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The following podcast is a deer media production end who is an incredible and passionate advocate and childbirths that are not the events that we hope for and realized nation with a consistently rising maternal mortality rate and we spend since giving birth to her first child she went on a mission to change things every mom counts and since one of the things that Christie does groups of a community that want to run for mothers so much and I think this is going to be really an interesting conversation and time to check in with ourselves and think about how important about you know every once in a while wet one mom is doing to take on can do to serve you and promote compassion and your children answer that's our goal is to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every any other countries around the world we would love to do more but it's already have limited access or good access to services and Gordon not only because our children will have a better chance at being healthy people but in a woman's life like to have that opportunity to survive and thrive in three thousand girls and women say girls because Girls Ages fifteen then which is may or may not be accurate it's very very hard to get good even as carefully as we are right now in the global arena for disability or discomfort or trauma related to the birth of their children or child a big one and so much is preventable exactly so globally a lot that's a lot considering where a fully developed country with incredible spend more per capita than any other developed country in the world on healthcare very broken and dysfunctional the countries where you're not seeing as many maternal also have a medical systems where maternity care and the options love community health workers you have family docs you have like a whole range of people Bruce ways to address some of the some of the challenges the people all the time because it's so fascinating because people often wonder we'll wait that much time to go into the details but I guess in the nineteen thirties which is sort of went teaching it's wonderful self that it is now or self instant whatever it is those scenarios that's fine you know there was healthcare being provided within the home which needs met in her home was the best way to make sure that she got healthcare at all does that grandparents have TV does up you could sort of take a check of what what the in medicine search come they were always in teaching hospitals the men not wash his hands deliver a baby like they did and they didn't have that full understanding suddenly we we change something in the system which then says let's put everyone Dr to deliver your baby and now you know layers and layers and layers of you know so when you look over the history and you saw that for some time we made gotten under starts to go the opposite direction meanwhile the rest of the world is doing the complete infant deaths with some very simple solutions education like it's it's the cultures and communities and institutions so that's pull that whereas the right place for the best place to become a mom and then also what were the oh that kind of skips to a lot of the sort of treatment of respect or disrespect it is a line of defences bad mom where are you here what did you do on the child that has become much more important that a preterm birth is normal and it's almost encouraged here even in the best hospitals in the country experiences in the neck you what's the right word for Diana that hot me out were old but I really feel like neither can exist without the other the mother or the child other just experience his it's devastated antedates all these other things that your long-term not impossible but it's a much much bigger challenge off all throughout the rest of our lives but that you know early childhood infancy is where you really the whatever birthing class I took I can't remember and I had such a different mindset and I educator was she was saying something that said you know like you don't WanNa be in Oh you know not going not showing up when you you know I think you need to write and I remember cow and hospitals the most sterile plus you can get and I feel so safe there 'cause I will you know it's has it's this idea that you have to meet people where they are and for and I was willing to if things had gone a different way that I would have been fine but you were starting also had this really negative association hospital not that that was the cause of his death bet worse but for me just that little bit of sharing that part of my story just kind of all that behavior was modeled what was the experience of your interaction with healthcare point hadn't been setting where I wasn't I wasn't walking birth rate right so but it's it's it's being able to spend enough time with I'm taking the best possible care of yourself at this time I mean there are a lot of linkages to the things that people don't talk about because there's so much it's set additionally do because they there's a model of care that they provide which is taking tyree productive years as opposed to this is the doctor the specialist you need when you're becoming a mom and there's a lot of effort right now bringing the pedia into this conversation because they tend to be br you know the data are showing that this actually does affect softer or was true it's changing how hopefully started talking we were talking about Housing Silo D- right everything is and so when you think this may be a you know hopefully a lot before they but if they have a lot of times that's it right away the passing off to the pediatrician. You can't leave unless a pediatrician has that the at least trying to change but then then they move on and we so it is this weekly you'll see your pediatrician even show you like the example of the universal healthcare they integrated system of health women's pregnant ask or you have the option as well to have an ob you have the baby the nurse a lot of women have said Oh you know that's such a pain I don't need it and it's an intrusion on my like my bonding living and that's the person who we usually recognized first of all be able to coach and give some of that early all of those things and she can look and again I was saying earlier with with the way midwives to here in the of or the the the the goal of empowering right it's it's not what it is wins even though it's actually really effective and important but then you're you're already uh-huh pathetic and helpful and supportive but either way you can feel shit you Thomas Self selecting like what program do you what program do you are you eligible for what are you knowledgeable we have this one film series called gave birth in America and in one of them that focuses on maternal robin she comes down and suddenly eligibility is very very different but are and now I'm there and now I don't have healthcare now I don't have any coverage at all and I have added stress of raising other ones and and physically going through with and there's a lot taking into account that like what does mom do that's looking for work that checkups and dragging the you know the kid and the stuff you don't have the work arounds and they don't have the ability and certainly don't have it's really it's a wonder as many people come through it they're an Obgyn visit at the same time like why isn't there somebody standing or sitting there on you know I got to see the place where she works and how the setup is and so there are poisoning everything freshman you'd have to get started in your your new life and so I saw has guess what a lot of women if one of the other one of around fifty percent or pregnancies are unplanned so if women are any situations got the extra care or birth control or you know not what you're thinking the legal kind but these mushrooms are still trims and adoption agendas with coffee CA- cow Latte protein powder vity and creativity fun fact lion's Mane Mushrooms have long been used by the Buddhist so no these rooms do not contain Silla Sivan but they will help your brain taste that way at all no sense it tastes just like regular coffee or calories as I said it's organic it's Vegan it's Paleo at sugar-free personally for me that's a good thing because I have coffee and of course there's a special offer for the raising good humans audience you women's at checkout that's S. O. U. R. S. I G. M. Tell me about the races that you do races they're not racists you can engage other parents to be healthier by doing them M- announce I like to call it bouncing up and down than forward been really I I started the organization in two thousand ten how to personal wait on this kind of journey to go back to school public hall to make a film around the world you did was it part of your masters no although in retrospect you probably to what was happening globally particularly particularly first globally before much here for me to do and I didn't know right away what that was going to be but it sort of it's sort of unfolded should be public health and a lot of the physicians especially who are working development that I was oh this idea of like population health it's just it's family health like it's just so and at the same time I had the idea after a trip to Peru where I from the highlands and just seeing it and seeing how they were able to do I want it to be that I have this experience I can I can share it like word of mouth semicircle but I I applied started the interview interviews for the film and like did it all the way through aware where would I focus like global problem but where do you begin because I saw the president of Tanzania's speak it was like the head of the African Union at the time and he was sort of I had some history I'd spend some time there and I love the country so that was way I made that Guatemala my mother's Mel Salvador which is right next to Guatemala Guatemala Lake Peru appellation more than fifty percent marginalized than the most marginalized people Tom People in my sort of origin story but linked to what I saw that you're very much at war at the time and so we looked at another place where incredible history but there are people that have had so many challenges as well but they also have this constitution that is golden it is like they have some of the best laws of a written ship thought leadership come in and like recreate it properly so it's actually very impressive very interesting and I thought well rounded sort of vantage at this issue and then I could build these relationships which has been the biggest asset ever China's or are on governing bodies of foundations or the united and every Mo- every mother counts evolved out of that first film this isn't just something that I can contribute which was my initial goal was like make this film which was just a tiny piece of what needed to happen but it was a really with the film all over the world I went back to each of the country's multiple times to screen it with the people that were development goals and so like suddenly or in the center of a conversation a small group of people were paying attention for does he an easier way to connect exactly staying on track everybody else but now as the Millennium Development Goals have was formed to continue to bring those those voices right to amplify when women the providers the people who take care of them so in every film and we've made now more than twenty solutions what's going on and what can we do to fix it no I've seen some of them they're extraordinary or pretend that solutions are easy or because they're definitely not Ah motivate motivation research you have to believe there's at least a fifty percent yeah no yeah that they can make a difference they'll be much more likely to do something if it's too overwhelming the big global challenges so what are the bite size pieces that people has I am I am I think I say out loud that at some point I'll do it yes you're doing I wanna be a part of and so the racist Kinda came about that way and so we got to reach out with like here's Tom Spots run in New York City Marathon and marathon that's and I think they thought like auction them off do whatever you want to do with their coveted spot I'm Gonna I'm GonNa run it and you can't auction them off to other yeah not do it yes Komo almost immediately the connection to our organization and our mission became in house to walk for basic care of any kind twenty six point two which is a marathon and if I was you know Oh that hurts I wasn't really a it wasn't a runner I mean I call myself an athlete every mile every mother every mile every mother women have to walk miles and I can choose who saw do it like oh wow that was really cool you do that again I want to join your team so who are running they're running for themselves in the sense that it's a goal and it's good and and so when I'm out there I mean you wanna cry the whole time you're running because you feel really over time it allowed us to let people participate in something and they didn't experienced runners who said Oh I don't I've never really linked it to a cause but you know what actually I did have a complication I actually the conversation at into the fold and then it created this sense of loyalty to the organization because to advocate for something that they care about and believe in that thought like that's a movement yes and there's a whole there's a training I chose a walk run method people do like a four started couch to five k. last because I knew the your that a woman has to take yeah to get to the care healthcare what else we do we do lots of screen events because I mentioned the film and the storytelling which is so important so dented at middle school high schools you bring man and you bring a couple of expert conversation and to get more at the lake how does touch me and what can I further ask the question a pretty exciting time it's a very difficult time but that has advocacy and policy efforts around sort of global maternal health and they canal people there's an there's an openness in a in a human right in my mind my my belief in my strong opinion but when you can be a mom deserves to have a child mentally like you know like you start with like what universal have been introduced eight years ago nine years ago we were there then suddenly they got maternal mortality reviews which is important a lot of states in this country don't really look every death and we don't do that for every death here with maternal with maternal deaths incurably so at least to agree on like how do we define a maternal death versus or not only coverage with Medicaid but also like health care like by country because we have a very rural part of our lots of rural parts of our country more opportunities than so that leaves a lot of sort

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