Mornings with Keyshawn, LZ and Travis (HR 2)


Everybody now Jonathan Watson on the twitter for an all request ones. They want to hear what Clarence Carter along with <music> all the classic Prince Dhiraj. Oh yeah that goes way back. Let's the new drop from Gen play Gin. What's her name era? Yeah go home one more time. I just don't see what I want to wake up a little boy elsie semi boy elsie cow couch yeah definitely futons cal yeah definitely oh yeah futons just a couch backseat of a car. It's a couch masquerading as a bed. I like the front seat behind Haydn stiff you Alexis too when I got the middle thing. It's just it's impossible but you know what I mean like if the cops Clyde I don't know because it becomes GonNa come and knock on your windshield or not going. You'RE GONNA be like you in the front seat. How dare you know Raja's associate associates that he was in the backseat and I sit in the front case? I had to drive away. 'cause I just keep going. I'll drive motorcycle. So you get you get to be the wheel man and the voyeur yeah the big night smart. He's been quite a mentor to you that rush. He has more tricky for my people ray. A met this boy at nineteen and changed his life forever. He did as Z.. Wide eyed and innocent at the time he was not shirt dangling a carrot Luo Fox radio. We're GONNA andy taken away so we were talking before about the N._F._l.. Dot Com top ten or their top one hundred and they are about to drop their top ten then <hes> Jared Goff came in at thirty to correct most recently around there in the thirties yeah because he was thirty eight last year thirty two this year Korean we are down two two rams. We have not been named to this point that presumably would be in the top ten Sean McVeigh. No now coaches don't count. I know it's a Sean mcvay system Sean mcvay team but he does not count it would be Aaron Donald and he's pretty good todd Gurley. He's pretty good too. Yes those those are the two guys still remaining and presumably the teams <hes> No special teams jr no Greg No greg leg no Joe Joe Matson. Those guys did not crack the top one hundred to the best of my knowledge. It's going to be Aaron. Donald Todd Gurley along with Tom. Presumably Tom Brady drew brees Antonio Brown. Julio Jones Khalil Mack Patrick Mahomes von Miller Aaron Rodgers hard. You say his name like that. I just know your fan. I am a fan. I know you're a fan of air has as many people yes yes. Many people are Aaron Rodgers. Who who do you think would come out higher between Donald or Todd Gurley in novelist? I would agree. I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED DONALD NUMBER ONE. It would not shock me at all top two for sure girly. There's a debate who's the best running back even when unhealthy yes Arkley Zeke girly those that you didn't see nothing sorry I needed though with Donald there's no debate who the best tackle is in the league. Well I mean he's he's in the conversation. Forget best hackel. He's in the conversation for best defensive player illeg period conversation. They should know he is the best defensive player and they're going to be people who they're. They're all who put Khalil mack out there. They're gone Miller von Miller. I think it's GonNa Iranian V._p.. Rainy defensive player of the year Aaron Donald who was who's the rainy play together last year Aaron Donald. I'm not one to me. I'm one of those people making the arguments so which one on this list I gave you guys the other names in a top ten could possibly be above Donald. Who Do you think in the top ten possibly possibly above Donald? Yes who else could be number one if it's not on the list that I gave you who would it be. I I could see them. Doing Tom. Brady thing I would think drew brees. If it's going to be someone ahead of Donald I mean when you if you look at the season breeze had last year <hes> believable fell off towards the end he al off you know what I know. You fell off 'cause he had a twelve point lead at home in the N._F._C. Championship game he mad because the oneness caught in the fourth quarter. I mean Tom Brady spent spent that super bowl mostly struggling. He mostly didn't do a damn thing who had the Confetti Tom Brady but it was really great. I just it's hard for Julian Adamant woman to win M._V._p.. Super Bowl and then not acknowledge that Tom Brady has something to do with it sure but I mean but it really wasn't considered Tom. Brady Super Bowl like we're not going to look back on that thing and say Tom Brady game too early from a home to be ahead of them. Yeah that's ambitious man but if you look at the way he played those numbers were sick. There was now speaking of peers in terms of numbers. There was no one near Mahomes last year no but the differences and the reason why I think it's important to talk about not just last season but the season before that is there's a certain level of consistency that require to be considered the game best player as opposed to having one spectacular season. You're listening Caspian. Los Angeles have a great season but to be considered the best player you need a little bit more your resume and Donald Winning back to back defensive player of the year wards suggest to me that he's shown a member consistency consistency that he didn't have a breakout year the funny thing though with Aaron Donald and obviously this is not entirely a function of Aaron Donald and if you've talked to anybody in the League they we'll tell you he is as dominant as that reputation like he is as dominant as everybody says he has been for the last couple of years part of a defensive line that has not been able able to stop the run and it's just it's interesting. It's not all on Aaron. Donald I mean clearly could be a function. linebackers functioned the other guys out. There is just really interesting is there is there a highlight reel of him. Missing tackles not tackles. He can still blocked so that can be blocked so that's my point. It's like going. I get it that yeah you can look at the collective select stat of rushing yards against his defense and go well Aaron Donald Not you know doing x Y and Z or you can look at the fact that while he's doubled in triple team so maybe the other side side of the ball is not pulling his weight or is is waves skiing and Wade scheme is to contain within a certain range and not break and it seems as if whatever weight is designed for them defensively with that stat being true for the past two seasons they've also have improved for the past ten season that has to bowl appearance. Apparently whatever way decide shirt that the offense is going to be allowed to do hasn't hurt the outcome of the game in the Super Bowl and look obviously donald that presence is obvious in the way he's disruptive in the way that he will get to a quarterback that quickly he's he is a big reason that the rams have been so good against the pass like he's they big reasons. Not just you know they happen to have a really good secondary and guys like a key to leave Marcus Peters John Johnson. They deserve their credit as well but Aaron. Donald is a big reason those guys can take chances and those guys can be aggressive in their coverage is just something I've always found corky in the way that the rams you know with that inability to stop the run on consistently with Aaron Donald Being Upfront but yeah you could make an argument that he is the best player in the League period yeah I I don't think they would go defensive just because they never go defensive and they tend to go quarterback and and I feel like Patrick Mahomes had the biggest season of any quarterback last last year but they would think it's too early. Tom Brady's Tom Brady but he wasn't necessarily as prolific and he was not a very I had him on my fantasy team. Last year. Tom Brady was frustrating writing last year he was a frustrating guy. In terms of just pure production. I feel like drew brees. Maybe splits the difference between those guys the best and that's why he might end up number one one. I would have no argument if you made Donald Number One. I will have an argument if may drew brees number one but there will be no argument of Donald's number one now girly also is interesting thing though just in the sense of where he would end up in the top ten may be indicative of how concerned people are about that knee like you know what what are they projecting being todd girlies production to be this coming season how explosive to they think he's going to be coming off that knee issue that you know. Nobody quite knows what was happening. We he's no something was well. If you look at the top one hundred which you know isn't it the clear definitive list of what Israel was not real. It's much it's much more about the the opinions of what they think is. Are they have todd Gurley as the best running back in the game right Ezekiel Elliott he was behind Saquon Barkley. Doc saquon Barkley had an outstanding rookie year but then Todd Gurley to them still clearly the best running back in the game. I would be concerned. Ernest viewpoint was one in which Todd Gurley was considered the best running back in the game in other words he was third in Zeke's saquon Barkley was second. I I would be much more concerned so as long as Todd Gurley the best his position. I'm good Aaron. Donald to me is the best player in the game. If he was doing what he was doing on on the offensive side of the ball the way he was defensive -solutely Patrick mahomes numbers would be door and that that's actually that's a great way of looking at it man like the idea of just flip his production to to the offensive side and the way we look at it because those stats are more tangible to the stats we pay more attention to particularly fantasy driven world a beer Donald Donald rap. Yes we can Not One game one half one half one half of a game. Don't waste any time half by the way presumably. His defense was on the field at least sometime yeah. Here's a little bit more DeMarco to the sideline the tumor you know how you know the Jon Gruden has taken a liking to Nathan Peterman calls him nate now nate Peterman Nate Nate Peterman his the exact quote was this nate Peterman is growing on me nate. They're tight. I listen. I can't tell if he's trolling us if he just you know likes to say that he's the smartest guy in a room you know keyshawn talks about a lot in the obviously see it. You know over the course of his coaching career that he he clearly likes to position himself as someone who sees things and is capable of doing things that other coaches and N._F._l.. Aficionados can't do yet so he likes to take the broken toy and say that's not broken. You just don't know how to play with it right. Look the the problem. mm-hmm isn't that Nate Peterman nate isn't a good quarterback. You know the reason that he's got a career three touchdown to twelve interception ratio it because everyone else didn't know how to use them not like the Genius Jon Gruden who by the way has made it also pretty clear not a huge fan of Derek Carr. Write like this could be the direction that we're heading in Raider fans nate Peterman but but again I like to think that he's not going to make the shall we you say n._F._l.. Dumb move. He just likes to suggest that if you wanted to he could take nate Peterson Peterman Peterman call. Oh Peterson Peterson is bad guy yeah. I guess they're both bad guys for different reasons. <hes> yes nate Peterman he could take him and win the Super Bowl with him. He won't 'cause he's got a car right now. In a situation where you had to any quarterback and make him something special well I would hope that he wouldn't expect to Peterman throw over two passes acids because the Peterman who through at least two interceptions in the three games that season the he attempted more than two passes so if he tips more than two passes chances are two of them are going to be in the other teams hands Peterman. This is Shaun looking right now like his average yards yards per attempt three point seven last year average bridged funding. There was a quarterback that was available yards gained yards gained per pass attempt with Nate Nate Peterman nate three point seven phony. There was essentially a pitch. That's that's like a long pitch to a running back. quarterback that helped lead a team to a superbowl. Those and my brother would have been available at saying. I don't know I mean nobody comes to mind. There's nobody else that was able to help buffalo win a game. I'm uneven one quarterback out there. Nobody would played in Buffalo Man <hes> Anyway Migratory Kapernick going to talk about Jon Gruden and Jon. John Gruden is simply just joining us. He likes being talked about. He is cognizant of the fact that if he's is he flows this quote out there someone who's working in media as long as he has. He understands how this machine works. We're GONNA talk about him and talk about you know whether or not Jon Gruden sees something that the rest of the League does not see I guarantee though dare card unlike it like dare cars used to it at this point. He doesn't like it but he's used to car. I would love it because my job is safe then. If you have this man backing me up Komo I can I can't throw foreign exceptions and a half and still won't reach the lows of Peterman. No I mean only the insecure the most insecure quarterbacks WanNa God awful backup so that they can look better if you're a secure quarterback and you care about you. I feel when I'm not here. Chris takes over. I'm like man as long because I want because he did that. Joe Chris wasn't it wasn't in a room but in all seriousness now. He's got to be used to this. Do you know he's been exposed to the wisdom for for season now. He knows how he likes to troll. He knows how he says one thing and does another. He certainly knows how he thinks. He's the smartest guy in the room at all times and if he wants out is not because he doesn't think that he'll be successful there is because he's tired of the Gouden. That's been wearing recommend his nerves. The morning show much more banker. This is what I'm talking about. Got Birthday Happy Birthday Wesley Snipes. Is it birthday Mark Cuban now. You'll have to help me out so I pop the is stands for grew stew stew Italian pop king of the K pop which have later for you. There's a birthday in K pop world but <hes> go ahead. Andy say the name Danielle Negroni Negroni what any relation to Kristopher Negron dodger hit a home run in his first Latte with the blue which pop has more pop the K. or the I I think the case a little more pop what's The D. for Oh. What do you think because there's GonNa be some depot see week by the way all the events inside of facebook twitter? Don't make that face on Instagram facebook and twitter E._S._p._N.. In Los Angeles E._S._p._N.. Going down starting Monday and of course we warm it up a little bit today well L Z throws out the first pitch plus Sodano that she yeah exactly exactly he's going to be at Golden Road Brewing Horry and I and Roger GonNa be hanging out there too so <hes> comes a high press. The flesh kiss baby slapped backs. Do the whole thing I'm so because Pacelli part of the pop the opera singer Tap Andrea Andrea Bocelli Danielle Negroni no relation to Christopher variety so Kevin Pelton <hes> e._S._p._N.. Analytics Powder K. K.. That's the the N._B._A.'s Cape up did his off season grades for the Western Conference <hes> and the Lakers in Kevin Pelton estimation walked away with a B. I don't like Kevin Kevin. I don't like cattle <hes> he obviously obviously noted that the Lakers got a superstar with Anthony Davis <hes> but they had to give up a lot in order to get him in basically everybody that wasn't Kyle Kuzma but he thought that they were thin at point guard and they also was has some concerns about the way things will shake out defensively with a lot of the guys on the roster. How does be sound a U._l._C.? I just told you how sounded you don't like him. I don't like having him because of this greater just period us more the great more sure he's a fine person privatized guy. There's an ipod Deepak K. Papa the pops all the pop but his great is important to me right now because while it is true that we quote unquote you know gave up a a lot of potential we brought in a lot of definitive <hes> and there is certainly a very strong argument to be made that out of the four young employers that the Lakers had in the conversations are being traded that they came away with possibly the one that's better equipped to to play with a superstar. They just brought in so in other words you can have addition by subtraction and you're sitting here going okay. Yeah we got rid of or traded traded away some young talent where we brought in a superstar and now we're able to feature another budding superstar in Kyle Kuzma without having to share his minutes with the Brandon Ingram Ingram and perhaps has minutes taken away from by Josh Heart depending upon the lineup. I think it's an eight I do somewhere between an A. and a B.. I'd say somewhere more like probably be plus a minus. I think all in all rob Pelinka did a very good job very good having to scramble once they found out that I I don't think scramble but I think there is a plan say I I don't mean smash. No media says scramble because clearly they didn't know what the hell was going on because national media didn't noticed Paul George was on his way to when I say scramble. I don't mean that as if he didn't have a plan I'm just saying he had to move quickly. That's all I mean is that you have to move quickly to make sure your securing securing the people that are out there because at that point a lot of guys were already off the board. I don't mean it like rap. Link was running around with like a chicken with his so you don't mean scramble like in the the pocket collapsed and I'm trying to get a read option play. I don't mean scramble in the way that everybody clung to that word when Woge <hes> I believe was on sportscenter and was talking about them scrambling to try to get that deal that moved Isaac Bonga and Mo- Wagner and those guys to clear more space and that the Lakers it sounded like were with he was least hearing were scrambling to make it happen because they were behind the curve. I just mean rob pulling ahead to scramble into hostile to make make sure okay I get the guys I need before literally. Everyone's off the board. That's all I mean I it was not meant in any way negative towards Pelinka like I said I think he did a good job. I think he handled it the way that any N._F._l.. Team or any N._B._A.. Team the draft will handle it that this draft board and if this player is not available then these are the guys that we've identified defy. They're gonNA go after that. We Right and in Golden State that Rehab Season there were times where he looked good. There were times where he looked like a big man coming off a very serious injury three. Yes hopefully the time that demarcus has had just in this off season to keep recovering. He looked at least from the neck up like he's lost weight. In a way that I think will be really I. I haven't seen him neck down but neck up he looks considerably slimmer listen and that'll be helpful that is it. Is You tremendous upgrade from not only what we hat last season but I still double dog dare you to ask to fill in a you know once you get past the top three big man. Where are you going? Where's Boogie? oogie is still top ten. It depends on how available I mean. I mean on it. I mean let's let's keep it real though I mean like wants to. I like true big men. I don't mean like phobic man like I'm tall but I'm gaining. I'm really just shooting guard. No I mean true big man. Once you get past joylin be Rudy Gobert. You know Karl Anthony towns. Maybe Clin Cappella. Where're you going through? I mean come on okay. I mean I'm like right but I mean you could also make the argument than if it's that thin. What's the real value like what's the real value of it? If it's that like being it's like you know I don't mean that as that thin I'm on terms of talent. Okay leases Lisa from a period of time. You got you know Vucevic. Look you know and it was obviously or man Anthony Davis but he's on the team like boogie cousins and it's in the conversation of Todd Whitman Steel before he tore his Achilles heel as a big men are he was actually the conversation you know he he was one of the starting points of the conversation and I think the truth is if Boogie is seventy five to eighty percent of what he was before consistently. That's a really productive player at three three point five three point five mill that is potentially the best off season move of any team if he can manage to be that productive that regularly regularly we just have to see it. I he goes from being the best big man of the game which is where he was before the injury to now at-at team. Yes you've concerns with this before you someone with players that have been on x amount of teams so for this the fourth team for Boogie. Does that concern you at all like I mean it's four teams out. Lebron James has been in the warriors as smart as they are when they get a look at even before getting people they had a real good. Look at him like it concerns a little. They're they're the type of crafty organization came back so right. So why didn't they bring him back. Does that give you any of you any concern that just doesn't it doesn't give me any concern because I know the context of the movement. You know you look at Sacramento. Okay you understand what happens in New Orleans okay just with the war is though that one does concerned because they are like like Andy said light years ahead and we're here let me ask you. Do you want Andrea Gua dollar on the Lakers. Yes all right. So why would you betrayed him away. I mean they had to do that in order to bring in Russell because they exactly there are other reasons besides talent and being a good locker room guy why teams make moves sometimes times. They're planning longer game. We're not playing the ten year game of the Golden State Warriors playing with de Ngelo Russell. We're playing title window because Lebron James's his presence that's cool and it's also an all request Chris from the three two three called in and wants to hear some a general rule some more. I China Laura Laura same thing I will not taking over Andy WanNa Roll Royce. Do you have to say with that. Many stuttering at the beginning have multiple heart orange stutter on doing that all people on now sooner show on an all request <music> requests Wednesday L Z Jorges got a request back. Don't be don't mean making fun of us man rods or any of us one of the crew because we got receipts receipts what Oh here we go for those that missed it Chelsea the make fun of me for the one in rare time actually mispronounced a word. I stuttered just bitter Greek last name CUCO. Thank you couldn't say roles because my ours role but anyway yeah Jorges on during history battery man doesn't matter we got. I got you on this is war. Things are going to get interesting in the O._C.. Week now that war has been declared yes and that's another kind of war that we like. This is real war real war yes so we've been talking a lot of with the rams now. Having broken camp in the season coming up about Jared Goff's extension is going to happen this season what had happened before it. Begins is going to be next season but one way or another I think everybody agrees. Jared Goff is going to get paid and if you really want a reminder of how this is the most first world problem ever take a look at the decision that is happening right now now in Tampa and in Nashville with titans between Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota their teams having to decide ride between the former number one number two picks overall if either one of those guys would get extension remembered like five years ago when that was a big thing thing like who is going to end up having a better career would be the best number one number two between Jameis Winston Marcus Mariota turns out the answers neither and and those teams have to figure out what to do. It's it's so interesting to me Andy because when you look at the N._F._l.. which is filled with really smart guys who crunch a whole lot of numbers and you know they do things like they don't pay you until they have to and like all these smart business decisions and they make run around your underwear before they draft you because they gotta see the muscle fibers with every explosive movement like it's down to a science kisha but then they don't we'll have the courage to go yeah we missed and move on? They don't have the courage to do that time and time again you see teams especially the quarterback position feel. I feel like they have to sign the guy drafted top ten because they drafted that guy in the top ten and even though the eyeball test the analytics everything says don't do this because I draft number one overall. They tend to go but there was something that we saw that we got to figure out how to tap into as opposed to same we missed. We just missed. We just missed James. Wisdom to me is not the number one quarterback of their the draft. He's not he hasn't played that way. No I mean James Winston you look you look at his numbers from last season eleven games just just under three thousand yards and nineteen to fourteen touchdown interception ratio but then you look Mariota he had an eleven to eight touchdown her. I mean neither neither one of these guys. I was GONNA say need a one of these guys is reliable. No well James says reliable and one way health durability which is something I do like in a quarterback quarterback. That's one thing I like about deck where reliable Jane Winston same sentence in terms of health. Yes <hes> Mariel did not so much. It gets banged up even games that he's played. He's banged up left early things like that but also if I have to choose between the two I guess I would choose the combine tape in the bigger arm the stronger arm <hes> <hes> the big guy for throw farther down the field. I guess I would still choose James even know L Z knows we've argued with keyshawn like high. He's not good but if you're making me choose between the two I think I would choose the bigger guy. I'd just like bigger bodies. That's just much doubt that was gent's appearance on sportscenter earlier this morning Dante Fowler Amari Cooper taken immediately after Marcus Mariota Fowler hasn't thus far proven himself worthy of that. He's a better player the Mariota in terms of impact how bad it was an odd year to have a bad team like the first early drafts Yeah Okay Klay Everyone. I just don't think he's was better right. It's it's okay to take the Allenby makes it hard though if you're tamp Melvin Gordon was an draft. Here's what makes it hard. Hey him by the way paint a man if you're Tampa Bay money if you're Tennessee Tennessee it's obvious those guys are not good enough to be long term commited quarterbacks right like and to have that type of money committed to them but the other side of it is. It's actually hard to find guys as good as them like if you go if you go through the rest of the lear it's not what is easy to replace Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota as you might think so on one hand it's like do you want to be bad now like you want to move away from them. Start a rebuilding process or do you want to potentially commit to Winston Mariota but at least fool yourself into thinking you're being competitive and like you said L Z not one who would not want to admit you got it wrong. In the first place I mean they got it wrong right and they got it wrong night. In a sense of Q._B.'s they just did a scroll through through today entire draft all the Q._B.'s draft sucked stuck as aggressive none of Ah Too much stock into a Golf New England and You Orleans both exposed that guy he cannot wrote bless you force him out the pocket. They came straight right up. The middle forced him out the pocket. He couldn't do anything they messed up his entire game but let let let those guys let Western or Mayo to go and watch bill L. A. Check suck them up. Let it happen appreciate the call their Lewis I mean I appreciate some of the call. I'm not quite sure what he's talking about right now. I don't Oh yeah I mean golf actually played pretty much of that game. I don't care what system you put Gough Mariota or Winston in you put them in all three the same bad system Goff's can be the best quarterback in the three winstons call eighty turnovers yes. He has about eighty turnovers in his career Mike in Hollywood once away and what's up Mike Yeah I mean I was calling the sort of agree with the other guy more so with Maryoto where I feel like if Marietta was put into I mean I'm not saying he could plug and play with most systems but if you've got a coach coach for him that they build the game around him I mean he's definitely Mariota has not been helped in terms terms of the system that he's been in but at the same time he's had a long enough career to try to overcome a system and you you can obviously see the difference that a system makes when you look at Jared Goff Jeff Fischer versus Jared Goff with Sean mcvay but at the end of the day the eyeball test also tells you the rams are in a much better place just having to make a decision with jared goff waking up with Sean and his boys. It's kind of like that milk squashing on your cereal in warning on Friday who features right. I won't phone <music> Sun Rise Yeah in the woman's or man's last two thousand nineteen. I'd go easy yeah. That's what I say `Zibi in his house happy birthday correct. Yes how Brown Russia's forty so I'm GONNA say forty one double check today because he had Wesley Age wrong positive no one hundred percent positive dot com to learn a bit of Chicken Fried Koby Fried Komo. I'm Andy Reid no it. How do you not know this? I don't know this is one of the greatest `Zibi sounds of all time yeah B._B.. I could did not name a single B._B._B.. Song other than this one <hes> Jay or whatever there's not a lot I mean I hate to worry yeah. I the Z. B._B.. That's what I say. Okay just everyone on the birthday list. Just add a year to it yeah career plus you put you put Jack Browne Zak yeah but jobs bras to Jack Browne please the Banjo. That's why it's called the B._B._B.. Dummies amies looking at it so it's funny will say that Chris. I'm looking at that going. Did you mean Jackie Brown but movie critics to that's a great C._B._S.. Movie here but you know what else is great. Though so L Z dolphins traded in the off season for Josh Rosen the former U._C._l._A. Quarterback on tenth overall last year for Arizona but they also have Ryan Fitzpatrick in camp and thus far. That's the guy that's been running with the ones one Ryan Fitzpatrick will win the Miami Dolphins quarterback job. I take it take take this is where this magic he does. He gives you all the sweet news all the honey. You want to get an earn a position. That's the reason why he's played for nineteen football teams and Vince somewhere along the season he reminds you why he's playing for nineteen. Football teams like demarcus cousins. This is what he does doesn't play football so he'll win it but he won't keep it is what you're saying. You're probably not plus. Josh Rosen needs time to develop and learn a new system whereas he's the future this is. The president is a reboot for his career. keyshawn on Johnson's nephew Michael. Thomas just got the bag five years one hundred million sixty one guaranteed. He is now the highest paid wide receiver in the game. Take it or shake it. He should be a mistake telling keyshawn. Whoa I'm GONNA shake goes according to N._F._l.? Dot Com. He's not the best wide receiver in the game according to N._F._l.. Dot Com it was his time to get paid but Julio Jones and made it known on the he's not showing up. He's not planning preseason game. He wants to get paid and he's not waiting for anybody else's money. He's the number one where I would see her in the game and he wants to be paid like that and I think that's what's going to happen yeah. I I think Julio Jones is the best wide receiver in the game but Michael Thomas Though in say three years may be able to make that argument that he is the best wide receiver in the game and should be paid as such because he is really that good but here's the problem though by the time Michael Thomas Actually is the best receiver in the game game. Somebody will be paid more than him because that's just the way this thing works. You just mentioned <hes> Julio Jones. He is not going to play in the preseason at all that it has been announced. Take it or shake a good idea good idea. I'm GONNA take it. Oh why why play you know what that is. You know what you are. You know what the relationship with Matt Ryan Him does. Nothing a preseason games going to do besides entertain the fans they can't afford to go to a regular season game or get Julio Leones Hurt Oregon Julio which has to destroy you right. He's he does have an injury history but just why would you put on if you bring out I mean you look at the way the Rams A._M.'s last year. They did their preseason. No the starters played right. You basically had no starters in the entire trees. Oakland raiders game opened up the season as a preseason yeah and that's absolutely the way it should be Zion Williamson not afraid to make some bold statements he said quote my intentions are to stay with the PELICANS. My Whole Career Zion Williamson retires as a lifetime Pelican. I'm GonNa take it Whoa that doesn't mean he's going to stay his career there. No that's literally what I just said no lifetime Pelican no no no no no no no no. He can always be a lifetime Pelican but he's GonNa Spend Time Elsewhere Lebron James The lifetime Cleveland Cavalier. He's always going to be seated because they consider Cleveland Cavalier who already sir he's always considered a lifetime. There are guys who consider lifetime Lakers who have played for other teams Kareem Abdul Jabbar is considered a lifetime Laker. He's got his career in Milwaukee Yeah but he's not a lifer though the lifers for the Lakers Kobe and magic and West like those are the lifers. I have spoken to number of people who you don't even notice the Milwaukee Bucks stent of his career that I feel like you're you WanNa M._b.. Hey I feel like you're taking a n shake on this at the same time. I feel feel like you're doing a taken shake and sometimes it's good response C._J.. mccollum just got a three year one hundred million dollar extension from the Portland Trailblazers that brings I believe the entirety of the money that he's made with Portland new one hundred fifty seven million dollars. He and Damian Lillard are going to be locked up for the foreseeable future. Take it or shake it good. I'm GonNa take it what C._J.. mccollum dead in the postseason you can build on you know that was that was an outstanding outstanding performance and you WanNa talk about. What else is else is out there? I can't think of a guy who has good at getting his shut off in mid range game as C._J.. He's outstanding. He's probably the best player in the League right now not to make an all star team. I love it. I mean it's a great back. It's great back court and if you're a team like Portland Portland in that market you're not a free agent destination so you have to be able to build some type of stability but if you ever want to try to get a free agent you need to be able to let people well. No this is what you're going to be. A part of for the foreseeable future and Damian Lillard who I think is the best leader in the entire N._B._A.. In addition to being one of the best players in the N._B._A. Mighty fine rapper. Yes he is he. I mean he's really good. He destroys free. He literally ended the thunder like he ended the thunder as we know it with with that shot in the playoffs like that's attractive. If you're ever going to be a free agent destination in Portland that's an attractive lovely city. It is a great city an absolutely great city and finally <hes> one of the writers for the fast and the furious franchise was asked about the locales for the <hes> for future installments of the movies where could possibly be and he was asked if he would be open to setting one of the movies in space and Chris Morgan the writer. I said sure quote I would never shoot down space. Never never I would never shoot down anything as long as it hits. The parameters is bad ass. Is it awesome will the audiences love it. Take it or shake it fast and furious in-space shaking sick. We call that star wars no yeah we already have buck Rogers Roger. You don't need the rock up in space. Oh Man I I can't wait. Can I tell you so dumb and I can't wait to see it. I have never seen a full so fast and furious movie. Hell's wrong with you same here. I've never watched it. All the way home is

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