Beto Announces, LaCroix Death Spiral? 3.15.19


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So if you can do a solid just please go to the dailies like ice dot com and click on the listener survey, you will help us. Get a step closer to total podcast, add domination. And who knows what the next step is. But we want y'all to come with us now help us out. Thank you, fellow the. Internet and welcome to seasons. Seventy-three episode five dailies, I guys podcast where we take these dive into America share consciousness. It's Friday March fifteen two thousand nineteen Jack O'Brien AK, Jack O'Brien was a bullfrog wasn't friend of miles. I'm never understood a single word. He said, but I listened to him share is hot takes. Oh. And he always had some mighty hot takes right that AK courtesy of Rahman king. And I'm thrilled to be joined as always by my co host, Mr. miles. Buddy. All about Joe's. If y'all remember I have a love for the la- buddies. I know Patrick Gorman did at Patrick sixty. Because you have you was that one. I remember that track off the Space Jam soundtrack have to be that are alone. But I think was an art Kelly. If you don't know it was the one that had I think it's Chris rock Zing in it at the beginning anyway. But yet that's from the little Space Jam Senator. That's a deep cuts. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We're thrilled to be joined in our third seat by the very funny, comedian writer, actor and second time. Yes. Mister, Ellsberg guys. Thank you for having me back. Good to have you back. Then we are having a severe Mandela theory moment, or whatever that the Mandela affect moment where both producer on a hose neon. I could swear the deal has been here before and he li- cysts. He is not I don't know why he's lying about it. But he also got it completely cleared from archive. So you know, when you Google it also says he hasn't been on the show. So I don't know iheartmedia conspiracy. I don't know what the point of this conspiracy is but. Wondering that was like the second. I was like, I know you Liz not been here. All also back for the first time. That's ludicrous. Second album of. I had a southern hospitality on it. Ho doesn't as very well. Now fat rabbit. What's your fantasy remix fat rabbit is that about Lola bunny? Can you touch you feel you graduate? Oh, I like that. What's your fantasy was the last one you listed, by the way? Yeah. That's that's the most famous. Yeah. I love this. Love all the fat rabbit is a timbale in one which actually I believe was on the Timbaland album. Anyway, doesn't matter. Glad you cut it off because I was which one shock value. I can get into this. The second Timothy Magoo album. I feel like a good day. Okay. Ooh. Love to love to love area. All right. All right. Well, yeah. Now, see you later. I'm familiar. I'm just moving. He's supposed to sing along miles. I could I could listen to you sing all day. Thank you. So, but that's not what this podcast is, unfortunately. And I thank you. Thank you. All right. We're going to get to know you little bit better. But first we're gonna tell our listeners a few of the things we're talking about. We're just going to check in real quick with Brian Kilmeade from FOX and friends on pi day yesterday. We're gonna do a quick college. Emissions. Check in to see how that scandal is playing out going to check him with Washington, others, another book out that gives you the tea on the internal workings of the Trump administration. We're gonna talk about Beddoes bizarre announcement. I dunno how bizarre it is. I guess it's just his hand gestures. I'll I'll how how does. By rights, and we're gonna talk about LaCroix and some supreme trolling happening on in the world of politics. But I would is something from your searches three. That's revealing about who you are actually was thinking about that in. My most recent one was actually Chuck twos. Chuck to. Yeah. Here's all say that because they stopped making them did the. Yeah, I didn't I didn't know this converse stopped making basically every time. They try to do something beyond the original converse, which I love but my feet and back down. Right. I check to his incredible like walking on mattresses, and because they have like an insole on them. And so I've been excessively searching for the last two weeks to try and find another pair of Chuck twos. And these are basically they look like regular Chuck's. But they have like the bigger rubber sole. Yes. Yeah. They have like a like like they have like Nike made a lunar. I think it's called the lunar Lon insole is so. So comfortable. I was like, wow. This is exactly what I needed. I mean. I could go by an insult and put it in a regular Chuck, right? Right. Right. Right. I'd rather not this incredible Nike owns convert her, and they don't know what it just sold out right now. You know, it's done. They just finished a year ago. And I I learned that too late. So now, I have I'm like trying to go on a deep dive of so I'm just googling like Chuck twos or Chuck twos. Resale like anything can find. It's been the used shoe market is probably a little. You gotta go L. Yeah. Yeah. Not for me. I have I have to take a position on it not for. I mean, if style would sponsor us they want to sponsor all the other shows except ours. I would say to go to stock. Yeah. Bleep that out saying where do you wearing I'm wearing AmEx ninety seven ultras HA HIL's. Speaking of walking on mattresses. Yes, they're supposed to be very clear. Not as not as soft as like anything with zoom air, I've found LeBron. I just bought my first pair LeBron's very comfortable. Relied actually gave me to exercise way up. You turn the monitor to me where you're trying to show me something there on stock six. Oh, and they're not expensive. All my guy. A big hype shoe getting very bleep guys. We can't we gotta stop mentioning says, you know, what? Because this'll be for salespeople to say, hey, we're on your team. And guess what? I know you missed the boat. I time. Hey, but we're we're selling tickets to Titanic to get your tickets, right? That's a good way to sell it. Interview. Yeah. That's right. We're coming for you iceberg. What is something? You think is underrated. Underrated a doing things alum doing things I'll go on to the movies alone grabbing a bite to eat alone. I think that people whenever I talk to people about that even in LA, which is like a place where you kinda have to go from yearly jumping around a lot. And you're really busy. Yeah. I think not enough people just do it to do it usually it's because they're like in a rush or something. But right. I dunno. I love going new movie alone. Because then I don't have to worry about like if I love the movie, I don't have to worry about someone taking that away from me if they didn't like it. Why do you hang out with people right after you just sort of litigate? What the film just was. Well, it it doesn't always happen. But I remember once I went, so I moved I really liked an with a friend. And he hated it. And we just like I was like, oh, this is weird. 'cause I can't talk about the things I really like about it. And even I mean, it was a totally civil conversation or sure, but I actually don't even want to even have you'd rather fan out with somebody. Right. Right. And sometimes I'll just drive home is enough to be like, this was great. Yeah. I also I don't like talking about a movie right after I've seen slick sometimes too fresh. Really? Yeah. What do you mean like referring on? I have to develop a take properly. I also just like you. I get in my head about like what the other person. Like if I go to a movie with somebody. I'm also experiencing through there is like worried about what they're thinking. Oh, and and if they shoot something down right away, if they're like if you love the movie so much while the here's this one problem with it. Right. And then that could actually get in your head. And you're like, maybe this wasn't as good as I thought under so aggressively about my own point of view of someone disagrees. All right, fine. I'm here. It's even that's the thing. Like like where I'm like. Hi have to like, really plant. It's not even like that. I mean, I if someone disagrees I don't then go. Well, what do I does it? What does that mean that I disagree with that? I'm sorta especially after movie because a lot of times, I'll go to movie, and there's a moment where I look at the other who I go I go you'll that was bad. Right goes. Yeah. That was up. Terrible moving. Okay, good. You're the guy miles. I'm just guy ruined it for. Well. I think there's like there's a pause where everyone, especially it's only when you see a bad movie where like you go in with expectations and white men. And then you you of want to gauge everybody. Yeah. That's where I'm sort of like am. I the only want to make sure I'm not the only one I'm like, okay? You know, what a weird place to experience that is if you ever go to like a film festival and like an early premiere of a movie, right? It is there's like an energy good energy. Yeah. But when you walk out that happened, I saw widows like a month and a half an advance. And I was like we was so good. And then he started talking to people later on. And as I was. Thinking about the movie, I was like I still did like it. But when I walked out, I was like juice. You know, what I guess it's fucking great. Sorry. I don't know if I can curse as occurs louder. I was like this is fuck. Yeah. Yeah. No. I totally. Yeah. I I agree that getting to see a movie before its actual premier date like gives it a forty percent bump in people's mind. Yeah. Yeah. And if it's something that I'm a specially hype for right that happened when I went and saw the new Halloween. I was like I also went to an early screening of that just dropping brags. Because I got one for you in a second. Oh, I cannot wait. I loved it. And even though, but there was a scene. I remember there's a part of the movie that there's a small it's not even a twist. But like this thing that happens in the middle of the movie, and I'm like, oh this almost derailed the whole movie for me. But everybody around you is in such a good mood. I think I went a little easier. And as I walked out ask somebody else about it. And then someone else and someone else in all three of them were like, I didn't think that was a big deal. I'm like, well, that's why I come by myself if I can. But there is something to like seeing it before too. Because you also kind of feel like I'm getting up on people. I'm gonna watch it. I thought fucking matrix revolutions was good. Warner brothers. My mom was like you wanna go. And it was it was during that was such. No, I just graduated. Anyway, I went wait is that the third you had the. The NFL was like, yeah. That was sick. Then it came out. And then I went to go see it again with people, and I was like this movie's fucking track. I saw it. I worked at best buy when that came out, and they had like a company thing where they bought the employs in a day and a half early as well. Nice which you probably saw earlier than that Yemen was a film critic. He has always like, I was bragging like two months. You guys aren't gonna believe we saw it on a full house two days before everyone's cheering when the movie started. And it just got more silent. At when we left I was with two other friends who are driving home. And I was just like, I don't what did we just watch. Yeah. Genuinely were trying to figure out certain parts of it. And my roommate now so weird us about the something. I roommate has been rewatching the trilogy more than once like he's like I actually wanted to figure it out with no one assisting me and figure it out. He doesn't wanna go. Yeah. Film. Exactly. Most of this doesn't I don't I don't know what he's I who's the mayor of engine, really. He's like this doesn't make sense at how much of it is a joy in terms of the movies themselves. I there's just something there for him where he's like if I can crack this. I'm like, it's not gonna make the movie any better that we just did our live show about the year nineteen ninety nine and focused on the movie the matrix. I mean, the first wire in this you do you guys still think it holds up? Yeah. I do. Yeah. For sure I've when the second one came I was really on my conspiracy. Because I was like, yeah. But for real like who were the mayor Vinci like right, right? And then I was like looking up the mayor of engines like being like, this dynasty, or whatever it, right? Yeah. There's nothing in there. Yeah. If you want us, I mean, I'm sure there is someone's going to have. Do you wanna see a great example of that look up YouTube videos of like a fans waiting to see the Phantom Menace and they're so excited? Oh, yeah. Yeah. And then they come out and like part of their brand has accepted. The fact that it sucked. But like they haven't their conscious mind has. Yes. It's great. It was worth every penny. It was worth the wait. But like you can tell like part of them has died a little love if there was like a cut of someone being like, I can't believe I camped out for two weeks for this shit. That's just like they caught one person. That's what there is. That's what they're unconscious mind is screaming. Her mouth is saying. Yeah, I did it because they have to like believe it's like people who are still supporting Trump or they acting like seeing a grandparent naked for the first time we do out. Yeah. No. I y do you hot just like, no? Like, I love that. You're like you had to backtrack. You're like it's hot not hot hot hot hot hot. Yeah. Right. Lynn hot hot hot, just the human body the human form what what's the big deal. Anyways, vinca Lamont's theory of theory of aesthetics, right anyway ally. What does something you think is overrated? Binging shows. Binging shows. I never I can't do more than I even if I think something's really good. I can't do more than two at a time. I think that's probably healthy. You can't do it physically. Or you've created a rule for yourself. Oh, no, both like, I I actually did create that role for myself because I tried it. I was like, oh, I need to really try and finish this. When I was getting what was it that I was trying to watch. It was something that was an hour episode each this was a few years ago when when net flicks, I started putting out shows that way, and I think it's like, I don't know it just stops feeling. I if it started feel like work. Yeah. Like, I think binging at a certain point. I think for some people can genuinely level them out. But for me, I think also I was talking to a friend about this. And he made such a great point. He was like, well, you know, especially since movie pass became a thing. Because I go to the movies a lot more than I do watch TV. And I noticed he was like, yeah. We the movie it's two hours. You know, what you're getting when it's over your you want. He's like with a TV show to binge something God forbid you've already missed the first season. That's like twenty episodes. You have to watch. It's like launching thing. And I don't think everybody thinks that way. I know some people were over seven seasons is something. Hello, February life, not thinking about my life. Yeah. Ready to tune out long term. And so I don't know. Yeah. I just whenever I talked to people who've like when I've started something a week late already. I watched Russian doll about a week after it started. Everybody knew had finished it. And I was like how is it in? And they're telling me how good it is. I'm like, I don't think I could think it's good. If I watched it that quickly, even if I loved it. I think the only time that ever I tried doing that. I remember I was in high school in someone loaned me the DVD's of sports night. I hadn't watched it at this point. And I was like other show. So good, right? Right. And and then after the third episode of the golden just keep watching it around the sixth episode. I was like, you know, it was half an hour. I was like fried, right? Yeah. I don't know. I just can't. But I could sit through three hour movie. And maybe because I know it's going to be over. Yeah. And the mechanics of it are different because an arc. Yeah. I think so it can better, and maybe movie sized chunks will. Yeah. I mean, if you it's so funny when people talk about his cocaine history. I'm like, yeah. You can see it on had the Whipple talk. They're like. Yeah. Well, when you know in the nineteen fifties when I put up a little bit. They just keep going. This is cocaine as a script. Yeah. Yeah. Finally, what is a myth with something people? Think is true, you know, to befalls. Ooh, my favorite. I could not wait for this question. If you work hard and be nice, you'll be successful. Also need to come from money as we learned a couple of days ago. Yeah. I mean, no, I just to be clear. I do think you need to work hard and be nice and thing ethics important. But I think most of the time when you hear this stuff or when you the book is published by someone about their like journey to success yet. Usually, there's some privilege attached to it. And I've been really thinking about that lately. And it's been very nice to be like. Yeah, you know, what I am working hard and being nice. But also, you know, you don't if you don't come for money. I don't know it's gonna take a little longer than that should out because Marika loves a pool yourself up by your bootstraps store. Yeah. I can't. I I want that torn down so bad. I want those bootstraps back down. On that petition baby. Oh, yeah. Need that part? Vital. Yeah. It'll ingredients to that recipe. I think the only exception is if you were where you can look out if you're not from means as if you're from LA. Yeah, I'm I'm that. And look I full disclosure. I, you know, a lot of people think are got here just based off merit. I have to be honest with people I'm related to Quincy Jones. That's why I'm where I'm at today. Yes. Okay. Quintas why do them pressure? So well to right. That was a joke that did not lend. But but those are Quincy came to me and was like you gotta get this kid on your. He's like, hey, man. You like Brazilian music. Like, what do you podcast holes? I got some for you, your impressions, and you're singing are fantastic so much. Yeah. Nobody's sure. I mean, especially I mean growing up in LA, it's wild the just going to school the kind of people you meet even if you're in public school private school. There's yeah, there's even if you don't have the money you can live with your parents. That's literally a leg up here right seriously. Yeah. Fan exact Lee the. The entertainment industry is very very nepotism. Oh my God. Yeah. It's almost like why do people even act like they need classes for shit as you'll be like, oh, who do you know, my favorite was Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter, Catherine wrote a book about like what what to do after college. She's like kidding. Is this did this book cell, and it's like, oh, she interviewed other famous people not a single person that would have had any kind of. I I was obsessed with that for like two days. I was just reading everything could on Amazon that the pages is like, you know, after college just take like a good year and a half out of trade. Chris pratt. Chris Pratt or like, you know, just like fly around the world see stuff like. Yeah. The possibilities. Then come back and figure out a job. Find out who you are eat for three months, pray for three months. Low of two. If you can if you have the Vonk has the memoir like that. I believe as well probably worth checking out. All right, guys. Let's talk about pi day. Oh, I I just need to put out a retraction. Okay. I slandered Dom BB's name yesterday talking about the Buffalo Bills. It was Leon Lett who was holding the football out in Dom BBC swiped shit out Super Bowl. And I don't mean to throw shade on Dombi again to all the Buffalo Bills fans. I'm sorry. I got it wrong miles. This is the fifth done BB related retry issue. What was the other have Leon Lett? I love these names sports. But these names are spectacular. Let anyway, I'm sorry. Just to I just thought I was miss. Remember? I was too. But then, you know, and I don't want to blame Vince. But I was like remember he was like. Yeah. And I was like, okay. That's all I. I news Dombi up in there. But he was a hero and just preventative from being a total. So just so, you know, we will be counting on you. To fact, check us ly without a computer. Right. All right. If you fail to do. So we will bad mouth you on tomorrow's show. How many days are in four score. I knew that answer seven years ago. Yeah. Anyway. All right. It was pie day yesterday, which means three fourteen and Brian Kilmeade was let let's just listen to the clip. Yeah. I get to start off yet. Again, pi the mathematical constant Mara that we use. But a lot of people also take to just talk about the dessert pie. Right. And that's obviously FOX and friends are not interested in math. So they took it in that direction. But yet listen to the open this show. It's pie day that is the reason to be happy. What's your favorite pie? Oh, well, my dad's to read something something in a package. I like the pie in a package Pyatt package. You know, those things to Donald. Yeah. Those two thing those two pies they'd come in a little slot. You know, what I'm talking to get one and gone. Do you know what I'm talking about is in a slot? Frozen pie. That your mom pulls out picture. Would you say? Yeah. The traits cakes. Would you say that's a cake? Yeah. I feel cream. I don't wanna hold by just wanna bite. Right. It's day. I don't wanna hope motherfucker desribed cake also called it a to buy that is crazy to buy one of those two. I don't want wanna hope I wanna bite of a little cake, right? Okay. That wasn't the question. But I like that there is somebody onset who is like paid to be like the Brian Kilmeade whisper. Who's like, okay. This guy's dumb shit. I just need to be thinking on his level at all times. So they're like just what the fuck is causes K. I was just talking about. I love that. He's like all the way in the back like cake, you guys, and he's just he's he's was like fuck. I didn't know what else. Sorry, guys, the amazing thing about that. Is that I don't think Brian Kilmeade ever like came around to the fact that he got that wrong. No that that that's the one. Maybe you guys don't call cakes pies. Yeah. Yeah. Cupcakes you call cupcakes. I I call upside down sliced pieces of cake from pies. Yeah. It's still this thing. Like being proudly dumb is still like cool in the world of conservative conservatives, and like I don't wash my hands. That is Fox News in a nutshell to me like where they're just like. Yeah. I said something dumb. You know, what I'm gonna say something dumber. Yeah. I hope later on. They did discuss the mathematical constant pi do you think at ever they tried to break that down decide you know, what March fourteenth baby time for those pies. Yeah. Probable K fine. Let ever right. But that I mean, I think that's hell all news outlets. Choose to cover pi day, right? They're not they're not just like having somebody recite it or I would love for one of them to be like a pie day. So they're not ski released the film. What the hell rang Kilmeade is about to perform the ending of that with a power drill. Perfect. Perfect ending. Let's talk about the college emission scandal. Because it's just the the longer we get to look at these people's lives, the the better. Yeah. Look there are just endless amounts of stories about the lengths parents and students went to cheat their way into school. Well, there's one specific one. I just wanna call out because the daughter of Gregory Marsh Abbott, you know, got into college because her parents paid for someone to take her SAT scores one hundred twenty five thousand approximately so they live in New York this couple and like they're millionaires. Like the father's like the head of some like beverage, dispensing international, dispensing Corp, or whatever it is. And so new reports comes out trying to get a comment but outcomes some dude like just in a puff jacket smoking a blunt that looks like at roots. Dick, and is got like his name is Malcolm he comes out. And he's like, yeah. I'm there. I'm there, son. And they're like, all right. And it was like. It looks like an RC cola injured, ice clay. I looked at him. I was like this looks like he's about to do a nursery rhyme. Yeah. Like oh. Do you have anything to say, he always said was believe everyone has a right to go to college, man. And then immediately starts plugging his rap mixed. Because he's a rapper named Bila villa be or some shit. It's definitely Bill and he's like, yo check out cheese and crackers came out last year cheese. They're fucking house is on Park Avenue. Overlooking the met. This is where this do comes out smoking is want. Do it looks like straight up old dried up catch shit. You. Honestly, I'm more more upset about can rarely than anything. At the look of this blunt, it's absurd anyway. So I would just I think it before we talk about how his sister got an at school listened says an Bilas fine wraps real quick. Just you have an idea what a college scam. Adjacent brother wraps so excited to hear this. Wow. This TAT's imacs. With my back break fast. It's like a midnight snack. Now back got that bread on the play back. Busy bee. Who is he is you kidding me? Okay. Well, we just stop that there. I mean, that's what we call bars. Yeah. That was scalding washout, Kendrick, this total. Totally as a vibe crown of like a weird. I said our article, Andrew dice clay. So I'll say this is like RC cola tribe called quest or something weird nineties like he's trying to emulate like early nineties New York rap. Yeah. Like sample based hip Bob golden era rap. Yeah. And it's like, I it's embarrassingly bad. Yeah. Yup. I mean, some of his rhymes are ones. Like, he gets pulled a heist Pula heist a heist wrong or right wrong or right rubber right? I'm getting mad cash. Every night, I'm bringing fifth after the heights, and I'm white why old money new stack the old money new stash. He's he's brag. Then he goes on. He said you were the Jesus at we were the Jews at with. Why you were the Jesusa? We're were the Jews at okay, okay. I guess they're in the hood. And he's as synagogue sounds like little kind of like the kind of freestyle that like a bunch of Jewish frat kids would do on at a party. Yeah. Yeah. And when he said that it'd would be like on the legend of this fucking house here, by the way, that's that. Whatever you spoken that split. Whatever. Also, speaking of mid-nineties reminded me of that big fucking joint that the grandma smokes and don't be a menace. Very specific reference. But look it up. It's like it's a parody of a blunt, literally what it looked just like y'all haters can suck my dick because when the streets twists blunt like Hasidic, man. Anyway, just wrote the best rat anyway. So then going on I just want to also take a little excerpt from the charging documents around his sister. So Greg Abbott his father inquired to the guy who is has set her up to take the SAT on her own asked about how his daughter would have scored if they didn't cheat. And then so they have a transcript of the phone call. He says, hey, so do you know how she did on her own? This is the cooperating witness one do I know she did on her own. Yeah. I do scored in the mid six hundreds. But add goes. Yeah. The end of that transcript, and then they go on to say ultimately, the daughter received an eight hundred out of eight hundred on math and seven ten out of literature. She got a fifteen ten mid six hundred she scored mid sixty six hundred combined. I I don't know. I don't know if they have that was just for one section either way mid six hundred doing the best on one section. Let's just call it. Maybe twelve hundred whatever it was two ten. Yeah. Worth every penny. Wow. That's incredible. By the way, one of my favorite things that people aren't talking about like, the Laurie Laughlin thing is that her husband Mosima Moscow from Mosima clothing. He literally founded fucking mid ninety s they were the couple of the nineties. Yeah. Becky and mossy mo- which is other crazy to me. Why isn't anybody talking about Maasim? Yeah. Like that is or wedding ring is the CS. All right. We're gonna take a quick break. We'll be right back. Let's consider the secret life of the innermost nesting doll living most of her life in the dark inside the other nesting Dole's. He has plenty of time to think if we could sadly, she has no brain, however when an in a most nesting doll. Here's the geiko not only saves people money, but also has been providing great service for over seventy five years. She thinks it's obvious. You should switch because. Yes. Switching to Geico is a no brainer pity the innermost nesting Dollond her lot in life. And we're back and the house voted to make the Muller report public overwhelmingly. Yes, it was four twenty two zero. With four voting present. Now's not clear if the four Republicans voted present because they didn't want to cross the president or if they just wanted to land on that sick for twenty number. Yeah. Isn't it truly a treat? When anything lands on four twenty nine. Yeah. Just like what a time to be. That's when I started believing in God again. I don't know that there's much say about this other than that. You know, they're respecting the opinion of the people, and yeah, I guess how democracy functions and that we have a right to know. What does dude found out? Yeah. There's no it's not binding or anything. But because ultimately that decision's gonna lie with William bar, but it puts pressure on him when the congress is like high. Yeah, we want to see this. I am curious. How many things have to go public before anything happens as a result of it? You know what I mean? Because people keep talking about that. I mean, I was just reading that. Like why he's really gonna try and run for a second term is more than anything is just to avoid prosecutor lay. Yeah. Exactly like, I'm like. Okay. So this is public. I'm like, you can literally I I don't even know if the if the supposed- p tapes real if it comes out, I'm just like that's just going to be a another thing we have on file that. Fortunately, now can't get out of our heads. Once we see him. Right. Right. Well, yeah. And when you look at like the charges manafort's being charged with the New York seeks act same shit. Michael Cohen resent, the Trumpster. It's like, yeah. They fraudulently blow up or you know, inflate their numbers submitted to banks. That's what Paul man for going to prison for you know, what I mean? So you're like, oh, okay. So inevitably your time will be in the sun to shine. It's coming. I hope I who knows. So there's another book out that gives us a little a little look through the keyhole of this presidency. And it is an investigative journalist named Vicky ward. And it's called Kushner Inc. Because this time it's focusing on Giovannia mostly I just love like if bookstores are still around twenty years from now, I like this is a genre of book that will have its own. I'll called the OEM g yellow believe this should I saw inside the house genres sex the other thing one of the presidency's over. That's it man. Everyone's gonna cook deal to me, we're going to get so many movies. I know any series documentaries. You think I mean, we're getting what's funny is we're getting a lot now. Right. Not hard to find. And they're going to just triple because people are going to be well, oh, I can say this without getting in trouble. Well, let me tell you a story. Yeah. It'll be a real race to the bottom of like who can actually have the most salacious and right? I wonder if this. Yes, this will be like how everything became ended up being about World War Two after. Like, just all movies. They're going to be revolution. We'll door to Trump t-. Exactly. So what they are telling us from the Giovane ka wing of the White House. Is that first of all of on-call wants to be president? Yes. She claims that first of all Steve Bannon told her to go fuck herself. And that she is nothing right in front of her dead. And she called Bannon a fucking liar. And then she said, she plans to solidify Trump political dynasty to match the bushes and Kennedy's by formally entering politics herself. Because we know none of his sons are gonna be doing shit. That's also presupposes she's not any on the hook for any, criminal liability. Does not seem like a safe assumption unless they're like, okay daddy. This is the thing then I'm going to be president after you. And then I heard in you, and then I'll make you vice president. So you don't have to go to jail yet. And then visit exactly she's try. Tarantini that is so spot on you know, what I mean like daddy one of us. Okay. It can't be done junior. Daddy, I'm going to be president after you like they're really thinking. Okay. Then it can be Don jR, then Eric than Malania, right? Apparently, the White House staff is not fans of Java. John Kelly who previous excerpts claimed was ordered by the president to get rid of my kids head to like balance all this. Yeah. And according to a ward expert, he dismissed the two of them as just playing government and staffers mocked von Kaz team as habby H A, B I or the home of all bad ideas. I love when you get that petty. Would you come up with acronym? Still just shade habby. And none of them, by the way are good. They're not none of them are going to get into like the lexicon. They're just like oh house. But like especially like exactly what we're talking about. Like, we're hearing all this all this now about the shit like I cannot wait till all the terms and all the secrets and all the things like, oh, yeah. When he wasn't in the Oval Office. We would have a game of like, you know, who could like dress up like Trump walk around. And if he was on his way back. Be right back to work. Right. The book also reports that he just is nonstop talking about how hot has daughter is. And what a beautiful couple there, which I mean, if you've seen ever seen him interviewed with her would not surprise you in. Yeah. That's like. So funny that I'm like man, why are they reporting something we knew before he was president right Allie. Mostly these books are just like shit. We already kind of knew or suspected anyway, just being confirmed. But the quote is kind of funny from this expert. It says, quote, you can't have a conversation without him talking about her isn't Funke fabulous. I mean is she not one of the best looking women you've ever seen? And they're good kids. I just think it's crazy. They've got a nice life in New York. What do they want to do this for God? They're fabulous though. Aren't they antastic? I mean, have you ever seen a better looking couple? I mean, God are you hard right now wherever they got to quote him. Really nailed his cadence. Yeah. Yeah. I was well done. Yeah. Then there's also like a moment apparently with Rex Tillerson, and Gary Cohn checked Jared because they're like, especially when like the Saudi is like when he got the US like side with the Saudis over the Qatari like blockade, you're like what the fuck are you doing? We know you're just trying to like get pitches. So you can relieve your debt from that building. You have your upside down on and they were really kind of pissed. You're gonna fuck things up. So I was surprised that they knew that much going into that. And also the other one was that Don Mcgann when like they were writing the James Comey firing litter he sent it to the wrong printer in the White House. So like some other aid like under nine Assad was like what the fuck is this and he's like oh fuck. I love that. Also, by the way, just it seems like if anyone just wants their time at the Trump like rather than resign. They just say something they insult something with their kids and their guys out. Right. Outta here is just like he's like, yeah. I don't wanna be here anymore, and I'm gonna say it spoiled. That's too far out. This innocuous statement is too much for me your daughter, isn't Tut. Yeah. What did you say six thirteen get this guy? We're bringing back the death penalty right out here on the White House. And you'll be summarily executed on the on the lawn and up next. We have some news that would be Watergate levels of ood just wild were. We actually not just buried under twenty other stories that would be Watergate little we get their news tidal wave every day. Right. Matt Whitaker was on the hill yesterday or two days ago to clarify some of his old testimony. We covered on this podcast. How he went to the hill in February and said the president never exerted any pressure on him over the Muller investigation or Michael Cohen's investigation. And we talked about how he was very, you know, he was a dick to everybody's Xavier. Your five minutes are up. Yeah. Dick toilet. Everyone was like this man is wholly unqualified. It looks like he's just putting in some goon to do his bid. Yeah. Right. And when he offered this testimony. He's the guy who was like sorry, Senator your five minutes or out. Yes. So anyway, that's all I don't know if you can keep asking questions anyways. It turns out he had to correct. So Trump did totally lean on him and asked to meet prosecutors could be shuffled around for Cohen's SDN y que so sorry. That's that's what he meant. It's like that Trump Helsinki Putin thing where he was like, I meant to say, I don't see any reason why they wouldn't be ri-. So this is the key detail. He meant to say Trump did totally try to subvert the Justice system and the rules of democracy. Yeah. And just like just this kind of out there in your face obstruction? Because like, basically who was Jerry. Adler came out of the testimony and back when member of the Republicans are in power. They would use these closed door hearings to then come out and just say some shit that wasn't true. And now since the Democrats are empowered they're coming out of these things. And now saying things that I'm assuming are true based on the track record of the two parties. I read most of this because of social media and how things can leak so easily now and how how the press works. I picture half the people who are especially older are just like, man. I wish this was the ninety s right? Like, you know, what they can keep this shit really under wraps and know that it would take like ten years for someone to come uncovered yet. Yeah. But yeah, he comes out and like as soon as it ended Nadler comes out addresses, the press and was like, this is what basically we found out that Trump straight up said, can you fire these US attorneys in is there a way to do? This. Also is there anything about like the recusals? There was a guy Jeffrey Berman there who had to recuse himself and Trump really wanted Berman over like like watching over this case couldn't do like is there anything we do know. Then was even like Trump was saying the SDN y went too far quote too far because they named him as individual one in Michael Cohen's campaign finance case. And he was like, I think those two are that the you know that saying that I directed on this criminal behavior. So yeah, this is just straight up in your ear in the d the head of the the attorney general's face being like fixed this shit. But yeah, I think when you're dealing with Manafort news, and all these other things going on it it gets a little bit lost. It's it's truly wild. How also he something that I think people. Kind of I think people know it in the back of their head. But like, you know, this remember he came from a reality show where he literally his whole thing was firing people. He's like can we use that as an angle like that's his can we spin this like we did on my show where I'm like, you're fired. You're right. I mean, if you saw how sessions did in the entrepreneur challenge. I mean, I had no choice living for this Trump action, by the way. So guys up restaurant was a failure. Yeah. This is like not even the lead story on CNN, which as we know has an anti-trump bias. But there's nowhere on like drudge just it's gone. Well, yes, because they are still congress is going to have to come back and be like, oh, so you lied to us rent. And then then I guess they're going to have a story. But from what it appears like, Jerry Nadler's like t- repent. I love the way they answered you're like, no we didn't lie now. I didn't tell the truth right and lie, right? I mean, I don't know what it means. That's a subjective term anyways. The thing that is number one on drudge today Beto announced that he's running the people are aflutter. So our Beddoes hands his. Pain announcement is just has some of the wilder hand gestures. I have to side with president messy bitch on this one. Because he immediately called her out. He's he looks like crazy. He said that about is about all his January. Yeah. That's what Trump said about Trump like the finger-wagging Senator like the president of finger right near he just over gestured a little bit, y'all. He was talking with his hands. Yeah. Like hitting a rapper something he was hitting every syllable. It was like a rapper who was overdoing it with their hands. Yes. Like like in the Vanity Fair article. He had that like picture where he just looks like Matthew, mcconaughey and the Lincoln ads. Yeah. Is so I like why is why is Vanity Fair making him look like G Q like they're wrong magazine there they'll because Vanity Fair needs so desperately for someone else to be present. Like, okay. This guy's great. He's got great bone structure. Right. He fits in regular grades. It really is. It's like he on the cover. He's like I was born for this. Right. What the fuck? Did you say all out? Yes, what he's a gap print that. Divine right of pass. Right. It was born for this. I had is born to this. I mean for this. Yeah. I had a moment last year. It's time to make it a moment for four years. Right. And a moment that he didn't win by the way. That's what's crazy about this whole thing. Yeah. I mean, that's why a lot of like. Okay. I mean, thank you. Glad you have another person it great that. There are so many people who I could be like I could see this person maybe doing something. But I don't know yet. I all I know is what happened then. But I can't apply any of that to the presidential race. Totally. It seems like, you know, we don't know much about what his policies are going to be what what his positions even are on things. But it seems like he is getting whatever the opposite of the benefit of the doubt that women. Don't get right. Like, she's just not presidential or whatever. He's getting the inverse of that where people are just like, I don't know make him president look at this fucking picture. I'm in. Guys. Just crushing it with that. Joe line get that. I mean, I think he has kids to that. He like talks to. Yeah. And a wife who sits silently by his side and smiles during his thing, which that's not her fault. But it just weird optics. Yeah. They could have presented that a little bit differently. Yeah. He's yeah. There's that picture in the in the article that's like plaguing these playing instruments with his kids has like. Yeah. Cute. But you know, what? I don't have time for it right now. Yeah. Those hands are about forty percent to live up to eighty percent at times he gets some under control towards the end. But then he gestures. Thank you. Like, he's just like dropping the Mike. Clearly, it's it's a lot. It's like his hands were. I bet you could overdubbed Busta rhymes of verse from look at me now right over that. And just a way his hands. There's about the same speed as that one. That's like every bus drives music video from the late nineties. I think oh my God. What was his big song from names jawline check? No right after that. Some more give me some mode. Yeah. I just remember that video he had a lot of the hands were flying at the kiss. But that was his thing like the fish islands where like it would like come right at you. I mean, that's the all those high Williams videos. I mean, we're great ones FOX is still trying to figure out how they're going to come at Beto. I think we have a clip of them sort of gathering their thoughts live on air. Oh, yeah. Also supervisor Dan reminded is can see that's the one. Yep. Would you hands is because see that was the place to be? That's the one that was also like in black light video. And it had that one dude whose name Brooke up who has dude who did all the army. Yeah. I read a lot of articles around that video. That's a desert called Brooke up anyway. Yes. Yuxin friend, Brian Kilmeade this time. Again, is it Brian kill? It's brand killed me. Kill me yet again with his take on bed over Mark. All right. So bad a very fair as huge article and feature on him. It's almost as they helped launch his campaign. Here's an from it. He says I want to be in it, man. I'm just born to be in it. They also point out they has his use library as if it's a plus that he reads books, we would assume that all the presidential libraries air, and the writer writes, there's always a sense that he belongs on that. As if a book of a president's going to be in there. But listen, he's got a lot of charisma. He's got a lot of presents the second part. I'm really confused by. No. I mean, the point Dante intellectual part, I get. Yeah. Books like that. That's his counterpoint. He's like, right. This guy's got a book. Right. Oh, you re books. You think you're smarter than me? But then he's like, but then he's all the presidential libraries and all these books, and then he's hoping he's in there fucking masks that. Yeah. Strain of thought exactly that. He was hoping that then among his books in his huge library, right? There will be the book about him being president. Is that I didn't understand that either? Yeah. He was like, I guess there's a book about a president like is if there's a there's a hand down. That's like, oh how to be president. Right. We talk a lot about their near-constant strategy at this point of the conservatives pointing at like at tacking the left toward the center on things that they are extremely guilty of. I like that that clip starts with them arguing that Vanity Fair is like doing Beddoes bidding like it's. Yeah. Where's the line between journalistic ethics realistic Objectivism and objectivity and the m politics, and it's like really disgusting are a propaganda wing. You are about to get on the phone with the resident threat. And he he ha ha I oh my God. He's just trying to think of he was just like, yeah. You have books in two pies. The probably was where it was going case eyebrow. We're gonna have to take that over man again. Okay. Can just write the word down from. All right. We're going to take another quick break. We'll be right back. 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And we're back and miles. You wanted to shout out Georgia state legislator, Darshan Kendrick for Easter cowb- because she has triggered the conservatives with her testicular Bill of rights that she's trying to bring to the floor. And okay, I'll just read it first. And then we'll talk about it. So as you said, she has five separate bills, which will collectively be this sticker Bill of rights. And this is what the package of bills would do. It would require man, by the way package. Yes. We require men to obtain permission from their partners to get a prescription for erectile dysfunction medicine. Okay. Banned sect AMIS and punish doctors who perform them require men to pay child support beginning six weeks after woman becomes pregnant and make sex without a condom and aggravated assault crime right now, if you're a conservative you look at this and you're like see see what they're trying to do. This is precisely what kendricks strategy is. She knows this isn't a real Bill. She's mir. Trying to have a real nuanced conversation about you know, the agency we have over our bodies by giving men a second to think about this. Yeah. And, but they reaction if you go on foot in YouTube already, they're already videos, we're like oh look at dislike Drik cone like anti. Deal being put out rather than being like high. Do you understand that this is what's going on with women? Right. But again, it's just a very very, I think are just brilliant tactics. I all the all the love could not agree more love that is this is the best trolling I've ever seen in my life. Yeah. It is. I mean, you're right. She's trying to start a nuance conversation. It's not really trolling. But it's like it is weird that they're just like because also I would say the one misstep is of a Secta me something that nobody. They would be like. Yeah. Cut out the sectors. I don't want him. Don't. Sure, sure. Even though there. Incredible. And you everyone should do. Very dissect me great. But you do want at home and home for sec if they had an atom beside him. You know, what my hands shaky? I'm just scared to do it myself. But but yeah, I love that. She did that. And that everyone's just like you be different with women because. That's been the response. I have I did watch somebody's online people like responded is literally not even words. Can't because you're like way. Fuck. Yeah. Kind of got checkmated there. So let me just plan b scream yet. Exactly. It's being a plan B is six weeks the point at which they say that like a fetus becomes the life. Is that what is that the significance of maybe heartbeat bills? Yeah. Right. It's very close to that yet. Right. The heartbeat Bill. Yeah. This is brilliant. Good for her. Yeah. And I'm just telling legislation. I just wanna see I'm hoping that. I mean, I don't know if it'll even be brought to the floor for a vote, but like just to hear people debate on this registry. So funny, right because they would have to articulate out loud. The absurdity of not letting someone have control over your body. Your body are false. Well, it puts them in a great position of when they cut like what if like a conservative, someone speaking. They're just like, well, here's the thing. You can't have control over men's bodies and big. Oh, yeah. Just like women. They do not know what you do on up. I'll be right back. Like little footsteps run to the car. And they're like, yeah. Because the values that they talk about all day every day like for like, you know, their libertarian values just as they don't apply them to women. Yes. Like all those raises who were like, oh, I mean, like, you know, in the African American community we have a problem with delinquent fathers Bryant, they'd be like, oh, so you would you support a Bill like this? Then right. Oh well. For white people. God never excuse me. Again, you have to. It's. Yeah. So again, great Ray TAT's bit of a rhetorical strategy there from Representative Kendrick guys I wanna talk about LaCroix. They're not doing. Well. It's time for an intervention and was it before after the lawsuit were the two pilots were saying this does groping them in the cockpit. I think it was right around that. Yeah. I think that's when we were sort of like. Lacroix? Lacroix was just coasting on the fumes of. I don't know just like goodwill and people kind of just being like if you drink it like so-so super cold yet, it you can actually get it down. Like we like, it's funny. We're all in agreement of this. But I just remember three four years ago when LaCroix I was really having its moment. Yeah. If people were like, what do you mean, you don't like it? The right foot. What flavor did you try? But you what got to try? What you got to try and coconut. Yeah. You don't want to start with coke goes lime. Keep it. Simple. And then shotgun three of them at once. And then the taste will be it'll be. I mean, I like a flavor seltzer. Right. I, you know, before LaCroix to be told I was a talking rain kinda guy myself. But yeah works. Seltzer is great. Yeah. I'm trying to mo- Waterloo, or I think that's the one. Yeah. It was so good. Yeah. And it is apparently a very easy thing. Not to fuck up everybody flooded the market with their own version and some of them are a little bit better than little Croix. And it's just everybody who goes to business school. Like, you know, they have these classes where you just like studied the case study of like how Nike became Nike, and like all that you should have to look at LaCroix. Unlike study how they fucked up because it's like, okay, we're having this moment. Well, we're gonna like over leverage are invest in it like this moment will never ever end. Right. Like your growth from here on out, and we're going to buy we're going to make a LaCroix theme park where you ride LaCroix roller coasters. And it's just yeah, they they just over expanded. And I think they also just didn't realize that what they do. Like, we're the only people that can make vaguely flavored waters. We got this shit cornered. But. Yeah. Cut to now the prolif-. The arms race of flavored seltzer and now they're like lagging because last year in the last twelve months fucking prophets fallen by nearly forty percent revenues down like almost another three percent percent. So this is really why we're talking about it because the CEO Nick cap rela we've talked in the past about how like letters to like shareholders are just wild graphic horror shows, whereas like comic sans, all kinds of weird clip art and just rants so this time in the in this letter to shareholders, so all the stats are there. It's like revenues down profits are down. And it says, quote, we are truly sorry for these results stated above negligence, nor mismanagement nor woeful acts of God were not the reasons. Much of. This was the result of injustice managing a brand is not so different from caring for someone who becomes handicapped rans do not see or hear. So they are at the mercy of their owners or care providers who must preserve. The dignity and special character that the brand exemplifies you cannot right? Like, not not he can't like fiction writer writing satire could not have come up with. Yeah. That fucking brilliant. I feel like the onion would be like who did you copy this? This a story. We rejected like he builds in that it's not like caring for a loved one. It's caring for somebody who becomes handicapped because brands can't see her here is just only. It's weird because he starts off saying like look profits are down because of injustice, but then goes on to say that also a brand is at the mercy of their caregiver in this case me Ray. So then you the negligent. Yeah. That like he's calling himself out. That's confusing. So what is the injustice miles happen to them? It doesn't make sense. Because that's literally I read that. There was no space in between that thought and there's no further explanation about how there's some conspiracy. It's just like, okay injustice Ray. And I mean, he owns I think seventy percent of the shares anyway. So he's the one taking the biggest hit at any rate. Russia's probably so unhinged. He's like my money's in trouble. Listen, guys. And then it's just like he literally just I I don't even remember like back with ransom notes came out and magazine clippings, you remember people cut out the letters. He's sending notes it really feels like that. And then at the end he has like an even more sort of rocky weird wild explanations. Like come on guys, give old Gill another chance here where he goes. There is no greater passion than the kind that creates the wonderful refreshment and contentment described as unique no doubt, the sound in personality of the word LaCroix, coupled with the awesome experience of its essence and taste is unique sound one can be induced purchased by cheapening price or giving away a product, but falling in love with a feeling of joy is the result of contentment. Just ask any LaCroix. Consumer would you trade away that LA feeling no way they shout. We just love our LaCroix. I am positive. They respond this way each and every time this letter respond to you by cocaine. Yeah. Hopefully shit do that LaLa feeling was it that Ashley Simpson song. You may want to. On the kit. Now, they should do collab-. That'd be incredible dying brands literally love Ashley Simpson. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He literally got high on his own supply like somebody who has fully built their personality out of marketing material. Right. And is just buying everything that they've been selling for the past. Yeah. I forget what episode. It was. But when we sort of like tracked the evolution of this man in his beverage company because I think what they used to like he owns Fago also. And then suddenly like LaCroix started pop in and it blew his mind. Who was like, I'm the smartest guy ever. Right. I once when I worked in retail, I was not up selling enough. So a manager is very upset with me took me into a private room. He's like I'm gonna be with the phone. He's like you're not selling enough. Like, you're I I hear you saw these are terrible pitches. And I'm like, but we're not on. He's like, yeah. But don't you'd like working here in my head. I'm like, no right in college. I'm going to show you this clip. Let's see if this helps cues up the TV walks out of the room. It is the opening ten minutes of Glengarry Glen Ross really this is the kind of shit. This is exactly what it reminded me of. Right. Where he's like, I'm like you realized in my head. I'm just like that is making fun of what you're doing to me right now get that. And I just I was just very that's the first place my head when I'm like, oh, I remember this. I was nineteen when I got this letter. She. Yeah. Always closing. And he afterwards. He goes just remember if you can't sell a service plan, they sold you on why they couldn't buy it. And I was like, wait. He for sure took that from somewhere. Meanwhile, the figure it out it was from boiler room. Another movie it commenting on the way, where did you? What was this pest by? I was trying to be hottest about it. I think it's a small retail store. I love this. Some the manager was taking issue as yours like I'm gonna wit this sale seem enough fucking shit. Oh, it was this was years ago. I mean, this was eighteen almost twenty years ago. It was wild like the shit that they talked about how to sell stuff was incredible. Love it that guide. Love's Gordon gecko. Oh, yeah. That's what's crazy about it. Like I picture him at the in in the morning before he leaves? He doesn't think where kisses his hand and puts his hand on up like Gordon's Ford store, we're selling today meant to be a cautionary. Yeah. And also does I gonna American psycho style workout every night? Oh, yeah. Books with a mirror around him and flexes all the worst kids. I went to college with we're all into American psycho for the wrong wrong. Yes. Which also like eleven so fucking smart. Yeah. Right. And then everyone everyone else who watched fight club was like this was so liberated I can be a man and fight and rode a jail for it. Right. That's not what they're talking about. I'm sorry. What you just got the fight club part? I key is turning us into Cox. All right. You lie. It has been a pleasure having you back again. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for having me again for the first time where can people find you follow you at Berg on Twitter and Instagram, and I post about different things on there. I have two podcasts that you can check out. One is called closure the podcast that never ends about how closures real rate, and I interview people about that a few a few of your family members of been on. They're not literal, but your fam-, and then I have one with friend of the pot as well. Theresa Lee called pot as a woman. Yeah, we do a track by track breakdown of Arianna Guerande sweetener and soon to be thank you next. Awesome. That's amazing. So you guys are in deep on the Arianna ground. Oh, yeah. We are almost Donald sweetener. We're literally two tracks away from the next album. I really like the sewing sweetener. I haven't listened to the full album. Oh that song. You should talk about your feelings about it. I focus on the pot. That would be awesome. Is there tweet that you've been enjoying my favorite tweet this week was from? At Russel falcon who posted with Facebook still down users are going to be four weeks behind on current news in memes instead of the usual three. That's no good miles working people. Find you you can find me and follow me on Twitter and Instagram at miles of gray. Couple tweets that I like one is from a Victor looker sin at v lock. It says Beddoe is now the quote. Wow. This blew up second tweet in human form. That's perfect for Yahoo. Aren't on Twitter when someone who has a very small Twitter following goes viral. There's usually a tweet right after he has like thousands of re tweets and likes to go. Wow. This and that is what that is referencing. Also, this is from Travis hell awake at Travis Hellwig says some personal news, I'll be leaving crooked media and able to run betas Zanga and deviant art page. I'm truly so honored. I'll be able to edit fan fiction for the next president of the United States. Tweet. I enjoyed Ben Collins at one underscore, and then and underscore tweeted the picture of that, dude. Son defends parents caught in college emission scandal, while smoking blunt that dude and said this dude looks exactly like a stock photo the onion would use for its American voices section. Really does. And just follow. A flirt Russell. She did this tweet talk about. What what the producer in the booth looked like while fat Joe was doing the turn the microphone on turn the. On. And it's one of just one of the great six she put like four more together. Yeah. It's like a whole series genius. Yes. She's great. And then also she is documenting all the weirdness of people stealing your shit and taking it out of context and stuff now that she has become a oh, those videos, they're trying to take those out of contact. Yeah. Yeah. There's somebody. There's a ha ha is the name of this account. And it says what it's like to be a studio engineer working with difficult rappers. Shows the video as high someone saying what if you reimagined openings to famous rap songs, and wow, I just love when she was like there's one about unleashed a flutes on guru the daisy one, and she's looks here. Her real name is Katie Delaney. So you follow her you can find us on Twitter at daily zeitgeist. We're at Daly's iced on Instagram Facebook fan page and a website dailies like I dot com where we post our episodes and are not where we link off to the information that we talked about the way. I'm so sorry to interrupt. In fact, checked everything you guys were great. Oh, we did it. Another one hundred percent. Yep. Perfect. You. Or was. We'll just leave it at flawless so sorry. Just going to tell them the tone. What were riding out on? Oh, yeah, miles. What song are we gonna ride out on go out on a track by Nick Boeing's? Little rap track songs called denial after having do subject ourselves to build a B's weird blunt styling listens. Good wrath old money. That's still can't get over where the where the Jews. Yeah. I mean, I kind of like that. But that's wild. Yeah. I hope he's Jewish. I just had occurred to me to cab. I hope so. Right. He's like economic Catholic baby. Anyway. All right. That's going to do it for this week episode season, seventy three in the book another woman. So we're gonna take a refi. We'll be back for season seventy four we do think we should do go forth. Do it. I'm for do it. All right. All right now. Me walking with a limp so skate, I was going to fall again, look how To Vima str- on the toddler again, if you know me, you know, I won't take no foot. No. This believe you'll see me crawl in in the scene. Too much. I'm gonna see the living pacificist keep them. Biggest trying to limit the image of seeing them leave. I wasn't filling the vision they'd be schizo work hall. Well from what I'm again, regardless hesitant to show. They nickleby heartless got these bothering the motions, I could just fill them. But I don't got these bottles emotions, I could just fill them. What I won't can the cost commotion like join. Stealing most serial killers. Don't make any effort to involve media or best Gators. They're very secretive. They don't want to tension. They almost want their crimes to go on notice. But the idea of committing a crime, and then calling the police and bragging about it. That's a whole 'nother level of terror. A man who wore a mediaeval style executioner's hood who has police and baffled the media. He seems to crave publicity. He's sent letters and cryptograms newspapers. And the belief subject stated, I want to report a murder. No, a double murder. I did it here. We are fifty years to the first sodium killing in today's world with friends, the old cases are being solved who doesn't wanna know how it turns out. From the creators of Atlanta monster come season two. This is monster the zodiac killer. Listen and subscribe at apple podcasts or on the iheartradio app.

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