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The. Around award around the Home Sarah, Spain Bill Plaski Frank Sola thanks for being with us today. There's some talk in the NBA. Restart and baseball's proposals. Ping Pong in different directions. We'll get to that in a bit. We start with statements. One, statement not meant to be a statement internal email that Pablo Tori and Maliki Andrews came across from the Knicks. One from Tiger Woods. And one from Team USA. They're all on the screen here. It should be said again. The Knicks was owner Jim Dolan's internal email to employees that has since come out yesterday in this space. Clinton Yates, Pablo Tori is routine era, said specifically. Statements can have import, but they also have the appearance of a business obligation for opportunistic reasons so I. WanNa know what you think of these specific statements frank. You could start with the New York Knicks because you covered. And I think the Knicks decided to say you know what we're. GonNa Remain Silent on this which I think, some people would have been okay with I think. Most people would not have liked, but once that email got leaked out in the email. You're explaining to your employees. We don't feel like we're qualified to discuss. These issues well hang on a second Jim Nolan number one. Your track record in terms of hiring minorities in a position of power is actually pretty good. Since you've owned the team the last twenty years. A majority of your players are African American. You play in New, York last night where? Where some of this stuff was taking place was at Herald. Square a block away from Madison Square. Garden I. Don't think there's anything wrong with sending out a statement pleading for Justice for George. Floyd talking about police brutality. You want to send out a message of unity you. WanNa talk about the new. York City Police listen not everyone's going to agree with that statement, but you had an opportunity to do that and I think this has a lot to do with Jim Dolan's relationship with President, trump he got married down at Mar-a-lago. He's endorsed the president. He's given donations I. Don't think sending out a statement. Just mentioned means that you're anti-trump and I think that's where Jim Dolan lost everybody. Have you heard from other members of the organization? Have you seen other members from the organization? Speak Publicly Frank. Well. That's the thing I think. A lot of the players are very confused and really don't know what to do, and I think guys like Leeann rose. The president has sent out a statement. There are people that their voices need to be heard when you're Jim Dolan. You're in a band and you sang a song about Trayvon Martin. Why did you feel like you're qualified to do that, but not talk about something that's happening right here in your city. I really think they missed this one. We'll bring it Sarah Spain now. Any thoughts on the Knicks message or non message message I. Yes, we should call it. I understand this sort of initial or knee. Jerk reaction saying you're damned if you do damned if you don't if you don't say anything, you're complicit. If you say the wrong thing, people criticize it, but we can ask people to put in just a little bit of work so that they are qualified to speak, we can certainly ask somebody who has benefited from employees and players of color for the entirety of his career to have invested any amount of time over the last couple of decades to understand the issue beyond. Beyond a simple platitude or a message of unity and togetherness. That's why this is so frustrating because he's showing his, but he's saying I'm not qualified to speak on something that he should care about that. He should have educated himself in and that his team and his companies should have a statement on I understand that we're all ready to pick an attack, but we don't have to pick an attack if people come forward and prove that they've done the work, and if you haven't, you're letting people know right now. and Bill Plaski statements in general and the New York. Knicks here. You know you can't sit this one out the nature. Sitting this one out. They can't do it. Talk. Doc was yesterday, and he said this have any impact especially from athletes, it has to come from the players and coaches, but especially from ownership. He has to understand. He doesn't realize his marquee team. He employs a millionaire african-american athletes. These are real people, real men with real lives who lives community who suffer the same repression. Everyone else does his. Yes, to be sensitive to that. He has a speak-out for them. Speak up for his employees shameful they that he sits. This went out. It should be said. The Knicks have released statements in the past. They released a statement when they fight with Charles Oakley. If I recall correctly right, guy, solicit is something that. I WanNa Talk I wanNA talk and spike. Lee I want to talk specifically about Tiger Woods plash. You've covered tiger woods since he was a teenager young teenage. You've been to his house when he was a young teen. His statement. Very disappointing. He talked about wanting honest and constructive conversations, but he's afraid to have a mistake. If you read it, it begins with a old police, and that seems fair tone deaf, and then it continues. It doesn't really mention tigers place in the world as a person of color is challenges as a person of color. He doesn't put himself with people. Of Color in the statement and I think we could be so. He's the most influential athletes in the world. People were listening to him I. Think it's important to take a stand now and at least have this. Conversation that he clearly doesn't WanNa have about where the the the efforts and the oppression faced by people who look like him in faced at the hands of the police. Instead he pretty much compliments the police in this very tone, deaf, disappointing from tiger. Right Guy Sola. Well I also think come on bill. He did mention George George Floyd at first and extended his condolences to the family and I. Think we're at a point to where if a lot of people, it's confusing so tony. You always say no both things can be right and I think in this case tiger. Woods is trying to say what happened to George Fluid is awful, but not police officers at a time when you have some getting run over in Buffalo, a guy getting. Getting shot in Las. Vegas I think it's a confusing type? Everyone in trying to pick the right words. There are two athletes of the last fifty years that we always want to hear from. It seems like that get criticized Michael Jordan. Tiger Woods. It seems like a lot of are okay with Michael statement not so much with Tiger Woods. I think he's trying to give a statement about unity, but let's face it I think most people looked at. It said not good enough. Sarah Spain. Unity is well and good, but it's incredibly vague in his statement, which was less than one hundred words, he said George Floyd and can doleances to the family, but he made it feel like an outlier. He was specific about the incident, and he said of the police that this tragedy did not go along with the training that they undergo to handle things correctly. That's fine. If you want to say that there are plenty of good officers out there if that's part of your mess, but he. He doesn't mention race. He doesn't say black. He doesn't say racism. He doesn't say that. This is part of institutionalized and systemic racism in our country, and the decades and centuries of this have led up to the anger. He says instead. Let's not burn our own backyard. Condemn looting and violence if you want, but only if you also address that they are symptoms of larger disease, and he ignores that disease in order to instead focus on placating people by saying that the police are mostly good. Sarah. Do appreciate what you said there. I did lose about thirty percent of it because we just got a citywide curfew in effect for New York. This is the. World we're living now where it comes in and blows everything out. Did anyone want to add to that frank, did you WANNA last week? Will, head. Yeah, I think there's a lot of people say well. How can you criticize these athletes least? We're saying something. They need to say something important powerful here. Silence is complicity in this. I think all of us need to speak up and. I don't think is too much to ask for athletes to have the uncomfortable conversations that you countries have in right now and for guy sold. And I think bill. One of the reasons about saying uncomfortable conversations I think when you have a guy like tiger woods. If you don't like what he's saying right away like be quiet. What are you talking about well, if maybe he's confused. Maybe he doesn't know this should be part of the conversation. Everyone's going to agree with every statement that is coming at you. Guys talked about it on the show yesterday, sometimes they. They come across the shallow and it's PR. We need to release a statement like this, but I think there's a lot of people out there that confuse an searching for the right words and I think when they say something. Just as you know what you should just be quiet, I'm not sure that's always the right way to go. I think the point is though people feel people are trying to play both sides or All sides matter all lives matter and we know what that would. That means it means is that? Lives are endangered here. Black lives are endangered here when people say all lives matter negating that black lives are endangered here at a greater rate than anywhere else I wanna make one more mention of a statement, and it wasn't a statement as Anthony. Lynn told L Z granderson in your paper plastic the La Times I'm not gonNA. Make a pretty statement. And then he went, and did a q a where he talked about police brutality, and he talked about the systemic racism in this country, and he talked about Colin Kaepernick as As well, I think that needs to be mentioned. Here's the thing for me if you're to believe these statements from teams and federations are to welcome all forms of voice from athletes and even protests i. want you to think about this for a second. We showed USA team USA. Statement before protests is illegal at the Olympics. There is a rule against protests at the Olympics team. USA Put to athletes on probation just last year for protesting at the metal, Stan at the Pan Am Games so releasing a statement is one thing. And that also that's another thing for all these companies have released a statement. Let's see your board of Governors. Let's see you're hiring practice today. And where are you planning to be a year from now? We're going to take a break. We'll be back in two minutes. Is brought to you lexus experience amazing. GEICO knows there many reasons why you ride from the Camaraderie of the other bikers, a band of brothers, always there for you rain or shine to the amazing savings you get with Geico on your motorcycle, insurance and accessories coverage all year round, but It was one reason in particular. It was my helmet hair. Osborne with helmet hair I've tried to cut it a bunch of times buzzing it, but it immediately just goes back down the hair geico motorcycle. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. A restart still circling a late July date focus now on twenty two teams in the playoffs, but unequality board of Governors Oklahoma City owner Clay Bennett reportedly cautioned against that argued for the symbolic power of all thirty teams restarting the season's Frank. Should that be a priority for the NBA here? No it should not more pessimistic than ever before considering everything that's happening in this country including pandemic I've heard that there are players whose families are worried about them going to Orlando and if you're going to go down there, just leave it at sixteen teams. I mean come on. You've played enough of a regular season. Just go down there with sixteen. You get the playoffs star Bill plachy. Yeah. There's health reasons for this. You don't want to widen the quarantine circle. You don't want to add ED team. If you want to subtract teams, these teams have had again we we pretty much know they've had most of the season to prove themselves. It's not hurting their ticket sales to not play three Games in Orlando take twenty. Twenty two teams take two teams within six games the playoffs. They have a chance to do it that way bringing down Sarah Spain. I hadn't occurred to me and I. Do understand the plight of saying not playing for nine months could be really harmful to the popularity orchestra and. For a small market team, but I think in the end they're going to decide. It's twenty two because of the revenue it allows, and then it's still limits the number of people that are possibly contaminated or the number of people that have to work and the investment they have to make in the whole bubble situation based on the number of people they bring on. A majority vote in twenty is going to win Frank. You said you were growing in your in your pessimism. Here for leak restart happening. You don't believe owners just going to rubber stamp. Whatever commissioner silver comes up with your just to get the season. Going I don't I. Don't think that's the case only because we had heard that a May I. It was going to be a plan when on June second, and really, there's still not a plan in place and remember Tony Now. We're talking. July thirty first. It's like the NBA kicking stone down the road, a little bit I keep saying. They wanted other leagues to start before they came back. We'll move our buyer sell to L. Resorts. Well, you heard about the plan for hundred fourteen games. That the players wanted. It's believed the owners want to counter that counteroffer with fifty games. What's the path that common ground you're? Is, baseball closer or further from his seat. This is further from the season. The owners were taunting. Paid by the game we'll play fifty games. They can't have a fifty game season. That's a complete joke. That would be far. Nobody's ever going to play that the owners. Just these teams get together. They're committing suicide right now. All the bull and get to work. saw. Same bills praying for dodgers, Yankees World Series and fifty games. I mean come on Tony. That's less than two months of baseball. That's your offer from from the from baseball. Come on. That's for pro rated salaries to make it work though money wise for the owners. That's the suggestion here right Sarah Spain. Is that what you're reading? Yeah, Fifty Games. Yeah, yeah, the claim is of course. Okay. We'll play you PLO- pro right about the only way it works I fifty games. Then they still only get thirty percent of their salaries instead of the seventy percent that they would get with the one hundred and fourteen game plan, so we're inching no closer to each other. We're just digging even further if you're. If you're looking at the owner's decision, and I think in the end it's going to be a massive issue in terms of them coming together in a massive issue for baseball when they realized that they don't actually have a season. Horn comes quick. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news here. You're watching showdown front row seat for Sarah Spain Franklin. S. I hope you guys saw the tweet from Washington. Nationals Reliever Sean doolittle, pledging to cover pay for minor leaguers at the franchise, said they would. Bat got the team to reverse course. Nationals will now pay stipends to minor leaguers route shoe. Oils twins Astra's reds among teams already announcing every minor leaguer will be paid. All summer. Sarah Frank Welcome to showdown, Saturday believable momentum to paying minor league players is now getting to a point where we could see this happening all major league teams paying their minor leagues. I, absolutely do I think. Momentum is headed that way. Thanks to little and others holding this specific team accountable now the other ones will feel like the spotlight's on them if they refuse to do so. Go to the Bravo, to the team started doing this, you know the value of the franchise's is always going to go up the fact that they're not gonNA. Pay Minor Leaguers who don't make that much money to begin with. That's a little this. Would appoint will move on showdown to. This is my this is my thing. The Sean Jack I've said this to Sean. Mike players up for their games is upcoming season. If there's going to be no crowd, the debate over fake crowd noise has been raging for a while frank. Would you rather have Mike? The players are fake crowd noise. Unfortunately Sean, but didn't hear much. From last season he only played in three games all for Mike players. I love the crowd noise ain't been doing it in Germany. It's well out I like both ideas. Says, why not both you're not gonna get it live better because they're going to have to edit out. Musashi strategy so yeah. US The second delay there are certainly cards, but there's a Lotta pros. Is All I'm saying? Of course Sarah Spain. The lawyer of our show argues for both take thirty seconds of facetime Sarah. I WANNA. Give a shout out to our colleague. Former Eagles NFL player Emmanuel Acho who now works as an analyst for us. He just put out the first and what he's calling. A series called uncomfortable conversations with a black man I. See so many people saying how can I help? How can I educate myself? What can I do? He is offering up conversations about some of the most. Pieces in the current unrest, the use of the N. Word, systemic racism, the oppression that led to the current reaction. Listen to him follow him. Thank you very much for that Sarah take one last second year to remember Wes Unseld I. Know You grew up cheering for bill. At Louisville rest in peace west.

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