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Welcome back to this week and video games and this is the news Roundup giving you all the latest video game news. You need to know in just ten minutes if you find this useful and don't forget to like share & subscribe and YouTube app and your favorite podcast app links Down Below in the description or the show notes. So it's Wednesday the 28th of October 2020. Let's get into the news first up in the news today the cyberpunk 2077 delayed yet again. And this one comes from Tom Phillips. If you're a gamer the release of cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed yet again, and we're now launched on the 10th of December 2020 in a statement posted to Twitter just moments ago developer CD projekt Red said it was struggling to ship the large number of different versions of the game. It needs to have ready this year including a current and next-gen consoles PC and Google stadia. It comes less than a month after CD projekt Red admitted it at our staff to work mandatory Six-Day weeks for the remainder of the project until launch off. And after the studio said it's now gone gold on the project effectively finishing the version which comes out on disc has no mention of the studio crunch in today's statement from Studio boss Adam badowski wage Marcin a Winski back in September but else can told him employees that starting today. The entire studio is an overdrive according to a Bloomberg report. We've decided to move the release date of cyberpunk 2077 by 21 days. The new release date is 10th of December today statement begins. Most likely there are many emotions and questions in your head the first and foremost, please accept unharmed apologies CD projekt red statement describes cyberpunk 2077 as a game, which is evolved towards almost being a next-gen title somewhere along the way suggesting is the games current-gen version that may need extra one. The studio is now working on improvements which can be included in cyberpunk 2077 launch-day patch the amount of time needed to do this was under calculated the statement concludes birthday. This is the third public delay for CD projekt Red highly-anticipated open world cyber Thriller. It was initially due to arrive in April but it's or its launch press pound to the 17th of September in order to give the divorce precious months. We need to make the game perfect and then pushed it back again until the 19th of November next up in the news horror game Visage releases on the 30th of October and this one is from Daniel a tech out of Game Informer. Horror game vizag has been in Early Access for a long time now and now it's coming to Playstation 4 Xbox One and PC on October 30th, which is just under a week away passage is an atmospheric Trek through a haunted house that has the player with discovering the tragic circumstances around each family member for a total of four tables in Early Access to towns were available and this 1.0 release brings the total to form with around fifteen hours of content. If the rest of the game is like Lucy's Early Access tail brace yourself for some serious ass Is and challenges as you struggle to keep the lights on and your sanity stable while the game was previously playable on PC and steam Early Access program. This fall release is also coming to Playstation 4 and Xbox should be prepared to wander in the dark as the game Taps into classic haunted house there. Then absolutely gets absurd as you enter the darkest recesses of Mind sounds pretty wild. Yeah. Well we can give it a try either just in time for Halloween next up in the news. Apex. Legends is getting a new map and a new Legend for season seven. And this one comes from Austin Gosling out of polygons wage. Apex. Legends season seven is called Ascension and respawn entertainment has finally revealed the first details on it. The games upcoming season will be the biggest of the year with a new map a new Legend and even a vehicle off. The largest change that Ascension will bring is the addition of a new map called Olympus and according to the seasons teaser website Olympus is a giant City in the clouds, but it's high Auto makes it precarious to navigate home. Since it's a long form if you make the wrong jump while that's the only tease we have in the map so far. We spawn says they don't have water available as we get closer to the season launch season 7 of new characters name is Horizon wage used for the last several days Horizon is a brilliant scientist who sure to bring out all of the experimental astrophysics expertise to the Apex games. She's already used a black hole in the stories of the outlands video games and that could potentially be part of a kid by the time she makes it Apex Legends the Ascension preview site also has something extra surprising on it something called the Trident and this is apparently a new addition to the game, especially for Olympus. There's a brief description of the Trident on the website, which offers more clothes to Olympus is a big place the site reads cover ground faster with the Trident plenty of room for the whole school. In other words. It seems like a driveable vehicle may be headed to Apex Legends as part of season seven, but just like the Olympus preview itself may have to wait until respawn has a little bit more to say about Season before we know any real details Apex Legends season 7 is set to arrive on November 4th the same day the game Launches on Steam next step in the news God of War on PS5 thousands up to sixty frames per second and progress carries over from PS4. This one comes from Wesley in Paul out of you're a gamer. So God of War is going to run at 60 frames-per-second on PS5 developer job at Santa Monica has confirmed and you get this by selecting the favor performance video option is tweet announcing the mode and so nice Santa Monica didn't mention any additional performance or graphical effects wage war on a base PS4 runs at 1080p 30. Whereas the PS4 Pro 2 options are available. You got checkerboard 4K mode, which does a good job of holding a steady 30 frames-per-second in life scenes and a performance orientated mode at full HD resolution with an unlocked frame rate. According to digital foundries. God of War analysis a stable 60 frames per second is off the table. And the frame rate is left around wild instead with noticeable Jetta what this mode basically delivers is something more in line with say God of War 3 or Ascension on PS3 the frame rate averages mid-to-upper 40s, most of the time during any Skirmish while some of the quieter moments can jump up to or around 60 frames-per-second and hopefully God of War on a PS5 is an offer a more stable 60,000 the second experience. Meanwhile go towards things will transfer from the PS4 version to the PS5 version means you can start where you left off. You can also transfer you go to War 3 remastered saves to the office 5 and go to War 3 remastered came out on PS4 in 2015. And finally in the news today Ubisoft shares next-gen features for Watch Dogs Legion Far Cry 6 and more often comes from Lyon Aruba out of Game Informer. The next generation of gaming is less than a month away and Ubisoft is the latest company to detail how they're going to be optimizing some of their new games on the horizon with a dog. The scooping up an Xbox here is X or PS5 here are some of the ways that ubisoft's lineup will appeal to those looking forward to a next generation of tech. Let's break it down by gain Thursday. We got Watchdogs Legion and you can't take down an entire government regime without some cool next-gen features for Xbox fans players were able to utilize accelerated rate racing technology for standing vigil in the city of London real-time Reflections in the water resurfaces and smoother in-game traversal. Thanks to Xbox direct storage. Everything is meant to be faster crisper and more realistic which is same PlayStation fans have to look forward to as well on the PS5 rate racing or offer a similar experience to that as the Xbox series X and s in addition to the Tempest 3D audio engine. There's mentors need the games Auditorium ocean too unreal levels faster loading times quicker fast travel and adaptive triggers puts the Journey of Revolution right into the players hands next up. We got Assassin's Creed. How an Xbox players can expect a 4K 60fps experience when fighting through the latest Assassin's Creed Tail as a viking the Xbox velocity architecture and direct storage API off on both series systems also allow for faster loading times which makes for a smoother time to start to finish PlayStation 5 can expect that a 4K 60fps pull as well. In addition to the temperature audio technology coming into play once more for a more immersive sounds that make Valhalla feel more realistic than ever next up. We got Far Cry 6 and while there are some conspiracy theories about five or six settings with a child looking very much like a younger vas. What we do know is the latest in the franchise will benefit greatly from a next-gen boost for both Xbox and Playstation players can expect depends per second at 4K though. It doesn't look like PS5 Tempest audio tech will be too much of an influence for this title. And finally we've got a mortal's Phoenix Rising formally known as God Monsters Immortals Phoenix Rising is a really enjoyable game that basically feels like a fusion between Legend of Zelda breath of the wild and Assassin's Creed while less realistic than other games on the list. It doesn't mean I'm not without its own upgrades going into next-gen for Xbox players. The now standard 4K 60fps experience is to be expected with high-dynamic-range technology meant to enrich the colors off most of the game in question. Phoenix Rising sounds are also getting a boost on the Xbox. Thanks for Dolby Atmos and updated spatial audio technology. Oh and there's also faster load times PlayStation long as we get the same 4K 60fps treatment with audio enhancements. Thanks to the Tempest 3D audio engine faster load times are off to a perky as well. Thanks to the ultra high-speed SSD just down as 2021 for on a Rainbow Six Siege Riders Republic at also getting similar next-gen features to make the gameplay even better than expected. It's always exciting going into a, New Jersey. And video games with so many anticipated titles launching soon. It's going to be one heck of a ride of seeing where we go next and that is it for the news today. So, thank you so much for watching or listening in a video game news container this subscribe and share with a friend to join our community check out the Discord Link in the description, and you can follow me on Twitter at Twi Fiji podcast. 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