200 BM Daily Vocabulary #166 | ridiculous


B. m. english speaking radio channel presents b. m. english word of the my name is betty and i'm your host for this episode of you are listening to episode number one hundred and sixty six of season three. Today's word is ridiculous. The meaning of the is stupid or unreasonable deserving to beloved at silly foolish beam english speaking radio channel loan one. You walk every day an pres- the world in this english vocabulary lesson essonne. You'll learn how to use the word ridiculous assure that this lesson will help you to enhance the english vocabulary and speak english you wenttly and confidently ridiculous is spent as r. I d. i c. u. L. o. you as the word ridiculous means absurd or laughable or very see for example majority of people thought that the prediction bein astrological about election results was ridiculous addictiveness but it turned out to be a reality listen carefully how we can use the word ridiculous in eight different situations in eight different sentences example number one of eight. The young theater artists noticed attempted and adapation of a sunscreen play for the urban audience. It turned out to be ridiculous and the audience rejected moving onto example number two or fit the exporters federation complained to the finance minister about some of the ridiculous laws and regulations which affected their business adversely the minister assured them that soon some lucid regulations will be worked out to facilitate growth in exports example number three of eight the n._c. Means a multinational company released a new advertisement for its detergent powder. It was set on the backdrop of a historical event. The viewers found it to a bit ridiculous and objectionable and complaints were lodged with the authorities. Let us understand example number all four of eight. The railway called a meeting of representatives of the passengers to discuss improvement in the amenities offered food while some suggestions were outstanding fuel were ridiculous and rejected on the spot. What is common between economic times d._n._a. Newspaper enzi muratti all these top media houses have covered success stories of b. M. english speaking professionals who have learned to speak english fluently and confidently do do check out testimony section on our website w._w._w. Dot b. m. contestants india dot com example number five of it doc the winter was over and yet brittany insisted on very thick for jacket. It was looking ridiculous and people were staring at her moving onto way. Makers sunglasses may creation enhancing lenses with eco friendly high-quality frames aims. You will love born from a love of god and his creation way makers sunglasses capture nature in all its god given beauty while protecting your eyes. He's from the sun way. Maker sunglasses are eco friendly and we'll help you see color. The way god intended giving ten percent of every sale towards missions both domestic and handed abroad way makers sunglasses offer free shipping and a thirty day money back guarantee way maker sunglasses quality performance purpose see ed wood god can do through you way make her sunglasses dot com number six eight bob. No visited a chinese food restaurant. She attempted to eat with chopsticks and it looked ridiculous of friends could not control the laughter ofto and soon she also join them in laughing led his understand example number seven eight the newly started web abc's was based on cybercrime however the script was not coherent and was filled with grave errors the the view was founded to be ridiculous and it was severely criticised moving onto example number the age of it the claims made on a web channel about the coordination between ancient religion and modern technology would declared ridiculous by a panel of scientists. The channel had to introduce a disclaimer that their program was a work of fiction. Today we learned the word ridiculous which means stupid or unreasonable deserving to be laughed at silly off foolish. Can you name three sentences with ridiculous and and type in the comments box the awaiting me our show. This lesson has helped to develop your english vocabulary and speak fluent english english. You can download the script of this episode and owner episodes from w._w._w. Dot b. m. english speaking radio dot statue and for new english cabinet lessons be are on a mission to train boncore indians and english fluency. This was episode number one hundred and sixty six off two hundred v._m. Vocabulary episodes that we have plans kindly note that we will be shedding adding one look cab episode daily at six pm indian standard time tomorrow at six o'clock with the new would then take care.

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