Top Prospects & Spring Training Notes w/ Zach Helton


Good Evening Blue Jays fans and welcome to another lovely episode. Jaybird watching podcasts. Brennan panicker here is joining me per the usual and we have a special guest tonight brand. So I things buddy. How are you doing this evening doing well? I don't WanNa Steal Thunder away from our special guests though. Let's take it right over to To our special guests Craig introducing. Let's go yeah so tonight Brennan. We're starting our top prospects countdown here on Jaybird watching. And we couldn't think of anybody better to have on the show. Then one of our fellow lovable goofs and Zach Health Voice of the Bluefield Blue Jays Zach first time lawn time. How the hell are you my friend? Yeah it's it's been a while in. We were talking off air just a little bit ago like it. It feels like it's been forever since I've talked to you guys and but it feels like yesterday as well so I think we're We're all ready to go and Spring is here. We finally got some baseball going on. And it's it's I think we're all seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We're almost there to the regular season. Just a few more weeks And I mean I'm excited. I am just Kinda raring to go Baseball I told my girlfriend the other day. Baseball is like a religion to me so she may not see me for a few months. The Abbey League Kinda Start I. I've got I do college baseball and softball. I did a game today For UV at wise. I do their stuff in the offseason. So I'll be full of of that until about end of May and then I'll have about two weeks free until we get going for the Blue Jays. Yeah and we're always looking forward to hearing you on the fan and everything whatnot over the Bluefield. Airways by is there anybody. You're dying to see our hell. Add this past Seasons Act. That has really just been a standout outside. Some of the guys we know. We're GONNA talk about during the show tonight and you have a lovely seat for every prospect. That goes through Bluefield and talk about them every night. So everybody you'd like to highlight right off the bat here this morning or this evening well one person. I don't think we'll get to touch on tonight. But it made make your list later on in the year just Kinda came out of nowhere. Last year was late. Zainy non-draft the out of the Knoxville area. I've got some friends down that way and and their real well-versed in the high school and college baseball down there he went to ut as well. And there's you're gonNA love this kid. He's an athlete. He can do almost anything. And he was just a bright ray of sunshine in the Outfield For the Blue Jays last year offensively the Bhutto bluejays were one of the best in the league. Pitching wise the complete opposite one of the worst in league and it was made for a difficult season down the stretch. But I am and Came off the bus and Bluefield Showed HIS ATHLETICISM. Not only with speed tracking down some deep fly balls and doing that in the outfield but once they got on base pats. It seemed like he was coming around to score and quickly so I I think some of the The higher ups believe another year at Bluefield is in the future for Amens. And that's fine with me. I can't wait to see the kid play He's very athletic and I think once he he finds his niche in professional baseball. He's going to be one of those guys for years to come that You're going to be like He's not just a ballplayer. He's an athlete and he's got a glove on so he's one of those guys. I don't think we'll touch on tonight. Hopefully we will in the future but I JUST WANNA get that out there because He was one of the bright spots. From last year's I you know I won't say dismal season because there was a lot of growth and Louis or Tatas now only year in Bluefield. I wish Louise the best What a trip I you know. I've been blessed Bluefield with the managers that I've got to work with in this Hamburg and Lewis last year. Just two polar opposite guys personally but they were super nice to me and always had a door open whether you know an interview or just. I wanted to sit down and chat baseball. I think the first time I met Louise last year. I was in his office for three hours. And we were talking baseball and You know that's one of the great things about the Blue Jays organization. I think guys have come to notice that there's just so many great guys in the organization that just want to just love the game and want to be a part of the game no matter what it. And that's one great thing that's the thing about the Blue Jays organization and that's what I hope to kind of convey from Bluefield out into the airwaves here on this podcast and and usually anywhere. I go talk talk bluejays baseball. I kinda I kinda get a little giddy like a little schoolgirl. I kinda on forty-three tangents there. But I'll just an immense. I is a kid. I think If he comes back to Bluefield it'd be great but I think He could move up. I it's just one of those things as athletic AC- who knows where he'll land You know coming up in a few months yeah Brennan. I don't know if you happen to pull up the Bluefield Blue Jays page in the midst of this conversation and look at the numbers but this is pretty impressive. Pretty Damn good season last year. I did pull that up but The especially at the upper levels of the miners in the major leagues. They need outfielder. Start growing quickly so that you had such a good endorsement for jumping back that That has me excited one thing. I noticed I'm not sure if you notice this craig but that's confirmed this for me because I took my a little bit when I saw. It is the new manager. Jose may Oregon actually born in nineteen ninety two. Because that's what it says on the Bluefield Blue Jays. Roster right now is that he was born in ninety two without right his agosto. Everybody Yeah I was I think it is correct which would I think about the same age Last year I think we're you know both about thirty to thirty three. But this'll be a little awkward for me interviewing a manager who's younger than me but I I'm excited. He seems like You know one of those younger go-getter types in the mayerling organization. So I'm looking forward to meeting him. you know in a few months come to Bluefield but I saw that as well ninety two. I said I was in kindergarten. I think for my first tour of duty in your garden so It'll be it'll be great to see it was. We had dinner so long Bluefield and then Louis came in and was just hands on. He was so fun. And I I kind of felt that he wouldn't be Bluefield long and You know it's one of those leagues. Everyone's working their way up through the maters. And and hopefully the new skipper Will bring some excitement back to bonefield field as well yeah. I just think it's hilarious that I did. I just find it on the oldest person on the show at thirty five. I think he did a lawsuit. I remember watching. The Blue Jays win the world series in ninety two but clearly the new manager the Blue Jays had to do was born so anyways regardless of that. I'm just glad and I think this goes actually go to a article. I was reading on the athletic that the Blue Jays are trying to find new ways to inject new ideas along with keeping the wonderful. You know good culture that they already have in the Blue Jays organization as a whole and I think that that from what you summed up for me with how this team went last year for the Bluefield Blue Jays. It sounds exactly like that. Yeah okay maybe you didn't have as much talent on the pitching side of the ball but if you can mash one side he can still win. Plenty of damp ballgame. Somebody's managing that team right. Yeah Lewis was and it was great because he was so hands on. You know I'd get to the ballpark early in your in their BP session. And he would either be hitting fung go to someone or working with the catcher and the outfield on some blocking but if he was somewhere every moment of the time they were on the field and usually he was wiping the sweat off his brow in the coach's office when I was walking into maybe pre game interview with something He was a go getter and He's going to. I think he's GonNa move up the ladder of very quickly. They end the Blue Jays organization and whoever wherever lance him In the future is going to be very well a place with not only his enthusiasm towards the game but just his work ethic in general. Yeah I think we've seen that actually in the Blue Jays Organization recently with the ridiculous Rocketship of Sunshine to John Schneider Me Co John. Schneider still the weirdest job title and all baseball but I love having John Schneider in that dugout with all those young players and there is something to say with Louis being that. Kinda guy is literally doing all the work that the players are doing. They're going to get behind him Zach all day every day. And that's where they're t- he's teaching these kids how to play baseball the right way as they get in their professional careers. Yeah there was some nights that You know seventh eighth inning that Bluefield had no business being in the ball game but they scratched including and it felt like you know with the general in the foxhole known as Lewis. Todd they were going to battle with him and you know some nights they would pull off a miracle that No-one see coming but You know maybe a few fans that stuck around that ballclub every night. He that Every night if you had a chance with That squad resear- Totta you know pulling the strings at You know they were they. Were going to give one hundred ten percent every night. Good stuff I wanNA suck circle back to Just amens really quick is seeing. He's a fellow outfielder and I saw cal Stevenson literally. Run through a wall with you. The night that I was in the is he reminding us. It seems like at least on paper I obviously. I haven't seen any footage of Justin but as far as an eye test and I'm trying to get a comparison. Is he in that similar mold as a hitter to somebody like cal. Stevenson very much. So you know it's a cow was such a special talent. And and he was more ready than he was. You know It wasn't as pretty every time. But it got the job done for cow this Adjusted intimate. It's more it's more beauty but but the same results are happening just an Amazon You know may not run through a wall because he he may get the ball a little bit quicker than Caldeans might not kind of camp under. He may not need soup. But kinda it was kind of a little bit heartbreaker when Cao got traded to the astros because I was a little invested in cow. Because he was so fun to watch and I thought you know I thought maybe two or three years he would be in the majors and I wish in the best. What even though He's with the Astros now. I think we all have to hate the astros more than we do. The Yankees at this point You know very similar numbers he he I think he's got a little better foot speed than cow but He can he can definitely spread to all fields. And if if he has if he could get a deep in the whole He's going to be beat it out. More so than not in his ought base is on. Base percentage is going to go through the roof once he can kind of tailor his game more to a professional. Because you know I think He may have had a week or two weeks in the Gulf before coming to Bluefield after a year at Tennessee in the SEC. With Metal Bat. So I think he's still learning the professional game and I think You know probably an extended fall extended spring and and hopefully I you know be being a little selfish but like seeing them back next year but With time will tell where justed ends up but I think where he does You know maybe be a little bit of a learning curve. Once he gets his right foot in place he's He's definitely GonNa hit the ground running pun intended something like that coming in the pipe Brennan but Randomized trial. And what I told you about cal. Stevenson the day of the infamous now Derek Fisher trade. That's right I act lower. Hawaii was something along the lines on the days. Really GonNA regret this because he's GonNa turn into Major League or so. Yeah Craig I think you have a new favorite in Justin. By the conversation yeah that that was a heartbreaker for Craig to. You're not alone. Yeah hopefully it's not like an lcs you know six seven eight years now from now and the Blue Jays hosting the astros or something else too. Yeah that would that would be a nightmare for sure so You know I wish him the best but only when he's not playing the Blue Jays and You know it's it's one of those things that happens in baseball days someone that the U. Love's GonNa get traded and You know the higher ups know what they're doing more so than not so. It's kind of hard for us to kind of judge but count. Stevenson was a special player in Bluefield and I don't I don't think either one of us will ever forget him. Crashing into that concrete wall. That's protected by a thin layer of foam in the best part about that is if you actually breaks through the wall. There's nothing but wilderness on the other side of that fence street a creek and wilderness. And I did not. I feel like the next half inning. He got up and Did he hit one out or hit a double or extra. I pray. Sure I'm like yeah. How did he run through a wall? I remember this exact like you know turning in my mind here. How did he run through a wall as dinning and then leg out a triple? He hit the ball. That damn hard to it wasn't like a little through the Infield road all the way to the wall and nobody could get to it. This thing like frigging pounded rate to the ground. Just before the warning track. And he's he's that quick I about the exact quota what I said the Brandon and I believe I even put this out on twitter for that trade for the Blue Jays. Derek Fisher jobe. Genie Aaron Sanchez and CAL. Stevenson Cal Stevenson will be the biggest ship of that poll trade in my opinion. Because I can see exactly what you Eric Fisher. I think Erin. Sanchez is Never GonNa have the health consistently enough to be a starting pitcher at as far as job. Genie being good reliever. He's not a great relievers. As far as much as we love Them Blue Jays fans so I think cal. Stevenson has that ability to be a three hundred hitter in the major leagues lines. You can keep these tools together knowing that you've got Justin amonte coming R. Am Jason Amens coming through the system. And he's in that same old makes me feel a little bit better back on this. You got a new favorite cow. Stevenson trait I think it'd be one of those you're sitting in a bar one night Maybe ten fifteen years from now and you see Someone involved in that and you say yeah cal- Stevenson was that trade as well who or or like. Oh yeah okay that makes sense. It'll be one of those bar type Trivia questions that you know. Who was the the loan outfielder alone position player involved in that trade from from the Blue Jays or something so I feel like I'm going to be more in the all I'm going to be the guy sitting in sitting in the bar drunk off my ass going. I remember watching cow Stevenson and Bluefield and he was he ran through all that so anyway we feel what we feel. Is it just going in the mountains in West? Virginia you'll be okay exactly so but on that note is Blue Jays guys go I you are. Invested in. These prospects are getting a good shot in spring training with the actual Toronto Blue Jays and Dunedin this spring. How many games have you been able to catch on the radio or on TV? I like most Blue Jays fans. We haven't seen shit on TV because they're not broadcasting right way but ever on TV exactly. How do we watch them and love this team when you can't even watch it? I understand there's ballpark renovations and everything going on. The radar gun is even install it. So how do you put? Tv's in the plays but Zach. I know you're keeping tabs on your favorite Bluefield guys and I'm pretty sure there's probably at least one individual. You WanNa talk about mentioning good. Yes there well I I got to watch a little bit the other day. I think they had a replay on MLB network. I was leaving my fulltime job going to do a basketball game The other night called a an ending or two of that in a band and Jesse were on the call I think Either yesterday the day before and I get to listen to a few innings of Jesse Do the play by play Of that game. So it my My listener and watch ship of the Blue Jays. This kind of limited. But I think we all know My favorite Blue Jay right now. In the spring training roster is none other than Alejandro Kirk. Probably one of the most You know under appreciated players. I think that came through Bluefield. He was you know not a blimp on anyone's radar Two seasons ago when he came in He worked his way into lineup Few injuries and then it was d. H. E. for awhile end up catching do a couple of injuries and kind of solidified his spot the heart of the order for. Bluefield a playoff push That season ended up falling in the final game of the divisional series. And I. I really thought that was a championship type series of such great atmosphere in that playoff series but Kirk You know I'm looking at the Blue Jays website right now. You know he's listed Generously five nine. I think to twenty I been to. I've been next to him in the cage You know I'm six foot two and if he's five nine I'm six seven so you thought it was a short out guy You know he's he's a little thicker than Maybe the major league scouts would want but As as short and and Dixie is. He's very athletic behind the play. Don't don't let his size and stature diminish anything he's done on the blade he's very athletic I don't think he had too many passed balls for Bluefield That he did a great job of Throwing out baserunners in handling a pitching staff. The two years ago was a pretty good staff So that part of part of his game as you know only grow in the right direction. his hitting He Swings Hard. And when it connects it goes. You were talking moments ago about The woods beyond the outfield fence of Owen One night I saw Alejandro hit a ball. That was climbing into the treeline I would say at least four hundred fifty four hundred sixty feet Menashe the baseball and You Know He. He's not your typical power here either. He he had a very patient approach at the plate. He got a good deal of walks and You know he's not the fleetest foot but I think he had a couple of stolen bases as well so we can move on the base paths. So he's he's one of those packages You kinda you can't take You know your height and weight and kind of bottle it up and throw it out and say this is not the size we want. I think you've gotTa Kinda gotTa Watch the kid play the game. And he plays the game the right way. And he's he's he's one of those kids you know I I could see it a lot of Bluefield. They haven't hit their ego yet. They're just now getting their first taste of professional baseball. And they're walking around with Big Damn smiles under faces. Because they're playing. Getting Kirk was one of those guys that just You know big bright white teeth smile and every day he was. Just happy to be the BALLPARK and One of the stories. I've heard You know he's for Mexico and I think he you know what found one of the better Mexican restaurants Dunedin and took his teammates out. I mean that's just the kind of Guy Kirk was and is he's just he's just a fun guy to be around and you know. I would hate to see him leave the Blue Jays organization. Because I think he's one of those guys that you know on down the road. He you know he may not be an everyday starter. Because the catcher position is really deep right now in the organization but I think he could be one of those guys in the locker. Room that Just you know Anyone having a bad day or in a slump just take a look over a couple of offers down Seattle hundred having a good time and and they realize that this is a game and we're all having played the best thing. I think that Kirk has going for. Him is the fact that he does mash the plate and he does play a very good catcher. Like you said Zach but something like the Mike Major League changes of the twenty six man roster makes it so much easier for somebody like Kirk slipping even as a third catcher because he can just absolutely destroy. Baseball's yeah it's a five to twenty is what they have enlisted as it. He's swings like six four two four. I mean he puts every and any rarely miss this. That's the thing about it. You know he's he's. I can't quite say swinging out of his shoes because he's not. It's very control violence swing and went it. Barrels up You can it was. It was almost like Vlad junior a few years ago and Bluefield you could stand in the concourse and you could hear one hit off. Lah Juniors Bat and you're like Oh glad to be. I'M GONNA go watch you've been out with with Kirk. You know that someone different is hitting the baseball because it just has the states. Just a distinct sound off the bat and it's a beautiful thing just watching him Just Destroy Baseball's warm. Yeah Brennan you've heard me gush about Kirk Sense. I had the pleasure hanging out with Zach. Now you've actually finally seen some footage on them. What do you think because it seems like kind of like you know twitter blown up about those couple of performances? He's had so far he's done really well. Anything that He's GonNa have gone for him. I think he's GonNa be the new Munenori Kawasaki actually be and actually have. It did live up to a good reputation. It'd be all around good buddy guy but They Act on forum I really am. He's he's he's already started. Tear the cover off the ball. Spring Training Viet. Just for a thoughts but Actually one question for you in terms of the Bluefield Rosser you mentioned how Kirk just Kinda got his break because of injury and he came in and Kinda ran ran away with a job. Is there anybody for for listeners? Or for Craig enough that we should be keeping our eye on. Maybe somebody who is under the radar that can do kind of similar things dollar hunter. Kirk doesn't have to be a catcher. Could be anybody going into the two thousand twenty even for Bluefield. Well last year it was I think Spitzer Horwitz Kinda came off the bus from Radford. He played a small College Small Division One College. And if you go back and just read up on a little bit of Spencer horwitz history. You know. Wasn't a real big recruit out of high school You know Kind of I think it was a catcher out of high school. They told him to first base. And end up You know I think as an Abbey League all-star last year one player of the week at least once maybe twice But the kid You know you could see him develop over the year and I think he'll be You know maybe in lansing maybe in Dunedin come springtime maybe extended spring. But I think he's one of those guys That has worked hard and got himself at you know a division one college a small small yet. Division One College Radford and You know he's he's got the work at and he's such a he's got the mindfulness you know. I I think right after he was the MVP or player of the week You've got to sit down with him after bt and he was just talking about Learning the professional game. And you know he didn't get to play a much summer ball because you know I think. He works through through some injuries. So hit with wood was just kind of new to him but he did. He looked like he had been hitting would ban all his life. But he's one of those guys. I think you know was under the radar coming. Bluefield and I think He's still got that chip on his shoulder and I think as long as he carries that chip on his shoulder. He's going to work and he he's GonNa work a lot of people and he's going to be one of those guys that you know man. I've been a top prospect out of college or out of high school but I think he's going to work under a lot of radars You know this year and going forward because you know a lot of people who did know who spirits what's was including myself Kinda got a good glimpse of it last year. Really the Polaski Yankees Play by play announcer. Rick Watson is you know. He works fulltime for Radford University and when Spencer got picked up by the Blue Jays Rick. Sibi message on facebook. He said you're gonNA love this kid. I said who is the and he said his bioenergy said this kid. This kid is going to come in. And he's going to work into the starting lineup and he did just that in you know nanosecond. So he's one of those guys. I think a lot of people in the organization are going to be please with years to come. That's awesome. Cnn's PAGE LAST YEAR. Yet it really good see gracie three homers forty dollars rabies. Three thirty average. I could see where you're coming from on that. One that's That's very good news. Isn't it Craig List? There's organization needs some free space. Meant as well so we have our outfielder adjustments our infielder expensive orbits to keep your eye on. It's great yeah and see. This is what I love about what you do everyday. Zack you get to see these things. There's Bud right in front of your eyes. He's flowers coming to life right and it's just really cool. You got to see all these guys coming through. Bluefield and get them. You know the seeds been planted. You see the good baseball coming. And then you know where they're going to be turned into somebody like Alejandro Kirk that is going to be a major leaguer. It's this great stuff. Yeah it was like we were talking before we got started. You know a lot of the Not only international guys but some of the state guys. It's it's hard to find things on sometimes. You know because there's a short turnaround from the trap till you know they go to Florida. Maybe for a week to week and a half and then they come to. Bluefield You know it's a lot of short turnaround to find. You know good stuff about guys and reliable stuff you know How they it or just how they are player and you know. Sometimes I tell them I broadcast when a new player comes in and said we're GonNa talk about this person together so Just kind of sit in and grab a drink and let's all let's all learn. What the bluejays half now because you know Horwitz You know was one of those guys at a small college kirk coming out of Mexico You know Am and was not on anyone's radar. You know he was a perfect game guy and I think You Know Pretty Good College player but not drafted you know. It's those stories that you know Make the Appalachian League's so great and You know they've been all this in my. Ob Talk about contraction and you know I think you guys know I've been you know I grew up Thirty minutes south of Bluefield grew up watching The bluefield organization play and and I think it would just be a tremendous disservice not only to the Appalachian region just baseball fans in general You know if there's no apple league they're gonNA miss out on a lot of great talent like these guys that kind of grow and develop and Bluefield and otherwise wouldn't have an opportunity to do so if you know contraction actually happens at the level. Yeah we're not wishing that on anybody on this show as far as we only guys not at all everyday down their worst at a minimum. You guys are stepping stone. That makes these players the players they will be for the rest of their career and without that first little steppingstone after the draft. What do you do with them? You can't just throw these is single. A. And hope they're gonNA sink Ariel float you know. There's they need what you guys are doing everyday down there and having that kind of almost like home cooking touch to being in the baseball league right the fact that they're you know you guys are all therefore you talk to him. Zach how you are with the players and you're just you're inviting them all in if you're in so as big teams you'll get miss. Stop Matt. Yeah it's it's like that with the everyone here we've got a tremendous boosters club and our organization even going back to when it was the orioles you know if you think about you know you've been the Bluefield it's it's you know. I'll be honest with you. I I can't say that because I'm from Illinois where you know we have an interstate kinda bypassed the town and and You know the summers would be really dull without baseball But but for the most part So many people just welcome in these these ballplayers and You know it's It's one of those situations where we're not a bluefield orioles or they would not Bluefield Blue Jays You know people in South West Virginia and southern West. Virginia why would they care about the orioles or the Blue Jays other than that? But these these fans Kinda grow with. You know Vlad junior you know if you asked Anybody in Bloomfield. Who Watch plaid junior play? You would think Vlad junior grew up in Bluefield West. Virginia you would not know any over it. And it's like that with all the guys they they they take them in as their own same as you know. Princeton with the race you know who in Princeton would be a race fan if the rays were not there so many other organization black that I mean. It's the area's predominantly reds pirates. Braves and You know other than that. No one you know. No one would really think outside that box. Unless we activate is there and You know the years. I think it's coming up on nine years ten years that The Blue Jays may have been in Bluefield and You know so many tremendous Efforts not only teaming up with the Blue Jays organization from Toronto on down you know they did a tremendous job of bettering. Boeing field You know Just this past off season. They put a new roof on the grandstand. We're looking to get a new press box office. New Concourses new the indoor practice facility is new and I. It would only take someone in baseball. You know five seconds to walk into the facility and take a look at the Clubhouses and and the practice facility the weight room. And you see that you're in the right place to grow you know I. I don't think anyone out there has ever started a career making the most pay or worked in the best spot. But you definitely it it it gives you a little fuel to grow and better yourself and there's no better place than the League. You know you play in You know some Great Ballpark. Some great fields and in front of some great fan bases that are going to love you win or lose and When you get the Toronto they're going to be some of the first not to forget who you are and that's exactly it. Brennan right there and it's perfect I hell. I mean Craig that we said this last year DOT com. But Hey when are we going down? Why did this happen? We gotta take a road trip Bluefield. Right it's going to happen. I'm GONNA find a way and we're going to you. Know you gotta get down here Rochester. Then we'll have a my car and we'll go down and we'll continue eight eight totally an extra hour on the bus from so. Hey why not? I'll pick you up in buffalo and goes south from there does so but anyway guys As much as I have loved gushing about my love for everything that is going on and Bluefield hanging out with Zack. Here we do have a mission statement of actually being at regular everyday. Blue Jays podcast. That's not the collective so I think we need to start diving into law or a spring training baseball and Brendan. I think we need to talk about some of the guys that made their debuts this past week I we saw roof finally pitch and we saw Matt. Shoemaker makes his triumphant return over the past week a blue jays baseball and spring training. What has gotten you most excited over? What's coming I think it has to be matchmaker. I mean the fact that guy. He's been through so much in his career already. Extremely promising sixteen in four season with the Los Angeles angels backwardness careers getting started at that believe it was in twenty fourteen when he had that incredible season and finished second in rookie of the year voting. it's been through so much aren't issues in it to have this fluke of an injury where he praises. Acl and crank meets said this multiple tight back. I'm sure you'd agree. I feel that. The Matt Shoemaker Injury last April when the Blue Jays were hovering around five hundred then going into Oakland was really the the balloon got popped in the season Kinda got derailed from there because he was their best pitcher by far And it just seemed like they were never the same after. Matsui maker got injured. Obviously once guys started to get called up like flat and bowl and and everybody in can be Xio Kinda put aside but the Tweeden the point where it was called up and then cabin is honestly real period. Matt Shoemaker Getting back out there lovers it I think it's two thirds two third five guys. I mean it. Shoemaker can stay healthy and continue what he started lobster which there really is no reason to believe that he can't and then review is the top of the rotation to be quite good. And you add roark or Anderson being your other stable veteran rotation is actually gone from a dead point at the end of the nineteen and to what could potentially be strength. So I'm on the Mets Shoemaker Bandwagon. I'm so happy to see him. Back out there. This rotations got the Ark of the two thousand fifteen sneak attack for our pitching rotation. I think so I completely agree with that. But Zach have you gotten to see The worst case scenario would what happened with shoemaker. There was a guy that was gonNA chew up a ton of innings and be a veteran presence in that rotation last year it became completely abysmal and had twenty one. Different starting pitchers including openers. Over last season I try up and return of somebody like Matt. Shoemaker makes us rotation automatically that much more different doesn't it Zach? Yeah you would think so. I mean the offense is there. I think No one would deny that the offense is there. It's just been Finding some pieces to keep the Blue Jason Base in in Games essentially and I don't. I'm not a big Opener Guy It it works for some organizations that it doesn't for others but You know I think I think you want your starter to be in the in the mix for five six innings and give you know. Batter spits at least two times through the lineup. Maybe three times in the lineup. And I think shoemakers one of those guys that can come in and just blow by batters and give you know the Blue Jays opportunity to to get to their pin. You know maybe the seventh eighth and ninth innings and not tax the Peon so much. And that's really. I think everybody's goal is to just have a pin. That's in place for an entire series and and with shoemakers early exit last year. You know that was That was tough sledding. I think You know by Game. Three or game. Four of the series. You're Kinda you know in the parking lot taking name suit could throw maybe an an for for anybody so I you know I think it just adds the depth of the pitching rotation and just build that kind of flows into the bullpen as well. Yeah so Zach. Touched on it here. That the offense is pretty much ready. Made outside of Samedi some pieces that were really trying to figure out see who rises to the top and some positions but guys over the last week. Danny Johnson has been hitting the ball pretty frickin hard couple home runs and his looks like the Danny Janssen that we saw throughout the minor league career especially once he got past lansing and just became more or less a perennial three hundred hitter at each level attached and power. All of a sudden shows up. Susie gets the Buffalo. Is this the year and has already been pushed there. That Danny Janssen's already moved. Reese McGuire into a sixty forty split instead of fifty fifty split. Do you guys think he is going to run away? Maybe with some offense now that he has a chance to actually focus on the offensive his game because he has a stable rotation like we were talking about a moment ago. Think so I think if Danny Jason puts together what he started last year defensively because that was really the question of Danny Jank lamantia right going into the season And if why season with the Buffalo Bisons? The defense was the bigger question. We all knew that the bat was there and then last year. The wasn't there but defensive side game was huge. Surprise I make a prediction. There was somebody on twitter the other day. That said Danny James will be top ten catcher in baseball. I actually wanted to take it a step further guys. I don't know about you guys. I would not be surprised if he puts together on both sides of the ball defensively and he gets back to his offensive side that he had in Buffalo. Especially when the out of the powers you mentioned crack which surprise you guys have top seven maybe even top five in the entire game of baseball. I mean you think he was worth what to win last year. Maybe I'm off on that. But you still have quite a bit. Despite struggling at the plate it was defense that really carried himself. Combine that offensively. He took me looking at catcher with about a four. Maybe four and a half S. four on Jan graph. So that's my prediction. I you know Craig In fact probably see my twitter straight. Outta huge David Chan Chan. So bring it on. I want that sixty forty split seventy thirty in favor of Danny Janssen was already a gold glove runner up. Basically what did he finish in the rankings? Either way he was in the conversation never was rows myrlie conversation Zach. What do you think of what you've seen for Danny Johnson and where you think he projects the I think I think you guys are spot on Especially with his offered the numbers and we touched on a little earlier. As you know I think is catcher rich as the Blue Jays organization is from top to bottom? I think Janssen trying to realize his what's nipping at his heels with Not only who's in the locker room with him but just who's up the ladder and I think I think he knows he has to mash and he has that ability to match when he hits the Baseball. It's it's going a long way and when you have a catcher that can hit close to three hundred or above that has Just feel behind the plate that he dies and the arm that he does guy. I think he's an all star level guy and I think you know with black junior or excuse me Melina Melina Vlad junior mixed up Lena. Those I think he yeah I think he's. He's knocking on the door of that. Top seven top five catcher in the league and You know I think he's one of those guys that It's just GonNa be a you know. Everyone knows about Vlad June you're A and and all the names but I think he's going to be one of those guys that kind of carries an organization to that next level now that the pitching staff is kind of settled back into into right for water. Good stuff fellas. And I couldn't be happier to have Danny Janssen on his team because he's looking like more or less. We got the Buster Posey for our lineup that we have been looking for or the you know free agent signings as many grondahl somewhere you know going on with Dan Jansen but I think funny if I guess Brennan I'm GonNa have to give Zach segue points here because we're going to talk about a guy that more or less. Could face of our franchise to the old face really is that has resurfaced in the news lately or at least all over. Mlb RUMORS DOT COM Jose Bautista fellas is quote unquote coming back as a pitcher and he wants to be a two-way Stud. We already know he can just destroy baseball's when he gets a hold of it apparently according to whatever you think by these saying he's got around and ninety four ninety five mile. An hour fastball. With some really good off-speed stuff in a serious slider that is actually got some good. Hook Zach Helton. Do you think there is any bearing on this whole thing or is this just more fun for Blue Jays? Fans hoping that one of the greats of our franchise has a chance to come back in a major league baseball. Here's my question. Does he get to put a bat behind the mound so if he does strike someone else that beautiful slider he can bat slip his glove went. There's gotta be a way to celebrated we strike out as as beautiful as the backflip was but you know he's he's one of those guys that you know. He was so athletic as an outfielder. I I it's hard to just question anything he could do. I think you know with his arm. I think he could pitch You know does he have maybe a third pitch or a fourth? Pitch to kind of combat. You know you know once you see the guy once or twice you kind of a tone of what he has Kenny can keep people off off kilter in that aspect. The only time will tell but I would be one of those people not to question what Jose Bautista could do You know we. We also need to do in the outfield with the BAT. So I you know. Maybe he can pitch. I would like to see You know some some Getting some run but You know I you know. He always has the outfield to fall back on. So that's one of those things it's always you know. It's always good to search for a job when you have a job because you always have a job to fall back on. So maybe that's the mindset Bautista as you can always fall back onto being an all-star type outfielder again. If he can stay you know. Stay healthy so Mr Panic are give me what you think about Shohei bats. Hey can go back because at thirty nine forty year old Otani and actually you both very well. I mean I'm Tony. Obviously but like now like next on that Whatever that report out there. I think it was by Jeff. Passan was like what talk like this class? I think I read it at least three or four dive to make sure I was not like I was going through my mind. Is the going back to the pitcher or at least working the pitcher? I mean we all knew that. He had an incredibly incredible arm in the outfield. I mean Adam. Jones Firsthand knows that from trying to throw him out at first base or whoever it was trying to not up for his way into the oil. They're all those years ago so I always know you guys the harder I I agree with you. I I wouldn't put past Jose about these guys. The king and Came back with one song. He would be welcomed just as he was left with a massive massive standing ovation. I'm signing him up right now I want them in the bullpen care who we got the bullpen arms. Dime a dozen if I can Jose Bautista. Even at a minimum. Just come in here and just do a few like we were talking about the glove flips as UK's people and then again hit a home run views. Sign me up. I'm fine with it so bluejays fans if you have not heard Brennan Pancaro myself. Craig born Shenanigans on Jaber watching and you WanNa start something on your own. You can join us right here on the anchor dot. Fm Family and jump right in with whatever podcasting pleasures you want with a wonderfully free platform and Brennan doesn't get any better than that. It doesn't get any better than that Craig. What's explain a little bit more? You have creation tools that light record and edit your pockets right from your phone or computer. That's pretty damn good isn't it? Yeah now the mentioned the fact that it just goes right out to the Internet. All the wonderful podcasting pleasure places as far as spotify apple itunes and all that kind of good stuff one-stop shopping and they're even helping us get wonderful. Podcasts sponsors Brandon how one-stop shopping right. It is and you know what you can make money from your podcasts. To by being able to go through and there is no minimum listenership. All you have to do it started out to Richard. I said you could make money. We've made money. Why don't you WANNA make money to? Yeah so as far as it goes. You're only call to action here folks. It'd be wanting your own podcast. Make you download the free anchored DOT FM APP or go to Anchor Dot FM on your Web Browser and get started right today until then keep listening to Jaybird watching. But yeah guys. That is exciting. That news is there is plenty of minor league. Fun that we've been talking about on the show and seeing we are pushing that our market. I think we finally probably should dive into our top. Thirty prospects. Count down here. I'm going to kick it off here and I'm just going to rifle through. I think the first couple here and we'll touch on a few of them because we. I think we've had a chance to see if you of these guys so in the number thirty spot. We have some odd Taylor in number twenty nine. We have Tanner Morris who just came into the Blue Jays organization this past year and Riley Adams in number twenty eight Zach I know that you you know we acquired some odd Taylor to be a trade but have you had a chance to see him any year or at least in the midst of talking with your fellow friends in announcer them. I actually got to watch a little Little saline and you know. He's he's a smaller guy. I think you've got enlisted. Like five. Ten. He has a lot of power for his frame You know I think One problem you may see Taylor. He strikes out a lot so You gotta you gotTa Power Hitter a bigger power hitter. You expect them to strike out a lot but when they have a smaller frame you kind of say okay. Let's dial is back a little bit and be more of a you know a a contact hitter and maybe that's one of the You know situations bluejays have will Taylor they they. Kinda WANNA dial it back and let him use his small stature and and you know maybe ground ball and beat them out but you know I. It's always good when you have someone with You know a little bit a little bit of size you some small size with some power so I think Taylor is a good pickup But definitely gotta get those strikeouts down. I think once he gets up into the double a level. I think they'll choose to live with those strikeout numbers so Brennan. I'm top up to the next guy unless you have something you want to jump in on some on Taylor I was kinda build up the Taylor when they've the trade I believe is the Joe Smith Trade sending him back to Cleveland or whoever was that they got for some Taylor and Thomas? Panettone was also part of that. I was more excited for Taylor. They spent a lot of stuff. I was reading. I think he could see back in twenty eighteen. Maybe what he could do The nine home runs and back. You mentioned he does hit for power for a small is only five ten one sixties. What he's supposed to have dangerous but he added in forty four stolen bases and that's not the kind of speech seed in Toronto for quite a while. It is considering though that ever. Since he got onto the organization offense of numbers especially on the batting average on base percentage and even the way to runs create a plus department. Have all gone down there. That's all been as a result of promotions or he has gone from low way to a and then up to Dunedin last year average. Going down and back you mentioned strikeout tendency those keep on going up. I not sure anymore if I like the long term potential of smart Taylor Which I thought was going to be the complete opposite When they got him but Yeah it's a little disappointing. Because I was excited when they got him. I thought maybe he could be one of those sneaky guys who ended up making an impact a few years down the road so I'm not sure if that will happen anymore so I guess next. We'll move up to tailor. Our Tanner Morris which is an all realities. Act Somebody you might get a chance to see. Possibly but he's twenty one year old so he might be jumping right into lansing would be the only thing I would. Maybe Guess Tanner Morris was drafted in the fifth round for the Blue Jays last year. One hundred forty seven th overall and has apparently a nice advanced approach at the plate. Where he you know more or less strikes out as much as he walks. Which in our you know the wonderful world we were just talking about with some odd. Taylor is oddly. Welcomes didn't see a time in Vancouver last year but somebody that's projecting possibly as a pretty good Up The middle guy very athletic and should be something pretty good for the Blue Jays going forward here as he continues to fill out. Yeah I think he was homeless at second base. There's so many athletic middle infielders in the organization right now. A lot of them sitting at You know Shortstop or third. So I think Morris may find a home at second base You know the strikeout-to-walk ratio is kind of right there. Where you want it. But I think he's got a hit lefty pitching a little bit better before you know. He starts climbing up the ladder a little quickly. But you know you get later in the Games Somebody you know going to be lefthanded and a pin and that's going to be the guy more cease I so I think that's got to be one of those situations. Moore's takes care of I think he could be. You know one of those guys in the Organization for years to come at second base but at the only downfall I see is you know his Black or just non productiveness sitting lefthanded pitching. That's gotta be something. He's got to take care of while to lower levels. Yeah it's only gonNA get reimbursed as he goes further and further and tries to hit more lefthanded pitching so on the next spot. We were talking a former high round draft pick in the trial bluejays 2017 draft Riley Adams. Guys he's been in and out hurt throughout his minor league career and finally last season he puts it in another eighty. One game season. Looked pretty good. Doing it earned himself a spring training. Invite this year Brennan. What do you think of where Riley Adams is currently as he's coming in at number twenty eight? I think I said yes. Twenty twenty five cm is. I'm I skipped over somebody. I'm horrible so I will go back. I think we know we get over that. Other guy over Kelvin Kelvin. Decastro BY QUICKLY OUT OF THIS. Another incredible Catching talent that they have in organization. Obviously we talked about Alejandro Kirk Already throwing Riley Adams and Mary just another guy coming up through the system And you already have Janssen and Reese McGuire at the big league level often with just the catching that guys are not sure It's possible that maybe Riley Adams with another good season could be an attractive trae chip for other teams that are looking to add. They're catching up. I mean I know catchers dime a dozen. They're tough to come by and the Blue Jays have on abundance of them which is a great thing. But if you're looking in hovering around five hundred or so at the trade deadline which I think is reasonable for the twenty twenty bluejays. Somebody comes calling To out and outfielder Or out of Pitcher at the deadline and they want Riley Adams. He could be one of those guys that are on their way out just giving. That's that they have at catcher but even if he stays I mean just eight. It's great to have in the organization. The Guy who has eleven on last year thirty nine reviews with a tree. Forty-nine it'll be great numbers for great offensively for Petra. Yeah I think is that we're even talking about having catcher period. Let alone catching doubts in our minor league system as having had a homegrown catcher since like Ernie Whitt out is even required him. Like in the more or less the expansion drafts so it really wasn't homegrown so but these guys you need in a minor league system and I think Zack. You can attest that. And it's nice to have some guy with some pop that can come in regardless of where he falls on the depth chart you got somebody like him naked. Come in a popular one. Yeah used size six four to twenty five. That's perfect for I think If you were going to be able to catch your that's kind of where you would start. I think one of underlying things here Is Atoms were more than likely in Buffalo? At some point this summer managed by Ken Huckaby. I think that's going to be huge for his development Being around a a catcher. Who did it for so long? The major league level That's always a good thing to have 'em in your clubhouse and You know he was. He was in Bluefield a few times last summer. Working with the catchers and You know it's just a testament to the organization. The guys they have that can Kinda come in and get hands on and I think Huckabee is GonNa do a great job with whoever? He has behind the plate The summer in buffalo and I think Riley Adams can benefit from that just as much as anyone. I just had to point out the fact that you brought up. Ken huckaby because until this year he was more or less like you said the roaming catching instructor for the trial. Blue Jays Organization. I am so glad that he got a chance to be a manager anywhere in the system let alone buffalo because he did such a good job with guys. We're finally seeing at the major league level in Danny Johnson and reese McGuire and it's only continued like you said all the way through the whole minor league system and me being a guy that lives in New York. I'm glad to see that can huckabee's finally known for something else. Besides destroying Derek. Deeter that one time my guys and my parents would never let me live down. Not In the organization as well and You know I think he's going to be a young prospect for years to come and he's going to be fun to watch grow You know he kinda worked through some things last year and Bluefield he may come back to Bluefield. you're not sure but Anytime you have a huckabee around. I think You've got some Gradings ABREU AND I. I believe Kyle's got the work ethic to just like his dad does so good stuff but So I gotta go back because like I said on apparently horrible with numbers even though that's all I do for a day job so uh we had some odd Taylor thirty ten or more at twenty nine and we actually have fun with math and where we're getting all our numbers here with our our cocktail of voters on our panel of experts were Kelvin Day. Castro makes his way in at twenty eight who is a sixteen year old international free agent signing. And I'm sorry to say is I know nothing about the kid. I hope to learn more the season but at sixteen. There's not much I'm GONNA learn outside of maybe our specs live so that is why he got quickly skip over on our countdown to number twenty seven Riley Adams. And let's talk now guy. We just saw pitch the other day and unfortunately did not have the best outing on the planet and that is TJ Zoellick Brennan. We enjoyed watching him in Toronto last year. And we saw some of this the could be you know stardom of TJ's wagon what he can really do with a sinker. GimMe Your your insight. My friend I eat also just. How many are they now have after the additions of re you? She make her coming back healthy Trading for Chase Anderson And signing tanner roark deficit. Tj's pretty far down the totem pole. BACK INTO TRIPLE A. And giving his outing already In some of the stuff we saw last year I enjoyed watching. Tj Zoric because he was the first ever pick of the Ross Atkins March pyro regime. So I wanted to give them the benefit of the Dow. I wouldn't say I was older. -Ly impressed with TJ wake last year. Seems like a lot of this stuff is just flat like nothing. That's truly electrifying. For A guy who's as big as he is the only average ninety one point nine miles per hour fastball. Like there's a little bit left in the tank or maybe he should be giving you a little bit more than what he did but regardless I mean we saw last year. They got a lot of hard contact against them. And that's the kind of team we've seen so far in his two outings spring including the one where he got rocked yesterday so I have no doubts that will see. Tj's awake at some point In Toronto In twenty twenty whether it's due to injury or trade or or whatever it is and he comes up and throws a rotation spot but right now I think he's penciled in Behind Nate Pearson. Give and take away. This spring could even behind me behind. Wegas PACOIMA Toda bullet. Who knows what happened with Charlie totally but I think if it doesn't turn spring round quickly could be quite low on the totem pole and buffalo colleagues. Especially how how Brother friend of the show. Anthony Yeah so there aren't there so the the depth Lebron James. Pitching has gone a long ways for a guy that literally threw a no hitter last year in buffalo so not to be forgotten might have been saved by the one chance of a hit that Jonathan Davis does completely swiped out of it because guy did throw a no hitter in buffalo the night before date Pearson hate his debut in Buffalo. He has something there and I think you guys will attest to it. That it's just waiting for that. Next COG to click. And maybe you can tell me a little bit about what you think you see in terms that Tj Zoe. I'm kind of the same pages Brennan you know. He's huge six seven and I think you know probably growing up. He was bigger than everyone and he uses intimidation You know to kind of strike people out before they even stepped in the box. But you know Ninety five from a guy that big is is not you know is impressive to me but I I think he has major league stuff. I think you know if he could you? Maybe add a couple of miles per hour to his fastball. Maybe add a third pitch You know get a little more consistency with his change up in a sinker and you know kind of get some movement. You know everything. Everything slats going get mashed at the major league level so I I think he's got some you know he's got some work to do but with the brain and you know the the pitching that he's put out there the resume that he has already. I think he's on the right product. He's you know he's spreading right step but I think he's maybe a half a step away from being that every day Major League Bullpen Guy. Or maybe speaking rotation. Yeah speaking guys. I was actually honestly shocked to actually see may carless guys and I think that's a lot of it because he's been lost in the shuffle with all these other great pitchers that have been going through the Blue Jays minor league system and that is slotting in at number twenty five Hector Perez. I have honestly seen plenty from Hector Perez and I just. I'm waiting for that next thing to happen them. I just. It's the potentials there but that next step has not happened into the AA level for him since he's been acquired for the Toronto Blue Jays Zach. I'll let you kick this one off. Eggs I've noticed about there is likes to pitch himself into trouble and he pitches himself out of trouble really well so I think we can avoid pitching himself into trouble as much You know he can kinda climb that ladder but it's been one of those things is consistency has been there for him. But he's one of those bulldog types that He's one of those you know. He has the shovel in his hand. He's like I'M GONNA DIG MYSELF. Out One way or another and I think a lot of people up the ladder have noticed that and the you know a lot of the brass have taken notice but I think they would like to see more of less trouble and more steadiness out of Perez and. I think I'm kind of with you. You know I think once he kind of fits that groove a maybe Less innings with runners behind him or walking around are putting runners on getting double plays or having to pitch out of trouble. I think he's GonNa move up the ladder and kind of find himself in you. Know in a in a rotation Maybe a buffalo or maybe even coming out of the Bullpen Brennan kind of leading You ended your point with the Perez giving looking at its Fan Grass. Page back last year in In double a with With the Fisher. Cats average five walks in that inning. So that's based on ball tonight so he's effectively wild as A lot of people like to coin pitchers These days but I could see him just because then you go and look at not to give away the rest of our our top thirty last from our voters but when you have guys like Joey Murray and even a Simian would Richardson. Who wishes acquired? There's a lot of guys who have already caught up in surpassed has perot's on the depth chart to the point. Where with all the great arms that this organization has collected and the limited amount of spots in rotations throughout the minor leagues perspective. Breads can still have a job and keep on going. It might be better served to consider him out of the bullpen. I mean you always use the bullpen as a last resort for a pitcher. When you know that they do have some good stuff and whatnot. But I might be soon time for that to happen but with the limited amount of spots in Buffalo in in Toronto and even out of the bullpen in Toronto I think he probably pencilled in for another stint in AA before he gets back. Call UP TO BUFFALO BUT I. I'm leading more so with actor. I wouldn't be surprised when he does get the call up. It could be As a reliever at least to start I'm going to circle back to really quick to where Zach was talking about. How HE LIKES TO GET HIMSELF INTO TROUBLE. I can't remember an outing. I'VE BEEN WATCHING LEAGUE TV. That he didn't get off to allowing like you said. Brennan couple of walks in the first inning or a walking bass it. It just felt like there was always two guys on base and the first couple innings. And each any. When you're doing that you're constantly in the whole starting off. Yes he is actually very very good Houdini in his way out of most of the trouble because in all reality this four point six era that he had this past season through one hundred twenty innings could have been very much more inflated from how he steps in it right off the bat but the fact that he can bulldog his way through it just makes me wonder if that is exactly where he would be better off in that bullpen. Mike you guys were both mentioning. I hate to shoehorn amendment. Act Right this second. Because he does have three pitches that are pretty solid but the fact that we were just talking about. It's like where do you take? The next step is that when he gets a chance to go out into the one inning to winning maybe in this era out and go through a lineup once or is it with him taking that next step and staying in the minor league rotations enough to get seen and dropped this era back down to what we were seeing in previous performances when he was acquired by the Blue Jays in the mid threes and I think he gets back to that. He's still staying as starter just because there is the potential for him to be a little that they'll kick that flame into a good torch so is with this so next on the countdown is actually someone. That's probably GonNa make the team guys and I say probably because there's certain little things that happened in parking lots and some of the guys that they might want to keep on the forty man roster to that don't have options and I wonder if if there is no case reese McGuire making this team. I wonder if it's in that situation there that they'd like to keep somebody like Caleb Joseph in lineup for whatever reason and give a chance to get more everyday at bats with Danny Johnson taking more the share of the at bats of the major league level Brennan. A Course I'm talking about Reece's pieces McGuire right here. So yeah just point. I think it'd be shocked if he doesn't make the The opening day roster. Hey you brought up a good point earlier now that you have a twenty six man it could be easier to carry on your auster so if they really WanNa veteran like genesis or Patrick can't well and they could do that but Yeah I think we're we're for sure GONNA see recently. Start the season with With the Blue Jays and the fact that we mentioned this a few podcasts ago is the fact that recent wire Put in the work and actually went to Russell Martin to ask him for tips and questions and whatnot. Catching one hundred zero When reassigned by the team so yes no and I was impressed last year with McGuire. I mean considering. The fact Chanson didn't hit very much It was a nice change to see McGuire in just one hundred five plate appearances. He smacked five runs and almost three hundred. I don't think that was very small sample size but even still The fact that he was showing off since of numbers and Defensively too I was always the thing with reese McGuire compared to gauge Anthony McGuire defensive catcher. It was kind of flipped when they're both of the major league level Johnson was the defensive. One Reese McGuire was the offense of one so yeah I think he will definitely break team or break. Can't contain yeah. I figured it was almost a ninety percent chance of that. But it's just weird. How some of these things are playing out and I wonder where things go when they say that. The shift is already happening and sharing time in the starting lineup. That was part of that conversation at the same time. Well you need to keep Reece's back going. So what do you do? Do you sit him on the ban. Shirty when I'm over here is a guy that has now had forty four Major League Games. One hundred twenty eight at bats guys. He's banned to ninety seven through that time with seven home runs and fifteen. Rb is as nothing to slouch out. When he's playing too so Zach. I think he makes the team. But are we going to see continued improvement on the offensive side for reese McGuire or is this literally just a too small sample size situation? I think one of those for him. If he can stay healthy he's going to be a big leaguer for as long as he wants to be. I think they have the faith in you. Know I think the defensive side of things will carry them through. Any maybe slouch offensively. He may have It'll be You know with Jensen Jensen there with him. I think you know getting the advanced to maybe find a rhythm May Not be there. But I I think I think the The brass in Toronto. Think enough of Maguire's defensive prowess behind the plate. They'll leave him there You know I think as long as he stays healthy. He's a major leaguer. Alright boys we're going to move to a very recent acquired. Toronto Blue Jay from the Chicago cubs. Moral arbiter has been named Dr Spin by Pitch Ninja. Punch other guys Thomas Hatch a former round three pick of the twin of the Chicago Cubs Zach. This guy has been looking very good since coming into the trial bluejays organization almost like the switch trips had a four point. Five nine era through one hundred innings. With the you know with the southbound. No no sorry. Aa affiliate of the Chicago cubs only throws thirty five innings and the Blue Jays organization with the Fisher cats last season but a two point eight year. Ra through that time. Did something happen? Where Thomas Hatch? All of a sudden is the potential of round three pick. Yeah that's I think that's the question of kind of That may be answered In in this year You know six one. Two HUNDRED POUNDS. Good size right-hander but the only thing I see is downfall is below From the right side you know low nineties. Essentially with the fastball. His slider is not. It is a dangerous pit and You know he's a variety star in college for Oklahoma State You know that's that's big time baseball. I think he'll be back rotation middle reliever type Guy but I think we would i. I'm Kinda like you on this. I'd like to see a little more endings. Maybe a little more work to kind of kind of get more of a gray down on him. But I think it's there The V. Low with the fastballs about the only thing I could see that needs some work. But he can be one of those September guys that. Kinda the pan down the stretch in a playoff those could be the best free agent signing time idea writer. That's trade ship a you didn't have to even worry about grabbing so. Brendan does the spin factor on the slider. That you know Zach was just alluding to here. Where is more or less on what? I've seen the footage on Pitch Ninja slightly ridiculous. This is Keri. Oh Yeah Oh I think it does I can't remember exactly. I was trying to look it up before him. But pretty sure were After Hatch got into the organization when they acquired him from the cubs they already have mechanical changes in mind with hatch Or maybe even a different pitch or something regardless I'm going to pick it up To find the exact where they on it or what it was that they did when I was six to something That kind of inspired the change and Thomas Hatch season in honestly last year throughout the minor league system. Everybody's favorite seemed to be very under the rare. Joey Murray was talked about a lot. It's always the end of the season. After Thomas Hatch was acquired everybody was talking about Thomas Hatch And how excited they wear that came and actually blew the doors off the competition and W he actually are dwelling put out a piece. Today after Anthony as rough start Unfortunately talking about what the real competition and spring training is the athletes the fifth job. But at the same time it's also for the AAA rotation And you've seen guys like Julia. Mary weather out. There may piercing obviously TJ. So like but they're really focusing on here. And swelling mentioned Thomas Hatcher the guy who could sector in and ultimately ended up as a back end of the rotation starter in Buffalo. So the fact that he's being talked about and that was. I think it's exciting. And the fact that you got him for what. How many appearances David Trump's naked? The Blue Jays like five or less. It's pretty good business by the front office right. Yeah so hey you gotta what seems to be a useful and potentially very good piece for She said feels like three appears from David shops which is more or less on a box of beer and a bag of Paul's right it is. That's the price they put on you coming in staying with us for the beer and usually what I bring to so Zach just a future reference and that's the same offer for you my friend. That's right up on the way up. I tell you that. Perfect do easy So we're in our last two will last one year guys because we're not going to break in to the top twenty so we got will Robertson and somebody else about let Zach Sean to that. I know he's gotten the chance but will Robertson was only recently acquired and he's an outfielder so that's nice perks and in the midst of this guy. He's got some nice tools very good as a college hitter and might be able to translate very easily into the Toronto Blue Jays system did I. I'm having trouble finding his numbers from where he got into the organization last year. Other than the fact that I'm leading that he had to sixty seven for a batting average. Brennan you have we'll Robertson's fund in front. I tried to pull it up right now. I clicked on the wrong Bill Robertson. The Blue Baltimore Orioles when I clicked on it. And I thought I Rob Robertson. Got It now. You GotTa know. They used Dan Cooper to three hundred sixty eight With a three sixty five Obie P. wnyc plus one twenty four only had to get a little season. I honestly it'll be completely honest. I don't know much about well Robertson as a player so I don't think my opinion or even thought on this matter will be very valuable to our audience so I've got to turn it over to the next fire league Yeah and the minor gurus. Yeah you're good Research did you happen to find a good data for bluejays science and outfielder Will Robertson. Well I've got a few things. He played at Creighton who is also known as the Blue Jays. So it's kind of Thanks for him. I think I think it was meant to be. He was also born December. Twenty Sixth Nineteen ninety-seven December twenty six is my birthday so I know firsthand. That he's been snuffed on gifts more so than Brandon. Zack is run with us. One day tools like you said I think is tools though were perfect. You know maximalist I throw from outside six to fifteen very athletic You know I I think he's got a tremendous upside in In the outfield from the left side. I think he's going to be one of those guys With the pedigree you know. He was with Creighton when they made a run a few years ago in the NC Double A. Tournament He's he's he was a second team all region for the Rawlings First Team All big East in College season in Cape Town at three hundred. Eleven doubles four triples. A couple of years ago so I think The the pedigree is there He's one of those guys. I think we'll be talking a little bit more in the future but Definitely want to see a little more out of him maybe high level Coming up this summer because I'm reading through some of our friends notes here. Ottoman is just going through here. Is this pop pop pop? It's going to translate yard. Six home runs apparently last season. Which in the Vancouver League is pretty solid? Is that a little ballpark. Up There. At the net but Good stuff either. Way Anzac. I'm GonNa let you start off with our number twenty one guy before we break in what would be next week's Fund Eric Dino unfortunately sliding lock my friend but I think that's due to injuries and unfortunate recent news. Hey is going to have to have Tommy. John Surgery all right done and he's good and recovering but this kid is lights out and I know you had the pleasure of watching him for a whole season and I missed him by one stinking day when I came to visit when he was he was one of those guys when he was in Bluefield. You knew he was special and it was like it was like the fernando-mania of the eighties and Bluefield with party Neo kid from Brazil to face of baseball in Brazil. Small in stature. I tell you what I watched Billy Wagner in high school as a little kid and watched him you know through his entire professional career. You know he kind of struck me as a right handed Billy Wagner on the mound short in stature but he took control of ball games Each you know almost I would say ninety five percent of the time he was on the Bank of Bluefield There was a few nights early on in the season. He didn't get the offense of output to get the win He took a perfect game into the seventh. I think one night Which was a fun night? But that's I I think I'm with everyone in the organization a little arm by some of the injuries that he suffered. Tommy John in twenty twenty isn't a career ender. I think it's more so a tune-up than anything but not the first Injury Party Noah suffered so. That's a little alarming but I think if you can get him on the right track and keep him healthy. He's one of those guys that could be in the starting rotation in you know maybe two years in Toronto and I I think Just the the back story of him from Brazil and being this kid that mowed down professional hitters in the world baseball classic a few years ago as a teenager. I think it's just one of those sexy stories that I think we all hope plays out for Vardanian but his small stature is not going to bode well for all these injuries. But I think The Tommy John came at the right time. He's going to have this entire year to kind of work and Rehab and get back in order. I think twenty twenty one is going to be a huge year for Eric. And as far as you mentioned still a teenager will only be nineteen. This season so Brendan. I know. We've talked about on this show. Recently that he has had his time John as far as it goes this is development is slowed because of this bought the talents there. I know you can say something Eric as well. Oh for sure yeah no. I agree with that. The injuries have definitely been concerning defensive. many gone through so far in his career. But I mean hey. He's not even legal in the United States yet he just got legal in Canada Back at the beginning of January. Sell By the time they come back and they said either hit amount again. He'll still not be legal. United States only be twenty When he turns twenty in In January Twenty twenty one. So I mean Yeah I. It's unfortunate that had to happen because As you were saying exactly this guy could rise rather quickly Through the organization even the youngster at the age of nineteen and we were seen starting Last season before he did get injured so no I think once he gets back he'd start him low and he can be a guy who can progress really quickly through the minor leagues. It really wouldn't surprise me if by twenty twenty two We see him knocking on the door. Kinda similarly to how Nate Pearson is knocking on the door right now. Maybe not in the exact same frame because Nathanson is a monster And can cuts one hundred Eric Denia has the stuff to be able to be Front of the rotation guy and let's hope on holds up in in other injuries Do not happen is Yeah he could be very special so take the year off. Recover Rehab properly and you'll be back and ready to go for twenty twenty one. They really would not shock me that he just ripped roars through the minor league system once he does get back on. That amount is good stuff. Watching him on the mound. All video is seen just insanely talented. And it's almost like we're deprived is blue. Jays fans not getting to see him on the mound this year but he will come back and like most people. I go did Tommy. John was saying it's a tune-up they come back better than they were before. There's looking Nathan a baldy once again hitting one hundred miles an hour on the damn radar gun and spring training for the frigging Red Sox. I Know Zach urologist. But I'M NOT GONNA call one of the. He's one of the bright spots for the red sox this year. It's GonNa be a transition here that I think is going to be a an odd fit for them. I I could kinda see them fall into the bottom of the L. E. A. L. He's I think this year it's the Jays and the rays and the Yankees and then kind of everyone else in the Al. But I think it's going to be one of those Summers that The Red Sox kind of take a step back and regroup I don't know I'm still trying to learn about our manager. Just you know were. I loved him as a manager. He was a great upset. But you're Kinda got tossed into the mix with the All the astros stuff and You know we is. It was kind of a bad thing but one of those years. Yeah WITH BETS. Gone as well. I think it's going to be Interesting you're in In Boston for sure all right Mr Panic car. I'm going to give you a moment here to go on record and asks Zach anything. You've got tickling your mind right now. I'd say a lot of the questions that I did have where we're actually increase detail. So thank you for all that back but No I guess. My only other thing is Give us your prediction for Bluefield. In in two thousand twenty. How are you expecting team Dan? Up and Who would be a team to keep an eye on In the League for twenty twenty. Well you know. It's always interesting with the athlete. Get you're not the first or last. GonNa ask me how it's Bluefield GonNa do your. It's always kind of. It's always kind of an interesting thing got you. You're not real sure what's what's GonNa come back from the year before a deal. You know almost The short little spring breaks and and in the draft is always interesting to keep an eye on on some of the guys that May Step off the bus and Bluefield. You know I've always Since being a part of the Bluefield organization at a professional level. I've always been You know Excited about what Toronto. Sins down to the anti leak. It seems like you're in you're out. They compete Last year the pitching staff. What was left a little to be desired but The office of side put up tremendous numbers they were. You know I think top four in the league and and almost every category so it's one of those things that Mr Wilson and Mr Kim always do a great job of sending a great talent to all the organizations in in the In the club. But it's going to be one of those things I think It it will kind of pan out in June. Always the Yankees out of P. laskey. They always have some great talent. the cardinals organization always had some good. Talla in Johnson. City and Elisabet They're twins club. I don't think they have a low way squad so they kind of treat Elizabeth and his Advanced Rookie and low a squad. So it seems like they're a little bit more advanced Pun intended At that level there may be some of the other. So it's it's always fun to kind of to see that. Play out and tell you what the Abby Lee has been a part of my life since I found out what baseball was when I was four years old. I have been going to be we game since then and Just watching some tremendous talent. Come up through the ranks and make it to the majors and It's it's one of those things you kind of just have to be a part of kind of realize that The EPI League summers in Appalachia or would be. I don't WanNa think about what they would be without the Appalachian League But I it just gives so many good ball players a chance to hone their craft in a in a kind of controlled environments. You know a lot of them coming from rookie ball where they didn't travel where they stay in one place and they play it. You don't play in front of a mini people The EPI League During braced by whatever town they end up in They upgrade housing They're fed really well. it's our boozers close on our club. I tell you what has some poor or course meals after gains that the I think. A lot of major league clubhouses would be A A little but I it great. It's a great environment for baseball. And I think every young kid coming up through Through the professional ranks should should make a stop in the actively Zach. I was literally going to give you the Mike and Disco. You know Gosh through your shameless self promotion. But I think you already did that for your whole town so I think I'm going to miss class but anything you're you're the guest on our our show here man. I always give every that we have here. Same as brandon a chance to shine. Tell our fans where they can find you. Obviously they can find you on Bluefield Blue Jays baseball and on the radio but go ahead and gush away man. Whatever you would like to this you know. Get out to the weather. The twitter sphere and everything right now. Well I I appreciate you guys having me on You know more than once it. I am Kinda thankful of that You guys Thought enough to to call me back. But it's it's always fun to chat baseball and the Blue Jays organization. I think You Know I. I grew up Here in South West. Virginia's you know as a braves fan the Brazier on television every night and until really until Ted. Turner decided to sell the club and turned the braves into glorify. Triple a squad there for two years. I was a hard break saying You know Always going to happy league games at least two three times a week. Watching the orioles play whoever they played In kind of growing up around the BALLPARK That way it's just been a tremendous honor Mr macgonagall Mr Mala Missouri in everyone in the Blue Jays organization You know allow me to come back. This'll be my I think third full third season and then You know fourth season with the club in a professional manner. Some looking forward to that. We're trying to work out some sponsorships where we do every game This year we were doing just home games. And then Close Away Games with President Lasky. But I've kind of pushed that we do every game And travel with the club. So we're still in the works for that but we'll definitely Hagley Stahl the home games. Princeton Review last Bluefield JAS DOT COM and Through anyway You'd like to listen to Bluefield Blue Jays baseball and I just hope everyone enjoys the broadcast. you know I I'm telling the same boat that the players are. We're all working our way up through the system and I do college sports in high school sports here locally and professional baseball for Bluefield so I think You know always whether it's good or bad. I like to hear the feedback from the fancy. Listen and you know. Let me know what they enjoy. Let me know what they don't enjoy and IT'S Z. Underscore Hilton on twitter Z. Under sore held in thirty three on Instagram and Zach Kelton on facebook and With the help of CO worker at the radio station John had has long have launched a website. Zach Dash Shelton DOT COM. Got Some Somalia from some Bluefield state Some some of my other stuff. I've got some videos. I do Here locally for some businesses and and just kind of A little bit of everything on that website. So if you want to check that out It's Kinda that's Kinda be in a nutshell our website. I don't take myself seriously one bit so everybody else don't exactly it's going to be thrown myself under the bus in a website for him so I appreciate everyone Tuning in to the Bluefield Blue Jays broadcast and I'm looking forward to You know another year of the accuracy of awesome my friend and you are. We GonNa do this more often. You always have a home here if you wanna come chat anytime. Do you drop me tax in Brennan. I R- more than happy here and Talk Baseball General Legal Bluejays or just happy league gushing. So it's all good man that's right completely agree absolutely always have a home here. Didn't and you guys always have a seat in the booth with me whether it'd be the old boost the new booth or out in the parking you guys come on the Bluefield and that goes out to everybody. I don't know if we can sit everyone into the boost but in good lucrative fashion. Everyone's always invited to Peter Spark EPO awesome stuff. So gentlemen that is another one episode here and just like The some of the Gentlemen. We've been talking about during this show. This is now the all too thick version of the Jays bird-watching podcast being a little bit over our normal schedule. But we could not cut this anyways. Act This way to funnel was great conversation once again. Great having you on the show and we will do this again soon. Brennan is there anything else you would like to get out before we sign off this evening? I would like to thank US per comment on against accurate. The great conversation last night and again today. Well definitely all tune into J. or Bluefield Blue Jays baseball this year. To hear you and you call by now. I great and cyclic threes. I always feel disconnected from the lower levels of the minor. So you help bring me back a little bit and getting all caught up and I'm sure that all of our listeners will think oh real safety same thing after listening to this show so thank you again for us. Thank you guys. I think you guys are not awesome guys so once again. Brennan has been the Jaybird watching podcast. We are hoping to expand our little l'empire here where we might have another show every week. We do have still a mystery guests. I think everybody's figured out that's going to be possibly join our POD and making it a three man you know three stooges bet thing going on here and in the midst of that guy's the what's this figure this out like we usually do at the end of this show and give a let's go blue jays. Let's go let's go Bluefield Blue Jays boom.

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