Hello, everyone and welcome. Welcome. Welcome to the empty bowl podcasts about serial and relaxation. My name is Justin McElroy, and I am a serial enthusiast, and I am dang you bear. And I would really like to see where I fall on sort of the list of people who have written. The most words about Syria. I'm sure I'm not at the top. There's probably cereal historians out there. But if there's ever a goal for me that let's I am you gotta have a jury. My dream is that you the listener beloved listener will will be able to relax for the next twenty however, many minutes, we asked these sit down or stand you could lie on your back. If you like close your eyes if it is safe and prudent and just sort of focus on Syria. We've got some relaxing music, mice ocean leases and no challenging ideas. This is a. Crunchies zen garden for you to unwind and just consider Siri. And that's. Stood up with some some news headlines that would that would fill my bowl beautifully. Dan. All right, everybody else gets your bowls out be prepared. Because the first news headline is Kellogg's launching a cat corn cereal. It's sort of exclusive to Sam's Club for the moment. Though. I'm told it will be eventually reaching stores everywhere for all the catacomb fans out there. I know they're rabid bunch. But this is sort of a a new rendition of the unicorn cereal that Kelloggs launched last year, which was in itself sort of an Americanize Asian of unicorn fruit loops which Europe just prior. So it's a very complicated genealogy of mythological serial. But so unicorns had a magical cupcake flavor, but this category cereal boasts a berry Perv faction with sparkling edible glitter. So if that's not a literal glow up than I don't. No. What is that sounds very good to me? I I wonder berry flavored cereals have become much more interesting to me since. I had the wildberry fruit loops which were so delicious. And and I would hope that this would be sort of along those lines anything that gets me closer to the Smurfs berry crunch, which I had a child. Enjoy again, you know, it's crazy that you mentioned that because the color palette is sort of like a mixture of the same vibrant hues gun the the really pink rings and some some Smurfs in blue sprinkles as well, which are maybe that's the glitter. It's not really clear, but it's really not alter not clear what edible glitter how that's just different from sugar. So it's kinda just potato potato. But there's. I don't know if it'll be worth getting a short term Sam's Club membership for but. Cata corn fans, you're gonna do it. Right. Dan. You know, it's funny. I actually a PR blast about this and got a sample off of it. And it was already delivered apparently last week in stolen off my porch. The first time I've ever had a package stolen, and it was cata corn cereal. So some be too wild to tame. I guess. What else is going on the news? So trader Joe's snuck a new serial on the shelves as well. They're one of the one of the companies that really just likes to put them out there and wait for the response. But this turned up in sort of a Reddit threat. I believe where I I saw put their trader Joe's Neopolitan puffed cereal. And you gotta go to seriously done that and see this box. I was so many cereal boxes have sue little artistic perspective or share sort of like just targeted at kids. Very utilitarian. This this the Apollo puff cereal is cool as heck? Yeah. I mean, if feel like many mainstream sort of cereal boxes are really just character dominated in the rest of the scenery's built around it. But trader Joe's stripping away, the sort of anthro more physician by get that right out of the equation, really? Makes it a blank canvas for something. Really seventies. Inspired in this case. A lot of the the Neopolitan Hughes amped up to eleven but the cereal itself. Just kind of looks like the cocoa puffs ice cream scoops that came out not too long ago. And when I first saw these I kinda thought it would be the exact same cereal until you see the little bubble at the top of the box that says it's made with beans and Brown rice instead of sort of the typical cocoa puffs corn. I don't really know how I feel about this. Because every time I've had been cereal in the past. It was impossible for me to call it a cereal I had to call it a bean cereal because you you really can't get the lagoon aftertaste out of your mind when eating at any point. So I don't know if all over make it to trader Joe's to try this one it's a bit of a hike for being based cereals. But if that's up your alley might be worth it there any good options that you've found for like ordering cereals online is just one stop shop or better served as like going to the retailer. So. Yeah. I don't think he'd probably get much better than like, a grocery delivery service. And then just buying a bunch of cereal. If you are looking for like new serials do tend to be people who I say scalp, but it's actually a reasonable price for someone who wants to try new serials on EBay, just if you wanna get that one and done out of there, and you have a little money to blow just for the cost of like a blockbuster rental. You could be buying a new serial. Can I devote will divergence for a second? Speaking of this cereals, I wanna to try. I wanna talk about privee refl cereal that I found this week. This news to me, I was in target and over with the toys, I found a box of buddy, the elf of fun co pop serial who and this is so interesting as I said found a box of cereal, I was target. Don't get folks kicking under the shows. It is that is what a with. Anyway, the buddy the elf cereal. What is that flavor on the buddy the l zero? It is the strangest mine was a little stale taste a little stale. I know I mean, it's February and Christmas movie, but that fit a little bit put it was. Did you try? It was the. The strangest I was like a cherry flavor to the buddy the elf zero. It was so weird. Well, in my experience of a believe every funk cereal is the same flavors. So that what I have not tried buddy. The elf cereal. I had one of the Cup head cereals for review not too long ago, which I really just bought that one because the the Syria was black and a lot of gastrointestinal complications there. But that's a different story. As for the flavor. I I think Jerry's not a bad word. I kind of took it more as like sour tricks than anything. Okay. Yeah. But it's not really the best. It's really more of a a coffee table peace than a functional cereal. We last week talked about Honey branches of. Chicken and waffles. Cereal. But they added another to that cereal day lineup, right? Oh, yes. I think we teased it perhaps in the last episode, but it has been confirmed that for national cereal day, which is March seventh again. Post and Honey bunches of oats will be releasing alongside chicken waffle, cereal, a maple bacon donuts cereal. So this one kind of it appears to lex or the geometric complexity of chicken and waffles. There's just the actual Donut ring pieces some flakes and then little tiny clusters. But I think this is definitely the tamer option of the two. And I don't know why they didn't really lead the new cycle with this one. It's not gonna make the impact, you know. You're not gonna get on Instagram with maple bacon Donut cereal. That's true. I think probably the one thing that there was me off most about it is this the prominent placement of a pig on the box. Don't I don't know if it's the most tasteful way to sell people on bacon in their sweet breakfast product. It didn't really work for the maple bacon. Pop tarts. They came out. I don't know if you tried those but just kind of that interjection of artificial smoke. I'm hoping it's a little bit more. Offensively Piccari smoked or whatever than. Bentley farm animal. I. The thing is tripping out most about this serial, and I'm trying to draw beat on it. But looking at the sort of box shot though yet, but it looks like we are blending flakes and rings that possibly be right? I don't think it's that out of the question. I mean as challenging I don't know that that I find that very unsettling. Just sort of the textual mishmash. You mean? Yeah. It's weird. Right. You think of itin to think of flakes as losing crunch acidy at a more accelerated pace than rings? So I feel like bushy rings and are sorry bushy. Flakes crunchy rings sounds so strange. I mean, I hear you on that. But I think if you're eating a maple bacon Donut cereal, you've kind of forsaken all hesitation at the door. True. You're probably getting down the down quick. You know, there's there's deeper problems there in the slop. Steeper prowls in the slop. I swear Dan every week. You have a new way of putting things I feel like it's gonna stick with me. I live last week. It was. Stack up spoon Colladay and call today. I honestly can't eat cereal anymore without thinking that curse myself. Streaky of cereal that you have eaten. Let's talk about Honey bunches of oats, apple caramel crunch. That's how I mean. I say that is it appealing title. I mean, if you thought trader Joe's was sort of surprise cereal dropper making it appear on shelves. Honey, bunches of oats is probably better at it. They couple years back. They just brought back chocolate Honey bunches of oats randomly, which was amazing. And then they brought a pecan and maple Brown sugar. One last year two out of the blue and blew me away. And now for twenty nineteen it seems we're following the theme by getting this apple caramel crunch, which I was really excited about from the get-go given that apple caramel gets like no play in the serial compared to apple cinnamon. So I was really excited to see how they would actually do this. Because the only other caramel, apple cereal. I know of was the the pebbles boulders that came back several years prior really deep cut there. But. I tried this one, and I was definitely impressed. But I don't know if it necessarily lives up to the title because the whole time that I was eating it. I didn't think of care Mel I certainly thought of apples because there's a good amount of the little dried pieces in there too. Good job with that. But they did a great job of getting molasses flavor in there and the ingredients list really confirms that. So usually when I talk about molasses and serial reviews, it means I'm talking about like a gingerbread man sort of flavor because I don't really eat molasses by the spoonful. Right. But when I do I recognize it in a case like this. So if you really into that really niche unique duck sweetness, and then the fruity nece as well. I think you this wanna try I think anyone does. Honestly, I have a problem with. I am not crazy about dehydrated fruits in. Cereal because as breeze slow. They start to rehydrate start thick. It's kind of gross kind of girls. I think this is like strawberry special k in a red berries. Which is we're as Barry star to rehydrate. It's just like not. It's just not pleasant. I fish, and I worry about this for the the hydrogen apples. It's kind of like those those foam capsule to watered. But I don't think it is much of a concern here. They the apple pieces are surprisingly small. So I could probably trick your mouth out of them. Let's let's stay in the orchard in talk very briefly about crisp apple pop tarts. I mean, I thought you said there'd be no controversial or difficult statements. But we're going to review a pop tart little bit of diversion. So this was another flavor that surprised me because it really diverts from the recent pop tarts trend of going really really wacky and specific with their flavors like they had the the soda pop flavored pop tarts as well as the jolly ranchers tarts, all of which got more convoluted and really really intense and niche appeal as you try and make it through like the jumbo WalMart sized boxes, which they only sell them for some reason, but a refreshing bite of crisp apple pop tarts reminded me that simplicity is really where it's at because I don't think I've ever eaten Apollo tar and wanted anything more than just that primal raw sweetness and Chris Beppo pop tarts deliver that in spades. It's got that. Sort of granny Smith sourness to it, but not overbearing and really just sort of tempered by the the classic pop. Tarts crust? How would you if you were to stack all pop tart? Into a huge pile. When where in the pile these think that this pop tart would up. Man, if I'm stacking up the pop tarts and really call it a day. I think I would put it probably just below the middle. I mean, there's a lot of sort of legacy tarts from the rich history of the brand that I have to give their true place like risen to the rafters of the stack, but very very impressive showing indefinitely near the top of probably what we've seen in the last five years of pop tarts flavors. I we have one more review here that you've listened the lineup, and that is fiber one strawberries and vanilla clusters. You know, I was I was really interested in talking about this. When it first because we do get a lot of questions about the best healthy cereals that are out there. And I was ready to pitch this one. And then you mentioned not liking sort of the dried fruit texture and yes, cereal. And if you didn't like that in special k, then this would probably drive you wild because fiber one strawberries, and vanilla clusters has just so many dried, strawberries, and they're huge. It's like the complete cross section of a full-sized plump. Strawberry. To sitting amongst these sort of really boring raising brandish flakes. We don't really need to waste words on those. But and a few pockets of these vanilla clusters, which are definitely the highlight of the bunch. They really taste like like yoghourts if you remember those pouches, but you have to they're more of those because the strawberries themselves are sort of a beast to be reckoned with the very authentic there bit tart their texture yen is challenging especially in milk. But the key here is to get a ratio of flakes too. The strawberries to really offset that texture with a more pleasant one on if you do that. I think this is a good way to maybe get the fiber back into a serial died that may be lacking. I find it too. Good mixer as well like with the Cap'n crunch strawberry shortcake crunch, which is kind of disappointing on its own this serial can add that, you know, real pop authenticity. I think. In our last segment, we like to cut loose a little bit and stop taking everything so darn seriously and. A free period and this week we are going to be. Discussing challenging question. A lot of people have sort of brought to our desk and wanted to to try to knock it out one fail swoop, and that is serial mixes combining one to two cereals, you can't buy one zero. So at least two possibly more, Dan. Do you have a favorite cereal combo? Yeah. There's really this episode really seems to be the theme of me bringing up things that you just said you you weren't into because my go-to combination is what I like to call Honey bunches of cheerio, it's which is a very simple mixture of fifty percent, Honey, bunches of oats and fifty percent a corresponding Cheerios flavor because I find in most cases with the Honey bunches, you can find a respectable analog in the Cheerios kingdom. So I was kinda staying a little quiet earlier when you were asking about the rings in the flakes together because I secretly love it. Dan. Yeah. These complex textural contrast. They're just really exciting for a pal at that's been, you know, it's cut its teeth on the same thing over and over again, I like that variety. I would not this may be a little bit sheet. But I think. Broadly. Speaking granola added to pretty much any cereal that is in the non fruit world can can improve it like I'm not talking about your fruit. Loops free pebbles tricks. But I think a sort of like flake based or a serial circles the like circles that kind of vibe granola is a really nice like extra crunchy counterpoint that can really just kick the nutritional value, right? And it's teeth and really amp up the calories and the sugar. What's one of your favorites? Probably specific maybe granola and cereal combos. The best. I can remember is. Blueberry morning, which I love those like that whole great, grains, sort of area of of cereals that are like. No question like the worst for you like almost certainly nutritionally speaking like the worse, you could be eating baffling amounts like Pooh bear morning. I just looked at the judicial in a survey morning. It's two hundred eighteen calories which is the nose innovation twice. What you would get from any other cereal. I mean seventeen grams of sugar in a survey, which if you were to compare that to like fruity pebbles, you'd be talking about like six less grams of sugar than than that. And one hundred twenty calories it's like so wild but Buber morning with some. No one there or. Cheerios. Apple cinnamon Cheerios with granola like delicious, the one that. I I is not a serial is not combining cereals, but is my favorite Nixon is like really dark chocolate chips. All my God. Very few serials are not improved by with a sprinkling of very dark chocolate chips. I mean, pretty much anything is better that such as spiral because I've done the same thing. And I immediately every time I eat cereal after that. I can't help. But think there's no reason to not put chocolate chips in this. Like, it wouldn't make it better obvious reason. Which is yeah, you know, your continued existence on this planet. Also, give it a try with a crackling oat, bran and really just compound the band nutrition facts. Yeah. Quake squares another one for me. Like, I love and has a vibe of healthiness fairly late in life. But it is it is miserable for you. Gather stating two hundred twelve calories per Cup a little bit on the sugar. But. But it's not a mixer. So I don't want to get outside the scope of the conversation. Dan. This has been so pleasant as usual talking with you where can people find more of your work, if they would very wisely like to ingest some of it? WWW dot Syria. Lists Lee dot net. I will. I would like you to know because I will not get credit for it. Did not come to fruition. I did put an offer on Syria. Let's dot com for your. Grizzly board. I appreciate it. To my request. So sadly, we will stay seriously for time Inc. You can also find Arshile show at bowl dot rest. If you wouldn't mind spreading that link around a little bit this week and telling friends yours too that they might enjoy the show. And you know, maybe even we have a system they're pulled out rest where you can donate a little bit show. He was nine nine cents all the way up to ninety nine if you can donate to our show every month half of that goes to keep seriously running half that goes to the Huntington's facing hunger. Food Bank c can help feed hungry people and help helped great cereal site going by donating your money's we appreciate it. And if he'll stand you into a dress Email address, what's our? Yeah. You can send us all questions inquiries, pressing cereal. News bites to mail at bowl dot rest. Folks that is going to do it for so until next time. My name is just macaroni. And I'm dying beer. And as always don't forget to drink the milk.

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