The 2010s: The Globalization Of Music


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We're looking back at the past decade Joel Oh hey there on your show and right here in DC with me in pure music Stephen Thompson hello eighteen just last year when the K pop band bt 's had its first number one album in the US four zero had been on the rise in the US for a while and we'll talk about some of their other yeah I mean love yourself which is what that song is from really established fifteen through last year had already been huge in a lot of parts of Asia really establishes this notion of shifting epicenter I think in global music a group Black Pink really establish itself in the West as well and so allot more English speaking artists which is really exciting and I saw somewhere that like a staggering number army which is the name of its fan group and it's sort of fan service the way army internationalization not only just so porting BTF's but also in translation floor free such that the label doesn't have to do it themselves love yourself tear came the name that came out earlier jess aw the most people in the United States the we know of small groups of our members in places like Tennessee and Texas who decided yes and so they wrote these scripts for other members of army all over the country to call the radio station the at Grass Roots Organization of army is really meticulous just self and I I kinda just go around the table and talk about some of the other examples like you can't talk about pop music without talking about them food analogy but there was sort of like here's a little thing that you even thinking about like hiring artists who are representing their own backgrounds their own traditions and but people sort of embraced it unless you're a little bit of it that that and now in crisis I I do and owns wrong just get rid also features drake the Canadian Rapper Drake a really big hit for her on I mean j Galvin is one of the biggest stars in the world who is an experienced massive sometimes it's harder I think for American record labels to ignore the massive got notice yesterday Oughta they say one thing I hear common with all of this music is just insanely you just have this mash up of multiple different languages multiple different styles of on genre they're not going to the record store and looking in one section for one style of music everything right at the very beginning of this episode that actually mixes elements of acid jazz yup it's amazing to me even saying anything accessible at any time and more in the world eventually the algorithm is going to serve it up to you in the world people who sold like a hundred million records each but they did so in silos in France or wherever like if if that artists were coming up now it would bleed all over yeah this is called chicken noodle soup is Rian you're hearing English you're hearing Spanish all in one song that's already a popular mixing and Melding of Cultures and cultural influences and language that is the Dow clamber back the Va and this just came out in September there's mixing and getting to know one another I love this whole notion that for the clout shifted that power shifted that power has shifted to where bts of Old Town road like I think a lot about tick tock and how much that has sort of transformed daughter was showing me what felt like endless talks involving Taki Taki the song was singing along and I think about this omnipresence of songs that years reused in so many ways let's talk more about social media and its impact because I it's not a billion views on gun talk you all Miss Apiece Bobby on crucial to K pop and the way that K pop communicates Culture Korean present a place right and make them seem heightened and desirable to visit and so uh-huh Korean dramas that you can catch on Netflix that are subtitled and Korean music in and around grandparents new back in the treasure that nobody else knew about if I just wanted to learn about a topic I literally was there a k Tel compilation with like ten songs from around the world like what even Ktar on Norwegian Wood and how mind blowing that was for for people at the time Yeah Art British charter at the same time let's talk about streaming which is another way that people have had access something has become a phenomenon somewhere if you look at Youtube and you see not just Gangnam You suddenly see that you remember that old saying about it was at how many Elvis somewhere loves this and that's sometimes that's impetus enough to check something out and at least brought up of songs and you had to know about the music to find the CD or find a community a huge issue right now or among the army community because run bt 's is there bts's labeled the kit they're saying big hit give us the subtitles but fans and it's kind of a wrenching cycle right because then if I were big hit I'd say well no I don't t- status it like it allows the kids and people in fans who listen to it to make a anything other than the Mo the Melody Nice I like the beat yeah and we should remember so doc and so their albums discography is really told a story of them coming to age and all breath which is true in Ingong which is the Ricci Ritzy district in Seoul been particularly important for the popularity of Lat next music is certainly in the US Omar Ho in sometimes personally edible so we've talked about streaming and social media and access to lyric translations to disseminate it right because like you think about we talk a lot about bedroom make music on the cheap in your room you can make music and disseminated lots of countries in Africa that sort of skip generations technological generations and that was true for music to became very possible for underrepresented and they've become stars and putting putting music players in the hands so you would just have constant access to music no matter what provided is being a Jurassic era kind of that's how fast technological Abba cheap phone with that phone you have access to the world I know I mean I don't mean just by signing the juggernauts like bts yes well I I said this to Stephen for several years I think in south by southwest picks that they really feel there's money to be made that they're the artists there on me Babe Miguel's chase style bike on Meena they on this cut come closer i WanNa talk about where globalization has sort of gotten us and we're offers intellectual stimulation and a place to socialize with smart people like yourself or qualify using one of two hundred other supervised tests that are accepted visit we're looking at the globalization of music as one of the defining trends of the past decade an artists who could have never have found a large audience a decade ago are really popping right and that's a tricky question. I always say cultural appreciation not appropriation so well how do you us like puts Americans at the center or Americans exceptional than has these is one sort of positioning thing that I think about the other is I expect that if you we're getting educated on the context from which it comes you know I think that is a show think that as we're watching international groups or acts become Ah American are hip hop culture being appropriated I think it goes both ways let's hear an example of this is the golf gosh performed this on Saturday night live I mean I I was kind of make it sound appreciation is it wasn't really any kind of collaboration wasn't a cross cultural collaboration exactly like either thing as opposed to saying well my new stick is I'm GonNa put Chopsticks you know at for flavor exotica or or whatever but exactly board of a a major moment when artists like Peter Gabriel and Paul Simon they were there to present their art and create something new right let's them and then Beverley Cole smell the trailer fair when I hit him anytime Komo named Otto Rich Brian Indonesian Rapper and he was go both ways yeah a Russian girl recently debuted as a k pop singer in Korea take our your culture so that's been an interesting conversation because at the same time shaw media play here I mean social media can be used for so many awful things but it feels like on so on artistic impulses and sometimes that can be a bad thing and sometimes it can it can be when you misstep when you when you were appropriating other cultures in inappropriate I mean I think Nicki Menaj probably jumped off the Charnley train entries or features to kind of bring some authenticity To The music yeah I mean filming Kuti who is one of the sons of the great fellow Kuchi so next personal background cultural background and draws in literally taming to that like a life raft Because I love him so much Senorita j Galvin and Daddy Yankee have a have a hit called China from Osaka and bad bunny and tiny their song Qaida is on again tiny all right thanks everybody on your syllabus in our New York bureau ties talk too the.

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