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You're going to be a part of our show. We're going to get you and bream. Oh Brian will be there. I think we need to make artem because he's been such an amazing Coho. Yeah we'll have artem. We'll we'll have artem come. Maybe I'll try and get them to dance for you guys. Maybe he'll teach you all some dance steps and we'll have a special guest as well on top of it so make sure to get your tickets are on sale. Well now and we're going to put a link in the episode descriptions so make sure to click it. Check it out. Get your tickets. We can't wait to see you all their everyone. Welcome back to the Bellas podcast. It's almost fall and football season then he here so we're kicking off with special guests. Brian or lacquer plus arte is back to host another hilarious edition Russian of everyone's fever game show Bella brains all right here we go happy. Hump Day Bella Army. I'm breathing and I'm Nicole and this is the Bellas podcast. We have an awesome episode for you today. From football season to grow to more deer Bellas so much fun stuff plus a special guest so without further ado it's time for opening up. Let's it's pop that bottle alright. You guys show today. I gotta pick the bottle of wine so it's not going to be as snobby bobby as Nikki Lakes to pack but I am going with long Meadow Ranch Cabernet it is so delicious and what I love of about it is not only is it Napa Valley but they come in half bottles and for someone like myself. WHO's husband doesn't drink. It's perfect. I get my two little glasses says and I don't waste any wine but enough about my wine. Drinking Nikki Ni- are so excited because we're obsessed with football and everyone or knows where total football girls so we thought it was only appropriate to do a football episode so we are really excited to announce to you guys that we have Brian Urlacher on her show. Why isn't that we kick off the season officially even though as last week Uh Eagles go on your show no the bears which by the way we got Bella brain last week by breeze has been and so he says who the oldest football team is an NFL. I totally thought it was Chicago. Bears brokers no okay that was the singer's bears the oldest okay. Who Do you think it was. Here's Donna the cardinals. We were the first here he said. Cardinals was this Chicago cardinals as we should have got point or we should have got half that right right. We'll have to check google. Later was my best friend. I Google everything we wanted you on is because to have our first football episode. We're like we need the best. We need a thirteen year vet that's right. We're thirteen years thirteen year old good job right now. Put back on every man like even Brian to my brother. Everyone's like wait. Brian Urlacher and I'm like yeah you are a lot of man crushes. I appreciate that Phil. MCM Right. It's your Sam man. Crush crush Monday your your brother. Did he tell you how we met at the airport. Osama's babe that's Jj over there. We balance. That's that's him over there and I saw it's definitely him. We didn't talk to them and then we I think at the gate or something we kinda talk this so it was Nice Cup that is a he was so soaked t Texas this immediately all the time pitcher play golf on Hobie terrible. He is lying probably is just I mean. I don't think Jj's amazing but just just won a golf. Try the Lake Tahoe. This latest probably embarrassed to play with you because maybe he's like. He's GonNa be way better than me and my brothers. I'm not I'm not doing right now. The hang with each other or a nice guy just flying flow club the the convocation. Jj for reason every time you're around him. It's like you're on a vacation. I agree. I'm a parent I have worked tomorrow. Why are we like Ron vacation boy he is. He's definitely a party boy but you know the cool thing that we're looking at is that we feel like we're kind of all all the same like. Nicole and I were in w w thirteen years we just officially retired cash. What would you say I mean for me. It's been like a year you but my role aw yeah but I never had an official retirement party or nothing but football players don't either you think. Oh my God hi. It's just kind of did it one day before. I'm not gonNA I mean I didn't want to go back. Play somebody else I was going to retire. Will you know what I'm thinking of doing. Green one here in Arizona. Maybe we do a joint joint park retirement party for the hall of fame so Oh famer yet great it does but the best night of my life the my way was awesome but can you describe it to us in the hall of Fame Party. Yes I explained to us Thursday night when we got to kin again and so I had everyone my like peewee football or Eighth Grade Football Ninth Grade Football High School football coaches college coaches and then the NFL all my teammates and coaches in all my friends from when I was eight till till now and everyone was like four hundred people there Lebron Party country meets the jury came in saying we went to bed at five thirty me and my wife and all three case. They'll till five thirty. Oh my gosh how the next morning shouldn't of the first thing we had for the hall of fame that morning I didn't go to really it's really Moscow's I'm because Russia's slipped into it was terrible so that is so and that was that in San Francisco where was that where Ohio Oh that's where the whole famous. That's that's right. Okay cool is that when you get in the hall of fame you can have your big retirement party I want to I want one now and then I want one title yeah. I'm not the Wrigley Mansion so actually showed. You do like what what's that. What do you you like that movie with the Green Light Great Gatsby. Oh I want Great Great Gatsby to think Leo would show up and be on my balcony. Probably that would be dreaming. You're not a message on your. I'm a supermodel in my head on the social media thing so we have to ask for us. We've been enjoying retirement life. How's it been for you. The last seven years as well well it was kind of adjustment at the beginning because you go from a routine or used to for Thirteen fifteen or even college the same thing and then it's like what do I do today. You wake up. You're like the first thing you think about is is not working about working out just have so much free time and I thought he was diving into golf. I want to get good at golf so I started playing a lot of golf. I play six days a week and my kids I was keeping be busy but then we moved here fulltime and on my start mountain biking still still the kids but they go school from you know eight hundred three every day so I gotta find stuff there. If I hang out with my wife all day we'll just wrestle and fight and having teachers Samantha Pretty but she's real tough tough so yeah. I just hang out man. It was like something business wise I saved enough money. I don't have to doing that stuff. Also I did okay. That's that's fun. I enjoy if I get bored. I'm sure I'll figure something out. I'm not word yet so I'm not really well and the one thing I love is that you are such a great dad. Like you know taller listeners. We were talking earlier before we start recording and it was so cute the way you're speaking about all your kids are. I'm so lucky because they're all smart. They're all of course. Most parents say this about their kids. They're cool. They're all different to like. I have three. I have eighteen fourteen thirteen. My oldest is a girl by middle girl might youngest as my son but they're also different and they're also smart and just just cool their funding colleges. Colleges here died how you earn reality. He's forty one started early but that's it's crazy. I got to go to college parties with her. I know yeah right to protect and be the bodyguard. Boys are not scared of DADS and he now they're not messaging now yeah so I used to the call girls in high school and be like Oh Johnson. Can I speak to Samantha Analysis. They texture daughters. They don't have to call the house anymore. Aw which I believe there should be a rule though like I feel like no matter what then no one knows landlines so maybe they have to call the Dead Cell L. Phone or dad for your should well. You'RE GONNA have to figure it out because they have to call my phone. I okay let Burbano that so. She gets that mental out to all the guys hook it up card. Make a card like instead of a business card. It's like a dating dating hard. Inner parents like look all smuggled before she gets her own phone by the way I mean for me. We didn't didn't get a phone until the end of high school to drive the car right twenty two in the glove compartment the big one in the middle constantly but then when I got through college they had to flip phones. I had a flip phone voice. Morris I would yes cool. Bring back here. You know what I noticed which I have to be bad because sometimes crash and I like to watch Netflix and I'll put my laptop on my stomach or my phone. I'm like Oh no don't do this. Bree like yeah. You gotta live cancer now why Pissy everything does horrible. It is true we speaking of living. I have a question. Do the bucket list like. Is there anything that you're like. I totally want to do this. There are some things that certain got to do the show I I love golf so I got to play at Augusta the the masters but the few times I'm playing. I'm excited about that but I'm not a big traveler. I love the United States. I really love being here. I love everything a food. I love the people of my wife's. The big travelers who wants to go overseas receives all stay here. That's awesome. That's a good question about the bucket list things. I always like I feel like I need to go back in like look at my bucket list because my mom had mentioned it the other day and I'm like I think I need to add to this skewed yeah because you've done a lot because when you get in the limelight and you get to meet people and do things if you just Kinda lose track of what you WanNa do 'cause you do. I agree people that you'd never thought you would meet and then it kind of gets old hat because like Oh. I met them so. It's cool. It's it's so true because we travel so much for work like we all were in different cities every week and it's like when you actually get free time. It's like the last thing I do even though I'm still obsessed with travelling fishing. Oh really yes. It is finds you need to go to like Alaska or in Florida. I'll go down there ten twelve times. I love it off hundred miles offshore. Your phone doesn't work nothing so you're out there. You put your phone away. Let's taking pictures and we listen to music and we drink and we have a grill in a bowl. We eat the fish. We catch cool blessed. I love it that is fresh. Fish fresh is a good time so we like doing that. Here's my like getaway stuff. I like it. I feel like you're a lot like my husband like. You just seem very simple outdoors. That's very flattering comparison for me. I like him. We have the family barbecue is because I think you guys would love each other. I agree my kids. Probably we'll hang out but you know family could be my wife. Maybe exactly so you know. We have a lot of women listeners on here and I always think of like an. I'm trying to think of the right question to ask about like women tuning into football because I mean we're lucky we were are raised in it. Understand it as well but I always like I wonder from a football players perspective of like how can women be more involved so I'll tell you it was health. Football fantasy football play fantasy football. My wife understand her douse a football coach for thirty five years in high school so she understands it. She's trying to get me play fantasy and I'm doing but I'm doing this year. She was my whole team from me. She does everything I don't know how to. I'm not a good phone. You can text takes you back stuff. I'm not liked APP SMART. I guess anyway I think physical ball is a way to get women involved because it makes you more interested in the Games. You don't have to really know what's going on yeah just players and you're not so much involved with one team players all over the league that there's not one referee's journal that this woman referee Soccer Walker right that was a big thing for even in wrestling football I think last year I may be wrong. I'm not sure I know I know for sure. There was one last year but let's see where I heard a hair up under her hat. So you can't see your hair. I definitely saw a couple of times last year but research to Google search that you'll find recall cool. Draft quarterback was been rothlisberger concern. I I go back. I took was Aaron Rodgers by played. Ben The first week so I thought he would do better because air was playing the bears. I don't WanNa play earning the bears. The bears are really good on defense concepts a fancy football but I'm not like a huge like semi lineup every week and make sure I'd do it on a certain date. Remember really into it and then it's just so hard for me to remember to switch team because of Thursday night football the Great Ya oh I love it always would be like the time Thursday night we come. I go H my fantasy team so it should offer my team in your stuck with from last week and someplace could have a by then. You can't send him again but I love Thursday night games. I play a lot you guys don't like him because it's a short week. I loved it because you have three day weekend. Oh yeah there's tended off before you play again that week. You may suffer a little bit but your game plan so short short going into the game. You just practice. You didn't put pads on the week. It's just quick play on Thursday and hopefully you win. You have three weekend Sunday nights. I hated night games. Yeah them all day long to play that on the road you got back three or four in the morning and then you had to get rid Tuesday. Was Your Day off Wednesday. Do you have a short week for Sunday. You know I just didn't like playing twelve o'clock game every Sunday at the happiest guy ever yeah that makes sense because I think of when we played soccer like I loved morning games yeah but then I got used to the night because a wrestler everything Tuesday night when I made this comeback recently to fight Rhonda that was hard on me because I took so much time off was in bed all the time at nine o'clock and then all of a sudden I was going out to matches at nine thirty and I'm like Oh. My Gosh honestly yes. I believe your body into a certain regimen your mind stone you go to bed. Go to bed. When you have kids. It tells you nine. PM is like midnight the need to be sleep by nine forty five eight thirty anymore. 'cause I'm all grown now but they've nine thirty in bed sums wrong. I'm doing something should be doing. I agree agree to. I feel that way now too. Did you have a special diet when you're like in season. Did you have strict diets. I like Soham so curious. Here's like a football on the worst guy to ask because I everything I just want an calories when you play and I don't do it now but I still terrible right now. no. I drink cokes Dr Pepper. I really I mean luckily my fifth year. We had a guy come in who knew how to eat and I didn't strength coach Rusty Jones Stud but until he got there I had no idea I mean everything McDonalds for lunch. It was horrible and they never checked to guys like it was only six or seven so it didn't matter under six so it wasn't that long. It's a good metabolism yeah. I'm I'm looking at you now and you don't have a dad bought at all football for seven years. You're in incredible shape riding my bike mountain bike mountain bike. I need to get into today. Mountain biking has just changed my workouts alright twenty twenty five miles a day and I love it takes two hours in the mount and it's like therapy I put my headphones on and just pedal and he goes goes you want to or is not hard you want to it's just fun. That's awesome. Do you still last thought maybe two days a week but that's a good workout like everything is done retired. Lifting Weiss has been twenty five minutes long. That's all super sets everything. I'm no more heavyweight. Don't go over twenty-five bench anymore. They do squats on why I'll have to let this important. Let's name was the pressure on my back in easy more so I try and do curls what but I can. I do the same ad move every day. I get a forty five pound weight and you cite. APPS buddy makes fun of because that's all I ever do for APPS. Oh my Gosh I love that. I want to be on the Brian Urlacher fitness plan but yes thank you for coming all right. We might might be a team right now but Nicole you are splitting off and making our own teams because guess what it is time for matchup other week but first a quick brain so today we're talking about kicking off football season season and what better way to watch your favorite team than on a new ultra comfy couch yes and what better way to shop for that nice new couch than article recoil articles the easiest way to make your space look beautiful. I mean impress your guests with designer crafted pieces with Scandinavian touches. Just just please make sure they do not spill any dip on your New Sofa. Oh my goodness article offers bear prices so save up to thirty percent over traditional retail prices aces and they even offer in room delivery and assembly. I have a whole room from article and I could not be happier. 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I mean it's so true. Literally in a recent test stance basic casual sock was over three times more durable than that competitor. You probably here for all the time. Oh I believe it. I mean I love my stand socks and I love that they make socks for kids to they. Come in tons of cute designs and birdied loves wearing them plus. She looks adorable. Tail and you guys are super super comfortable. I mean I agree if Birdie thinks they're comfy. You know they have to be comfy and I have to say I really don't WanNa. Put anything else on my feet ever again. There's there's a reason stance changed talking forever and we want you to try them yourselves. That's why our listeners can get a free pair of socks purchase. At stance dot com slash ballasts. Let's dance dot com slash Bellas because if they're not stance they're just sucks alright Bella Army so each week we pick a topic to debate and then we leave it up to our listeners to vote on instagram who won the debate. That's right so last. Week's abate was should should you design an engagement ring with your significant other or does that ruin the surprise so we got the results and you guys all think it's. GonNa ruin the sobriety yet I have to say the percentages were closed so it was like fifty six to forty four so it was a close race but yeah. I want a guy now so you guys is I mean I designed. My Ring didn't change anything but I get it. If you want to summarize I think you know with the fun part of an engagement is and I think obviously majority of the people feel eldest two. It's been surprised and seeing what your love on creates I was. Still you know what we're not going to debate about it again because we need to beat Ooh. Let's hear it and I you know what what I like debating about this because we all heard what Brian Urlacher said earlier what gets people into watching football fantasy football and I have to say fantasy hennessy football has become such a big part of NFL college like it makes sports a lot of fun and it gets women involved and people who aren't into football so I thought it'd be fine if we debated. Should you root for your fantasy team or your L. Favorite team and if you're not hit with it are l. means in real life. Okay so you're Kinda on the same site here we both feel that no matter what you have to root for your team but now we grew diehard philly fans it's roots and our blood our grandfather so we feel rl yes but I do see how people have become more involved in football because of fantasy so I get both sides. Okay well then you're. GonNa Debate for fantasy team. I'M GONNA debate for the I. R. L. Team and we'll see we'll see who wins right you guys so if you're new to our podcast the rules of our debate are that we each have thirty seconds to make an opening statement for our side of the issue then we have two minutes for a final arguments free for all all right. Nicole who's going I. I say the IRO was first. Okay because we're the real for real will we don't jump on band wagons. Let me get the clock all right. Go Okay first of all we all hate people who jump on the bandwagon you rooting for your fantasy see Tim. You're jumping on the bandwagon. You should sit here. Iro Why your IRA team because its roots. It's hard. It's what you are made up of pretty not much of your die hard football fan. It's your DNA. It's your culture. It's your city and for you. Turn your back on them for fantasy which probably means because because of money or wanting to be a winner. It's shameful. It's so shameful soon. Obama's mercer weren't finished. You're never fin- ah whatever can wait to hear this ready. Go so the one thing I've noticed about fantasy football is way more people are involved opt and watching the sport and when the one thing I love is when I actually do see people sitting and watching their IRL team their favorite team but then don't click to other games aims and they start to know other players because they do care because they want their fantasy team to win plus. Yeah people make some money but I know more women who are truly more involved in football because they have a fantasy football team like women. Now are watching like five to sixteen. Don't try to still Brian. Urlacher words known your debate bad Brian Urlacher and I have the same views and whatever well let's put two minutes on the clock all right here we go and do you realize when we talk about football. We get like intense okay. We do first of all all team in real life like that's blood bree. How do you turn your back on your IRA but not everyone has an L. team so now people were given the opportunity. If they weren't raised around football now they can fall in love with football a different way. Why not make a bigger yeah but I feel like even if you weren't into football you still have an Ireland eighteen because now you're in a fantasy would city. These people live in a city people loved fantasy but when you hire L. team. Nothing's more fun when you go to the bar. Everyone's like yeah cheesehead. We're packer. Fans is love and his bond. I talked. This is not all about you so listen. I think it's really cool that people every week it will use their brains and go wait. How will this player do something for me. Will that play or do something for me. They put these teams together. They have to put a lot of thought to it. I think it's really cool and I think it's cool to Kinda. Look outside your green no other player. How many jerseys do you have team. Are they. All my jerseys or green they they bleed the Philadelphia Eagles exactly my point so do all these people just have ten to twenty jerseys idea but it makes Fantasy Football Jersey unless you have a team team fantasy football team which Brian I were the bearded ladies broker all Jersey represents it all. That's like our medals so you're saying is football. Fans hands at strictly like fantasy which they why should route. You could play fantasy but you root. It's who you root for you hired. L. Shouldn't be watching other eight throw. Hey My way you think we're saying who do you root for. Watch all the Games you want. You never turn your back on your team. That's what I'm saying but what if they're about to win some big big money and they need their quarterback big brought into money. Blood isn't made money blades made of love how great you can make and you have to have that. You're out. I'm just curious to hear what the world has to say all right so you guys. What do you think your real team or. Can you also go well you. I know don't try to throw in words. You're five seconds over and whatever I don't know I feel like I won this one well. We'll see all right everyone so let's see who the winner of this debates going to be. Is it going GONNA be bree. Who says you should root for your fantasy team or me. Who says you should do for your. Ira L. team. We will post a poll on I. G. For you to vote and we will will reveal the winner in next week's episode. I can't wait to see either. Okay you guys so now. It's time for a brand new segment. Were so obsessed with this segment. It's it's time for deer Bellas. Welcome back to our new segment dear Bellas where we give Bella style advice to our listeners because who needs abby right when you have to Bala exactly okay you guys. We had such a blast answering these questions last week so we're going to do an extra one this week all right first question. High Bellas. My name is Keila. I am from North Carolina. I I am a full-time worker but I also have to really mean and beautiful toddlers little girls. I'm also married. and my question is for free. I know you're a mom and I know you guys like to joke about it on the podcast all the time but how do you keep up being you know really present and your daughter's life but also being married for five years and kind of keeping that a romance alive your husband but also being like a boss ass bitch and running all of your different companies and that kind of thing so. I would love to know how you balance that a little bit but definitely how you stay present with Birdie okay. Thanks so much high Keila. Oh my Gosh I love your question and I love that you called me. A boss boss ass bitch. That was amazing so it's actually interesting because I always make a priority list like what are my priorities in my life so birdies obviously number one eight saying my marriage is number two but let's let's be honest when your mom you'd think like my kid is everything then marriage than business but but there was definitely a time where I felt like I had zero balance and you know Nicole Lapin hit on it a couple of episodes ago but is not being afraid to say no like like I just have to at times think to myself. Okay breed this month. What's important and I always make sure that I give Birdie every day. We do an activity whether it's painting coloring going swimming or even going to a movie like we do always something fun. I always try to make her feel my presence. I mean I'm also lucky because I work from home and travel with her so I'm blessed in that way but you know Brian. I we just you know during nap time or when Birdie goes to sleep. We really have to tell ourselves like okay. We really need to connect right now and he and I had this summer had this big talk where like well we haven't connected for for months and it does it makes you like best friends and your marriage instead of lovers and we're just like how what is it we need to connect with and we just had a really deep talk and I think that's important important for marriage and then we start putting activities together when bird goes down what will connect us because so much was him going to his book we go into my nut flex so you know just having that communication the honesty in marriage and then you know. I am I'm a career woman and my businesses Meena Watt and because they mean a lot means sacrifice sleep I was a girl who loves asleep ten hours before he became a mom but for me. I knew to be a part of it. All I was going to have to sacrifice that so unfortunately at times I'm on phone calls till ten. PM or answering emails are waking up earlier but you just got to write down your list and you just really got to think about things that are really important. Your life and the things that are just is taken up way too much energy. I definitely will tell you don't have the biggest social life but that's okay because my marriage Birdie and my businesses. They're all fun and I I love him so phil social to me so I hope that helped Quila and I'm sure you are an amazing mother and a boss ass bitch as well all right. Let's hear the next question and Bella my name is Morgan. so basically. I just wanted to ask you guys. What is something that you that helped you really get through the hardships in life and are having time and having a really tough time with my life lately. Just a lot of things have been really getting me down and there's a lot of obstacles so I just don't know what is something that really helps. The two of you strive to be great and conquer everything that you base. Thank you so much I'm Morgan so first of all. I just want you to know that s Bellas are going to keep you in our thoughts and prayers and we hope whatever it is you are going through that you fight through it. Just remember you are stronger than you think and I'm you know I have to say I one thing that can help you overcome at one thing that I've always been very lucky with. Is I have an amazing support team. I have bree who has always been my rock and lets me vent to to her. Lets me tell her the same story of sadness a thousand times because sometimes you need to have that repetition so fully just leaves your heart and soul so so find that support system whether it's your parents your best friend's your siblings a life coach. I have to say I brought a life coach into my life. I talk to her once a week and she makes me feel so free and light and I think that's the most important thing when you're going through something. It's feeling green light because we'll can carry so much sadness and depression. It gets heavy so having a life. Coach therapist is something that's really really helpful. Helpful also meditation you would be shocked and I get it. Sometimes meditation can be really inconvenient because we wake up. We want to have her coffee. We WanNa start her day okay and by the time we get back home. We're so tired that we don't even want to do. Let's say a workout sometimes. We don't even WanNa Cook Dinner. We just WANNA get in bed. Maybe watching net flicks make make meditation a priority because meditation is just so healthy for the mind body and soul especially when you're going through something I really love and I always say his name wrong. Deepak Chopra him and to Oprah have an APP and that helped me so much also eckhart totally his book. The power now is incredible and I had to say I mean. There's a reason why they made self help books. You're not alone so when when you read other people's stories and how they overcame it helps so much so those are the tools that I've used to overcome also if social media does not make you feel good. Get off of of it for a bit. I went on a social media. Detox is going through the toughest stuff in my life that helped me so so much and I'll let breach jump in but but for me it's I'm doing everything that I love. I have a vision board. I have started vision board since I've been eighteen years old. I'm on my third one and every morning and night. I look at everything that I truly want to do. I look at my bucket list. I look at things that I know I could create things that I wanna do when I retire. Sometimes they happen earlier and sometimes I know the hyphen later but I feel like I work on my vision in my passion every day and that helps me conquer things because those are the things I truly want exactly luckily and not because we're twins but everything. Nicole said I would agree with and I do so we wish you luck Morgan. We love you and that was a really strong and Morgan Morgan. Something I told artem recently is I something I did for so long. As when I was trying to walk forward I kept looking back and try to do that in real life you can't you're. GonNa hit a wall. You're going to do something. Harmful always look forward because guess what what's back. That's in the past. That won't change anything that it has been done can be undone but that's when you're walking forward love that so always remember to walk forward and never looked back. Yes all right Morgan and know that your Bell is love you you we are here for you and we are thinking about you and praying for you so we hope you overcome it and conquer anything you. WanNa do right bree ready for the next and last question instant yes. Let's hear it pain again breathe. This is Lauren I'm just calling for some fashion advice so I love the bird maybe line. I've got a couple of pieces from you guys. but what. I'm wondering is ready. You guys shop so I mean obviously got tons of designer stuff but if you're just looking to not break the budget what are your go to brands go to places and bree for Verdy like where. Where are you finding clothes for her. I've always been the kind of person that kind of mixes up some more high quality items with something. I find at target but I wanNA know like where you guys going so thanks for the advice Lauren. I liked that question fashion so I'll start with birdies so birdie. I'm actually really big instagram shopper with her I find all these mommy owned brands or like their local brands brands and it's just crazy what these like little boutiques will have and so. I usually always order stuff from instagram shops. It's crazy but I always find like the Nita stuff and let's be honest target some really cute stuff for Taj baby and they grow so fast they spill everything on it so I do kinda mix it up with that and I bought and Birdie a couple of designer stuff analysis biggest mistake because they grow too fast and it gets stained like so so well and Lauren for me. I have to say so where I like to get a lot of my high end stuff. Is I go to shop on four to lot. F W R D dot Com. I'm obsessed obsessed with that model East Walker. She puts she just pairs a lot of amazing designer brands stuff together and also a big shopper shopper and Saks and barneys but I'm like you. I like to pair designer with affordable brands and I've always been obsessed with free people's free movement line. I get a lot of my amazing basic tanks and crops and pants from them. also Brandy Melville like she has such good basic the pieces I get a lot from there and for myself I'd have to say like I'm really big at heading up. nordstroms anthropology and free people lake take. I feel like any time ago those three spots. You can never go wrong. There's always a sale going on and you can find little pieces and if I do designer I head up intermix. Yeah owner mixes good shopper today. We spent a little too much money. We were at vintage by misty you as if you're in a vintage and you're into designer vintage I got her. I G oh my Miley. Cyrus wore one of her watches but I just dropped way too much money their in him but I have to say my g coming up. You is are going to be proud. It's GonNa look good because some of the pieces I got from her. Are Truly amazing. Pieces see slower great question because I'm the same. I always wonder people's fashion worthy of what they do. Oh and you know what else I have to say what has good genes that are affordable pretty little things and they fit great. Those are a lot of the genes I've been wearing. That's great. They're like thirty bucks can't beat that no all right well. Thank you you everyone for your calls and thank you so much for the three questions today Morgan Keila Lauren. We absolutely love having you call in so bell army. If you you want a chance to hear from US anything from relationships to business life to mom life or whatever else you want advice on. Give us a call at eight three three Q Bellas yes and now it's time for Bala brains as always Bella brains hosted by my husband. WWe superstar Daniel Bryan Brea except when it's hosted by my man on dancer Foodie builder extraordinaire artem should mid Sieve Nicole owes blood to be back for another addition of collaborate artem. We always love having you and your kilo accent back. Ok everyone's so bella brains as the hilarious weekly game show that is hosted today by my artem and if you don't know Bella brains as where one twin leaves the room while the other twin is ask them questions and we keep score to see who has the stronger girl Bella brain as we're creepy tracker wends each week and the I wanNA fight wins gets a bottle of dom paid for by the loser and the current score score is zero to one bringing the lead. Whatever bright whatever bree you've been on such a role lately? I can't stand it. I know bree continue winning streak always Nicole going to break it. Let's find out it's time for Dalit race. Bella Bella brains okay who's leaving the room. I have really the first because she needs to go. Feed Birdie and Winston. Come on okay alright artem. You know what I love. It's like Green. I talk we're like the cha-cha and then you come in like the Argentine Tango Collect Mollica Smooth Foxtrot something I'll take are Kinda like like loud your voice it gets like more genteel smooth and slow and oh it is okay then. You're like a foxtrot okay all right ready. We are ready for this swig Bella brains. I'M GONNA ask you question about China. Uh Brian's in China right now yeah got a topic. Brian usually host Bella brain so I decided to pay a tribute to Brian and the Chinese. Do you worry about him. Okay so anyway ready first question. I am what is the capital of China. Oh my Gosh Hongkong nope Shanghai. Nope hope one more Beijing Sing Ding Ding Ding Ding Beijing is the one okay question number two in what a year China held last Olympics. Oh Wow two thousand eight. Yes it is the one that phrase the two thousand and eight question but you got it so I guess my question was correct and the last question is and this is going to be live with more challenging one but I feel like I'm going to get in because I'm well. It's true I hope I hope you get it now. Now secretly rooting for you okay so how long is the wall of China. Oh Oh wow that's a good question in miles mile okay fifty miles an hour through guesses one hundred miles wrong. Do we get harder colder anything. No don't get hot or cold one hundred and fifty miles. I'm just kidding twenty. Is That your final answer twenty miles my I finally answered okay. We're GONNA keep that Hugh who is closer to the meal the member we only get three guesses. You got four. No I didn't fine. I have to play by so we'll get three. Oh okay you right back with Brie with I. Hey Bella Army so let's talk about everyone's favorite not year. The holidays really Nicole Jabre okay. I know it's early but listen up. You don't want to suffer through another holiday. As season taking those awkward closed mouth family photos while everyone else is showing off their stunning smiles getting picture vicks vows easier than ever with candid candidates. Clear liners can help straighten your teeth faster than wire. Braces treatment takes just six months on average. If you start now you'll be well on your way to smelling in big in those holiday picks and experienced orthodontist licensed in your state crates custom treatment plant then they show you a three d preview of what your teeth will look like when you're done that is a right so no more visiting the Ortho office thinkin they ship the liners directly to you and they even cost sixty five percent less than braces but we haven't even docked to the best part with every liner purchase candidate donates twenty five dollars to smile train. They bring free cleft flip empowered treatment to children around the world. Oh my God I love that. I just love companies with purpose so bellarmine. If you are ready to help some kids out and get your photo ready pretty smile by the holidays go to Candidate C. O. Dot Com slash spell as and use Code Fellas to get seventy five dollars off. That's candid Co Dot Com Slash Balas Code ballots for seventy five dollars off candid co dot com slash Balas Code Balas. Should I be nervous at this time. Actually I've made it really easy. Okay so because Brian is not here to host it decided to pay tribute to Brian and he's in China China so all this question's. GonNa be based about China. ooh Okay. I feel like I know nothing. Welcome rush me like okay purse question breezy. What is the capital of China Shanghai. No two more go ahead. Oh God I know what that face means uh-huh okay. There's a time lament wait. I know other cities China inch on say Tokyo Japan ten more seconds guesses yeah but she was the head. Oh you said no hints your hands at all okay fine. Shanghai's the only place I know okay. That's IT E. You sure this really offing else nothing there okay. This is getting late you. It's a tip of my tongue but I can't think right now. Okay what is it. I'll just take an eat okay. It's Badri and Oh my gosh I know Beijing Hong Kong. How did you Hong. Oh my God. You Guys Ma brain right now so then t in Hong Kong it's China okay. I'm I'm not gonNA argue with you all right question number two in what year China beheld last Olympics wasn't it just recently twenty twenty eighteen th nope 2017 one more guess that wasn't China Yeah. I just saw one more gas. US Twenty Twelve in two thousand eight S. Did you get that right right yeah by the way I got Beijing and two thousand eight rate whatever you're already loser but let's see what she wants on this last one last question is and this is the harder one one how long is a wall of China the Great Wall China trying to host it just sitting on a bench tape. It's a Great Wall. We can't forget how great it is. It is great all right well I guess. Is You know my mouth year one hundred miles you know house where my guesses fifty miles was one of my kids and actually we did for in this one twenty miles. Oh Oh my gosh. Are you serious. I guess she's GonNa say. He's actually fifteen miles so no it's actually thirteen miles long. Yes I want that brings. The current core to one to one year. Chen is almost sad whatever I can't. I can't wait for Brian. Hey that Beijing so we'll be back next week for another dish Nov Bella Bella brains Bella brains. I think you artem for hosting another amazing dishing. A Bella brains goodness he is so cute uh-huh and so smart but now it's time for Bella Army. QNA right everyone as always tweet at Bella the twins with the Hashtag Bellas podcast. We might pick your question to answer on the show this week. We're answering a tweet from at Jillian to me. ACC DOC yes. Dak- last night did not ruin your last name so she writes Bella twins. Have you seen glow on net flex. If so what are your thoughts I led the podcast. Hashtag bows podcast Hashtag Nikki Bella has tech Brie Bella well. I have have to say Jillian. I'm obsessed with glow. I actually I binge watch it. I probably watch it within four days. I watched season one. I just haven't had time to catch up but I mean I just loved seeing Kia seen cong- on there and I love the fact that Chabot is the one that trains everyone so for some of you that don't know glow actually has some professional wrestlers that we've wrestled with as well as their trainer who literally trained all those actresses he used to wrestle what does he was like a huge inspiration to his name's travel guerrero so it's just fun knowing like the. WB family loud that's part of Glo totally and it's you know there's a lot artist. I watch Anglo that I can really relate to. which is the just how some of the women got into wrestling some of this stuff you still wet? It's it's it's fun and I love the costumes costumes. It's fun to watch that era. You know what I mean. Bad guys verse the Goodguys Storytelling Yeah so we're big fans are and as we wrap rap battle them close throws even though they beat us they damn actresses. I was so nervous with that but yes we do. We we do love glow and we just let it brings such amazing recognition of women's wrestling so great question. Jillian and you know what we're GONNA do a bonus question because we had an amazing mazing guests today we had Brian Urlacher. I mean talk about an all star from the Chicago Bears Hall of Famer so we gotta do a football question right. That's cool all right so from at Daniel B four nine seven one three nine zero three. What was that your phone number. That must be all right. Daniel Daniel ask you guys are so cute Nikki but I have a question for next podcast with football season around the corner and girls being such big eagles fans. Have you umbria ever been to an eagles game in Philly led the podcast Hashtag Bellas podcast has shagged fly eagles fly so I'm actually GonNa take this one and you can interject Jack Nicole so Nicole. I actually supposed to go to the game September eighth against the Redskins and Philadelphia but all set in our filming got delayed and we had to film all day Sunday so we weren't able to go to the eagles game but guess what Daniel we have never been an eagles never really it's on our bucket list. It is and I want to be on the field. I want front row like I want to do the full thing when I go I wanted you to fulfill like we deserve it. You know why bree why have to root for your team. Ooh I see what you did there yeah okay. I'm taking back to match of the week so I could have more people vote for me but you know what Daniel we are going to go to game in Philly because we need to be there. We're going this season. We're going this season. Alright you guys. That's it for this week's Bella Army. Qna I think you everyone so much for tuning in to today's podcast. Yes thank you. Brian Urlacher you bat as hall of Famer for coming and just making even more excited for this football myself shy so happy he came and everyone remember to buy your tickets for live show. Oh Two nights September twenty fifth in Phoenix unless they're already sold out a better be and there's a link in episode description we are just so so excited sighted and we cannot wait to see you all there also vote for the winner of this week's match with the week on Instagram tweets your questions for Bella Army. QNA with the Hashtag US check Bellas podcast and call eight three three Q Balas to ask us for honored vice and our new segment dear Balas and please show us some loud by rating the show leaving a review and hitting subscribe and special. Thanks to my future brother-in-law are for being a great Bella brains host. She is the worst but everyone until next week. Remember to stay fearless and DJ always go bream mode. If you drink along with us see you next Wednesday and his birdie likes to say

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