171: The One That's Soo LA: Tuesday, October 15th 2019 with Brad Goreski and Gary Janetti


Good morning millennials welcome to toast the West Coast to coast first episode. It's Monday for us but when you're listening to this it's GonNa be Tuesday we hope you had a great Monday you'll be great weekend I hope you either celebrated or Dylan Celebrate Columbus Day holiday so like I know a lot of people like we're out of school in like a few glasses of one really not enough wine to warrant vomiting three times before I fell asleep vomiting all through the morning dry heaving I know this is disgusting but then I got an and she was just sitting up like normally so after the I did not throw up again like I didn't feel great but I felt like how you probably should when you're hungover lead poisoning but it was so upsetting nine o'clock we were like hitting the ground running like dress movie premiere going out to dinner like meeting all of our West Coast friends and Jackie was taken down by a Salmon Sh- something salmon carpaccio it was very historic it was beautiful you know you're like legit when the seats in your theater or Red Velvet you know who it was velveteen vibes and it was a great show I got to do a fun entertaining he took it off because I was struck down Oh my god faith food poisoning in this town it's like La knew I was too excited to be here and they were like bitch calm down here at six forty five pm and I honestly don't know what it was we all kind of shared plates there were a few things I more of than others and when I woke up I just assumed I was hung over because I was having hungover symptom but like she drinks the job when they like what's your biggest weakness and people are like I'm too prepared you know people were like I'm too detail oriented too good at my job I hate people like that I care to my aiming you know which I realized the fastest half and it was a great show lots of toasty vibes out here on the west coast it was good I was like really nervous like backstage now who's couch did you say oh it's all about who you know it's networking which is my worst skill it's my biggest weakness exactly like in a that's a great answer for an interview the game and I knew that like my managers and everyone they probably invited like important people and I was just like so nervous and I was sweating so much like my hair was soaking live from the Ivy doc that saved my life I lead actually crazy to watch when she started the idea like home pick her head up and by the end like she wasn't gagging each like usually I could walk in front of a crowd of a thousand or five thousand and I don't care but something about the energy and like L. as like the town entertained I mean tonight like backstage thing which I'm really excited to see you know an airs no I was talking so fast and annoying like people are going to see it and they're either GonNa love me fucking out here in la it's just like no-man's-land like need to get something done like where do you go yet it's really all about who you know what's crazy is I'm learning about La like if I want weaknesses you know I think my biggest strengths are my abilities to work really well on a team you know I find that I just really well off bouncing ideas off of other tree town full of bigwigs and it's crazy we'll go to a restaurant and okay probably everyone's in nobody but there's a chance there it says somebody in the room and that just makes you want to be on your bed creepy about it it's like it's make eye contact because I'm about to murder no I think it's such a great answer because there's nothing wrong with me still do my job you know what I mean being a movie a hallmark movie like all I have to do is really know someone who like makes those big decisions yeah it's never about like who's the most talented now it's always about like who I didn't get to go to the DJ that was betting I heard rave reviews it was so crazy like I don't think I've ever played a theater that was as like important do you know what I mean his but a little bit of pleasure but a little puke to totally safe so let's start in before we dive in before we dive in is there something you wanna share with the back when I got off stage a look like I just got out of the shower like heard about it and it was soaking wet it was discussing not to be really too graphic but it was really good really fun I had a great time and were here in La and then Friday I had but you know my biggest weakness is something I've really struggled with it might be something that you've actually noticed talking over me I have a very difficult time on making eye contact and I know that it definitely is not a great it's willing and honored to be here so why do you want this job will I don't need money you need money yeah okay and as a worker bee what are your biggest strength and what what's your biggest weakness I'm dumb like I'm not going to hire you like it doesn't affect how they see me but it's also not like I'm too detail looking at something I'm really working on I'm sure you've noticed it as we're sitting here it's just it's something that I can't really grasp you know that's not a bad weakness but there's something so to do it but like has important memories on they take care of all of it basically you send your legacy box filled with old home movies and pictures they'll do the rest professionally digitizing your moment's onto a thumb drive digital download or DVD they've easy to follow instructions and safety bar codes included for every item you receive all your original recorded moments back along with a perfectly preserved digital copy you get truly like both individually would have loved to have them as as guests together I can't believe we're being bestowed this prestigious honor I believe they don't do press a lot together Gary as a new book coming out I got it I started to read it it's and then like three seasons later I was able to afford them I love them and this is actually my first time wearing them so I think they're going to be my big La shoe yeah because it says like oh I mean mcteer regularly scheduled programing we are so l. a. in the studio right now so allies so crazy shadow traffic for letting US use his studio because it's like this event catered yeah who caterer can I get a cater waiter so here's business as usual we are going to deliver the facts five stories that you need to know before you wake up and take a bite out of your morning San Diego and Sunday we have two shows in San Francisco the San Francisco ones I think are sold out but they're still a few tickets left tickets available at Goldman dropped to get that in there I'm sorry back to your regular scheduled programing box dot com today to get started plus for a limited time they're offering our listeners an exclusive discount go to legacybox dot com slash toast to get forty percents off your first order go to legacy bloomingdales this past week and you know what it's really changing my game and I don't know if you can see my shoes I just WanNa give a shout out to my shoes because they're so fucking cute and I wanted them for so long deep box dot com slash toast and you'll be able to save forty percent off today get started preserving your past sign on like gets new your old self and realized knocks over a decade of experience and all the work is done by hand right here in the USA if you've ever tried to get like a moment of yours off of VCR and had to go to best buy and like by this adapter that doesn't host and we are going to be grazed by a very prestigious set of guests this week and today is no exception we get any Brad Gretzky power couple dynamic duo hilarious everything we were cute looks for Brad today a we don't want him to judge us and think we're going on unfashionable podcast when he's going to walk in here Sierra Alfredsson I'm anti cellulite if you've been seeing my satellite this time she's nodding I have satellite so legacy box is an amazing company that turns your old home videos cassettes like old ass fuck and things you don't yeah to answer like I actually really struggled making contact with people who I'm like not comfortable with yeah so I think it was actually an I'm looking around like oh I need to grab a drink because work and then like literally just WanNa blow your brains out good less this product is free it's actually really genius and I can't believe anything event there's never been better time to digitally preserve your memories visit legacy haven't changed that much no that's my favorite thing by watching old home movies it's like you're the same on the same the snatcher is the same snatching everything up and Olivia is the same in charge it actually really depends on like your we have a great answer what's that okay let's do like a mock interview hi Claudia High Quality Ashtray Attorney at law wow thank you for coming in today you know thank you so much for having before you wake up and take a bite out of your morning toasts okay first story it's the story everyone's talking about it's really the fast one story of the wing Joe Giudice lost more than fifty it really is it's two different people it's weird to see yet and I guess I never thought of him to be like a an out of shape person I just always thought he was like he was stout you know like he's going to carry what did you bring me to put on the Cooper Protecting Ensemble today specifically for that I put on one t shirt that I got at the wasteland was genius ideas like every day I wanna think to myself like how did I not come up with legacybox people know it's true are you okay I have to my skirt down oh where we're showing that this is size up dates at every step receive up to twelve personalized email updates legacybox is the world's largest most trusted digitize our of home movies and photos over four hundred and fifty thousand families have trusted legacy owns during his prison stint he has been released he has been deported it's also crazy and if you've seen the pictures it's even crazier that's the news of him getting deported we're talking to you okay but like excuse me one like is the one I have skinny second older older Mike I just I saw a picture of him and I was shook and then I was like maybe it's just like a picture and then the dude is put up a picture of her face timing her saying you know stories in the press about other than like running back to Italy defined him but then it's like theresa took the kids like a water park you know yeah I mean I'm sure it's conflicting for them like how probably be cloudy liquor jugs look so big today it's actually because I have something I've been meaning to get off my chest okay please share today's episode is brought to you by legacy box one of our favorite sponsors and truly one of the huge so I just find this whole scenario like to be so shocking and they're all posting a lot on social media gs posting theresa's posting but these seem like seeing their scrimped and then I'm like conflict dad and he looked even crazier and I'm like who is this it's not even like when people lose weight they look different but like he is a brand new faulk he has a brand new fetch it's shocking party but most of the time like what you realize is that like the more things change the more they stay the same way I might I'm choking are you like nervous I am nerve I'm nervous can't totally well that's why we're failing out here in La insieme order kosher ways looking for cater wizard it's like sitting colon I know what you're going to put my life back to everyone say small prayer she's GonNa move she showing her gene Chris there's this part in the in the song it's like he doesn't know that means nobody knows what it means but it's provocative and Ben was watching ricky bobby and us you know what it's like been bothering me I have to get grizzard looking in the cloud of your chits look so big tonight I was gonna say jugs and then in no other people in a position like this in a short dress like I'm not I'm not one of those girls some girls thrive for like a short couch with like address on like I'm just not her you know what I mean by that I like that I wanted public about like Jia posting that photo I think they have a plan of action and he's confirmed he's been deported and he's not allowed back he has to go to Italy while his cases in limbo there's nothing we inherited we saw this coming but we didn't see was a fifty pound weight loss oh my God it's so crazy a lot of people are making comparisons that he looks like Mike the situation which I definitely see interesting that is quite interesting anyway so I didn't watch Kim Kardashian I didn't watch nexium I also need to watch Jeffrey Star and getting everyone on the Shane Dawson Jeffrey Star rating how that all down voted it's so good I cannot believe how every star is I'm so jealous like he lives in the same gated community has all the Kardashians wow yeah they've got like that's a real motive God and like he paid his time for his crime and it should be enough but it's not like it very hot button issue also people are on others either sides it would story no I had all these plans of things to watch like yesterday when I was struck down and all I could watch was eyelids Talladega nights with Ricky Bobby I mean the pictures of him because they were being taken in Italy yeah so he's definitely there I don't know if he has to stay there also this reminds me that when we got off the plane. Lax Right in the jeopardy it's like a political conversation as everything does about just like jail time yeah yeah and and the criminal the criminal justice system right speaking of did you Kim Kardashian get nervous and like I don't know why like I just feel like new people watching this show like in the studio like I don't know I'm just feeling nervous I'm nervous late that I don't know which way it's coming right and honestly when he like obviously is very invested in his boyfriends business because he knows so much about like colors watching and like makeup pilots formulas and she's like really endearing makes him really hot he's we'll just built that way like yeah tracing all big belly but it was like hard he never it wasn't soft it was like made of Salami is made do they handle it like do you stop your life and go back down in so long I don't think that you do and they'd have a lot of time to grapple with this decision maybe they have a plan in place and they are being like sort of are there look back and you're like Dan on the same person look back in our like mortified and you're like is this what I'm like no there's sometimes when I'm mortified where I'm just fat is really personnel hosting we spoke about this on the shell already about how she joined Strahan and Sarah fulltime which I think was an interesting choice in a good way and so basically there's from that movie he took a snippet it's kind of how Taylor swift into the beginning of London has Idris Elba saying on my school up took like a little piece and put it in the middle of the song which I thought was Hello I'm Mike Johnson asked Kiki Palmer on date after Demi Levato thing fling but it could also be called the cringes story I've ever read call it could be called my Johnston I am actually like really happy for many fifty pounds because he looks great and that seems like a very like very small silver lining yeah okay next story is called Bachelor uh-huh nobody need to use it oh my God this is so w we were wasting precious daylight let's jump into the past stories that you've got now you just got it so culture and it's like why why do I have to write and I wasn't there I choose not to choose I choose not to choose okay we got speed things along praying for the giudice family doc in all of a sudden he just like ask Kiki Palmer she was so shocked obviously was now planned it was incredibly uncomfortable I'm now like officially dislike my Johnson I think it was one of the weirdest thirsty as be allowed on a talk show let alone GM may ever again because he totally abused his time there off and used it to ask you Kiki Palmer on a date who was the I said because basically everyone's just laughing and cringing you have to feel the awkwardness you have to feel the awkwardness from for yourself and once again goes to show that he was not fit to be the bachelor he's clearly appreciate it yeah so I didn't ever thought I thought it was like in shape you could never say that about a woman can't but it's fine we were oppressed belly made him for a fucking love that movie have you seen it ledge ricky bobby is with will Farrell where I know what it is we're never say he's an overzealous NASCAR driver I've never seen it oh my God it's incredible and our girl loser things to do it was it was atrocious grow show so perfect word it was vile and what's craziest is that like Kike was obviously like gracious queen about it because she's a gracious she was not interest on no that's that's the best part it's like you put yourself out there in the most only to be completely shut down yeah and of course she I show and like the chance maybe it was someone you've wanted to ask you out so you'd be excited but like say with someone you didn't think of it now you're put on the spot on your own show and what are you going to be cute that's cute does she look on or I look I have a peg leg I like it I like it well how does it look hi central can you talk yeah they were about to snatch snatch it up and it was really sad I can something about justice anyway back to judge Dj like is this the saddest thing in the world no but like it is sad that like they don't have their dad someone and don't know where you stand on the conflict very much Kim versus Taylor like on my gravestone we'll be microwaves this is what took her down the cause of death Kim verse Taylor it's so true and the change be the worst thing in the world for her like publicly but she doesn't do that like she gets where she gets based on her merits and I think that's really cool yeah no I love this new phase of her career where she's just the hostess with the most was to ice officers standing there and if it were like waiting to deport someone like I learn something about it was making me so sad it was really crazy and they looked so scary I was like afraid Russian yeah you know it's like I wanna work is harsh every star so I can live near the crash and honestly Jeffrey Stars Boyfriend Nate is so hot and he doesn't really get involved in the series buggy POPs in every not as aggressive as harassment but it's discomfort yet no it's inappropriate workplace behavior are all over the workplace misconduct I wonder if there's any kind of outrage about it good-looking that's super keys unlike a big fan even though when it comes like the whole James Charles like targeting I was like really not on Jeffrey Star side but admits part of like being a Youtube Stan Sir like him being so like you know what he's he's weird he's Weird Yeah Yeah I'm just remembering other things like that we'd rather except one in the toaster with him saying I made a mistake I don't like eating in public but if I were to ask you if we could go on a date in public dot Gov so it's like you made the mistake and here I am again by the is the bachelor and now I feel as though there's no confusion no none whatsoever out we doubted bachelor nation and to be honest they were right once again once again Omega snatcher wasn't here when we were story of your customer teams verse. Jeffrey is just a symptom of not being able to make your mind up I'm Kimberly Taylor and that's the thing I feel like in today's Day and age we're conditioned to choose aside and this and where she's getting respect like we've been we knew like she deserve respect from the second she walked onto the true Jackson vp set of course and then that's where she met since Jackson the P. The president when he's someone in the toaster said eavesdropped on his date with Demi Levato and it was just like weird yeah and and he makes a lot of sense there was like mass confusion as to why he wasn't chosen in your opinion does this cross the line when in terms of inappropriate behavior I totally agree here let's put it this way say we had a guest on our show and was single and not married and then someone asked us out like on on Peter Breaking Face Oh yes not sure so everything and I'm hearing about it is making it seem like it's less and less of a big deal like he vpa yes so like I don't know I really like her I think this is really disgusting and honestly I I am not into my tongue John I'm sure he's a nice guy but this is like show out of like rude I dunno I'm like so abrasive that like I wouldn't I wouldn't feel like I was being harassed but just key Palmer's a PG and like I just felt like she was uncomfortable like it's not it's not love to hear the toasters opinions like way on where does this cross the line and by the way you have to watch the video because at first I was only getting the headline in the story but you can't even read what we're not I don't know like where society has fallen on Columbus Day but I just want to be in the right side of history so I'm thinking no except that technically like we celebrate Columbus Day because yourself but thank God Leslie Bibb is in Sam Rockwell yes actually also amy Adams you know the movie start the song blank it's like in this climate you can't be doing show and also like as if everything he had done until this point like wasn't cringe enough like his twitter account his twitter comments on Demi Lovato's instagram his telling the world that she's a good I haven't seen any but I've also been offline because when you have food poisoning Yasser can't look at your phone I love Kiki Palmer and you know what I really like about coupon or another I think about it is that she's done so far never nowhere to go yeah but I think that's just finding general and I think honestly your biggest cross to bear which I hate to remind you of but this is like what it all comes to Kim versus Taylor new loves China I it was confusing because they're three years apart we were like maybe they were soulmates in one couldn't live with Naboth died does happen like when you when you have two dogs and one passes away thanks to her and also those are the same names of people from the affair just something to think about that is such an interesting point Jackie's now re starting the she'd never watched it that is garbage Acer Okay and they've been living together for so long the dog's stomach can flip and it can like it's basically dying of a broken heart which is like the saddest concept of all time yeah it's also like what happened in the notebook like allies Amy Levada because he's asking other women national television and intimidated was probably really turned off to the fact that like he was telling everyone that kissing that she's a good kisser well the conversation started the trajectory of her career forever yeah and the she has of your career so true you know and I will always be your cross to bear things were happening in in that's that's the origin yeah I know what it is and like I wanna cry please no because Julian have posted this weekend that both of her fucking precious gems of puppies died on the same day and she doesn't let us the tactic of like dating celebrity to like even like expand her career even more like even if she did gonna deal with Johnson like she could probably thirst it up get some instagram followers. I wouldn't probably will address it in like a fake ambulance well we're no you know they live for that they really do okay switching gears about to hit you with the saddest story I've ever added so gracious where she didn't even say no I'm not interested I'm under Mike I'm working yeah but it's also like bitch I'm working is this not sexual harassment in the workplace it was just go out on a date you look like Chris Harrison keep saying like it's nothing weren't filming they might not even address it yet he'll just show live to make a mountain out of a molehill the Graham where he geo tagged the photo as dog heaven if it wasn't like sad enough and he said that there was a tragedy that happened so something happened where both the dogs died I'm great point Ali is the mistress and Noah's the husband yeah that's interesting very anyways but then Brooks Leitch her husband took his mean to her and then he likes slept with someone and he was like he was out of control he had a band if he was nuts he had to work on his art was really out of Control Scarlett she was captured pretty much just twilight yeah the guy was Jonathan Jackson well he went nowhere nowhere Joshua Jackson Jonathan Jackson yeah I don't know him I don't know her either we know him Argo he's avery for my hat from Nashville Oh my God whose every he was he eventually they're the whole concept of dogs dying might be one of the saddest things and like it's just like where do dogs go you know yeah and like I always free to go for it but he was so beautiful it was beautiful I hope these dogs are just like over that rainbow and just like Chillan doggy heaven like I hope they're happy ends up spoiler alert with Juliet but he was dating scarlet in the beginning and he was her mean boyfriend we mean boyfriend I thought she had the nightmare no she had avery I who like who was about how I sometimes wish I never got a dog because I'm going to have to say obviously like one day put up like go through that and like why would to Alexis Bledel was the girl right and who was Tuck You know who it was Mr Callaghan excuse me Mr Callaghan Danger Carter I happened upon some of my old snapshots from three years ago where I used to just talk ad nauseam about nothing and be really expressive and my far head was out of control would anyone back put themselves through that yet but it's because of all the love that you get every single day like it's tough I don't know I wonder if all dog on that we could say that about life all of us cavalier dog mom's like looked up too and she wrote a caption that like if I read the whole thing I'll probably start out don't it's so sad if you wanna go check it out like an like put yourself through that kind of pain I'm good I'm good and I wonder like experience you know the aging all the stages yeah and like I remember reading that book and an elementary school and just being island like what's the point I don't know man I wonder if all dog payment would like to think about eventual death of their dogs 'cause that's literally what plagues my mind at night like I cry I cry before bed every night okay by the way we were talking about Julian have dogs we went on an incredible tangent here at tech ever lasting I wish that's theo could drink from the tuck everlasting the thought and and I think about it it's like no and if I was like I drink from it a few years ago but now I have these crows feet I don't need I don't need to keep them and I just want to get more so I can go Kentucky ever lasting I'm ninety nine point nine years old he didn't play her love interest not her love interest but I think he played the dad who played Dir garber yes just like La man it's you know what it's really a blessing curse this L. A. Light because it's there when you need it so much better S- announcer says so much better if like why do we bother continuing on the end result is just steph why well because your children are supposed to outlive you yeah you know Harry I'm but it's now that I think about it the movie age of Atta Line is like tuck everlasting with dog you know. Aj battleline was actually a great movie yeah except when she loses all those cavaliers yet but whole billboard is like her stranded on the Rock and what about the one she deleted her whole instagram for with Anna Kendrick that went nowhere her name was emily or something yeah like where's emily I do I think about that all the time to like would you really leveraging twilight at the end of the day no because then I would be like a freak it would be like okay Theo's GonNa live with yes nature I guess he could be like your dog for like all of your descendants just put maybe like when you go to heaven you see you're dead dogs it's like a weird film like the way it was marketed and I mean everything she does is weird yeah right choice in so many fake movies short movie remember the One and like the whole maybe that sounds better that sounds like the definition of heaven like being like I would be up there with daddy grandma grandma and Theodore for time in also take a right and then you'll live is good but like it's exhausting life is hard yeah life hopefully for most of us is long yeah and then one time he would have to live without you which I think he's very much like love the one you're with kind and in my in my old age in my wits Tim Tebow has been on the Keto Diet since twenty twelve go I missed my mom's cooking Tim Tebow says he's one of the original pants of the Keto Diet right after Ben Yeah 'cause I gotta be expressive yeah I was thinking about almost not getting botox no don't yeah but it wasn't worth it like my show my show is good enough I don't I actually was Ashra at one hundred percent and honestly the real world of naturally never would've gone anywhere 'cause she was too goddamn annoying yeah no Nashville she didn't go anywhere either as a front these movies are during our friends yet just it's a front for the fact they want to try and prove that she's not locked up in a cage when we know she has Ryan Reynolds offer former. NFL Player tells people that when he tried the carb cutting died seven years ago he didn't know a single other person that was on it was the first person I knew in the beginning of two thousand twelve to do it it's totally up oh talks did it start working at your house moving all the little coin sought action faulk but it's good though it's natural sit Alexis little that movie really launched split career and she looked so beautiful angelic watch remember the premise obviously I know that like they drink and leave the movie was filmed in the case right right really screen yeah temporarily doc was just called Atkins like right like it's always been praising low carb it's not like it's not new just tell you that you're holding your IPAD upset Yeah Yeah like what we're marketing it's so weird you'll take fake movies it's like it's like when people make restaurant so that they could you know do you learn carbs are the enemy Kibo explains but admits that there is one special meal of his mother that he misses most it was something called Pizza Pie Pizza Yeah I don't think oh I would want to talk about Tim Tebow every day and the weirdest trajectory of anyone's career like ever like when I first heard him tvos name he was gone who that happened to also who Caitlyn Jenner yes I mean she was a pioneer until she wasn't no it's the craziest thing she ever pioneer like an actual and we're like everyone was so interested that you could millions of dollars for a proper Razzi photo of her like she was at she was at pride in New York she was at a club and it was like the biggest deal ever a PhD. Do you remind everyone I think people hated Tim Tebow and now it's just indifferent yeah that's almost worse like a famous person but you remember when before Caitlyn Jenner actually came out as transgender were sitting literally on the edge of the campus and trying not to get the satellite which to the midnight house she's a good movie meet him you guys we're going to get this right every event and then something in a right he was so interesting and then something happened where he fell off the face of the earth and nobody ever cared about him again and now he's almost like regarded as a universal loser that people talk about other people and it was gossip it was like hugely transformative it's like how minutes decades happened in minutes minutes happened that's your mom's exclusive Tim it was made with this crusty huge on the outside we had to switch the crust find new alternatives where the off you can cheat every now and then I wanNA talk about Tim in decades or whatever it takes so much time for something to change but then once it does it happens overnight yeah that's how I feel yeah well Tim Tebow is what we were trying to say yes are you ready perfect and final story because I really WanNa Talk to Gary and Brad I have so many questions the toasters got so many questions for them Gary's here Gary Brad is here you look so cute after he analyzed herself and used to the reflections in her eyes to find her address what literally episode of Black Mirror they arrested popstar shocker was so crazy and and honestly there's something that nobody really talks about incredibly immoral about that like technically outing someone no one hundred percent and I think after Diane's way or special everyone in the world like including myself confirmed Friday the twenty six year old Biki sat how was arrested September seventeenth on suspicion of indecent behavior in connection with stocking and causing injuries to the because he prayed every time like a touchdown happened or something like people were like living for his precious vibes and I told him it's here for it and he was turned out to be some handsome every celebrity wanted to date him he was going the pop star found her address by using what was reflected in her is in her cell fees that's so freaky has gotten so crazy man now you have to edit all your pictures to blur out your okay okay well we have a few more days here so hold down no more ginger shots from certainly wasn't the McDonald's I think that Caitlyn Jenner's Diane Sawyer special really changed a lot of the swallowed the mixture he's just like a fun one about two things that we love Tim Tebow and the Kito Diet it's four like they're trying to seek like spy someone so they're like reading a fake like you know but in my screen rotated I'm sure I'm sure two year old woman the police official who spoke on condition of anonymity is often a as is often policy Javanese bureaucracy okay whatever is on their way to your house that is just so crazy I mean now I had to edit my people's great great edit everything lesson for all celebrities but like Holy Smokes Apple's Oh my God man arrested on suspicion of this in Japan yeah people in America aren't that smart yeah no but now they're a man arrested on suspicion of stocking a female pop idol us to the reflections of pupils in photo she shared on social media and Google Street view to find Moore she lived Tokyo please declined to comment on the specifics of the investigation dropping dead yeah terrible it's just like to know what what causes these things that you yourself can prevent it if possible to free world we live in I'm so excited like the Ryan I'm like I don't want it like saying the word Theo dying like I I wanna die he's over no he is actually though during the Tuck Everlasting Fountain do you remember Tucker I just always liked to close the book on those things you know like when we were even talking about the one direction or sister yeah right when there was like a week when eighteen year olds were just like we are back with two people we have gotten so many requests for on the show I am honored humbled and just off yeah it's really awkward got bad far had wrinkles from snapchat from like having something to say all the time and also like when you feel all of this like so taken by his instagram stories of you being critic and then also your whole starbucks order like you're really foodie yeah his my starbucks are now really mysterious it's like it's like in the house money when she's like with the menu exactly because I'm not that hungry Oh my God he's in Austin Powers Fan he says theld to face no I'm I think I'm breaking out in hives we don't fucking itchy ginger shot you know what I fucking eight La talking about how fucking we also it's like you can try as you want to hide where you live and like post not in real time like someone's coming to your house like the lesson like someone is it also hear about that K pop star who very suspicious died yeah get very weird various world is very like scientology vibes I feel like there's so much that goes on that like nobody talks about would he gets for the interview I will let yes we're getting I have busy things to do the final story please in Japan Arrest Popstar stocker and I will not finish it I will just have a few sips of it it'll just it's giving me a little surreal little more personality something to kind of my cigarette do you ride a were below where we're filming you nice have your own drink at starbucks unofficially on officially yes it this is it excite it's your jewel it's yours you're right one hands cocaine another man's Papa John's Gary so you just heard about yeah I did do you mind if I can run decided they just didn't care about her and not only that they fucking hated her didn't keep up people don't care any more than yeah people suck and hanging in a moment where people like I think in hey I know I have I actually when we first started going out eighteen years ago was actually styled him really yeah I did I mean a little we're gonNA bring out a bread Gretzky and Gary genetic power couple tons of questions we got for them on our instagram the morning shows instagram. Obviously you know you've gotTA follow it we'll be right back and we're going to be back with Brad and Gary Aalto from the Times come around eight till about twenty eight or something like that the point of of my life I was gonna say your life but the only is my life where you're kind of not not I mean he always had fashion style interested but I was kind of I guided him a little bit like hey why don't we kind of elevate this little you guys have just so much stick on your instagram that is so organic that I just live to watch like I didn't think I would ever really care about someone eating Linguini but it's everything are you shocked at how away being style are you always being styled by your husband no I just no not usually Brad you pick about Kerry's close never know I'll do it you know I mean and he's like great so then you know I got a book deal and I was like I don't really know how to write a book like how do you write a book months seven eight months I didn't know either when I set out I had never written one before so I was like and I had a meeting with James Melia who's my editor at Flatiron books well not in reason yeah yeah I know which are literally my favorite couple you as are so like it's a grandes is Cafe Mocha with almond milk only two pumps of MOCHA and no whipped cream it's technically vegan is that right it begins you can have it cloudy figuring shit out young and took me kind of a while to actually figure stop out how things work like that but basically he was from instagram well you know they kind of approached me avenue through no through my agent but it was from my instagram you know where this goes and kind of what it wants to be and it was I ended up being something that I feel I'm really good about putting out there but you know when you're writing about yourself I don't like everything so that's kind of been interesting as it's about to go out into the world so most of our followers probably know you from your instagram which is Dan getting tank you when it was starting to kind of get really big and so I was like well this is what I would want to write a book about so this is what I'll do this you're a great instagram couple but not an annoying way and that's not what you set out to do do you know what I mean younger definitely did it out set out to annoy you definitely today uh-huh can go back to the book now well that happens how long does it take a person to write a book a person I don't well took me about seven better you know it's kind of well being behind the scenes for so long it's been kind of fun sometimes to try out different things like huge and we'll get there but you have like you are now having a second life because what I didn't even know about you is that you were the executive producer of will and grace and you're a writer for Family Guy Brad started filming me on his instagram story I I didn't know he was even filming me a lot at the beginning he would just post them down and like I'm sure it was fine for you but you look like one of those girls reads a book upside down is someone in the movie is so late he can't even make fabulous he was so young I was like Oh like people aren't wave came in and we mad it also makes you vulnerable in a way that I'm not when I'm doing Prince George or when riding for Stewart for category and you know on will and grace it's like you know there's a something between goes pretty good Gary Free Yeah really good how many of those do you have a day one this though I will tell you is myself in your presence thank you so much for being here well lay our all can I can I curse clearly is on occurs any kind of curse it was going it just felt like what's the harm I guess I you know whatever of be and then when we were away in Italy and we started he was filming me a lot more and so we usually just like Hansel such a great name for a thank you can you talk a little bit about the inspiration behind that yeah it's just their autobiographical essays a things for me you and what you're putting out there so you're a bit protected but when you're writing about yourself you know you're super vulnerable somebody says they don't like it it's like they don't like you they feel like they talk about it but I guess we learn about a person who recently passed away she was twenty five like you don't just die when you're twenty five now which is why we'll keep tabs on the story legal right and then we just always assumed we would eventually do it but you know when you when you've been together so long and it's kind of like if it ain't broke yeah but but the family that is so crazy what like how do you like you're also like a new age influence or like it's still be different careers which do you like did you always want to get married was it just like a g wing it but we didn't always want to get the truth is we hadn't really talked about much until marriage became you're Italy content you're just like you have a way of being silent but like judge mental at the same time over many many years impressive uh-huh I love I love my in laws and you know my families coming for Christmas we do Thanksgiving with his family we love our families and so we just decided to do that you know just be normal but I never expected people to respond to it in other words like he posted I'd be like people are going to be like a like leaving you in droves I just can't deal and then you've got it right I shouldn't have opened my big mouth actually write it but yeah for me I just sit and started it and thought let's just see it was important to us I think tall to be like people have fought for this right were and we wanted to be a part of it we see ourselves I mean we are we always saw ourselves as married so yeah well also we wanted to our families are both so we're very close with each other's families when we were eating together so then I was kind of like aware but I was like a screw it I'll just like I'm not gonNa tell him he can't because you know I'll just the year and a half year and a half ago on a boat Jonah cruciate beautiful for us yeah can you talk about that like why like the just how how you as we're together for so long reading a rumor unfounded completely but make sense that it was a coyote that cop both of them but either way it's the saddest thing I ever heard her dogs were so fucking cute her I was like who response and homeland or I would see if attacked like but I didn't I was a kind of a good sport about it because I could see where you know bake family vacation over the Christmas holidays on a cruise ship and we got married on it and it was just like yeah that was on the trip so it was like yeah it was part of the trip but we all got to spend time together which normally wouldn't so names that sounds like a great way to the gas what does he think he liked the pasta or not very interested in you as are so cute I can leave you've been together for eighteen years you got married last year right take the love boat one of the captains of the yeah so everybody on that we got married on seaborne and they were so acing cruise director Ross and we both still follow on Instagram Rock Star Robert Ralston is everything yeah that'd be great you're like there was a helicopter Paparazzi picture of her on her Malibu like deck wearing address is lacking and then it was on the cover of the Daily News New York Post like that was so crazy mm-hmm because you are the royal correspondent that deserve a giant you know have you heard from Kensington Palace when we got to spend time with our family that's such a good way to do it we got so many questions okay instagram integrated so we have to talk about your you know the big plunge and where like all animal print or where all neon or brocade or all of those things you can incorporate those through your sharing it as I was posting her wedding with the people I able at her wedding some loving also outrageous that you're doing this I danced with Janna I laugh with Leeann Kayleigh and Sarah I work with great women that you know are super funny and make my job live I was like do you mind if I don't wear pants and I just wear my gym shorts yeah they're like no this is the first year without the see through table so I took advantage of it I'm lucky I my clients are always on my instagram so it's like a party with all of them so much fun I mean they're all great like freshen up your style and bring in a new edge I say gently dip your toe into trends through accessories come if you don't WanNa take the big meaning people have like I somebody told me that they were at Princess Eugenie wedding and I was posting the whole day about George and Eugenie and he thought she was realized tables always see through that's a good point able worked in our worked in our favor so smart also for Brad from Parker Hill I've been feeling bored of my fashion choices what advice you have to really really easy so it's hard to pick one because we're always like a sleepover we just have the best time and you also do the red carpet pre show alas agenda this for a while so I always really hot on the EMMYS and I just said to you know the my my friends at e before we went I'm like I don't if I can't find my size like usually when we wake up in the morning he's reading the New York Times and I'm like scrolling on like right shopping yeah so he was made right for you don't match what I'm getting with what the situation is and then I kinda come up with the story from there so I somebody reached out to me that they were at the wedding and he was I used to post just like black or so still do occasionally George George really barrelled his way I shop on like Amazon I shop on Mr Porter I shop all over the place but I don't love being in a store I mean either so much it looks like so much work like oh I live to you yeah I love so much love you in your shorts like full Tuxedo on top you know I'm not playing around it's like we're aware of this thing we don't they don't even acknowledge any scandal you can't one thing the queen didn't acknowledge when Princess Diana died the whole movie about it basically it's this sense of you know you don't engage in in that in that way I think uh-huh okay this is from Allie Weinreb for Brad who has been your favorite celebrity to style you style everyone who school do you think is like the most fun to work with most willing to take risks my God I but like somebody is doing something to shake up something that's like very formulaic and take very serious yeah it was just macy's yes only did you not think like it was just so fucking rude though I thought it was incredible elaborate come on anytime now I love shops that you guys I love a bargain I love target yeah it needs to be like fifty percent off or more we got a question for you that we were both dying to ask your opinion because happen and then very tidily cleaned it up yeah you know which could have been like kind of a bigger mess with all those models walking like she knew how to deal with that and yeah I I shop all over the place target I just got an outfit that those buffalo plaid the black and red pants I've been wearing I've got those at target the other day like really did a good job in dealing with like maintaining situation yeah because I'm like that's a pro like that somebody who you know she made she let that thing kind of I just thought it was kind of such a great innocent rescue no and I took off staying thought that gee-gee Hadeed also week we reported on that youtuber girl who crashed the Chanel fashion show I would love as your take someone who's probably been to a fashion show what what are your thoughts but I thought it was after you're very early or very early other Montauk I'd only been posting at scarf had and that was George where your clutch your you can get like a cute little jacket or just like an animal prints shirt wear it with jeans I love it yeah I think I need imprint yeah you definitely need animal do you think are the best shores for like affordable pieces like everyday I'm a big online shopper team so no to engage in an on an instagram account from some guy from La yes cousin I've heard through that people had how do you rate her outfit her shoes were wedges the the shoe the footwear threw me off agree yeah but I you know a nobody got hurt and I think in the race or any storyline from will and grace based loosely on your life or anything that ever happened to you switch yeah there was one one thing that I wrote it was Go Chanel show crash that's Great Halloween Costume Gary this is from Lady Lucio is anyone unwilling great willing the will and grace went to wills mom's House that Blythe Danner and grace broke accidentally minute was play fall changing my mind is an interesting spin I needed a win win situation like nobody got hurt gee-gee looked great we all got to see more of the Chanel show them we would this day and age when we can kind of laugh about things I think it's a big risk that that I think paid off and I think people were you know sometimes we need to get a little bit you know I think a lot of people are going to dress up like the Chanel show crasher for Halloween Oh that's a great prediction of great costs Cuban yeah at eighty flashback so fun flashback episode was Superfund so when you were working on will and grace were together at the time we were together yeah it was kind of funny greatly. I can't believe how big your instagram it's like I remember when you're reaching a million early early the grace goes into this crazy tailspin because she breaks we'll mom's favorite favorite Yaldo figurines so that was very specific story yeah laid on the show and I also love bashing takes itself so it's the most ridiculous it's the thing that should take the least serious and it takes itself the most serious so the fact that somebody kind like danner so she was fabulous and that was exactly from my life so that's so cool that won't Gary also appeared on will and grace I was wills first boyfriend Jadrel figurine which is something that my mother used to keep her home and that my sister broke want an accent the two of US Insane Tailspin race so it was it was based on that's so cute I can't believe you as just up so much history yeah yeah yeah that's how you met Madonna Ellis about that it was everything she everything yeah means she wasn't like she was gone she was fine she was fine you got your picture that's sad don yeah yeah I'm okay I want you to play a game with me Gary about the royal children and actually now before that actually questioned you ever feel like you have taken it talk shit comes out it was just because it was like the face Dr None your jokes now you haven't you haven't going shooting you're more of a George or like a Charlotte George Alfred like you are George it wasn't like people can stop walking again gene so in as far as that goes yes yeah but he I write him as this fully like any character TV series and it's so crazy because I know you wrote this do you see yourself in George I see Georges a character like any character that I would right so he is so there's there's a part of myself in every character that I write you away right now traffic she didn't have one of those that are just like pushed her off the runway another reality show sure yeah

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