NLU Podcast, Episode 313: "The Match II" Preview, ft. Producer Jeff Neubarth


beater right club today. Yes that's better than most about. It is better than most rattling ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the no laying up podcast before we get rolling here. Cowie golf dot com slash. The match has all of your fill related equipment and instruction needs plus some other special match content on almost spoil. It but there is a podcast with Phil. That is going up. This Friday rumor has it that we were able to submit a couple of questions for it and Phil answered them in detail. I haven't heard the answers yet. But YOU'RE GONNA WANNA go check that out. Callaway golf dot com slash the match. Did you ask them about leather jackets? No it's even better though. It is a tire related as all I all I will say There's a what's Phil's bag spoiler. It's a maverick subzero driver. Heating bombs and Fairwood a Combo of epoch forged and APEX PRO IRONS PM. Grind wedges chrome south ex triple track golf ball and speaking of fills bags specifically on that page. You're going to have a chance to win a maverick staff bags. Signed by four. Competitors in the match plus a full set of custom Cowley fit clubs Kelly Golf Dot com slash match for instruction from Phil. How he hits his bombs heating bombs how it uses the triple track when chipping and if you're in the mood you can bid in an auction for a one of a kind set of wedges and with the proceeds going to the feeding America Organization. The page is going to be updated throughout the week. So check it out today and again as we approach the main event on Sunday. And look out for that podcast. That's coming on Friday so with that. Welcome to the preview. The draftkings preview show of the match. Tc Don't you take us through? What is the match? What are we doing here Sunday? This Sunday may twenty four th starting at three PM. Turner Sports simulcast. Tnt TBS TRUE TV Headline News getting the full NCAA tournament experience here. I should note the. Dj is here as well. Thank you change. Grant is here. Hello and Neil is not here so what Neil would said but I got nothing lose you would have said something witty about headline news. He's pretty big Erin Burnett. Yeah exactly L. FRONT WHO's playing? What's format here? Let's just get everybody caught up. So you gotTa Tiger and Peyton manning teaming up against Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady. Who Knew Randy's is a big big? Tom Brady of course used to be big Michigan. Football fan back in the day. I would argue. Is the system quarterback. But that's just me. I love to pull on that so there will be some of the things that were successful from the match. One Point Zero as far as encores challenges and such And then we're immediate and the GOPHERS will collectively make a charitable donation of ten million dollars to benefit curve in Nineteen Relief. Best Ball on the front modified alternate-shot on the backs that format. I love it. I think all shot with two six six to eight I. I don't really believe that. Brady's and eight handicapped. I think it's going to be. Let's get into their. We'll get into the The sandbagging potentially in the handicapped. Better worse he's worse okay. I think he's right around there. That's that's a little to I think altered shot. All shot sets the tone for Not to get too grandiose but I think that sets the tone for the goal of this whole thing which is pure like unbridled entertainment and I think that a lot of Rainy talking about this a little bit earlier. I think a lot of golf on TV. They try to draw the enter the entertainment from you know. These guys are good Situation and of course that makes sense. When you're talking about pro golfers but I think that is so saturated and we've seen it packaged in so many different ways and it's so hard to predict when someone's going to have great round and all that this is such a no brainer to lean into the reliability of two of the biggest alpha's in history like Brady and Manning two of the most successful people to ever do the thing that they do Just be looking totally lost and looking like every eight handicapped in the history of the world. Like it's it's the best. I'm so freaking excited that they got that approved and didn't cop out in something a lot lamer before we get into how excited we are here. We're excited listen. We're all excited here. Why don't Rainy won't you tell us what draftkings has going on for For the match would love to. They have free pool play. You might be asking what are what are these pools. And that's a great question. You can go. You can go to draft kings website pools pools so we had some fun with the soundboard this week. They're going to be two pools completely free to play. You can play even if you live in a state where sports betting is not legal. Challenge Florida you are still totally free to free to enter free to play. Zero dollar entry fee. They're going to be two pools one for the entire eighteen hole match. And then one four specifically back nine and this is at draftkings dot com slash sports book for the record. Thank you so you'll go in. You'll select the pool. You want to take part in there about ten to twelve questions that you answer these questions ranged from. Who Will Win The match? Which team will be to up I etc etc you fill out your your entire injury you make your picks and then if you have the winning entry you win some money. Let the chips fall where they may totally free? That's the best part so all you gotta do is submitted in. Watch listen to offer free pool this free. There's yeah listen offices or shutdown all over the country. This is your chance to give the office pool here. Did you mentioned one hundred thousand dollars in prizes up. We got that far yet but I. I should've led with that. It's pretty cool. So yeah get like like you said. Don't worry if you live in a state where gambling is not legal You can download the top rated drafting sportsbook APP. Now use code during sign up. Enter the free to play pool for this weekend's match for a limited time only users can get a sign up bonus up to one thousand dollars that's right. Draftkings has a sign up bonus up to one thousand dollars. Don't forget enter code and get your sign up bonus up to one thousand dollars. Traveling sportsline opponents must be twenty one or older New Jersey Indiana or Pennsylvania only bonus comprised of a first deposit bonus and I bet match each up to five hundred dollars. Deposit Bonus requires twenty five times playthrough restrictions apply see draftkings dot com slash sports book for details gambling problem. Call one eight hundred gambler or an Indiana call. One eight hundred nine with it. I'm getting better at that. I get it say you wanted to drop Right before you gambling problem sir. What if gambling oil? Why don't we do this? I we're going to get to. We have an interviewee recorded with Jeff. New Barth who's the executive producer of the match? GonNa tell us a little about what to expect kind of some of the nuances. With the telecast. We're GONNA play that now and then we're gonNA come back on the back end and discuss our thoughts so pretty much. Everyone listen to this. Podcast watched the match one point now. I would imagine a lot of takes. Were flying out on their. How will match two point? Oh be different than match one point zero and what are some of the valuable lessons you learned being on that team and then also you speak to how your role has changed part of the production crew? I think Sally this is going to be uniquely different for so many different reasons The main reason is obviously the very very serious and significant safety protocols that myself in the crew Are GonNa be under an warped from the minute we were sort of. You know committed to work in a match until when we're done we have a way smaller crew Way Way smaller than we would normally have for any broadcast That's that's for say. What kind of sizes are we talking? Here what's a normal one? What do you have? You know? It's it's it's hard to say what's normal. And what's not all say is it's it's significantly reduced. And we're significantly reducing the footprint just to give you an example shot link wouldn't was at the last event and they bring a truck and they bring you know probably ten to fifteen people and we're not having them this year just simply because it's too many people That we want to have to keep everybody safe. So we're we're going to try to do more with less and that's where I think it's going to be on us to kind of keep it simple but the single biggest lesson I learned from the last match and WanNa send myself. I'm speaking for the whole team. I'm working with obviously is is. We didn't know how to treat the player. Mike's which just didn't and look you know. We've had mike up access forever in other sports when I worked for for. Espn NDA We had the coaches Mike and one of my jobs there. When I wasn't producing games to listen to the player Mike and I remember during the finals. With with the Lakers and the magic I it was hard listening to Stan. Van Gundy wine for like literally ten straight days. 'cause like why come on you know they're up thirty and he still lying about. Dwight playing defense. But you know that was easy. 'cause you package the best stuff and you turn it into usable audio snippets and then if you look at the other way that it's used really really well whether it's the xfl which. I don't know if anyone watched but I watched a little bit just to see what they do with audio and the one that really got me was Seeing some of the baseball spring training this year and the All Star game last year when when Fox did a great job of having Joe Buck talked to players and this year there was a game that that John Shaw was doing for. Espn A spring training. Game they were talking to Chris Bryan and Anthony. Rizzo and it's like the whole key to that is a you have someone who sub mixing their audio and what that means holly is. We have another audio mixer. Whose only worrying about those four mics. Who's watching the cameras? Watching Steve Binds camera cut. And if we cut to a shot at Phil he feels nights up if we cut to a shot of tiger. Tiger's Mike's up and they kind of follow the story but they also can mix it in a way where it doesn't sound like extraneous kind of random audio that stepping on the broadcast. It's audio with a purpose and the XFL did a great job of that and we're lucky enough to have some of the same crew on our show who worked those xfl games and did that job. And we're GONNA bring that to the match and hopefully you know have a much better audio experience. The other thing is is having four players having teammates. You're going to have someone to talk to. You're GONNA WANNA talk to your teammate without a caddy there. I fully expect Phil and Tom to be talking through every shot between each each other. Especially you know when we get to that that that second nine. We're doing you know the modified alternate-shot because I think their strategy involved right. Do you have phil hit a shot from further away do you have. Tom Hit a shot from closer up. What do you do so they gotta talk that stuff out? That's going to be the biggest difference. I hope Yep no you touched on a lot of things there that I think our concerns or things that we noticed in the first one and even notice last week for the driving relief that was on. Nbc is it. I can imagine the challenge with live. Mike is very difficult. Especially when you have seasoned announcers that are used to guiding viewer. Through and you. You don't know the players the producer. I guess. Crack Me. If I'm wrong. Are you in the players ear at all telling them wind talker win not to because I would imagine? That's the hard part is you? Don't know when players are GonNa talk a win. You need to lay out and when you need to talk over so what we're going to do differently for a second major differences. We are going to have in the players ears and look. I don't expect him to leave them in fulltime. I expect to see them kind of dangling out and then we'll have a stage manager. You tell them like hey put it in. You Know Chuck wants to ask you a question or something. We'll never ever feed them audio weather plan while they're swinging so so they'll know that going into it but you know yeah that that that's going to help us a lot because you know one of the things that. I did not do a good job of last time and look. There's a whole long list. We could do a whole separate podcast things. I didn't do well at match one and it would be hours and hours but I didn't do a good job of just simply instigating conversation of of of getting you know those players talking about something so one of the things. That's a goal for me is between Amanda and and Justin. Thomas both can be out there with the players is finding those right subjects and teeing those players up and then getting out of the way and letting them talk letting them be the entertainment and look. That is going to be an adjustment for Brian Anderson for Chuck and for Trevor Immelman. Not Talking over these players but I think they all get it and we've all talked about it and we know that we have to do that to be successful is when we to be and I told you last year but you are our friend of mine but if I have no choice but to be critical if there are announcer talking over players the entire time. I Know Unison said at some point and it's funny solly because one of the things I did to prepare for this is I forced myself to rewatch the batch. And it's funny right away on the first second and third holes. The guy's really didn't talk over the players and then all of a sudden wore on. It's like they felt like they had to talk announcer. I'm up here and I haven't talked enough but I really think that we all have blessing of of watching these events that have gone on and seeing you know what we want to do better from what we did before and it's a conscious effort from everybody You know the we're just talking half an hour ago about that is like hey man. Let's make sure we're honest with each other and we police each other. Not Talking over these guys in. That's that's going be. It's GonNa be hard with four players talking a lot and I think I've talked about this. Two of the I guess the anticipation for a lot of viewers and I assume everyone involved was that you know the banter back and forth was going to be awesome. The trash talking was going to be great and like you touched on their two four players versus two is going to be very different but I think in reality at least for me as speaking of the Gulf nerd the beauty of miked up players isn't necessarily the banter back and forth. It's the little subtleties. It's like even something like missed Butler deep breath or you know what we saw last week. Where Wolf and Ricky were talking about. How they're putz broke and and stuff like that. That is where the real value comes from players. Being miked up is that kind of has your approach towards the value in what comes from players being miked up change at all since the first match. Well yeah I mean you know. And it's it's you know. I've been lucky enough to be a part of Mark Loomis Fox Gulf broadcast. And that's where think about go back to Oakmont and with cut Mike's in Dj and all the things he was saying he wasn't talking to anybody in particular but when you hear that he thought he because he announces always guessing right l. hit exactly where he wanted to move. Well actually it's better to hear the players say that like like you just you get so much out of it and if you go back to the last match one of the moments I thought that was was good for us was on the first par-five on the golf course. Phil had a huge advantage over tiger remember Tiger Kinda hit his drives to the point. Where couldn't go forward into Phil tried to run a two iron all the way up there and it didn't quite run on to the to the putting at St just author of getting in that Dorm Bermuda and he had a chip and then he had a Putt to to win the hole and he missed the PUTT and he gave you the best play by play. You know it's his own play-by-play and he just talk us through exactly what happened at that strokes. We didn't have to guess as a production team as as play by play announcers and analysts what he was thinking he told us so. That's what I think's going to be good but I also think that. Peyton manning is so clever and Tom Brady is is so clever and fill in tiger in them too. I think you are actually at least early on going to get some pretty good trash talk because you know I think these guys are all hyper competitive and don't WanNa lose well and I think some lessons have been learned to as far as one the the benefit of this being for charity kind of changes the entire vibe as it is but the last match was caught between being this crazy television entertainment product and also a very serious match for a ton of money. I guess anticipate kind of that vibe in that back and forth nature to change a bit because of the fact that they're not playing for nine million dollar straight up. Yeah I think so. I mean look the the original sort of thesis as to what the match was going to be and and Michael Man who is the EP. On the first one really. Kinda you know was the one who came up with this as we were hoping it would turn into the Eighties. All Star game. Right where where the first half you know. Burn and magic are laughing at each other and they're trying to do behind the back passes and stuff like that and then by the fourth quarter you have Mikhail out there you know elbow and You know somebody else and it's on and that's what we were sort of looking for right I know everyone's been watching the last dance and you see the intensity of some of those. You know those rivalry games. That's what we were looking for That just not reality right so I think we probably set ourselves up there a little bit too to be let down and look you know until tiger chipped on on seventeen and the match ended there right. Phil makeable fifty foot Birdie PUTT. He makes that he wants to and one and it's over instead tiger chips in we get that moment and we ended up going to the eighteen coal. And then we go into under the lights will like to call it For for some bonus time. But you know I I think with this one. You're GonNa see something happen and I can't tell you what it is because honestly don't know and that's the beauty of of you know. We should talk about how quickly this thing has come together. You're gonNA see something put together with these guys are putting their pride on the line and these are four guys who don't WanNa lose specially to each other that I think you're gonna see something that gets a little more fire than than than you think is coming will what come talk to me about the process of getting somebody like Justin Thomas involved in what. What his enthusiasm level for it is from what I gather. It's pretty high. But what what? His role is in terms of getting players talking and why he's a good fit for that. Sure I mean you know what I'm looking for in that role is someone who's comfortable around all four those players and potentially even as a relationship with them because then it just becomes easy and also has really great knowledge of that golf course. Justin Thomas is a member of medalist. Plays it all the time so check that box. We've played golf with tiger. Check that box. He's played a lot of golf with Tom Brady so when you start getting further and further into it he he's perfect for and nothing against anyone else. I could have put their but just Thomas was the first joints and we're so grateful that he he wants to do it. And and look he's putting himself out there. Sulina position that he's not used to. He's never done this before. But he's he's Kinda like gotten all in and his super excited and Is asking the right questions. And I'm excited to work with them on it but I think that what he can bring is a relationship with all four players and he can sort of bring that out and he knows that a needle in a little bit too and back to our point of prompting them to do things I think he can also instigate out there a little bit just just to make fun and and to remind us that this is supposed to be fun is is you know adult. Expect us into the out there saying you know like bones would or Roger Maltbie would or dottie pepper would or one of the other you know longtime you know. Course Rovers Expect Justin Interject personality and to be able to. You know say something that makes Tom Laugh. And and you know remind him that you know something is is that this this game is supposed to be fun and if this event is not fun and we're not smiling as we're doing it and you guys aren't smiling as you're watching it. Then we're not doing something right from a you know in watching the driving relief thing last this past week I you know it being on NBC and being you know with tip like announcers we're used to seeing on PJ broadcasts. It didn't feel that different from PGA tour broadcast without necessarily commenting on on this event. What how will? How different will this broadcast? Look compared to what we normally see week-to-week on the PGA tour. I mean it'll be different because we're not building one tower so you know you're not gonNa have camera positions you know as defined as you do week in week out on the PGA tour. I mean to give you full disclosure director Steve. I'm a nine where we're recording this early. In the we have not been to the golf course yet. We have not done one scouting trip to see the golf course yet. We think we know where we're going to put cameras and we think we have a camera plan but we don't know yet so that's a little different than what you normally have a week to week. So you know the the the speed that this event has come together. is unlike anything. I've been involved in golf because even the last one we started working on it in August September. I mean multiple trips You know from Southern California to Vegas to to scout the course to see it to work with the setup and everything and we haven't done any of that and that's simply for safety that it it wasn't prudent to go back and forth and back and forth We're just going to make the trip once Stephen. I you know that that's a credit to warner media. Who's put our safety and everyone safety? I with this whole process will tell us about one of the the big headline. I guess talent you've acquired for this. Is Charles Barkley what the process was like for getting him involved in what we're We should expect from him. I mean it's pretty easy. He's Turner's flagship announcer and turns out. That really was hard. But you know it's funny when when you go back and watch the first match and like I said I. I did that earlier in in late last week. Charleston great lines just absolutely great. One liners when you went down to him. And Adam Lesko PAT and Peres and Sam Jackson. Great one lines. I just WanNa catcher that font I want Charles to be able to talk to those guys in their ear and tell them something that makes them laugh. While they're out on the golf boers add. You miss that tiger. What you're supposed to the Best Golfer in the world you know like that's something only Charles can bring a look are. Is the hardcore golf audience? Going to get all over me and say Oh my God. You've Charles Barkley the eighteen. Our you know I I would also remind them that to the people who are playing here not professional golfers and you know. This is not a professional golf championship. You know challenge of that. This is this is a charity event. Trying to raise a lot of money for great causes and Charles's infectious huge personality. And guess what he wants to be there and he's going to be all in. When was they're trying to have fun? Which is again the message we want. We want to encourage everyone else to have. Is there watching? Well what can you tell us about whether be? Obviously we know that the purpose of this is for charity and we we kind of we went through in the in the early part of this podcast kind of through what. Those charitable are. But will there be any necessarily stakes involves specifically for the competitors solid. The bottom line is these guys will come up with something and it will be something that will be deeply personal to them and it will be something that tiger will not want to lose to fill and FILL NOT WANNA lose to tiger on and same thing with two quarterbacks and it will be something where I think you will see competitive juices take look. Is it GonNa be the same thing as coming down to a to win a major championship or Super Bowl? No but is it going to be something where the stakes are high enough to where you're sitting at home and you're actually watching competition again with right. I think it's something we all want. I think we all Miss Sports Competition. I think it's going to. It's going to survive that that passed that test. What about a big element of the first match was the challenges? The kind of went the whole you know whatever. Wagers are challenges that they wanted to call that is they're going to be any kind of element like that This weekend know too little earlier. I keep saying I feel like I'm a broken record that that were just not there yet. There's there's this process that we're trying to get through and not having even seen the golf course have to kind of pick things but one thing that we have Announced I believe it was announced. Just a little while ago today is we are going to do. A one club challenge We're going to do that on the fifth hole which is a long par four so if you go back and watch the skins game from Japan it was probably the highlight of the event when Jason Day hit a six iron out of the bunker to like two feet and made the Putt to get up and down. We picked a long par-four to try to get the guys. I don't love doing it on a three-shot whole because the first two shots are kind of just pedestrian on it as we just used might as well just say it's part three at that point When with probably the wrong club so along part for I think makes the most sense. And this is where Justice Thomas. His knowledge is he suggested the fifth all because I wanted to do it on the first side which is guys said better ball so you have four balls in play but also wanted a small green with bunkers around it and five has that so I I hope that the players will will take something like a four iron or a five iron heckled love tiger. Even take that to aren't outright and hit a Stinger all the way down there and then have to back off at it but imagine if he gets in a bunker with a two iron. I don't think pull it but it could still be pretty fun but I think the one club was the most memorable moment from the Japan skins game and I think there's a chance it could be a pretty memorable moment from from this. You've touched on it earlier about you. Know the golf carts that are going to be writing in and kind of how that could potentially play into the banter and whatnot. What kind of what can we expect you know coverage wise camera wise or or whatnot with the With the actual carts I think the carts you know this this is going to be very polarizing people who watch it right. You're going to get the traditionalist audience. Who was like? Oh my God. I can't believe they're not walking. They can't possibly do this. Why are they in carts? Actually think it's going to be KINDA COOL. You know if you've ever seen pros play when they're by themselves. They all take their own golf cart and the ZIP to their golf ball and keep it moving which one I think it'll be good for for pace but to you know for me We're GONNA put them in car cameras on. We've actually are lucky enough to have some of the guys who are working on our crew. We're GONNA HAVE THE NASCAR sort of in-car system as they're driving so imagine you know as the of them. Kinda pull away. I can cut to Steve a four box. You see all four of them and they're all talking to each other The other thing this does is you know. And I think you'll see this from Phil and Tom and I'm hoping from Tiger and Peyton this last. Fill to go to Tom's ball. Every single time and helped timeout helped us partner out on the front nine when they're playing a better ball and then go to his ball and still get there quickly and be able to make some of the decisions. If you're walking you know you guys can be so spread out that it. You know it really. You know would would compromise the ability for there to be chattering and conversations. Really think this'll help more than it will hurt and I think look you know to to the people who can't get over the fact that that they're they're taking a golf cart. I would say a lot of times when pros play without their caddies. They take a golf cart. This is this is nothing new or or I think sacrilegious the game of golf. I was GONNA say anything that doesn't directly affect the viewer experience at home. I just didn't care I encourage people to just give people the benefit of the doubt. I mean there was some you know there was a skeleton crew last week for you know the driving relief thing and there was some audio gas and stuff like that like that doesn't matter that's not a happen with the the this unique situation. Just let that stuff go guys riding in carts like we saw what happened. They walked shadow creek. They were huffing. And puffing into the Mike's the whole time that wasn't that entertaining so it's totally fine that they're gonNA ride cards. Yeah I think you know again. You got to think that Tom and Peyton. You're not gonna hit it in the same area codes. All the time is Phil and Tiger and this allows them to have more interaction and to be you know around to help their team a little bit more on that front nine and then on on on the second nine you know. Think about it if they were doing alternate shot and they wanted to go. Look at the two lives or something. And there could be a pretty sizable gap between Tom and filler. Between Dayton and tiger off T- they have to walk back and forth back and forth and then literally will be like. This is the worst thing ever. I mean when when when on Sunday when they were doing the match at seminole and they decided to go back to the seventeenth hole from eighteen they got in Carson. They drove like. It's just not that big a deal really not what Any other important notes anything. We haven't covered something to look for in particular so that you're particularly excited about You know I'm excited the fact that that this Tiger Balm Golf course and you know as we're trying to open up new places to our is I mean how amazing was it. See seminole the other day just a historic piece of property. That's great is a very different golf course. This is a you know that this will play for the pros. Seventy three hundred plus yards and they get some pretty significant wind and look by the end of the round window. Probably be gone because we are teeing off at three o'clock or shortly there after three o'clock eastern time but this is a big golf course. You're not going to see you know driver in sixty yard shot every single time so. I think that's going to be pretty exciting. But this is where Tiger Woods honed. His craft right. This is the golf course that helped Tiger Woods get better and and you know this is where he practiced to go win another green jacket. So I'm excited to see that and I love the way fills treating it still today even What's you know about tiger playing at his home course type of advantage and he said Look Tiger needs every advantage he can get because I won the match last time and I respect tiger? Because he's trying to do everything he can to win the match? These guys still want to beat each other at the end the day. Well tell us you know we talked about. We mentioned it at the top of the show. But tell us for what's coming in store with callaway here by the end of the week and where Where people can find that yeah? So we're we're super excited that Phil actually joined Callaway Golf podcast and he will be On Friday that'll come out bright and early in the morning and we talked all things match and then we even got into A. What's in the bag and y a little bit and there was a highlight of it for me. We're we're we're somebody thankfully someone way smarter than me. Ask some pretty good questions and Phil gave some pretty smart answers. I heard that too. So look Look where can people find that you know if you WANNA go to wherever you get your pods? It's the callaway golf podcast. I tunes spotify. Wherever I guess the PODCAST APP is probably the best place to get it or you can go to cal dot com slash podcast and it will be posted there two on Friday there. It is so Mr Barr. Thank you very much for joining best of luck this week. I'm sure I'll be Firing more half baked ideas at you all the way up until the time. This goes off so best of luck into. Thanks a ton for your insights anytime art. I want to go around the room and Let's gauge the excitement level of first. All we have a caller on the line It's it's tiger woods Mr Woods so just wanted to ask you. How excited are you for? What's coming up this weekend? Was that just cited. Are you for or I guess. Are you excited? Maybe a better question. Are you excited for the upcoming match this weekend? Yeah very okay. Well thank you for joining a very busy schedule but maybe we might be the only ones that laugh at the. What's that the way that he laughs? Very we spend more time preparing the soundboard for today's episode than we did the the actual agenda so but I want to start with Dj. How how excited are you for this? What's upcoming thrilled? I think we heard a lot of great stuff in Jeff's interview that confirmed a lot of what I had hoped to hear. I think he touched on a lot of the stuff that we've about privately and publicly to where I think that there's so much there's only so much room in in my brain and in my kind of consciousness for like very serious golf and you have. The majors is very serious. Golf you have. The players is is also very serious. Golf you have the playoffs okay you got the WGC's okay you've got now there's elevated events you've got this like dude all right. I've only got so much I can take like very seriously here and I think that's what they tried to do with the first match was this is. Oh my God bragging rights nine million who wants it more like this is such a transparent like cash grab the term one. Add on that one. They limiting the amount of money was kind of like. Oh Yeah I mean we see play for fifteen. Why do we care about nine? That's we've talked about this Ad. Nauseam just have no way of relating to what nine million dollars means. I'll push let alone to them but I mean let me see thing because that's probably the least serious golf at least with but that's the way it's packaged is all like. I was talking earlier. There's there's only so many templates in golf that you can or or somebody molds okay. We have a product which mold should we put it in and everyone just defaults to like. It's got to be very serious golf. This means everything. It means everything this time. It's for real. It's the fucking star like the way they tried to do the All Star game. I know what it was like well this time this home. Field advantage answer So I think what they have gotten right and I think all of us were were really pushing for last time was do just make a pure entertainment product and there's two different ways to entertain people. I think the one the first one is entertainment with superb golf which is where golf draws ninety nine percent of its entertainment and I think the other way is just like make it entertaining like make find. Funny people find good encores people. Find all these all these people in rather than trying to make the Gary Cokes and Peter Jacobsen's and those people try to do something they're not good at nor should they be you know. Hey Gary just make it really loose. Today it's really chilled out. It's like they're they`re. They can't do that. He can do that. Justin Thomas I think can do that. And that's why I'm really excited and Gary Defense. His suit was very loose room. I got rid of the rim shots to add something else in there. I just can't stay active room shot so I hope I hope that makes sense and I hope that clarifies a little bit of what I was feeling about the Taylor. One was man you you you didn't have to look like PGA Tour Golf so much more relaxed and so much more relatable and it just doesn't so I I really hope this one does see. I'll go along with that. I think when you try to be all things that people end up being nothing to nobody and in this case. They're nothing to every true. Yeah I mean that's philosophical But I think they're they're leaning towards the. Hey let's make this as as engaging as possible for the lowest common denominator fan just getting chuck to toss out you know all sorts of one liners and I think having having. Jt having somebody to run the show on the ground. I think that was what really been missing in the last two and I wanNA give him like even the pre benefit of the doubt because jt is not a stand up comedian and he's not like he's going to be in a very awkward spot. Any might totally faunas face but at least they're trying something different and at least it's it's making an effort to to make it feel different and I think to your point on you know trying not to make it all things to all people. I think this is the one everybody talked about the driving relief. One like Oh there's GonNa be a ton of non-gulf fans watching like A. I don't know that there really is and be. This is the one where there's GonNa be a ton of non watching and I think I like the way I was picturing it earlier. Is I feel like me and my mom could sit down. And watch this telecast this weekend and both enjoy it for like wildly different reasons so I think what I hope for anyway like. I'm also excited because it's tiger. Yeah very like it's tiger. I I like watching Tiger Woods. Play off it's his home. Course that's cool Mickelson's whole side show performance are routine heating bombs. And then you've got to UH sensitively average golfers out there who you know like Brady said it himself. He's he's he's not dedicating a lot of time to golf these days just because he's still playing. Obviously so it's GonNa be interesting big randy. I'm I'm excited. Yes sure we'll we'll give it a tune in specifically from match point. Oh all you can ask is they. They learn they tried to do better. And you know I think Jeff certainly It seems that they've latched onto things that they can do. Better and improve upon and so. I'm excited to see how that you know. Knew how that learning and in process unfolds I think I agree with you. Guys You know four personalities that are interesting and you bring them together and it's like honestly what what else do I have going on. There's there's not a lot on TV. So I'm excited. I think Charles Barkley is like the could be the the the Lynch pin all of this. I think I'm continually wild sentence right. You know watching his work on inside the NBA. It's amazing. He has an ability to loosen other people and he has an ability to kind of speak truth and like not bs at what he sees is probably what everybody sees in. He's not afraid to say it and so I hope they give him room and space and yeah if hit your wagon to Charles. You can't go wrong is Kenny can be there too. Know that's terrible. What about the big guy does the Jackson would have been a great addition? I am slightly nervous about like they've got a lot of talent for this thing and they've got all the players miked up which is four guys. I I hope it sounds like in listening to jeff as well that they are a good plan for how the MICS ARE. GonNa roll stuff but it does seem like a lot. There's GonNa be a lot of airtime to fill. I will say but doing all that live. Also sounds very difficult and that has me a little bit nervous overall though. I would say there seems to be a lot less. I don't know if egos the right. Where with it but the match one point zero was. This is going to be unlike anything you've ever seen golf on TV and it wasn't in this time around. I think they're Kinda dialed a lot of the high back and they're just like okay now. We know what is? Hopefully we know what is important to the viewers at home and we are going to provide that. I could be totally wrong on this but I think that you have four people that be have more magnetism to them then like any other four people in sports as far as like when they're on the screen like people like to watch him so I will feel things whether it's love or hate yes and we're we're at pushback is like on all the dead air like literally just show him in the golf carts like Jeff to had all this great stuff about the golf cart that they're gonNA have like. I don't WanNa see like a package of well. Let's see tale of the tape who had more championships like come on man? Do you do some of that? I'm sure what I don't want to see is just a bunch of interstitial to just feel like you need to fill time when a lot of times like did. I just won't see him shooting the Shit between halls between shots and don't worry about doing too much rainy. What do you think about them? Riding and golf carts are discuss. Hey there's an issue it's I. It's it's I think it's disrespectful to the game. And it sets a terrible precedent for the kids watching not to mention for the Super. Who and for the Super Bowl? I think it'd be wearing short. I hope hot checkout if cards in shorts forget about it. Where where is this on the seriousness level of takes like eleven? I card so much because I think they're antithetical to everything game should be about. I think it's an exercise in a leisure sport at its core. I think carts. Are you know just discussing well? I have nothing but respect for rainy and his takes. The Golf Course might be contributing to that. This is not seminal where the tee boxes are right next to the Greens. Medalist is the tiger ts at medalist are some of the most outrageous things. I've ever Seen Jeff in his interview completely changed my mind on the cards. I went in like completely against it. Oh my God these guys need to be walked walking and I saw. Jeff made a lot of excellent points. I WANNA see them. Go to each other's ball. I don't want to hear him. Huffing and puffing the whole time. I thought he made some so rainy. Nothing but respect. But but you're wrong I'll I'm going to take the opposite side of this. Can WE GET 'EM J? To get involved doesn't sound like it. I'm sure that was probably an option. Sure they I'm sure they did ask if he's listening. Yeah I mean yeah those come on Google Earth it's right across the way from Grove. Twenty-three his spot so that sounds so much more like a restaurant the woods Jupiter and groped twenty-three yeah which ones the restaurant which Let's let's talk about medalists by the way I know. It's awkward sometimes to Shoehorn in like I've played that place. I'll ask you so you don't have to do it. You're the only one of us that's played medalist. I think only one of us. It's been medalist to set the table for a while. You're there it's medalists the at all. Sorry I did play Mr Metal with Matt Wolf. George Jenkins and chef. Bobby Flay wasn't actually there. Was He suber chef. Bobby Oh of course he would know your four. That's what Neil would have said if he was here so I will say I having not ever been to the bears or medalist. I had very low expectations for both of them before going thinking that it was. I don't know just kind of a cookie cutter country club kind of tied ish. There's a reason why the pros love these courses is. It's probably pretty penal demands accuracy. They're both actually really wide especially medalists. I I liked medalist infinitely more than I thought I would. I thought it'd be way too hard and just kind of dumb challenge that's say like concession is concession was the hardest one of the hardest golf course ever seen. It didn't even look. Fund medals is really fun. It's entertaining actually think it might pop a little bit more on TV than seminal did. A lot of people didn't think seminal popped. I think this has a chance to kind of pop a little bit better. Just wider bigger scale kind of more modern bunkers. I guess it's I wouldn't say that makes it better but for viewing experience. It's GonNa look pretty cool and TV also playing an hour later. Yeah to I think. Help seminoles kind of washed out the first hour and a half or a little too bright for it. I think Of course is under Greg. Norman will be shown up. Well Yeah I mean I got deep into it. I Guess Norma and Norman died it over the years and then they brought in sticky s bobby to re diet because it's originally a die originally a die in Norman design in dire. Pita YOJI MR die. And then Norman got into this whole kerfuffle with the club because I guess he was coming in under the guise of tweaking and a little bit and just ripping out of it so they brought. We'd in two thousand fifteen and I guess the Hatch. It's been buried since but bobby weed seems to be involved in a lot of controversy where it's just kind of lurking around. Who's not getting along? Did you think was as the players club? Was it easy to get a game? You can always show up and get a game you know. It's in the water pressure and the showers probably outstanding players don't apply what's the deal with so I do. I don't know how they work in Matiz. How way what D- boxes they're going to be playing for which pros play medalist versus bearish. How does that work? Medalist is very much more guarded than bears. I couldn't tell you. Tiger plays that medalist and so I know. Jt and Ricky are. Both members are members at both of them. Jt tends to play more at bears club. I think I think they practice a little bit. More bears play more medalists. I don't know exactly. Kepco is but they say he never practised anyway. So I don't know but I yeah I I couldn't I couldn't quite tell you I feel like bears. Seems to be really catered for pros. I mean they have their own bags of balls like their own with their. They're they're like zoo animals at bears. Right where the members can drive tab the club whereas you know at medalist like you got to like we're here working. Don't don't bug us. It seems I talked to worry about that. He's like at at bears. Yeah you know I usually kind of do my own thing here and just kind of everyone leaves me alone and like five minutes later. Somebody what's how you doing man. It's been a long time. He's like yeah. I guess spoke too soon but I mean those guys. The members at those clubs are used to seeing guys fluctuating again. They're players clubs they are. I mean it's always always show up and get a game so don't know enough about that to fully speak on it but that's that's my experience very limited. Who would you guys rather be partners with Tiger Phil? What are we trying to win? Lots of parents to you. The way that into your answer. I think I think I'd rather be partnered with with the with tiger. Why not sound convenience trying to think I think You know it's an exhibition. I'm showing up you know. I know it's not real golf. Not necessarily hidden eighteen holes today and I think Phil was is GonNa take very seriously and be like writing made it. Come on. We got to win. This and I don't need that it's an exhibition So I feel like tigers maybe more chill about it see. I think I'd rather have Phil because if you're with Tiger I would. I couldn't like fight the feeling that we're supposed to win like you can't lose. You have something to lose. And if I'm losing to fill and I just see that little wise ass smirk like that would bother me. I think we're playing but if you're with Phil you feel like you. Can you know you have something to gain? You're supposed to lose probably Tiger anyways but you have a chance to pull off an upset or win. I think that would be a little bit stronger vibe than if things started going wrong when you're on tigers team. I don't think that would be fun. I think I with you. I would echo a lot of what you said. I would pick Phil as well as long as I got to play with Tiger Big Tigers Fan but I think playing with Phil with almost don't laugh would almost be like playing with trump. I feel like when Toronto and I don't wait what's playing with Phil because I think we you are in the fairway not not game wise. I just mean process was when and I try to flip this thing. I don't know your game reminds me nothing if your attention to the process you respect for the process or process reminds me of Phil because I think would try and I are. Partners is some of the most fun playing golf. Because we'll we probably play very slow but we take yes we take. It can converse so seriously reporters. It's okay what are what are you thinking here. Well we could try this well. I don't know what about this. I you know I hadn't even thought about this but we could do this. Well if we're doing an all shot basically getting you to leave me where I don't have to chip exactly where and I think it would be. I think Phil would bring a lot of that same energy where it's like. This is the most everybody pause for a second. This shot. Tom Has a number. Six is the most important shot that's ever taken place in the history of the exactly. We're so on the same side and that's why I'm going to be with tiger processes sound but like I think that would not the most important that would help me stay in the moment though. I think that's where Brady and Mickelson are good partners. You say they're psycho the Patriot way is kind of like. Don't you raise very process-based? Don't you think it'd be more fun though to be playing against Phil into Needle Phil? I think that's part of why we think has tiger to fill. I think Phil's infinitely better at like getting like shit talking and all that stuff. I think you just so much. Rather have him on your side. I'll I think it'd be fun to be the recipient of it. He would just decimate you. Well yeah that's fun again. I don't think he's as good at talking. Everybody makes him out to be. Neither of them are as good at talking. Is They think they are? Yeah I do think I think there's a lot of off the record stories. I agree I totally agree. Yeah I don't think that's quite fair. I think when he's when he's got a he's got a rainy he's got a governor on it and he's got rain it back for the for the general audience. It's going to be the same fastball. I will say a call story from when Dj. And I went out to Vegas To do interviews with them before the match we got to see like the first question of behind the scenes joke of they went out to do some tests shooting that day and they actually were wagering between the two of them during the test. They were just testing. Mike's and video and all that and they actually made some vets and fill one and They got into the locker room. There's what fifteen twenty people standing around and kind of. Just whoever is there to do interviews and Phil doesn't really loud like so everyone in the room can hear it but like hey tiger. Don't worry about paying today. Just pay me on Friday when I collect for the rest of the match and tiger. Sit eating steak. He's off fuck you man. What's her head Tiger off guard? He was sitting on the couch with food in his mouth and he couldn't rebut very quickly. And it was actually like all right Phil. That was actually pretty. Good the flip side of all this to aim towards the other two players is I think. Peyton manning is good as as he thinks he is at this kind of stuff and I think he's GonNa he's subtle like Barkley in the booth. I think Peyton will carry all the encore stuff. I think he'll make everybody feel way looser. There's some great Stuff that the PJ towards posted on Youtube of. I think it was after pro him. It must have been at memorial and Tiger and Peyton manning play together and just having Peyton stand next to him like tiger looked more loose than I've ever seen him ever and he's just just like looks the most normal that you've ever you've ever seen him so hopefully that translates to Sunday's well. Yeah I think I think Payton's GonNa Kinda run circles around Brady on as far as shining through this kind of ordeal. Brady's kind of a weird kind of like nervous. I feel like you know in these guys. That's what's GonNa be fun to watch watching Perot's like you talked about earlier. Dj WATCHING PROFESSIONALS. Titans of their sport playing a different sport. And how much that affects your nerves. I mean I played so with Super Chef Bobby. Flay played a pro-am with Ben Rothlisberger and he duck hooked to balls off the first tee under the range and I was like. Hey man like you all right. He's like dude. I have won a super bowl and I have never been as nervous as I am right now. And he responded by burning four of the next five holes so he's very good very good player but it is like affected him more. You can't like prepare yourself for that. I don't that's what's GonNa be fun to watch when it's down to alternate shot at the end and millions of people watching it's going to be interesting looking at the forecast it's a calling for. Am thunderstorms on Sunday? Forty percent chance and then Wins above ten miles an hour from the east southeast so coming straight on shore interesting Brady. Did I think have the best line if anybody watched that press conference that they did with Ernie Johnson Which was which was pretty good and even brought like the very inside the NBA kind of vibe to it. It's funny when you see people from outside golf coming into golf. How much looser it immediately gets. But I think Brady said he was supposed to play with Tiger but Payton's dad called switch ahead switch the teams which I thought was pretty good. I thought that was pretty good. Took me a second to get get it. That's pretty good. Yeah I thought. At least he's got one of the the W column. I thought that was pretty good. I hope is Brady and I'm brings boy Guerrero. Hopefully I not see. I know you're diva that scene. Well that's why we're GonNa talk about these guys as as professional golfers. I'm just GONNA. We'll set up the question that we were discussing here. You are the WHO is if Tom Brady was a professional golfer. If peyton manning was a professional golfer who would they be? Tom Brady would be Gary Player. Really because he's he's won a bunch. There's some cheating allegations. Oh he's into all sorts of Wack job science in and exercise stuff. He's aging extremely. Well you know who else you're describing tiger. I think he's Tiger Tiger. And then I think I think Peyton Ernie els. That's a great take. I get down like that. I think it's almost Tom's tiger in Payton's Phil I think so too. I mean down to what are the similarities unpaid and fill the most eerie. One is tigers. Got Three times more majors and Tom's got three times more super bowls. Both chatty a little bit and kind of Hannah pay more gregarious. More of a outgoing people's champion. I think that fits fill One of the best. But not the best. Did you win as many titles as you should have a question for both of them? I think I think yeah. That's why I found it a little interesting. That they had the teams the way they were. I would have thought if you wanted to go like biathlon at the two goats together Brady and tiger versus kind of the Chirpy Boys. The Phil pay an Inter. Wonder if they've conscious to like I know. What the teams I can't have opposite each other. Yeah I think so. I think so. Payton's dig on Brady. Which will you know saying like? Oh they're going to be somewhere. It's pretty comfortable. And not like some of the other places we could go and he names bunch of places and names Boston Apple Boston where they really hate. That actually Got Brady. That was actually DOT C. That would coming in Florida because the top beat era all right. Let's get into some some pick some bets. I think it would be other not betting on this. I really don't care who wins. I care more about being entertained. But if you're looking for some action on this in a state where betting is legal. You can use draft kings and bet on the match. I the last odds I saw tiger and Peyton are minus ten and Phil and Tom. Or plus one seventy five so from that. What would you take? Just take the underdog chance almost double your money. Who knows what's going to happen. That'd be my pick. The odds are scaring me a little bit that you know. There's not a whole lot of upside return. So I like all the profits are what you six. Like kind of. Who'S GONNA get out to a faster star? Who's GonNa win the first hole that kind of stuff so I think tiger and tiger and Peyton get out to a fast start because I think is going to be nervous issue? I yeah there is something serious to be said for the fact that like Tom. Brady's also preparing to play the like NFL season. And whereas I think the other three are just like of pro-am yes yeah okay. Got Deep Down the Youtube rabbit hole of their golf swings and all that stuff. Not that. I'm I'm the last thing from a handicap and Tom Swing to to borrow a phrase which I thought it was like lax. Pa lacks a lot of pop. I think he's just trying to guide it out there. And that's not gonNA NOT GONNA hold up. Well granted. These were older swings. He could be in the lab. He's literally one of the best athletes like of all time So who knows? I'm sure he can summon and make it work. Tom And coocher wasn't as partners. That's a good take. It looks very it. Looks like the guy who like like USA about cooter like men seems like that frame and everything you really should be able to go after your unit. You're kind of just trying to just get it out there so I'm curious how that works very handy. Also peyton knock it peyton lashes out it. No but more than he's got more confidence over the ball for sure is what my from five thousand miles away. My my read on it is that he feels. It looks like he's got he's done it more times questioned. Will they be testing the drivers a great coach knows? Ct Gate my Ziara move. Might be the next deflategate Radian. Peyton have Couldn't sponsors I wonder what they're gonNA be playing. What about golf balls to got to think about? He's going to be wearing a sweetens cove supposedly. That's the rumor that it could be. That could be happening. The one who will hit the longer tee shot on the third hole between the pros. I think Phil I hitting baugh fills whole thing is like watch me go after where. I think tiger with all his history like he's not GonNa you know he he's he's not going to turn it up to one hundred that's where tiger gets is like his rocks off exactly it out drove. He's a cool three up. So you guys like this. Whole pandemic was timed perfectly for tiger. 'cause he was he seemed like he was you saying it was. It's allowed them to get healthy a little a little too perfect maybe a little too perfectly time tiger zoom. We're the ones that play say about athlete. Handicaps and no conversation gets off the rails faster than like judging peoples handicaps through watching videos. We got a manipulator We are not judging your handicap off your videos. We have played a lot of golf with you. And we know that your manipulator I would say almost I would imagine. Most athletes do not have accurate handicaps. Because they are either vanities or San Baggers shuttled to Larry Fitzgerald exactly. So where do we think that? There is any element of that to either of these two players based on their personalities not based on their golf game but like would brady want to inflate his handicap deeply. I don't think so I mean I think I think that they're they're you know what? What point do they have to try to? That's the question. I'm having higher or lower very visible people. I think if they would be found out very quickly peyton plays out in Denver Right. So He's used to plan an altitude. That could be a factor. That's what he said in the in the video with him and tigers that he's a four at altitude but he's playing six at sea level. I think she kind of Fair at sea level. Sorry it's ten feet above. He's GonNa mop the floor with Brady the whole shot. Thank you to say I. I Love Bella Chair. I know you're Janus Fan okay. Like Jane Van is the lock of the century. I think them moving on from Brady was the best thing that they could have done now. Ob but I I think gronk should call in Gronk. Should definitely call in could make that happen and B. I think all shot thing is what is exactly what they should have done. This is going to be so interesting to see Brady. Put Fill in the worst possible places worse than he would've put himself though. I was question. But that's why that might be why they have. An advantage fills us the plane from God knows what we should patience tiger in some like the it modified shot so they both tee off in the choose the best ball. Play all shot from there. So they're probably going to be there they're going to be in. Play off the tee. Are you sure ninety nine percent sure shot was just you alternate the holes? Like true shot is what they said in the press is the ball in the hole. Ut off yeah. It's almost like the way lamble. Yeah it's kind of like what you do with the Shambo. Where'd you know? Okay really. Yeah everybody tees off cards. I like to think that's a smart because then that gets rid of putting people in your still. I think you'll be and shit spots around the green still but I do agree that like I don't want to necessarily have Brady Brady doesn't have it. I don't think you necessarily want like six six oils saying that. That's absolutely what we want. I want it to. You're still you're still going to get that you're still going to have the epic shot that Phil Hits to three feet and the Brady missed the PUTT or like stuff like that. It's still going to happen. Gee that goes with it. Do they have a minimum of? How many shots the guy this car? The steering wheel of the cart will have all the rules before you cards can have this shark experience. Oh Wow that's a good question I love new thing about like the Nascar people rigging up the carts for for audio video be great. Well how about cat cats going to have a total advantage with the earpiece? Think about that. Yeah that changes my prediction and that's why minus Brady and Peyton are both used to it as well from the helmets. So fills the only. It's not used to an earpiece. Wonder break out the night vision stuff when the sun starts to go. You Act like Phil isn't wearing an earpiece. His bookie of the line ninety nine percent of the time so how much of the minus ten Tiger Payton is like the tiger tax. Do we think they're like no matter. What in any event tiger plays and he gets a ton of money bet on him in his odds are always skewed a certain way so is that do see that as a factor and pains got the better handicap right. They're they're both Phil. Hasn't been like doing good really like doing much. Is the give us here? You're GONNA give a special exemption to the winning team for the US Open Or how much of the No qualifying thing is. There's a big conspiracy. That's there's no Phil Gate on whether he's going to take a special exemption fees outside the top sixty another podcast get this. Us close to everyone that made that joke open was good for many none was good. There was listen we could do a whole worry many USO with podcast. But now I think the line feels good okay. I don't know feels yolks. Does it feel good. You Tiger very point that Phil had a couple of third place finishes this year really. Yeah Pebble Beach. Really and Saudi Arabia. You know how much we how much stock yeah. I've put in Saudi Arabia. It's is that a national open technically. Yeah I don't know how open it is well. I think we'll do the same with what we did. With driving relief as well as understanding that the purpose of this thing is for charity. And it's also for entertainment and we're going to obviously comment on the entertainment aspects of it. But congratulations to everyone involved for getting everyone together to Already make a charitable donation of ten million dollars to benefit cove in nineteen relief. And I. I can't promise it but it seems to me that there's probably going to be more to come on that on that note as well and I think it's GonNa be fun to watch. We're all GONNA be tuned in. I don't know if it's GonNa Change Golf coverage like we kind of hope match one point. Oh well but we. We didn't even talk about the most important rule their plan. Which is they're all GonNa have fun. Oh what a way to end it before he got there. Delegate effort guys I might be down the Wormhole Ond draftkings sportsbook. They got five different Dart Leagues. They've tried to find the loopholes table tennis. I mean well well we'll see. Tc A couple of hours when he gets back from the WORMHOLE. Thanks everybody for tuning in. Thanks the US on Youtube and thanks to draftkings for helping us get this show together and we look forward to watching the match this coming weekend. Beato right club today. That's better than most about. It is better the most the most expect anything.

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