181 - Using fear and disappointment to drive you - 5 Minutes of Momentum


Welcome to five minutes of my men. These episodes are a short five minute bursts of inspiration motivation and massive action. If you need that little kick up the to get things moving into its slash, take massive action, every single Thursday I'll be sending through a five minute episode to Download Digest and implement to finish your week off strong. He ready to get started. Let's go. Using fee and disappointment to drive you fear disappointment a two of the biggest negative emotions that we can experience as a human being and the more we use it and we actually transmute those experiences in those emotions the better we are for it right. If you can think back to some of the things, some big disappointments that you've had in your alive and think about how you could use a disappointment to drive you to move forward. You'd be surprised at how motivating it can be to utilize those. So we have what we call the pain and pleasure model. So a lot of the. Times as a human being will use our pain to drive us to take action. So it's like we know we don't want and we can try move away from that pain and we move away from what we want. So we can utilize this right because often sometimes, the pain is actually much more motivating than it is the pleasure because when we think about utilizing pledge ought to motivate us we think about what it is that we do want and we look then moving towards it because it's something that we haven't experienced yet it's not as motivating often looking back can go and will. I don't want to experience that ever again I don't want to be disappointed I don't WanNa have regret I. Don't it'd be just stuck in fear and taking no action at all. So anytime that I feel like I'm not taking massive action I think about the costs and the consequences of not taking that action and then I try to think about. Okay. So what some things in the past and I've experienced and remind myself of how freaking painful e could bay to feel disappointed and how painful it can be stuck in fear and not taking action allowing that to override everything that you. Do in your life now, I think back to a time in my life where I was stuck in complete fear and in total non action and I was stuck there for quite a long time, and then once I moved pasta and taking action I was like, why did I waste so much time? Why did I allow myself to sit in so much guilt and fear and disappointment when really I should have just taken action and moved pasta, and so I use that now to move me forward and that actually helps to help me be so much more effective in my time management because. Anytime that I noticed things are falling by the wayside. I am putting things off when I'm pushing things out into distance because I'm already or I'm worried about what that's going to do whatever it is. I'm stocking I remind myself of what it's felt like in the past. To be disappointed and to be stocking. And remind myself that I don't WanNa feel that ever. Again I do not want to feel disappointed in myself I. Do not want to be stuck in fear and taking on action wasting my life when time flies by quick, we are in September. How the hell did we get to September? So quickly, right when the whole world is being brought to its knees and we've been put on such a halt and all of our goals have been put on hold yet time is still moving fast right. Your life is going to flash by before you know it and unless you find some way to motivate you to take massive. Action you GONNA continue to play small. You're going to continue to feel disappointed and you're going to continue to allow fear to stop you fear is always going to be a part of life experience, but we need to learn to transmit it to move us forward and to continue to remind us to take massive action allies. So then we can celebrate what we've achieved and we. Can enjoy allies and we can't find joy happiness and love. So what is it that you're not taking action right now and what do you need to think back to to remind yourself? That is painful enough. That's GONNA stop period from freezing that's going to actually tell you to stand more in your power and move forward because anything that this is ever taught me is that. There's always painful moments in the past and your future is always going to be better than you'll past if you will allow it to be. So if you want your future to be better than your past, use your past to fuel you forward us the fear us a disappointment and allow it to drive you to take massive action and create the loss that you wanNA leave. You don't have any time to waste right this. You'll life literally flying by day by day, and until you start to transmit those negative emotions because negative emotions, part of life. So the more that you can transmute them to become so much more powerful to derive you and move you forward the less likely you ought to give into the fear and to give into the disappointment and live in a place of self doubt is not serving you ask all. If you continue to leave in that place, you have the power to transmit your emotions and the way that you do that is allow yourself to recognize when you feeling them. Like just what I've talked to through right he think back to a time that you felt disappointed and remind yourself that if you don't continue to take action now, that's what's going to happen again or you're going to cause that negative feeling to come back and bite you in the butt because of the things that you haven't done that you want to do but you're not taking action. So it's time to years you'll fear and disappointment to drive you full weight and fuel you to create the results in your life that you wanna leave.

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