GSMC Basketball Podcast Episode 294: Best All-Star Game Ever?


Get your ears wrapped around the golden state media concepts basketball podcast. All the scoop need to know from college basketball to the NBA and even March madness. Zoos of your rising stars topics on and off the hard work. This is the golden state media concepts basketball. Podcast you're welcome into the GMC basketball. Podcast I am your host bright's Lewis. You're listening here on the podcast network and you know this past weekend. We really didn't have the legitimate basketball. We had all star with one of the most fun times a year for any basketball. Obviously ballgames rising stars and celebrity all that good stuff so obviously this show will be pretty much dedicated to all the things that happened there in the all star break plus some news notes around the League and obviously you know I talk about college basketball too. So we're going to get right into the action right here and we're going to talk about the contest. That was and I will say for the second time in his career in the last time he's career because after the game he said he would not compete another dunk contest. Aaron Gordon was screwed out of the contest championship. I mean I feel like when he if you want to dog contest him and Jerry Jones in your had excellent. Don't contest final. It was one of the best in years. The best since air is clean. So if you notice every time Aaron Gordon something magic happens but basically he lost because the last dunk he jumped over seventy five and I want to alliterate seven five Taco falls and a forty seven endured Jones. Junior got a forty eight. When his don't last dunk of of the dunk contest? And everybody said okay. He's going to get Max or fifty he. I've always have it. And then you see the three we gave nine. You're just like rigged. That's what people said rigged because you're just like how. How does he get rigged? How does he not? There's a lot of people. Aaron Gordon won the first contest. So it's one of those things where you just kinda like. Wow obviously a lot of people think that the way might originate because since he was from a Miami Guy and he gave it a nine which will listen if one of them hanging ten. It would've been fine but they didn't so now everybody's looking for why who didn't give him the benefit the Dow who who caused him to lose etc etc right now. One thing that I want to point out I wanNA alliterate Terry Body. Is that common? Who was one of the judges after the game kept up with Shell Shell row burn of the Espn great basketball reporter. Basically basically if he she said that comment was like well we actually thought it was a forty gate but for some reason somebody who did. They didn't do their part and gave it a forty seven. So that's why everybody's rigged clearly you know how it goes I. It's just interesting how that happens but you know it was a great. It was a great contest competition. We saw a lot of great dunks. Did why our had a very underrated. Don't get I. He had like a stretching stretching stretching kind of don't under I think it was really good dunk but I think it's just you know I think we will always want fireworks off the gate milk. Simplicity but it actually was very cool. So you know it's Kinda it's Gonna. It's kind of one of those types of things but you know we'll have to see Paddington had a good performance. I think he had that dunk where he hit the backboard. After jumped he jumped over. Someone hit the backboard then hit. That was a pretty good dunk Everywhere it was the only went up to the last. Don't Tell Ya fifties in every single. Don't so obviously you know. He was showing out from the get-go Jerry Jones. Junior had a great showing Dunkin over chance know conover both people doing three sixties and everything like that was really great. It was a great It was it was a great contest. It really was I. I'm very pleased. The don't contest really. I want to say the reason why they don't contest is is not looked at as the most exciting events. Sometimes even though has the most potential to be is because I always like to say that if you if you think about it if if you really think about it you have to look at the fact of this. That a lot of these people miss dunks in my previous years. So what happens is when the dunk is actually accomplished? It's not that it's not that great and then in the hype behind it is gone but also because eventually zero some guys I can't hit the dunk and then they just say okay I'm GonNa do basic dunk and so the excitement just really isn't there and obviously that's something you don't want you don't WanNa limits excitement. You don't WanNa change excitement. You don't want to take away the excitement in the game and so obviously that's something that's the reason why a lot of people sometimes a very critical of the dunk contest. Contests could always be better. The dunk contest should be better. And don't understand why he's not better so you know that's that's Kinda how the thing is You know for me I think the dunk contest has has a lot potential. The dunk contest always has the most. I guess anticipation in terms of the potential to be the most exciting event. And I think you know if you think about you need to come into it and just saw come out there and perform your best player in the competition. There's a lot of guys that we wished would have been the competition. Remember the Broncos the long thereby one Lebron there and they're a bribe just kept saying. Nah Nah. Nah So. It's just kind of one of those things Obviously John Moran could've been this competition. Eternity down It's it's something that you really just got to really have a passionate WANNA do take time out to do. Really if you do dunk contest. It's something you really got to actually want to do. And you know like I said this is the Donkin Test. We had years. Since does act the Aaron Gordon Dunk contest. Remember how that class that was actually better than this one but it was still a great one on this all star weekend really overall was a good all star week. Like I'm GonNa talk about three point competition. That obviously had an exciting into it. Skills Competition we had a surprise. They're all star game especially in the last quarter excellent. I mean this was one of the probably one of the better all star weekends they really put out for Chicago. Chicago really put out. It really was everything that you would want in. Imagine he really. Is You know I hope out here? Living Atlanta that maybe all star game comes to Atlanta one day. I think it'd be great to have it out here in Atlanta because I feel like you know we have a lot of different basketball fans out here and I think that'd be great but back to the dunk contest. I just think really. You're over list What I've seen what I what I've noticed is that there's a lot of potential with a lot of situations. There's a lot of players in this league who you know you get considered this competition because people see your explosiveness. They see that. Maybe you do creative. Or explosive dunks during the regular season. And they're just Kinda like will I? I want that. I want someone in here to do this. Exact same thing and they in anything that you could probably put on a great contest just like everybody else. And it's just one of those types of things really It's a very exciting time. Like I said for a lot of people to watch because everybody knows how impressive it really is to show off that type of talent and to do it at the highest level as the players. Do it in my personal opinion. So you know graduates Jerry Jones. The even though a lot of people angry with screwed but I mean listen I. I'm sure he's going to raise questions about Osha. We changed. Don't contest should we? Should we change? How We von Junkie you know was the judges panel this year. You know it's just it's one of those things you really just have to kind of sit there and you just have to. We're going to look for excuses everytime we feel like something bad or wrong happens. We always look for that. That thing to say all this change in this win happened. Just it's just natural human element to always want to change something after something happens that we typically mainly agree with as a general population that pays attention to that particular thing so you know but I mean it sucks that air gourds not going to be in the way we're done contest. He actually said in his press conference. He's GonNa Focus on three point competition. I was like wait three point. Wh when did you become a three point shooter? On is easy just sent his mind shooting threes and then he goes on a shooting threes on say. Put me in the three point. Put me in the three point. I'm just like me. I mean you can't get scrutiny. Three point competition usually the most threes. I mean I mean that's that's that's purely on you. Obviously one of the Best I've ever seen was also Derrick Derrick Blair going to the three sixty off the back after after side on that was that was great. That was that was great man Listen I think everybody in the nickname mom noted Aaron. Gordon should have one. That's all the players. When they saw score was shocked because they were just like forty seven forty seven it just. It was shocking to see that he did not get the number that people thought he was going to get. And it's just one of those things that's just a part of a part of it is a part of it so you know what we're doing here. That was great. It was a great event. And we're we're we're GONNA talk other vets who are also great so next thing we're going to talk about but he he'll wanting the three point competition great fashioned also. Bam winnings the skills challenge. Should they add something to the skills challenges should they may be at another event to the? All Star weekend in general. You WanNa stay tuned for that right here on the GMC basketball PODCAST GONNA break. Are you looking for the very best? Nfl and college football podcast then. Chekhov GSM see football. Podcast get the latest football news both harm in off the field from the NFL draft treats to the rumor mill to the NFL com. Is They got you covered? That's GMC PODCAST DOT COM slash. Football Dash podcasts. Get updates on college rivalries key insights and much much more. It's football talk the way you want it. This show in sleeps and breathes football. Don't forget to link on facebook and follow them on twitter visit yes. Mc PODCASTS DOT COM for more INFO look messages backflow podcast. Lassen we talked about the fantastic dunk contest. That was between Jerry Jones. Junior and Aaron Gordon should have won the contest but did not was. Okay though. It's Okay. It happens things happen. It's all good. You know we just got bounced back back but You know we'll have to. We'll have to. We'll have to see what happens but so basically also skill in NBA. We have other events on the I want to talk about. Is the three point. Competition obviously do competitions a lot. People were very couple years or for a few years was actually saying that they felt as if that should be the last event in all star because that became kind of the most exciting event because of how many great shooters in the League now so the quality of three point contest is going up. So I think that's why you know what I'm saying. All people were saying that and this viewpoint contests did not disappoint this three point contest still was one of the best in the game. It was one of the best in in. In my opinion it was still one of the best might be and I think that would viewpoint competition. Obviously Buddy. He'll wanted. He went on the game. Walk off three. Basically if we're going to skip past the first round Was this boy. Trae young got fifteen. But it's all good happens but we're going to talk about the last. The last the last round with the two Devon Booker who was a member. He was nine. It's supposed to be in a former CY. I think as former three point champion this event. He's always been great in he. Devon Booker is one of the best shooters and underrated shooters in my opinion the Lee. He is up there to me with Steph curry in them. A lot of people don't think about it because he's on the science and he doesn't get the recognition credit. But how do you think you're ever just twenty six a game getting into the paint? No he shoots a lot of threes us. Alive Jumpers in general. He's one of the best pure stroke shots in in the League. So that's why he's always able to come out on top and play at a high level off from a shooting perspective game in and game out but in the contest him in Buddy Hill you know. Obviously you have at last round. Everybody's going. Obviously Devon Booker went second after Robinson. I think from the Miami Heat went and had a good show and he had twenty two. I it Kinda shows you. This is like twenty two twenty three year liaison safe. Maybe back in the day you get twenty two twenty three. You were pretty solid. This not really but You know he had that. And then Devon Booker came into had twenty five so twenty five pretty good score score that that in most parts should be able to win you a three point competition. Maybe about a negative like twenty five. You probably had it in the bag. You know unless somebody got ultra high. You probably had it in the bag but so the thing about it is in the situation. You know if if you think about it from the three point Buddy hill came out there. And he lit up buddy healed. Remember coming out of college buddy. Who came a long way coming out of college buddy? Healed was not known to be a three point. He was not a good point he actually was actually very very low. Averaging three point shooting his question coming out of college was shooting and now he shoots literally almost forty percent from three in in in the last two years. That's a big deal yet. He's still shooting great from three now. And you know if you think about that. And they're shooting from three new and all that a lot of people to look at Buddy Hill and look at him as one of the best shooters in the game. Buddy healed is one of the best shooters that we have in basketball. We just again that stereotype. We have coming out and just never watching the Sacramento Kings. We never knew. How good of a shooter Buddy Hill really was and then with this competition? You're seeing this man can can can light it up with some of the best that we have in this game and it's very impressive. 'cause you know for me. I just feel like it's very very incredible. That buddy healed and so It just buddy is just one of the best players I think in the game that we don't talk about in the contract he got was well deserved. Hey I'm Sacramento. Does not get their act together. One of your best of somebody make your best player. Might WANNA walk out of there. You don't want that Sacramento already. Being known as a dysfunctional organization anyway. That's not going to really help you. Obviously my last show. I detailed the drama going on in the Kings Organization. And Buddy. He'll may WANNA get out of that. So but he he but he was able to come up with three point shot. I really do like the inclusion of the moneyball but not the money bobble like the mountain. Dew is like the mountain new-ball whatever we're basically now players from half court regular games. They actually been a half court shot in three point nine petition. Where accounts for three points? And I like it really gives you that chance. Let's say you had a matt. Let's say you got to the first one the three on the second one. You got five so you you could have had a total of potentially a total of. I believe you can get a total of six on each on each rack. So that's a total twelve over two racks. Let's say you got the five and then you got three. That's eight so really you could've sat on a regular. It is basically got almost two in the morning mall to in the money ball. And that's eight so you would have missed four going into that but I think it adds that you know element of man that could actually help player who maybe doesn't do good on the bracket they get that shot to really come out and do well. I think you'll see people with money. Balls being corners because of that shot. 'cause you know. I think it'd be better to just not ending it knowing. Oh let's say and within like eighteen. Let's say I'm within four points. Well I have five money balls I got used to it and I'm tied three to take the lead and etc so I mean you know. It's one of those ideas. I think with a three point competition that was smart and I like also had the risings heels chandler the skills challenge Bamut a bio one He'd be a lot of people's favorite Patrick Beverley he he. He ended up being the best one. It was down to him as a bonus from the Pacers and he was able to come out on top. It was interesting because obviously Bam is known as a three point shooter and obviously in the skills challenge you gotta make a three point shot and he was really good on the three ball. Kind of makes you sit here. Maybe wonder like. Hey maybe may maybe he can shoot threes or better threes? What we think he again. It's one of those things where it's just it's very. You know the Skills Shalgi always say it's just such a great warm up to. The event is a great way to get crowd going a little bit but also to overly emotional where wore out like maybe I don't contests could do to you so I think it's just one of the things I think you know makes you know the all star weekend so greg. It's an underrated event which you should get the cease showcase of skills especially since they started adding big men because obviously big men now in today's league or so much more skill than they used to be. So now you're able to get away with things like this in have big men who will go against guards you think this course was met for and then they're beating them by far and showing that they're actually just the skilled as the guards are it's just such a great dynamic in my opinion it really is. It's it's an absolutely great dynamic and I I love it I love. The three events will not day was pretty pretty solid. I think the All star second day was a pretty solid day. Also celebrity game was good Twenty Senior Stephen. Elma sideline to get by that game. You know he was these interesting coach. He was definitely being Stephen. A Smith kind of guy and any displays even as a walking means so is pretty exciting. Pretty exciting stuff. And obviously the rising stars Obviously is always a great game see rising stars flay seen all the young talent obviously miles bridges from the. Us team wine. He had a big game. Shell has three rising stars. I should tell you that he thought about Jordan but at least three guys who are very very good young players. I'm not saying championship but very very good young player. So you know I. I'm glad I would happen there and laugh to see what happens going into the future my opinion and so on and so forth. But you know we'll see but coming up next. Was this the Best all-star game ever some people are saying that after that great for what always on the All Star game and in in the in the new format they executed in. This game worked. Mba did it right and it worked. And I think he'll be here for years to come for all for that more here on the podcast. Check out the show that's built on the MMA from UFC. Two extreme cage. Fighting they got the fights covered. Check out the GMC M A PODCAST. Get the latest news on past or upcoming fights. Join us as we talked to in about some of the biggest names in MMA past present future when it's the fight game there's just one showed a checkout GSM. See PODCAST COM backslash. Mame Dash podcast. Don't forget to let them on facebook and follow them on twitter visit. Gs MC PODCAST DOT COM for more INFO. Welcome back to the GMC basketball podcast. Last time we talked about the winners of the skills challenge we also talked about the winners of the three point. Contests obviously shows challenge when he was game at a bar from the Miami Heat and three point contest. Winner was five hundred. You bought Windows Buddy. Help my bag kind of just like my head. Yeah it was a him from the from from the Sacramento Kings So those were your contest winners. And now we're GONNA get into the new the new Off Star game that was played and a lot of people like this was probably one of the best. All Star Games has been played in such a long time because in most of these leagues just not in basketball in general just like an leagues. Usually the All Star game is is is supposed to be the fun game where all the best talent shows out. So it's not really a game that is taken seriously players. Don't take it seriously. Obviously the the one side of the ball that takes up most of your energies defense. That's why nobody plays in these games. Because and a lot of energy and everything to play defense offensively is kind of a flow. Like I can just get off flow and be fine. I can dribble drew womb. Cross you up and shoot. Three's all day but keep playing a Guy. Every time he comes on the court on top of my game that's exhausting and just strenuous on the body. So that's why a lot of players also don't really do it plus obviously you don't want to hurt in these games so obviously you don't WanNa play hard and get hurt so for the for the most part you know. I think it's important that Is One of those things that like. You look at it and you think oh it's really cool. It's really impressive. Is really is really fantastic. If that makes sense to you and this star game obviously they did it. Where every quarter? Whoever won the quarter one hundred thousand dollars towards their charity of their choice for whatever team team the broncos honest and then the last quarter was going to be the Kobe quarter. Almo I call it. Kobe quarter where depending on. Whoever has the most points after the lead? There's going to be a target score where they're just at twenty four points to the person who has the artist score and in both teams have to hit that target to win the actual all star game and obviously for the first three quarters of this team the BR on the first quarter team you honest when the second and it was tied in the third so obviously everybody for the first few quarters. We're getting around the same amount of money for the charities so obviously you get three hundred dollars in the last one in the Kobe quarter and that's when the game really picked up. That's when the game really became exciting because it basically became struggle. 'cause there's no time it's not like it was ten minutes in the game's over. It will go as long until someone wins and and it was basically a boy and then also. This is All Star game referees or swallowing the whistle like this brought. Probably some people back to ninety basketball. I mean I saw players getting bumped like people were all point each other fouling and nothing. Just nothing it was it was it was very cool to see you saw the best players in the NBA. Play hard against each other for charity in it was it was just a great site because think about in the previous all star format. There really was nothing in any quarter to compete. More literally would be like if we're close in the four four with two minutes left okay. We'll start to play hard because like oh the day we want to win the game but here they were playing hard from the get. Go from the start of that. Kobe quarter they were playing hard. They were playing fast. I saw James Harden playing defense. James Hartland your body folk. I was like Oh okay like we'll play defense debt because they were just nearby body and obviously team have the advantage because they were the bigger team also skill team now. Obviously there was some controversy. A lot of people felt nick nurse was playing favorites. The hat collar Irene. A Philip Kalari shouldn't have been in because lowery isn't in terms of the players that were out there on the floor. He is not in their in their life. People's thoughts not in their league good player. He's an all star but he's not in that leap like literally team. The bron- basically had all superstars Tim Janas they're superstars moves was embiid and Yon is and then obviously. Kimba Walker is a I. Would I mean obviously Kim Walker? How Cheeses Score? So that's the reason why you have him on the floor and Paso Siaka meaning Yoshiaki. He's he's a great player too but people really thought trae young should have been out there because trade young gave them a better offensive matchup. 'cause trae young can stretch. The floor may be more creative in also set up other teammates better than Kyle. Lowry can and so people thought that would have been better but obviously the Dallas I with him especially with the with the way. They're playing it. People thought he would be alive defensively and they'd always switch on the trae young because he can't guard any of those players that were out there one on one so it's kind of one of those things but honestly the game quality went up when that quarter hit and it was just a great game it was it was a great game and I loved it and I think a lot of people loved it. You could see the charities. They were excited they were they were team on t shirts and team. Ya Team. The Brown shirts in those guys were fighting to to win and obviously team. The brunt ended up winning with Anthony Davis hitting a free throw to seal the deal. And I guess in this situation you have to give the NBA credit. This format worked. Initially when it came out a lot of people were kind of like very skeptical. They kinda fillet and they will again. Was it really necessary etcetera etcetera but if this is where we're going to get every year then. I'm sure now they're like whoa. We can keep it keep it 'cause it's like yeah. I E quarter is gonNA play around but when that phone call the Kobe Quarter. No time limit you got hit twenty four hit the hit. The hit the target score. A you know you're going to get some of the best players playing some of their best basketball so you know with that being said you know. It's obviously a great. A great game and is used was great. Seeing the best players. Play hard against each other. I I made a tweet during the game saying I said the TRAE young says also. This is how it feels to play with talent. Kind of funny but Devon Booker to you. Know he's been there he's like they're looking for all star games like this is what it feels like to play with the some tally pretty nice but yeah so like this is the NBA was able to do with me. It was easy to get away for me to be successful and you know. I think it's one of those things you know. It's one of those things that it just makes it really really cool to me. I definitely hope this stays and I think if now the only downside did she will be concerned with okay. They're playing very hard. So you saw people hitting the floor flips and stuff foul and Kinda hard. Sometimes obviously that is a little scary for teams because if your best player who you're paying forty million dollars hurt in an all star game. I are going to be furious second year. Why are we playing so heart? Third now every star player who Dang he got hurt. I could get hurt. You know what we're going to start at just not giving occurred in the fourth quarter again because we can't afford to get hurt. That's always the thing about these extra additional guess. Why even during the Olympics in in? Feta you know if you get hurt. It's like now the top players in the game. Don't WanNa play because it's just like I don't be hurt I want. It's almost like an away. As if you're a franchise you want your best players playing because if you give a series injury that's GonNa mess us up for the season and we have goals we we don't we don't want to get off season messed up because you wanted to go play for the for the. Us team you play for us you play for the NBA. You play to play in this league play. Nba Finals Championship. You don't play to win the Olympics. It's just an extra perk of playing an MBA. Because you can't play for the Olympics and you can get those extra accolades. It's a great accomplishment. It's a cool accomplishment of you can do it but it's not something that just looks like. Oh Man I really gotTa Abbey So. I think it's just one of those things I think is extremely cool. It's extremely exciting. And you know I just think it's just a cool cool opportunity. Great All star Game Great. All Star weekend like I've said multiple times and this is always going to be in the actual all star game for the next years to come. I am on board non live. Let's keep doing it. Let's go let's let's keep doing it man because that's what we WANNA see. That's what we want to see as a basketball fan but coming up next. We're GONNA do some news and notes around the Lee. We're talking about boogie cousins frank. Vogel said he's on track to make it to the playoffs. What does that mean that? Put the Lakers. Over the clippers. The Bulls are also looking for a new GM and the cavs head coach. Mike step down all that and more right here in the podcast this show built around the women of MMA from the UFC. To the extreme case. Fighting we got the fights. Cover the Golden State media concept's women's MMA podcast. The latest news of upcoming discussions of previous matches join us as we talked to in about the biggest names in women's mixed martial arts past present and future when it's the women's game you know where to listen to the golden state media concepts women's MMA podcast back to GMC basketball podcast. We talked about that fantastic game. That was the All Star game how the players play hard in the last quarter. How exciting to watch a just a great time all around very exciting time. Wherever for a for a lot of people I I would say so myself To Watch a game like the avs. We don't usually have star games like that because players playing their best. But you know we love it. We still love our players. We love what they do for us on a day to day basis. So you know just great to see that performance to see what happens so but we're gonNA get some news and notes around the League. Obviously I gotTa tell you. What's going on some storylines? Obviously interviews press conferences happened. Media happened questions were asked. So we're GONNA talk about some of that here and so I will talk about Frank Vogel. Head coach of Los Angeles Lakers was asked is boogie cousins. What what is his recovery. What is up there his timeline and basically you know basically. He said he's in line to return the playoffs. And I think that's what made it so interesting because in bookie basically cousins on track to make it back to the playoffs with his recovery. Now we don't want a win win a first round second round third round final. But he's on track. This is kind of what happened. Last Golden State. Obviously where he got injured early in the playoffs came back for the finals. Boogie cousins is going to bring a dynamic to the team that they it's Weird. 'cause they're already have a lot of good big main but in terms of Anthony Davis everyday the only pure scoring big men. They have boogie cousins with bring a pierce going big man that they haven't had in could be one of the overwhelming keys. Potentially to them being successful they could. They could go with a lineup blade. Lebron Ad Boogie Then maybe You could go with maybe coups mma very big lineup and then maybe a obviously the bronze plan your point and then our no got coups out there If he wanted to go casing Pe- IF YOU WANNA go every Bradley League I mean. He's a big defensive lineup and in strength of the Lakers is their height is that they're they're tolerant a lot of teams and they can put out more taller lineups but still have just as much skin lettuces them. So it's it's one of those things where I think you know if he's able to make it back. I think is going to be a big boost to Lakers. Because they know they're going to need a guy like Boogie so you know how in in in in the playoffs and help out when it comes to the future of what's going on. I'll put their French with with the Lakers. Right now trying to compete for a championship going forward and obviously this is a good question. It's GonNa be raised by. This is just does this. Those dismissed the Lakers. If you come back over the clippers it's kind of interesting both teams. Kinda goat each other sweetness. Obviously the La La Clippers are not a very big team. They're not a very big team at all. But they're very versatile in their skill the Lakers are very big team. And then you have two of the top best players in the world and Lebron Eighty and then you have some rules some three point shooters to me in. D.c is so they can be a little bit of a weakness from a defensive liability on the permanent so I think both teams are building the rosters to beat each other in a way and I think that's what makes that argument. There boogie brings an element. Where he's another scoring big where they bring out eighty. They can Boogie Boogie. Can Give you twenty Boogie. Can Get boogie can get to eighty percent of what he was when he was like a star Sacramento and he almost averaging twenty five game if he could be eighteen six sixteen to eighteen. That's still good. That's somebody you have to. Garhi can stretch and hit the three. The only thing about Boogie all injuries he has is. He probably doesn't have a lot of lift at this point in his career. So you could outjump him but in terms of other things you probably can still make plays against boogie cousins. So obvious legacy. That's going to obviously be a debate. That will probably continue to be ringing around. A boogie is actually able to actually get back in the playoffs. Able to you know make a impact because obviously you know you gotta ease many games minions getting back in shape. You know. The typical things replace who've been long layoffs with injuries. I is commendable for Boogie that even after all the injuries he still comes back week after week with the intention of playing with the intention of of team his career regardless of the constant injuries that he's had so I think that's what makes the thing a very exciting prospect and a lot of words and I think it just this one thing that I think it really helps with the overall parking situation. But we're GONNA have the super happens if whenever demarcus cousins gets back on. What happens to Lakers team by that time? When he does actually decide to actually get back so you know but in other news the Juggle Booze obviously do not have a gentlemen's right now and they are looking for AGM. They're looking for someone to run their process. Organ or operations from GM executive Perception or perspective by that. And so obviously you know they're going to look for some guys to come out there every day and just basically Find someone who can evaluate talent. Chicago has a lot of young talent but SHOGO has not been able to really move up as much as you think they should. That convene obviously is having one of his best years As a player but just overall they don't they don't how they haven't had the structure to be successful You know I think it's one of those things that I think makes it very interesting. I think the Bulls job will be coveted though. I think many people will look into the GM job and say well. I want to get this guy. I want to go and pick this up and I think he'll be able to bribe for us. What we need to get this team moving in the right direction news organization in the right direction. And you know. Obviously you don't know if that means that made me coach. Co head coach potentially maybe some changes to obviously they're gonNA make seniors the personnel there going if indirection clearly when you're looking for new GM you're looking for a new direction looking for a new status quo Things that so you know. We'll have to see but you know we'll have to see the bulls actually ended finding someone that they feel like is going to give them what they want. I guess these are starting their search early. They can get some evaluation. They can really get a good start in the nail. Have to hire anybody too soon. But I'm sure they'll hire somebody probably by the end of the season or a little bit after the season at the rate that they're going with the time they've done it and lastly Cleveland Cavaliers of talk to their head coach. Jim BOYLAN ABOUT STEPPING DOWN AS CLEVELAND. Head coach it's been absolute disaster in Cleveland. I mean I feel like I almost every player. He does not like these. He's gotten into it with Chris Thompson wanting to fight him. Obviously Kevin Love and get along and a lot of the young players are kind of losing respect for him because of what happened with veteran players and in. I think you know it's one of those things where I think they mighty to cut their losses. Just seems like this was absolutely horrible. Hire everybody question is higher. Because he was like he's coming from College. Nobody even considered him. Mba for some reason they. We have a lot of young players. Let's hire college head coach. And it's just like you have understand something. It's different when you're on. Scholarship barely making in their college dorm and then in the NBA with millions of dollars first class travelling in popularity. You can't treat the players the exact same way and it just it just seems like it feels like a rookie mistake by Dan. Gilbert in Cleveland for making that decision they have to do. They have to do better. Cleveland is not deserve this type of horrible management. That they've been getting from this. That how you hire a guy like this and I are going to ask him half into his season to step down. We don't know if he's actually going to do it but if he does. It's just like we're just feels like what would you put yourself back out there and I'm just like okay if you want to do that to yourself. That's all you put your franchise back and sending them back more directions ass on so Cleveland but coming up next switch over. The college spoke about the scores and results from this past week. And we're also may be coming up right here on the podcast. Tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts. Now listen close and here this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searched. The golden state media concepts podcast network is here nothing less than our podcast bliss with endless hours of podcast covered from news sports music fashion entertainment fantasy football and so much more so stop lurking around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast network guaranteed to build that podcast is whatever it may be visit us at. Www DOT GS MC podcast dot com. Follow us on facebook and twitter and download on itunes soundcloud and Google play. Welcome back to the DNC gas ballpark. Sydney talked all the notes around the cousins essentially being one tracks. Make it back to the playoffs. They're gonNA make potentially help them out in the play running winning championships. You also talked about Chicago Bulls for general manager honestly trying to find a new direction for the team to get this team going into the right direction on into the future. So they can win championships. Nba Very competitive team and bring the prominence of basketball back to Chicago especially after having such a all star in Chicago. They know the city is dying for Kern craving a good basketball team that compete and they have the fan base in the tradition to show it. Also we talked about GM The head coach of the Cleveland has been asked to step down or they've discuss the possibility of him stepping down. I kind of went on to win in on it. A little bit last segment saying just basically you made the wrong decision because you're the mindset behind decision was just completely an amateur move. It really showed the incompetency of the banishment of Cleveland. That's why after the Braun. They've never been relevant because they have. They've always had very Mediocre Management and. This is just another example right here so they WANNA do better and they want to actually compete. They got to change how they do things but now we get some College Basketball Boston. News notes upsets big games. The past week scores were happy and all that stuff so with Chicago and organ. Not Chicago organ. Why did you say Chicago? Which we'll talk about the star game. I Bet Colorado and Oregon Oregon Winston Game Su State Sixty You know I mean. This was the beginning for organ. Lost a couple of games going into this game lost a couple of games they need this game. Colorado to really get back on track to bounce back into religious. Get their confidence back. I think you get these little stretches you know during the season where you lose games and and it it and it's just like okay We win this game. We can really get our momentum back and really play to level that we think we can play. I think also this can kind of solidify organiser team. That's good but maybe is it. Would you consider a strong case for the Ncw CHAMPIONSHIP. But maybe they can make an eight run. Potentially if they get a couple of things that go their way but you know There was also an upset Indiana upset number. Twenty One Iowa. Eighty nine seventy seven. Obviously this is a big win for Indiana Indiana. Getting this wins going to help them. And yet it hasn't had a bad year. It's just they. They have lost a lot of the top tens in their division in their conference. And this was a win. They needed even though it's not a top top. It's still ranked opponent still a good resume win and it could really help them if they're if they happen to be on the bubble when it comes around You know so. We'll have his Abbas their Seton Hall number Tennessee and was upset by Providence. Seventy four to seventy one. This isn't the first time. Providence is upset at someone. Providence from record perspective probably won't make the tournament but they do get these crew key crucial wings. It makes you kinda wonder when he gets to the Big East tournament you know. Could they potentially make wrong? Because they've shown they can be some of the top teams in the Big East and so these teams that you kind of wonder if they get a favorable bracket and everything they might be able to pull off maybe an NCAA tournament lead by winning the tournament. Because they're able to show competing at a high level against these seems Missouri. Upset the Auburn. Tigers eighty-five seventy three Misery play one of the best games in the first half they they bum rushed Auburn and they just they look back and the odd. Auburn has obviously been the big games. They've played up to their talent. They played up which you SPEC but Auber does play down the teams from times when they were undefeated. They weren't but I feel like they're now they do what they have? Those Games Missouri and Missouri's twelve and thirteen year so obviously this is very unexcusable loss for Auburn. But you know obviously this is. This is a big. This is big lost more for Auburn than really from Missouri. Unless they can they win the tournament. They're probably not going to get into the SEC intimately tournament so this isn't going to necessarily help them in that regard but it hurts Auburn and losing a game like this smu upset Houston seventy three. To seventy two in overtime the mustangs are eight. Hundred Sixty six win. The game sense could be an upset because the mess things are very good basketball team. They're just now ranked obviously winning. This game helps them. They hit a three pointer with thirty one seconds left in overtime to win the game and hell inhaled on so obviously this is going to help I think. Smu will definitely have not getting in from winning the tournament or they'll probably be at large bid or they'll be. I don't think they'll be on the bubble. I think that we at large bit. I think they've beaten equality opponents and they've had enough record to get that they end up being in the bubble. I expect the deadly get in. I expect them to be there when it's time unless they have a collapsed down the stretch where they lose a multiple tubes of games to top the bottom tier of the Big East which I do not expect actually are the American conference which I do not expect to happen. So you know. Maryland beat Michigan State. Michigan state has really fell off Michigan. State now has nine losses a seventeen or sixteen and five and now they're seven now. They are approximately seven and nine. And it's just like they're two and four to five in the last game and it's not looking good right now together. This is why people from Michigan State were were bidding on. Izzo in the team is just how. How do you play the way you play in due to a you do in be better? Why are you on a better product? It's it's something obviously. A lot of boosters are always frustrated by the time he was obviously they're sitting thinking what we're paying and we're going to school and this is what we're producing but you know this is just some of the politics of college. Basketball number. Five Louisville has had a horrible week. They got beaten by Georgia. Tech and UNRANKED Georgia Tech Team. Then come back and get blown out by unranked Clemson team and these are just two crucial losses. I they're not in the top ten of the people this is just this is these are. These are two crucial losses. The liberal just has had stretches where they'll just lose teams to have no business losing to and they'll beat the teams they should be. It's just obviously you know one of the issues. We go all season. Is that our guard play and sometimes it just rears its ugly head in these games. Were their garbage. Us does not play that well and then just leaves them wide open to be beaten by these themes and then most Clemson's upset some people here too but it just it's just it's just a way they got beaten which is a very disappointing way for if you're if you're a Louisville Fan to lose weight. You're probably very very almost disgusted. But you're very just a what is going on here. The way we're inconsistent. We're not going to last that long in the tournament at this rate a sixteenth. Ck coming here and beat. We ended up being a number one which they probably won't be now but they're definitely not liking with their seen rutgers upset at Illinois seventy two to fifty seven the Charlotte the Charlotte. Knights came out near just competed at high level. And you beat them in the second half second half. They really on it You Know Ron Harper Junior Star player came out there and in really play. Well for those guys never too key win. They're still fighting for a potential spot in the NCAA tournament and obviously this was a key win for them to to beat a guy like this. So you know. Obviously you know to see what happens. Moving forward in the match up in a big match up of the day Baylor versus West Virginia Baylor beat West. Virginia's seventy to fifty nine You know just just a great great. You Know Win for Baylor. Baylor has definitely looked like the most dominant team all year long. And they're continuing to show. It gets better competition too and right now they're looking definitively like the number one overall see going into the NCAA tournament next month. Also Alabama upsets lsu. Eighty two You Know Alabama just was able to get a good win. Alabama's team that competing investment the best teams SEC. They just have been able to win a lot of them. And this is when the Games they've won. Lsu is now lost three straight on the road so so far. When they've been on the road they have not been able to win and that's really been affecting them in in in in hurting them in a lot of these games. Georgetown Obsessive Butler seventy three to seventy six Obviously this was a great game. Butler honestly down team. They've lost some games recently. Obviously Georgetown very very slim hopes to make the term but this is definitely a key win for the tournament hopes. We don't know if it's actually going to get them in there but we'll have to see how they finished the rest of the season they finished strong potentially would have not. I just thought it was just a key lost really for Butler. Oklahoma state via text. Tone number twenty four Texas Tech. Seventy three seventy No another of the key crucial win for Oklahoma City now home city Oklahoma state. I'm so I feel like this basketball. Podcast I'm so focused on the NBA. Sometimes man so focused and you know I didn't realize it but you know. Obviously there's a lot of upsets and a lot of big scores in college basketball this weekend so I was able to tell you about the new. Ap poll but don't worry next basketball show. Don't worry I got you I'll do. Apn Name. Rick Nash showed is tune in for that one. But we're going to go ahead and going going to break right now coming up next. We're GONNA talk about my predictions for the second half of the season. Some things that I expect to happen some things that I think could potentially happen and just all my thoughts pains going into the last half of the NBA season coming back this weekend. Are you looking to get your college football next looking to get the latest news on your favorite school of Dame the Diaz Empty College? Football podcast is your ticket to all things college football to us as we talk college football from the National Championship. College rivalries the Ballgame to the HEISMAN TROPHY. So which converts is the best. We've got you covered for the big ten as these the big twelve the PAC twelve. Acc and everything in between download the GMC Colic Football podcast on Itunes stitcher soundcloud. Google play or anywhere you find. Podcasts tied Diaz empty in the search bar. Welcome back to the desktop podcast by segmenting talked about college basketball. I too long. I was going to be all scores and updates around the around the country and tell you. I'll go along with that said Nick Show. I'll year would give her. Yoga is APN net rankings. Plus obviously upcoming Games going into the end of the week. But now we're GONNA get to my second half of the NBA prediction show. I not show segment where I'll tell you some things. I think there are going to happen in the second half of the season. And we'll see. I guess if you WANNA call predictions you can so my first prediction is that the Cleveland head coach. Jim Boyle step down. I believe there's an I I feel like if you're talking about the all star break. We'll realistic door team isn't going to get better where it's like. Wow they're playing so much better. We need to reconsider. I mean they could but the way this team is looked. I don't think it's going to happen. I think they came up the break and lost ten straight. This man's going to step down of anymore spats or anything happened on the sidelines. It's over if he can make honestly the big question with me with him as candy make the can't he make it to the last eighty second game that Cleveland plays? Can He make it to that game? If he can't make it to that game then you dishes it's just the fact that you're already all star break and you're talking to him saying hey we might think is in the best interests of this organization and of this team for you to step down. That's a big deal. That's a pretty big. You know a pretty big thing. You know 'cause you're basically telling this man we were you're basically telling him you're going to get fired without saying we're just giving you the option to step down instead of actually having to fire you so. I think that's my first. Prediction is that he's not. He's not GonNa make the season he's not gonNa make it in the end if he can all. Kudos to him. But then you're also that quest you ask yourself as a coach in this situation the writings on the wall. You know you're about to dip. Is it worth? Is it worth continuing to coach and putting coach of this team or just go ahead take the rest of your check? Take whatever it is. Go on with your life. That's kind of the question. You have to ask yourself so. It's just one of those things in Miami Beach. Nothing's going to happen is in the western conference. I think that a lot of people were saying that they think the Pelicans and the blazers are GonNa get spot one of my prediction is. I think that the Memphis will hold on. I think they're going to hold on and keep being and make it to the playoffs. I think especially now remember. They started the season pretty bad. And now the two games over five hundred. They have made strides from the beginning of season to where they are. Now they're only getting better. It's kind of weird to tell me. Oh as a team. That's getting better. They're not gonNA make now. I understand why you would think the Memphis Grizzlies won't vote on. They have the hardest scheduled to end the year. They're playing gizmos quality opponents. Here's the thing about the PELICANS. You don't know how they're going to come out and play every night you don't know how. Portland's will come out and play every their injuries. Obviously it's a very good possibility that they could catch them. I'm not making. It seem like it's literally impossible but I feel like Memphis. All they have to do with enough games down the stretch where she's going to be too much of an instrumental cool Outcome where they they'll lose memphis has be able to stay in in the fight and just keep doing their thing. John Moran I think knows if he solidifies his playoff spot rookie of the year. Here's Fisher that's why some people think of the PELICANS raped gain over the Memphis Grizzlies. That is island will get it just because he was able to come back with one half of season or out quarter thought two quarters of the season left and basically this team to the playoffs over a guy who's played the whole year and I just think that those things are potentially in in the cars during the books so you know I think is going to be very interesting to see what happens in regards to what happens into the future I just think it's very interesting to me. Seeing you know these things seeing what happens I wish Boven the best obviously You know but we'll I think Memphis is going to be able to actually hang on and keep it in and be able to make the playoffs game this the spot and they might just. What by the Lakers? But I think John Brennan definitely going to be exciting players. Watch I know like I said before I know people wanna see Ziad versus Lebron matchup so obviously from a ratings perspective from viewers perspective. You'RE GONNA WANNA watch the PELICANS versus the Lakers. Because you're GONNA WANNA see Simon Williamson a mayor who they think could be the next phase of the against the old phase in the face of the League. Maybe even to this day cab document rain what would am. I. What am I saying? Somebody slapped me. Lebron James Man but yeah so now. Those are also one of my predictions. I also predict that. I think I think buddy healed will request trade after the season is over. I think he's in a situation. Where the good. Keita's situation is going to be really what they do of. Luke Walton. If you don't fire him I think what healed out of there. I honestly think it's one of those things. I think. I think buddy healed is Sacramento's Lonzo ball from. When he was with the Lakers were they just didn't get along playing top playtime. Just rub them the wrong way. I think that's kind of what's happening right here with with buddy healed and Luan just rub him the wrong way benching him. Just it's just not. It's not helping. It is not helping and I think that it's something that I think just creates such an interesting dynamic in my opinion is just such an interesting thing in my opinion to see what I've seen in in the see the way I've seen it you know in as why. Luke Walton really. Isn't that good? Might be as a head coach. Because he's shown in two situations it's it's not working. It's just not working. Even when the Broncos there they were bronze you can't really don't want to. Hey coach. He's just the one just doesn't have something that would make him a wanted head coach. I think that's kind of the problem next prediction that I have on the season. I think that the clippers will defeat the Lakers in the western conference finals. I think that they're going to be the better L. A. team this year. I think they're going to overcome ause. I think is going to go seven games. I think it's going to be a seven game series six. I think it'd be a seven even though preferably if the clippers in terms of credibility you WanNa take the Lakers five games to show dominance. But I think it'll be a seven game series close competitive series wanted better streets. We've seen in a while. I expect it to be absolutely fantastic in my personal wien. So you know I think of the clippers come out there and just keep say if they stay healthy. The chemistry right and everything goes well. They have all the potential in the world. And it'd be the razor wire by favors them to win the actual championship. That a lot of people actually thinks is going to win so and and that's all I have in terms of secondhand predictions. I just want also say that like I said one more time the All Star Game. This past weekend was absolutely fantastic. All Star weekend was fantastic. I really enjoyed watching all of it. I wish I could go to an all-star event as why bring into Atlanta I'm definitely GonNa Win. It's a great experience You know everybody played well put their best foot out. Put their best experiences out there and IT WOULD. They had to do so. You can't really do the city and it's just fantastic. You know about what happened this past weekend so all good things come from what we want from the situation so but thank you for listening to the GMC basketball podcast here on the podcast network. We appreciate you taking time out of your daily lives to listen to my podcast. Everybody's podcast on this network anything that interests you. We really appreciate it and we hope that you come back for our next show and continue talk all things basketball right here on the podcast. Don't forget also facebook twitter instagram. Thank you have a good night? Been Listening to the Golden State media concepts of basketball podcast. Part of the Golden state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like Ed. Www DOT JESUS MC podcast dot com download. Our podcast on itunes stitcher sound clock and Google play exist type in Jesus Mc to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies to music throw sports entertainment and even Weird News. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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