Part 1:Seth & Steve Holiday book suggestions


Percents raises with steve. Big raising handicapping interviews. This is who will do a very good tuesday. Grace fans series to nineteen xm to once more zone nine sixty four. If you're listening to siriusxm online and at our websites depict dot com and by the way if you're listening to sirius. xm online. Casey and i had some fun this morning. Because casey was having trouble getting to the to the serious online part and eddie said do you. Do you have the app. And i and i had the app and i'm i said this before. I i just never. For whatever reason i never really have a need to listen to the network on the phone. I just don't listen in car. And i i suppose sitting at the desk i. Should you know the those occasions although i am working at the desk i don't think i i don't know if i'm not somebody hammers somebody that loves having music on in the background that you know the either is ambient noise or you know just to enjoy something. I suppose this is a an individual pr- election if you like people like that for tv on in the background. I get that he said this before. Tina has to have the tv on going to bed. Which never. I've never done that. I might have fallen asleep here and there with the tv on but she has to have it on. And so now. I have to have an i guess But anyway so this morning we were poking around. And i it casey said in. Are you getting. Can you get the show on on the app store. And i said well let me let me go. Look at the app it. Because i never do so i i went. I opened it up. And i couldn't remember my logging for a minute but then i got it and i'm gonna use it more now that i've now that i've actually clicked through and Even though over the years they've moved us around a little bit I i did get a kick out of going to channel nine sixty four because on the on the app you gotta go to nine sixty four all the way you know th literally at the end of the dial. It's one of the play-by-play channels. It's always. I mean we've always been on a play by play channel for the most part over the years and it was just kinda thought i'd now i guess i'm i'll do it more often. And by the way speaking of which tina had gotten me for my birthday last month the tina got me a set of the beats headphones bluetooth. Off your off your phone around. I suppose off the computer at. It's very cool. Because she d- she says. I don't hear anything. And frankly after fifteen years of broadcasting and having the cans on your head case right. The you're hearing shot. I mean you you. You're mixing music too. So i'm sure it's not unusual but i get my hearing is not what it used to be. But she doesn't want me putting those the the earbuds so she got me. This the beats headset. And it's very cool. I like it a lot. So now that i've got the beats headphones. I think i am going to use the app more. Because if i play on the phone from the network it'll play in the i soon right. It'll play on the on the beaks. Yeah so i'm i'm. This was like a revelation this morning. Casey and i to all all of this by the way was was tripped by Sometimes on on The the hosting of the The replay and the pod is. Obviously you know. Obviously we're part of the network so we play music but the you know those those hosting services they. They've got a different situation when it comes to you know when it comes to licensed music so some of those occasions where things cut off. It's for that reason that things are being blocked. So if you don't let us know if you run into that so that's that's that's why casing were jumping through hoops this morning. And i and i realized that you know having having the subscription to to sirius. Xm that you get to use the the online to the app so this was. This was fun. it's morning that's that's that's all to say Speaking of fun yesterday John heard what what what a fun visit. And then after the show we talked to john and a seed was planted for kind of a specialty. Kind of a special show. I i don't know when we'll do. It will do it over the winter. we'll find. We'll find a quiet week and the vote. You know either. A show or a couple of hours to a topic came up. He is a huge sports collector and not only sports memorabilia and he's got a sent a couple of pictures an incredible collection and there's quite a few people that just off the top of my head. I i asked him. I said did you ever talk to to clock or john. John nichols and he knows you can. John has spent winters in in new orleans and of course from the contest. Seen john knows john but he didn't realize that john was an avid collector. And then i also mentioned greg foley who john had let me know. Greg foley was a big collector himself. Although greg says he's not as big a collector as as john nichols is anyway. We've never done this. I think maybe there's been a the occasion when a memorabilia racing memorabilia topic has bubbled up but we've never done specifically i as a topic collecting racing memorabilia and i i think it'd be great and obviously you know with broader i mean anybody that collects racing. Memorabilia has got other sports memorabilia. To how do you not. And i know i was collecting. And they say by the way i see the sports cards. Seen has has absolutely Taken off again after you know after a real law in in sports card pricing. I saw i saw that The oh peachy card that the other day with the gretzky. The gretzky your rookie card That that was one of only three that was viewed as you know mint. Perfect the forget what. The term is But went for one point four million most ever for a one point two million most ever for a for a hockey card and I i've got. I've got a handful. I used to god. I i had. I had lot of cards my mother. of course. everybody's mother through the mountain. But i've got a few but my my racing. Memorabilia has over the last twenty years that has gotten a lot of attention and i. It's fun about racing. Memorabilia is that it's it's esoteric there so Pretty different than i think than in a lot of a lot more physical than I mean although there is there there are you know gloves and uniforms. I suppose a yeah there you go. I guess You think about you know autographed pictures and wind pictures but saddle cloths. That's like uniforms halters halters. Obviously that's a unique. That's a unique again. That's something i guess. I guess that bats right bats and anyway It would definitely you're gonna we're definitely gonna do a sports memorabilia special and we'll get a couple of people that Are are into it on the racing side as well as racing people that have wider sports collections. At and i just heard from hurricane he he. The one thing he felt badly about and felt remiss from yesterday's visit was that he didn't plug the champ. Michael bay check. He didn't get a chance to put in the plug as as he does on many occasions champ for the hall of fame where is wet. Does the champ going to make the hall. So we'll put that plug in. And i guess they've started they've started. They've started a change dot org petition to get paycheck in the hall of fame is pretty funny so i am happy to put that plug in for john. He didn't get a chance but so he's going to be back again for a third time in less than six months because over the winter will do a sports collectible special all right. I've said this before. I've got i've got those saddle cloths i've got maybe maybe eight or nine And i've got got some funny things my friend. Cherokee steve beck b. c. k. Longtime van driver for brook ledge and he gave me a few things one summer. Some kits and some things that he gave me the the commemorative replica truck. The van that was made for cigar when he was taken to. We've talked about this with asking before when he was taken to madison square garden. The national horse show and paraded there. Steve is toll story about it. It's pretty pretty amazing but there was this. Put a picture up of it. I'll put picture of the box because it it's completely unopened. It's never even come out of the. It's in styrofoam in the box. It's never even been taken out of that. So i'm not gonna screw with it. It's one of those things. I like like like an action. Figure that right. It's in the boxes that yeah not now. I'm getting now getting a a a tweet and and a facebook message about briars does that does that. Count as memorabilia. The people to collect the you know the horse the horse figurines the all right. Yeah i guess. I guess i i don't want to. I don't want to exclude anybody. This is this'll be an inclusive conversation. Now i've got i've got. I've got some cool things. And as i mentioned the other day and in fact what a what a perfect segue. I was on with seth merrin on sunday on on racing across america. Although i maintain that. If i'm on with seth it technically it's loose on the lead but you know we always do our last minute christmas gift guide and i was gonna do it. Live at go through you know. Essentially the the list. That i went through with seth on sunday. But then i realized you know what we're just gonna play. It's about twenty minutes. Twenty five minutes would just gonna play the segment. That i did with seth and it goes through We got about a half dozen books and you know some most. We discussed at some point the last year and one in particular at the end when we go through this That i haven't had a chance to announce. Oh or you know. Follow through or follow up the awarding of the doctor. Tony ryan book award to better lucky. Than good the louisville story project anthology or collection of oral histories from the backstretch at churchill did win and it it it seemed to me. I'm sure i said it. At the time. It seemed to me. That i it was a slam dunk. Not not just hearing about it. But you know we're starting to read it and go through the amazing personal reflections about the game. I in better lucky than good. So congratulations to the team. At the louisville story project the that know has really done a service. I mean they say it's a. It's a wonderful collection of personal stories That reflect life on the racetrack specifically Churchill or in and around kentucky if you don't if you haven't gotten it yet absolutely have to get it so you're gonna hear this collection and i for those that missed the individual books When we had the live discussions there's actually two books on the list that we haven't had conversations about mark schreyer's biography of diane crump. I have not gotten my hands on this yet. And i've got to seek out mark schrager because we haven't had a chance to discuss the diane crump book and then a book that apparently is available at that has a publication date of january. But i i from what i can tell is can be ordered and and you can get your hands on richard. Asquith has written a book called unbreakable. That i talk about Which is an incredible story. That i think is widely unfamiliar at. Actually there was. There was some this summer. There had been some coverage or or some retrospective about. This can't call it an incident but this occasion in one thousand nine hundred thirty seven and it tells the story of lotta burn the sofa who was czechoslovakian born at the chuck's avakian Aristocracy but was the didn't grow up was born into it but didn't get to really participate or enjoy the the benefits of it But grew up in equestrian circles and won the nineteen thirty seven grand part of us the which is grand national of czechoslovakia and the part of us is the most demanding chase course in the world tougher apparently even than than aintree grand national. That's similar four miles for plus miles. And what's amazing about this story is but she's the only woman woman to ever win it but that's not even the best part. The best part is the. Nazis sent a group of their cavalry officers to win so it wasn't enough to be humiliated in the nineteen thirty six olympics in munich they they wanted to come back and get humiliated and jackals of akia. Thanks a lot of ron desilva. So this book looks absolutely. I cannot wait to get my hands on it on. Breakable richard. Asquith anyway ma'am basically going through this already but The the segue that i promised. That's the that's the law that segues longer than the tappan zee bridge. The i mentioned the making your own memorabilia in racing and you can do it by acquiring photographs and you know Adam cog lanese the colonies photo. Any picture you want from new york and florida as well because adam does sculpturing but all the great pictures of his father That his father took or the most historic pictures of the last half century. In new york. You can order those. The beauty is you can take those photos and seek out. When we get a chance to go back to the racetrack. You can make your own memorabilia by taking those photographs. I've got the picture. The picture of the savage from the tremont. The nineteen eighty tremont. I've got jorge velasquez. Signed it if fact. I've got two pictures that george side. I've got that. And i've got a picture that my late photographer. Friend john hubbard. John so happens that john took a picture of the one thousand nine seventy eight travers from the backside which is totally cool. It's a picture no one's ever seen. I'll put this up on twitter. You'll love it and John's got a. It's got to be a point in the incident. Occurred between affirmed and alydar. it has to be. I think i show. She should watch the video again. I think it's right bef- right ahead of the incident. The foul that resulted in in our doors being elevated. but anyway george signed that for me to and their their personal you can create your own personal the jockeys and trainers i've got. I mentioned a was that yesterday. I mentioned the. I mentioned on the i mentioned on this on this video. You're gonna listen to greg. Montgomery's artwork want the. You want to a quick christmas gift that can be in your hands. You know By the weekend plenty of time you know we got ten days ten days out order order gregg montgomery's at work and You know there's another gift that any horse player and race fan is going to enjoy so You're going to hear about jennifer kelly. Sir barton book the diane crump book. This unbreakable of course dave hill with the vapors Better lucky than good lou. Story project tony ryan award winner and also that travers. Coffee table book. The brian billion. Mike beach did and greg montgomery those are the the gift ideas that you're going to hear about so let's do that. Let's take about twenty minutes. Get your pen ready. and i'll do. I'll put up links to everything on twitter as well and when we come back when we come back after listening to this. I wanna talk about the got. The eclipse ballot from jimmy clarkson and Did my first task. And i do want to talk about that Before the top of the hour later steve. Anderson is gonna join us. And andy serwer. Todd pletcher and much more but i here. Is this twenty twenty last minute. Christmas gift guide for the horse lover on your list. First up the books are barton. Give us some thoughts on that one. Well the sir barton story. We talked about it for frankly for about eighteen months when it came to light that jennifer kelly Who is alabama based and just loves racing. She's a historian and writer by trade and she absolutely push every button in this book she. She's got a historic perspective about the life. And times of the era and the people involved commander rawson and Guy bedwell and then of course you know sir barton himself who is the most obscure of the triple crown winners who one of the more obscure. There's there's a couple of others that remain you know kind of less defined and and less written about but This book has more than just a horse story involving you know the the major principles it really talks about how the triple crown became the triple crown. And of course. When when sir barton broke his maiden in the in the derby and then wins the preakness and belmont. He didn't really nobody really celebrated it as anything other than you know. Nice wins by a three year old. It was only later on really with the gallon fox that it sort of became of errant that the there was something tying these three races together. So it it really. It's got a lot of depth to it beyond just the horse oriented and it also forced the rest of barton's career story which in itself is quite good including the famous match race the that he's involved in canada. There's a lot in here and has gotten a lot of notice. It was a dr. Tony ryan book award finalist and didn't win. We will talk about the winner in a minute but So barton in the making the triple brown jennifer kelly. She's got a new book that she's working on About belair and the woodward's and that's our next next book. This is from the university of kentucky are so terrific. They thank thank goodness. They weren't stripped of their funding By the previous complete complete completely renewed. Insane governor former governor of kentucky tried to take that money away and People rallied around the university of kentucky. Press so there's another book coming from her but she gets her barton's get you started. Yeah and speaking a history of folks who may be new to the game Diane crump certainly name worth paying attention to as well and so. There's a diane crump book on your list. Also a bio really one of the pioneers on the jockey side of the woman's jockey side of the game i'll admit freely. I have not read this yet and it was one of the books came out mid year and a kind of got lost in the shuffle. And it didn't it didn't seem to have the same You know advertising or marketing initiatives behind it that a lot of the other equine themed tomes did have and so mark schrager the writer. I'm going to get a hold of him and i i. This is a book that i want to read. And i would think that this would appeal to you. Know a lot of people that that don't know her story. You know she if it for whatever reason it's much of a pioneer she was among the female. Riders gets the recognition that she deserved. So the diane crump story i i. I'm very curious. And i'll get mark schrager on to talk about the book and as i say for you're on familiar we're taking a look at that. Part of the history of the game certainly was a pioneer there. i'm scrolling down to the next Photo and and. I'm glad you tossed this. I wouldn't have thought about this but certainly this is one that you can pass onto. Family racing family in france prince from greg. Montgomery we've had him on the show plenty of times and boy if you're saratoga fan but just a racing fan in general but the this stuffy does focused on the travers every year and whatnot if you're looking for a little artwork for home or the man cave or whatever. Greg montgomery does great work. Well we have greg on virtually every summer with a the introduction of the poster. Signings or the travers. It's really amazing story. And there's a book is a book in itself. Actually the the book that he did with exacerbate laid big ass. And that's the first twenty five years. Travers artwork greg the way this of bomb he. He was trained in new mexico and he has that sort of south western art aesthetic to his word. It started out if for those that aren't aware as you know. See that nice montage of his work. It started out where he literally would make the posters by cutting out. East of of kraft paper. You know art our level quality colored paper and he would make and basically you know put together. Assemble those posters and it's evolved from that into illustration and they're much more obviously the last fifteen years at least is much more detailed and more involved. I love the early ones. And they're all available. I mean he has now. Gregg has now reissued copies of the prince that basically a came out of circulation and go to the website. It's a it's a shop fi website easiest way to find his. You know his shop is online. Shop is just do a search for greg montgomery art and it's greg dash gumri dot my shop. Affi- it's it's kind of involved. But just do greg montgomery art and you'll be led to the online store for all of his prints and i i've got i've got fifteen of them and what i've done of late actually and this is something you can do next summer. You can take the poster of whatever. Favorite winner of travers. You've got and go have jimmy. Jerkins sign it or baffert when he comes to town for aggregate and you know all the different ones. I've got a show. god. I've got one that's signed by. I've got karl nap for and in wilkes signed the one with street cents and grasshopper. So your neighbor. Essentially your favourite travers winner is from the last thirty. Five years is is in. This are in greg's artwork plus there's more generic themes you know the the ladies and big hats look And so forth So i i greg montgomery you can never go wrong. Reasonably priced You don't necessarily have to get it frame. You know you frame up his stuff that ends up being three four hundred dollars by if you to give somebody a quick. You know quick gift. Give them a greg montgomery poster of saratoga no matter no matter if they're saratoga regulars or people that would are so looking forward to being able to come to saratoga either again or the first time greg montgomery is is the the artistic ambassador to the world really for saratoga. Yeah we had him on this summer via zoom and this summer you put himself into this summer sponsor did he did a. He did a hitchcock in a leaning on the rail coming up the up the shoot from the paddock track apron. It's pretty fun. I i got a kick out of him doing that. This curious about unbreakable at some titled the woman who defied the nazis in the world's most dangerous force rates top. A little bit about that one. This is this is amazing under told story that came to light with the release of this book. I think officially the book. I think the quote unquote release date is in january but the book has been available for several months. And it's a. It's a story. That until i read about it this year i was unfamiliar with a woman by a lotta brandy sova. Who was born in to czechoslovakian royalty but who was unable to enjoy that basically roll up in modest means but grew up with an equestrian background and equestrian training and in one thousand nine hundred twenty s or nineteen. Twenty seven seven. She was able to run in the part of this. You know which is essentially the grand national of eastern europe. It's czechoslovakia's grand national for all intensive purposes it's about a four mile Sequel jas event and it is a not just not just grueling in its own right as a four mile. Steeplechase is going to be. It's particularly difficult. Steeplechase course incredibly demanding with hills up and down. You know. it's almost like on a venting. Like going to the land rover to the four star event at the kentucky or spark when they do the cross tree quest inside is commanding course. This is my and lots of brandies over one it in nineteen thirty seven. She's the only woman to ever win. Ever went it and she did it against a handful of nazi cavalry officers that were sent to it to basically show off your the nazi superiority. So not only were. They humiliated in the olympics the year before they get pretty well humiliated in czechoslovakia as well as this has got a lot of history to in addition you not just the equine side. Richard asked with the author and unbreakable a really really compelling and i. I'll be surprised if this doesn't get option by somebody into a film. It's a natural. I'm gonna have to check that one out at the at the. I was intrigued by the subtitle to hear the story. There are eight. Let's move on to another one We had david hill on with us up at saratoga via zoom because he was talking about the vapors which was a lot of fun because it kind of it melts in with saratoga fans. Because he's talking about things that has a close relationship just theoretically with with togan the way things developed at saratoga with the gambling in casinos and the racetrack and whatnot. Then so as i say we thought hill about The vapors of this summer but remind people well. This is again. this is a book. I've been talking. Dave hill about the release of the vapors for close to five years and the story is remarkable in itself. It's you know it's it's a book that is not you can't call it fiction but it's not a nonfiction either. It's a novel It it's it's about six different things for those that the joy e. l. dr o Ragtime or the book that it's been most closely paralleled with is night in the garden of good and evil and which is tremendous. It's best selling the i think the bestselling nonfiction our best selling fiction book of all time. Perhaps david was brought up in hot springs. He's a native arkansan and arkansan and his family. is is rough and tumble. Let's put it that way. And david hill is captivated by the world of of kearney's and huckster 's and leaders. And you know ne'er do wells of of all size and shapes and what this book is is essentially a multi generational history of hot springs and its evolution from a gamble. Not just a gambling mecca. But really the las vegas of the first half of the century before las vegas. There was hot springs and for those that have been there. I mean it is as i don't want us a. Cd is not the right word. But it is as just sort of redolent of gangsters and of you know of canard's and and swindlers and it it just has a amazing atmosphere. And that's what the book is It it's basically a southern gothic tale with david using his family as the protagonists then he folds in all kinds of authentic Gamblers and and mafioso like going oni. Madden you know who came to hot springs from new york and basically set these up for capone and verb. You know the the the whole underworld of the era. It is it spectacular. I it's been up for numerous awards and david david actually was cheated by the pandemic because by all rights he he should have been on a a whirlwind s. Four book tour for signings and at at racetracks and hopefully that will be allowed next year. I mean certainly. I hope we'll get back to hot springs and do something at oaklawn if and when we can all you know attend places openly in person with post pandemic insight. I cannot recommend this enough. The vapors by david l. and i will also say just recently. David hill has announced He's got a podcast concentrating on gamblers. I have a chance to listen but that sounds like it's fun to it is every everything. He touches the racing the racing industry america's best racing and so forth they latched onto him. I don't even know how. I never even asked them how they found him but he started doing features for a while ago. And i don't know if that's how i found more maybe thoroughbred commentary ran a story of his and i had him on at the start of a season at oaklawn and then it became a regular thing. That's how i learned about him working on the book and after literally doing a draft of the book almost basically completing it he actually started again and redid the book and he's much happier with the way this turned out then his first goal round. But this is really a lifetime in the making and You you will literally reduce in two days three days It's that kind of a book. It's gonna just grab right away. And i i i think people will just love it if they're unfamiliar or if they've been hearing about all year that's an interesting story in itself because for an author that's has to be a huge decision all right this version out of fresh piece of paper and i prayed her. He's got there are so many. I i think there's at least one. Maybe two of our conversations earth the best of page at the races. I've had some of to me. Some of the most enjoyable visits with with dave ill. It'd be every time you talk to him. He's like an onion you find out all these layers of of things about him you know. He's he's been published in the new yorker and esquire and g. q. look for his work And and you'll just you instantly become a fan Eat stuff stuff comes out about him all the time. He told the story on twitter inadvertently. Somebody had asked for one of those. You know things you know. Tell us the story. You'd never about yourself. You'd never told anybody. And he he told this story about how when he was in high school. A buddy of his a buddy but a kid that he knew from school robbed a bank and the bank robber and the cohort are chase throughout hot springs. And somehow he ends up in dade inox on on dave's door. He had like a back door to his to his room and dave hit him in a closet as the police came looking for him. He told he told this story on twitter. It's like it's like every time i do anything with hill. There's like a something remarkable bubbles to the surface. He he did. He did a thing for a year. Where if any panhandler lives. He was living in brooklyn. And if any panhandler asked him for a handout he would give them whatever he had in his pocket. He said he was going to do this for a year. And it turned into an article in i think g. q. And it's unbelievable. It is really one of those people in life who is a is basically a a prison for for life and things flow basically threw him and he interprets it in the written word for people. He's a treasure hill. A like you. I've had him on well for me. A handful of times over the past few years but like you. I think i think i originally found his work over on. Apr that's what attracted me and had put him on. And as i say you and i had him on talking about vapors this summer via zoom at and going back again to a little earlier in the conversation. You mentioned the tony ryan book award. You mentioned you talk about this year's winner and it was better lucky than good. This is this is a book bad. Really you makes us unique. Is the word definitely. It defies. I mean it. It's it's essentially. it's an oral well first of all. Let's say what it is. It's the product of a group in louisville called the louisville story krajicek and what they're doing is they're creating written transcripts essentially of oral histories of various topics and what they've done here going to the backstretch at churchill and all to people in and around the game in its it's astounding and the count feel how many there are. I'm going to say there's twenty eight to thirty of these shorts and there's a lot of names and a lot of people telling their story that you'd be familiar with or named heard since butch lear longtime tracks super ensure joel and how how bat Neil huffman ben hopkins uncle something. Keep track wacky. There's there's more than you can shake a stick at neil huffman and greg who has a star-crossed story of some problematic inter light there's backstretch crystal trae. Oh and christina beta you'll be you'll be captivated by this there there's so many emotional Being told in here people's lives as related to and through the racetrack and more than anything better lucky than good helps your understand the value of the racetrack in society. In this era because the the racetrack is a safety net for people who don't fit in elsewhere in a lot of cases or people that were born into a scenario that that put them on the racetrack or you know on on stallion farms or a breeding farms. Whatever whatever form the jay-paul them on the road to be exercise riders etc. And if you frankly if you are one of these people that complain and who are constantly bullying the industry grow quote. I would recommend you read this book and it. It'll it'll change your perspective. There's nothing about it and there's nothing in it at specifically addresses. You know this sport as we know it and it as some people seem to be disappointed in at every turn the people and their dedication to the ass it will give you a better understanding of why the game exists and how invaluable it is and i it sober the of our adoration and our our dedication to it. This i knew. I knew when i read the first three or four chapters that this was was going to win the doctor. Tony ryan award as much as the other books. Like sir barton. I forgot to mention justify lenny shannon's book at all all the various other books that were in a very worthy sir. Barton was a finalist. This was this was going to win because it was the most important book about racing this year. I mean by a wide margin and not just in in recent memory. I if you want to buy yourself a present. I if you wanna give you know give a gift to somebody that you know will be really moved about the sport and the people that make it happen then. A lucky than good is number one. On your less yeah. I'm glad you mentioned it. Because i had written down Justify hundred eleven days to the triple crown to triple crown glory. Bileny shulman was one of the finalists to the award As well forget. Our friend lenny there and finally had on your list as well. The travers book that. Brian and mike beach collaborated this. You know this isn't new. I didn't bring it upstairs downstairs literally on the coffee table where a coffee table book belongs. It's a couple years old now. But this is a just an unbelievable labor of love by brian and my beach and absolute must have for anybody. You know that that loves this big race saratoga in premier race of course every summer and And one of the easily one of the five most important races in the sport every single year. it's just wonderful. It's one of those things you literally. You know you pick it up you put it in your lap and you read through your read. A read about a couple of different travers every so often and you know once you've once you've read You know the hundred and fifty of the then you go back and start again again this and this would make a wonderful president for anybody that That that has a fan of of the game in the travers on their list thought that Important include. Brian and mike space absolutely nuts tying back in a cover up by greg gumri so it all ties back in as well save. We'll let you go. We got to wrap things up. We appreciate the thoughts of the annual visit. I think there's some good ideas there again. Not only family and friends but as you kind of alluded pick some of these up for yourself as well. There certainly worthwhile taking a look at appreciate the visit Wish you antena happy holidays and oh late. Attractive parades going on in green you. You've got to cancel because damage aboard. I would have been it would been already almost a month ago. It was gonna be if it was gonna happen however for those that are driving around. If you happen to be coming out the washington county there are the kind of people you know the farmers and people that have access to trackers. They've got the trackers on their wants. So they're all they're also strategically placed around town a a the fairgrounds. Here's one over by the hand mellon the market and then there is a map. Actually if you go to the green which i guess beats the green witch facebook big. There's a map of where the light detractors off so you can drive around and and see the light detractors yourself and since we went down this road sat i'm gonna mention something is transpired in town. We've been waiting for a long time. Walis has been completely renovated. The entire building has been rebuilt and sometime very soon after the first of the year walis of green which is going to reopen and walis racetrack irs. Walis was an absolute meeting ground. Every jockey agent for decades would have dinner at walis every night and that. That's a tradition. That goes back to the forties and while he's fell on some rough times About ten years ago sat empty this whole period and has been beautifully renovated. So those of you that remember while he's agreeing witch There's gonna be a new walis and we're all eagerly awaiting it it'll it'll be the the centerpiece in town that it was for decades. Excellent excellent will afford that seat again. Appreciate the visit and as they say to both of you. Happy holidays best to you and all the viewers in capital district and beyond and thanks that catalog gb for another great year Enjoy the holiday. Stay safe for almost through this and look forward to a great twenty. Appreciate steve beck again. You get a sirius. Xm's at the races every weekday more into a great job of covering the game and of course summertime sitting next me loose on the lead as well and annually. We have the little gift guy. Hopefully give you some great ideas all right there. You go little you want me to let me. I've got about five six seven minutes later. The might as well fill it out there. You got your all set. And i'll put links up with all the with all the pictures that The show the books and actually quite a few of them for kelly responded to this with Her the blog entry. That has quite a few books. That were just mentioned. Actually i think the only ones that aren't That weren't there. She had I don't think she had better Lucky on there but Obviously her book diane crump book and vapors and the traverse coffee table book so and then and then she had a few others that There were there weren't necessarily all in the past year but Some that absolutely would be Other options all right. So there you go and And i i really will stress the photograph. I just put up pictures of the things. I talked about The phantom colonies photographs naira photographs and the pictures dad took famous legendary shots Secretariat and the savage the nineteen eighty three month and in a historic courses. Any anything that was run in new york and and also for florida from the last. I think adam took over. It's probably more than ten years now but You can reach out the collines photo and i'll put the links up actually am adams got a Facebook page as well For photographs bob collines photos dot photo shelter dot com and Collines cg la any se. Actually i mentioned. I think around saratoga atom also has guy painting three different designs of masks with over. Hopefully the masking her dwindle here. The need for them soon. Enough but I think he's got three different saratoga one. He's got an american pharaoh. One and a secretary three different mask photos which are pretty cool and And the greg montgomery art. So i put those pictures up of my own The one i put up the The great bird stone poster just one of my favorites with the storm bearing down on on the building. that's a classic Yeah and the the beauty greg. Montgomery work is that. There's there's virtually any color scheme that you've got a a room for wall. Whatever your whatever. The ambien. Philip walls and ceiling decor. There's a. there's a greg montgomery shop easily and quickly. I mentioned Dr all going to join us at the top of the hour by the way. I mentioned yesterday with that the genetics conversation and we'll let We'll but steve kinda riff on that topic. It's something we talked about years ago long time ago. But i'm going to revisit it given you know given the the white philly in japan and There's more white. There's more white thoroughbreds being brennan the us to But that piebald. I gotta find that picture the piebald from the other day So dr alday coming up top of the hour But i also had mentioned. We're going to got three days after today to talk a little bit about the eclipse Decisions and the voting think. The voting goes until january third fourth fifth in that range. And of course that's always recommended to wait till the end of the year. We still have a couple of great ones. The la brea and the malibu yet the to run but it does feel like most of the categories are very close to You know very close to being wrapped up Or if not already wrapped up but the ones that need examination and discussion. And we'll have some of these over the next couple of days owner breeder particularly owner-breeder and i. I'm going to tell you. I mentioned this before and this is a i. Suppose it's a pet project for me to some degree. Because i i always Seen distress and a certain owner That is very deserving of recognition. And the last several years i it. It felt really important to get seth klaren recognized and that happened last year. You know the frankly. The two previous years were equally Opportune to vote for seth clarkson as leading owner as an eclipse award owner One of the important things to do when it comes to these categories for specifically owner and breeder is to look beyond just the volume emmy for many years Voters it seemed with just a look at the top of the you know the the money earnings and just slap Those names up. Well i it. It's there's a lot more to it and you know particularly with some owners that you know that do participate in in partnerships. I don't mean in in you know the the large partnerships. I mean taking on partners on horses the the leading owner this year and to me last year gary barber it was. It was very hard last year after. Campaigning literally campaigning. I mean openly to get south carmen. The eclipse you know hat to certainly vote for last year. And i voted for gary barber. Second gary barber is the leading owner in the country. This year period. It's not even it. It doesn't even take a lot of imagination to you. Know to select him and and vote for him as you know your first choice standing alone even before the the two horses that he's that he's got partnership Interests in standing alone just with his name on the ownership line alone it. He won eight graded stakes and the two grade ones. A grade. Two and five or three. Excuse me three or five I just had it where to go. Yeah five is right. Five grade threes and so just alone. And then when you fold in the wins that he's had with partners like that and wachtel and company Janelle maker As well as the the juvenile. Filly as well with the quist where I think it's adam and yeah so it folded in those fold in those two partner horses. And there's another fourth grade once so gary barber standing alone or with his partners twelve graded snake winters. Sixth grade ones agreed to and five threes for over three point six million in earnings. So i gary barber this is the opportunity to recognize. And you have to do this. I mean when when the occasion arises that an individual owner you know his got the credentials it's important to show appreciation for their contribution the industry and It's gary barbara's year period. And i i i know i took there was a good three years of windmill. Tilting regarding clarkson before Before bricks and mortar seemingly made it that much easier for people to recognize south. But you know the the gary barber's and the and the charlotte weber's I mean they the engine on the train and when you have this chance. I mean some other names by the way that had Obviously we talked about costa ronan and Peter brant is is one of these years soon is is going to absolutely win one. Bob loath and back had a big year. The why costs three diamonds. Mike makers should be a finalist for trainer this year. So i'm just waiting into this Working on this this week and I quite happy to take on these. These kinds of causes because It's important. I know they're you know it's just a trophy that's going sit on a mantle but it then you know these these individuals there. They get tremendous enjoyment out of participating in the sport. And you know the reward on on the racetrack is is the most satisfying part of it for them. But when you have a chance to edge their name In in in this kind of manner it should be taken. Let's take top of the hour break. We'll come back. Dr steven all day horse l. Today brought to you by lubers reborn. We'll get steve's year end thoughts and we'll talk about some Equine genetics and why they look like they look why. Those colors Bubbled to the surface back after this hour to at the races with steve on sirius. Xm radio from early klein. The people that bring you ep. L. e. klein unlocking leader shield now.

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