Closing Bell Brief for Wednesday, November 6th


Wall Street Journal listeners. Come from all walks of life and business and no matter what type of business urine eighty P is here to help you achieve what you're working king for with. HR talent time benefits and payroll informed by data and designed for people learn more at design don ADP DOT com. This is your closing bell brief for Wednesday November. Sixth I'm Charlie Turner for the Wall Street Journal. Stocks closed mostly lower Wednesday ending. A string of record closes in recent sessions. The Dow Jones industrials lost a fraction of a point. The Nasdaq composite fell twenty four points. The S&P five hundred gained two points. Energy shares were the weakest performers Wednesday Chesapeake Energy Stocks plunged twenty nine percent after the utility said on Tuesday that it might not be able to stay in business business. If commodities prices don't rise UBER shares fell nearly four percent as the lock-up period on the company's initial public offering expired meaning investors sisters in the IPO can now sell shares. The stock is down about forty percent from its May IPO PRICE CVS. Health rose more than five percent after the company posted posted stronger-than-expected Prophet and raised its outlook and Roku shares tumbled in after hours trading the maker video streaming hardware posted a quarterly loss. After the Abell nearly triple that of a year earlier though the laws wasn't as bad as expected for more head to or the W._S._J. APP.

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