Introducing Stand-Up w/ Chris Distefano


I'm Chris Stephanos stand up comedian and baby. Daddy. Welcome to stand up with Chris Cornell, hashtag suck every week. This podcast is just going to be. We're going to be talking about stand up. We're going to be listening to the greatest stand up from the greatest comedians of all time. We're gonna laugh we're gonna cry. We're gonna get emotional. I have my producer Nicole last name. I don't know. And I'll never learn never tell you. There's no podcasts out there that play stand up. You know that you guys listen to all these podcasts. There's not one that just plays Santa Paul. Now you here. Welcome to my fucking world. You can get this podcast. It's coming soon. It's not out just yet. But you can get it wherever you get your podcast that sounds like when Houston in the background but legally we can't afford her. So it's a Whitney Houston ask and I got to pay child support. So help me out.

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