurtful words and phrases used to insult demoralized Yasser sides groups in the super girl episodes are not new in fact, they've been taken from recent rhetoric and the and the violence, I think he. He's clearly inciting. I you're not gonna get a fight from me. Come here and say, no, I know he's crazy. I mean just today just today. I was saying just before we went on today's kind of a slow news day for for for. It was only like three impeachable offenses tackling. Right. But he made this comment Breitbart this morning. Yes about how he has the military in the inside. But also the by the bikers, and what was clearly a an attempt to intimidate people on the other side of the political spectrum, which the movie, I'm always forgetting Chazz Palminteri. I don't know. Nice can't leave Bronx. The Bronx Bronx tale Bronx tale. There. We go. The one I haven't seen. He's going to lock us in this country with Mike and go now, you can't leave. Hey, I'm wiry. I'm very wiry. I also run that's the trick. By the way, you just run in those situation, you're malleable because when he came out for, you know, keeping daylight savings time, you're like, I take back everything I said about yes, I saw that. Wow. That's a moderate which is. Tough. But fair. I've had a couple of those that and the and the and the coke button on his desk. Right. Those two were the two changes per made me, oh, I'm on board. You know, maga- baby. I get you. See? Yes. Exactly exactly that actually that that kept me quiet for good, you know, three weeks subtle. And I was like no me too far. I actually I didn't wanna get political on social media. Honestly, because I just like entertaining people, I'm an actor. And I am done stuff. And I've done more serious stuff. But I, you know, I don't love knowing what actors and performers want of how they feel about politics and stuff like that. I don't actually want to know too much about their lives at all. I want them to be performers, and I enjoy that like you didn't need to know that exactly as a Puerto Bello mushroom. Looking Cini Pechiney fourteen is a Portuguese. And why? I meant like a little mushroom cap from a salad bar. More like it's belly right air. We try power. Stephanie Miller show for the fun guy related mistake to the guy growers of America or currently lighting up the phone lines with their complaints are. But but my point being I wouldn't I didn't start doing anything political until Trump. That that you said, I don't like to get political. You've attended events for both Republicans and Democrats you said you wanted to hear what both sides had to say. But now you're like in twenty non twenty sixteen like, that's what I say everybody helping you not me political now. Yeah. But but I do and you're mentioning before like all of a sudden races back. I what was the heck? It's back. Maybe an hotter than ever. But for me, it really I feel like I had I had managed to ignore a lot of it. And I think I think what this election has shown is that it never went away. You know, we're still nineteen sixty eight it's still America's still they're still to America's they're still, you know, a a huge Gulf you've done. I speak film. Okay. Speak film, you keep saying it's like different allergies. But the Ghostbusters it's like, he's all the horrible racist sex. Out in months. Containment grid, right? Yeah, it's true. And I'm more aware of it. And I'm you know, and I have to say the the the internet has made me much more aware of so many things going on that I that. I had you know, I've been doing stuff of with a podcast undisclosed, which is about the criminal Justice system. And you know, all this stuff has been going on. Yeah. For ever. And I just I was an is just that I was not aware of it. I I started noticing on Twitter, and I was like jonquil that Jon Cryer Duckie like like like like free tweet Duckie. Okay. Thank you, brother, re tweets retroactively, bring Duckie positive charm. You know what? You know, what do you those? Good morning. Sunny music, sunny, breezy music. Good morning record show, the president committed tax fraud. Sworn testimony shows he committed circuit of Justice recording show broke federal election law and nineteen women Clinton sexually assaulted them. Are worse have a great day. Guys, the president's. Walking into right room. What? President's kids are being sued by state for using their charities piggy-bank his own lawyer Klemke order to commit a federal crime any also support a foreign country hacking Birkin citizens and attacking your lectures that day. I try to I try to keep positive. Yeah. And I try to be accurate. That's another thing. I do like when I've made a mistake. I do try to try to, you know, either deleted, or or at least, you know, let people know blue jumped on the understated the whole Whitaker apparently saying that of course, of course, Trump talked to basically squelch the year. Like, this seems like a big deal. Yeah. You know, again, I also tried to I I've tried. I have Trump voters in my family, and I've tried to me too. Yeah. Exactly. And I've tried to understand where they're coming from. And where you know, what what what their priorities were. And why on earth they did this abomination, and and I tried to let them understand. I think the in my particular case, they they they have conception that. They've been played. Yeah. They just don't get it. And and so I've been trying to communicate with those. And I doubt that any of them follow me anymore. You know, but my show is still very popular and two and half men that isn't. And so I try to to to say, you know, you've been you've been hoodwinked know. And and because there are a lot of people that. I think thought it was going to be different. I think they thought they were getting a highly competent businessman. Yeah. And that's we're just talking about someone we used to work with. We've all been Griffin. We've all been. Yeah. Give Griffin by really good. Conman at some point in your life into a certain age you've been ripped off by somebody. Right. Yeah. Conned and you didn't see it common. And you thought it was, you know. Yeah. So that that I do have sympathy. Okay. So I was waiting when you brought up two and a half men. Know what you? Disclaimer, I'm friends on the Sheen's charl- Charlie shoot has done person to sit in that chair. From that show is the first person Harley sheen has done how Estevez Martin sheen. Okay. You got the whole bunch nothing wrong with that. So. So this is going to host a summit, two and a half minute negotiator. And we'll have both. Oh, no it. You guys know got my don't get in the middle of this. It's touched the third rail. Yeah. It's twisted drunk. No. I can do this. Which ones said, but you've been talking about this openly said Donald Trump is the Charlie Sheen politics, I have to tell you love Charlie Sheen a loved working with him when he was sober. But you know, he was full shits. And so no what. Okay. So I went to Martin Sheen's birthday party at Charlie's house. I never met him is soon. It was going to be disco balls and hookers and blow. Look, I was like what is why you went right? Thank you girlfriend. But you know, as you know, he sober now. And I guess I just my experience. And again, of course, I don't know him as you do he could not have been nicer. And then he came into the happy hour out of the nicer, and we, you know, talked about his sobriety. And all of that stuff. But, you know, your your stuff is so famous, but it is interesting that you still I love him. Oh, I do that beings. Yeah. Well as you saw when he sober. Yeah. There is no one better. He's lovely. We we had six great years on that show. Fantastic. By the way, to EMMY sur could I have my masterpiece theatre music. John cries body of work includes two since also Stephanie Miller. I'd like. With the body of the on stage. Broadway revival of company, ladies and gentlemen. Torch song to Brighton Beach memoirs. Fancy. I'm a fancy person many awards including the two. No, we had a great time working together. We had a great time working together. But I don't know how you when when things curdled to that extent. I don't know how you repair that. I really don't. And and they're, you know, there was you know, win lashed out quite a bit. Yes. I I don't know if you notice like, what would you serve you? Tiger blood? There's that. And I'm sure he was very solicitous. And it was like, oh, I never heard that never heard that joke. You know? And I do I really do wish him. Well, because as I said, he was he was a great friend when he was over. And and it's great to hear that he's sober. I I've heard his health is taken a turn for the better. Which is great. No, I feel the same as you. And I barely barely compared to you. But I just I found myself just rooting for him because I mean, his even talked about it on the happier. Like, how extreme addiction wasn't the amounts that he was doing and the fact that he's still alive was astonished fucking does have tiger blood. And by the way, incredibly intelligent guy, incredibly talented, incredibly talented. I, you know, but you you when several people have said, hey, any chance at know, they're doing all these reboots reboot. And it's like if you want to decide to be to bring that back into your life. That's a big that's a big ask at this point. And again, I wish the guy nothing, but good luck and happiness. Yeah. No, I, but it is also interesting and you deal with all the time. Just the perceptions of people that are famous whether it's you or anybody, you know, I mean, I just thought oh my God. He's going to be an asshole while man. Oh you ever. And I was like, oh, that's Charlie Charlie Sheen when he's sober. I just I and the whole family, I seriously the nicest people I've ever met. And so that that that was honest thing. Yeah, we worked with Martin a bit. And and I was just like how when. All apart. I was like how did this happen out of this guy become back? And that's the thing. You had him sitting here. You saw him. You saw how wonderful and lovely and charming. He was remember, the midnight rants. Oh young. Okay. Just figure out which which is he I don't know. Yeah. I can't tell you. It was interesting though, you I mean is you talked about him, you know, compare him Trump due to lack of filter. You said actually, you said well, first of all you said, you didn't used to get in politics, but not in two thousand sixteen you said, it's a little more relevant because I worked with a guy who also whenever said, whatever came to the top of his head people loved it. And they loved it even more when he said horrible things. So that was there was an interesting overlap there between Charlie Sheen and Donald Trump people like that he's willing to say just whatever foolishness comes to top of his head much foolishness. It's fascinating to watch it because I don't want people to pick a president based on entertainment value. And that's the difference. You're going this is like Charlie Sheen actually is president at the. Zante movie, though, those in the machete movie. Yes, it was you're right. You're right. Well, no. But I said that before the election actually that was the first time I got a vertically political on talk show, and it was on the real, which is a hotbed politics. The show is so much fun. And they're so lovely on that show. And I was like I'm sorry guys. I gotta say something because that was at that point people were finding Trump entertaining. And that was literally the source of why he has so much cable news coverage. And it's it's why he won. He was very entertaining. He was great for ratings after ask just because we all are like armchair, psychologists doctors. Now having worked with someone, you know at that close range 'cause everyone's like what is Trump on? What is damn what is his mental illness? I mean, it's like a national armchair game. But I mean, we keep thinking are we pretending like, we don't notice the sniffing and the manic behavior, and I don't know whether he's abusing Adderall, I don't know. I've never done drugs. So I don't know I've heard stories of rumors. I don't I don't obviously, that's all they are. That's that's all they are that I can say I can say as somebody who's had somebody with narcissistic personality disorder in the life. He exhibits all the symptoms. Yeah. And more and the. Those people who are going through that just say whatever will get them through the next moment. And they're usually incredibly charismatic people. I don't by the way believe that Charlie Sheen has the same issue. Yeah. But I do believe that that's what Donald Trump is experiencing and what he's had his whole life. And I you know, again, I don't know a I've not a psychologist. I swear. And also, I will well if he got. There's the shows. Yeah. Duckie? That's you. You were an amateur psychologist, Molly ringwald character, weren't you? And really good at it. I I was just a friend step. Well, I was in Kenzo. I better train allergists shoved are. Yeah. But that's that was it's all for the best. It's all for the best. He ended up with Kristy Swanson. True. You know that worked out great. Yeah. Get go sleep empires. I didn't show. Did she went onto slave empires? I did not Sedley. But but at any rate, you know, and to some degree it does, you know, he's not the first president who has had psychological disorders. He's not the first one gone through depression, anxiety, and yeah, and certainly not like this. But but I do believe it makes him uniquely unfit to serve just in in terms of what we're dealing with. He is or he really is. Yeah. And I do get frustrated with a lot of the obsession with the mullahs report only in that. And I've been vocal about this on Twitter. He's already done plenty publicly that deserves to getting impeached for all of it. And it doesn't count that that he was briefed. By the FBI, saying saying, somebody the Russians are attacking our elections that they've. He's already been told that they that they had hacked the DNC and that he comes out and instead of protecting Americans, the Americans were having their data stolen. Instead he comes out and says, hey, Russia. Can you steal some more more? Yeah. And that wasn't the only country. He's cheating on us with that's inexcusable. And that's you know, now now knowing what we know knowing that he knew that he had been absolutely briefed on what was happening. That's that makes him a traitor. Yeah. You know? And that's it's that simple. Can I go back to you? As a liberal helper? I'm just saying the you and Charlie Sheen reunion on. Rushing it. It's not going to happen. Szott. I can't book the show. This could be addiction counselor. Okay. You don't want. Here's here's my other question. You are uniquely situated to know this. So when you continue to and a half men verse excessively with Ashton Kutcher, do you think Ashton? Kutcher is going to come in at some point and say, you're all. This is not really trunks. Ashton couture involved. Yes, I can flatly state. Yes. Actually, it is funny because Ashton. When whenever he starts a new project with a with with a new cast and says, listen, I know I used to be on punked. And I know that was that was a show I produce. But I don't do it to people I work with because otherwise you're just walking on eggshells time waiting waiting to get punked and accept though that at one point he came to me and said, okay, I'm supposed to be one of the first pet passengers on virgin galactic and in order to train for that. I'm supposed to take zero g flight do you wanna come with me? And I was like shit. Yeah. To my little hotshots. Exactly this totally ready astronaut training. So as I'm boarding the plane. I start to think oh shit. Am I being punked is this plane going to like go down at one point? And I'm going to be like screaming all gotta die. You're you're. And ashton. I had I had been super serious about it. I didn't they give you a thing of what you're supposed to eat not eat before you do these things, and they're very serious about you, not putting yourself in India anger when you do it. And I had been you know, I had been very a cleaved very close to it. Ashton could care less and eight whatever felt like and did a shows up. I think he went out drinking with his friends right before it was like crazy, and he, but he suited himself up with go pros all over the place because he wanted to catch all the all the high flying excitement as we were zero gravity, you know, fling around. Well, we started doing the first couple of parabolas. That's where that's art being weightless and stuff like that. And he had he had to go right on his chest. And after about the second or third parabola? He's barf in. Mama. Comet was yes. Action Kushner not hot in. That's yes. But it was great because the gopro sort of he had the bag to his mouth and the go pros catching as the as the vomits filling the ball. No. It's very exciting. So no, I never saw thought. Nothing turn me on. He's pretty in person. Eat pretty and pink in every other colors. He was very very strikingly, handsome, he striking. They has and lovely absolutely sweetheart. I don't know if you've had him on the show that up. Charlie Sheen option. Your. There's no such thing as over asking in Hollywood. That'd be the greatest no with. No. Okay. Three and a half men. Okay. Just saying. Yeah. No. I really I keep hoping that he's involved than we are all America. You're punked or it's Andy Kaufman. We either one I don't care. It's fine. When I was fucking good. Well. Yeah. That's that would have been funny like almost famous you'd be like donkey was gay or okay. We're not crashing. Oops. I said too much. Quite seriously, though, in terms of all the stuff, you talk about very heartfelt on Twitter and elsewhere about politics, you've kids what what you how so many because I don't have kids. How how do you parent kids in Donald Trump's America? How do you don't do that? Don't do that. Don't do that. Don't say that don't I mean? Well, I have said I have let my daughter. No bet it's very frustrating because presidents or human beings in their flawed and in different ways, you know, and it's an incredibly fucking asshole. Yes. And and there are certain jobs that they're certain responsibilities. We ask for president that this guy is remarkably shitty. And but that he's not the first lousy president. We've ever had I have to go back to like Andrew Johnson. Yeah. That's how eighteen sixty six. How would you? I have a son who's eighteen and a daughter who's nine. Yeah. And she knows how I feel although I try not to I don't wanna indoctrinated in something. I want her to think for herself, and my son absolutely thinks for himself. He actually he called it. A like a like a month and a half before the election. He's Trump's gonna win. And I just I I went ashen. It was like. It was like what? And he's he's gonna win people people like him. They think he's done. He's funny. And they, you know, and they wanna have a businessman in charge. And I was like I. I have faith in Muller in the overwhelming about of evidence that super making sure exodus and get president. I would prefer him at this point. Follow everything metaphor. And you went all caps. You're like he was committing crimes while he was other indictment. Yeah. Because he was the guy was saying, can I please go home to take care of my wife, and because it's been so long since I committed crimes, you were committing crimes right after you got you were witness tampering motherfucker and also part of the Griff was paying for apartments for his mistress. Yes. And the house. Oh and also forest daughters. Tech city. Black guys to gang. Anyone know that that's your that's paying people to you know. I mean that one could argue he tweeted about Michael Cohen when they scream Michael Cohen is a criminal liar. Remind them like Cohn brought the receipt. Yes. He probably I mean, I'm going giant, Jack. Tv. Call check. I don't think clearing house. Fox News likes to follow you on Twitter. No, they seem to like whenever they have like celebrities are saying this about Trump euros apart. Always there they have this is the first I'm hearing of. Google crier and Trump a bunch of Fox News stories come really goodness. Okay. Okay. John Cryer public enemy number one part of the liberal Hollywood elites, Jon Cryer, bigger fucker than Tucker. Looking for your tweet the list? I saw John cusak. Wait. No. That's wrong. John John cusak. Also a big fan. Yes. Yeah. But but yeah. At any rate. I obviously that wasn't what I was going for. But I'll take it. I don't I got no respect at all for for walks. They have they talked about my hashtag, Fox News trash that. I've seen that one. That might be. What of what incited that might have been? It might have touchy over there. Yes. A little. And by the way, they're you know, it is their newsgathering organization is not not terrible. They are actually absolutely decent journalists there. The headline writers are motherfuckers they editor Farris ship blocker because he. But and you know, I, but I, but the the overall organizing concept of the thing that the the origin of Fox News is inherently corrupted has been from the beginning. It was always a tabloid. It was always meant to be a right wing tabloid. That's what it was. We talked about the Gulf check on TV. Like, what would it need for some Trumpers? Would he have to regarding regarding paying off on started? Shutter fucking pie hole. Have to actually be on the this is four in the middle spot. Yeah. Yes. Exactly. That's talking about. Yeah. You know at this point. It's crazy. And again, we can get angry at at Trump over and over and do, but it's actually all the Republican leadership. That is is the problem. This tweet you said truly disgusting. How Republican leaders denigrate law enforcement in an effort to help the president get away with crimes and might add was vice presidential candidate. But a prosecutor Nurnberg, and I just I do not recognize this version of. Yeah. Absolutely packing. The FBI attacking long horsemen attacking. Nazis, by the way, law enforcement has its issues as I said, my podcast undisclosed talks about issues in the criminal Justice system. There's absolutely issues in law enforcement, just it's just disgusting. Because you know, these that these congressmen, and these senators know that they're defending somebody because you know, it's politically expedient in that he's guilty as shit. Yeah. Bay all know, absent, it's it's it's horrifying, and that's the real betrayal happening right now. I love the flippity Huffman and Laurie lawmen indicted. You're like these were not the indictment. I was expecting at all. Jail for obstruction and money laundering before before. Yes. Yeah. That is actually know Felicity I've worked with her in the past and more lovely person. You could not make I've heard. Yeah. That's image. Yeah. Exactly. And so this this whole thing is just mortifying horrifying. I'm also a guy who just had his kid go through all this stuff. So I understand the panic that parents feel and and you feel incredibly powerless because you just sending your kids off to those testing. And you know, how much they care about and stuff like, but I remember getting my one college rejection, lettering, -ly crying and crying by middling day. You know, that's a good one to get rejected. I got into Stanford and Notre Dame. But I mean, oh shut up. Fuck you. When you're seventeen I was like devastated, you know. And I thought like there's so many kids that worked so hard. You know that that didn't. I mean, Don, jR, shut the fuck up forever because his daddy bought his way into college Anna van and Jared Kushner's daddy, but his way into Harvard. And so they just love it when it's Hollywood it's juniors Hollywood musical it. It's. It's no Hollywood. And whenever they say, they're so quiet. We're just not. I mean that you can criticize us for a lot of things. We're not quiet about shit. You know, we're always looking for for stuff to talk about. But but the said, this is okay. No, exactly. Yeah. But like what I was talking to my son, though, I it was interesting tightrope I had to walk with him because I didn't actually go to college. I didn't go to Stanford Yale. Gail your seat. But I took two college courses, and that was it. You know? But I was trying to say to my son was colleges. Great for some things if if that's their careers that absolutely definitely go to college. There's a lot of careers that you really don't need it. And if you're not if you're not excited about it. There's actually no reason at all because you're not gonna pay attention. I mean, well, that's why they didn't do these kids a service. You know, exactly let them get into the colleges. They can get into you know. I mean, I it's course load that that's appropriate for them. Instead of a UC course load when you're when you're sear student, and now these kids might not even known about it and their lives are ruined punchline and the everytime you Google them. You're gonna you know, I was I'm old enough that you didn't have the Google. You can find out this shit about your about universal. You're right. Well. Child. Well, there's that photo of her with with Gerald Ford where she had firm and a unit, bro. Yeah. Duckie understands awkwardness. I do Ducky had though. Yes. He did. I go deep in my love for us. And not even just like the everybody. I mean winning ever tune. If men Duckie hotshots, you do better cross is in anybody. Thank you I've ever seen and you don't need college for that. You don't son? That's what that was the end of the speech that I gave him, but actually the, but the, but the flip side of the speech was, but if you do go to college, you gotta work your fucking ask on, and thankfully, he he did he buckled down and did it. I did not have to pay a half a million dollars. I said. Much better negotiator Laurie law. And that's what we learned Becky. And then when you only pay once, and then I couldn't help but picture that first day that the girl show up for rowing practice, right? Which do you hold exact that ends in the water? So at any rate, you are I just keep reinventing yourself. You are terrifying and wonderful as lex Luther watch the, and I was like hiding first of all I think you said this somewhere. I can't imagine who went get Duckie on the phone for. Never played a bad guy. Like, you know, this like ho- Larry's beloved kind of character in everything you don't like, and you national it, man. You were terrifying things. So this is not the first time you've played a Luther. I have played Lenny Luther. Lex Luther evil nephew and superman four oh west for which is the forgotten. Well, except for people like you who remember that on cannon won the rights to? Yes. Yes. Exactly. The the first three superman movies. Well, certainly the first two were just huge hits. And we transformative in my life. I just I was fourteen years old and amazing. And so, but the third one was a big disappointment for everybody. So they said we'll rebooted the franchise back. This is back before you even had the term boots. Right. And and they got the whole original cast back together. And it was very exciting. It really felt like it was going to be great and the script was actually terrific. But the producers were these two guys who are famous for their low budget crappy movies, and they ran out of money and movie was it was Canada. Okay. They did delta force with say. Essay those movies. Yeah. Okay. And at any rate, they ran out of money and the movies, just a mess. It's now it's now it's got that sort of colty. You know, so bad. It's good following. I always say that because I'm such a nerd I have to do this three hours every day that I'm like if Rachel metal didn't say it. I didn't hear it. So I don't watch any entertainment stuff. I am going to watch this because it's it's so relevant to what's happening now watch super. No, why would anyone, but I love like even just the courtroom stuff that I saw the promo right? Just all do. We're saying, man. Stone, whatever. Yes. Like. Lead superman made me do it by the way. My husband's friend. She they're called roommates. She's an EP on the show. And she said that your lex Luther is the best since Gene Hackman. Guy can show you the Email. I've got that. That is a huge compliment. I will I will take it. Yeah. Feel to play a bad guy is this is the first time ever. It's the best. It is. Absolutely the best. I love it. I. That's right. How's that scenery? Yes. I'm still picking it out of my I gotta get some sort of you know, oral B water pick action. No, it's it's it's just a just flexing things. I've just never had to do Superfund and because it supergirl. Yeah. And and it the story is is good and fun and an interesting, and, you know, also for me, I I had loved, you know, I I was really sad. When superman Ford did not work really hurt me in a just as an artist. And you know, it's a comic book, maybe I shouldn't have taken it. So seriously, but I did. And so now getting chance to sort of honor the superman and that mythology that I really loved as a kid is. It's it really comes full circle in it. And it feels great to be able to do that versatile wonderful actor, but I hear a lot of actors say that that it really is the most fun to play villains. Yes. Oh, yes. Because you don't your first of all you get it all out during the day, and you come home, and you're just floating on air. You're just the nicest butter. Yes. Exactly. And you're tipping. Really? Well, and you're you know, you're. I mean. You know, it's just lex Luther is not a bastard. But also, you get to you get to just explore stuff that you you didn't you've to muscle you never flex, you know. And I I also it just it feels like it's a good time for this for this message. And I am and I get to wear some fabulous suits because he's a billionaire. So that's nice. Are they ostrich jackets like all Manafort? No, no now. Now, we're gonna have to now right now, drove ugly. Grow ugly directly. Also, it's really nice. The photo shoots are are much easier. When you're playing a bad guy because when you're when you're doing a comedy like okay now, can you jump up and do the splits? Can you know, I'm not I'm older than Duckie now. No, my balls. But when you're lex Luther it's just scowl click, you're done. Nice. Like, you don't wanna be here. Yes. Exactly. Namedrop dumbing named coming when Laurence Fishburne was here. Yes. No. But my same geeky superman t-shirt, but we had this conversation. I think it's really true that because you're, you know, comic book nerd, we were talking about how much better is how mazing these shows or movies are when they hire actors of that caliber legu- Laurence Fishburne like, you know, not because used to think those these are just like, you know, popcorn movies. It doesn't matter. But I I mean, you know, we were saying like Laurence Fishburne, I was I was terrified because I thought he's the guy in movies got terrifying. Any so fucking cuddly in person Sisley cutlass sky, the first time I met him was like it was such a big deal because right after the matrix. And I said, hey, and he said, you are a bad motherfucker. And I was like I am the best. How many times have you told that story? So then morpheus says to me. And you haven't lived until orange Fishburne has said, you are a bad mother. You are indeed. And you have got to go watch the news with Jon Cryer. To say. Yeah, you're talking about the actors they bring in but the writing when they talk about real world stuff. Yeah. On the show and supergirl is generally aimed at younger people. But, but they you know, they've worked at N beautifully and with a level of sophistication is really good. And and Kevin Smith has been he's directed a couple of Russia with and. Yeah. And I love it because I'm cool. Mom. Jon cryer. You are a delight, sir. What a what a pleasure to finally meet you. And I'm just saying just you don't put it on consideration, Charlie Sheen. Happy stephanie. Jesus Christ stuff cough blocking me. I love you, Jon Cryer. I love you. I love you Duckie. Oh. Be happy.

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